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Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, the only show on television that works to find true love for the super wealthy is heading back to the airwaves with it’s 6th season. Casting will be underway soon to find potential soul mates for these privileged clients looking for romance – the date of a lifetime could be yours.

Millionaire Matchmaker has found love for some of the worlds richest and most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes for 5 seasons. Hosted by the lovely and talented Patti Stanger who has built a hugely successful business called the Millionaire’s Club specifically catering to millionaire clients looking to find life romantic bliss. In 2008 Patti and her team of cupids gave Bravo all access to document their unique business and 4 years and millions of fans later, your chance to find true love has arrived. The Millionaire Matchmaker crew is looking for a all new crop of sexy singles looking for love – rich, rich love. This season the show will be casting single females and males gay or straight for the opportunity to find a special someone and have it captured on film. Also this season, a membership into the exclusive Millionaire’s Club will be granted to those cast. This is sure to be the best season yet of the most entertaining shows on television. If you would like to be considered for the new season you can head here for more info. Leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the details as they happen!

This is your chance to be a part of television’s only show that sets up millionaires with everyday people in the pursuit of love. Imagine being whisked away on an amazing date with an attractive, kind and wealthy Casanova. So if you are open and willing to finding a serious relationship the producers are looking for you! You never know, you could be the next client on Millionaire Matchmaker.

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  1. Heather

    I would love the opportunity to be on Patti’s show. I think Patti Stanger is smart, beautiful, and classy and would appreciate being able to have help from her to find my soulmate. I’m 29 years old, work full time as a Registered Nurse, have a beautiful 8 year old daughter and two dogs. I’m tired of bad relationships where I support the man and wait for the man to grow up so hopefully I can learn from Patti and grow as an individual as well as with a partner

  2. Chinwe ibeh

    This is Chinwe ibeh. I will like to audition for the show. My contact number is 7325354995. I will talk to you soon.

  3. Jesse

    My names Jesse. I am a single, gay male living in Sacramento California.
    I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh. I’m open-minded, honest and true to myself and others. I live a healthy lifestyle and work hard to be physically and emotionally fit. I consider myself a true romantic, a devoted friend and an active listener. I think communication is the key in any relationship and would love to have help finding a partner in crime.
    Im a fun loving guy thats hoping to find a relationship that has chemistry, both physically and emotionally. There’s nothing better than that! 🙂

  4. Lydia Zepeda


    This is so EXCITING!! It would be sooo amazing if you were able to find “Mr. Right” for me!! Mr. Wrong has been out of my life for four years and I have only been on a couple of dates since… Most people would say… “it is what it is”!!
    I have a Masters in education and work full time as a Middle Schhol teacher! I love my job and I especially love the students I work with! However; in my line of work, there are slim pickings when it comes to men! I need an intervention, find me a MAN! I’m ready!

    Thank you for considering me!!

  5. Desiree Nejbauer

    Hey Patti! I am a 34yr old single mother of 2. I have a beautiful 14yr old daughter and an amazing 10yr old boy. I I am a truck driver. I’m at the point in my life where I don’t want games.I’d love a serious relationship with someone I can share life with. I have a lot of energy and lots of love to give!

  6. louise

    My dream is to be interviewed by Patti…to help me find Mr Wonderful…I’m not looking for Angel Gabriel but I would want a loving fulfilling relationship…friends first plus chemistry…I want to be Queen as much as he would be my King…oh yes indeed!!!!!…where are you Patti…HELP!!!…

  7. Carlee

    Hi, my name is Carlette and I am 22 years old I’m very petite and shaped height 5’1.I reside in Detroit mi, looking into relocation to pursue my career as a Model. I like to spend time with the ones i love and write poetry when I find myself in that ME mode lol.I am single and without any children. I’ve always been told that I’m to young to try to really find love but I believe at any age you can find the one. I’ve have okay to terrible relationships in the beginning thinking that it was going to be great. I could just see the future between us until Lol there was nothing to look into at all. I’m a nice down to earth female and loves to laugh and have conversations on a intellectual level. I’m very easy to get along with and a lot of fun most of the time its been taken advantage of. I really hope that I could be a contestant and this would be the end of my journey for love
    Thank you,

    Sincerely Carlee

  8. Caroline Kasa

    I am 27 years old original from Stockholm Sweden. I’m looking for true love and my future life partner. I have haven’t been ready until now because where I am in my life. I gone through great relationship and dated boys. I’m looking for a man. I have never settled and will never. I want the passion, companionship with that someone I am compatible with. Dating is so exhausting but I have never given up the hope on finding that true love.

  9. meika j.

    There’s many Mr. Wrongs but where is Mr. Right. If this show could help me find Mr. Right I’m ready and available. Rich or Poor doesn’t matter because @ the end of the day, its the HEART I want. Show or No show, Pattie, if you have the idea mate please direct him my way. Loyalty is an important factor to me.

    I look forward to hearing from someone whose looking to chance love from a 29 single, educated, God loving, independent, mother of one, no drama, never been married, devoted and loving I’m the one.

    Thanks in advance

  10. Kiana

    Hi Patti,
    I am a independent mom of boys. I am 32 and a returning college student. Yes I am looking for love and ready to settle down. I am a goofy, down to earth chick who loves to travel and cook. I am adventures and very crafty and love planning events and styling all my friends. I just want to be happy, not that fake stuff you see on tv. A lot of my friends don’t mind be single but I hate it. I want to be the loving devoted housewife taking care of home. I love your show and think I have a personality similar to yours.



  11. christina toms

    Hi Patti, Do you ever consider older woman. I’m a very young 57yr old womzn. I left my husband of 37yrs. in sept of 2013. He was a touring and recording rock musician and I finally got fed up with the territory that czme wuth it. I moved to L.A. from N.Y. with z car and a couple of keepsakes znd never looked back. I’m an equestrizn trainer and riding instructor. I’m in pretty good shape. I’ve been compared to Melanie Griffith, Teri Garr and even hezther locklear. I have a quick and simewhat sarcastic wit, thats the Bronx in me. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I’m low maintenance .I cut color and style my own hair, mani pedis as well.I have been around the limelight and can take it or leave it.I just want someone to I can relax znd enjoy the rest of my life with. I am a people person. PLease CONSIDER ME AS i Have absolutely no idea how to meet someone I’ve been married my entire adult life!

  12. Randi

    Oh what to say about my self. Well I’m 28, grew up south of Missoula, Montana in the Bitterroot Valley. Lived and worked there till I was 27, then I moved to Wyoming to try and make more money. I’m a harder worker, but when it comes to love department, I have yet to find anyone who can put up with my spontaneous tendencies. I love being out doors, being around horses and my dogs. I don’t view my self as the prettiest girl around, but I’ve been told other wise. I currently work hard, but work is unsteady currently. I’ve never been one to try to get onto a show, but I figured why not, since I’m having no luck on my own. After the worse that could happen is I’m told no.

  13. Jennifer Seely

    If I were to describe myself from a physical viewpoint I would say that I am a petite 5’4″, blonde hair, hazel eye, 51 year old that certainly doesn’t look her age. I believe in eating healthy but still enjoying your meals (and treats!). I stay in shape and would hope my partner would do the same.

    I live in a very rural area that has a lot to offer to those that love nature but it is certainly lacking with regards to possible partners. Due to this, I suppose in that area I’ve pretty much given up on finding a partner. I date perhaps once a year so that my 22 year old daughter can’t say I’m NOT dating. Ideally my partner would be one that is intelligent, has a great sense of humor and is grounded. I love to banter back and forth and don’t take things personally (if you can’t take it don’t dish it out!). Though I am far from wealthy I was fortunate enough to retire at 49. Being “alone” does not mean I am “lonely”. I continue to live my life and enjoy what comes my way. I love to travel have learned that if I’m going to continue to do so it is certainly okay to go alone (recently to Alaska, Italy in April 2015, Africa in May 2015 and a return trip to Alaska – this time with my daughter – Sept 2015). However, I would dearly love to find a partner that is in a position to take time to go see what the world has to offer and experience different cultures.

    I would be more than glad to answer any additional questions as well as send photos.

    Thank you for your time,


  14. Traci

    HI Patti!

    I’m significantly into spirituality and religion. I volunteer 15 hours a week, I work 40 hours a week (I work night shift). I home school my 7 year old son in between the hours between work and home, and recently I opened a not-for-profit for domestic violence, sexual abuse and human trafficking.

    I am currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Counseling, and will have my L.A.P.C in about a month. I’ll have the degree within the next 4 month. I watched almost all of your seasons of millionaire matchmaker, and I actually apply some of your concepts within my counseling sessions with my clients.

    I love cooking. I love the beach. I love adventurous activities. I love traveling, and I love astrology (I can study a birth chart for HOURS).

    I’m 30 and I’ve never been married. Finding someone to compliment my many talents and passions at my age has been significantly hard. Pick Me!

  15. Laurie Haven

    Let’s see: my last date took me to play Laser Tag, and during the game, a little kid in the arena accidentally knocked out my tooth. My date continued playing the game, but the sweet 9 year old kid brought me ice. Lesson: I guess I need help finding quality guys to date.

    I’m a divorced (no children) 48 year old woman living in San Diego county. I have a wonderful job as a zoo educator/ animal handler for the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. My job requires me to be outgoing, fit and able to speak in front of crowds. Most people describe me as being witty, adventurous, and kind. I would to meet someone with that I’m compatible with, and interested in some thing long term that could hopefully lead to marriage.

    By the way, I did find a superb cosmetic dentist to help me out with the “dental mishap!”

    Thanks for your consideration,

  16. Paula

    I just turned 50! I am a physician who specializes in medical marijuana. I am finally in a position where I am able to leave my work at work, and I need someone to share my life.

    I love that Patti is able to get to the heart of the issue as to why someone is alone. I would welcome that criticism and advice, and I would be willing to do what ever she might ask of me.

    Please consider me. If you met me, you’d want to include this 50 year old, Jewish, pretty, incredible “spinner”. 🙂

  17. Lauren Damrich

    Dear Patti, I am writing you along with my brother. My mom is a writer and I used to be an actress in L.A . We would move back and forth from Birmingham to L.A. depending on work.. My step dad texet her when we were in L.A. working on tv, he was leaving her for a younger woman and took everything we had and filed a month before the ten years. It completely devastated her. We lost her for about two years. We went through a really hard time, my brother and I are over it, but my mom’s ego has taken a hit. She is absolutely beautiful, breathtaking actually. People tell her all the time but we think she has forgotten it. It is hard for her to go to the market sometimes because of being ashamed. She is really smart. She writes movies and television, teaches school and works at a law firm. She is really funny and very athletic. She is a great mom and we just want her to remember the mom she used to be. Men ask her out all the time but she does not trust her own judgment anymore and just comes home to have her friends come over, work out, play with her puppy or with us. We want to have a life too but want her to get back out there and have the swagger she use to have. You can facebook her to see us all or google her. She is so sweet and funny but lonely. Find our mom a nice guy!!! Please…Julia Springer

  18. Danielle

    I would like to apply for millionaire matchmaker. who should I email about casting?

  19. Stacey Tucker

    Your foundational guidelines are the perfect principles
    for us to follow Patti. It’s truly the best way to go…..always
    exciting to see you get the blind folds off your clients in helping
    them to apply those principles that eventually blesses them and takes
    them exactly where they want to be……In Love and Loved.
    Was married for 35 years…..divorced in late 2010……
    I tried to find info on your requirements or qualifications without
    success so I would like to apply.
    I’m 64, female, 5’8″, 140 pounds, 100% Greek with two phenomenal sons and the
    best daughter in law.
    I am content in what I do, have and live. I volunteer at Hospice, help my sons in their
    business in Missouri, on several boards in the past…….
    However, “He” is not found and thought you could help me.
    PS. I live in Johnston Iowa which is just outside Des Moines Iowa

  20. Joie

    Hi Patti,

    I am a 32 year old outgoing, ambitious, loving and career driven woman & mother of an 11 year old boy. I married at 20 years old & divorced at the age of 21 years old. My son’s father decided to join the military after we married and then 9/11 happened; he was sent to Iraq and fought on the front lines of the war and came back a different person with many problems (to say the least). After what occurred when he returned, I had to make the hard decision and divorced him. His father moved to Arizona and I am proud to say that I have raised my son on my own!

    After a few years of raising my son on my own, I met as what I thought would be my life long partner. Unfortunately, I was a bit blinded and 6 1/2 years into our relationship, I decided to end it for multiple reasons. I have been single and dating for the last 1 1/2 years and looking to find ‘true love!’

    I was born and raised in Orange County and currently live in Aliso Viejo. I am a Sales Rep for an Information Technology Staffing Firm and my territory includes OC, LA and SD counties. I work-out every day and maintain a healthy lifestyle! Love is incredibly important to me and I am hopeful and confident that YOU can help me find my significant other!!

  21. Omar esqueda

    Hi Patti, I’m a 26 year old male nurse living in Orange county, Ca. I haven’t been in a serious relationship for 5 years now and I know I’m ready to finally settle down. I’m a young good looking individual (10/10) and I’m looking forward to finally meeting my soul mate.

  22. jennifer

    Hey Patti !
    I’m a 23 year youth program coordinator and spin instructor living in the heart of the silicon valley. I have not been in a long term relationship in over 2 years and have been focusing on myself and career but believe now I would like to start dating again. I would absolutley love the opportunity to talk with you and find love.

  23. Sheila

    I’m 51 years old, with a knock out body and established. Men my age are often intimidated because I’m independent and established. I’m extremely outgoing and looking for someone who enjoys life and challenges me mentally. I’m looking for a man who can step up to the plate and be a real man. A confident man who’s not intimidated with my independence and go getter drive.

  24. Gina Shlondia Lee

    I’m looking for real love I can’t find the right man. I’m a 48 year old woman that is separated and headed for divorce. I won’t to find the right man for me I’m tired of being abused and used by man. Man seems to be attracted to my body and that’s all I’m worth more than sex. I want true love with the right man. I’m legally separated so I’m single and reasy to meet Mr. Right.

  25. Michael

    Hi Patti,
    I am 55 ,Chinese male born in Japan, came to US when I was 16. I grew up in east coast but now live in Pacific Northwest.
    I wanted to be a pilot but was told by my high school counselor that I was too short. Anyhow, long story short, I studied mechanical engineering in NYC, hoping to work as aerospace engineer . I got job offer working for oil company designing fluid pumps , yikes it was not for me. So I went to medical school, later trained in Utah to be a neurosurgeon or a professional skier , but cannot be both so I ended up practicing medicine for the last quarter of my life. Now I enjoy flying ( I now have a private pilot license) , skiing, golf, scuba diving, hot yoga, racing motorcycle and biking .
    I am divorced and now looking for a soulmate to share life experiences. I am looking forward to your show’s opportunity to make this happen !
    Thank you.

  26. Rosie

    Hi Patti,

    You need to come to London as I’m a 32 year old working in TV marketing who needs love in her life and although i work in drama, there’s a serious lack of it in my life!

    I’m smart, ambitious and just looking for someone to share my world with and create new memories and adventures with!

  27. Antisha Brown

    I would like to be considered for the show because I believe I have what it takes to attract and keep a man. I’m educated,attractive, fit and very personable. I dress well, carry myself in a sophisticated manner and I move with confidence. I possess proper etiquette and know how to act in the company of successful an affluent people.

  28. Beth Tysor

    My name is Beth Tysor, and I’m 51 years old, although I feel 23. I work out on a regualr basis, and I enjoy a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy cooking, gardening, camping, pool, fine wine ,long walks, and dining out. I am as comfortable with a picnic as I am in a fine dining establishment. I grew up in a farming community and I really love animals, but don’t presently have any pets. I enjoy most types of music. I enjoy making jewelry and wine in my spare time, and I’m told I’m quite talented at both. I have four kids who are all grown up with children of their own, and I love spending time with them. I am a kind and sensitive person looking for someone who still believes in integrity. I’m looking for a kind and intelligent man (maybe a millionaire) with a good sense of humor, old school principles, manners, and a good heart.

  29. Samantha

    I am a 46 year old lady who has been unlucky in love 3 times over now. My kids are grown with kids of their own and I seem to live for them. I am disabled and have found nobody seems to want me. I would like the chance to step out away from my family and their demands. I still believe in forever after. A knight with banged up armor from slaying dragons and magic. I am still hopeful that my soulmate is still out there waiting for me.

  30. Alexandra Phillips

    Hi Patti! My name is Alexandra and I’m a 21 year old college student from California. I go to school full time majoring in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Special Education, and work at a salon. I’m super family oriented and am looking for more than my hometown has to offer. I’m easy to get along with, well-rounded, outgoing and extremely loyal. I love to travel and hope to explore more of Europe in the future, I believe in spending money on memories more than material things. I’d love to hear back from you, thanks!

  31. Elizabeth Connally

    I’m 30 years old, never been married, no kids. I’ve had a few serious relationships over the years but just not found the right one. I have been single for almost 4 years. I would just rather not be with someone if I don’t feel a connection. I work full time as a retail manager so it’s hard to just go and meet people. I’m very driven and hard working and I either find guys who seem intimidated or want a girl who has 24/7 to just be there waiting on them….or they’re a hound and aren’t interested in anything serious. Ideally, I’d like to find someone to share life with- a companion. I’m polite, respectful, outgoing ,intelligent, and I know what I want. I also find it hard to find a cultured, open minded man who is still grounded. I have many different types of friends and need someone who does also…who I can take anywhere. I’m also a Christian. I don’t go to church all the time but I do pray and I need someone who does also. I’m into food and cooking, being outdoors and working out (staying healthy and fit for life), the arts, nature, travel, being with friends – I’m up for life!

  32. Stacy swift

    I am 26 years live in Chicago il, I work in medical field have no kids.and I am looking for my match maker patti.

  33. Kathleen

    58 years old
    …with a job, medical and a Harley, I’d make a Great catch

  34. Hannah Crawford

    Hi Patti! I’m 22 years old and a full time student. I’m a public relations administration major and I graduate this coming May. I’m a huge fan of you and your show! I would love to be considered for your show. I’ve had my heart broken and I can’t seem to go for the right kind of of guys. I’m sick of disappointment and jerks. Help me, please 🙂

  35. Kimmeco Watson

    Hello my name is Kimmeco Watson and I would love to find my true love with the help of this show. I am looking to find my true love and am very tired of trying to find him on my own. I am a hopeless romantic willing to do what it takes to keep a good man. I am a college student who wishes to explore the world to the full extent and all that it may have to offer. My world would be perfect if I had someone to share it with. I have many goals and aspirations and can assure you that if chosen you will not be disappointed. Thank you.

  36. Steph

    Hi Paty! I am a huge supporter of your show and I think I would be a fabulous candidate. I am a petite (5’2″) brunette female, very well educated and independent. I am adventurous, love being outdoors and travelling and also enjoy relaxing with a good book. I am easy going and like to live my life drama free and am looking for someone who does the same. I have found that with my career, it is hard to meet new people and as I get older, the occurrences on which I have met decent men become few and far between.

    I hope to hear from you and would love to answer any questions you have.


  37. Yadi

    Hi paty I love your program I love the way you do your job very professional I’m a Venezuelan women single 40 yrs old hard worker very positive attitude ,healthy life style love to exercise 5,4″ 125 lbs 100% Latina with a nice personality with good morals,responsible,serious and passionate for all I do I’m very interesting in find a good partner for life,I really want a Prince Charming like a princess dream will be nice to hear from you. Yadi

  38. Alana

    Patti, I have been a huge supporter and fan of your show over the past several years and I believe I would make a great candidate for Millionaire Matchmaker. I am a 29 year old Black single female (5’8″) who is a Corporate Attorney at one of the top major law firms in New York City. For the right person, I would consider relocating for love.

    I graduated from two Ivy League institutions and even dabbled in modeling and beauty pageants when I was younger – so I am what you could consider both beauty and brains. I am fit and workout several days a week. A certified Zumba instructor, I am also training to run in a half marathon in a few weeks.

    I definitely abide by your motto of no sex before monogamy. I ready and searching for my true love and companion. Please invite me to your show!

  39. Linsey

    Hi! My name is Linsey. I am a 25 year old living in Manhattan that just hasn’t had much luck finding the “one”. I am confident, outgoing and work very hard but often that leaves men feeling intimidated. I am beginning to pursue my masters degree and am working my “dream job” as a marketing manager for The New Yorker at Condé Nast. I consider myself very well rounded; I like to dress up and go out with the ladies, but can sit back and have a beer. I love to travel and lay out at the beach but can also be found skiing, fishing, hiking or doing other various outdoor activities. I’m a football fan but also love going to broadway shows! I guess you could say you could take me anywhere 😉 I used to dance semi-professionally and even had a gig with the Philadelphia 76ers Dancers! But, decided to focus more on my career in marketing instead.

    I am looking for a partner that I can make memories with and enjoy all this life has to offer!

    Thanks for listening 🙂

  40. Caitlin

    I am a very ambitious, motivated 27 year old. I have accomplished all of my goals in life BUT one, still need to find true love!! I own my own home, I have my dogs, new car, and a great career (I am a nurse). I keep meeting guys with crazy baby mamas (among other crazy issues) and now I don’t have time to search for my love! I’m not a big fan of bar hopping anymore. I prefer my yoga, walks with my dogs, and time with my friends and family. I’ve seen how phenomenal you are with matching people and I am BEGGING you to help me find mine! This hunt has left me feeling exhausted and alone. I’m nervous I will never find him 🙁
    Please help me!!

  41. Carole Crews

    Hi Patti,

    2015 is my year of transformation. I am a newly single 52yr old female. I have lived a fabulous life and have experienced many adventures. I lived in Germany for 4 years and experienced Castles on the Rhein River, Christmas Market in Nuremberg, Oktoberfest in Munich, the sadness of Dauchau concentration camp and traveled by train to Bavaria. I lived in Cape Town South Africa for four years. II had the privilege of attending a private award ceremony with Nelson Mandela, and visited the prison he spent many years of his life in. I swam with penguins at Boulders, experienced the great white sharks in Gaansbaai, rafted down the Zambezi River, went to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and traveled to Chobe, Kruger and Etosha national game parks. Enjoyed the beauty of the big five -all this having traveled extensively with my former husband. Not missionaries but in the Nuclear Power Industry. While there I became very involved in working in the shanty townships. I am an outgoing, fun loving, adventurous woman. I am not looking for someone to take care of me, yet I want to spend time with a man who has maybe had similar experiences in travel and interests. I have a completely paid for home, a paid for 2014 Subaru and I work full time in the Operating Room of a Level One Trauma Center. I recently returned to complete a 4yr degree in nursing/health management. I am a woman who loves life, works hard, enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new adventures. Working full time, studying full time and living in a mid size city leaves little time for me seek out this person on my own. I have used a couple of dating websites but the matches are so far from what I am looking for. I realize the majority of woman on your shows are incredibly beautiful and younger than me but I thought maybe my life experiences may pique your interests. I have seen an occasional older male on the show looking for companions. Would love to be considered for the show!!!! I am Southern Girl 5’4″ light brown hair, blue eyes. I am an active lady, non smoker, social drinker. I love to dress up and yet I am comfortable in a ball cap and shorts since I am a hiker and kayaker. Keep me in mind when thinking about match making!

  42. Adriana

    I love your show!!! I am confident that you can help me find my true love 🙂

  43. Christine Durand

    Hi! I am a single divorced mom with a beautiful daughter adopted from Chins 141/2 years ago. I am looking for true love. I don’t play games and feel a lasting relationship is a 50/50 work at it for a sucessful marriage. What went wrong in my marriage? I only knew him 6 months, did not know how to communicate in a fight and as a Fire fighter he was and is gone 15 days a month. Being Hispanic my ex wanted me as a complte stay at home wife even before we adopted our daughter. I was use to working and a great career in retail.
    I may be 51 bUT men and women think I am in my young thirties and not a day over 35!!!
    I keep in shape as well as I was blessed with great genes. I am a blonde, big blue eyes, a beautiful smile (braces are the key), pretty all American looking at 5’7″, 135 pounds. Sorry not a boob woman as I had to have my 20 year long implants taken out for medical reasons. BUT, I can always get new ones now!!! I come from parents who married at 17&19 who R best frinds and now married for 54 years. They raised my brother and I with the Midwestern manors and morals but in Southern CALIFORNIA!
    I like the beach, outdoor s for nature hikes., bowling, movies and trying new Resturants! I did go to college and also trade schools. I hold my dental assistant license and worked in pediatirc dentistry. Now I am working back in retail with the number one retailer in the United States. Retail was my career for 16 years and I love fashion. Also I owned a clothing business that I sold as well as a franchise trying to help place elderly clients in care homes in their budgets. I would say my love was volunteering for three years at our local animal shelter. But my number one priority is being a mom and my journey going to China to adopt her.
    I hope you will consider me seriously for a casting chance for your show. I know I can make a man happy and marry again. My hot show I enjoyed was watching finally Larry Birkshire who was with Anna Nicole Smith. I thought at the time when she passed wow he really stepped up to the plate. Raising their daughter. If she had stayed with him instead of the attorney I think she would still probably be with us today. It’s like the case of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, very sad and tragic.
    He, Larry is my type of look and personality. Also I would love Kentucky as I have friends in Lexinton, it’s beautiful there!!!
    Thank you,
    Patty and her staff won’t be sorry.
    Christine Durand

  44. Annie

    Hi Patti, my name is Annie, I’m 25years old woman with great personality and an exotic look. I’m a certified home nurse, also graduating this year in hospitality management and tourism. Patti I’m ready to meet my soul mate and my true love and I strongly believe you can help me. Thank you

  45. Vivyon Anderson

    Happy New Year 2015.. I have watch this show many times, I guess I have never caught any episode with women of color or seasoned. Patty that would be a excellent episode which could include me.. I’m athletic built, 46, love the outdoors, tired of looking for my other half.. A funny person who loves to have a good time spontaneously ..I’m retired from transportation going into the medical field..( Surgery) ..I’m a very confident fun loving person

  46. Liz

    Hey Reader,

    I’m a 23 year old, recent college graduate. I currently live in Phoenix, AZ but I’m originally from Cincinnati, Ohio.

    I have just started a career out here and love to be active. I am a huge fan of the outdoors and love to hike, bike & hang in the sun all day! I’m a huge fan of traveling, shopping and meeting new people.

    Dogs make the world go round and I would love to meet someone who thinks the same thing! I am a sucker for laughter and find life more fun when laughing all day.

    I’m interested to see where this submission comment takes me:)

    Until then,

  47. Brenda Gold

    I am 54 years old and have been divorced twice, and am looking for my soul mate. I am a math teacher from Cincinnati, who was recently on Live with Kelly and Michael, and won the Clairol makeover contest back in February! I am also an aspiring fitness model! I am always in shape, love to exercise, love to have fun and am very outgoing! I tried out for the BenGals cheerleading squad in May, but did not make it, but it inspired me to follow my dreams! My dreams are to find my soul mate, be a successful model, make a great living as a model, so I can retire from teaching, and to be on television! My first major in college was Communications, before becoming a math teacher. My passion is all about television and modeling! When I was younger, I played sports, danced for many years, played volleyball at the University of Kentucky, taught aerobics, ran a marathon, etc! I think I am perfect for this show! Online dating is horrific! I would LOVE to be a part of the show!

  48. Andrea Billadeau

    My name is Andrea and I am 28 years old. I am looking for love and have been but I guess in all the wrong places (bars, online dating, etc). I could write a book on my interesting dating life. I am ready to find my mate for life.

  49. Apple

    Hey, I’m ready. I like adventure as long as it’s involves organic vegan food and a hot bath. Fireside chats under a blanket of stars is good coupled with an occasional flute of bubbly works, too. What’s important to me is day-to-day self-love, care and fun. Want to know more, ask me. Peace, prosperity and wow, I feel so excited. What do you think?

  50. Sean sterrett

    I’m interested

  51. Ndaka

    Hi I’m Angela and I’m hoping you can consider my sister Ndaka she’s a beautiful person inside and out she been divorce four yrs now she’s a single mother of four she work as a home attendant she loves caring for others she has a big heart she models part time she a great Latin dancer also she’s funny and very open minded she loves having fun. I think she would be a great candidate for your show. She’s very loving, honest ,and down to earth I hope to see her happy again one day she deserves it thanks sincerely ANGELA

  52. Max Feller

    I’m a 21 year old English Entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. Bearded & beautiful.

  53. Anna Patton

    I am a 38 year old divorced mom of two kids from Newport Beach. I am very active and love to enjoy life. I have a masters degree in teaching and own my own Learning Center for kiddos with special needs. I have dedicated my life to serving others in need. I also am a fitness model for a local agency in Newport Beach. I’m 5’10” and slender and athletic. Fashion and style is a passion of mine. I am half Swedish with long blonde hair and hazel eyes.

    I am a go-getter and nothing gets in my way of being successful. In the last few years I have achieved a lot on my own from working hard and being positive. I am a very grounded and easy going type of girl.

    It has been very difficult to find a match that has some of the same qualities that I have. Not looking for perfection but would like to find someone down to earth with a great heart. Looks would also be a plus along with height. : )

  54. Kelly

    I’m a 36 year-old woman (no kids) living in Marina del Rey. Graduate degree, beautiful, smart, witty, good job, fun, athletic, great family, and depleted in the department of finding love in LA. Moved here after 6 years of marriage and got divorced right after moving here 5 years ago. They all seem flaky and noncommittal. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places with the right mindset.
    I had a coworker on the show a couple years ago (Tova) who dated one in Hermosa, and also regret not saying hello to Patti after spin class at the MDR Equinox! Always been a huge fan.
    I’ve always wanted to be on this show – as I love the premise, love Patti’s personality, and believe she can find a partner for me. I’ll follow her advice. And have a lot to offer to her client!
    Happy to meet you in person – as we are definitely neighbors!

  55. Melissa

    Hi! I’m a 26 year old Jewish california girl born and raised in california. Currently finishing up medical school in New York but live on both coasts. I am very active, outgoing, and loving. I work very hard and am ambitious. I love kids and am going into pediatrics. Love your show and I could make a real, smart, ambitious man very happy 🙂

  56. Donna williansdonna

    i looking. forward. to being. on your show. I’m 58 years old been told many times i don’t. look my age my picker always. been my problem. looking. for some help.

  57. Raina L.

    I am 35, smart, beautiful, poised, and a total character. I want to find love.
    I own a start-up PR and Event Cross Promotions company. I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs…but I LOVE FUN and know how to have it!

    Money isn’t everything but it’s definitely something if you want to travel, have a family, and run a successful business…while being a great partner to your soul mate. That’s just my little opinion. I firmly believe in monogamy and require healthy sexual communication with a partner. More importantly than money or success, is true connection and commitment to a partner.

    In past relationships, I have been equally successful than my mate. I have no problem making my own money and taking care of myself. At this point in my life, I want a very successful mate who appreciates my individuality, drive, and femininity. I definitely want kids and want to be able to raise them myself…not by a Nanny…and not by passing them off to my parents. I either want this time with my children or will choose not to have them. This is why financial stability is important to me. I am old fashion and want to raise my children as a stay at home mom until they are old enough for me to return to work.

    As far as my looks go, I am exotic looking. I am French, Turkish, and English.
    What to expect from my personality…fun, loving, sensitive, fashionable, extremely creative, very lady like, very well spoken. Imagine Angelina Jolie meets Grace Adler’s character on Will and Grace – haha.

    Looking forward to your response.

    Cheers to Love,


  58. Darlene Johnston

    Hello. I am a very successful independent female in my early 50’s. I am extremely creative though I work in the Technology World. I’ve traveled the world and I would like to add spice to someone’s life!

  59. April Smith

    I am a single Lesbian African American. I really enjoy your show and would love to find love on your show. I’m a hold working laid back, love to laugh type of person. Here I am so let me know what date and time I need to be there to audition I’ll be there. Lol

  60. Callie

    Hey! I think you should consider me! Callie Carignan! I’m 22 years old, I’m from a small town in Connecticut and I’m going to school to be a veterinary assistant, I love animals. I think I’m a great choice because I’m 5’7, brunette, I have tattoos and I’m fun loving! I haven’t had the easiest life, and that’s formed my personality a lot, and I think I’m a great catch! I can be very sarcastic and funny, but I find that to be a good thing. I’ve also been told I’m very laid back and down to earth. I want some to appreciate what I have to give in life and love and not just stuff. I’m hoping you pick me because I’m really looking to connect with someone on more than just a physical attraction level. Although that is very important, but that is all I have been finding lately and I need something more than that. I just can’t find it anywhere around me. Please help me find that guy! I promise you guys will love me ! Give this small town girl a chance!

  61. cindy garcia

    I’m 20 years old single mother to 2 gorgeous girls . I’m hard worker been working since 17. I haven’t had the best luck but I’m happy for what I got since I’ve worked hard for . I’m one calm girl who loves to work and get myself everything I need I work for what I got . it be nice to find someone who will be there by my side in good and bad it sucks being lonely when all u want is some kind of attention when u get off work . I’m very conceited and confident . I don’t care for anyone’s opinion I am who I am . I’m 5’5 weight 115 and I have a beautiful smile that I love and get complimented on . I’m Salvadoran born in USA. I love going out and exploring when I get a chance since I’m always working . I love spoiling myself .. I’m an amazing person you’ll love me .

  62. Jenai


    **Help!** I am 26 years old, currently residing in the UK and have what seems to be the worst luck in finding love. I’m venturing further Into the abyss on this one, but I’m hoping to find someone I can enjoy life with. I’m tall, have brown hair and blue eyes and keep myself fit through pole fitness. I’m down to earth, honest, love having a laugh and feel that I could be a good candidate for consideration. I hope you can help!

    Thank you for your time!

  63. Erin

    I am interested in this opportunity because I am tired of my local dating scene. I opened my own business two years ago and am having a hard time finding the time to find a great guy.
    I need someone ambitious and motivated, and understanding of my own goals and ambitions. I would love a team mate in this, but also someone who knows how to enjoy the little things in life.
    Please help!

  64. Tomika

    I’m a 34yr old beautiful yet humble woman of god. I’m a stay at home single mom of a 3yr old baby girl. Before becoming a mommy I was part time model and a full time songwriter and background singer for Cee-Lo Green. I’m ok with being single if I’m avoiding the games that little boys play. And I’m more than ready to be the finishing touch that a real man would be looking for.

  65. Judy Kepes

    I’m writing on behalf of my son who is building a 6000 sq foot home in paradise valley on top
    Of a mountain. He needs someone to share it with and have a family
    He has enough $ to retire at 36 but he loves his job of flipping houses
    He is gorgeous , teaches cross fit , done many iron men, goes to2 yoga classes daily , is a loving and caring uncle to his niece and nephew
    Most of all he is a sensitive mensch to his dad and sister who have had health issues and calls them both daily
    He is looking for a smart. And independent woman who cherishes family and loves to be active!
    He would absolutely kill me if he knew I was writing this because he doesn’t like anyone to pimp for him to quote him. He could do stand up comedy and tells me I have many grandchildren around the world but I’ll never meet him
    Did I mention he loves to cook as well. Any interest my husband and his 2 sisters would be very grateful if you give him a look! He’s been in the phoenix eligible bachelor feature as well
    Ok. Enuf. Thanks. Happy Hanukkah The jewish mother

  66. Adnan Khan


    I am young 22 years college student. I am in shape, tall good looking guy. I am studying Electrical engineering at NYIT. I am interning at NYC Transit. I think I will be a good choice to have on your show just because I am young, and different.

  67. Chelsea

    Hi! My name is Chelsea and I’m a 31 year old medical assistant/college student from St. Louis Missouri. Love is very important to me and I just haven’t found that someone to steal my heart. I’m a Christian and my faith helps me through it all. I love my job and working with kids is so amazing! Singing is one of my favorite hobbies and being able to sing in a band has been a huge blessing. I’m very outgoing and willing to take adventures no matter what. Life is so short and I really would like to find my special someone.

  68. Amy Gialluca

    I am a hard working, single Mother of two beautiful daughters ages 19 and 12. My oldest is in college and my youngest is busy with dance. I love Patty’s direct approach to dating, because EVERY THING THAT WOMAN SAYS IS TRUE! I would be a great match for any man who wanted a hard working RN, OTA, CPR Trainer, tall, fit, loud Italian woman who could make them the BEST Spaghetti and Meatballl dinner this side of the Mississippi River! Jus’ sayin’! Yes, I can also dance and Rap. Amy XXXOOO

  69. Marilyn

    I am finishing up a full and rewarding career as a senior military officer and I’m ready to take a leap of faith to meet the love of my life. I have traveled around the world for work (including deployments for Iraqi Freedom) and for pleasure. I worked for a US Congressman, represented the US Embassy abroad in basing negotiations, placed national guard troops on the Cali border and on and on. Now I’m looking forward to my next career in Executive Coaching. I obviously enjoy the company of men and while I’m a serious person by nature, I enjoy a good laugh like everyone, and often I am the good laugh!

    I think it would be a blast to be on your show and hope I hear from you!

  70. Alexandra

    I am a 21 year old athletic training student who will be graduating this coming May. I have held a job my entire college career as a bartender/server on top of my studies and internships. I make my own money and pay my own bills but its hard to find time to date with my crazy schedule. I am born and raised in Boston and have loved every second of it!

  71. Christopher Chirinos

    I am a 26 year old gay male that lives in syracuse NY. I went to college at SUNY Potsdam for elementary education, minor in biology, and a masters inLiteracy. Unfortunately I am not teaching. It’s a very hard job to find here in NY right now. So instead I found a job at a prevention agency for teens. I find my job to be very rewarding and I’m still able to make a difference in their lives.

    I feel that I have hit a wall when it comes to relationships. i have had a good amount of relationships but obviously all have come to an end. I put in the effort and find that I’m the only one putting in the effort. Now I’m in this wonderful dating pool that I find myself drowning in. All the guys I meet feel like we need to be official after our first date and I’m like put on the breaks.

    I feel that at this point in my life I am ready to start sharing my life and experiences with someone. I want someone who can be my partner, my best friend, someone who will know when I order two sugars with my coffee they know i actually meant three. I want a guy that is my age or older, someone who is a family guy, outgoing, happy, and full of life. I am a social butterfly when it comes to my social life and I want someone that can love that about me instead of get jealous.

    I’m sure everyone else has said it but in the end, I’m just ready to find love…

  72. Caitlin

    I am a 21 year old college student with a business savvy mind. I will be graduating this year with my accounting degree but my professors have always told me I’m too fun for my major haha. I have a passion for laughter and I enjoy good, honest and loving company. I am very grounded and I prioritize my family above everything. I would love the opportunity to audition in order to find love!

  73. Chrystal

    I am interested in seeing what it takes to become a part of your dating database. As in attending mixers and going on dates. I can honestly say that I am not ready to commit to anyone yet but I would appreciate going on some nice dates. Having fun. Thanks!

  74. Zackeriah

    Zackeriah, 21, 6 foot. Dalton, Ga
    Hipster wardrobe, southern raised, lean body structure with a few nice tattoos.
    Process of becoming a firefighter, work in construction doing general labor as of now.
    I grew up very country, busting wood 6-pack! But I became more modernized and classy.
    Lost my parents at a very young age and I have a lot of heart! I leave it all out there.
    But I’m intelligent enough to catch a hint if a girl isn’t feeling my personality or not.
    I’m down to earth, truthful, and see the best everyone.
    I love asking girls questions and drop a simple yet unique compliment here and there and I’m a generally funny guy.
    Get back at me if you wish.

  75. Wendy

    I am a 47 year old divorced, single mom living in Newport Beach. I have 3 super fun, active boys that keep me young. I am fun, sporty, in shape and can dress up and go glam, or roll my sleeves up and go camping and love the outdoors and most of all the beach.

    I have an MBA and my own business and do well financially. I have a fun, witty sense of humor and my friends would tell you I bring the “funny” to almost any situation. I know myself really well and have learned a great deal from my life experiences.

    I am super grounded and put family first. I love to travel, explore, go to sporting events, camping, and am super open to anything.

    I was married for 13 years and now am looking for a partner that I can share my life with, have a great time and share in all the great things life has to offer.