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Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, the only show on television that works to find true love for the super wealthy is heading back to the airwaves with it’s 6th season. Casting will be underway soon to find potential soul mates for these privileged clients looking for romance – the date of a lifetime could be yours.

Millionaire Matchmaker has found love for some of the worlds richest and most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes for 5 seasons. Hosted by the lovely and talented Patti Stanger who has built a hugely successful business called the Millionaire’s Club specifically catering to millionaire clients looking to find life romantic bliss. In 2008 Patti and her team of cupids gave Bravo all access to document their unique business and 4 years and millions of fans later, your chance to find true love has arrived. The Millionaire Matchmaker crew is looking for a all new crop of sexy singles looking for love – rich, rich love. This season the show will be casting single females and males gay or straight for the opportunity to find a special someone and have it captured on film. Also this season, a membership into the exclusive Millionaire’s Club will be granted to those cast. This is sure to be the best season yet of the most entertaining shows on television. If you would like to be considered for the new season you can head here for more info. Leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the details as they happen!

This is your chance to be a part of television’s only show that sets up millionaires with everyday people in the pursuit of love. Imagine being whisked away on an amazing date with an attractive, kind and wealthy Casanova. So if you are open and willing to finding a serious relationship the producers are looking for you! You never know, you could be the next client on Millionaire Matchmaker.

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  1. Jane

    50 years young, run a large Government Contracting business and interested in meeting someone great. I have tried on a lot of shoes and none of them fit. I believe in Tag and release but if it was the right guy I would be interested in a catch.

  2. Kelsi Bacon


    My name is Kelsi Bacon and i am looking to be matched with my perfect man. I’ve been through ups and down and I’m ready to finally settle and finish my life adventure with the right one.

  3. Tanisha Santee

    My name is Tanisha Santee. I’m 46 years old and mother of three young adults. I have worked in Law Enforcement for over 22 years. So dating is extremely difficult. Since my divorce in 2013, I’ve been unlucky in love. I can’t get a man’s attention but can’t seem to seal the deal. I am funny,outgoing and adventurous. I’m definitely open minded to date outside my race. I’m a very sexual woman but definitely conflicts with my religious beliefs. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and need some help meeting men of quality.

  4. Sarah McCabe


    I recently left selling cars for a living to pursuing my dreams in serving others.
    I became a yoga instructor and am now getting my master’s degree as a physical education and health teacher at UNCW. Im about to turn 29 in December. Iv had four 3 year long rerlationships that ended all because
    I was with the worng partnets for me. I have a big personality and an even bigger heart to go along with it. I want to find a man who is not intimidated by all the love I desire to give. I am hopeful to find my future fiance, a man who will laugh with me and build a life grounded in love and respect. I would love assistance or even advice on how to know a good match for yourself.

    Thank you for your consideration and time.

    My best regards,
    Sarah McCabe

  5. Frankie campbell

    I’m sure you are inundated with responses but I am still going to give it a shot. I am a very very young at heart 60 years old relatively attractive female and would love more than life if you would consider me pretty pretty please ….

  6. Leba

    I am 49 will be 50 in three months only been in love once. Looking just to share my life with someone.

  7. Tanisha

    Hello Patty. I would like for you to match me with my soul mate. Please call me 6093853634. I know this is a long shot, but here we go.

  8. Christina Pitalo

    Pick me! I’m a 39 year old professional who works in the casino industry. I would be perfect!

  9. Christina Pitalo

    Pick me! Pick me! I’m a 39 year old professional who works in the casino industry. I would be perfect!

  10. celeste a wilson

    Love, love, love your show! Finding true love is sooo hard! I fear I’ll never have it, but I sure keep hoping! and love to watch your successful connections!

  11. H H Qureshi

    I am 42 year old male and in search of real life partner she must be sincere kind down to earth and I am very simple and the most kind person caring and sincere age race aand distance do not matter

  12. H H Qureshi

    I am 42 year old and in search of real life partner must be sincere kind down to earth and I am very simple and the most kind person caring and sincere

  13. Danique Liddell

    I would love to be casted in a dating reality series. M please contact me with information regarding any dating series. Thank you!

  14. Rose Stabler

    Is Patti really returning to Bravo?
    If so, I would consider applying

  15. Veronica Davis

    Hi Patti!
    I’m 57 yrs and single. I have 2 young adults who have flown the coup and are long gone. They are very concerned that I’m always home alone. I’m a avid fan of your show…always dreaming of actually being a participant. I’m always told that I look 30 and I’m the Pam Grier look-alike😂 So much so that I humbly mention it. I have 5,000 FB friends who often request to meet and hopefully/possibly be my soulmate. I have lots of energy..too! I’m in okay shape but I’m told often there is noooo way a woman of my age, size, intelligent, articulate, fun and beautiful can be single. It breaks my heart..when I should be happy to hear that… But I don’t have a man of my own to appreciate it. I’m very sports oriented.. I swim, play tennis, basketball, baseball, horseback ride, bowl and rollar skate. My heart is gold and I’m genuine and looking seriously for the love of my life. Here is the kicker… I’ve been proposed to many times but never accepted. Why, because I never wanted to settle for nothing other than real true love..from my soul.
    I’m home alone 80% of the time and I’m actually afraid to get back out there.
    I really need your help to find my soulmate and love of my… and his life.
    Sincerely help.

    • Keyke

      Hey there. I’m hoping to get on a reality show featuring Cougars. If this sounds like something you would be interested in email me

  16. Makeeta Holloman

    Hello I’m Makeeta, 33 years young leasing agent in Jacksonville Florida.Im a creative free spirit of a person with a traditional military brat background.Ive kinda lost hope in the dating scene because it seems committed men no longer exist,I’m hoping and praying that this can change my mind.Most of my relationships I have taken care, place in my name, car is mine I’m the sole bread winner cause my boyfriend is working on his business.Im tired! Please help

  17. Older Asian Woman

    Hi, Patti!

    Are you casting for this show?!! I love your show!

    I am 60-years-old. I am Chinese. I meet your financial qualifications!

    I, too, am looking for love!

    I am having a hard time finding love! Finding love from the online “dating” sites does not exist for us olde women! The men on the online “dating” sites only want sex! Nothing else!

    The 40-60-year-old men – just want the 20-30-year-old young, Blonde/Redheaded bimbos/divas!

    The men on the internet only want to physically abuse older Asian women – like me – I.e. – they just want to use me as their Asian Dom! These men do not care for Asian lives! They use us older Asian women and then, throw us away like we are trash!

    The only men on the online “dating” sites that are interested in me are inappropriate-aged men – too young or too old. These men also have no money to match my financial status.

    I really want to meet a man that can match my financial status! I want the traditional financial role – where the man is the lead! I don’t want to be the financial bread-winner! This is why I have not been able to meet anyone since divorcing in 2013.

    Please – help me! And all of us single, wealthy women find love!

    Older Asian woman

  18. Dee Roslan

    Hi Patty. I am a 57 year old single woman. I made my millions investigating and developing real estate in the New York area. I am attractive and outgoing and love my family, life and work. I been having a difficult time meeting men who are successful in their own right. I either meet very young men who want a sugar mommy lol or older men who don’t have financial means to keep up with my life style. I just don’t want to settle, just because I want to find love. So I decided to reach out and see if you do match making for older woman who are successful and looking for Love. I don’t need a man to support me or have any babies with lol. I just trying to find someone on my same level and experience. Would love if you had a show on older woman who are beautiful and successful and not just 20 year old models looking for a man with lots of money. Love your show and hopefully there is a way to find someone compatible and smart and can carry his own. Dee

  19. Denise Osborn

    Hi I am a 56 year old single woman. Mother of four. I’ve had a rough road up to now but I believe I deserve the best and I’m not backing down again! I been through a divorce, lost my first fiancé to a heart attack and my second fiancé cheated then left. I’m so done. I am intelligent. Not beautiful but attractive and slender. I have a very kind , compassionate nature which hasn’t served me well so Im ready to be tough and do what I have to do to find love and contentment
    Thank you for considering me

  20. Christine

    Hi Patty. I am a woman who is 53 years old who was in a 26-year-old marriage and have really never found true love. I would love the opportunity to meet some of your man I’m an independent woman who has my own business I’m hairstylist I work hard and I take care of my own. I am originally from Germany immigrated here when I was in middle school I’m blonde confident and beautiful but have not found the right person yet it seems to be very difficult to find someone that has all the qualities I’m looking for especially integrity. Please give me a chance . I would be happy to send you photo I’m 53 and blonde blue eyes and I am a little curvy but pretty sexy

  21. DeeDee Garvey

    Hi Patty!
    Left a 25 year marriage. I am a published interior designer who is mentally stable and seeking the same. Fortunately, my travel experience has been vast and I enjoy it very much. According to Myers-Briggs I’m right and left brained so as a result, my match would have to be highly intelligent and a life-long learner! I enjoy having fun and dancing is a passion. I’m not looking to be taken care of financially because I am fiscally responsible on my own. My home and car are paid for. The first thing people notice about me is my smile! Would live to work with you!
    All the Best!

  22. Journey

    Hi Patty, I’m single , ready to mingle, looking for Mr right ,casting millionaire match!,!!!!
    Would love to be on your show.

  23. Claire Holden

    I am 45 year old women been married 22 years have an 17 year old daughter called Paige. my life has moved on I love my daughter I have a passion for life I love being happy in everything I do and would like to share my time with someone like me.

  24. Claire Holden

    I am 45 year old women been married 22 years have an 17 year old daughter my life has moved on I love my daughter I have a passion for life I love being happy in everything I do and would like to share my time with someone like me.

  25. Bridgette Rivera

    44 years old Puerto Rican originally for Jersey. I now reside in the gorgeous State of Florida. I am the mom of a 25 year old son named Gabe. I was married 25 years and now divorced for 2.5 years. I taken the time to learn to love myself and grow consciously. I think consciousness is so sexy. I am ready for love and I know that Millionaire Matchmaker is my future journey to finding my Unconditional loving man. Thank you for considering me for the process. Blessings!

  26. Olga

    Hello, I’m single, very interesting and entertaining person with good sence of humor. Can’t find my true love

  27. Tracey L Waters

    Divorced 53 year old waiting for her king to arrive. I mean, I am a queen!

  28. Shannon Redenius

    I am curious for when the next Chicago casting call is? I am a 52 year old single woman. I am a hard
    worker and work alot, so I do not have many opportunities to meet single sucessful men. I have a great sense of humor and I am not bad to look at either!!

  29. Fernando

    Hi Patti,,
    I am a 49 year young gentlemen who lives in southern CA. I have a 18 year old daughter who I adore. I am seeking a partner who I can have the pleasure of making her happy each day if her life. I am career oriented with little time to seek my future queen on my own, so Patti I am seeking your assistance. I am 6’2″, 230 lbs with my heart being my best asset.

  30. Lindsey Venable

    I am a 25 year old female flight attendant. I am also a nanny and published hairstylist on the side. I am looking for someone who knows what they want out of life and out of a relationship so I figured, why not give this a try? I am very driven, sarcastic in a playful way, a sucker for a sappy movie/hopeless romantic moves (but the cheesiness has got to go haha). I want someone real and srraightforward and who I can be my quirky self with. Plus, I have the ability to fly wherever I need to for next to nothing so that is definitely a perk.

  31. rachel

    New to something like this. My name is Rachel and I am a single mom 35 yrs old. Been single for the 5-6 yrs.

  32. Samantha

    Hey! My names Samantha, I am 25. Outgoing, beautiful, athletic and full of love! I love to travel, explore the outdoors and meet new people! I think I am finally ready to find my Mr. right with your help!

  33. Lauren

    MMMMMMMM, this is a first. I am a commissioned Artist. I have been an Interior designer for 18 years. I am convinced that I have a sign around my neck that says “If your not sure if your gay or not, date me.” More gay guys ask me out than straight ones. I secretly think they are after my shoes, or hats!!!! I have no idea but Im ready for a real man! A mans man!!!!! Do you know any? Im now moving to Jackson Hole Wyoming because Im done, done, done with the city.

  34. Patricia

    Hi! My name is Patti, I am 45, and looking for my partner in life. I would love to meet someone that challenges me and yet has a fun playful side. I have spent time focusing on my career, family and friends. I am finally ready to put attention on me and finding my true love.

  35. Susan Hicks

    I’m 49 , not dead looking for live, would love the opportunity to find it

  36. Lashanda Mondy

    Hello beautiful
    I am a 40 year old single mom never married. I have 3 girls and I have allot of wonderful young ladies that I either mentor or just love because I have a nurturing heart. I work at a homeless shelter hoping to open my own all over the world eventually and I am passionate when it comes to love. I take my character seriously even tho I am not perfect I try to be the best person I could be. I take pride in how I treat others and I haven’t been on a date on almost a year. Not because of my looks but my choices. I live in Antioch California and I am a hard working person that has no problem paying my own way. I am not a gold digger but I am tired of being used by men and being treated as though I am a burden. If given the chance to find love threw you I will be an example of exactly how love can be beautiful

  37. Jessica

    Hi Patti, my name is Jessica. I’m 28 years old. I am eager to find the love of my life. I was in an eleven year relationship, which didn’t work unfortunately. I love to make my man happy, a good meal, and also to be his bestfriend. Please help me find the man of my dreams! xo

  38. Terry Nash

    Want Tv ratings, cast me. I’m a spiritual healer,54 years young. Native American/ pureto Rican female. I’m beautiful inside and out. I can charm any man,and when I put a love spell on a man they beg for more.Cast me if you dare,lol.

  39. Annie Banks

    New to the Los Angeles are you doing casting for the 2016 season

  40. Ashley

    Hi there! I love the Millionaire Matchmaker show and Patti. I am 31 years old, located in Atlanta, and I work as a Business Development Consultant with the State of Georgia. I have a three year old son, and I have been divorced for 2 years. I would like to meet the person I am meant to be with. I have faith that eventually, I will, and I believe the show would be a fun experience. I am open to finding love, and I would be willing to move or switch jobs for the right person. My hobbies include reading, donating my time to charity, acting, and spiritual counseling. Thank you for your consideration!

  41. Jody McCartney

    I would love to audition!

  42. Ashley

    I am a 34 year old divorced, single mother of my adorable 3 year old son. Currently taking a real estate course and would love to find true love. ☺️

  43. Nicole Bellvie

    26, Single Registered Nurse from Boston, MA, would love to be on the show to find ❤️❤️❤️

  44. Stacy busey haworth

    I am a lady but I do have a wild side, I am looking for a man who wants to be serious I have my own money ,I am well educated, however I don’t date , I’m not a one night stand lady

  45. Tenacious jones

    Hi Patti, My name Is Tenacious I’m am a Female from Chicago, IL. I’m 21 years old and I’m looking for Love❤️. I know it seems like I have my whole life ahead of me but I rather not be searching for love at 30, 35. I will be attending Grad School Soon and I am looking to find someone that I can fall In love with and build a family/friendship with. I know you are good at what you do so I’m counting on you to find me a MatchMaker.

  46. Nicole Ward

    Hello! My name is Nicole, but most of those who know me call me “Nikki.” I could care less about the money, but I would love to find true love! I am 24 and am looking for someone to settle down with. No games whatsoever. I am one of a kind and am told that I am wise beyond my years. I love kids and animals. I’m always up for trying new things and would love to be considered for this opportunity!

  47. Shanee

    Very interested. I’m from Jamaica it would make the show more exciting, right??

  48. Cynthia Correa

    21 – Student – Athlete/instructor

  49. Qua

    Hi Patti, My name Is Qua I’m am a Female from Milwaukee Wisconsin. I’m 21 years old and I’m looking for Love❤️. I know it seems like I have my whole life ahead of me but I rather not be searching for love at 30, 35. I will be attending Grad School Soon and I am looking to find someone that I can fall Inlove with and build a family/friendship with. I know you are good at what you do so I’m counting on you to find me a MatchMaker.

  50. Jenna Torres

    Interested in the casting!

  51. Natalie Ramos

    Hi Patti, I have an older brother that is an amazing guy! 34 year old down to earth guy. Single dad and put his dating on hold for his son. Great dad and family man, now he’s dating and hasn’t found the one and I think he will be a great candidate!

  52. Kristi

    Hi! I am a 34 year old smart, athletic and attractive woman. I absolutely love Persian men or most middle eastern men. I have been dating for the past 8 months after being in long term relationships for the past 8 years. I am on all kinds of dating apps and have gone out on a lot of dates, but the second I see a red flag, I walk away. I am not willing to settle! I am happy with everything else in my life and am ready to meet the one!! Patti, please help me! I can send you all kinds of pictures, and I think I would be perfect for your show. I want butterflies again. Where is he????!!!!

  53. Kate

    Why can’t we be selected if we are not millionaires? Not everyone is just after money, love is worth more.

  54. Roxanne Philpot

    Please contact me at 224 999-3525 about auditions.
    Thank you.

  55. Mary B

    Hello Patty, I am 50 years young, have two grown boys 21 & 26, have a great sense of humor and am young at heart! After surviving an 18 year toxic marriage to an alcoholic/drug addict and then managing to get caught up in another 7 year relationship with another addict shortly afterwards, I am now alone and not enjoying the dating scene one bit. My problem is that I do not look my age so unusually attract much younger men who unfortunately do not want to commit. I have tried dating men closet to my own age as well but it seems as if no one these days is looking for committment. I am a strong independent woman who worked for many years to gain independence and strength. I have a great career as a promotional salesmodel and work seven days a week. A male suitor recently called me out as to why I work so much and we pretty much summed it up that I work because I don’t have a significant other to share my life with. I am fit, being that I am a personal trainer as well, have a very high energy level, and I have a great personality and sense of humor. I would love to find someone to share my time , energy and zest for life with. I would be beyond thrilled to be on your show and look forward with great anticipation to hearing from you.

  56. Alisa Rose

    Henry Hunt, if you’re ever in NYC let’s meet for coffee. You sound too good to be true!

  57. Tiffini

    I recently stumbled on your Facebook page through another motivational site. I made a joke on your page about hitting the “buy” button thinking I was purchasing a man. It got me thinking you had to have a legitimate page where you potentially wanted single girls to show their interest. I’m resourceful and here I am. I am a very petite and fit 39 year old female. I am a serial monogamous, light hearted, and selfless loving person. I do not have any children. I am a dental hygienist by trade, but recently became a business owner. I’d love the opportunity for a real time interview and the face time to dazzle and be dazzled. Much love!

  58. Henry Hunt

    I am a 42 year old single man living and working in Washington, DC. I am a Georgetown University grad and have my own business involved in green lighting projects and do very well for myself. It’s difficult to date in DC, as it’s such a small town. I have many female friends but haven’t been able to find the right lady to get serious with. I’m very much looking forward to finding a wife and having children. I also enjoy going out and traveling, art and culture. I might be too laid back for most women. I am very easy going and women may find me too aloof. But in the end, I’m looking for a woman to spend the rest of my life with.

  59. Kari

    Aren’t we suppose to leave a picture somewhere… Haha
    I’m going to keep it short. I’m 34 I have two kids boy 15 girl almost 10.
    I’m looking for someone that is happy likes older kids and wants to travel and grow old and wrinkly together.
    I think it’s time to try a new approach to finding someone that is actually looking for love. I’m tired of wasting years with men that don’t want a future.


  60. Colby

    Hi Patti,

    After a 16 year relationship and 3 more years of the wrong men, I am ready to be matched with someone that will not be intimidated by my independence, hard working ethic and strong personality!

    I am a 37 year old positive woman with a great, witty personality! On the flip side, once you have my heart I am ALL IN. I am a extreme nurturer and believe in loyalty to a fault.

    I identify with your blunt honesty and would love to hear your take on me and my perfect match!

    Thanks for your consideration…looking forward to meeting you!

  61. Alexis

    Hi Patti,
    Please interview me. I am a single, 58 year old(look 48), educated, independent woman.
    I have survived an abusive 29 year marriage and have done the work to come out on the other side. Grateful for all I have, I am ready for the next chapter. Everyone deserves a loving relationship. The dating sites have been disappointing. It would be amazing to be on your show as I am ready for love!

  62. becky

    Hello Patti
    I have enjoyed watching your show, and how truely passionate you are about matching couples.
    I laugh at the some of candidates, some are so out there, if they can make it on the show then I have a chance as well.
    I am an attractive seasoned woman who is young at heart.
    I am classy with a flare of down to earth.
    I enjoy wearing jeans paired with cowboy boots, I can dress up and turn heads, as well as dress down and make heads turn another direction.
    I am seeking a life long (whats left) love , a love that brings smiles to my face when I think of him. And the same for him
    The best compliment, is when you look across the room to see what he is doing, and he is already looking at you.
    I am simple, and confusing ,serious, and funny, tender and hard.
    Well…. my list is long and short.
    If I could get a chance of true love again, I am your candidate.

  63. Jessica

    I just want to find true love! He doesn’t even have to be a millionaire. I am ready for love.

  64. JoAnne Myers

    Hi Patti, I love your direct approach to dating, and would love the opportunity to be on your show. You know your stuff when it comes to men. So that right there tells me you can find me a great husband and soulmate. I can learn from you and grow as an individual as well as with a partner. Do you consider older woman. I am a 55 year old twice divorced woman living in Logan, Ohio, population 7,200. I am now looking for a partner that I can share my life with, along with all the great things life has to offer. I am a woman who loves life, works hard, enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new adventures. I have used a couple of dating websites but the matches are so far from what I am looking for. I love laughter and I enjoy good, honest company. I am hard working, which is being a housekeeper and laundress for my local nursing home. I have lost 50 pounds, and hope to lose 30 more. I have many enjoyments. I am the published author of 7 books by 3 publishing houses. My detective/mystery “Murder Most Foul” was recently transformed into a screenplay so that I may offer it to production companies as a film project. I enjoy the outdoors, and love the beach, bowling, movies, trying new restaurants, walking and bicycling. I attend church, spend time with relatives. I have 3 adult children who live on their own and I have 8 grandchildren. I belong to several writing groups, and I volunteer my time within my community. I have recently started a campaign through Go Fund Me, to help spay and neuter stray cats in my county. I know myself really well and have learned a great deal from my life experiences. As you can tell so far, I am super grounded and put family first. I love to travel, explore, and I am super open to anything. I feel that I have hit a wall when it comes to relationships. I have had relationships since being divorced, that have lasted 5-7 years, but it never led to marriage. These three relationships were with men who had no desire to marry or have children. I of course did not know these facts before getting involved with them. These men are still single. They really do not believe in marriage. On-line dating is horrific! I would LOVE to be a part of your show! Mr. Wrongs are everywhere but where is Mr. Right. I’m ready and available. I’m in this empty dating pool that I find myself drowning in. The pickings for a good man are slim here in Logan, but this is where I live. I feel that at this point in my life I am ready to start sharing my life and experiences with someone. I want someone who can be my partner, my best friend, and can handle an independent woman who cherishes family and loves to be active! I want a guy that is my age or older, someone who is a family guy, outgoing, happy, and full of life. I am a homebody who does not smoke, and drinks only occasionally. Life is so short and I really would like to find my special someone. I’m game for new adventures and willing to take chances no matter what. I realize the majority of woman on your shows are much prettier and younger than me but I thought maybe my life experiences may pique your interests. I would love to be considered for the show and audition in order to find love!

    Respectfully yours,

    Lonely in Logan