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TBS and the producers of Survivor, Mythbusters and the Amazing Race are teaming up to find and celebrate The King Of The Nerds. Casting directors and producers are searching high and low for intellectual and passionate guys and girls who are nerds and know it – and love it. Submissions are being accepted now for the only reality competition show where the bigger the nerd you are, the bigger your chance to win.

The King Of The Nerds is set to reclaim and redefine the word nerd and embrace the geek culture by casting the best and brightest to compete in a series of entertaining and enlightening challenges. Contestants will start of in teams and be put through contests involving exhibitions of pop culture knowledge, intellect, skills and ingenuity. As the game progresses competitors will be eliminated one by one until the final King Of The Nerds is crowned and given a host of amazing cash and prizes in addition to their new worldwide fame. This fantastic program will be hosted by none other than two of the world’s foremost experts on nerd culture, the stars of the hit 1984 comedy Revenge Of The Nerds, Robert (Lewis) Carradine and Curtis (Booger) Armstrong. The King Of The Nerds is looking to cultivate the nerd in all of us by finding our true nerd leader. If you consider yourself a nerd and happily embrace your nerd lifestyle you could be in line for TV greatness. Casting and audition submissions are being accepted now for this amazing new competition program. If you would like to apply you can send an email with your name, age, contact information, a photo and a brief background on what makes you the world’s most ingenuous nerd to KINGOFTHENERDSCASTING@GMAIL.COM and be sure to keep checking in for every update on The King Of The Nerds.

The search for The King Of The Nerds is on! If you have an extreme passion for comic books, Star Wars, Star Trek, superheros, video games, math, physics, computers, Dungeons and Dragons – if you have a way above average I.Q. score or are a member of MENSA or an expert of anything else “nerd” this is your call to arms. Submit yourself today for the most fantastic reality game show in history now and begin your quest to become the King Of The Nerds.

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  1. Joshua Gardner

    Hello, I’m Joshua
    I’m twenty years old, 6’2, and little over weight
    Ever since I could remember I’ve been a nerd.
    I’ve been into Star wars since I was five (both the main cannon and legends) Been a Trekkie since I was twelve( Favorites being TNG and Enterprise), Been an Otaku (Anime fan) since I was Seventeen, recently became a Brony, And I’ve been a Gamer my entire life ( Mostly playing RPG style games).
    On a personal note
    While I was never bullied at school I did move around a lot so making friends was difficult for me. Soon enough it came to the point where I didn’t even try to make friends. I started building a wall ( Figuratively) between myself and the people around me to the point I became a recluse, and I hate myself for that. I’m trying to break that wall and I believe that participating in king of the nerds can help me do so.

    Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this

  2. Mitchell Niedert

    Greetings from Utah.

    So I love being a nerd. In school people used to call me “Nerdert” for my last name. I have played so many video games you would be surprise I have been able to do other things in my life. One of my dreams is to have a superpower and make the world a more…. exciting place. I can be king of the nerds because of my overall knowledge and skills. I love anything nerdy and will always read or try to participate in such. I may not be famous for any of that but nerds don’t start out that way now do they. I would love to try my skills at winning and being king of the nerds. I have the best qualities for this show. I will exterminate and chainsaw through the competition if necessary. Thanks for your time, with love

    Mitch Nerdert

  3. Jaina warnock

    I’m Jaina I’m 14 almost 15, I’m 5’5, I am a big time nerd I love the show sherlock home, supernatural, big hero6, Star Wars I’m in Star Wars sort of princess Leia and hansolo have kids and my name is one of there kids name and my dad has my Tweens names, lord of the rings, the hobbiet, I’m a big gamer, I play the card game magic the gathering, pokemon, I’m in middle school so I’m ok with math and science they have always been cool. I’m not sure if u would take a almost 15 year old but I’m hoping u will i would like it if u did

  4. Adam Lee Morris

    I just realized you might want the stats. I’m 5’10” 205 pounds also excel in sports. Anything HBO or stars or showtime you’re screwed I know it all! Horror movie buff to the extreme I even know the first zombie. Leave it to you to figure out why give my knowledge away on a comment board. Again I am Adam Morris 26 years old. Living in Godfrey Illinois sadly. Looking to price the new works order of nerdium.

  5. Adam Lee Morris

    Hello all! My name is Adam and I’m a little different in the nerd genre. I’m a game nerd in the greatest respects. Classics. Pool, Darts, board games, trivia, bowling, and video games. I Am Super Competitive and can be king of the nerds!

    My short background is only the tip in the iceberg in my random knowledge in everything! I am the random facts nerd and when it come to any game you’ll be surely number 2 to my number 1! Bring it on

  6. Amberle

    Hello all! My name is Amberle Bell, I’m a 31 y/o medical assistant & mommy of 2. I am 5’2.5″ 189 lbs but very athletically inclined. I should be on king of the nerds because I am a multifaceted nerd! My strengths include anything pop culture, trivia, superheroes (esp Marvel), Harry potter, dr who, game of thrones, my little pony, puzzles, movies, music, literature & a few other things. I also have a background in choir & theatre, am very athletic, competitive & a VERY fast learner. Don’t let my short stature fool you, I play to win!!!

  7. Denice Grandchamp

    My name is Denice Grandchamp. Yes, that is my actual last name.
    I’m 24 years old, I live in Simi Valley, CA, and I’m a mechanical engineering student.
    I have a 4-year-old son who I’m quickly raising to become a complete nerd. So much so that he calls himself Mario instead of his real name.

    My nickname has been Nerd since I was 5 years old. It was given to me by my sister and it stuck, since a huge portion of my friends still call me Nerd. The nickname has never bothered me! I’m ridiculously proud to be a nerd.

    My passions include so many things! I easily become obsessed with new fandoms very quickly. I love Disney, Doctor Who, Nintendo, Marvel, Star Wars, Firefly, Final Fantasy, Fallout, and maybe just all video games in general. I own every game system out there! This isn’t because I’m particularly wealthy, but because I was born into a nerdy family. My mother is a gamer at 65 years old. Her favorites are mostly Nintendo games like Zelda and Super Smash Bros. My father always had computers in the house. He worked on them as his job. Because of that, I have always been fascinated with technology.

    Another huge passion of mine is competition. I am completely in love with board games. I met my current boyfriend playing the Firefly board game (I destroyed him, of course). I go to Strategicon every year. I love anything that challenges me in a way that I can totally show off how smart I am. I often use the fact that I look like a weak girl to my advantage and I really love killing the popular opinion that attractive women can’t be geeks.

    I really know no other way of living. This is who I am. I’m a nerd and I am proud of it!

    Oh, and I’m also an artist. I paint nerdy shoes. I paint in general. I constantly draw nerdy fanart. I love watching anime, and sometimes dabble in drawing that. I used to draw anime so much more in high school. Now my art is much more similar to Disney.

    Okay, I’ll stop rambling. This show is COMPLETELY AWESOME. I would figuratively die if I were chosen to compete. I have complete confidence that I could win.

    Thank you for taking the time to read all this!

  8. Mike Meyer

    I’m your nerd. I know how to transport myself through quantum teleportation, I know how to conjugate verbs in Spanish, I received an honorary degree from the University of Rhode Island if that even exists, and I wear glasses. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

  9. Max Allan

    Name: Maxwell Nicholas Donald Allan (“Max” for short)

    Aliases and Nicknames: Max; RLYoshi; “some guy”; Silver Tongue; Big Bad Wolf; Science Pony

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Born: Westlock, Alberta, Canada

    Residence: Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada (would prefer Austin, Texas, USA)

    Appearance: Five foot eleven, weight fluctuates but is generally above average. Brown hair, hazel eyes, scruffy beard. I wear glasses, a watch on my left wrist, and usually my outfit consists of t-shirts and sweatpants because comfort is more important than looks.

    Interests: Lots of things but especially video games (particularly Legend of Zelda and Fallout), My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, making videos for YouTube, writing, and not being physically fit.

    Skills: I have experience with math, science, physics, gaming, visual novel programming, writing (two time NaNoWriMo winner), acting, voice work, music, animating, social media management, video editing, working with computers, puzzle solving, and quick thinking/talking. Kind of a jack of all trades. And yes, everything up there is stuff I’m good at, not just things I did for a couple days and therefore count it as “experience”.
    Main Skill: If I were to be described by one skill/occupation, it would be “Analyst”, “YouTuber”, or “Gamer”, since those three are what I do the most. Or just do what you did for Thomas in season three and label me “Brony”.

  10. Brian Robert Goss

    Name – Brian Robert Goss
    Age – 20
    Height – 6’2″
    Hair/Eyes – Medium Brown/Grey

    Well hello! I know this might seem like just another of the many, many requests of people attempting to enter this prestigious show – yes, I hold this show in that high of a regard – and I thought it time for me to exit the shadows of the internet and show just what I can do.

    Being a nerd is something that many might say is a “bad” thing – if I were to ask people I know, they would make fun of such people.

    I draw a webcomic based on sessions of Pathfinder Society I have played (Though it’s hard when trying to draw after a hard day’s work), I’ve built computers for people (and myself).

    I have played video games since I was four, playing anything I could get my eager fingers on. If someone were to ask, my first game was, in fact, Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness, of which is still on the very top of my most memorable games. I’m sure that most people would argue the point, but the game just feels… right to me.

    If I were chosen for this show, I would finally prove to the people that know me that, yes, I AM A NERD, and YES, I KICK ASS TOO! There is not a single thing – except illicit drugs, alcohol, and some shellfish – that I will not try, nothing that scares me. Throw me into the grinder, give me a challenge.

    Try your best to create challenges, because I will push myself beyond what limits I believe exist, and there will not be anything I refuse to try. I worked on a road crew doing 14 – 16 hour days, going to the place of rest for sleep, and waking up the next day to do the same thing over and over!

    All I can say to the people who do the casting is: Bring it on. I’m ready for anything and everything.

    Let’s kick some ass, and have fun while doing it.

    Also, I have an unfortunate accidental habit of “breaking” games, like what a QA Tester does.

    I build things out of whatever is lying around – recyclable materials – provided there is duct tape. I made a helmet of cardboard when I was younger.

    That’s about all I can say right now for now, since there is a lot that it would be more preferable to discuss in a video, or in an email discussion.

    Brian Robert Goss

  11. Brent Brown

    Name: Brent Brown
    Age 27 DOB 02/28/1987
    5’11, 185
    blonde hair, blue eye, glasses
    Body type: athletic

    Change of pace for the men of KotN. I am what would be describe as the athletic handsoome Nerd. The past 3 seasons the men have men goofy, uncoordinated, and social akward. I would be the devilishly handsome, athletic, and smooth Nerd….. Think Lando Calrissian in Nerdvana.
    All around nerd knowledge. Comic Books, Video Games (big time gamer), Star Wars, Dr. Who, Harry potter, A/V club in high School, love chess and trivia (history buff), Japanifile, mythology. but i also played football, hockey, instuctor in Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do. i would be the only Nerd who could tell you who slayed Medusa (perseus) and what team won the most superbowls (Steelers)

    I would portray the cunning, smooth wildcard, bring an element the show has not had before with my quick thinking, social skills, and athletic ability………but thats too boring, i would also PLAY THE GAME, and the object of the game is to win. Underneath my persona would be Senator Palpatine, no one would know that i am behind the scenes painting targets and manipulating the game….while everyone is scrambling trying to stay alive and i would be searching for that golden snitch to cement the victory.
    But i am also a very likeable person…not as arrogant as this paragraph sounds, just confident. The last 3 seasons shows the steriotypical male Nerds getting crushed. i believe i would even the playing field and showing the world that Nerds are more than pocket protectors who cannot talk to girls. James Dean on the outside, the mind of Obi Wan, The heart of Harry Potter, the cunning of Lex Luthor. An ALL around Nerd is best describes as Thanos with all 6 infinity stones.

  12. Reagan Westphal

    Hello all I’m Reagan a 14 year old nerd of animae, manga, comic books , books , pokemon, and supernatural. When I’m not studying for school I’m making up stories with my friends about all my favorite fandoms and finding quirky history facts. All in all I would love to be a nerd on your show!

  13. Joshua Schwab

    Name: Joshua Schwab
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Height: 6’1”
    Build: Large, Kaiju
    Weight: 350 lbs. fluffy
    Eyes: Brown, Complimented by stylish glasses
    Hair: Long, curly. Naturally brown, but often colored
    Nationality: Caucasian
    Ello my name is Josh. I would like to think of myself as a multi-faceted nerd. Some say I look a little like Weird Al, but that’s fine he is in Mensa and very funny. All my life I have been a gamer and respect games from pong era to now. I also have a passion for tabletop rpgs (pathfinder mostly but developing my own) and board games. I would consider myself a horror movie nerd. Whenever Friday the 13 rolls around, I like to setup a Movie marathon of horror movies with my 2 cats and my epic bearded dragon. During my college years I was one of the cofounders of ORC (the official roleplaying club). I currently live in Fargo North Dakota as a tech support agent for a communications company. Remember to ask yourself this before calling “have you tried turning it off and on again”. I have also worked at places such as Gamestop, B Daltons, Hollywood Video and a jewelry and watch salesman.
    I feel I would made a great contestant as I enjoy a plethora of sci fi and fantasy pop culture. I might be found watching one of my many favorite British shows such as IT Crowd, Doctor Who, Top Gear, and Red Dwarf. I’ve expanded into the anime genre through the influence of my husband, and have come back to comics and manga together. I go to GenCon every year, it’s a gaming convention held in Indianapolis. I am a Gamemaster for my own created worlds and a few of my own RPG systems which I have yet to get around to publish. It takes more than some watery tart throwing a sword at you to make you King of the Nerds. The fact I have the passion that is nerd in so many areas and that I am writing my own novel. An added bonus is that I part of the Furry culture. I’d love to own a fursuit and with the prize money I could have one maid.
    I am glad you took this time to read my application and hope to hear from you soon, I don’t want to be left in the dark as I would likely be eaten by a grue.
    Yours Cordially,
    Joshua Schwab

  14. James Smith

    Hi. James Smith here. My name is average, yet I am anything but ! I am adrenaline junkie. I have a passion for life. Why should I be considered ? I should be considered because I am an engineer, I love video games, and overall a quirky person.

  15. Kristina Mapes

    My name is Kristina and I am a 25 year old biological anthropologist from Santa Barbara California. I am usually considered the biggest nerd in my community as I am a competitive cosplayer, known for making all my own costumes, an avid comic book collector, Sci fi enthusiast and so much more. I never miss international comic con and have even written and illustrated my own line of comics. I am both a traditional nerd as well as a science nerd and I feel most at home while surrounded by the biggest nerds in the world dressed up and made up to the max! I have been a fan of the show for the entirety of its airing and I know I could excel!

    Live long and prosper
    Kristina Mapes

  16. Melissa Daugherty for Wesley Daugherty

    My son would be most excellent in this show. Not only is he a brainiac he is also cursed with good looks and is currently a firefighter working on his fire science degree making him a triple threat in the kingdom of nerds. His spare time is spent with Anime, Manga, Marvel and DC comics, mythology and religions.

  17. Marquyse Jackson

    Basic Info:
    Name: Marquyse Jackson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Height: 5’10
    Build: Average (thin, but toned)
    Weight: 165 lbs.
    Eyes: Brown ( I wear glasses)
    Hair: long, black/red locs
    Nationality: African American

    My name is Marquyse Jackson, an anime-loving, Playstation-playing, Hip-Hop/Electronic/House DJ/Producer/Guitarist from the state of Georgia! I live in Atlanta, but I was born and raised in middle Georgia. What brought me to Atlanta was my passion for music and the desire to become an Electronic DJ/video game music producer. In the small town I was raised in, there were very few of us who knew nerds and even fewer of us were. Worse yet, there were fewer people trying to follow a path like mine. My group of friends is really all the people I knew that cared to partake in any kinds of Fandom. So, in an effort to find a way, I enrolled at The Art Institute of Atlanta with an Audio Production major in my sights.
    I would consider myself a candidate for King Of The Nerds because of my vast knowledge in the fields of comic books/anime/manga, science fiction(including, but not limited to Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural, etc), cosplay and prop-making/design. I also have a working understanding of many aspects of Advanced Sciences with no formal training in these disciplines. In my late-teens, I was introduced to the world of anime conventions and soon discovered my natural ability to fabricate memorable costumes. I’m not known on any kind of competition circuits, but I am known by other goers; that’s what drives me. I don’t cosplay for the competition, I do it for the love of The Craft and to push myself further.
    I hope this was an introduction worthy of your consideration and await your reply. If you select me for this show, you would definitely have a nerd to change the paradigm of what people think the term “nerd” means.

    Thank You,

  18. James Hennigan

    Heya! I think I could give the geek royalty a run for its money. My name is Jim but most people know me by my convention and on-line name and persona, Greyloch.

    Basic bio (taken from my Tumblr page)
    “Amateur artist and photographer.
    Stealth geek.
    Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.
    All around goofball. Sexy bastard in a kilt.
    Plays dress-up. A lot. A whole lot. I can’t even list them all.
    Professional Smart-Ass and Snarkmeister.”

    Male; Caucasian; 48 years old; avid toy, comic book, cartoon, and movie collector. I get hyper focused on whatever strikes my interest; I continue to be married to my long-suffering wife.
    Work: ADMIN/IT professional.
    Hobbies: photography – working towards being a well-known and/or famous cosplay photographer; my Flickr page just broke 11 million views!, and my photos are featured in many Wikipedia/Wikimedia and Uproxx articles; destop publishing, computer graphics (Photoshop, Illustrator); costuming and cosplay (started in 1989; have won some awards along the way); Renaissance Festival attendee – used to work at one for seven seasons – had enough garb at one point to fully clothe three adult men but have since scaled back; have more toys (action figures, robots, and a couple of statuettes) than I know what to do with. Have had other geeks experience a quasi-religious moment when they see my stash toys, comics, artwork, and other collectibles.

    If you watch the “White & Nerdy” video, that’s pretty much me – except I don’t have my name on my underwear, ride a Segueway, nor do I get freaky with bubble-wrap. Except for that one time in band camp… don’t judge, I was young and needed the money!

    Hope to hear from somebody soon.

  19. Sammy Z

    In a galaxy far far away there was one kawaiitastic 20 year old.. The being loved the art of cosplay, anything kawaii, video games well Nintendo cause they are the best.. Her wardrobe consist of mainly nerd gear such as a Pokemon Skirt, Sailor Jupiter dress, adventure time dresses, a 3d Pokeball backpack and really just adorableness. She even has a youtube channel dedicated to cute Japanese things and show case her nerd collection

  20. Jordan

    Age: 13

    Height: 5’2″

    Weight: 104.8 Lb

    Hair color: black dark brown highlights

    Hair type: kinky curly

    Eyes: brown

    Skills: art, gymnastics, skating roller/ice, swimming

    **I can perform my own stunts if needed

    Any questions email me if u do email me ill email a head shot and more info

  21. Charles

    I’m a very successful natural-Steve Jobs type nerd. I was very poor growing up, and saved
    All my money for a computer at age 8 where I would hack into the internet and sell my software ideas, without my parents knowing it. I’m not a trendy
    Hipster nerd like others here in San Francisco. I’m a very driven smart and successful 34 year old.
    I am the brainchild of several nerdy tech companies in Silicon Valley; I’ve been
    CEO of five computer companies in total. I look like a nerd and I am; I embrace it.

  22. Danielle West

    Hi. I’m Danielle. I’m 24. I’m majoring in Classical Humanities and minoring in Theater. So I love ancient and classical history and I also love acting. I’m not sure if I’d be right for the show. I AM a nerd, but I’m not your typical nerd.

    I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan. I have a tattoo of the Jedi Code on my arm from the Knights of the Old Republic video games on the old x-box, which are two of my favorite games of all time. My favorite Star Wars movie is Episode IV: A New Hope because I love the feeling of starting an adventure. If I could be anything, I would be a professional adventurer. 🙂 But since I don’t think that career exists, I really want to work in a museum or become an actress. My other favorite video games are Mass Effect 1, the other two kinda sucked, Fallout 3, and Skyrim. I also love Tales of Symphonia, and tactics games on my awesome 3DS. I also have a PS3 and an Xbox, but…I hate the Xbox, I only play Dance Central on it. So, as you can tell, I’m a RPG gamer and a 3rd person shooter gamer (and tactics which I already said).

    I’m also a huge Lord of the Rings fan. I have numerous LOTR licensed replica swords and staffs. I hate how Peter Jackson left out Tom Bombadil in The Fellowship, but added a whole female elf in the new hobbit movies. That being said…she is kinda hot…

    I love playing table top games like Dungeons and Dragons, but not 4th ed., I hate 4th ed.. But I also love playing Dead Lands, Mutants and Masterminds, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Star Wars: the Saga Edition, etc. This might be due to the fact that I love acting…or it might be that I just love hanging out with other fun people. I like playing nerdy card games like Munchkin, Fluxx, Anima, Cards Against Humanity, Marvel’s Legendary (which is F’ing awesome). Oh, and I’m a Marvel girl too. Not really into DC comics, but I love Vertigo comics. Shadow Cat would kill everyone – you know…if she was a villian…I also really enjoy nerdy board games like Twilight Imperium, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Cranium, Arkham Horror, etc. I love pretty much everything sci-fye or fantasy. My favorite TV shows are Babylon 5 and Buffy (seriously, watch them – love them.)

    However – even though I just explained my nerdiness in probably too much detail, I don’t appear nerd-like (except if someone asks about my tattoo – then it’s obvious). I’m a 5’5” brunette, that’s not socially awkward at all. I’m a great public speaker, I work out on a regular basis, I bathe twice a day, and if I have spending money I usually spend it on clothes rather than on comics or action figures. I’m confident (for the most part), I’m not easily offended, and I’m into sports like softball, soccer, American football and golf. I don’t do well with people that offer “free hugs” at conventions and act like they’re starving for attention, which (let’s face it) are most nerds. Also, I’m completely right-brained – I’m horrible at sciency-stuff, and anything beyond basic algebra…

    But, if I seem like the type of person King of the Nerds wants on their show, that would be awesome. 🙂

  23. Matthew Brenneman

    Wow. So many of these comments are exactly why I am on a quest to win this thing.

    Too many people perpetuating the stereotype, and giving nerds a bad name.

    This show will finally be my chance to show the world that not all “nerds” are the overweight, basement dwelling, Mountain Dew swilling, Magic: The Gathering playing, My Little Pony loving troglodytes that the so many people think they are. I’m so tired of these types giving the rest of us nerds a bad name.

    I’m a life long comic book, Transformers, Horror, Sci-Fi, Music, and general nerd culture freak, yes.

    However, I’m no longer the fat, lazy, pasty, lonely, smelly, socially awkward nerd I used to be.

    I’m now a fit, sober, smoke free, drug free, physically active, confident, emotionally stable, heavily inked, adventurous, and socially adjusted adult. Still a nerd, for sure, but the coolest damn one you’ll ever see in a comic store or at a Sci-Fi convention.

    My extensive all around nerd knowledge, and my ability and desire to participate and excel in any and all physical or mental challenges, will be the keys to my victory. They will enable me to not only win the title of King Of The Nerds, but will allow me to fulfill my quest of proving to the world that nerds can be cool and tough.

    It’s time to set the record straight.


  24. Scott Fisher

    I’m the best looking nerd you’ll find. Computers and video games have been life since Atari and Nintendo. My collection of comic books go back to the 80’s. My wife jokes me about being a nerd when I tweak out over software, hardware, new star wars or star trek. I’m a bitcoin miner, small business owner who sells set top boxes, spent a few years in high school in the Cisco Academy, my fellow students and I wired a museum for the city of Norfolk at age 16. Pick me to shine on camera and let the world see that nerds are sexy too!!

  25. adam walker

    Hi I’m Adam Walker and if I had to describe my nerdest i would sat I’m a nerd in the mold of booger the hard drinking nerd from revenge of the nerds a classic lol. I love dragon ball to dragon ball gt bleach cowboy bebop and of course my comics from marvel to darkhourse. If I had to be any super hero it would be arch angel aka angel from x men after Mr sinister and apocalypse transformed him abd back in my day there were only 150 POKEMON. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!!!!! I’M CRAZY CRAZY LIKE A FOX.

  26. Kat

    Hey! You know I’d love to be on King of the Nerds. I’m 18, from Florida, and am a total science fiction nerd. Star Wars, Star Trek, HG Wells, Mass Effect, Halo, Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who, Firefly, Guardians of the Galaxy, ect I’ve probably read/watched/played it. Currently, I am fresh out of high school, going into college with plans to follow a career in recording engineering. King of the Nerds would be a wonderful opportunity to show the world who I am as a nerd girl, and why I so deserve the title of King of the Nerds.

  27. joe

    Hey my name is Joe I’m legal age unlike 65% of the ppl that want to be on. I’m 28. I consider myself a marvel guru of sorts, and a little bit of a dc one also. Of course I’m a gamer, who now a days isn’t, but how many work on and repair systems? Well, my hands up. I don’t look like the typical nerd, but its the inside that classifies you as such, the underdog. I am very competitive and will do anything to win even use my Jedi mind trick

  28. Logan brown

    Hi im logan! Im very interested in being in this film production ! I would absolutely love it . Im 15 im about 5’3 I really do enjoy acting. I’ve auditioned for Disney and I made my audition! Thank you.

  29. Keenan Sargent

    DUDE! i might be a somewhat great person for this show. First off, i would consider myself a geek in a way. For example, I like the old power rangers episodes. I love mostly any kind of retro cartoons and video games. My wardrobe consist of retro attire t-shrits. I like to do random and watch random things. This is all i have so far. If you want to no more, send me an E-mail. hope im the lucky one…….DEFINITLY! #Geek #Nerd

  30. Terry Hathaway

    My name is terry Hathaway
    I’m 21 years old.
    My number is 4074894478
    I love video games! My wife is always yelling at me because I’m constantly on them. I use to be a big game on the Xbox but I have recently changed over to the PC games. I the perfect nerd for this show!

  31. Hannah Noxon

    Weight:65 lbs
    Race: caucasion

    Great singing voice … with spectacular range for my age. Pretty face, great smile, beautiful dimples, long eye lashes and eyes that twinkle when I smile. My first audition EVER, in my school play this year and I got the lead. I would LOVE to be considered for this. I am in all PreAp classes and don’t have a grade lower than an 88. I am well mannered and behaved and would love a chance to show my talents. Last year, I was selected to be in the 5th grade All District Honor Choir and performed before the Texas Music Educators Association. And yes, my parents approve.

  32. Joey Gay

    Hi! My name is Joey Gay. In high school i was referred to simply as the King of the Nerds. so that is my resume! thank you for your consideration!

  33. Alexey Karpov

    Top 6 reasons for why I’m a nerd:

    1) I don’t think I’m a nerd, but everyone tells me I’m a nerd.
    2) I’ve watched every episode of Star Trek more than once.
    3) I believe they’re out there.
    4) I’m the founder of a live web startup called . That’s a lot of programming nerdiness right there.
    5) I’m a Geography, Mechanics, Medicine, and IT geek. And I can’t stop talking about that stuff.
    6) I speak several languages fluently.

  34. Israel Velasquez


    13 years of experience in the IT field right here…. and if that is not enough nerd for you…

    My name is Israel Velasquez (Most of my friends call me Izzy, but sure I have been called other things while I am not listening ha ha) I am a 33 year young male and I would love the opportunity to be on your game show. I just moved to Dallas Texas about a year and a half ago after a job loss. Came up here with my mustang, some of my clothes and a prayer. So far I have been doing great on getting on my feet up here (I even got the motivation to shed some lbs here) but like everybody is going through right now my financial status can use some “help”. I am all for earning my money and my father once told me if you don’t ask you don’t get so I am come to you and ask to be put on this show to have an opportunity at earning some money. Plus I am DAMN AWESOME and would be a GREAT person to have on… ill try not to take to much of the spot light from the host though HA HA. So I hope you consider me and i hope to hear from you soon.

    Here is a puppy face to help you consider me .
    U(*(x) *)U .
    (come on you cant say no to puppies ha ha)

  35. Daniel Bochicchio

    If you are looking for someone with the potential to be king, then look no farther. I was born in August of 1977. Yes…that’s right. The year Star Wars came out. The Force is strong in this one. I’ve been an avid fan since birth. I had all the figures growing up and continued on to the read the entire expanded universe. I can even do great Star Wars impressions. My Yoda is great.

    I’m a huge Marvel comic book fan. My areas of expertise are Avengers, X-men, Spider-man, and the general MU. My first comic was Web of Spiderman #101. I have read entire runs from majors arcs throughly the entire MU from the 60s to today. I am also well versed in the Green Lantern and Batman Mythos. Heck, I can even explain every major DC crisis.

    I’m a math teacher and have shared my passion for reading comics with the next generation. I was donated more than 400 graphic novels to the school I teach at. Also, my room is covered with posters and comics.

    Impressions: mr popo, piccolo, vegeta are my DBZ ones. I’ve seen every episode of DB, DBZ, and DBGT.

    My other areas of expertise include: James Bond, Magic the Gathering, Yugioh, Pokemon, cult films, Dune, Greek and Norse mythology. Shall I continue?

    I’ve been engaging classrooms since 2000. Imagine all the times I’ve been at the head of the class.
    Now, I’m sitting in the front row raising my hand up higher in the air saying “pick me”

    Dan Bochicchio
    The Original Comic Gangsta

  36. Drayllon Jeffery

    I’m Drayllon

  37. Adedeji Adesina (David)

    Hello, I’m 13 years old and I love being the only geek and nerd in my family. I am really good and described genius when it comes to the math, science, and technology. I have been acting in plays for about 1 and a half years. I make up characters and design them. Also I have superhero’s for my family.I spent a whole summer making comics and superheros but never finished.I love and know every superhero in DC Universe. I’m especially knowledgeable about Batman and Flash. I even thought of being a superhero and fighting crime. When I’m bored I spend the rest of my day playing video games or watching anime. I play and know a lot of games. The funny part is when I correct someone for saying or doing dumb things. I got presidential award when I was younger. I was known for being a teacher’s pet. Not just that but I do karate and parkour. I have a healthy competitive spirit as well leadership skills that make me a good team player.

  38. Jarod Hudson

    I’m a Mega Nerd! Please offer me. Look at the reviews for The Hunt for details.

  39. Jose *Joey* Sandoval III

    What is up my fellow nerds!
    Hi Im Jose but you can call me Joey Im 24 years young hispanic at 5’9, 180lbs.
    After watching king of the nerds the past few months ive come to a realization i am a nerd/geek.
    I lived about 15 minutes away from dallas, texas and as a kid growing up i was very shy and intelligent. I excelled in reading, spelling and puzzles. What pointed me out as a nerd was the glasses you know the ones that covered your face well that was probably the main reason i got picked on everyday throughout my elementary years. I yearned to be popular even lost my glasses on purpose so I wouldnt get teased but somebody had found them dang it, lol! O well about third grade i found my niche, football and also the fastest runner in my grade. (talk about a new breed of nerd), yet bullies would try to still stick me in my place but patience wore down. I soon became a trouble maker but managed to keep up with my academics, although i wasnt a whiz in math, i was above average in biology anatomy and such in highschool.

    Also Im big on comics more marvel than dc. I like all characters from both mortal kombat vs DC and capcom vs MARVEL. I created a comic back in middle school based on my life, really cool. Also used to be an avid yugioh player cards wise. I am an anime guy naruto is one of my faves.

    Right now im working on a bunch of projects recently created a fan page on facebook for a dream i feel so close yet so far, a hip hop artist to be excact, piecing words together to create inspiration for all those who dont feel comfortable in their own skin. Im in college working to become a forensics nurse i have no degree other than a medical coding and billing certificate. The challenge to become the best of me everyday is a struggle but i manage cause passion is my drive. Thats all and if you enjoyed the lost episodes of me theres more where that came from. If im drawn out of the hat im guarnteed nothing but the best on KONII… Well thanks and have a cerimonial day! =)

  40. Cedric Menke

    I’m Cedric Menke and i am 13 years old. I am a huge gamer ever since I was like…um,2 years old or something in that age range.I also love reading comics and sci-fi.I have brown eyes black hair I’m 5′?Something.But it would be awesome to audition!

  41. Ashley Carr

    Hey! I’m Ash and I’m a bit of a nerd, I’m a collector of marvel comics, I love table gaming and doing my art, I’m going to school for engineering, and I’m a bit of an otaku! I love cosplaying with a passion, and I don’t get along with “normal” people or hipsters. I love playing video games, although I’m fairly new to this (very sheltered childhood) I’ve already logged a lot of hours. I’ve played from: ocarina of time on the N64, to devil may cry 1 and 2 on the PS2, to left for dead 1 and 2 on the Xbox 360.
    I’m very shy and have poor people skills and I would love to challenge and push myself by being on T.V.
    -thanks 🙂

  42. Greg Brelsford

    Hey There!

    The names Greg! After watching TBS’s show “King of the Nerds” I would like to test my skills in the way of the nerd. I am currently in High School, Junior to be precise, and thought it would be intresting to have a high school student compete in the competion. I have a varity of skills in nerdism. I would like to say my strong suit lies in Fantasy and games but my weaknesses is math. Kind of wierd aint it? Anyway, being a nerd is lifestyle for me. When I was younger, Nobody cared much for nerds or me. I tried to find sanction where i could feel welcomed with open arms by fellow nerds. I eventually found that santuary and I am proud to say im a nerd and loving it. I hope that you can consider me for a spot on season 2 of “King of the Nerds”. Im just saying, a high school contestent would be pretty cool, to show eveyone can….be…a….NERD!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you

  43. Vincent McCallum

    !Lets FaceTime ! That’s all u need ! I’m the coolest!!

  44. Gary Martinez

    Hello nerds of the world. Although i am a little older than most of the posts(36), i believe that makes me a little more steeped into the original nerd culture. I am a poker dealer of many years, (that’s right, i run games for a living), and love video games, useless knowledge, reading, writing obscure poetry, word play, puzzles, and……no need to go on really, everything nerdy! Be careful what you say around me or you may hear some random punny (funny?) remark. I have a photographic memory as long as i have a picture of the subject at hand in mine. Dungeon master of ages, street fighter sensai, karoke king, and knowledge sponge are but a few names i am know by (at least in my mind). So if you would like a heir to the nerd throne come to claim his birthright, vote G Munny, i will represent my people and rule the kingdom with a just and nerdy fist. P.S. Randompanser rules!

  45. Samuel Rogers

    Hello all!
    And for your entertainment in deciphering my simple greeting that differentiates from most, imagine Charlie Chaplin sitting at the table with his dancing bread loaf feet!
    Now that I have your attention, I reiterate my love for film, for I a film nerd! And that is something I do believe you are missing. I’m a twenty-two year old student set to graduate with a major in Film/Video at The Pennsylvania State University. I’ve directed two student films, and acting in several more. I know every tink and turn and the mechanics behind film, while also being well aquatinted with the film culture. But if you must persist, and limit the idea of “The Nerd” in the sub-genre’s you’ve so listed I will extend to you my own “Neresume”
    I have an extreme adornment for comic books. I’ve been reading Batman, Green Lantern and Thor ever since I was a pubescent. Specifically I am obsessed with Green Lantern, putting it on the scale with famous space operas such as Star Wars and Star Trek. (John Stewart was the best, we all know so.) For some more distinction I’ll give you a small list of some comic book series I love.
    -Blackest Night/ Brightest Day
    -Marvel Civil War
    -Batman Death of The Family (as opposed to Death in The Family, I could go on a whole separate rant for that.)
    But let’s regather your attention and distinguish my love for video games. I will never forget playing Sonic The Hedgehog 2 on my families Sega Genesis, progressively evolving into Pokemon, (enjoy the pun?) Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Various EA sports games, Resident Evil, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Bioshock, Dead Space, God of War and when some higher power permits it, The Last Guardian. Video games have been a huge part of growing up for me, and in some situations to be the only real way to connect with people.
    Growing up a nerd was difficult as it is for all nerds. I remember hiding watching anime from my judgmental parents, reading Harry Potter, when at the time I wasn’t allowed. I would go over to my friends house, someone that I’ve hardly been acquainted with, on the sheer effort to finish Dynasty Warriors 3. If you have read this far, I can only thank you and admire my own writing for keeping you interested. You see because I have to have some sort of pride at what I’m good at and that’s making people believe in me (like Konoha’s most surprising ninja!) I would very much appreciate any type of response and you have me email.

    Much Appreciated

    I read this over about three times just to make sure I don’t look like an idiot to you those who read this. Hope you enjoy!

  46. David Kanady

    Hello Out There,
    My Name is David and I am 27 years old and live in Orange County, CA. Growing up I was obsessed with Batman and Star Wars, specifically Return of the Jedi. Growing up with mostly girls, my sister and her friends, I got to experience My Little Ponies and Cabbage Patch Dolls, but I would always bring a Mighty Max toy or Ninja Turtle to the table. Once video games came into my life, I’m talking about the first Nintendo, well my focus immediately shifted to gaming. I still love to play Aladdin on Super Nintendo, I actually timed myself and beat that game within 2 hours! After being consumed by console gaming, I discovered PC, with one of my all time favorite games, Star Craft, oh and also Age of Empire, loved that game. In high school I discovered a little game called Halo, and back to console. I have been bouncing back to PC and console ever since, with WoW, Gears of War, Diablo, and the list goes on. Never played in tournaments, always just enjoying for fun. I got really good at Call of Duty and was in a league. After graduating from Oregon in 2009, I now work as a website / app designer and developer for a marketing company , GreatLike Media. I think I would be great for this show because well first of all I really enjoyed this season, and I think I would bring a sexy new look and feel to the show. Haha, I said sexy, oh yea! Give me a ring when you can, I’ll be waiting.
    – Peace and Love

    David Kanady – DeKay

  47. Justin Riebman

    Hey there!

    My name is Justin Riebman and I am 5’11 and 19 years old. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I grew up with a Nerdy Dad who loved his comic books. I do as well, but not the traditional superhero comics. I recently bought the entire series of the “Bone” comic books, which tells a story of three white, bald cartoon caricatures that are chased out of their home and are forced to live on the road.

    I am a gigantic fan of Star Wars, Star Trek and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I literally watch the trilogy every other day of the week because I love catching little pieces that I didn’t see before. Unfortunately, I have not gone to Comic Con yet, only because I have not had the money in the past to make it there, but I plan on going in the near future!

    I feel like I would be a good fit for KING OF THE NERDS because I’m extremely competitive. For the majority of my free days, I play video games, such as World of Warcraft, Call of duty, and others till at least 3 in the morning trying to prove I’m the better player, not by words, but by actions. Not matter how bad the odds could be stacked against me, I would not go down without a fight.

    My mom is currently unemployed and I worry about her everyday. Winning this competition will solve all her problems and It would give me the biggest sigh of relief!

    I am currently going to school to major in Digital Media Design, which is computer graphics for video games, movies, etc.

    I recently started a gaming Youtube channel called “GletnerGaming”, which has 250- 270 subscribers and 7000 views. It’s not that much at the moment, but it takes time, right? I have seen shows that I have wanted to go on before, but I have never seen a show where I can fit right in with the other nerds and compete on, well, nerd things!

    Thank you for your time and consideration:
    Justin Riebman

  48. Amber

    I have a very extensive interest in alot of different hobbies that have gotten me profiled as a nerd. I am usually found doing one of these things. Reading sci-fi/fantasy novels, putting together warhammer 40k models and painting them (GO CHAOS!), playing PC/console games (usually have a portable on me when I’m not at home), or watching anime/scifi/jdramas on tv/pc. Some of my favorite PC games to play are Bioshock, Alice: Madness Returns, Skyrim. I love any form of the Disgaea games on the console. I am what you would call, a completionist, in games. It takes me forever to complete any one game because I want to find all the hidden items, raise my npc’s to the highest level possible, etc. I do not mind the grind as long as it is rewarding in the end. When I played Xenosaga, I got KOS-MOS up so high in level that the final boss didn’t stand a chance and practically fell over. I used to enjoy taking electronics apart and putting them back together. I still do that with my computer. I’ll buy all the parts separately and upgrade my system by hand. Some of my favorite tv shows would have to be Dexter, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and….Adventure Time. I used to play MMO’s like World of Warcraft, but I realized they took hold of me and became almost like a second job, I stepped away and decided that I should just stay away from them. Anyways, that’s it! 😀

  49. Jihan

    Hello, I’m 22 years old and I have a BA in English. I am a self described genius when it comes to the arts. I have been acting in plays for as long as I can remember. I write fan-fiction and sonnets just for fun. In college I have spent whole semesters taking nothing, but English classes to learn how to perfect my craft. I am currently working on writing and producing a comic with a friend of mine. I have a wealth of knowledge of the Marvel comic universe. I’m especially knowledgeable about Spiderman. I’m good memorizing key details of a story or a picture. When I’m not writing I spend the rest of my day playing RPG video games or watching anime. I have a healthy competitive spirit as well leadership skills that make me a good team player.

  50. Christopher Winters

    Hey there!
    I’m 24 years old going on 25 this year, I am Mexican-American and speak a little Spanish. I was born in Los Angeles but grew up in San Diego (yep I’ve been to comic-con!). Well for starters I would love to be on the next season of King Of The Nerds. I think I would make an excellent addition to the show being that I am a how you say, nerd of all trades. I dabble in sci-fi, read origin comic history for fun, watch anime, read manga, love science. Well I am that guy at that always has something to say, although normally people look at me strangely though I hold that on my shoulder like a trophy. Oh and did I mention, I absolutely love world history and love learning anything about it from all perspectives.

    Ever since I was very young I was different. My parents put me in little league where I was stunk so much that I struck out one game even though the ball is was on a tee and occasionally threw the bat while swinging. Video games; however, were my forte. Since the age of 4 I have been playing video games; now by no means am I pro gamer, but I can pretty much pick up any game and be very good at it in minutes ESPECIALLY PC games. When I was in kindergarten I was diagnosed with ADHD, despite this I had managed to achieve getting placed into GATE (Gifted and talented education) where I excelled at writing, and to this day I help people with writing. Though terrible at doing homework, I am an ace at testing, able to sit and listen to the instructor in all my classes I was able to score higher than the rest of my classmates on many tests. I wouldn’t say im up there socially, I’d even say I’m downright awkward but I am smart, nice, have passion and care about the people in my life.

    I was very easily distracted with things so didn’t get the gist of math up until high school but once I did I was hooked by algebra, it was fun, almost like a game. During my high school years I also did theater where I acted for both the school and did an independent scene with a classmate. I had also learned stagecraft aside from acting. Throughout high school I was never able to get a girlfriend and was constantly made fun of for my big nose and strange behavior, though I never let it get to me. To the weirdos I was the weird kid amongst them. I haven decided a career path yet so I have been floating around college while figuring that out since I am a huge fan of academia in general it is just so hard to choose.

    Other skills include having played the trombone for three years in middle school, talking about comics with my friends, having philosophical conversations, watching YouTube videos of video games, reading manga/watching anime, giving out random facts I think are cool but people around me think are strange, fencing, a huge love for star wars, internet subculture, and just being a general goofball. I wouldn’t say I excel at any one thing but I would say of myself to be an extremely well rounded nerd and that I wouldnt that would be proud to represent nerdom.

    I would love the chance more than anything right now and I am glad for the consideration.

    Thank you for considering,
    Christopher D. Winters

    Id be more than happy to answer any further questions.

  51. Christopher Bacon

    I am 30 years old and I love star wars. I have seen every star wars movie made. I am also super stoked for the new ones to come by Disney. I am also a person that has lots of random facts about things. I love to learn a lot and not make it specific. I really like marvel comics and enjoy watching all the marvel movies. I still from time to time go back to my dragon ball z movies and watch them. When It comes to learning about things I really enjoy history. History has always been one of my greater subjects, as well as building things from scratch when I can. I still play video games, I really enjoy the classics though. These are only some of the things that I think that make me a nerd and I am definitely proud of it.

  52. Candace Revello

    I’m representing for the geeks who have 20/20 vision and a couple cool stories up their belt. My name is Candace, I’m 20 (turning 21 in April woot woot) and I would consider myself a different breed of nerd. Ever since I was super young, my mom started me on video games, horror films, and fighting. Growing up as a girl who knows nothing more than blood, guts, swords, and RPGS wasn’t easy for me. I always wore my hair short (still do) and liked baggy clothes. Kids I went to school with made up NEW names for me. My favorites were Gay because my middle name is Gayle and I guess I look like a boy, Weezy for my asthma, and Piggy because I snort when I laugh. Nice kids, great parenting! Anyhow, I sort of made that tomboy, nerd name for myself when I was in school. Once I got out of high school, I started to change a little, got into modeling, and before I knew it..I’m doing merchandising for bands on major tours at 19 years old. Since then, I’ve moved to North Hollywood, met a really amazing man, started interning for a live web broadcast ALL about gaming, and am starting a blog on all things nerd related. I really want to put a more positive outlook on said “nerds”. Do my short stories about a post apocalyptic world set in Japan come off dorky? Maybe, but certain people enjoy them and that’s all that should really matter. I want to be on King Of The Nerds because I think that I am a refreshing face and voice. I have a really cool outlook on some things and would love to have a chance to prove it under the right light.

  53. Justin Nataadiningrat

    I’m 21, I am a video gamer. I am also a big power ranger fan and a big fan of anime and comics. I dress up and go to conventions. Because of my love for comics anime and power rangers I’ve have a possion for martial arts and I choreograph fight scenes and I am also I stunt man and I also do Parkour. I take part in fighting game tournaments and was ranked number two in the tru-state area for Naruto accel 2. People tend to call me a real life ninja or real life power ranger. I’m also good a puzzles and mind games

  54. Lyndsey

    What makes me a nerd…..simply I am!!!!!! I am 27 yrs old, I have 4 kids on their way to Nerdom and have a husband who is slightly less nerdy than me. I am 1 of those people who is full of random useless information. I am a huge movie and tv buff, big into the supernatural and sci fi areas!!! I am a gamer, mainly first person shooters. I love marvel superheros, not much for dc though. I am an amazing multi tasker!!!!! I refuse to change who I am to fit into the “normal” mom persona. I want my children to be who they are and be proud of it!!!! I am the GEEK!!!!! I am me!!!! Choose me or don’t, you will never find anyone else out there like me though!!!!

  55. Christopher Bingham

    My name is Chris, I am 19 years old, and I think I would be an elaborate contestant to air on King of the Nerds. Since about 2nd grade, my main interests have included math, which I have excelled at in a very omniscient manner, any type of psychological problem that would need unorthadox, and sometimes heinous ways of thinking to overcome them, and my lifelong passion of creating a revolutionary way to connect certain frequencies and brainwaves to be able to inconversably and laconicly communicate with each other. As impractical as it sounds, I’ve done a lot of research on the human brain and its neuropathways and, with enough time and dedication, I believe there might be a way to plausibly create a device to read someone’s thoughts. Language has also been a big part of my life, which is probably why I feel the need to find a way to continue that ritual without the need for spoken words. I do plan on going to college, but as ironic as it sounds, I’ve always wanted to go into the field of physical training. I started working out and lifting weights by about the 5th grade and since then, I’ve always wanted to continue that in an actual field of correspiction. I may not be the smartest person in the world, but I’ve been a nerd my whole life and even just to be able to be a part of this show would make me ecstatic. I don’t have any intentions of winning, I just think it would be a great experience to endeavor in my short life. I mean, come on, how many people get to say that they’ve been on a television show solely dedicated to the uplifting of what most people have been made fun of for their whole life. I think it’s a great depiction of people being able to come together and share their knowledge and experiences with other intellectualy enlightened individuals. If I am chosen to become a part of all this, I could honestly say it would be one of the best moments of my life. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  56. Willy "Enki"

    I am very outgoing friendly nerdy jock that learned to speak laymens terms and became and eloquent speaker. I love science and mathematics! I’m a quantum entanglement student in college and grew up watching Revenge of the Nerds as a kid. I had my nerd revenge moment by joining high school football and later joined semipro football. The guys who used to pick on me are trying to apologize for making fun how skinny I was; 6′ 175lbs. Now I’m 6′ 1 5/8″ 244lbs. I am a Dean’s List student at my college.

  57. Ahni Zalam Mazybolton


    Ahni Zalam Mazybolton
    Age range: 13 to 16
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Hair: Short, dirty blonde
    Eye Color: green
    Race: caucasian
    Skin tone: tan
    body: thin/athletic
    language: english

    Hello i’m Ahni, I am Home schooled & and in 7th grade, I have a flexible schedule,love to be enthusiastik, Funny person, athletic, Great swimmer, I’m very out going & good looking 😉

  58. Max

    “I’d say my geek and nerd friends and I have alyaws thought of it the other way around. Nerds are the computer people, geeks are the scifi/fantasy people.”I’ll second that! Although “computer geek” is probably used more often than “computer nerd” these days, I’ve alyaws seen “nerd” as a more mathematical- and science-oriented person, and a “geek” (myself proudly included) as someone with a particular fringe interest, such as The LotR, role-playing, or a particular genre of films. Clearly, there is some interchangeability and overlap here. Perhaps a Venn diagram is in order! (Now that’s nerdy!)

  59. Arya

    Needed to draft you that very little rrmaek to help thank you yet again for those wonderful tactics you have provided on this website. This is tremendously generous with you to supply freely all numerous people could possibly have supplied for an ebook to make some bucks on their own, primarily seeing that you might have done it if you ever considered necessary. Those pointers as well served to provide a good way to be sure that other individuals have similar eagerness just like my very own to realize very much more on the subject of this problem. I think there are many more pleasurable periods ahead for individuals who read carefully your website.

  60. Tanner Sack

    My name is Tanner, and I have been obsessed with Minecraft (PC and X-Box version) for about 2 years. Ever since 2nd grade (I think) I have had a college math and reading level. Even though I am only 12, I think I would be good. Thank you!

  61. Janeia Lindsey

    Hi. I am Janeia. I am African American, female, and around 5’3″. I have dark brown hair and eyes. I also wear glasses. I have been told that I am weird and that I’m a nerd, but I see it as a compliment. A nerd is someone who is smart and weird means that you are different and, frankly, I love being both of those. I am not conceited or anything. Sometimes I do the thing when I just push up my glasses and snort, just for fun. The geek can really come out of me. I don’t really know if I am what you are looking for, but I would like to try to be.

  62. Emmaleeanna

    Hi. My name is Emmaleeanna and I have a VERY big dream and passion. I would like to play any part in this, big or small.
    Height: 5’2″
    Weight: about 98 pounds
    Hair: to the shoulders, straight, brown
    Eyes: blue
    Experience: in school if they had little drama classes I would take those.
    I have been told that I am fun to be around, cool beans and a bit self centered.
    I like sparkley and flashy things and I always like to be in style.
    email me if you need more information!!! 🙂

  63. Beverly

    Hi my name is Beverly and I love to act and sing and entertain I don’t audition to be famous I audition to entertain . I was in various plays but no commercials or movies or tv shows and things of that nature I’m 11 but could go for 14 so I’m very tall well hope I hear from you


    Hello my name is viv johnson i am a professional model , very talented . God bless me with the talent of modeling,acting,dancing,song writing and also rapping which am very happy to show off at anytime anyday . I have travel to 5 different country for work , i love traveling and showing off my talent..
    When i put my mind and heart into something i always get it right . I was the best in my acting class and i still am.
    i have achieved a professional modeling career, acting certificate
    skills are dancing , rapping and also writing . Am 19 and i have a good GSCE RESULT , ITALIAN LANGUAGE RESULT

    Am experience in fashion,lingerie,catwalk,glamour,catalog,print,music video,acting

    And more…..
    I have a film to shoot on 15th of july which pay well to show you how good and serious i am BUT i do not mind if it paid work or not , all i care about is doing it and give it my best..

    AGE – 19
    HEIGHT – 5’5
    WEIGHT – 50
    BODY SIZE – slim
    SHOE SIZE – 4
    DRESS SIZE – 8
    WAIST – 25
    HIPS – 34
    CHEST – 34
    CUP – b
    ETHNICITY – black
    HAIR COLOR – black
    EYE COLOR – brown
    HAIR – mid (but sometime long depend on how i want it)

    Am confident
    good looking and up for any challenges
    And am always ready to travel even if the expenses are on me.


  65. Jason

    Basic Info:
    Name: Jason Kopp
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14 ( could pass for 15/16)
    Height: 5’10
    Build: Average ( A little chubby)
    Weight: 165 lbs.
    Eyes: Blue/Green ( I wear glasses)
    Hair: Short, Light Brown
    Nationality: Caucasian

    I live in Amarillo, Texas and have a tremendous amount of Stage experience. I am told by family and peers how much of a great actor I am. I would be ecstatic to have a chance to perform in a role for this movie/show/commercial. I would be more than grateful for just a cameo or an extra to get started in my film acting career. I am very intelligent and funny and equipped with a broad vocabulary and passion and talent for acting. I promise I would be worth your time. Thank you!

  66. Michael Artis

    Hi… well i think this is a great idea for a show and people would love it. please 1000 times contact me. i want to have something exciting to do this summer or this year or next year. thats a lot of or’s. anyway, im funny but tired right now. this is pointless, but 5’5”, african american,115lbs, active, and have a lot of fun dispite all my troubles.

  67. Timothy Goalwin

    Be it Star Wars, Marvel,DC,Doctor Who and everything in between I am the geek you have been searching for & I am ready to compete for the title of KING OF NERDS.

    Name: Timothy Goalwin
    Height: 6.0
    Weight: 184
    Age: 20
    Link to pics of me
    Star Wars

  68. Samata Allen

    Hi, My name is Samata Allen. I am 14, male, about 5’5 and I live in North Carolina. I am african American. I have been told I am really weird, random, hyper, and awesome suace \m/ >_< \m/. Now I'm not all self centered and what not. Just making that clear haha. I'm really bright kid, I'm in a early college program. I'm a rising sophomore though. So annnywaayyy, I think my greatest down fall is my familys low income ( single parent, I am stereotype nooooo D':) and my obsessive personality. I always loved to write, sing, dance ( I warn you, I horrible at it. But tat dosnt keep me from dancin!!) and act. Although we couldn't afford a acting coach, or acting school. I am a total nerd, I'm one of those nerds who is attractive, but is smart, socially awkward, and annoying. I doubt I will be casted because this is a comment and their is no way you can possibly tell my personality through it. Bbuuut I enjoyed writing it, and even if I wanted to delete it, It's already turned into a giant monster, ahhh run! ~(-.-~) …… Totally forgot the point of this for a moment. Anyway, people of te castig world, I hope you consider this awesome ninja ( btw that would be me) and good day ^.^

  69. Anna Freiberg

    Name: Anna Freiberg
    Age: 14 (June 25, 1997)
    Height: 5’4″
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Brown
    Experience: 4 different school plays: Peter Pan (twice), Mid Summer Nights Dream, Fiddler on the Roof, Wizard of Oz
    Activities: Choir (9 years), Band, Volleyball

    I would love to play any role in this show, big or small. Please e-mail me if you want any more information.
    Thank you.



  71. Dakota Towery

    I may not be meant for this show, but I would like a chance to act like the king of the nerds. I’m not a nerd(or at least I don’t think I am), but I am an actor.

  72. Bill Richter

    I OWN LORD OF THE RING PEZ. I am a biomedical engineer at Boston University. I ran three marathons and lost 100 pounds in high school. I have attended Comic Con and have a bucket list that is physically written on a bucket. One of the items on said list is to be on a game show!

  73. Kimily

    King of the Nerds*.

  74. Kimily

    Hi,I would like to audition for The King of Nerds.

    Name; Kim (Kimily) Mai

    Age; 11 almost turning 12

    Birthday; September 21

    Height; 5’2

    Eye color; Black

    Hair color; Dark brown

    Race; Asian
    Speak english fluently.

    Country/State; Usa/Texas

    I’d like to audition because I’ve been always wanted to be an actor . I’ve been in plays at school and programs. I sing a lot. I would like to audition for the main girl character and sing the theme song.

    Have any questions/comments?

    I hope I get the part,thanks! (:

  75. Aminah Williams

    Hello there!
    From the looks of it, this film production will be missing one thing, THAT’s ME! To start off, my name is Aminah Williams and I am 18 years old. The basics: height-5’2; skin color-extremely light brown; hair-sandy brown/medium length; experience-TOO MUCH TO WRITE HERE!:) I am extremely energetic, fun, and easy to get along with. I have been acting since the age of three, and I have studied Film at the Alliance Theater. I have been accepted into American Academy of Dramatic Arts, American Musical and Dramatic Academy and I have received numerous awards for my talent. Not only can I act, but I can sing, dance, draw, paint, and write. So if there is any help needed for things of that nature, I am totally here. I also have experience with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. It will be greatly appreciated from the both of us in the long run.

    Thanks and have an awesome day,
    Aminah Williams