King Of The Nerds - TBS

TBS and the producers of Survivor, Mythbusters and the Amazing Race are teaming up to find and celebrate The King Of The Nerds. Casting directors and producers are searching high and low for intellectual and passionate guys and girls who are nerds and know it – and love it. Submissions are being accepted now for the only reality competition show where the bigger the nerd you are, the bigger your chance to win.

The King Of The Nerds is set to reclaim and redefine the word nerd and embrace the geek culture by casting the best and brightest to compete in a series of entertaining and enlightening challenges. Contestants will start of in teams and be put through contests involving exhibitions of pop culture knowledge, intellect, skills and ingenuity. As the game progresses competitors will be eliminated one by one until the final King Of The Nerds is crowned and given a host of amazing cash and prizes in addition to their new worldwide fame. This fantastic program will be hosted by none other than two of the world’s foremost experts on nerd culture, the stars of the hit 1984 comedy Revenge Of The Nerds, Robert (Lewis) Carradine and Curtis (Booger) Armstrong. The King Of The Nerds is looking to cultivate the nerd in all of us by finding our true nerd leader. If you consider yourself a nerd and happily embrace your nerd lifestyle you could be in line for TV greatness. Casting and audition submissions are being accepted now for this amazing new competition program. If you would like to apply you can send an email with your name, age, contact information, a photo and a brief background on what makes you the world’s most ingenuous nerd to KINGOFTHENERDSCASTING@GMAIL.COM and be sure to keep checking in for every update on The King Of The Nerds.

The search for The King Of The Nerds is on! If you have an extreme passion for comic books, Star Wars, Star Trek, superheros, video games, math, physics, computers, Dungeons and Dragons – if you have a way above average I.Q. score or are a member of MENSA or an expert of anything else “nerd” this is your call to arms. Submit yourself today for the most fantastic reality game show in history now and begin your quest to become the King Of The Nerds.

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92 Casting Responses

  1. Sandra

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  2. wayne breen

    hi, I would be perfect for your show because I love sci-fi, fantasy, horror, super hero films (apart from Spider-Man) and I think I specialise in Harry Potter lit and films, I am probably a little bit older than most people who would want to be on the show (32) but I consider myself a worthy adversary to anyone unfortunate enough to end up in a nerd off with me! I am a team player(most of the time) I’m not one to play sneaky tactics behind others backs but I might be convinced to change that to swing things in my favour, I hope you give serious consideration to allowing me to become a part of your next season, or I might just have to put the imperious curse on you!! Thank you for your time

  3. Marcia Anderson


    I am a PhD student in Latin and Roman Studies. I have my Masters in Latin and Greek. I think these speak to the volume of nerdness I possess. I spend my days translating Latin and Greek and absolutely love it. Plus, my favorite show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I would be great on the show and am that cool, spunky, fun nerd. I also love game shows and am a forever game show geekster who loved watching all the great game shows of the 80s. I hope to be on!


  4. Josh

    Although I’m not so sure that I am of age to participate on this show, I believe I’ve got what it takes to be king of the nerds. My name is Joshua, I am sixteen, I am a very, very avid reader. I’ve participated in numerous smash brothers competitions, and I am very well rounded. Well, except in math, screw that stuff. But, although I’m very certain I won’t be picked, I believe you’d be making a good choice if I was picked.

  5. kaitlin clark

    Oh my gosh I would be perfect for this I love books im 12 in the sixth grade im in gifted also in band

  6. Elise Belmar

    Ok let me tell you something I am Elise, I guess you can say I am a “nerd” and a great actress. In school I use to be in Science and Math Olympiad when I was in 5th and 4th grade.I was also apart of the Book Club. I love video games also like, Minecraft. I hope you choose me to be apart of your cast for this new series!
    Height: about 4’4
    Race: African American
    Gender: Female

  7. Jacob Schwartz

    I am a 15 year old high school sophomore. I participated in Quiz Bowl as a captain of the freshman team which went to nationals, German quiz bowl, Academic Superbowl on the science team that went to state. by the end of June I will have 17 credits in a 14 credit time span including a credit to Purdue in engineering. In this upcoming year I will be taking two academic math classes, not honors but above regular, as well as honors chemistry. My favorite apps include Trivia crack and quiz up.

  8. Joe Cassavaugh

    How about an older nerd. A puzzle guy who thinks most of your contestants may be nerds but they suck at basic puzzle logic and general game strategy. I do the rubiks cube in 35 seconds on average and make a good living as a solo indie developer of computer games. I’m 57 and you can find out more at Thanks.

  9. Tyrell Chopyk

    Hello producers of King Of The Nerds. If indeed you are reading this entry. I am here to tell you that I will be the King of all nerds. Even if premature. I’m also here to tell you that I have dedicated myself to fandom to an extreme degree. I’ve probably watched more then half of the anime out there. I’m also a huge super hero fan especially when it comes to Wolverine he’s the shit! I love video games old and new I still have my snes and nintendo 64. I’ve logged hundreds of hours into WoW. I am also a huge cinema fanatic especially when it comes to horror movies, mostly because I wold survive every horror movie scenario. I love learning about all things occult. Me and a pal of mine even go to a local coven gathering to study the occult. I am very well versed in my mythology and theology; espacialy norse, greek, and egyption.

    I’ve bean collecting swords since I was seven. I love the bronze age and medieval ages in history. My favorite european dynasty is The Plantagenet royal family of england. From which my favorite king rose and fall. Edward II who’s unrelenting revenge for his murdered friend plummeted england into yet more civil strife as he hunted down his cousin and accomplices and exacted revenge upon them. Anyways I’m not going to give you the full story. But the new King Of The Nerds is right here and waiting! Thanks for picking me guys! 🙂

  10. preston patterson

    salutations. I have been watching the show since season one and would think that I’d do great. I love the Greek and roman mythology along with some others, I love to write stories to pass the time. I love anime and manga and just wasting the beautiful day away shielding myself from the sun. I love to cosplay and larp along with the occasional video game here and there. I love math and science and learning new things every chance I get. If I had to classify myself in any kind of nerd category it would have to be a well rounded one.

  11. Merrill Richardson

    My name is Merrill Richardson, I’m 17 turning 18 in May. I love and play yugioh and Pokemon tcg, I’m a video gamer expert on shooter and wrestling games. I love cartoons, movies, I’m a professional wrestler, and also a martial artist(Brown Belt). Im extremely funny and can kill you with laughter, if you pick me I would be blessed with a opportunity to show the world who I am, and what I can bring to the table(nerdvanna) that would change and give hope to all “nerds” across the world!!!.

    P.s. follow me on
    Twitter: @perilizer97
    Facebook: Merrill Richardson
    Instagram: @perilizer97

  12. Amaya Charboneau

    Ai!(Elvish) I’m Amaya Charboneau I am a 15 year old in Pueblo Colorado. I am in speech and debate and theater. I love anime, manga, and cosplay. I am a aspiring writer and a pretty good gamer,also I’m cult film lover. My favorite writers are J.R.R Tolkein and William Peter Blatty. I am considered a “band geek” I play trumpet and am in an advanced chior. Gug’ye(orcish)!

  13. zipporah reed

    Hi my name is zipporah reed and trust me I’m smarter than smart I know all of my subjects and very competitive I am like a happy nerd and I love robotics I have competed in almost all and won all I think I will be great for the show I can be the brain for the team and win I also love Prometheus that is one of my favorite gods in my favorite movie it is about this God he was dead and birds would come and eat his insides and it would come back because he was powerful it was crazy cool my favorite subject is science I love science I have never in my life felled science because it is really easy so are the other subjects my other favorite subject is,really it’s not a subject but I love jeopardy it is easy and I love to know the answer before any body Elsa I just love to see the looks on there faces there like is this girl half robot and I’m like yes,yes I am but a happy robot.I think nerds should be happy instead some are just evil and live to hurt other people me on the other hand is happy colorful smiley nerd I love to help other people and make them fill good about them selves.I have a high tolerance if emotional I cry a lot be always happy and active after of my favorite books is dork diaries it’s about this girl she wasn’t popular but popular in her own way and she would end her stories in I’m such a dork and I could relate to a lot of things she wrote and one of my deepest darkest secrets is I snort a lot and my other deepest deepest deepest darkest secret is I’m not telling you until you pick me to be on you show thank you.”IM SUCH A DORK!”

  14. nickolas adams.

    I am a 16 year old boy with asperger’s syndrome. I have an IQ of 136. I think I would be a really good contender because I know at least something on every subject. I specialize in history.I am a nerd and really have never had any real friends. I take comfort in this show that shows people like me. It would be a dream come true to be on this show. So please consider me for the part.

    May the force be with you!

  15. Briana Magin

    I am perfect for king of the nerds because even the smallest of acquaintances knows to pair that need to me. I am the nerdiest 16 year old girl you will ever meet. That’s right. I said sixteen. I may only be a junior in high school, but that has been more than enough time for me to develop my nerd skills. I have a 4.0 GPA and am currently taking college classes, I have been intellectually advanced my whole life. I am all conference for quiz bowl, my team took first in our conference (we got an official plaque and everything). Science is my favorite subject seeing as I will be a veterinary technician, so anything animal is all me (Pokemon too, because they’re not technically classified as animals). I’m also in marching band, it’s my life, I’m in the drumline. I also play piano and am probably capable of playing any percussion instrument you can name. More of my high school career has been spent in the band room than in any other room in the building. My favorite video game is super smash bros, unless we’re talking gameboys in which case Pokemon crystal. So even though I’m not an “adult” and i might not be “legally” allowed on this show. Don’t look me over! I have the power of the nerd within me. I have the ability to be your queen!

  16. Josh James

    Hello, ive been watching your show for just this past season. I think I’d be a good addition to the show because my whole life I’ve been kind of a shy person, who has walked a tightrope between nerddom and athlete. I don’t relate with many people which has caused me to have my guard up, a sort of introvert. I love reading sci-fi and informative non fiction, and have seen more movies than most people. Ive never joined organized sports, but loved to play with friends non sanctioned Im 26, 5’9 and average looking, although ive been told im handsome. I think a large number of viewers could relate to me, for I am a nerd at heart who seems normal on the outside.
    if you’re looking for just another nerd, skip this reply. if you are however looking for a unique person with a lot of nerd knowledge, maybe consider me.

  17. Cody

    Name: Cody Johnson
    Height: 6’2
    Body build:Thin/athletic
    Distinctive qualities: nerdy tattoos

    Hello I have been watching the show since the beginning, in 2010
    I actually had a school project to make a game show and my idea was something very
    Similar to king of the nerds. If the casting crew would like to see
    The video I made for school please request it, if it helps in the auditions.
    Ever since my beginning I was a nerd, born and raised. Being a need is
    More than a word its a life style. Being a nerd is not able to be simply explained,
    Its more of just who you are. I am a big video gamer as well as comic books.
    But being a nerd means you have a vast knowledge and skill in all things nerdy.
    That what makes me a nerd and a good candidate for the show.
    plus I think I would be good for ratings and could bring a bigger audience
    To the show.
    -thank you for reading and may the force be with you to chose me.