Killer Karaoke - TruTV

Killer Karaoke – TruTV

TruTV has taken one of the world’s favorite pastimes to an unbelievable new level and now the search is on for an all new batch of contestants for Killer Karaoke. Casting calls for brave and talented aspiring singers to compete on the wildest singing competition show on television are happening soon and submissions are being accepted now for the show that has turned karaoke on it’s head and changed reality TV forever.

Killer Karaoke is part American Idol, part Wipeout, part Fear Factor and ALL fun! Hosted by Mark McGrath, the uber charismatic TV presenter and lead singer of the multi-platinum rock band Sugar Ray, this one of a kind talent show takes six contestants and challenges them to sing their favorite songs while enduring some of the most outrageous physical challenges ever put on television for the right to the Killer Karaoke title and huge cash prizes. Round by round these up and coming singers must perform while being dipped in cold water filled with snakes, bitten by guard dogs and electrically shocked  There truly are no rules when it comes to Killer Karaoke except one – no matter what happens the contestants can never stop singing  This is the chance for performers of all ages to compete in front of millions of viewers on the most incredible singing game show of all time. Auditions for new fearless musical participants are happening soon and submissions are being accepted today. To apply for all new episodes of TruTV’s latest monster hit you can head here or here  We will post all casting updates as they become available so stay tuned and be sure to leave a comment in the space provided telling us why you should be the next person chosen for Killer Karaoke.

Do you love to sing? Do you consider yourself fearless? Now is your chance to show the world you have what it takes to sing your way to the craziest singing championship in history. Apply today to become the next winner of Killer Karaoke.

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301 Casting Responses

  1. frank mannino

    please iam a great karoke singer oppurtunity 4 me please

  2. Tiana

    I would like to do it to win 10,000 the walk of fear karaoke or the spinning table

  3. rehman ali


  4. Jade Velez

    This is something I would definitely want to do it’s my kind of game. I’m 19 years old and I love karaoke and I’m also pretty fearless I live in Philadelphia pa and I would love to be on the show.

  5. Prisha

    i am 12 years old can i please do it i always wanted to do it but i live in ca america union city i wanted to sing closer by chain smokers please

  6. Prisha

    i am 12 years old can i please do it i always wanted to do it but i live in ca america union city i wanted to sing closer by chain smokers please thank you

  7. Shantalle

    Im 9 but still wanna do it i can sing baby kayle ew song i really wanna do it

  8. Andrea Pulido

    it will be totally great if you let me go to your show,I really enjoy it and you will make me really happy if you let me go,please I love your show.

  9. Andrea Pulido

    My name is Andrea i am 14 years old and i love killer karaoke my weight is 137 lb and i am not sure how tall am i i love to sing and i want to show my talent to the entire world please pick me i enjoy killer karaoke and my favorite on is sing in the head case.with the animals and where you have to try to take the money.please pick me.

  10. Shalonte

    Im Shalonte’ 36 years old and my 13 year old daughter started showing me your show on YouTube. The more I watch the louder my laughter is. My children think I would be hilarious on the show. I sing and I’m animated. This show would help me live life with no regrets!!! All that we’ve been through together as a family this would be an awesome memory and laughs for us to share. I don’t want to write my history of what I’ve been through because I’m alive today and ready to face the world. I hope you will consider me!!

  11. Shalonte

    My 13 year old daughter started showing me your show on YouTube. The more I watch the louder my laughter is. My children think I would be hilarious on the show. I sing and I’m animated. This show would help me live life with no regrets!!! All that we’ve been through this would be an awesome memory and laughs for us to share. I hope you will consider me!!

  12. Miriana cini

    Hii! My name is Miriana Cini and i am a young singer! Singing is my passion and i think that nothing will stop me singing. I learn songs fast and know quite alot by heart. I have never seen teens on the show so it would be fun if you do a junior version of killer karaoke or let teens compete with adults to show them who is best??

  13. andrea

    andrea yes to sing

  14. andrea

    My name is Andrea i’m 13 years old turning 14 this year my weight is 137lb i don’t exactly now how tall am i but i love to sing i have i great voice i ove all the animals so i wont be scared and i will show that i’m really good and i love killer karaoke hope you pick me.
    thank you

  15. May AnnChatman

    Dear Sir,I am aspiring singer songwriter I would be more funny at it than anything and would be better at being a funny entertainer at it, I mean I can sing but I would have the people laughing and entertained and would keep on singing no matter how scared I might be I would put on like Im totally Fearless even if I was scared to show world how funny I really am. I m more life of the party! I have blonde hair 120 pounds look sound like country singer Xfactor said why arent you in Nashville writing songs for country singers so that’s why this week going record one song every week and send to Paramount Song or go Nashville this summer to songwriting workshop to present the songs. I feel country singer will record it and sing it I feel I am ready!!This killer karaoke show will give me more stage presence and definitely get me over any fears! This will give me more exposure on tv also

  16. Eric cooper

    Hi my name is Eric Cooper I believe I am very good at singing and most others say the same singing is my passion I will sing any song and learn it in a day if I hear it or see the lyrics

  17. Steven

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  18. Malissa

    My name is Malissa Curschmann. I’m 24 years old, 5’3, 105lbs, and actually a talented singer! BUT for such a little lady I have NO FEAR! Put me to the test and I’ll show ya! Not to toot my own horn but I’m funny to! I can’t really put in to writing why you should choose me that’s why you should just give me a chance so you can meet me in person!

  19. Cybil Rose Miltner

    32 white female. I was raised a tomboy, I am tough. Not as tough as the Jackass crew but I am definitely up for the challenge! I sing like Janis and Jewel and have few fears. I am a lead singer in a cover rock band and if I can dodge all the drunken craziness in a late night bar scene and still keep my cool, not missing a line then I can do it on this show! Bring it on SteveOOOOOO!!!!

  20. mya

    Hi my name is mya and like to sing a lot and I wanted to be in TV for a long time but I never sign up but today may be my chance so just call me at 2409798400 thank you byee.

  21. Sherri

    I love music, love to sing, and love all eyes on me. I don’t really do scared; although bugs suck! Only fear is bad track options.

  22. Ginny Palvankar

    Hi I Ginny Palvankar working in infinity mall malad. I love signing. I am not a professional singers. But I like signing. Dancing. My favorite hero. Sunny deol
    . And Sunil setty. GOVINDA. Akahay Kumar. Aajay Devegan. SALMAAN KHAN. I waant to participate vs I am not excellent but good voices and good singing talint. My cell number. 7498284343. I wait u r responses sir thankful your

  23. Jessica Williams

    I’m Jessica, And I LOVE to sing, dance and entertain! I’m a quirky person who loves to have fun and never back down to a challenge. I hope to get picked so I can let loose!!!!

  24. Fabiana Antonia Russo

    I am fabiana I came to America 6 month ago with my son.i left my family in German after living there for 28 years . I am 29 now and my friends are telling me that there is a reason that I am in America . They tell me how good I. Sing I think more then very good I have a different kind of voice . As an Italian music is my heart and my soul I sing to let my he sickness be not so bad. I hope u give me a chance I wanna see how my life turn around . ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  25. Raj kapadiya

    My name is Raj kapadiya. I am 34 year’s old & I am good dancer,
    life most important think
    fully Entertainment

  26. Courtney Downs

    Hi my name Courtney Downs,12 and im going to just say that I would absolutely love to do this and be a part of this show but im nt going to do the thing where I go I want this sooooo bad please ohhh please ohhhh please oh please pick me like all the other people are doing in there comments so without further ado please let m tell you a little about my self and why I would like to be choosn for your show When I was younger I was told I can not and should not sing well because of that I have trained and trained and trained and have finally mastered the art of singing ( not quite lol ) the reason I would like to be on your show is because first of all im very shy and degratte my self when it comes to singing so I would like to prov to myself that I can do this, Also I would love to get my voice out into the world so that I can know that I have my name out in the world for producers and recorded making prodursers to find and the biggest is for me to go throught th fear part and feel what its like to give all you’ve got.Thankyou for taking your time to read a little about me

    – Courtney LEE Downs

  27. DeEricka Hopkins

    Hi my name is DeEricka I’m 19 years old I attend UMKC with a major in Nursing. Although that may seem like a good career choice I’ve always had a thing for singing. I grew up singing in church and to this day I always sing my heart out as if I’m on stage its my dream to be on the big screen whether that’s singing or acting but singing is the big one.

  28. Hayley Russell

    I’m Hayley Russell and I’m 19 years old. I love to sing. I’ve watched scary movies since I was a two year child such as IT, chucky, nightmare on elme street by myself in my room in the dark. I have never been afraid of the dark I’m not afraid of bugs. Snakes. I have went in an abandoned house at night alone, because everyone else were to scared. I wish I could get scared but sadley nothing can scare. I crave fear so I would like to see the crazy things you have planned if you decide to pick me hopefully. 🙂 I think I could win.

  29. Emily Evans

    Hello, my name is Emily. I am a singer , dancer , model and most recent project was a part played as a waitress by me in the new lifetime movie” With this Ring”.I am great at acting singing and I have a wonderful stage presence that will definitely draw in viewers.I know the concept of the game and I love Karaoke. Please consider me as an upcoming contestant.Thank you.

  30. Keedra Johnson

    Hello, my name is Keedra Johnson. I love to sing. I have been singing since I have been able to talk. Music is life. If I make this I feel like i will accomplish my lifetime goals. I just want to share my voice. I come from a Unknown place.(Lubbock Texas) but i want my voice to be known. I have participated in multiple things that have included singing.
    Including:Middle school all region, Solo and ensemble(I’ve made division one’s nothing beneath), I have advanced to state and I believe in myself to make an O(Outstanding), but don’y let the Opera voice fool you either. I LOVE to challenge myself. Put on Beyonce , Adale, Ne-yo, Whitney Houston, Taylor Swift. Anything I’ll still try to blow minds. I might not be the best but I have the mindset to be the best. I don’t care about winning. I just want to touch hearts through music. Tell stories in between lyrics. If I could get the opportunity it would be a blessing. Thank you for your time and I hope I could get the chance(You will not regret anything).

  31. Jason Davis

    I am the winner of killer karaoke. I have numerous karaoke performances under my belt and i am a great singer. My energy will be through the roof and I will win the crowd. I am karaoke. My name, is Jason Davis

  32. Iris Droz

    Well I will keep it quite simple, I am a gifted singer, haven’t had much luck in my life. Didn’t fulfill my dream of singing, I just lost my job and I live in an apartment with my husband and I have no furniture. I sleep on my bedframe because I cannot afford to get a mattress since I lost my job. I am getting older in life and I don’t have anything else to lose.

  33. Alexander Brooks

    I Love to sing and I would Love to sing on this show. I need to make it to take care of my family. I have a lot of doctors bills. My wife and I had a baby who had a stroke 11 years ago. Jennal was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 3. She’s a tough girl. She has life threatening epilepsy and almost died 5 times. At age 5 she had 4 brain surgeries. Eventually having the whole left side of her brain removed. 2 months later my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She had a bilateral done. Both breast removed. It’s been tough. We’ve lost everything our house, our finances. I know I can do this. I think the exposure and to do something like this would help my family.

  34. Yuvia De Luna

    Hello my name is Yuvia De Luna I was very iffy about commenting since one of the main requirements is that the coaches would have to come live with the contestants and at the moment I live in a one bedroom apartment with my mom, older sister, and grandparents. I am 15 years old and have been singing for as long as I can remember, I am currently in my 5th year of choir and I am a sophomore. Reasons I should be considered? Well I have a dream that most people have and I would like it to come true. I want to become a famous singer, and the first thing I think of when I say those words is how incredible it would be to help people heal through music as it has done for me. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and yes I have had all the therapy and medications but nothing has helped me more than music, nothing has helped me find myself more than music, and though I don’t know who I want to be yet I know music will help me find that, and I just want to do that for other people because its hard. I have tried to picture myself doing other things with my life maybe being a teacher or psychiatrist but that to me is like giving up on my dream, see being a singer is tough and well I’ve had a tough life and we have a lot of financial issues so when my mom hears that I want to become a singer she says in the nicest way possible “lets think about your back up plan” my family is encouraging and amazing and I just want to show that all the sacrifices they have made are really worth it. I just can’t picture myself being ordinary in life, and singing is my absolute passion and I need to do it, there is just no other way around it.

  35. Charlotte

    Hi my name is Charlotte I would like my stage name to be Charlotte I way to be in the next show because I love singing I been trying to get into singing competitions for time and I would like to be in this show because it’s fun and I can conquer some I my fears just a few so hope you pick me

  36. Master

    I know people come for the money the fame the fortune the attention, but me I come to you as I am I know I’m not Bruno Mars I know I’m not john legend but I am me. I come to you today to consider me to join Killer Karaoke. I sing in a church choir for 15 years and sing for my school 5 months and made region choir. I know you probably think I’m like everybody else who wants the fame life but that’s not me I sing because it’s me I sing because it’s all I know how to do. Please consider me. If you consider me I’ll promise you that you won’t regret it!

  37. Donna Reid aka Emerah Marie

    My name is Donna Reid, 23, hope i get accepted or move on in life to another singing show. I sing and I’m an artist [physically, painting etc.]

  38. Yvelande Senatus

    Hello, my name us Yvelande and I would like my stage name to be Melody. The reason why I want to be in Killer Karaoke is because I really want to show the world what I got. Also prove to the haters that they can’t make me stop trying to achieve my dreams. I’m 12. Please consider me. Thank you for letting me do this.

  39. Chelsea Atz

    I have been singing since I was 4years old. I’ve been in a number of competitions making it to the finals in Las Vegas, New York City, New Jersey, etc. I had my first singing teacher when I was 10 and was trained classically. I’ve also taken acting classes when I was younger and attended a performing arts high school! I would love to participate!

    Blonde hair
    Blue eyes
    125 pounds
    22 years old

    Hope to hear from you! Warm regards!

  40. Crystal Crawley

    Hi I am a 35 year old country livin’ mom of 4 who loves all sorts of music and say every song that comes on is my favorite! I have a knack for knowing the words of the most random songs. I am that bartender who sings along to the radio or live music while she is working and customers are always telling me I should be on your show! Might as well give it a shot…I ain’t skurred!!!

  41. Emma Walker

    i would love to be on the show im 11 years old and im commenting because you said of all ages please when you read over my comment dont say know because my age i love to sing act twirl and hula hoop i hope that when you read this a smile comes on your face and you write me saying i got in

  42. Sweet T

    This would be amazing to be a part of. I’m 19 and I’ve been singing all my life, whether it’s choirs, at home, talent shows, or just plain in the shower. It seems like this is an opportunity for me to get my talent and bubbly personality out there. It seems like fun, and I can promise I’m a crowd pleaser(:

  43. sandra marte

    Hi I’m Sandra Marte and I’m 47 years old
    Hispanic …
    Brown eyes
    SInger / pro-former /Art images
    Hello, I’ve been singing since I was a child. I was apart of a band as the lead female singer. I would love to be apart of been in ,KILLER KARAOKE
    I’m a hard working and very determined lady, I love acting and entertaining people. I sing,, I love sports and have a number of hobbies. I have a positive attitude and I’m a great team player.I’m very animated and have great energy I love people and I’m willing to learn anything quickly. I always give 110% and I never back down from challenges. I would love the opportunity to be apart of the ,KILLER KARAOKE and gain the experience! .I would love to audition .

    Thank you


    I am a karaoke ninja and I fear nothing. The world will never know what hit it.

  45. Angela Martin

    My whole life’s passion has always been music. I sing all the time everyday, I am taking History of Rock and Roll and Singing as a college courses, and I am constantly naming songs and artists as I hear them come on the radio. I believe I would be an excellent choice for Killer Karaoke. I have never been on TV before and would love the opportunity.

  46. Doniyah Alford

    I’m twelve I don’t expect you to pick me I believe that I can do anything I put my mind to and exceed I love to sing I sing all the time I been making songs since I was six I don’t expect you to surprised but I’m a professional singing is my dream I don’t want a dream deferred because you’ll always regret it im a Virgo and when I make a big mistake I regret for a long time I drool on the past and I want this career and I am not mistaking this is not gonna be a regret I learn very quickly and I’m very smart and academic

  47. Empriss S Yancey

    First off I would like to introduce myself, Hi my name is Empriss Yancey …I’m 20 years I was born in New Haven CT.., singing was my passion since I was 7 years old I never gotten an opportunity to perform or sing on stage ever in my life , I have what it takes to be on stage to prove to others that I have what it takes to live my dream … I have what it takes to be a Karaoke killer on killer karaoke , so please I would love to get an opportunity to sing on the show

  48. Rebeca Noguera

    I’m Rebeca Noguera and I’m 15. I’d love to be on this show.Ive been told I’m a good singer and likeable. Please consider me bevause I can entertain.

  49. Lacy Willson

    I’m not great at singing but I’m sure I’d do a lot of rather entertaining screaming lol

  50. Katelyn bouldin

    Im 19 and have been singing all my life I have been unnesscesary so why not now!! I love to sing and love a challenge even more Im from jackson, ms and ready to go!!!!

  51. Jinette Martinez

    I have been singing since I was in grade school and people have always told me I have a beautiful voice. I sing regularly at church and I’ve sung at 2 of my friends’ weddings. I enjoy singing at fund raisers for my friends. This year I auditioned for AMTC – (actors , models , and talent for Christ) and I was accepted but did not have the funds to attend their intensive program. I really wish I could have attended because I believe I could have done amazing things with my singing.
    I don’t have many videos posted on the internet because I’m not too good with computers. I do have a friend that I sang a duet with and he posted one video of us on you tube. And to my surprise a newspaper in England picked up our video and wrote about us. The article described us as up and coming stars.
    I have a big voice. I like to sing big ballads. The bigger the better. Growing up I had singing lesson in high school, then majored in music education in college as a voice major. Classical and opera were the mains staples in my early years of training. But I enjoy singing other genres as well, country, jazz, and gospel. I put a lot of acting and feeling into my performances.
    After college I wanted to pursue a career in music but my life went in a different direction.
    I became a mom with twin daughters and I put my dreams on hold. Now that my daughters have grown up I am dusting off my dream and trying again- I believe it’s never too late to go after our dreams!
    One last thing that I want to mention is that when I tell people how old I am they just can’t believe it. When I’m out with my daughters many people think we are sisters. You have to see me in person to believe it. Hope I get to see you soon. Thank you.
    Jinette Martinez

  52. Karen Aycock

    Hello,been singing since the age of five years old, sung in numerous talent shows & competitions,I’m a singer/writer,love to sing ,and write music as well,I started doing karaoke in the summer of 2009 & been singing karaoke on our local TV station ever since, I’m wanting to make a career out of using my god given talent to show others and wanting to record my songs I have written as well,I’m hopes for the best outcome!! 🙂 my stage name is CountryKaren & I’m from eastern north carolina ,I cone from a small town,I’m a down to earth country gal!! Singing is a hobby I love doing

  53. Sally White

    This show cracks me up and I cant think of anything more fun than to be a contestant it would make my year I like to think im a bit of a crazy lady lol 🙂 please pick me pleasssssssssssse

  54. Stephanie Coggins

    I am 28 years old and have been singing since I was six years old. Karaoke has been one of my top favorite hobbies when it comes to singing. I know words to a lot of different songs and genre. I am a mother of two wonderful children they are 6 & 5 and want to show them that you can do whatever you put your mind too and go for it with everything you got. I have tried out for the voice, American idol, Americas got talent and was never given the chance to show what I really got but with this show I know I got what it takes and will flow out tremendously. I have a great voice and have been in training since I was 13. You can give me a listen just search Katie Chonacas – say something cover Stephanie Chonacas. Please if you like my voice and feel I am a good fit for this show please get in touch with me. My loving husband supports and wishes for my dreams to come true with music as do our kids. So please give a listen. Thank you!

  55. Bryan McNair

    The essence of entertainment lives within me. Standing at 5.5 and a half feet of heart and passion, I should be featured in this production because I am capable of bringing screens to life. The name “Bryan McNair” is one that brings with it a desire to entertain, a desire to learn and grow in the world of theater and film, and the desire to give life to any role that might be put in front of me. Aside from being a very animated personality, I also sing and capture the attention of crowds fairly easily. I love improvisation, and there is no greater feeling than to be naturally funny and to successfully garner the attention of complete strangers. I live to be under the light of entertainment. With a huge imagination, there is no angle that I cannot play and master with personal spark and infinite charisma. If selected, my positive energy will fill any missing piece of a production’s puzzle.

  56. Shamar Mccrary

    I want to enter this Talent Thing because I know its something My big Brother would be happy of me doing I lost him last year in a Car Accident he always wanted the best for me now that he’s gone I wanna give all the thanks back Thank you for letting me leave this Comment God Bless

  57. Christine Malke

    usually when i do karaoke, i don’t normally sing one song. the crowd is naturally drawn to me. I LOVE TO SING AND DANCE , runs in my family. interested

  58. Neverly Whitaker

    I want to enter into this talent show because I like to leave an impression on whoever I meet to touch though singing. I was told by a random guy he said “if u don’t believe in yourself who will.” It struck a nerve and got me thinking.

  59. Deshawn Washington

    Hi my name is deshawn Washington I feel that I have all that it takes to win this show I been on a show before I have the experience I’m up for the challenge I’ve been singing all my life I refuse to back down to a challenge I believe in what I can do

  60. Essence Brown

    my name is Essence brown, Im from chester sc, im 27 years old, im a very shy person, bt i love to sing dance and perform,I sing alll over my town with a gospel group called unique vision,I think ill be perfect for the show.

  61. pinkan mambo

    Hi,My name is Pinkan Mambo.I am a singer artist under Sony Music Indonesia this 14 years and still contract until 2020.I live in Los Angeles.I released 4 albums and many compilation with more than 10 hits singles.I am one of the very famous singer in Indonesia,I shows in many countries around the world.I win Mtv award.I am a very great talented singer performer entertainer dancer producer writer like Mariah Carey ,Michael Jackson,Beyonce,Christina Aguilera.I have a very great voice. Please check my video link at :
    And please check my wikipedia .Thank You so much God bless You.Regards.You can reach me at 2132105138.

  62. George Chin

    Hi my name is George Chin, and I am the brother of the season 5 winner of the voice tessanne chin. I am currenty 16 years old, and I’m afraid of snakes, being electricuted, also aligators and scorpians!!! And the dark, I’m afraid of almost everything, and I’m also an awesome singer

  63. Ganya Osho

    Hi my name is Ganya Osho I’m 14 years old, I live in Houston Texas. I am a responsible young girl that helps my mom a lot with my disable brother. “I am next to the baby of six children.” My mom is a hard working single parent since my father was deported back to Nigeria. I want to secure my future as well as provide for my mother and siblings. This is why I feel that i am fit best for Killer Karaoke.

  64. Deshawn Washington

    Hi my name is DeShawn Washington I’m from natchitoches Louisiana been living here all my life its a small town I’ve been singing sense I was 4 years old I’m 23 now I recently was on the hit talent show The Voice season 6 being on Shakira team I made it to top 48 out 400,000 people that tried out. I also song the national anthem for the NBA team Memphis Grizzlies it was a great experience

  65. Roshuah

    I’m just saying….I’ll sing but what kind of “no matter what” are you guys talking about! I’m pretty excited because I’m a very closed person, so to be singing on tv and being distracted….WELL…I guess that’s really what it’s been my whole life…I need this opportunity. desperately…So I’ll SING WITH ANTS IN MY PANTS….they’re there anyway 🙂 lol

  66. Kebar

    Hi my name is Kebar a/k/a Krying K, and I am in a band called Death Angels Cult Killers Consisting of three other members including my self from ages 16-22 and we do Rap – that is Cult Killer Rap. We also sing and we love to be on Killer Karaoke; as Death Angels Cult Killers has the perfect entertainment. Youtube: Death Angels Cult Killers.

  67. Sanniyah Bey

    Hello! My name is Sanniyah Bey and I’m 15 years of age. It has always been my dream into becoming a singer and getting big since the day I was born I been in many singing related things and everyone always tells me to get myself out there more and I think this is a great way to do so. This would mean so much to me if I get chosen to come in a compete.. Being able to say ” I got big by the Tv show Rising Star” would be a honor to use the name in that form of way. I’m currently enrolled In School Of Rock, which is where we perform around the neighborhood and do covers of songs. I play guitar and I sing. I been singing all my life… I been involved in musicals such as the wizard of oz, whistle down the wind, beauty and the beast, Aladdin, and many more. Please consider me into representing the tv show (:

  68. Scott Dyer

    I love to sing I have an 18 month old that sits and listens to me and it melts my heart and I would just love for him to see his dad on TV singing in front of millions I have what it takes and would love the oppurtunity

  69. Mariah Calvin

    I would love to be on killer karaoke because I’m a great singer ! Great personalty! I’m a dare devil and ready for anything! People will love watching me!’

  70. Allison K

    Hi Y’all,
    My name is Ali. I’m 29 years old. I love singing and have broken out of my shell 9 years ago. I wake up and want to sing. There is not a day that goes by where I am not singing. I am ready to sing for my life. Nothing will get this song bird to stop singing.

  71. Kwame Boyd


  72. StephenGGinden

    why should i be chosen because #1 I have been singing for so many years now i cant even remember# 2I have been told by so many people why have i not seen you on a tv singing show #3 I sing over 300 songs and counting soul rock country you name it #4I call it combo singing because i can flip from one to another #5 You can throw anything plus the kithen sink and get up and keep goin . All im sayin is give me a chance to be discovered you wont be disapointed .#6 oh black betty bam a lam oh black betty bam a lam. get ha.

  73. Kelly Luo

    Hi im Kelly and Im 14. i love singing and seeking adventures until i saw your show on youtube and i just knew i had to be on there because your show is packed with thrilling suprises and mysteries. and its hilarious. i would love to be on there screaming my brains out. DO NOT STOP SINGING!

  74. Zaria Gilbert

    I hope u pick me im trying soo hard i live in fl and im.13 i love singing its my passion and i wont give up. Plz pick me it will be a dream

  75. jana henry

    I see others have written in re:someone else so I am writing in re: my brother, Gary Severns. We are in Las Vegas, Nv. I recently entered Gary in a talent contest at a large casino. He went all the way through to the finals but did not win. He was asked to do a spot at another casino variety show. Everyone loved him and was very impressed. One judge told him h should quit his day job, ( he is a painter).I always tell Gary he sounds better then original artists without a mixer board lol. I’ve put a few videos on youtube. Check him out. Just type in Gary Severns Do I (cover) Luke Bryan, or Gary Severns Tomorrow (cover) Chris Young or even Gary Severns Whiskey Girl (cover) Toby Keith. These are videos made at karaoke. Gary is super passionate about C&W music and sings with much feeling and and with a strong solid big voice. He is know at a few of the karaoke places here, like Gilleys Club, as “Big Sexy’ Please, give him a listen and a chance. Thanks (it would be interesting to see if he could sing as good under these circumstances)I’ll bet he could