Killer Karaoke - TruTV

Killer Karaoke – TruTV

TruTV has taken one of the world’s favorite pastimes to an unbelievable new level and now the search is on for an all new batch of contestants for Killer Karaoke. Casting calls for brave and talented aspiring singers to compete on the wildest singing competition show on television are happening soon and submissions are being accepted now for the show that has turned karaoke on it’s head and changed reality TV forever.

Killer Karaoke is part American Idol, part Wipeout, part Fear Factor and ALL fun! Hosted by Mark McGrath, the uber charismatic TV presenter and lead singer of the multi-platinum rock band Sugar Ray, this one of a kind talent show takes six contestants and challenges them to sing their favorite songs while enduring some of the most outrageous physical challenges ever put on television for the right to the Killer Karaoke title and huge cash prizes. Round by round these up and coming singers must perform while being dipped in cold water filled with snakes, bitten by guard dogs and electrically shocked  There truly are no rules when it comes to Killer Karaoke except one – no matter what happens the contestants can never stop singing  This is the chance for performers of all ages to compete in front of millions of viewers on the most incredible singing game show of all time. Auditions for new fearless musical participants are happening soon and submissions are being accepted today. To apply for all new episodes of TruTV’s latest monster hit you can head here or here  We will post all casting updates as they become available so stay tuned and be sure to leave a comment in the space provided telling us why you should be the next person chosen for Killer Karaoke.

Do you love to sing? Do you consider yourself fearless? Now is your chance to show the world you have what it takes to sing your way to the craziest singing championship in history. Apply today to become the next winner of Killer Karaoke.

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    hi! my name is Renee Haas. I am 24 years old and live in NY. I am 5’3 brown hair, green eyes and have a slim body. I have years of experience singing and acting. I’m and am not shy to be on stage or camera and I would love to be on killer karaoke! hope to hear from you!!