I Will Always Love You: The Whitney Houston Story

I Will Always Love You: The Whitney Houston Story

She was one of the finest recording artists of our time. She was one of the finest recording artists of ALL time and now her remarkable life story is set to be put on film for the world to enjoy. I Will Always Love You: The Whitney Houston Story is being prepped for production now for The Lifetime Network and casting calls for several parts of all sizes are being organized now. Actors of all ages can apply today for their shot at a role in what promises to be a heartfelt and uplifting portrayal of a singer, and most importantly a woman, that touched so many.

I Will Always Love You: The Whitney Houston Story will be directed by none other than Academy Award nominated actress Angela Bassett (What’s Love Got to Do with It, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Green Lantern) who will be making her feature debut. The film will follow the incredible life story of the most awarded woman in music history

– from her inspiring highs to her heartbreaking lows. Miss Houston touched generations of music lovers the world over with such hits as How Will I Know, I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) and her unforgettable rendition of I Will Always Love You and now Lifetime and it’s fabulous team of creatives are ready to show you how it all happened.

Ms. Bassett has lined up a superb cast thus far with a group that mixes new and veteran talents including Yaya DaCosta (Lee Daniels’ The Butler, In Time, House M.D.) as Whitney, Arlen Escarpeta (Star Trek Into Darkness, Final Destination 5, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), Yolonda Ross (Treme, Antwone Fisher, Phil Spector), Suzzanne Douglas (School of Rock, The Parent ‘Hood, The Good Wife) and Saundra McClain (Third Watch, Grey’s Anatomy, Hart of Dixie). Many more parts are still up for grabs and performers can apply today fro consideration by heading here beinamovie.com/movie.php?mtitleid=169#.U7XOrJRdUmt. We will be posting more information as soon as it is released so stay tuned for every update and leave a message below and tell us what you think of Miss Houston and why you want to be considered for the cast of I Will Always Love You: The Whitney Houston Story.


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  1. Jahvanna McCully

    Hello , My name is Jahvanna McCully and I am 17 and a half years old . I’ve always been interested in modeling and acting. I’ve just been waiting for the right start . I’m a great Singer and Dancer . I’m a super fast learner . I’ve particapated in drama club in school before and I’m ready to take it to the big screen . If you give me a chance to even show you what I got ou won’t regret it .

    Gender : Female
    Age : 17 & 1/2
    Ethnicity: African American , White , Filipino
    Eye color ; Brown
    Hair Color : Black W/ Highlights
    Height : 5’4

  2. Lizeth Silva Beltran

    Hi my name is Lizeth im 19 years old ive been in all state choir two years in a row ive been singing since i have memory id love to be part of this im a huge fan of Whitney!

    height 5’5”

  3. sequan Patterson

    Hello my name is Sequan Patterson I am a 14 year old African American male who loves Whitney Houston and her work. It would be such an honor to partake in such a film as this one. I have taken acting classes in school at Durham School of the Arts. Also voice lessons although I can always get better ,and I would love to in this film. Thanks

  4. zaria

    I will be the Right one for this part . Im a great singer & love whitney .

  5. arykasia

    Hello my name is arykasia I go by asia I am black and Asian I’m 13yrs old going on 14 I have always loved acting it is my dream it like my passion you can be anything you want I love Whitney Houston she still is my idol I’m a very very good singer I song one of her songs called I will always. Love you, I hope u consider me

  6. Joy Noel Bell

    I’m a 15 year old African American and I’ve wanted to become an actress science I was 9. I haven’t ever been good in school and I thought acting was cool because you could portray yourself as a different person. I didn’t like myself very much so I thought acting was a way to be someone else but I’ve come to realize that acting is a way to show the parts of yourself that you would like to show but your too afraid to. I hope you will have the chance to read this and email me back.

  7. Kevin Tillett

    Ready to go NOW! Amazing opportunity if allowed for ANYONE!

  8. Gavin McNeely

    Well i am 15 years old My name is Gavin ray McNeely i have been singing for as long as i can remember. I live in Eldorado springs Missouri.I have also been in show choir since 6th grade and plan to be in it for the rest of school.You don’t know me but i promise i can do a great job. Whitney Houston is one of my idols she will always be remembered by me. I don’t care if im an extra. I plan to go to Julliard college in new york after i get out of high school. Thank you for looking at my message.


    Gavin McNeely
    Height 5’10
    age 15
    born Nov.10 1999
    ethnicity Caucasian/white

  9. Peyton Daniels

    I’m white. Might as well say that now. I know most of these people are African american, so I just wanted to clarify. I live Whitney Houston. She us an inspiring emblem to all women, relating to being lonely, but also madly in live. I am 5″5, short red hair, and I am 125 lbs. Please consider me for anything. Even an extra would be fine. My mom loves whitney Houston and I think this would make her so proud

  10. Heavenly wilson

    Whitney is a legend she is awesome I really wish to be apart of something like this I’m 8 yrs old blck female long curly hair 54lbs 4’0 height

  11. John Kinred

    Im black about 6’0 230 pounds.I live in bayonne new jersey but was raise in manhattan new york.I have always wanted to be an actor and ihave done some extra work on tv and music videos.I would love to audition for the whitney houston story movie.If given a chance i know i will do a great job.I also keep my head shaved clean.

  12. Alisha McCormick

    I love to sing I’m 12 and I enjoy Whitney she was a strong singer and somebody who inspired my other idol beyonce hopefully I’ll be apart if I do thank you

  13. Tajjah Randall

    I’am 12 about to be 13 and i’am a good singer,actor, and Whitney Houston is my idol I admire her.

  14. Deidra Davidson

    I grew up in a home that was filled with the music. I remember my toddler obsession with Michael Jackson at the age of 2, to where that was the only thing that would calm me down and captured and held my att3ntion for long periods of time. I thought, there was no one in the world like Michael, until I saw Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You’ video. I remember her posture, Sitting in a chair through the entire video, was confusing to me then, as she was surrounded by mounds of snow, but it makes since to me now, as I seen the Body Guard many times. But, it was her demeanor. She sat in that chair with such confidence, and belief in what she was singing, that she made you want to be there. I remember the shaking in her bottom lip, that as I grew I learned the term and the meaning of the word vibrato, but I thought then that I wanted my lip to shake like that when I grew older. I learned so much from just listening to the sounds of her voice, which is why I would love to be considered for any part in this film. Even if it is to push a broom in one of the scenes, I would love to be apart of this experience!

  15. Anasha Leary

    Hi, am 12 years old, and a very good actor. I am a very outgoing person once I get to know you. Also I can sin, and dance. So PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could be whitney when she was young (I luv Whitney Houston), I could be one of her sisters when they were younger, or her daughter when she was younger. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PICK ME. I am absolutely in tears…… let me calm down. But please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You!

  16. Dale E

    I will be best for this role I’m 15 a great singer and actor and would like to star in this movie because whitney is one of my role models

  17. Graciella Rivera-Zeigler

    Hello, My name is Graciella and I am a 19 year old female who lives in Massachusetts. I’m 5’2 and considered more on the heavy side (though I am only about 160 I have extra weight in some places. I’m just thicker then others). I have a bubbly personality and love to meet people and grow as a person. Growing up in Massachusetts was tough considering the fact that was one of the few African Americans/Puerto Ricans living in my parts of town. I grew up with nothing and would love the chance to make something of myself. I have been in play’s and musicals and I loved it. I can sing as well as act and this is the break I need to create a better life for myself and the ones I love. Please consider me, I have so much to offer and nobody ever gives me the time of day.. Please, give me the chance to follow my dreams, you can contact me at gzrican@gmail.com. Have a great day.

  18. Phoencia Richard

    I would be great for this part I have the voice like Whitney,I’ve always dream of singing her songs live..

  19. Whitney

    Hello my name is Whitney. No it’s not a coincidence I was actually named after Whitney Houston. I would love to be considered a role in this movie not just because I was named after her but because I as many people did loved Whitney. I would also love to jump start my acting career by landing a role in this movie and showing what “I’m working with” I hope this comment finds you in time! Thanks

  20. Brandenburg Rayane

    Hello, I want to postule for this role , I’m French and i speak english , My dream it’s to be an actor because i love acting in front of a camera and i love spend many hours to learn some script

    physical description :
    Age : 15 years old / tall : 1.80m / I am quite muscular / eyes : blue/green / I find my self quite beautiful

    I can acte all role you give me and i hope you will contact me

  21. Tameika Godwin

    The role of Whitney should go to a strong actress not a singer. I hope the family does their version of her story so we can see her real story from those that really knew her with no sugar-coating. She was a legend and deserves a major motion picture about all aspects of her life. Not just centered around her marriage to Bobby. I hope there is an open casting. There is more talent out there. The family should search for the perfect fit and not just settle for what Hollywood has.

  22. Sharifa

    Hello I would love to be a part of this. Please consider me for auditions.

  23. willinda franklin

    Hello. I would love to be a part of this awesome movement in movie history. Whitney Houston is hands down one of the greats in music of all time. I share similar traits of her gospel beginnings. I am currently a gospel singer and have a cd available on iTunes and Amazon . My music is on the contemporary side. I can also mimic well. I have no acting experience but am willing to learn. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for the opportunity:-)

  24. David Robushi

    I am an active live performer. My band just played at Mohegan Sun December 2nd 8:30. I was scouted by Days of our Lives by the producers at dinner in New York. They said I had the it factor. I can supply a good headshot as well as live performance shots and video if needed. Hope to hear back, Daid

  25. Edtrice Lafayette

    I would love to play in this movie because Whitney Houston is one of my idols and she is a legend. To play her in a movie would be wonderful. Whitney was so full if life,singing,entertainment,power,ECT She was/ is the best. She also had a addiction to drugs. Whitney Houston dont play she is so full of attitude. For me to play Whitney Houston will be a honor. I dreamed of contributing to Beyoncé
    Knowles Carter. One day I will make it. One day I will succeed. One day I will have power. One day I will be. One day the world will know me I Edtrice Lafayette.

  26. jonaihunt

    I want to be in it because I never had a chance to let my voice to be heard god gave me a voice to give people to hear it I really want this part to show u that I got this I would be a good character and a singer no matter wat people say im really good I started singing at age 2 I love church and god gave me this voice

  27. tahnaiha riley

    I was born singing and acting. Its all I do all day long. I’m very dedicated to things I do. I go to a performing arts school in nj. Music and acting is my get away. Its my life.

  28. Rockshana Desances

    I feel that I would be a great person to play a role in this film about the legendary Whitney Houston. I have listened to Whitney Houston since I was a child and would be honored to be a part of this. I have trained as an actress, singer, and dancer for several. I take correction very well and I always have a positive attitude. I am a 24 female 5’6 and have an all natural hair style. Please feel free to view my site at rddancer.wix.com/rddancer

    Thank You

  29. Ashley Branch

    Hey yal,
    My name is Ashley Branch and I a city girl from houston tx.I belive I should be considered because I’m fun ,positive, energetic, and talented. I can sing country, r&b, gospel,and traditional;plus i’m a very lovable person.

  30. William Justin Bradford

    My name is William Justin Bradford and I am very interested in being part this historical film about one of the people in music I grew up listening to. I feel that with whatever role that I am given a chance with, I will put my everything into every take! Also I would absolutely love to work with Angela Bassett.
    To get a glimpse of who I am here is a link to my LA Casting Profile: lacasting.com/WilliamJustinBradford

    I hope to be a part of this history in the making.

  31. kIWANA

    HI, I have been singing all my life…I am 5’9, slim…and can sing Whitney Houston songs…I am an extra and I have been in many commercials, including BeatsbyDre with Kevin Garnett and the Budweiser commercial for the Superbowl. I am based in New York City…Hope to hear from you soon!!

  32. Edward lucey

    Not here to play Whitney but, to play Kevin Costner role during the movie. Here to bring my charming personality as well as my ability to adapt to a lot of situations. Please feel free to contact me if interested.
    34 athletic male
    -Edward Lucey

  33. Amber Webb

    Hi my name is amber I’m 26 and from Texas originally I love to sing and people tell me I’m good at it I’ve gone through alot of hardships and currently am still but I Dont let it get me down stability is what I’m striving for and Iwould love to be in the movie any kind of way possible iI use my talent that God had given me for good and I know that everyday is a blessing and I should put myself out there and try to achieve anything I set my mind to

  34. brianna Crowell

    Hi, my name is brianna crowell (bridomali) and I am a 21 year old singer from Detroit michigan. God is my first love and music is my second! I have been singing ever since I could talk. Whitney Houston is one of my biggest inspirations. Her phenomenol voice and beauty is something that cannot be copied. I left college to pursue my dream. My god given talent should be heard. I feel like if you give me this opportunity I have no choice but to succeed because failure is not an option. I’m trying to make it out. I want to make god, my family and myseld proud.

  35. andrea peterson

    Hello, My name is Andrea “Angel” Peterson and I’m 31 years old. I would definitely love the opportunity to work on this project. I would provide dedication and diligent efforts to make a successful film on this immortal icon. Thanks in advance.

  36. Kevin Diakite

    I should be considered because I’m an young African American, and I won’t let my feeling get in the way of role playing onset

  37. Andrea

    My name is Andrea I am a singer and I would love to be apart of this movie a dream for me omg please contact. Me i love Whitney houston best singer of all time.

  38. sandra marte

    Hi my name is ,Sandra Marte
    Hispanic …
    Brown eyes
    SInger / pro-former /Art images
    Hello, I’ve been singing since I was a child. I was apart of a band as the lead female singer. I feel that Whitney Houston was one of the greatest singers of all time. I would love to be apart of this movie
    I’m a hard working and very determined lady, I love acting and entertaining people. I sing,, I love sports and have a number of hobbies. I have a positive attitude and I’m a great team player.I’m very animated and have great energy I love people and I’m willing to learn anything quickly. I always give 110% and I never back down from challenges. I would love the opportunity to be apart of the movie and gain the experience! .I would love to audition for any roles that are available as well as being an extra.If at all possible .

    Thank you

  39. Temperia Jackson

    HI Im Temperia Jackson 33 of age .Whitney Houston is a legend not just to inspire us but to leave a trend for the next generation to come . IT WILL SET ME FREE BECAUSE THE EXPERIENCE OF OBSTACLES I faced of being afraid of certain things in life giving up on my music and not really taking a chance I realize fear is not an option whether we having family disagreements ,trouble with love or loving ourselves we have to conquer our dreams,we have to be encourage and Whitney Houston fought for her destiny .So my voice will reinforce the life of Whitney and any one out there that’s fighting for their destiny.

  40. Nya-Jolie Walters

    If there was ever to be a part featuring a child to play Whitney Houston I without a shadow of a doubt know that my daughter Nya-Jolie could play that role. Nya-Jolie is a 9 year old signed recording artist, professional actress and professional model!. She loves Whitney Houston and since the age of 2 began singing some of her favorite songs from Ms. Houston. She is very outgoing and loves the camera. She takes direction well and her range of emotion is excellent! She loves to share her talents and would love to be apart of this project!! She is currently working on a tv series called The Book Of Nimrod directed by Carla P. Morales. She just recently finished a independent film called Beautiful Destroyer directed by Christopher Dorrah in which she received her first film credit. And is also in the process of working on another independent film called Laying Down My Burdens directed by Karen Waller- Martin which is a memoir written by Essence best-selling author Brenda L. Thomas. If given the opportunity to participate in this project she would not let the production team down. She brings joy to any set and works very well with others. We reside right outside of New Jersey so if the shooting location was in New Jersey that would be very easy to get to. Nya-Jolie is available for booking. She is represented through Abrams Artist Agency and Click Models (freelance). Her personal email is nyajoliewalters@yahoo.com. Thank you for your time, We hope to hear from someone if and when the opportunity arises!!!!

    She can be seen on QVC, Boscovs ads, Zulily.com (Shells Belles Kidz). Her FB page is facebook.com/YoutubesLittleBeautyQueenNyaJolie, Twitter: @NyaJolie, IG: @official_nyajolie


    Miss Houston was an incomparable gift. She shared her gift both nationally and internationally. I believe those who have an ear were compelled to stop and listen to the emotionally riveting, and powerful sound that flowed from Ms. Houston’s innermost being. She helped me to laugh, cry, sing, and dance.
    I can follow directions, and respect those who gives them. I am adaptable to my work conditions, focused and motivated to accomplish a project excellently performed.

  42. Kierra Henderson

    Hello my name is Kierra Henderson and I am 14 years old. I have some experience but not much. I have been acting in my school plays every since the 2nd grade and has had the pleasure of being a lead each year. Now that I am in high school I would love to take my singing and acting to the next level. Whitney Houston has definitely been one of my inspiration through my life. She was such a beautiful individual. Her voice was such an angelic, uplifting and pleasant voice to hear. Thank you for your consideration .
    May God Bless

  43. Claudia George

    Whitney Houston had a great voice. I always remember her, and I love to sing the song I will Always Love You. I am a Soprano. I have being a member of church choirs for over 20 years. I enjoy writing songs, and singing. Auditioning for the movie will be a great opportunity to grow as a Singer, and Composer.

  44. Ms. Davis

    I’m a 44 year old African American woman who inspires to do something out of the ordinary, (such as appear in a show with a part) to show that I have potential to still grow and be great a new experiences. Even if it’s just a one shot opportunity!

    Looking for new faces, I will be the one for you!

    Experience: Broadway Play, (The Wiz) in high school.
    Karaoke, (with attitude) 2 times per week at local bars in Minneapolis.

  45. Chabriel Wade

    Hi I’m Chabriel Wade and I’m 20 years old
    132 lbs
    African American
    Brown eyes
    SInger / Actress
    I’m a hard working and very determined young lady, I love acting and entertaining people. I sing,act, I love sports and have a number of hobbies. I can multitask and cry on demand I have a positive attitude and I’m a great team player. I’ve only been an extra in the film “True Grace” By Tavores Johnson, but I am excited to add to my curriculum vitae.I’m very animated and have great energy I love people and I’m willing to learn anything quickly. I always give 110% and I never back down from challenges. I would love the opportunity to be apart of the movie and gain the experience! I would love to be in a movie that celebrate the life of the great Whitney Houston. I admire her work ethic and everything she’s done,and feel like I would be a perfect fit for the style of the movie. I love her history the good and the bad and I feel that she’s still a legendary and great performer who deserved all the glory. When she died I seen “Sparkle” and seeing /hearing her sing just made my heart melt and cry. Just knowing that she’s gone and she wont be able to keep adding her great music to this world sucks and I’m glad her story is being told!
    Thank You – Chabriel Wade

  46. David Jomar




    David Jomar here! Would love to be a part of such an inspirational project. I am an actor, vocalist, and a trained dancer. I can also do extra work. If the team believes I can be a good fit and want to know more, please send me an e-mail at 23dabrams@gmail.com. I can send over a resume and come in for an audition. Wishing you all the best!


    David Jomar
    Musician’s Institute, Vocals
    Hollywood, CA

  47. Kalandria Fairley

    Hi my name is Kalandria Fairley and I am 14 years old. I absolutely love Whitney Houston! I adore her and I would really love to be in her movie! I feel that her death was a tragedy and that she was a beautiful person! there will only be one Whitney Houston! So please email me for more information.

  48. Jamillah Young

    When I was made aware that a biographical film was to be done about Whitney Houston I that knew I had to find out more. While I adore the musical genius that is she, I can’t imagine the project itself being handled by one more capable and worthy than Angela Bassett. As an admirer of both these talented ladies I would be honored to be considered as a candidate for any part in this project. I wouldn’t dare submit an interest unless I thought I might be a viable candidate. I have a trained singing voice and some acting skill. Anyone who is allowed this opportunity will be especially fortunate. The best of luck to all who apply and audition. I wish you all the greatest success on this project. Whitney Houston’s memory deserves to be preserved in a beautiful way that is befitting the human being she was.

  49. Alpha Barril

    Like many, music and singing has always been my first love and I would do it for free, everyday {though, it would be nice to be paid for it 🙂 }. Whitney was the very first artist I admired and tried to emulate, from when I was three years old.

  50. Tracy Diomande

    I wish I could upload my beautiful, smart 13 yr old daughters video singing I will always love you by Whitney at a benefit earlier this year! She is biracial and we reside near Atlanta, Ga. I know she would be thrilled for an opportunity to work on a story about Whitney Houston! If there is a place I can email her video, please reply and let me know! Tracy

  51. India Miller

    My Daughter is very Beautiful and from Atlanta Ga very slim build with A Amazing Voice if provided this opportunity you will be truly amazed of her ability to reach and hit such high notes.Besides that we have close tides to friends of Whitney. Please consider her all she needs is one mic thank you Loving Mom Mrs.Miller

  52. marashanna collins

    Well people say i look like her and iam a very good singer and i am interjected. It would be nice to try thing she was a great singer

  53. vivian garza

    I am young and very inspired by her im only 12 but i sing like im older …i am undiscovered

  54. Nawal

    I love singing and I enjoy learning alot of new things, I am open minded… I have traveled alot and I enjoy being around people I can learn from. I am a smart working girl and I love being positive. . Smilling is my Logo personally. . I would be honoured to work as a singer or Acter..

    Thank you for your time 🙂



  56. Minnie P

    Very simple..I grew up with Whitney, her music brought me through good times and bad. I am empowered by her music and that Leo attitude made her the talent that she will always be. I have that fierce quality, I have a presence that can only be found in a Leo and people have always said that I look like her !!

  57. Clarissa

    Hi my name is Clarissa and I am 22 years old. Whitney is a legend, her story needs to been seen. As an actress, I believe that I would capture the true Whitney Houston.

  58. Ebony Outing

    Your Whitney is here. Im currently working for BB Kings as the lead singer on a cruise ship sailing Mediterranean. Not onpy do I cover her songs through request from guest but I also look like her and favor her stage presence.its hard being compared to her constantly when I know I could never be her. But according to every guest on board I am the next Whitney.

  59. Edward Starkes

    I think I should be considered in I will always love you: The Whitney Houston story is because I always wanted to act in a movie and it would be my first time but I know I would do my best as an actor.

  60. Daniel Fitzgerald

    Hi I’m Daniel, I absoulutly love her music and would love to be in this movie about her, I am 13, I absoluty love the song “I will Always Love you” Please consider me, Thanks

  61. Ashanti Jones

    I am a huge fan of Whitney Houston and I would love to be apart of this experience

  62. Shaylynne

    It would be an honor to participate in the making of this film. Whitney is an inspiration to me, and I want to leave my name in people’s heart just like she did. She has left a special place in my heart for music as well as herself. I would greatly appreciate if you would consider having me in the making of this film you will not be dispppinted.

  63. Junette Leneus

    My name is junette leneus I’m a immigrants from haiti moved in the US on September ,2001 to pursue my dream sadly sickness never give me a chance to prove it. I love singing and I’ve been singing since I was in kindergarten. Sadly, a few days after I born my parents have been separates and my mom left me behind to look for a better life.sadly.at the age of five. My uncle marry me with a evil spirits without none of my parents permission.he stoll the the happiness of me. And put the spirit to molesting me at nights.since after that I start having heard disease.in 2006i had my first open heart surgery and with two valves replace and put me on blood thinner med for the rest of my life to prevent blood clots.six years after which is on August 2012 survive from big brain stroke aperation with a four times stroke in the right side of my body.I died from the brain surgery and come back after.I see miraculously victory in me to move on with my life.

  64. sparkle

    I would love to be apart of this event. Still crying over Whitney I love her so much and miss her.This song is so sad.

  65. Krystle

    Whitney Houston is the voice of my generation. She to me is the greatest voice of all the time. I would love to be a part of telling her story! I am an experienced, well trained singer with acting skills in my 20s, single, no children and can just pick and go when you ask! Once again it would be an honor to work under Ms. Bassett to tell the story of the extraordinary, one and only Whitney Houston!

    Age: 28 ( look younger)
    Height: 5.4
    Weight: 100
    Hair/Eyes: Brown

  66. Walter H. Hufman

    I am a non-union actor who would be perfect for the role of Kevin Costner if “The Bodyguard” era is to be included in the production. I am able to play physically demanding roles and am approximately the same age as Mr. Costner during the filming of “The Bodyguard.

  67. Juanita Hart

    I am so interested. I am excited about doing something I love doing. I love singing. Singing has been a part of my entire life. A new chapter of my life is about to open. I am ready, and willing to work hard to make this work. I want to do this. I have done a my same job for 23 years, and really not enjoying it. its time for my change. I am ready.

  68. Brandi Deborah Hilson

    A 30 year old aspiring singer/actress, I have always looked up to Miss Houston.A great mother,a loyal wife, and a dedicated icon, she exudes greatness!Every karaoke event, I’m searching for one of her songs.Many movie nights, I’m wanting to watch her movies.I have a niche for superior performance. It would be an honor to be apart of her legacy at any capacity.

  69. Schronda Williams

    Hello my name is Schronda Williams and I am a aspiring actress from the Baltimore, Maryland area. I have been acting in theatrical productions for the past 14 years and I have 5 years of film experience. As a child performer I performed at the Arena Players Theatre. I also performed at school, church and community theatre. I attended the Community College of Baltimore and studied theatre for two years. I have also taken acting lesson from John Robert Powers in Baltimore, Maryland. I have been doing extra work in the New York City area for the past 6 months, mostly nonpaid. I previously worked on a short film with photography and film director “Tom Wilkinson” in Brooklyn, New York on June 24, 2014. I was recently accepted to attend the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. I am looking forward on being apart of this movie as a extra or in any capacity.

    HEIGHT: 5’8
    WAIST: 26
    HIP: 37

  70. Jazmin Kelley

    i am 14 and live in St.Louis Missouri and go to pattonvillle heights
    i will live to play a role and one of the spots in the movie
    im 5.7 ft, african-american,
    and I’m not skinny I’m in the middle.

  71. Denise Wells

    Hello, My name is Denise Wells I am 46 years of age. I currently live in Atlanta Ga. I have been singing in the church since my youth. I am a Gospel Lead Vocalist.

    Ms. Whitney Houston was one of the great women that inspired me and had a great impact on my life. I would like for my singing career to go to the next dimension. I would love to audition for any roles that are available as well as being an extra.

    Honestly, I do not feel worthy to even ask to sing a song of Ms. Houston because she was “The Voice”…however, should I get an opportunity to audition I would feel privilege and honored.

    If at all possible I would like for someone to contact me at their earliest convenience.

    My contact information is:
    Email Address: denisewells4477@yahoo.com
    Telephone Number is: 404.692.8594
    Website: denisewellsproductions.com

    Thank You and God Bless.

    Denise Wells.

  72. Arie

    I always get told I look like Whitney Houston the younger her ! I loved her music when I was young . I always thought she was an aspiring person despite her drug usage nobody is perfect. She was still able to give fans a good performance . She loved to sing and she was good at what she did even as an actress! I loved her and her music still lives on still today! She is gone but never will she be forgotten. I think you guys already have a Whitney Houston. So whatever role is available should be great. To get chosen to do a movie about the greatest legend Whitney Houston is a blessing in itself.

  73. Paula Peele

    Hello, I’ve been singing since I was a child. I was apart of a band as the lead female singer. I feel that Whitney Houston was one of the greatest singers of all time. I would love to be apart of this movie in any capacity.

  74. Blue

    I am a jazz vocalist and would love to have the opportunity to sing a soundtrack of one of her songs.

  75. DyrekiaLaviita

    Hello,my name is Dyrekia I’m a 22 years old female from Canada. I read about the oulineline
    Of this movie and would love to be a part of it. I would love to audition for any roles
    Available as well as be an extra. I have been singing for about 4 years and would love to take
    My voice to the next level. If you could get back to me soon as you can,I will
    Much appreciate it. Thank you and have a blessed day.

    Height: “5.3”
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Hair color: Dark brown