House Of Cards - Netflix

House Of Cards – Netflix

Netflix, one of the world’s leading video distribution companies has put itself on the original programming map with a growing slate of award winning series and one in particular has enthralled millions of viewers. House Of Cards, produced by two time Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey (The Usual Suspects, American Beauty), Academy Award winner Eli Roth (Forrest Gump, The Insider), and two time Academy Award nominee David Fincher (The Social Network, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button) is set to begin shooting an all new season and casting calls and auditions for various roles will be held soon. This is an amazing opportunity for up and coming acting talents to make their break on one of the most talked about projects in television history.

House Of Cards is based upon the critically acclaimed novel by Michael Dobbs which was subsequently adapted into a legendary BBC miniseries. This all new version follows Spacey as U.S. Rep. Frank Underwood, the Majority Whip of the U.S. House of Representatives who after being passed over for the position of Secretary Of State devises a plan to bring down the President Of The United States. House Of Cards has been thrilling audiences around the world with tales of political scandal and intrigue. The series has assembled an impressive cast that includes Robin Wright (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Moneyball), Kate Mara (American Horror Story, 127 Hours), Michael Kelly (The Adjustment Bureau, The Sopranos) and Mahershala Ali (The Place Beyond The Pines, Treme) and more roles are still to be filled with talented people like you. This is a project that any aspiring actor simply must submit for. Auditions and casting calls are coming shortly and will continue throughout the production. If you are interested in submitting yourself for this fantastic series you can send emails to Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts on this project and keep checking back for all of the casting updates for House Of Cards starring Kevin Spacey.

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  1. Charles Clark

    I will be in Bel Air, MD at the open casting for House of Cards as a background extra and I’m super excited ! Kevin Spacey is one of my favorite all time actors ! No role is too small to me especially

  2. Lindsey Wells

    A riveting opportunity that will allow new talent to be apart of an amazing series!

  3. Patricia McCann

    This is a great series. I have been a part of past seasons, and hope to do so again.
    Looking forward to being a part of this season’s upcoming success!

  4. Kristina Karpechenkova

    Absolutely adore the thrilling vibes and smart scripts

    I am Kristina.
    Would love to audition

    20 years old,
    Originally Russian, studied acting for film in La
    Blonde- brown short hair
    Blue eyes

    Act, stunts, sing, dance, playing piano

    Kristina Karpechenkova

  5. Isabelle Fretheim

    I love this series. Netflix is blowing it out of the water when it comes to their insanely talented teams that have put together inspiring series like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Daredevil. I would be honored to be considered for this show. It is refreshing to find shows that divulge into the realistic aspects of the “out of sight” political world. It would be a privilege to work on such a jaw dropping and influential show, especially alongside acting legends like Kevin Spacey. Thank you for your consideration! 🙂

  6. Alexander J. Klemm

    I am Alexander J. Klemm. A German-Dominican-Japanese living in Miami.

    Age: Sep. 2. 1998 (17)
    Height: 5″11
    Sex: Male
    Body: Average
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Hazel

    Bio: I was born and raised in Strassburg/Kehl, Germany and moved to America when I was 12. I fluently speak German, French, English and Spanish. I am your multicultural dream come true. I can speak in numerous accents. Never had any interest in becoming an actor, but several close friends and relatives told me I should give it a shot. On my 16th birthday last year I was diagnosed with cancer (leukemia ALL pre-B). As of now I am in maintenance. Get rekt cancer. My goal in life is to work in the police and become Chancellor of Germany.

  7. The Always Optimistic Guy

    To whom it may concern,
    I just submitted an application (cover letter, head shots and resume) on behalf of my girlfriend. She has the typical elegant look renowned for the area, beautiful, fast learner and she has done tons of Broadway shows and has also appeared on the show “The Knick” with Clive Owen. She can virtually act and play any role with great success as I have seen her character changes frequently. Thus I am hopeful and asserted that she is what you are looking for.
    I am looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Thanks in advance.

  8. Rafael Fuckner


    I’m very interested about the opportunity, I would like to enjoy the tv world. Here’s a few informations about myself. Please if is there any possibility to send an e-mail about auditions I would be glad to receive and happy to reply.
    Nationality: Brazilian
    Height: 5’9′
    Eye color: light brown
    Hair color: Light brown
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish
    I’ll also send a more specific e-mail. Thank you for the attention.

  9. Karen Gordon

    I am Virginia based and understand the mindset and culture of the DC area. I have worked as an actor and extra and am interested in the production.

  10. biruk tebase

    I’d love to be a part of this amazing TV show. A huge fan of Kevin spacy that man is a legend
    I am 6-1
    Ethiopian speak perfect english , upcoming actor.

  11. Emma Majaura

    a big fan of this series. are you looking for someone mature, 45 years of age. Heavy African accent, short, 5 “3”, weight 150 lbs, well, look no further.

  12. Darta

    I am professional theater and movie actress from
    I would like to be part of this excellent project. I am sure my skills is that what You are searching for.

    Besides acting, I can also speak English, German, Russian, Latvian;
    (175 cm, brown hair, brown eyes), have studied law, worked in law shortly, but after graduating as pro actress I have done already a lot of big theatre productions and some local TV series.

    Will be happy to hear from You,


  13. Denise Moore

    I am 53 years old female interested in becoming an extra or any other part you feel I can be use in. I’m 5 foot 5 black hair brown eyes size 10

  14. Renee Bigsby

    Even though I’m applying for extra, acting is a passion of mine and I’m very talented. I’m gifted in writing as well. I can do comedy as well as drama. I’m hoping to have a chance to have some input in developing my character. Looking forward to filming in the DC area in the House of Cards.

  15. Mike Rodriguez

    Hi fellas.
    My name is Mike Rodriguez. I consider My self a multi talented person some of them are Acting and Songwriting. I have participated in Music Videos and Home Movies. I also perform in some Music Concert as a backup Singer. My passion is the World of Entertainment (Movies, T.V Shows, Music). Love Action, Horror, Post Apocalyptic and Comedy movies.
    •Age – 27
    •Height – 5’6
    •Race – Hispanic/Latino
    •Hair – Black
    •Eyes – Dark Brown

    “Be Creative and Create Something”

  16. Dawn Lyn Johnson

    Very interested, sending e-mail now.

    Extensive, Film/Theatre/ Cover model (Actress for 7yrs +) Resume’ , Head shot & personal web links (Reel, etc.) included in e-mail.

    * Gender: Female
    * Height: 5’3
    * Hair: Blonde
    * Eyes: Blue/Green
    * Weight: 130
    * Bust: 36C


  17. Alexis Webster

    I am very interested in this opportunity please contact me and let me know if I need to send photos and any other information.

  18. Ayman Abouhamda

    I hate the idea that describing myself is how you guys judge my potential because I suck at it. But if anything, I am confident that whoever is reading this will get a huge finders fee for choosing me. I live in the DC area, I’m willing to send head shots.

    I’m 5’7
    Age 25 but I look 21
    I speak Arabic, Spanish, and obviously English
    I can look either Hispanic, Arab, or whatever is in between.
    No experience in acting except for acting like I care.

  19. Brian Ramirez

    Hey, my name is Brian Ramirez. I’m 17 years old & I’m really interested in participating in this show. I don’t have much acting experience, however, I would love to start out small. I’d love to be an extra on the show & work my way up into receiving more casting calls & auditions.

    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’5
    Hair: Dirty Blonde
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Live In: New York
    Languages: English, Spanish

  20. James Goddard

    I’m 57-year-old male. Very athletic. Very outgoing ,structured . Know my way around Washington DC, Show me the world and I’ll show you how to navigate through it. I would love to be part of film or a series . No acting experience but willing to learn. Thanks. Jim

  21. Scott Sullivan

    HI my name is Scott Sullivan and I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am trying to kick off my acting career with this successful series that i have truly fallen in love with. Kevin Spacey is an incredible actor and working alongside him would be out of this world.

    weight: 180lbs
    Race: White
    Eye Color:Hazel
    Hair Color: Blonde

  22. Diane Solove

    Hello my name is Diane Solove, I live in Arnold Maryland and Lancaster, Pa Arnold Maryland is about 15 minutes from down town Annapolis. House of cards is my favorite tv show . I have watched every show from beginning to end. The last series which was not on weekly, I watched the entire series in 2 days.
    I am a 68 year old Caucasian woman , my bucket list contain being an extra on a tv show. Since house of cards is my favorite I would really enjoy the chance to be an extra. I would probably fit the category of black tie or cocktail dressing. Please keep me in mind and help fill my bucket list.
    Thank you very much!

    Diane Solove

  23. Jennifer Neff-Lavundi

    I am a huge fan of this show and would love a shot of being a part of it in any capacity. I do not have much acting experience but I am a social and funny person looking to get into some acting. I am a huge fan of the cast already and would love a chance to be a part of this epic series.

    White female
    Height 5’5
    Weight- 155 lbs

    Look forward to hearing more about this casting call
    Jennifer Neff-Lavundi

  24. Austin Jupe

    Age: 16
    Height: 6′ 6″
    Hair: Blonde
    Experience: None
    Purpose: Been a fan of the show since it started. Live in Richmond, VA, and was really just looking for any possible role.

  25. Mya Muney

    Hello my name is Mya Muney.
    Age: 25
    Height: 5’
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Built: Curvy
    Race: Southeast Asian
    Contact me @Mya_Muney on

  26. Samantha Ortiz

    Name: Samantha Ortiz
    Age: 21
    Height: 5′
    Weight: 104
    Ethnicity: hispanic (I don’t speak Spanish unfortunately)
    Live: Near UC Riverside, so not too far from LA

    I do not have any experience, but would love to get into acting. I have long dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am short but have an athletic body type. I am 21 and I can of course play the character of an adult, but I am easily mistaken for a high schooler at times, so I can play the character of a teenager. I am outgoing and ready for any opportunity.
    Thank you for your consideration!

  27. Macy Brinker


    My name is Macy Brinker, I’m currently trying to kick off my career as an actress/model. I’m very enthusiastic and a lot of fun to work with. Below are my stats:
    Name- Macy Brinker
    Age- 16
    Phone#- (309)798-7304
    Height- 5’8″
    Weight- 125lbs
    Hair Color- Red
    Eye color- Hazel
    Clothing Size- Shirt size: Medium; Pant size: 3

    Contact me at if you are interested in scheduling an audition
    I’m very excited and I hope to hear from you soon.

  28. Carlye Fenner

    Hi there, my name is Carlye Fenner. I’m 26 years old & I’m highly interested in participating in this show, because I live around the DC area. I don’t have much acting experience, however, I would love to start out small. For example….I’d love to be an extra on the show & gradually work up my way into receiving more casting calls & auditions.
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 106 lbs
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair Color: Brown
    Built: Athletic
    Race: White Caucasian

  29. Landa McGrath

    Sounds intense !! I would love to have the chance to try out I know there is a part or extra u can use me for here not shy and serious minded but fun too give me a chance Thanks

  30. Anjelique and Nayiri Alexander

    15 year old twin sisters who are looking to get into the entertainment business! Have an acting profile set up at
    More info:
    Ethnicity: Armenian
    Height: 5’3′
    Eye color: light brown
    Hair color: Light brown
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Live in Orange, County CA so very close to LA
    Check out our profile and send us an email if in interested!
    We also write, compose, and sing our own original music! Have recorded professionally! This would be a great opportunity!

  31. Breanna

    My name is Breanna and I am 18 years old! I am 5’7″ and about 130 pounds! I have never acted before but would love to get into it by starting with small roles and starting as extras!
    Im Caucasian and live in Maryland!

  32. Andy Haman

    20, almost 21 yr. old white male
    Eyes: Hazel/Green
    Hair: Short, Brown
    Weight: Roughly 200-220
    Height: 5’10”

    I am a huge fan of the work of Robin Wright, and would love to work with her. I would love to work as an extra on this show.

  33. Karen Gallo

    I am completely hooked on this series and can’t wait for the next season! I would love to play a part or be an extra in this series, especially if it’s something with Robin Wright. I have been an extra and stand in on one movie in May 2015 (Christmas in the Smokies). I can play parts age range 30-50. I am Caucasian Female – 5’3′, 150 lbs, long (mid back length) sandy blonde hair. I am size 10 pants / skirts, medium shirts. I have a 2011 race red 5.0 mustang, and ride motorcycles. I have a very flexible schedule. Thanks for the opportunity and I look forward to watching for a return comment and chance to participate!

  34. Khaleel Wan

    Awesome series as a a whole!!

  35. Chris Methvin

    Hi please give me a call I thinks it’s time to bring my comic style to Hollywood I’m always life of the party and would love it to be in this film to show Hollywood what they have been missing for 43 years so get on the horn and blow it my way so I can come by this week while I’m in town. Thanks chris Methvin
    I’m 43 years old 5’10 175 lbs dark brown hair with a little grey and brown eyes I’m so ready to tackle Hollywood.

  36. James Johnson

    63 yrs, some stage experience, available in Maryland – DC area.

  37. Christina

    I have finally decided to stop being scared and do what I love! I am ready to start my acting career. I absolutely love this show and would love the opportunity to be casted. I am a hard worker and excited for what my future holds!

  38. Aneesha

    Hello, I have seen this page and am becoming increasingly interested in this project. I’m a 16 year old from Yorkshire, England who is trying to crack the acting world. I’ve no prior experience but I’m eager to learn. I know being from the uk might be a bit of a problem but I will soon have 3 months of holidays starting mid June and more time off in and around the year so that won’t be a problem for me.

    Thank you for acknowledging me and would love to hear a reply soon via email which is

  39. Michael Cox

    Anything and everything I can accomplish. Tell me the character you need and I will deliver. I work hard to give the best performance needed

  40. Gerardo labrada

    I am a actor with a pasión for film i am hispánic and represent it by the color o my skin. A chance to audition for a young actor like my self would be great for a role in a series like this because the series smells like controversy and i could represent it well from being the assistant of a leader to playing the role of a political leader. I can easily transform from one character to another.

  41. Jennifer A. Jones

    Im a binge watcher because the show is so compelling. I have been acting, singing and doing voice over work for over a decade. I would be elated to be on this show with the amazing high calibre of actors. I am a Washingtonian by birth and love the city and its electric pulse.

  42. Diannr

    Hi my name is Dianne. I am 20 years old. and this will be my first time to act. I will practice for any character I will be.

  43. Sarah

    Hi, my name is Sarah and I am 16 years old.

    I have followed the House of Cards series from the beginning, and I must say that I have grown attached to the story-line, the characters, and the wonderful, talented actors that portray them. I have a few experiences in theater, so I am aware of what is expected of me while acting. I am a very flexible person, and I am quite able to balance an acting job as well as an education.

    If you have any further questions for myself and about my previous acting experiences, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you very much for your consideration.

  44. Lori King

    I’m Lori DeVincentis King and I have acted in commercials and on stage. I can do accent and voice imitations and can play any type of ethnicity in a role from Caucasian to Hispanic and Middle Eastern. I can sing, but was never formally trained. I would love the chance to audition for a part in this series by virtue of my passion for this type of story line. I’m a Department of Defense employee for the Army and I’m COMPLETELY familiar with Military terms and acronyms as I used them in my day to day operations.

    Name: Lori King – Gender: Female
    Height: 5′3
    Size: 6
    Hair :Long, Black
    Eye Color: Light Brown
    Skin Tone: Olive
    Age: 40-46
    Race: Caucasian (with some Italian & Slovenian)
    Live In: North Carolina
    Hobbies: Running 5 & 10K races, Dancing, Acting
    Languages: English, Conversational Italian & French – I can imitate accents very well.

  45. cuinn casey

    Hi, my name is Cuinn Casey and I am 15 years old.

    I moved here to the DC area to pursue my love of the theater. I am currently the lead in the Alden Theaters production of 13,running January 30th through Feb 15th.

    I love acting. It is not just a passion but a part of every fiber of who I am. I look forward to working with brilliant actors like those on the House of Cards. I would be honored to come audition for your show.

    thank you for your concideration,


  46. Brian Keith Gamble

    Congratulations to Kevin Spacey for the for the Golden Globe win after 7 previous nominations!

    I am a huge fan of the show and have been a fan of Kevin Spacey since my youth after being introduced to him as the villainous Mel Proffitt in the 80’s television show Wiseguy.

    Additionally, I am born and raised in Sumter, South Carolina. It is so refreshing to see a character like Frances Underwood written (and played) contradictory to typical perceptions of Southerns, particularly Southern politicians.

    As an added bonus I am an alumni of The Citadel: The Military College of South Carolina. So you can imagine my elation upon screening season 1: ep 8 as Francis revisits his past and alma mater, The Sentinel. I thought the sensitivity, insight and intelligence by which the writers portrayed the complexity of relationships that can often develop between young people under highly competitive and intense circumstances was authentic, brilliant and magnificently acted.

    Clearly, I am a huge fan of the all things HOC

    Again Congratulations,



  47. Lucas Boyd

    First thing first…. I’ve seen plenty of people without the perfect resumes and qualities get acting positions. It’s all about how you interact with the audience. I will be 20 years old in January, handsome kid and passionate about interacting with viewers to create an intriguing atmosphere for them, and I am attending the University of Kansas and am currently studying film and media studies. I wish to get into the entertainment industry in any way shape or form and am a huge fan of the big names that have left Kansas such as Rob Riggle and Paul Rudd. Even Jason Sudeikis from Kansas City. I want to follow in there foot steps and I have received support from my family and they have always told me I should try to act, so I’m taking a leap of faith and just going for it. I don’t want to live my life knowing I didn’t even try. And promise I’ll give you exactly what you’re looking for.

  48. Carol F.

    The Emergency Room nurses at Harford Memorial Hospital because we loooove your show and would love to be part of this important production in the Havre de Grace community. We are dynamic and fun!!!