Get On Up - Movie

Get On Up – Movie

The man known the world over as “The Godfather of Soul” is finally getting the big screen treatment and production on the fascinating biopic is set to begin soon with an award winning director and a stellar principal cast. Get On Up, the story of James Brown is gearing up for production and the producers and casting directors of this sure to be hit feature film have announced their search for a number of talented performers of all ages to round out their impressive cast. Casting calls for roles of all sizes will be starting very soon and actors interested in auditioning can submit themselves today for consideration. This could be your chance to be a part of a timeless film about a truly timeless entertainer.

Get On Up will tell the moving life story of James Joseph Brown, the man who touched millions of lives with his unforgettable pop and funk music hits during his six decades of performances. The film will delve into Brown’s troubled and impoverished upbringing and highlight his tremendous journey from the back roads of South Carolina to the pinnacle of the entertainment world. Get On Up will be directed by the supremely talented Tate Taylor who’s impressive 2011 film The Help starring Emma Stone was nominated for four Academy Awards, winning one. Taylor has lined up an already stunning principle cast that includes the talents of Chadwick Boseman (42, Lincoln Heights, Draft Day), Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (Spider-Man, Dinner for Schmucks, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters), two time Academy Award nominee Viola Davis (Doubt, Solaris, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close) and Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Date Night, Smokin’ Aces). This film has all of the ingredients to be a critical and commercial smash hit and soon you could be a apart of it.

Casting calls for all available roles in Get On Up will be staring soon and actors of all ages can submit themselves today by sending emails here We will post more audition updates as soon as they are released so keep checking in for more news and leave a message in the space below and tell us what you think of the film and why you would like a chance at a casting call for the James Brown biopic Get On Up.

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  1. Stanley Imokha

    Name: Stanley Imokha
    Age: 27
    Ethnicity: Black
    Nationality: Nigerian
    Height: 6″0
    Weight: 200Ibs athletic
    Location: Denver Colorado

    i have previously acted, written and directed my own comedy skits

  2. Edward Pollard

    African American
    brown skin
    200 lbs
    nice smile
    slightly blemished face

  3. Awien

    Hair:Dark Brown
    Eyes:Dark Brown
    Hey my name is Awein bol in very interested in this role and I’m also a big fan
    Of the king of soul
    I love soul music

  4. lakeesha harris

    I am lakeesha and I live in Texarkana, Texas. I am 38yrs. old and I am 5’9.I have watched GET ON UP over 100 times. I think that I would be a good fit to audition as Deidre Brown. I have been in many stage plays at a local community art center. I was in Little Shop of Horrors, The Wiz, and Fame, just to name a few. I have a lot of character and I will bring any character to life. I have an online profile at

  5. Anyieth Kuotz

    I hope that my submission leaps out of these pages and you understand my character and passion.

    I am 19, passionate, sociable and enthusiastic about life. I am very serious about acting. I am a university student (Journalism and Business) and was House Captain, MC, Miss Africa Queensland, and also a teacher/conductor/founder of the Multicultural Choir.

    Physical appearance:

    UK Cockney
    UK English
    USA California
    USA New York

    Height: 178
    Skin tone: Brown (African)
    Hair colour: Black/dark brown (known for changing to suit seasons)
    Acting: Previous speaking roles in Australia.

  6. Scarlette Foster

    Singer song, writer and actor from philadelphia. 5″6″ 145lb brown eyes,black hair. Looking for stardom. 267-815-2305

  7. ian beckroege

    My name is Ian Beckroege and I am 17 years old I am 6,2 with dark blond hair and blue eyes. I am good at doing characters and impersonations. When I act I put everything into the character my mindset goes from being myself to that character and on set Ian doesnt exist anymore. When I act I truly believe I am that person. Its always been my dream to become an actor I am easy to get along with. My friends say I am an excellent liar in fact it has gotten me out of trouble on several occasions. I am athletic and I love to be active. Please, I beg of you, give me a chance and you wont regret it.

  8. Dante Salomon

    Hi Dante, I’m 5’8 and I would love to be in this movie. I know James brown a lot and I know a lot about the man. I have done plays growing up and I think this movie will be good for me. I know he took his music serious but he also felt good. I can be a funny actor or serious or anything you want. I can do it all. I would love to be a part of history as we know it.
    thank you and I hope we can discuss this sometime.

  9. Malcolm Williams

    My mother was called in as an extra in the James Brown movie. Also, the director is from my hometown Jackson, MS, so i think that i would really be able to make a connection with the director and the part.

  10. Bailey Wallace

    Hello Disney!
    My name is bailey and I am 12 years old.
    I am 5’5
    My hobbies are singing, dancing (hip-hop and contemporary) and acting of course!
    I have a very unique singing voice.

    I know all the people on here are saying “you won’t be disappointed” or “pick me, I won’t let you down!” But me, this is my life dream and goal and it has been since I started acting and watching Disney (since I was 4.) I don’t know what I would do if acting wasn’t involved in my life. Sometimes when I’m in a bad mood or just grumpy I will literally act out lines from movies or shows, and it makes me feel 10x better. So if I got the part, I would most likely faint, cry for hours (in a good way obviously haha) or just be speechless.

    My inspiration is zendaya. Because she reminds me of myself. She can sing, (I sing 24/7) she can act (acting is my life) she can dance (I dance on my free time) and her style is almost exactly like mine. I dress like a tomboy but not to tomboy. I will wear jeans and a tee-shirt and out my hair up and wear sneakers. But other days I will wear a dress and ballet shoes and curl my hair. Or on school days I will straighten my hair, wear jeans or leggings and a long sleeve shirt or kind of a dressy shirt, a sweater and converse, and TA DA!! I’m ready! 🙂

    I have past experiences with acting with kaleidoscope theatre in “the best Christmas pageant ever.”
    I was 9 when I was in the play.
    When I got the part I instantly cried with joy.
    As soon as I got on that stage I fell in love with acting.
    I love performing in front of people and cameras because I get to show my true skills!

    Acting is my life and I eventually want to be a Disney star!
    I love to make people laugh and just in general happy.
    I think a comedy show would be ideal for me.

    Please consider me to even audition for a Disney show. It would be my dream. And I would be the happiest girl in the world!


  11. Manunika Mukes

    My name is manunika Mukes I am 15 years old and I believe I would best fit for a role in this movie. I know all about him and his background that a person can know, but it does not only take that, it takes hardwork and dedication and I have what it takes.

  12. Diane Dodd

    I would love to be an Extra in this movie. I am very beautiful, energetic, fun person and have what it takes to make this movie a success. Thanks!!!!

  13. Vania Allen

    I can already see my self in this movie 😀

  14. Joha Harrison

    I will be a great fit in any role. I am a well rounded person, so being my self wont be hard.

  15. Ricardo Ortega Cordova


    16 years old and applying for an acting job. I’ll be simple. I’m from Puerto Rico, been living here since born, I just graduated 10th and I like politics. Pretty much my life is dedicated around my brother and parents but I won’t enter into detail since everyone can see this. I would’ve attached a picture but I don’t know how to change the monster face. Ha-ha.

    Interest: Acting


  16. Joe Harris

    I should be considered because I am also a musician. I grew up playing in the church, and school, from 3rd grade to junior year of college. I play trombone, baritone. I am familiar with the music of the swing and jazz bands of James Brown era. In as much, being a musician is a double edge sword, projecting personality in your music to that of the liking of the public, while at the same time maintaining your true self in order keep the talent flowing. Music is a production base art form. Each day owns itself, with very little reference to what happened the day before. Each day as a performer requires its own preparation. It cannot be taken for granted. As an actor, you must understand that requirement, duty, or cost of being a supportive performer of a legend such as James Brown. You must be aware of the tense moments, and yet the face of joy while enduring possible loneliness, weariness, or holding on to a last will to perform at a high level. In as much, you must be able to project the toll of day after day and night after night touring and living on the road, endured my the body and mind. It is the spirit of music that keeps us going. I can project that because I lived as a church musician. Not to the extent of doing it for living such as the band and background vocals, don’t get me wrong. But a weekend tour of rehearsals and performances, and the need to earn a dollar combined can create weariness unseen by the public eye. That creates the loneliness I mentioned earlier. I am able to read a scene to understand the purpose behind it in the plot. Whereas, I will master through hardwork projecting the appropriate emotion, tone of voice, and natural behavior that the aura of the scene, in real life, would create in the character. Also, such would insure that the audience would be moved by the emotion of the plot, attached, and resultingly would find the joy at the end of good triumph over evil.

    My Stats and info is below.

    5′ 11″
    weight 200
    athletic build, broad shoulders
    brown eyes,
    hair black
    African American
    Baritone, Bass -voice
    range from urban to traditional man
    age 25-40′s
    able to simulate accents, once portrayed an irish accent in mystery playhouse dinner theatre in Williamsburg, VA.
    Current location: New York, NY

  17. Cherrel Santana

    James Brown was a creative, impressive and extremely talented soul. Just as well as he brought something with him to the stage I feel this new face and personality can bring something to the screen as well. I really feel this is going to be another one of the great films to introduce the world personally to one of the greats just like The Five Heartbeats, Little Richard and so on. It would be a blessing and enormously great opportunity. I thank you in advance for your correspondence.

  18. Kelsy Renee Johnson

    I would love to be a part of this amazing film. If you give me one opportunity to show you what I can do I promise you, you wont be disappointed.

    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’4″
    Hair color: Brown, (With Ombre)
    Eye color: dark brown
    Race: White
    *Pro Am Dancer

  19. Monique Jones

    I’ve acted on stage and I feel I am truly gifted when I bring life to a character.

  20. Marion Woodie

    5’5, 125 lbs, African American, Brown Eyes
    I would like to be apart of “Get on up” because I feel James Brown was a very powerful person and had a strong influence on music. I feel this has a great story line and I would love to be apart of something great for once in my life. Ironically, my ex boyfriend’s name was James Brown. Go figure! I am also a musician that is studying Commercial Recording/ music in college. I have a positive attitude and I am a happy person. But I also take my jobs serious. If I earn this role I would be very grateful and honored even if I do get a small role.

  21. Donovon J Cobb

    What’s up my name is Donovon J Cobb.
    I live in Detroit Michigan and I am 14 years old.
    I have a huge interest in Motown music and I have visited the Motown museum lots of times.
    Michael Jackson and James Brown are huge inspirations in my.
    I know alot about James Brown and his life.
    I think I would be good for the part as the teenage James brown because I have a interest in singing and dancing and I will work to my full ability and put lots of effort thank you.
    Weight:125 lbs
    Ethnicity:Black/African American
    Eye Color:Dark brown
    Hair:Curly/Dark brown

  22. Amber Ware

    Name: Amber Ware
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’5/5’6
    Body Type: Average
    Weight: 180
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair: Short (Afro), Curly, Dark Brown
    Ethnicity: African American

    Why should I be considered for this movie?
    I believe that I should be considered for this movie because I love to act and becoming an actress is what I want to do. I understand that I would be considered as a beginning actor but I know what it takes to be in front of the camera and to make fiction real. I’m really just a small girl with big dreams and I’m really trying to make these dreams a major reality. Acting is going, no is my life. To me being able to star in films or t.v. roles with such amazing people from everywhere in the world is something I only wish to make real and I’m hoping that with your help you can have me do that. All I need is the chance to prove myself and your help so I can make that happen.

  23. Toniee

    my name is Toniee and I really want to act. I’ll be 17 years old next month (April 15th). I’m an African American/Black female, About 4’11 and im medium sized (Curvy), dark brown hair and eyes. One of my favorite movie directors is Robert Townsend and my favorite movie of all time is “The Five Heartbeats”. Outside of school plays and performances, i don’t really have much experience but I’m no stranger to hard work. It was always my dream to sing and act ever since i was a kid. When I was 13 I auditioned for America’s Got Talent and got a callback. Unfortunately, my family and I had couldnt make it to my second callback due to travel conditions. The first and only time i auditioned for a movie was when i was 15 but i only had 2 days to learn the script. Im ready to try again and follow my dreams. I am extremely talented and I am certain that I would be perfect for a role in this movie.

  24. Marisa Ahrendts

    Hello, my name is Marisa Ahrendts. I am a student-athlete at University at Albany in New York. I should be chosen to play a role in the film because I have the look to play in this historical period. I have a great talent at what I do, whether it’s sports or performing in front of an audience. If I lack at something I make it my mission to get better and be better. Acting as an extra or a main role in this film would not make a difference. I would work hard and prove to whomever that I am capable of showing excellence by any circumstance. I hope audience would be located in New York my talent as a beginner actor. I am not afraid to say I am a beginner. I believe that beginners are the ones to look after. You would never know when a beginner would outshine those who are advanced.
    Gender – female
    Age – 21
    height – 5’9
    Weight 149
    Body type: athletic/slim
    Hair – dark brown
    Eyes – brown
    Ethnicity – African American
    City/State – Brooklyn, NY

  25. Akera Briscoe

    Hello, my name is Akera Briscoe, I am 19 years. I am an African American female. Well, growing up, I was a shy young girl. I rarely spoke out loud in front of the class. It was a dark and confusing period of my life. I felt as though I were trapped in a box. From inside this box, i could look out on the world as an observer . Over the years, i observed and observed a new life, the theater life. I wanted to feel what it would be like to do something i have been observing all these years. My Junior year of high school, i decided to try out for our school play “Hair Spray”. I was nervous, butterflies flew out my stomach like a winters day. They called my name, and i gave it my all, as if nobody was in the crowd. A few days after, i got a call from the Theater director, saying i made the cut. That was the day i felt invincible, and that i could do anything. Tears rushing down my face with such pride and courage, that i finally did it. I’ve gotten out of my shy stage. From that day on, i have auditioned for every and any school play that occurred. No matter how hard the challenge, no matter how difficult the situation, no matter the delays, or discouragement, i have given performing arts my all, and i continue to do so with my future goals. I highly feel this opportunity here, will be such a extraordinary and life changing event. To even get to play a role in such an inspiring movie, words cant describe. The fact that i will get to be hands on with such an amazing director, and cast is a wonderful experience let alone. You will NEVER expect a day where you wont see 100% of my effort and dedication. Consider me as your next cast member, you will not be disappointed!

  26. Madeleine Phillips

    Hello, my name is Madeleine Phillips i am 23, I live in cali. I am a counrty girl who is not scared to get dirty or bumps and bures. I have done drama,sing, and dance all thro high school. I have been extras on movies before. The Ringer with Johnny K. I am 5`4 Red hair green eyes and i have always wanted more out of just sitting behind my desk. I want to be in the spot light. I know i have to work my way up and take any and everything in. I know I am not the skinniest girl in the world but i do wear my weight great. I have been in beauty pageants I know beauty is not everything, you have to be able to take in what people tell you and apply it. I am signed up with so many acting websites but noone would give me a chance. I would love to start off in this movies causegrowing up i have always done the 60`s -70`s look and even the victorian look. If you would like to know more about me please feel free to contact me

  27. James Taylor

    I could do the movie & honestly portray JB better than Chadwick Bosewell. The dancing, JB’s trademark gravel voice, I used to imitate him.

    Phone # 402-612-4851

  28. Samuel Curtis Roche

    Male 8 Year old African American
    D.O.B. July 24, 2005 Height: 51” Weight: 57Lbs.
    Hair: Med.length Black Eyes:Brown,Pants: 8 slim
    Shirt/Jacket: 8 Shoe size: 2
    2013-01 ROOTS – LDS Commercial, #1 Child /
    2013-12: Children s Miracle Network / Commercial/Video
    Print: 2013-10, 2013-11: Photo Promotional Stock Model, Rich Vintage Studios,Utah
    Extra: 2009-04: One Good Man (Father of Israel) , Child in Church Pew || Christian Vuissa (12 hours on set)
    Training: 2010-2013-05 Dance || Group Dance HipHop, Ballet ||
    UP WITH KIDS Musical Theatre Academy, active
    *Actively honing acting and modeling techniques through video/camera practice, reading, Improve and Theatre Academy Training.
    Skills/Talents: Dancing (HipHop,Ballet) Running, Football, Reading, Memorization Proficiency, Excellent Student, Confident, Cooperative and well grounded. Has the “IT” factor!
    We are great at traveling and are prepared to drive or fly anywhere within the United States for projects.
    *Contact: ShellyRoche'(801)336-0212 /

  29. Alana Hayes

    Hi I’m 11 year old Alana Hayes from Arlington, Tennessee. I am an African/Native American Female. I can look as old as 14/15 and as young as 11. I’ve been acting since Pre-k. *I would be perfect to play 1 of his 4 daughters. I’ve always been told I’m a great actress. EX: I had only taken one acting class and they put me in an advanced class. I really you hope you consider me, Thank you!
    Age: 11 (Will be 12 in July)
    Body type: Curvy
    Hair: Dark Brown/Black Medium length
    Height: About 5’6
    Ethnicity: African American, Native American & Swedish Descent
    Eye color: Brown

  30. Deyja Martin

    I love movies that tells a person’s story. I find them all very nice and moving. I would love to be a part of it.

    Hello, All. My name is Deyja. I’m 16 years old and my dream is to act, sing, and model. I want this so bad. Growing up, and still to this day, I take on any opportunities I am given to live my dreams. When I was a little girl, I was so dramatic. Everything I did was acting. Everytime I was tv, I just get so envious of all the stars…I want to be up there was other them. I used to have my mom watch me while I sing and perform different scenes and songs, (some from tv, some I wrote.) I have many big dreams and I’m ready to start living them. I am a harf worker. I promise to never give less than 100%. I can assure you that if you decided to work with me, I would not make you regret it. All I want to do is entertain people all over the world. Please consider me for this. It would be an honor to work with you. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

    Clumsy. Silly. I laugh at just about everything. VEGETARIAN. Animal lover. I consider myself a Hipster. I’m strange. Hate math. Believe in every mythical person and creature except Santa, Tooth Fairy, and Easter Bunny. Dyslexic. Obsessed with chocolate. Love movies. My favorite nights are full moons. Love dancing. I love dressing up and walking up and down my hall pretending like I’m on a runway. For some reason, I like doing a British accent.


    Gender: Female
    Age: 16 (I can look as young as 14 and as old as 17)
    Ethnicity: Mixed (African American, Jamaican, Egyptian, Puerto Rican, and Italian. )
    Hair: Dark Brown.
    Eyes: Brown.
    Height: 5’6″
    Weight: 136
    Body Type: Average
    Skin Type: Caramel
    Talents: Actress, Singer, Model, Writer, Poet, Artist, I’m pretty good at dancing.

    (Best Number) My number: 678-499-3796
    (Best Email )
    My Mom’s Number: 404-503-7993
    My Mom’s Email )
    My Sister’s Number: 678-596-7380
    My Sister’s Email:

  31. Anastashia T Meaders

    It would be an honor to start in a film for the late legendry James Brown. acting has been my passion since I was thirteen. I don’t have much experience but can say I am know stranger to auditions.

    Gender – female
    Age – 26
    height – 5’2
    Weight 140
    Hair – black
    Eyes – brown
    Ethnicity – African American
    City/State – Charlotte N.C

  32. Ryan Antoine Young

    I may be only 24, but I have kept up with music from decades ago. I love to act, dance, sing and play instruments.

  33. Lexi Morris

    Hi my name is Lexi, I’m 13 years old and live in victoria british columbia. I would absolutely love to get any part in this movie cause i’m really looking for something too start my acting career.
    I take acting lessons at Screenactors studio in Victoria B.C, I haven’t got any real acting opportunities yet but i’m really serious about acting
    Gender: girl
    Age: 13
    Height: 5″ tall
    weight: 90 pounds
    Hair colour: dirty blonde
    Ethnicity: caucasian
    Age range I can play: 12-14 to play it safe. maybe even 12-15, 11-15 kinda thing if thats even possible

  34. Talisa

    Hi my name is Talisa Barnett

    I am 24yrs of age
    My ethnicity is black British
    Body type: slim/curvy
    Height: 5″7

    I love James Brown and was brought up and music by him and all the great motown artists

    I would to be a part of this movie and as well as singing acting is another passion of mine

    I have a online profile for your perusal and hope to hear from you soon

  35. Aamira

    Hello 🙂
    My name is Aamira and I WANT THIS SO BAD!! Since my early experience in an extracurricular acting program at age 12, I have known that I wanted to be an actress.
    “There are no small roles, only small actors”. I would love to be a part of this project or to just gain real life experience in the acting setting.

    I am an ethnic chameleon and I am so eager to earn my stripes.


    I would love this opportunity to begin making my dreams come true

    Name: Aamira
    Age: 20
    Height: 5’8
    Body Type: Slim/Curvy