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Fashion Star

Love fashion? Love creating your own look and smiling when people ask where you got your outfit? Have you always dreamed of having your fashion visions hanging in major retailers across the world? Your dreams could be realized on televisions hottest reality fashion competition show Fashion Star. Auditions are happening across the country soon and submissions are being accepted now. Now is the time to turn your visions into reality and take the fashion world by storm!

NBC’s Fashion Star is set to give 14 up and coming fashion designers the chance to battle it out in a series of exciting design competitions that will challenge the contestants talent, nerve and limits in front of millions of viewers each week for the chance to have their fashions sold in three of the world’s largest retailers. Hosted by Glamour Magazine’s fashion editor-at-large Louise Roe, the contestants will have the privilege of being mentored by celebrity fashionistas Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos as they try to win the favor of judges and buyers Caprice Willard of Macy’s, Erika De Salvatore of Express and Terron E. Schaefer of Saks Fifth Avenue and have their collections represented in their stores nationwide. Each episode concludes with a fashion show displaying that weeks fashion with the winning look available for fans to purchase online immediately. There are truly no losers in this reality show – every competitor has a shot at fashion stardom every week! The final winner of this epic style showdown will not only have the experience and exposure of a lifetime but they will walk away with the crown of Fashion Star and  $6 million dollars in collection orders from the three prestigious stores represented. This is the ultimate platform for aspiring fashion artists everywhere. Casting calls for designers and models for this fashion show of a lifetime are happening in locations around the country and you can apply today. To submit yourself or someone you know for the chance at fashion greatness you can head here or send an email here We will keep you updated on every casting update so leave a comment for us below and tell us why you want a shot at being the world’s next fashion icon and stay tuned every new detail for NBC’s Fashion Star.

Apply today and the world could soon be seen through your fashion eye. Young or old, no matter your walk of life – you can be the next Fashion Star.

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  1. Jessica D Roy

    Hi I’m Jess from a small town in Maine. Fashion is my dream. I knew when I was eleven that I wanted to go to fashion school. I’ve been sketching and transforming clothes into pieces I like to wear for a few years now. I don’t have a lot of experience with sewing but I am willing to learn and I’m excited. I’m hoping to get into a sewing class soon. When I saw Fashion Star I thought there’s no way I would have a chance but, I thought this is what I dream about every day so I would be stupid to not give it a try! Thank you and I’m hopeful for the opportunity.

  2. Jessica Roy

    Hi I’m Jess from a small town in Maine. Fashion is my dream. I knew when I was eleven that I wanted to go to fashion school. I’ve been sketching and transforming clothes into pieces I like to wear for a few years now. I don’t have a lot of experience with sewing but I am willing to learn and I’m excited. I’m hoping to get into a sewing class soon. When I saw Fashion Star I thought there’s no way I would have a chance but, I thought this is what I dream about every day so I would be stupid to not give it a try! Thank you and I’m hopeful for the opportunity.

  3. Shakima Walker

    I’m so thankful I was able to find a profession that connects two of my lifelong passions: fashion and design. My style is rooted in a deep, passionate, and lifelong commitment to fashionable comfort and elegance. I’ve been a lover of fashion from the age of 10 years old. March of 2017 I decided to turn my passion into a reality by joining the fashion industry as a professional. I design clothing because I want people to feel as good as they look. It’s all about the experience and emotional connection that they have wearing my clothing. The love and passion that I have when creating my designs; I want people to feel it.

  4. Rosémaria

    I am a fashion designer. I know I’ve got my own style that I can battle. Took me for ever to get here. And it’s time for me show what I’ve got. I’ve got full of stories to tell you, but I rather show than tell. My style will kill it. I say what ever, and I believe in myself. I’ve know I’ve got it. I know what I’m doing.

    Thank you

  5. Rosémaria

    I am a fashion designer, and I know I’ve got my own style that I can battle.
    Took me for ever to get here. And it’s time for me to show what I’ve got. I say what ever, I believe in myself, I know I’ve got it. And all I need to do just show I’ve got.
    Thank you

  6. Evan Ibrahim

    Hi! My name is Evan, I am 31 years old and actually pretty new to fashion design. I love to create, whether that’s fashion, painting, jewelry making or some other medium. I like to create stunning performance wear for my friends who are drag queens, burlesque performers, singers, and the everyday man and woman. While I’ve only been sewing seriously for the past year I’ve gotten so much encouragement and fanfare from my circle of friends that I’m now ready to show the world what I can do!

  7. Lorraine

    I am a recent fashion design graduate in Sydney I would love the opportunity to be apart of this show to showcase my work and gain new experiences overseas

  8. Ruth

    How do i apply for fashion star. I am Australian and live in Australia but will do whatever it takes to show the world my amazing gifts.

  9. Hyalyn Schwichtenberg

    Hello! My name is Hyalyn and I have over 30 years of combined experience as an Expert Seamstress and Alterations Specialist with a Passion for everything Fashion. I’ve always been extremely interested in becoming a Fashion Designer but didn’t pursue that avenue despite attending some college and majoring in Fashion Merchandising. My life circumstances have recently changed and now I’m in an ideal position to utilize my talents and expertise to pick up where I left off many years ago and finally become a Fashion Designer. Thank you for considering me to compete on your show Fashion Star. I look forward to this once in a lifetime opportunity!

  10. Aisha Spain

    Good Afternoon, I am currently looking for any Shoe designer casting calls, or reality shows. Thank You

  11. Cherrie J. Etchison

    Hello, my fashion designer name is Brandon Pierre, I am 51 years young, I specialize in fashion for all women. young ladies and women age 13 through 50 is most excited about my fashion. I once owned a daycare center and a mortgage company and now because of life changes, I am using my natural ability designing fashion. I design everyday wear and fashions forward…..
    Thank you,
    Please consider me to compete on your show.

  12. Lisa

    Hi my name is Lisa know as Angelic Reise out of Houston, TX. After my third time of being diagnosed with cancer, GOD gave me a vision once again, one of my first talents that he had in stored upon me thirty- four years ago.
    I have a gift from GOD to be able to design women apparel such a red carpet, evening wear, and ready to wear garments.
    I am a hard work, driving, and determine to become successful in trying to making women look and feel glamorous. I think my designing skill is unique (no use of patterns).
    Ninety-nine percent of the time my sketches are planted in my brain and one percent on paper. Over the three years of designing I’ve designed over forty plus pieces. I keep myself busy custom designing. I’ve had the pleasure of designing for the celebrity rapper T.I’s. mom in 2014.
    I think I would be a great candidate to your show because of my uniqueness. I would like to have the opportunity to show the world my fabulous designs. To know a little more about Lisa (Angelic Reise) you can view more at

    Sincerely yours

  13. Tracey E

    Hi, My name is Tracey, and I am an Aspiring Men’s Casual, Business, and Formal Wear Designer. I currently Run a Formal Wear shop, and before that I worked for a Men’s Clothing store, and that’s where my passion for Men’s Clothing began. I have amazing tasted, and I was always good at turning a 500 dollar purchase into a five THOUSAND dollar purchase!! My dream is to become a Well known Designer with my product in many stores.. trust me, Im good at what I do, I hope you consider me, you won’t regret it!! 😉

  14. Lia

    I’m Lia J from Santa fe NM! One of a kind!!! Pick me!

  15. Dessa2creative

    Hey im Dessa im from London,England.
    Im and up and coming fashion designer/stylist and I have just been casted by fashion one for a fashion design competition show in Hong Kong.
    The show is not being filmed until later on this year so I will be available for fashion star 🙂
    I’d really love to be well known in the US and expand my brand to all areas of the globe!
    Please consider me for this show! 🙂 im hardworking,genuine,a fast learner and ive also been told im kinda funny!
    Hit up my instagram and see for yourself

  16. Cynthia Quintana


    My name is Cynthia Quintana I am an inspiring Fashion Designer from San Francisco, California. I will be graduating from college with my Business degree in May 2015. I have been working hard towards my degree and now that I am graduating I am ready to go after my dream. I am inspired to be a fashion designer because I have what it takes to be the best. I wake up everyday thinking about fashion and love giving fashion tips to friends and family. Fashion is what I love and i want to share it with the world. I have a great humble positive attitude and carry myself in high standard and I believe in my dream. I love being inspired by others and also love to inspire others. I am driven because of passion I carry passion in my heart and being a fashion designer is my dream. I would appreciate an opportunity to be a part of Fashion Star NBA 2015.

  17. Cherrie J. Etchison

    Hello, I am Cherrie J. Etchison, I am a fashion designer, my brand name is Brandon P’Erre, I design everyday wear, and this what make me different from other designers. My designs comes in all colors, therefore my design change it looks costantly, without me changing my pattern. My designs are simple and pleasant and sexy. I am 50 years young and is known for youthful designs. Go to my photos on facebook. and check out some of my designs. Why should you choose me, because this is what I do, and I am good at it.

  18. VIcky Stouki

    Having a great passion for Fashion, Styling and Image making, I decided to get into Fashion industry. Therefore, at a later stage in my career, I decided to pursue and I completed a Professional Course in Styling so as to follow a professional career in Fashion and Styling. Upon completion of my degree in Professional Styling, I created my fashion blog Vicky’s Style ( so as to share the latest fashion news, fashion shows, fashion & beauty tips & trends, celebrity styling and shopping offers. Moreover, I am looking forward to work with each one of my audience so as to provide them with all the tips n order to develop a successful and unique styling based on their personal lifestyle. My goal is to provide personal advice on how to personalize fashion trends based on each one’s personality, to develop their image, to use the color palette into each one’s lifestyle and to develop personal style in order to feel unique and fabulous.

  19. Victoria Williams

    I’m so happy fashion star is back interested in fashion design that’s my heart my life it’s in my bone’s in my blood as well in my DNA I was born to design just haven’t had the chance to show what my God has created raw talent that’s me straight from my head to the paper.

  20. Ryan coleman

    I am a fashion designer based out of Atlanta. I design for the anchoring woman with 99 lives. My work has been featured in Elements Magazine, as well as graced the cover of Liamani Magazine to only name a few. I am registered to the state of ga wi an LLC and am very proficient in e design process from pattern making to tech packs and spec sheets and cost sheets. This platform platform could assist me in solidifying my brand and open me up to a larger market. It would also mean a better way of life for myself and three generations of my family.

  21. Jasmine Stubbs

    Hello, my name is Jasmine Stubbs. I’m emerging fashion designer from Jackson, MS. I love fashion and designing clothes. I know that I will be a great contestant for fashion star. I work hard and my designs are always new and exciting. Thank you for this opportunity and I look foward to hearing from you.

  22. Denise Elisabeth

    Hi I’m interested in this opportunity. Ever since I was young I was watching True Jackson VP. during that time I was going through a lot of bullying situations and I just really felt bad about myself. fashion was the only thing that helps me feel better. Me through my tough times. But I got a sewing machine at the age of 7 and ever since I’ve been sewing my butt off.I’ve been trying to get on shows like threats and Project Runway every opportunity I had. some of my closest family friends where my outfits.My designs are way for women to feel sexy and yet modest at the same time I’m 16 years old and just trying to live my dream. I believe the show is a good opportunity and I am willing to take down hard tasks and I’m up to any challenge.But fashion is more important than anything. Thanks for your consideration

  23. Dee-Dee

    I do fashion shows as well as attend them on a monthly basis. And it never seems to amaze me that this young lady by the name of LaShara (aka) stixx is ripping the runway every show. I was in Montgomery Ala she was there on the runway. I was in Birmingham Ala where I ranned into her again at the boutwell auditorium ripping the runway. I then was invited by a friend to attend a fashion show at the University of Alabama and who walks down the runway that same young lady. I moved to Atlanta hooked up with a few promoters and business owners like myself, threw a grand opening for a new clothing for line, along with a fashion show. And the first model to grace the stage was who. The young lady LaShara . I then started asking question about here like .who do she models for and how much does she charge. Because this girl is going to be huge in the fashion world. Got a phone call from my business partner in Los Angeles about a casting call for male and female models. All i did was made mention to the young lady LaShara about the casting and that was it.. I flew to Los Angeles to this casting and nevertheless would I had imagine that this you lady would be in this show, I was completely outdone. I said all of this to say I don’t know this woman personally but I wish her nothing but great success. It’s written all over her face. If I could nominate a outgoing persistent, goal driven, loyal, business minded, hardworking young lady ( oh did I forget to say very very attractive you lady) it will be here.. good luck LaShara I will definitely see you at the top.. keep pushing forward.

  24. Michelle W.

    Hi my name is Michelle, and my biggest inspiration is my mother since the age of 7. In 1994, I decided to major in fashion design and never completed since finance was an issue. I then relocated in 1998 to another state and worked for a high-end boutique. In 2004, I decided to continue my fashion major and received my Associate of Science degree @International Academy of Design & Technology. I have auditions for couple of fashion shows in the past, one call back and interview but the show never take place.
    This year, I lost the biggest fan of my life my mother my inspiration. Now, I am ready to show the world my talent, creativity, passion for fashion, and tell my story through my aesthetic.
    Although I never worked for any fashion houses/industry, I know I can offer all my experience and techniques in fashion, and I believe that I would be a great candidate as the next Fashion Star!

  25. Karen K'ryn

    I am very interested. I am an emerging designer. I have started my clothing line and would like to showcase it. Look forward to hearing from you.

  26. Katherine Sorsor

    Hello my name is Katherine Sorsor, I am energetic when it comes to taking picture. I first noticed that I wanted to be a model when I got a call from John Robert Power assistant back in 2007. Modeling means the world to me, it like a hobby where I can be myself and be creative. Here are some facts about me.
    Age:19 years old
    Race: African American
    Hair Color: black
    Eyes Color: Brown
    Height: 5’3
    Bust Size: 32 A
    Hip Size: 35.5
    Shoes Size: 7

  27. Deidra Roberts

    Hi my name is Deidra *Dee* Roberts. I am a Fashion Designer, currently doing freelancing and in the process of starting my online shop. I would be a great contestant for Fashion Star because I work very well, if not my best work is produced under pressure. I believe that a good designer can work in and under any conditions because when we have a vision nothing can stop us from making that vision a reality. I have so many ideas and a unique design esthetic but I like to keep it versatile. I have a great eye for edit and styling as well as detail in my designs. I can do anything and I believe in my designs and myself as a designer. I have a high level of integrity and I am true to myself. If given the opportunity I will be a loyal and graceful contestant while doing whatever it takes to win.

  28. Andrea braxton

    I am conscious and dependable and will sell or favor whatever clothing I will have to wear .

  29. Bryanna Simmons

    Hello I’m Bryanna Simmons,
    I have light brown curly hair. I’m mixed with Puerto Rican , Italian , and African American.
    I take acting classes. I love fashion always stay fashionable.I love being on stage and on camera. I have a big bright smile and a great big personality. In General I’m a great person to work with and be around. I love helping people and I also want to inspire people.

  30. Jamie Johnson

    My name is Jamie Johnson. I am a women’s formal wear designer. I just participated in Boston Fashion Week on Oct 11th. I was able to show my 2015 Spring Collection. I would love the opportunity to be on Fashion Star! My brand name is MAJ and you can find more info about me at or

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  31. Luci RodiMend

    I am 13 and I have long brown hair dark eyes 5’5 weigh under 100 pounds and I’ll love to be in this I am talented and this will be my dream. My famil isn’t all that rich but I will love to make them proud, this will be my dream come true!!!!!!!
    You could email me at:

  32. Marquise elmore

    My name is marquise I am a fashion designer from Philadelphia and I just graduated fashion school and I was asked to show at fashion week I know I have what it takes to be the next fashion star I’m talented, confident in my designs and I’m an overall good designer

  33. Brian Brown

    My name is Brian Brown, a Bronx born and raised self-taught, innovative, humble, and passionate menswear designer. I wake up everyday and feel like this is the day, “my day” of emergence. To rise to the surface and gift the fashion world and other creative minds with a hidden breathe of fresh air, “Brian Brown”. My design esthetic is masculine and open minded edgy chic. I am inspired by different textures, nature, culture, horror movies and my thoughts. I like easy traveled clothing, tailored jackets, all types of hardware including,chain, spikes and studs. I enjoy the mixture of fabrics, such as hard and soft and putting spins on classics by adding leather or my own cool and unique techniques. I like to stay true to details and innovation. I’m never one to try to create trendy clothing. I am fascinated by the transformation of fabrics, such as distressing, bleaching, and dyeing. I also like deconstruction and reconstruction of garments and transforming unconventional materials into conventional pieces. I am a fan of bright colors, stripes, cool prints, clean lines, seam-work and construct able-fabrics. This will be the most important thing that can possibly happen to me in life. My life will also be dedicated.

  34. Lindsay

    Hi im Lindsay Neece im 10 and i live in Texas a lot of my friends say i have good fashion taste

  35. Celeste

    Hello my name is Celeste and I am a Texas girl who just loves fashion.I always won most style in my school.I just love to design my own outfits. If you can just give a chance to proof that I got what is takes I will NOT let you down.

    I am also a model I won miss photogenic Dallas forth worth when I was 8 I do jujitsu and I also play tennis

    I am 12 years old and my birthday is in march 30 2002

    Thank you so much

  36. Mikkesha Mannings

    Hello! My name is Mikkesha. I have a line labeled “Byter by MM”. I have loved fashion my whole life. I have taught myself everything there is to know about designing and making clothes. I was accepted into FIDM in Los Angeles, but due to hardships and obstacles in my life at the time I was not able to attend. I would love to see something I created on models and displayed for the whole world to see. I think that fashion is a way for an individual to communicate from the soul…a form of communication that is unique to that one person! I would love to be given the opportunity and a chance to showcase my work.

  37. Gino Velardi

    Hello…My name is Gino Velardi and I’m a fashion designer from Colorado. I think I would be a great contestant on Fashion Star 2014 because I’m a well-seasoned designer that can design ready-to-wear clothing as well as evening couture, which is my favorite. I’ve applied for Project Runway three times and made it to the finals each time, but wasn’t selected. However, since I got far in the application process and I know now that I’ll be a great designer for Fashion Star!!! You can check my Facebook to see my designs… Or if you would like, I can send you anyting you want to consider me for the show. You can also visit my website at I know I have the drive, determination and talent to make it successfully in the fashion world. I want to become the next Versace or Valentino! Please contact me with any information. Thank you!!!!