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Nickelodeon’s hit family brainteasing game show is looking for  a whole new batch of contestants for it’s brand new season and that means that your family could be the next Family Brainsurge champion. Family auditions and casting calls will be happening very soon. This is the chance for you and your family to use your skills and your wits to win fantastic prizes. Family Brainsurge is here and so is your opportunity to shine.

Hosted by the immensely charming Jeff Sutphen, Family Brainsurge is by far the zaniest game show on television. Round by round families are tasked with competing a series of brain busting problems in order to continue on in the game and their quest for victory. Those that fail are sent down the “Brain Drain” or dragged through the “tooth”. The last family standing walks away with some great prizes and get to be slimed in front of millions of viewers! This is your chance to have some amazing family fun and be on television watched by millions of Nickelodeon fans while doing it. Casting calls and auditions will begin soon for all new episodes. You can send you family information or any questions you have here and be sure to leave a comment below if you are interested and to be considered for competition and stay tuned for all of the amazing Family Brain Surge casting updates.

Talk about family fun time. Imagine you and your family starring on one of Nickelodeon’s most fantastic shows and getting the chance to compete against other families for fantastic prizes — and slime! This is your chance to show the world your talent and your brains.  This is your chance to have a Brainsurge !

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  1. C.J. Kinzey

    Hi Brainsurge,
    I watch your show all the time. Me and my dad would be delighted to be on Brainsurge. My dads name is Justin Kinzey. I believe that i have an incredible memory and with my dad we are an awesome duo. I live in copperas cove, Texas. Me and my dad race motorcycles in dirt bike races. I am very talented at it, as is my dad. I am a GT ( gifted and talented) student in my school. I hope that you pick me and my dad. My Mom, Brother, Sister, and Grandma will be very proud! 🙂

  2. jim

    Can you do audition with skype because i don’t live in America But

  3. Max Brown

    HEY BRAINSURGE!!! Me and my family would really love to be a part of our favorite game show! I’m max and I’m 13 and my dad, my mom , and brother said that it would be so cool if we got to be on this show! It would be the best experience of my life. It’s been tough with bullying and all the other stuff but it would make me so happy to be on it! I hope you really take me into consideration! Thanks sooooooooo much.
    Thanks to the best show ever!

  4. Raegann Wooden

    Hello Brainsugre family

    I have just watch your show for the first time my daughter has been a fan from the begining, I must say it was awesome and I will watch it again I’m a busy mother trying to make a way for me and my baby in Oakland,Ca with a minimum income and staying from place to place it’s a stressful life but it’s mine and I’m grateful to you because your show has got us to a place where now I take time and sit with her and we watch the show and play it together have fun, laugh and smile it’s nice makes me realize the time I don’t take … Well she said mommy we should go on that game we would kill it I say yeah baby we would she replies how we get on so I take out my iPhone that I’m always playing sum game on and never … anyway go on google and here we are so we are asking to be invited to be on your show this will be a late bday gift to her I could do so I hope to hear from you and even if we don’t thanks for bringing my baby and I closer.

  5. Tucker

    Me and my mom and brother watch Brainsurge all the time. We play a lot of games and we like to win. I think we could win Brainsurge. I almost always get the answers right. If we didn’t win we could still go down the brain drain. Itwould be really fun to be on the show. Please!!!

  6. Kelsey Gonzalez

    Hello! I am a 26 year old single mom to my wonderful 8 1/2 year old son. He loves sports, amusement & water parks, PS3 & watcing Family BrainSurge!! We watch the show together all the time and he just cracks up at the contestants and thinks it’s just the coolest. We live in Southern California and would LOVE to come up and play! He said he’ll go down the slime slide even if we win!!! 🙂

    Kelsey & Junior

  7. brittany berg

    Hi my name is Brittany and I’m 15 years old and I would love to be on family brainsurge. I have watch the show all the time and I get almost all the questions right too. And I have always dreamed of being on this show so I hope u consider me and my family to be on family brainsurge.

  8. Tara Renee Dmeza

    Family Brain Surge is the coolest show ever! My super awesome family would love to come rock out on the show. Please pick us! You won’t be disappointed! Thank you!!!

  9. Denay

    My son and I are so into Family Brainsurge. We watch it daily and pretend to be playing on the show together. My son Sincere is also one of the smartest 6 year olds I know. He enjoys solving math riddles in his head, naming as many words as he can *biggest words gets more points*, and speaking Spanish to people in the community. We would love to get the opportunity to audition for Family Brainsurge….Hopefully that day well come!!!!

    Take Care,


  10. Amy Samkutty

    Hello again brainsurge folks,
    I also have a daughter named Kirsten. She has also told how much she has wanted to be on brainsurge. She has a very sweet attitude and deserves to be on this show. Both of my kids have of always dreamed if being on this show.
    Thanks for your time,
    Amy Samkutty

  11. Harshil Joshi

    I am a HUGE fan of family Brainsurge I always solve the questions at home, I get most of the question right. I always drive my dad crazy by asking to go to family Brainsurge. Also, Jeff Sutphen is my favorite guy. He is so funny. I never got slimed before so I really want to get slimed. I also want to win cool prizes and money and getaways.

    So PLEASE choose me to go to Family Brainsurge.:) PLEASE
    Thanks 🙂

  12. Aksel Martinsen

    Hi my name is Aksel and I am 10 years old.I watch Family Brainsurge and record it any time I can.My dad and I have great memory and are a great team together.I live in Texas.My favorite part of the show is the SLIME!!!!!!!!! My next favorite part of the show is the Brain Drain!!!!!!! I would love to take a break from reading and reading and reading to be involved in the most awesome show ever in the history of game shows. My brain fart team will be my aunt Rebecca and my cousin Aimee who live in California. This is why you should consider me to be on Family Brainsurge.

  13. Owen, Noah & Jake

    Icky and gross! Just what us three boys love about your show! It makes my mom squirm! We would love to be on the show just to see my mom get splashed with brain goo. Please consider us!
    Goblity gook and best wishes,
    Owen, Noah and Jake
    (And their mom too)

  14. Roshni Patel

    Hi Brainsurge!!!
    My son is a huge fan!! He watches all of the time and now we all watch as a family.
    It would make his world if we were to get on the show. Please,brain surge consider this huge NJ fan for your next show!!!

  15. Brooklyn Tugman

    My name is Brooklyn. I watch and record every brainsurge episode. My mom and I watch this show and both are awesome competitors. I would love to have a chance to come on and get slimed as BRAINSURGE CHAMPIONS with my mom. The prizes are great and we both have great memories!! Please please pick us to come play it would be a dream come true for me!

  16. Kelley Hoehn

    My son watches this show and is totally obssessed by it. He records it if he misses and even watches the reruns! He even has his two year old brother watching it. It would be awesome if we got on the show !! Thank you!

  17. Haley Slaughter

    HI there people of family brainsurge ! i’m Haley i am 11 year old girl that lives in Mississippi. Me and my family would love to be on your show. Ever scents i first saw your show i always wanted to be on it. I loved answering the brain teasers like i was actually a contestant I loved the stories from the jeff’s big book of super fantastic true ……. well u know ! me and my family are really smart. my brother is awesome with games and quizzes. Me and my sis are A and B+ students. My mom is really awesome student in college. It would be my dream to be on here , so thanks for listening. Hope to hear from u soon!

  18. Gabe (and mom Leighann)

    I am 9 1/2 and we watch this AWESOME show all the time together as a family! It’s cool because my mom is actually a brain scientist so we could have alot of fun doing this together! My brother Nate (he is 7) gets all pumped up when someone makes it to the 6×6! We would love to be on the show!!!!!!!!!!!! (Could we be on the green team? That is my favorite color – my mom loves pink but I don’t want to be on a pink team)
    written by Gabe (with my mom’s permission)

  19. Stephanie Collins

    My kids watch the show all the time and would love to really be a part of it. This would be an awesome family bonding moment.

  20. jaxon chatelain

    My name is Jaxon I am 10 years old. Me and my grandpa,Soda pop, really love your game show. We think we would be very entertaining and interesting contestants.
    Sincerely your biggest fans.

  21. Aden Brawner

    BRAIN FART! Oh, who am I kidding? I want to get slimed!! I think my mom and I would be great on Family Brainsurge! Sure, she can be a little crazy, but that’s what would make this so much fun! My dad and 8 year old sister are pretty cool, too. Please consider us… I really think we could win. (We do when we play from home. That has to count for something, right?!)

    Thank you!
    Aden, 10

  22. Amanda blanchette

    I think I should be accepted because when my mom and dad were together he would always be like no that would be dumb as heck no one needs to go to Hawaii and I cried so they got a divorce and now my mom wants to do it please email me back please and thanks!


  23. Belle

    Hey my name is belle and I’m really smart and funny and would love to be on the show I have watched every episode weather it’s live or not because I love the show it’s amazing and The way that the show works is awesome I know that you probably get 1,000 Request and if you don’t get to me I’m ok with that it’s just great to try and have a chance to get it -) haha sic lopes

  24. sara

    My sons begged me to find out how to get on your show. They are 11 and 12 and love nickelodeon. I really think that they just want to see their parents slimed 😉 I’m willing to be slimed for a chance at a trip to Hawaii….which is what my son used to convince me to apply LOL!

  25. Maider Chang

    Hello,hi,hey,wassup,hola,nyob xoob, I hope I have caught your attention Nickelodeon!!!! My name is Maider Chang and I am 13 going on 14. I have many things to do on my list of goals and being on brainsurge would be one of them. My family is very fun and would fit for the role! I watch the show all the time. It’s by far one of my favorites. I’m full of energy and is very competitive. Fingers cross hoping to hear from you guys soon!!

  26. shaneequia hill

    My kids are 11 and 7. They watch this show all the time. I would live for my family to get the opportunity to be on the show. We are tons of wacky fun. Plus this would be a great chance for me to prove to my kids that I’m totally awesome. 🙂

  27. Tricia Hal

    Thank you!!! My Son. Aiden is 10 years old and on the spectrum. He is highly intelligent and we would LOVE to be on the show. He told me he loves the brain challenges and feels he would do extremely well as he is “highly intelligent.” He is a super sweet boy and everyone who meets him adores him. Kind, caring, smart. As a Mom I have it all. He also would love to win a trip to the Caribbean. He added he would LOVE to go with me.

  28. Lindsey

    My son and I watch brainsurge regularly. He is 9 and usually gets EVERY question correct. I don’t know if you have to be a nuclear family to play or if he and I could just use our immediate family to play but it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for us 🙂

  29. Jennifer Lawrence

    Hello my name is Jennifer Lawrence I’m 29 years old and I am a mother of 2 boys Cole 9 years old, & Garrett 7 years old. Cole and I would love to come be a contestant on your show, why because my son Cole who is smart, loving, outgoing, and always on the move, has Autism spectrum disorder, sometimes called high-functioning autism, and has ADD. It is hard for Cole to keep still and concentrate on something but when BrainSurge comes on he sits down and the hole family watches it every day… Your show has helped him so much its unbelievable. That’s why I know we would be the perfect contestants for your show… “BRAINSURGE ROCKS”!!! Thank you very very much…

  30. The Ganders

    Our son Sam is seven and a HUGE fan of Brain Surge. He’s been begging us to apply for the show and promised me if he ever made it on he would clean his room every day for a year — so I’m *really* hoping he makes it. When he’s not trying to break dance or planning world destruction on Minecraft, he’s designing new characters for Super Mario or practicing back flips in the pool. Super active, super funny, and just all-around super, he’d be a great addition to your show (and his mom and dad are pretty cool, too, if we do say so ourselves.)

  31. Lauren B

    Hi! I am Lauren B and I am 9 years old. I want to go on Family BrainSurge with my Mom – she is awesome! My Mom was in Afghanistan for a year with the Army and I missed watching BrainSurge with her when she was away. She is super smart! I would love to go on the show with my Mom and spend more time with her. Can we come on the show? Thanks, Lauren B

  32. Paul Pasko

    My 9-yr-old son, Carson, just started watching Family Brainsurge and absolutely loves it. I have to say I started watching it with him and we both have fun following along and trying to play together. He’s been hounding me to sign us up for the show so I’m finally getting around to taking the first step. Carson was diagnosed two years ago with ADD/HD and Dyslexia. He’s a great kid with a great personality that unfortunately struggles academically. After seeing his enthusiasm for the show and his desire to take part in it, I was motivated to see what I could do to move forward with his application. It’s encouraging to see him engaged and excited about brain-related games and if he was ever chosen for the show it would absolutely make his day….if not make his year. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks in advance for Carson’s consideration for candidacy.

  33. Tina

    Hello Nickelodeon,

    I have been watching the show for a long time now. We take the half hour every night to have family time and watch and play along as a family!! I have been asking my mom for months to get us on the show; I am sure it will be a lot of fun. My family is full of interesting and loud characters and I know we would have a blast on the show!!! I would bring my parents and my uncle who is a marine. Please please please consider us for your show.

    Thank you,
    Dylan (10) and Parents

  34. Debbie K

    My son is turning seven and is dying to be on your show! He is funny, fearless, and adorable. We are an active family and love to try new things together. I know that he and our family would have lots of fun being on the show.

  35. Emma

    My name is Emma !
    I’m 9 years old, I’ve been begging my mom to apply for your show, and finally she let me write the comment.
    I love brainsurge!!!
    It teaches us team work and it’s a lot of fun.
    I would love to go down the brain drain.
    Please consider me and my mom for the show.
    Thank you!!!!

  36. Katie Lavell

    My 7 year old daughter, Allayna, begged me to find out how to get on Family Brainsurge! We love playing along, and if it’s this much fun at home, it would be a blast to play for real! There are 4 members of the Lavell crew: Mom (me), Dad (Zack), Isabella (15), and Allayna (7), so we already have a Braintrust!

  37. Kristopher Ostling

    My family loves to watch the show! We compete against each other to answer to get the first and right answers. My two girls, 7 year old Amelia and 9 (soon to be 10) year old Alexis would flip if they could be on the show. We are a fun family and are big fans of Nickelodeon.

  38. Sam Asid

    Hi brainsurge! My name is Sam and I am 9 years old! My family would be awesome on this show! I have a very good memory and am very witty! I love watching your show and usually answer everything right! My mom and dad, Eleacia and Sari, are the best parents and would be awesome as a team together. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONSIDER ME AND MY FAMILY!!!

  39. Samari Williams

    HI, brain surge I watch your show all the time and I have always thought of being on it. My family would love to participate. But is it only in LA I don’t know if our family has money to travel there.

  40. Libby Hernandez

    Hi! I’m Libby Hernandez and I would want to be in the next episode of family brainsurge.i am 11 years old too. Always when I watch this show I always make it to the final round. I want to go to have a good time with my family getting prizes and having fun! I also live close by the studio which is Hollywood center studios (I think) . I hope and wish I can be in the next brainsurge with the awesome jeff! Thank you for your time!

  41. Addison

    Hi! My name is Addison. I want to be on your game show because it looks very fun and i have a good memory. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. Thank you.

  42. Libby Hernandez

    Hi! I’m Libby Hernandez and I am 11 years old. I have watched this show everyday and always got the puzzles right. I really would want to be In the next episode to have fun with my family and get prizes working together. I also live very close by the studio. Thank you for your time and I hope I can be in the next episode!

  43. Libby Hernandez

    Hi I’m Libby Hernandez and I am 11 years old. I live really close by the studio and I have always watched it and even “won” the game. I want to go to have a good time with my family and win prizes for fun! Thanks for your time!

  44. Dorothy Rogers

    My son, Scott and I would love to be on the show! We are big fans and watch it all the time. We would LOVE to go down the Brain Drain! We also love the idea that this tv show gives back by making a donation to charities. We love you for that! Thank you for your consideration.

    Your fans, Dorothy and Scott Rogers

  45. Shira Kessock

    My family would LOVE to be on Family BrainSurge. My daughter, Aviva, is 8 and my son, Rami, is 6. They are eachother’s best friend. They are bright kids and we have a pretty good chance of winning this thing, but I guarantee that we perform with teamwork and good sportsmanship. Pick us please!

  46. Jude

    if i was on this show i would dominate

  47. Jose Grossberg

    Hey just wanna say Me and my mom love your show and I want to be on it. We always get to the final round and win we hope u can get us on thank you very much !

  48. leah

    Hellooo!!! Our family of four would love for you to consider us to audition for your show. My 8 1/2 year old identical twin boys looove your show and have me addicted too! The four of us are so competitive and energetic, we would have so much fun! The prizes are just an added bonus! 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon.

  49. Joshua Carmona

    My name is Joshua, and I’m 7. I love Family Brainsurge, even though I have trouble pronouncing “surge.” My family would be perfect contestants. My dad (Paul) is really good at answering game-show questions. Plus, I really want to see him get slimed so he’ll be as silly as my mom (Katie) is all the time. I have a sister (Kate), who will start college, and a brother (Caleb) who is about to start 9th grade. My brother makes me laugh all the time, and he eats plants, except he does eat pepperoni and bacon. Anway, we are a great family and you will not be disappointed if you choose us!

  50. Andrew H.

    My name is Andrew. I would love to go on the show for multiple reasons. 1.I’m smart and love to be with family. 2.The prizes and slime would be AWESOME! 3.I’ve always wanted to be on TV,so I would be 100% excited, even if I don’t win. 4.THE GAMES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AWESOME!!! 5.I’m always the person that you would be very entertained by. And 6.I’m going to love getting slimed if we win,or the foamy brain drain if we don’t win the games.

  51. Jonathan Cook (with Marsha Cook)

    To the Brainsurge Crew:

    I am an 11-year old child, and I would be thankful if you put my mother and I on Nickelodeon’s FamilyBrainSurge. I have been watching BrainSurge for quite a few years, and I have loved it ever since I started watching. It would be a great honor for my mother and I to be contestants on your game show. I feel confident that my mother and I as a team can whoop anybody’s tail, as we are Hatfield descendants of the famous Hatfield/McCoy feud. We won’t back down from any challenge and will fight to the end to conquer the BrainSurge competition! Thank you so much for your consideration!

    ~Jonathan and Marsha Cook

  52. Betty

    Dear Family Brain Surge:
    My son and I love to watch your show all the time. We would love to be on your show. We get really into the show and always make it to Brain Trip! My son’s favorite round is Brain Fart and I really like Brain Tease. We can’t help but get excited each time we watch and we make a point to be home in time if we’re out! We definitely should be chosen! This is one of our favorite shows to watch together!

  53. Matt & Ryan S.

    Hi Nickelodeon! Family BrainSurge is our jam- we race to answer the questions first, we dance when we win, and laugh when we don’t. We are a Texas family who love to have a good time watching the show and playing online. We’ve seen every episode and can’t wait to play for keeps! Thanks for the laughs and keep up the family friendly fun.

    Matt & Ryan (7)

  54. Emiliano Carrillo-Villar

    My names Emiliano, but i go by Emi. I watch the show all the time and i absolutely love it. I have wanted to be on the show with my family ever since the first time i watched it. I am 7 years old and i have two sisters one is 15 years old and the other is 25. I would love to be considered to be on the show. My family is full of artists and we are all outgoing people. It would be so cool to be on the show. So please consider my family to be BRAINSURGED!

  55. Nicholas & Michael Caban

    Hi, we are Michael & Nicholas Caban. We have been wanting to go on a Nickelodeon game show for a long time, and we decided to do Brainsurge. We both like this game show and we are glad it is coming back, and even better! We have a very funny family and we love challenges. It would mean a lot to us if you allowed our family on the show. Thank you!!!

  56. Kayla Johnson

    let me tell you my family is super hilarious they will having dying to stop laughing and we all have weird but cool hobbies and we would love to share them. And my family are super fab their also walking in style and sometimes it is so funny and YES I walk in a hilarious style also (some times) we are very out going . And we really love playing any kind on game so this would be perfect for us to do. So i hope u consider the Johnson family for one of the competing teams but……………….. Get Ready For Us

    Prepare to laugh

  57. aidan conti

    Hi, my name is Aidan Conti and I watch Family Brain Surge. I think it’s funny and awesome!
    My family should be on this show because I bug my parents to bring me on the show. or at least try. We are really fun and silly people. THANK YOU.

  58. Angie Henry

    Hello Brainsurge!

    My name is Angie and our family would love to come and play! A brief summary of the family. Kai (12) is fun, bright, and very loving, recently entered that awkward Middle school stage of life…interesting! Dane (8) is the seeker of this gameshow. Fun, funny, athletic, and bright. Brian, my husband, is amazing, loves to surf and snowboard. I am mom and a Special Ed. teacher, simply put. We are a very close family and love to play together!

  59. Gaby Conrad

    My 8yr old son, Cameron, loves watching this show. He thinks it is awesome and would love to be on it. He is a very smart and outgoing kid who would love to be on tv, especially if it’s a game show. As a family we love playing games.

  60. Rob Staten

    Hello, my name is Tyde. I am 7 years old. I watch your show with my family. We love to do activities together and would like be on your show. I can’t wait to see my mom get slimed. Plus my dad always can figure out hard puzzles. i am very excited please choose US!

  61. Becky Karsten

    My sons (ages 7 and 10) LOVE Family BrainSurge. They are begging me to try to get us to be contestants on the show. They are full of energy and we are all avid watchers of the show. I’m glad there is a show on that we can all watch together and everyone enjoys it! Please Please pick us! We’d rock the house!

  62. Christy Beaupre

    Our family would love to participate on your show. We really enjoy watching and think we could do great. Because my 15 year old has major medical issues we spend a lot of time in the hospital and would love to have something fun to think about for awhile! Thanks for considering us!

  63. Tiahna Griffin

    I watch this show everyday. My dad and I would love to be on this show. We even make it to the final round with the families on tv. We may not have the best memory, but we can definitely put on a good show. I am 14 years old and my dad and I will definitely kick butt out there. Hope we will get on the show.

  64. Carolynn Stiffler

    Our family would like to be considered as contestants for Family Brain Surge. Our son would like to participate because he has never been on a game show before and he likes doing activities that involve spending time with his family. He is a big fan of the show and is very excited about the prospect of being a contestant. He has even started strengthening his memory to prepare! Please consider our family during the audition period.

  65. Ivette K.

    My son is 9 years old and loves this show, he always tells me that he wish to participate in the show with all the family, we arent special and I can’t promise that we will win because we are awesome or whatever but we are always together and love to have fun and spend time together too, so today I decided that I have to do something about it and at least give it a try and do everything on my side to make my son happy, here I am asking for the chance to participate > please? maybe if I ask like my kids do > “pretty please?” ( that always works for me! )

  66. Mei

    Hi I’m 13 and my name is Mei, we would love to be on your show. Its looks like a awesome game to play, and the whole family wants to be on the show. We are good sports, me and my sister would like to be on together. It will also be fun if we get slimed/go down the Brain Drain. Thanks for reading my comment, hope to see you on the show! 🙂

  67. April D

    Please consider US for an episode!! My son Travis is 10 and my daughter Chloe is almost 8. MY kids have recently gone through a BIG LOSS of losing their FOSTER sister that we’ve raised since an infant. SHE has returned home to her family and even though we will stay in touch it WAS HEARTBREAKING for them! BUT each time YOUR show comes on THEIR faces LIGHT up!!!! They’ve been asking for ME to apply!!! PLEASE make their WISH come TRUE!!!!!!
    Thank you SO much for reading!!!

  68. Umbahji Cole

    My daughter Brooklyn is 11 years old and she lives with her mom I think this would be a great way to bond with her and make a great memory for us both since I only get to see her during the summer months she is very smart and she loves the show hopefully she gets a chance fto show the world how smart she is

  69. Lee Moreno

    Our (10) year old son watches the show every chance he gets. And we watch it with him when we can. It’s a lot of fun, and would be great to be a part of. He has an excellent memory, and is usually right with the answers. I, on the other hand, am not so right with the answers. So, he believes he can carry our team all the way to the end. And I believe he can too.

  70. Valerie Hollenbeck

    Hello Family Brainsurge Crew,
    My daughter Meilani (10 years old) and I would love to be on your show.Your game show Family Brainsurge, is a great way to exercise your brain while having a blast with your family.Since my daughter is on summer vacation, I feel like she should still use her brain.What better way to do so while playing fun brain games!

    We Hope You Consider Us!
    -Valerie & Meilani Hollenbeck

  71. Adriana

    Because my daughter is an avid student, a bright kid, and a very nice person I want to prove to her that that is all that matters. Our family would love to be part of this brainy game 🙂

  72. William Sherrer

    My name is William Sherrer and I think that my family would be perfect for the show. We work good at memory based games and we always work good at working together. We also enjoy watching the show so it will be fun to go on it.

  73. Kelly Coppa

    My son Jeremy is 7 years old and has been driving me bonkers to get him on this show! He watches every night from our home and pretends the coffee table is his stage! Please give us a chance before I lose my sanity! He is animated, adorable and excited and won’t let you down!!

  74. Jason Hill

    Dear BrainSurge Folks,

    For the record, Eli is a bright kid. That said, he’ll likely be grounded during the taping of any future BrainSurge shows. Primarily because he makes me look like a schmuck at every turn. That said, he has a younger brother who can be made available (but not smarter) in a pinch.

    Best Regards,


  75. Elias Hill

    While my father is somewhat slow-witted, I believe I can carry his weight and put on a good show for all of those Nielsen families. I’m 10-years old and I’m pretty smart when it comes to memory… Oh, what’s the word… Ummm… I’ve got it ! GAMES! Yeah, memory games. It would be AWESOME to be on BrainSurge with my dad (despite his lack of skill and expertise).