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Nickelodeon’s hit family brainteasing game show is looking for  a whole new batch of contestants for it’s brand new season and that means that your family could be the next Family Brainsurge champion. Family auditions and casting calls will be happening very soon. This is the chance for you and your family to use your skills and your wits to win fantastic prizes. Family Brainsurge is here and so is your opportunity to shine.

Hosted by the immensely charming Jeff Sutphen, Family Brainsurge is by far the zaniest game show on television. Round by round families are tasked with competing a series of brain busting problems in order to continue on in the game and their quest for victory. Those that fail are sent down the “Brain Drain” or dragged through the “tooth”. The last family standing walks away with some great prizes and get to be slimed in front of millions of viewers! This is your chance to have some amazing family fun and be on television watched by millions of Nickelodeon fans while doing it. Casting calls and auditions will begin soon for all new episodes. You can send you family information or any questions you have here and be sure to leave a comment below if you are interested and to be considered for competition and stay tuned for all of the amazing Family Brain Surge casting updates.

Talk about family fun time. Imagine you and your family starring on one of Nickelodeon’s most fantastic shows and getting the chance to compete against other families for fantastic prizes — and slime! This is your chance to show the world your talent and your brains.  This is your chance to have a Brainsurge !

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  1. Deandre

    Hi , Nickelodeon I’m not here to audition for BrainSurge mostly because Brainsurge been gone but I heard that you bringing back Double Dare starring the one and only Liza Koshy and I was wondering Can you bring back BrainSurge and I can host it. Before You get through reading this you probably be confused and demented, but BrainSurge is a game which require smartness, strength, and a whole lot of encouragement. I also feel like I have the hosting skills to host it, mostly because it require high energy and I’m full of it. I can also multitask which I appear to see extremely hard for people. I have the people skills, teamwork, and attention to detail. If you’re wondering who I am I’m thirteen years old from a small town in Georgia. You’re probably wondering how can a 13 year old take care such a intermediate responsibility but if put my mind to it and work hard to strive to my full potential I can achieve anything. P.S hope to get your response soon

  2. Grayson

    Hey guys, I have been watching the show since season two. I would enjoy coming out because it has been a dream of mine to go. I am 11 and about to turn 12.

  3. Leiliana

    Hi i would love to be on this gane show to help my family i am only 12 and i would love to hrlp my famuly and kids in need

  4. Sofia

    Hi my name Sofia and my family is super competitive and we would just love to come onto the show. My family loves riddles and brain games. We would definitely love a chance to be on this show!

  5. Desiree

    My name is Desiree and I mm from new Albany Indiana I’m 17 and I would love to be on this game show and it’s always been a dream to come and see you and play this fun amazing game.

  6. Ashley Jones

    It is just me and my girls. Autumn is 10 and Aria is 3. We have never been on tv, but we would love a chance to be on there. I know you all have alot of people to choose from I just hope maybe we get a chance.

  7. Edith Diaz

    Hi my name is Edith , I am your biggest fan I’m 14 years old I been watching your show for a long time and hopefully one day I can be on your show . I always watch your show when its on hopefully you pick me and my sister we would love to be on your show !

  8. Amy Greufe

    My name is Amy Greufe, I am 15 years old and I’m from Missouri. The family brainsurge sounds really fun. I’ve been watching brainsurge since I was little and always thought I could do it. I hope that I can be a part of this awesome game show. It’s not about winning it’s about having fun and I think if I went on there with my dad we would try to get the most fun out of it. I’m okay with not getting picked too, I mean life is an adventure and I’m sure there will be other opportunities to get onto this show or just watching the show is fun.

  9. Henritta Mellissa

    Hi, I really love watching family briansurge and I hope I take part in it one day. hope i am chosen for the role.

  10. Julie banos

    Hi my name is Julie Banos I love your show it so awesome I watch it every day hope you pick us thank you

  11. Emma diMonda

    Go 2016!!! I WANT TO GET SLIMED!!

  12. Emma diMonda

    Hello! We are the diMondas. We are a family of 4 and I have a twin sister. We are 11 years old. I also have my mom and dad. We would all love to be on your show!! PICK US!! PICK US!! PICK US!!

    P.S we want to be on your show because we want fun and slime. We also love Jeff!

  13. Fernando Bailey

    Hi my name is Fernando Bailey. I love your show family brainsurge nickelodeon. And I wanna be on your show to win prizes and slime . It’s going to be me and my mom and dad. We’re the Bailey family. PICK US! PICK US! ! !

  14. Fernando Bailey

    Hi my name is Fernando bailey. I love your show family brainsurge nickelodeon. And I wanna be in your game show to win a prizes and slime. It’s going to be me my mom and my dad.

  15. David Ihejimba

    Hi,My name is David Ihejimba,I am 14years old I fair in completion I have a dark hair and a dark eye my reason for writing this leter is to tell u happy I am if accept me into ur show an d second reason is that I have been insulted,embarased,cheated and blame for such things I did not comit and this will be the only way to prof to all of them that I NOT a kid any more and I will be greatful if u accept me into your show

  16. Alex

    Hi Jeff. I’ve always wanted to be on family brainsurge. It’s a dream come true. I think your the best pick my family please.

  17. manuel

    hola me llamo manuel ruiz tengo 15 años pais peru ………. bueno me gustaria ser un gran actor pero no estudie actuación….. pero me gustaria ser un gran actor de novelas o de peliculas ……como los de mas actores ……….

  18. Darlene

    My son Carter (8 1/2) and I have become obsessed with Brain Surge and it has now become ‘our thing’. We would do anything to be on the show & have the opportunity to be SLIMED!!! Please pick us!!!!! It would make such amazing memories !

  19. chloe

    My name is Chloe I am 14, I have been watching this show as long as I can remember when my aunt would help me study we always play brain surge it was a blast! I remember when I applied to get on this show when I was 9 I was offered an audition but sadly I Wasn’t old enough. I have always dreamed of getting slimed, I love cross stiching, I play Guitar, have a great memory and am completely obsessed with 90s Nickelodeon

  20. chloe

    I’m Chloe I have a great memory I have been watching this show as long as I can remember and I remember when I was 9 I actually applied to be on this show but sadly, I wasn’t old enough yet! I am obsessed with 90s Nickelodeon always dreamed of getting slimed, I play Guitar and I cross Stich

  21. Hackret

    Hello, my name is Tye and I live with my dad, mom, and brother Tommy. I have been a fan for as long as I can remember, and always wanted to sign up.

  22. Roxy

    Hi! My name is Roxy, I am 14, and I LOVE Brainsurge! My little brother, Ryan (9) and I watch it all the time! We are both smart, friendly kids who would kick butt! Not to mention, Ryan had a tough time with friends, (he only had one good one), and this would be an incredible opportunity for him to make friends here at home and on set! Thanks so much for reading, and may God bless you!

  23. Lizzy

    Hi my name is Lizzy and I am a 17 year old Caucasian female. My family and I absolulty love watching brain surge and it would be an honor to be on the show. I can’t wait to see what might happen!!

  24. nicolette

    I would love to be on this show as long as its in the late summer

  25. jake

    hello I am jake I am 10 and going to 5th grade at cullen.I always watch family brain surge since 2008 and I always wanted a chance to do all of that with my family we have little money but big hearts,and I always say it will get better soon I hope so please let me have a chance at this once,god bless you.

  26. Susan Strumwasser

    Hi brainsurge. My 10 year old son is a huge fan and really wants to be slimed along with his bald police officer uncle. The two of them are super observant and silly. They would be amazing on your show. Please select us.

  27. Fidelmah Kuhena

    Hello! M Fidelmah and I always wanted to be an actress and I would really like to be on this show it could be the only answer to all my dreams and it could help me kick start my career as an actress so please please please accept me. But the problem is I live in Papua New Guinea but I still want to be an actress thanks for reading love Fidelmah

  28. eugene ganzer

    hi im eugene ganzer

  29. Marlin Andrews

    I have been watching BrainSurge since the first episode in 2009. I would LOVE being slimed. Im 13 years old and live in N.C. I’m African American and love to play video games, draw, eat and SLEEP. I wouldn’t mind going down the BrainDrain either. That stuff is awesome!

  30. Gregory S. Joyner

    I am from Louisville Ky and my family and I will be visiting Disney World in June. I feel that we are a smart family and we will be able to conquer the task at hand. With this said I believe we are the best family for the show but I was wondering how many family members are needed? I am eleven years old & I am the youngest of five which I have more than enough support if needed. Both of my parents are in law enforcement and that give us a variety of knowledge to success at the game. Please choose us for this exciting adventure.

  31. Jordan Davis

    My name is Jordan I want to be a contestant on Family BrainSurge,I will be related to my family with my last name Davis,I’m from Baltimore Maryland,I like to go to church to usher board on Thursdays,Saturday,and Sunday,I go to the barber shop to get my haircut,I like to go shopping,bowling alley,and go to the movie theater and I like to do everything,I graduated from Waverly Elementary Middle School now I’m in Coppin Academy High School I will go to college and get career in the future when I done school,I’m African American and black came from Africa or a different country,if its any skin color,they will work on building a new walls,new stage,new polo shirts in new colors,new brain drain,new screen,new backstage,new studio audience,new face wall with new hand chairs with new family members from a state they came from.

  32. Nathan Green

    Hello! My name is Nathan and the Green family would love to compete on brain surge! Me and my twin brother (16) my sister 15 and our dad 45 are probably one of the most competitive families out there! We love to compete but hate to lose! This would be a great opportunity for us and we hope you pick us to be on the show!

  33. Aaron and Julian Montoya

    HELLO i am a BIG BIG fan of family brainsurge.

  34. The Darling family= Harrison, Samantha, Dad and Hudson

    It has been our dream to be on this show. My twin brother and I watch this show almost every night, wanting to be there. We are a very funny and loving family. My family and I work together very well. Your show is always funny and we want to share our funniness on the show. We love Nick shows so much. We crack each other up and we’d be cracking up America too.

  35. Henning Washington

    Hi Jeff! This is Henning! I am eight years old and a really big fan of the show.My little brother Matteus (Ma-ta-is) is five. My dad is going to be my brain helper and my mom and Matteus will be my brain trust.It would be awesome to be slimed in front of millions for the very first time!Also I am a level 6 gymnast and if I win I will do a round off back flip! P.S do you fly your contestants because I live in Tennesse?

  36. Sajin thao

    Hi family brain surge I am a big fan I wanna be on brain surge beacause I think my family is great for this chance I’m 10 and I wanna win! My family Is READY!!!!!!

  37. Hannah Kirsch

    Hi family brainsurge! Hannah here! My mom an I absolutely love your show! We watch it every time it’s on! Everyone who is trying to get on is saying things like “pick me pick me” but I’m going to say something different. Not only do my mom and I adore your show its also a great bonding experience for us and that’s what family brain surge is all about. We love the fact that even if we lose we’ll lose together and if we win we’ll win together! We love the host, we think he’s halarious and we love family brainsurge, wich is why I think we deserve to be considered for your show!
    Thank you, Hannah Kirsch

  38. marina santiago

    hi my name is marina and i am 8 my family and i have been watching your show since 2009 we really think you show is awesome i really don`t want to go but my sister does and a coasin to plaese don`t choose me

  39. Farulla Family

    To be honest I don’t really want to go and not because of the show cause I think it’s crazy fun but my 8 years old daughter is a big fan of it and we use to see together all the shows that she recorded again an again. It would be a great surprise for her if we could participate but fortunately for me, there are too many people here, hehehehe.

  40. Theresa

    My daughters 8 and 10 love your show and really want to get me slimed! We would love to be contestants on your show and bring along their grandmother. We think you should have the brain trust players go down the slide too! It would be fun to see grandma go down the brain drain with us!

  41. Julie

    Hi Brainsurge!! I am the mother of Emily (8) and Hayden (8). My children just LOVE this show, and have said they want to be slimed!!!!!! We all watch your show whenever it is on, the kids really participate even in the bonus round. we really get into it. Please consider an invite were a fun bunch!!! so PICK US PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Jessica Key

    Hellooo…I am Jessica and I’m married to an amazing man name Jeremie. We have 2 crazy fun kids who make us laugh every single day, Jaylynn (11) and J’Shon (6). We are a family who loves to have fun and try new things. We we’re watching this show and thought “hmmmmm this would super fun to do.” Not to mention all the cool prizes! If ya want some entertainment choose The Key family!! WHOOOOOOO WHOOOOO!

  43. Ryleigh

    Hi! I’m Ryleigh, I’m seven yrs old. I would like to be on your show because I want to see how far me and my brother, Nathan can get! And I would like to see if we have to go down the brain drain! :):):):):):):):):) My Mom says my brother and I are very smart and funny!

  44. Jason D. Albert

    I am a father of three; Riley (9), Charley (5), and Josiah (10 mo.). My boys are my life and lately my oldest seems to think that being on your show would be “super awesome” and then he slips into the song from Lego Movie. As a father I love that you have combined having fun with stimulating the brain. Great show guys! If we were selected to be contestants, well I guess that would be SUPER AWESOME! God Bless!

  45. Deja Williams

    Hello my name is deja and I always watch your shows and I really want to be in this show it was my big dream.Can you please pick us we are your biggest fans and me and my mom will trey are best to win if you pick us
    from the family of the williams family

  46. Cynthia

    The reason why I want to be on Brainsurge is because my mother is a hard – working single parent but she is always encouraging us never to give up on our dreams. She is currently back in school and very busy but we always take time to watch Brainsurge. When we get a question right, we get up and do a victory dance. I think that this would be a great opportunity for my mom and I to do something that we love together.

  47. Grayson

    Hello Family BrainSurge! My name is Grayson and I am 8. I like your show very much and I want to audition. My mom is a professor and she has a really good memory. I love to watch your show and know I could win if I had a chance. We would try really hard and if we lost, we wouldn’t mind getting slimed. I’ll bring my goggles just in case! I really hope it will be a good game. Please email us soon!

  48. Michelle, Maggie and Emma

    My kids watch this show and really want me to get slimed… I’m still trying to figure out how that’s a prize but willing to make my kids’ day by getting slimed together!!

  49. Carson Beaher

    My name is Carson, I’m 7 and EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!!!! I have 2 brothers and our family would LOVE to be on your show! We are the Beaher (Bear) family and we are a zoo!
    Carson and Mama Beaher;)

  50. Mariah

    I should be on family brain surge because I watch family brain surge daily. Also me and my mom have great memory. Please pick us thanks

  51. Noah

    I am Noah and I think my dad and I would do great on this show. My dad thinks he knows everything or at least that is what mom says. I know he learned allot while he was in the Navy working on submarines. I love watching your show and I think we would do great if we got the chance to play.
    Thanks, Noah

  52. Jackie White

    Hello Family Brainsurge! I really want to be on your show so we can win really REALLY REALLY cool prizes and kick some family butt! Me and my mom have been watching your guys’s show for tons of years and really want to be on television for the first time ever ( Accept on Angel Games )! It would be such a good honor to be on the show and meet Jeff Sutphen. Please pick us, PLEASE!!!
    – Dylan and Jackie White

  53. Jill Jones

    Family Brain Surge ! We love watching the show ! You must choose us… A family of three is the way to go ! We love to laugh and act silly and love to play games at home… the only difference will be we will be on T.V. ! Prove that older parents are super fun and can win ! Ezekiel is 7 and he says it will, ” make his life” ! Ha ! Choose Us ! Have a Rockin Day !
    Jeff, Jill, and Ezekiel Jones

  54. Bob williams

    my son is a realy big fan of your show can we please be on your show please and thank you 🙂

  55. Dawn Greene

    Please pick our family. We love this show and watch all the time. Being in a dual military family, our kids often times miss out on family vacations, this would make all our dreams come true.

  56. Kathleen Perras

    We have 2 amazing kids ages 9 and 10 and we would love to be on your show! We watch almost every show and I’m convinced we would ROCK! We would love to see the excitement on their little faces! I can’t think of anything else that would make them more excited! Give us a try, you will not be disappointed!

  57. Andrews Family

    Please Please pick our family. We watch Brain Surge everyday as a family answering questions, laughing, just enjoying every minute of the show. It would be so awesome and fun if we get on the show. Thanks!

  58. Stephanie

    Hey Brainsurge! My daughter loves your show and has always had the desire to be on tv. She would be a great contestant because of her energy and she would especially love to see her mom and step-dad be clobbered by slime. It would be a great family experience together. Hope we are picked.

  59. Anthonisha

    My 7 year old loves this show…we love watching it together and answering the questions…Please consider us as contestants for the show…it would be so awesome for him

  60. Jecil Sam

    I really want to go on the show with my mom. She is awesome and together we are SOOOOOOOO awesome! We will win and kick butts! Please pick us!

  61. Alliyana sam

    My mom and I watch your show ALL THE TIME! We would love love love to be contestants on your show. My mom and I rock and we will WIN!!!!! PICK US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Danielle Tamraz

    Hello! My son watches your show every night and he LOVES it. He is 7 years old, going on 35 with his sense of humor and personality. He gets all the answers right, while I, on the other hand, get them wrong. I’m sure at this point he would be happy to lose just because he wants to be slimed. Please consider us!!! Thanks!

  63. melissa

    Please have us as a contestant

  64. Robert Hill

    My son and daughter are such big fans of the show!! Not many things would make them happier than being contestants on your show. Besides, I have to prove to them I really can be cool!! Please call!!

  65. C.J. Kinzey

    My dad is also a veteran from the millitary.

  66. Tracy Gardinera

    Hi Brainsurge!!! I’m Nicholas’s mom and we want to be on Brainsurge! Nicholas and I watch your show all the time and agree that we would kick some major butt if we ever got on! Besides getting slimed and being able to say fart on national television, we have a chance to win some really cool prizes AND meet the the best game show host EVER…. Jeff Sutphen! So…. PICK US! PICK US! PICK US!!
    Nicholas and Tracy G