Fairest of the Mall - The Disney Channel

Fairest of the Mall – The Disney Channel

It’s safe to say that Disney knows a thing or two when it comes to creating outstanding original series that capture the hearts (and funny bones) of audiences the world over. With such classics as Hanna Montana, Jessie and Shake It Up! in their much beloved lineup, The Disney Channel is ready to debut an all new soon to be favorite and casting calls are being organized now. Fairest Of The Mall has been announced for production and soon actors of all ages and experience levels will have a chance to audition for roles in the next great Mouse House comedy project. Performers can apply today for a shot at several incredible parts.

Fairest Of The Mall is a hilarious new Disney project that will tell the charming story of a teenage girl who seems to have it all. She’s doing well in school and has a fun job at the local mall’s most popular clothing store but when her school’s queen bee sabotages her, she is abruptly fired. Looking to

rebound and needing after school money, she reluctantly takes a job at the mall’s tech store – a “nerd heaven” filled with a unforgettable collection of dorky teen boys. Will ‘The Fairest’ learn to love her new co-workers and find a home in her new job? Will she find a way to get back at the queen bee? Millions of Disney fans will be tuning in each week to find out and they could be tuning in and seeing you!

Casting calls for Fairest Of The Mall are being organized now and will be happening soon and interested actors can submit themselves today by heading here centralcasting.com for more production information. We will be posting more audition details as the production draws closer so be sure to check back for more updates and leave a message below and tell us what you think of this new project and why you want to be a part of the casting calls for The Disney Channel’s all new comedy series, Fairest Of The Mall.

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  1. Amadi

    Hi my name is Amadi and I am 15 years old i love to act i am really good at pretending and i am black,5’6,and have dark brown hair please contact me because i would love to do this and i do like Disney

  2. kodi

    Hi my name is kodi i have always wanted to be on Disney channel
    I know how to fake cry and make it beleavable i have alot of experiences with acting and i
    Know im not like other girls but i do know that i am me i will be 11 on the 21 of September
    I think you should choose me kodi

  3. Isabel Forrest

    Hi! My name is Isabel Forrest and I’m 15 years old. I’m from Brisbane, Australia and I’m hoping to audition for a role. I have experience in multiple schools plays including Mulan and Greased Lightning. I’m hoping for the opportunity to audition for a role. I am a professional international Ice skater as well and being on a Disney film would make me so happy.

    1. Isabel Rose Forrest
    2. Aged 15
    3. 13/06/2000
    4. 5’4 – 5’5
    5. Hazel/Green eyes
    6. Brown hair, Mid back length
    7. Brisbane, Australia
    8. 013iza@gmail.com

    I’m a team player and I am always ready to work and try my hardest at everything. I hope I will get the chance in working with some amazing actors and actresses.

  4. Hailey Maldonado

    Hi I’m Hailey I have always wanted to be an actress every since I was a little girl. I make friends very easily, I love being around people all the time. I have always wanted to be apart of Disney and I hope you will allow me to be on your show. I love watching all the shows.
    Thank you for taking me into consideration. I can be reach at my email address amiosottis@yahoo.com

  5. jessica dugbartey

    My name is jessica dugbartey and i am 13 and i would love to be in a disney channel show . i have some acting experience . and i have taking some classes and i think i fit this role cause i am a teenager and love the mall.

    Name: Jessica Dugbartey
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Race: African American
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 132
    Hair: Brown
    Birthday: April 9 2002
    From: New York

  6. Alana Maness

    Hi! My name is Alana and I would love to be on your show “Fairest Of The Mall”! Here’s my information :

    Age – 12, turning 13 in December
    Height – 5’4
    Hair – Dirty Blonde, Medium Length
    Eye Color – Brown
    Siblings – 5 brothers and a sister ( Some are step/half because my parents are divorced )
    State – Colorado
    Hobbies – Dance, Art, Acting, Reading, Writing
    Personality – Fun, funny, nice, polite, always full of energy
    Other – I absolutely LOVE Disney Channel! I watch it every day with my younger brothers, and each time I wish I was on Disney.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my application. I hope you consider casting me! It would be amazing!

  7. Anna

    Hi my name is Anna and I speak English I am 11 and I love to act so please pick me.

  8. Anna

    Age: 11
    Language: English
    I have always wanted to be on Disney channel and love to act. So please pick me.

  9. Shelby hiar

    Gender: female
    Approx 5’5
    110 lbs
    Brown eyes
    Brown hair natural. Currently reddish purple but fading (it looks really good)
    I love Disney channel. Even as I’m getting older and may get made fun of. But i don’t care. I especially love Jessie and Goodluck Charlie. I think this is a very different idea for a show and think it will be a hit! And i would LOVE to be a part of it! I Would love to get a chance to be on tv to try it out and see if it’s something i would like to pursue. I. I took drama and was in plays from grade 4-8. In grade 8 i was in the Christmas play and had the lead role in the spring play and won the schools drama award out of the whole school. I also took improv and film making in middle school. I didn’t go in the school musical in grade 9 because it was a musical. Because I’m a horrible singer And if i sang everyone would leave. So i know i won’t be the next Celine Dione. In grade 9 i took media arts which including acting in short films but mostly computer work. I’m Canadian born and currently live in Alberta. I would love to try out acting on a show. I hope you will consider me for a role

  10. Ameerah Dominguez

    Hi my name is Ameerah. I am a 15 year old female. Its always been a dream of mine to be on Disney Channel and pursue my dreams. I live in Houston, TX. I have black, long hair and dark brown eyes . I am 5’2 and my birthday is January 17. I love to sing and dance. If you could contact me it would be so great.
    Email: merraaa1@gmail.com

  11. Haven Gordon

    Hi, my name is Haven Gordon and I’d love to be in this movie! I love to shop, I am a fashion expert if I do say so myself! I’m really hard working, and I have a ton of experience in acting and singing. They are both my dreams and I’m going to accomplish this because I am not a quieter..
    Eye color; brown
    Hair color; brown
    Hometown; Chillicothe Ohio

  12. Kassidy

    Hi I’m 13 and would love to be in this

  13. Jasmine Myers

    Hello my name is Jasmine Myers, I am African American and i have brown eyes and love acting singing and to model. I have been wanting to be an actress since i could talk mainly. I have to older siblings and i am the youngest, 12 years old. I am about 5’1 My parents don’t really know i am doing this but i want to help them with anything i can. I am helpful, kind, and funny.I love acting like i said before i have two dogs and they are one of my best friends i love them. Some people say i am quiet but that’s only in school because my teacher are important so i respect them.I am in middle school and I’m a 7th grader. I would love to be an actress for the Disney channel movie fairest of the mall. Thank you

  14. Hannah benavides

    Hey my name is Hannah Benavides. I am a actress dancer singing. I am a good artist and I get a hang of things easily. Ever since I was little, I’ve had a great imagination and great fashion sense. I am very modest and i never brag about anything. Well maybe once or twice . I am tall but slim girl and I like to make a lot of friends no matter how different they are then me . I would like to be on a Disney channel show because I’ve always liked the felling of being on stage singing dancing and expressing my self. I am 10 years old about to turn 11 but I look a little tiny older than my age or I seem older than my age by the way I do good in school and talk intelligent. But I have too admit something I sound kind of silly when I go into Hannah world and its hard too get out of Hannah world believe me.
    Height: about 5ft2 or around that Wight:, 90 to100 pounds because of how tall I am.color hair: brown color eyes :brown skin color:a little bit tan future:Mexican I have long hair

  15. Peyton

    Hello my name is Peyton, and here is some info on me!

    Gender: Female

    Age: 10 (I can look older and younger)

    Hair Color: Blond/Dirty Blond

    Eye Color: Ice Blue

    Weight: 102

    Height: 4’8

    Special Abilities: Singing, Dancing.

  16. Aniyah

    Hi I’m eleven, african American and I love acting singing and dancing. I’ve had singing lessons with Katherine Davis.

  17. kaniyawoodford

    hello my name is kaniya woodford born september 3,2004 i really want to be one tv like descendants and liv and maddie i’ve always wanted to be an actor i can send u pictures of me i don’t have any expirence but i have been in school plays and i can sing really good i have brown and black hair and black eyes if reading this please i want to act i’m very sweet and kind little 10 year old i love to dance too and that’s a little bit about me!!!!!!

  18. Heather Worth

    I am fourteen and this would be a great opportunity to escalate my acting career. Ever since I was a small child I have loved acting and I am a gifted singer.

  19. Parisce

    Hi my name is parisce wilkerson and my twin sister name is paris wilkerson. We would love to audition for you and be the next star of disney. We have a willing mind and would be honored to work for you. Age: 23

  20. Kshirin

    Hi im 11 years old but im really short for my age and i look like im in grade three if that matters. Acting has always been a dream of mine. I even know how to fake cry. Im good at drawing i can do gymnastics and i know how to swim and do a bit of taekwondo. I live in markham, Toronto in Canada but I would really appreciate it if you could choose me,but if you cant I understand.

  21. Sarah

    My name is Sarah and and I’m American and I’m 10 years old I have green eyes and light brown hair I love to act and sing and I would great for a role

  22. Sarah

    My names is Sarah stephens and I have brown hair and green eyes I love to act and sing and would be great for the role I’m 5 “2 foot and I hope you consider me being in your show I’m 10

  23. Sarah

    Hi,my name is Sarah and I’m 10 years old I’m 5 feet tall and I have light brown hair and I have green eyes and I know that I probably won’t get picked but I still hope that I will p.s I have freckles to 🙂

  24. Jania Monae

    Hi I’m jania although you may have tones of other comments and experienced people, I would love to be a part of this
    Age:13 turning 14
    Race: African American
    Hair color/ style : black ,short
    Please I am truly hoping you can consider me . I would really like to be in this movie I’m very unique, people claim I can sing and I live in Chicago

  25. nyrashia farmer

    Hi my name is Nyrashia Farmer I am 11 years old 5″5, . I am African American & Puerto Rican, I am from a small town in Clayton, NC .I have been dreaming of becoming a star since i was 4 years old. When I was 7 years old I won the title for the NC in the NAM (National American Miss) Pageant. Me and my youngest sister always act, sing and dance on our free time. I am the 3rd oldest in my family. I am caring individual, as well as, family oriented and very social. Whenever there is fun I am there. My goal is to become a star so I can make a lot of money and use my money to make a difference in this world. My mom & dad are always telling me I can do anything I can put my mind to. I help my mom working on the weekends; She has taught me that you have to work hard to get what you want. She has taught me that when I get older even if it takes me years to become famous to have a backup plan if my big dream takes longer than expected to become true. Acting & singing is my life. The school I attend do not participate in having acting plays, if they did i would probably be in every one. My mom tells me I am very talented and special. She motivates my dream and tells me that She will do anything in her power to help me accomplish my dream. Therefore, I know I can make it!

  26. They Anna Mae

    Name-They Anna Mae
    Height – 5 ‘1
    Weight 128
    Hair – natural dark red hair / some people say it is auburn
    eye – blue
    age- 21
    Gender- Female
    I live in Delaware in the US..Some people think I look younger than I am. But it depends on the person. dI o however walk with a blue cane. It doesn’t mean I can’t walk I just can’t walk well without it. .I do however walk with a blue cane. It doesn’t mean I can’t walk I just can’t walk well without it. The reason I am say this if I did get in a part on this show I wouldn’t want you to be surprised by that. I have been in a musical and I am going to take a theater class. I was in dream club in high school. I was in a school play. We did sing. I think I am a ok singer. From being in the play I know they said I was a soprano. I am in college but I only have three classes to go.If I got a part in Fairest of the Mall I can take them another time. Are takes days off. Plus I will be done 2015. We did sing. I think I am a ok singer. From being in the play I know they said I was a soprano. I all so wrote a short story and published it on Amazon.com The story is called Loathsome..I am working on more shorty stores that i am going to put up like Sorciere Spiaire… Witch Spy this is about a witch who is in a spy, and The Tall Yellow House Blood On awl this is a scary story. Tall Tales Of ROYALTY is a another book I am put on Amazon.com .I paint , do photography, and crocheting.I all so draw fashion and I can kind of sew.All so been working on writing on songs. Still getting better at writing songs.I all ways thought acting would be fun to do. I would be something different .I understand what kids are like.I love kids. I have a daughter..She has light blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, 3feet tall and 2inches, will be 3 in late october .If you want to know more about her you can emil me at theyannamaeha@yahoo.com. I know you usually want teens but I thought if you ever need another adult you might consider me for a part. I don’t mind being a extra. I get sometimes you have to start small.If you need a adult for a part I can do it are a older sister are any thing.If you need to know more about me email me. I would like you to consider me for a part please Email at theyannamaeha@yahoo.com. Please contact me when you get the chance please. Thank you . Have a good day. Thank you again.

  27. Shalea Brown

    Hi my name is shalea brown and I would love anrole in this tv series. I live in North Carolina but will travel to New York in order to audition. Here is some info about me.

    Age: 12
    Birth date: 5/12/2003
    Grade: 7th
    Race: african American
    Weight:104 pounds
    Hobbys: singing, dancing, acting, dressing up, swimming, drawing
    I love disney channel and would love a chance to work with some disney stars. I idolize Zendaya Coleman and Dove Cameron. I have wanted to be an actress on disney channel for some time now and I think this would be a great opportunity for me. please email me if you want me to audition.

  28. Daniella Flores

    My name is Daniella Flores, I am 11 years old from Miami Florida and my dream is to be part of the cast of Fairest of the Mall. I am a cheerleader and just won the 2015 National Championship. I have participated in the Junior Olympics for jump rope. My aunt always says “always shoot for the stars” and this is my goal in life, to be an actress. Since I was young I always wanted to be in performances and such more. In school, I was in the show Alice in Wonderland and took the role of The Mad Hatter in Third Grade. I have dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and I am american, I am ready to be part of this amazing experience in my life that will never be forgotten. Three words that people use to describe me are motivated, committed, and loving. Thank you

  29. Aaryn Sykes

    Hi, i’m Aaryn. I have always want to acted and this would be a great opportunity for me. So heres a little information about me:
    i’m 14 years old
    I have blonde hair the length is touching my shoulders but it does grow fast
    my eye color changes color from blue to green
    i’m very athletic, i mostly play baseball and volleyball
    i’m going into high school when school starts

  30. Alex Copf

    Hiya! I’m Alex and I’m a spunky 16 year old!! I love Disney channel and I love to act. To be able to be an actress for Disney would be a great honour and a privilege! I think this new project sounds great and it would be just amazing to be able to star in it! I love to act and this could be a great opportunity for me! It would give me great pleasure to join you, Disney, in making a brand new show for all the great viewers!
    Sincerely and truly,
    Alex The Untamed Jellyfish :}

  31. Keijhenae Petersen

    Hi , my name keijhenae but people call kiki . I am an African American, I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I have never been on TV before, so I thing this will be a good apritunity for me to .

  32. Aaliyah Francis

    Hi I’m aaliyah
    I’m African American
    I wold like to cast in this movie
    My number is 3027812226
    So please pick me
    I have always wanted to be in a movie
    And I know what it’s like cause me and my cousin are always playing plays for our my litter God bro

  33. Trinity

    Hello my name is Trinity and I have acted at home I can play a girl that is 12 . I have brown hair, brown eyes, and I am 4″7″. I would love to play this part because I love acting, I always act when I am with plays and I have auditioned for other show befor! Thank you for your time and I hope you consider me for a rule !!

  34. Adama Rabiou

    Hi I’m Adama Rabiou.I’m 15yrs of age.I see alot of people act and it looks fun.Ive never been in plays,dramas and not acted in theater.But i would like to be considered in this movie to know and have a feel in the movie world so l could have a good pact from it and learn alot from it

  35. Sarah

    Hi, my name is Sarah. I’m 13. I have brown hair (changes color in seasons) and hazel eyes. I do speech, drama, dance, and D.I (destination imagination). I would love to be a professional actress.

  36. Jennifer

    Hi I’m Jennifer I’m 13 years old and I would love to be in this movie or show because I’ve always wanted to be an actress. When I first started watching Disney channel I was a little girl and I said to myself that I wanted to be on Disney. Ever since that I’ve never stopped wishing to be on Disney channel and I think that fairest of the mall would be the perfect role for me to play.

  37. Mariana Arroyo Aguilar

    Hi, my name is Mariana and I am 15 years old and I live in San Diego, California, and I would like to start my acting career because I have this passion for it, it allows me to be a different persons and helps me become confident in who I am and to whatever character I’ll be playing. Acting is just a way for me to let go and be outgoing and feel great about myself. So I thought this would be a great chance if you guys allowed it to happen. I would love to work with Disney Channel considering that i grew up watching this channel and now that I have an opportunity to let it happen I am asking you guys to help me make it happen. So here are some important details i think you guys should know about me
    Name: Mariana Arroyo Aguilar
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15 (soon to be 16)
    Height: 5’1 – 5’2
    Weight: 109
    Hair: dark brown
    chest length
    Eye color: Brown
    Race: Mexican
    I am indeed bilingual and can speak both languages perfectly
    *** I’m very professional, fun and very outgoing. I am also a fast learner and great with my memory. I would just really appreciate it if you guys allowed me to show you what i can do. Thank you and please consider me
    please reach out to me and give me a chance to be in this show
    contact by email: mariana.aguilar99@gmail.com

  38. Amit

    Hi my name is Amit. I am almost 13 years old. I love acting it is who I am. Being on Disney is my biggest dream that I hope will come true. Every time I see Disney movies I always ask myself when will it be my turn to live my dream. So I hope that you will help me make my dream come true. I was in one school play and I had so much fun doing it. I am applying to this audition because I believe that nothing is impossible. Now my future is in your hands. Even if you don’t choose me that will motivate me to work harder for the next audition. Thanks for your time.
    Gender: Female
    Eye Color: grey
    Hair color: Dirty blonde/ gold
    Height: 5″1
    Birthday: October 3, 2002
    From: Ny

  39. Whitney Chamblin

    hi, I am Whitney. I am 18 years old and would love a chance to participate in the film.In school I was in theater anddance. I love being in the spot light. I think that this would be a great opportunity for me.

  40. Laisha Herrera

    Hi my name is Laisha I have been in love with acting forever. My first play was when I was in kindergarten as sheep #1. Ever since I’ve been in love. It would be a dream come true to audition for a Disney channel series or movie. I have watched Disney channel since as long as I remember and my favorite show was that’s so raven. I even stay up late just to watch it. Watching all the High School musical movies and buying the CDs watching all the behind the scenes wanting to work with a director like Kenny Ortega and falling love with his work and dog. I am a hard worker and will stay up late and have to wake up early if I have to to make my dream come true.

    Hair:dark brown
    Height: 5″3
    Eye color: dark brown
    I love to make people laugh see people smile I love to sing, do sports and just have a fun time. I will do what ever it takes to be part of the Disney channel family. Thank you

  41. Stephenie Dailey

    Hi, my name is Stephenie Dailey and I am 16 years old. I am a babysitter and tutor. I am also a Barbizon Acting and Modeling graduate.
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 144lbs
    Hair Color: Natural Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel ( changes color )
    Other: I have freckles and can wear with or without glasses
    I would love to audition if given the chance. Thank you for reading.

  42. layane kaennalaykae@outlook.com

    My name is layane I’m a girl sometimes shy, cool, fun and crazy. I’m brazilian and speak english but i’m not fluent but i learn fast. I love Disney and be an actor in the Disney is my deram.
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eyes color: dark brown

  43. Diane

    Hi my name is Diane Trimble. I’m currently writing three different types of books. I’m also interested in acting especially a tv show that is on disney channel. Disney channel seems like a lot of stars benefit and have experience that they did not have at first. I’m also interested in being a director and this could be my opportunity.
    I’m African American and I’m 15 years old.
    Thank you for your time.

  44. Dai'Yonah

    Hi my name is Dai’Yonah and I am the only one who auditioned so pick me and i love the mall

  45. Neeka Bahrampour

    Hi, I’m Neeka Bahrampour. I live in Bergen County New Jersey. I have always wanted an opportunity like this, especially since I live in a small town. I have dark brown eyes and brown hair. I am entering 7th grade and have watched Disney channel since I was an infant. I enjoy math, science, reading, writing, playing piano, composing original music, and painting.

    I have been performing since 1st grade. I have also been in several musical productions including “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” as Willy Wonka, “Grease” as Rizzo, and “The Wizard of Oz” as Dorothy. I have been taking Piano lessons for the past six years and have been taking voice training since 2012. I have also taken dance lessons and love to dance!

    Acting is one of the many things I enjoy because it lets me express myself in a way that provides entertainment for others. This audition is the opportunity of a lifetime and I’m thankful to be a part of the casting portion. Good luck to the other boys and girls who are auditioning for this show!

  46. Sophia

    Name: Sophia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15 ( I can look older)
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 115
    Ethnicity: Caucasion
    Eye colour: Blue/Green
    Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde with a tint of red and gold

    This production sounds amazing and I would love to be part of it! I live in Alberta, Canada and have had some acting experience, contact me via email if you have any questions or concerns:) thank you

  47. vanessa russell

    vanessa russell

    11 years old
    hair is brownish red
    eyes are brown
    i have been wanting to act sence i was younger but my mom didn’t have the money so i couldn’t so now is my chance for my oprtunety and hopefully i can get the part

  48. rabiah washington

    i really want to be pick.
    eye color ; dark brown.
    hair ;dark brown
    im a great actor everyone tells me that im a very hard worker. At my school I did two plays one is teen beach movie second is ruby bridges

  49. emmanuel bouzy

    hi my name Is Emmanuel and I will love to star on Disney channel I am 13years old and would love to be on Disney I toke 1 year of acting class i hope u love this to hire me thanks

  50. Alexisavia Milliam

    I have wanted to be on disney channel since i was a little girl, growing up watching things like Hannah Montana, Jessie, Shake It Up, Cory In The House, Kim Possible, ECT I have always been a disney kid. I love to sing and dance, and everyone says I am very dramatic. I take drama and chorus at school, I write lyrics to songs of my own, and I am very girly. Please give me a chance!

    Name: Alexisavia Quinnta Miliam
    Age: 12
    Birthday: September 10, 2002
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    I have three siblings
    I love love love love to act and sing

  51. Kayla womble

    My name is Kayla wombe and I love to act. I love Disney channel and would love to be apart of it. A little bit about me. I am 15 years old and I’m a sophomore in high school. I play volleyball and stay very active.
    I am 5′ 5
    I weigh 95 pounds
    I am mixed with black and white
    I have brown curly hair and brown eyes.
    I love to travel
    Please consider me I would love to apart of this.
    Email me at kaywomble2@gmail.com

  52. Marian Cifuentes

    Name: Marian Cifuentes
    Age: 15 Years Old
    Date of Birth: 09/05/99
    Height: 5’6
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Gender: Female
    Talents: Singing, Dancing, Acting
    I would love to be part of the Disney Team cause I’ve seen it my whole life and I always wanted to be there!
    I will always do the best i can! 🙂

  53. Taliyah Jones

    Hello Disney, My Name Is Taliyah Jones And I Would Really Love To Be A Part Of The “Fairest Of The Mall” Cast.
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 106 lbs.
    Race/Ethnicity: Black American
    Gender: Female
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Some Experience I Had Was In A Play Directed By My Uncle And Cousin; Whilemina Hampton, Titled ” No More Strength”
    And Im An Willing To Travel If I Get The Part, Because My Family Really Doesn’t Have Enough Money To Get My To They Audition With A Chance Of Not Getting The Part.
    I Love Disney!! I Been Watching Disney Since Proud Family, Kim Possible, And That’s So Raven. And I Have Really Learn From Disney Actress Such As Raven Simone & Madison Pettis And I Would Love Be The Next Disney Star! Its My Dream To Be A Disney Star.( And To Become The President)

  54. Ivanna Chazaro

    My name is Ivanna I love to act play sports.I have brown hair
    and blue green eyes . I have taken drama before at school and I would l love to be apart of the Disney family and the fariest of the mall.
    thank you for your time
    Ivanna from az

  55. Nevaeh Clouse

    Hi, everyone

    I’m currently trying to kick off my granddaughter’s career as an actress/model. She is very enthusiastic, creative and a lot of fun to work with. She has been in school plays and loves to singing and dance. Nevaeh loves dogs, she has two of them.

    Thank you

    Name- Nevaeh Clouse from Cocoa Beach Florida

    Age- 7
    Height- 4’3
    Weight- 55lbs
    Hair Color- Long blonde
    Eye color- Blue


  56. Lundon Knight

    Hi, I’m lundon and for a long time I have dreamed to be apart of Disney channel and I hope this might be my big break to finally make my dream come true! I will put everything I can into my audition to win a part in this TV series and I won’t give up until I know ive made it

  57. Ian McCoy-Lockhart

    Hi my name is Ian and I would to be in this show I am 14 years old and live in Orlando Florida. I have always loved to act and this could be my only big chance.

  58. Emaan rajper

    Hey my name is Emaan Rajper
    I’m 14 Years Old
    Eye color black
    Hair color black
    I love acting
    Is there any role available for me??
    Please Answer
    Thank you

  59. Mckenna

    Hi, my name is Mckenna and I’m interested in a role in the Disney Channel TV show The Fairest Of The Mall! I’m very serious about acting and would love to be a part of the show! I would love to gain experience and have some fun by being a part of the cast! Acting is one of my passions, along with singing, dancing and art!

    Height: 5’5 3/4
    Weight: 98lbs, slender athletic frame
    Hair colour: Dark brown
    Eye colour: Hazel/Brown
    Talents/hobbies: Singing and dancing
    Ethnicity: Caucasain
    Country: Canada
    Age: 13 (14 in September)
    Hair length: medium/shoulder length
    Face: Some freckles

    Please consider me for one of the roles, if interested please contact me by email! Thanks!!

  60. Elizabeth Breslin

    Hello. My name is Elizabeth Breslin.
    I’m not one of those people who audition for TV shows or plays to be famous or just to do it. I want to audition for Disney because acting has been my biggest passion ever since I had one of the lead roles in my churches musical back in 2012. Acting is definitely something I won’t be able to give up easily. Acting is a passion that I’ve had for a long time, and I plan on making it a reality. I love to make people smile while doing what I love. Disney is a really big opportunity for me to be Who I am. I have even begun to teach myself how to dance the way Disney characters do. Disney really means a lot to me. Years of karate has taught me to never give up without a fight. And I plan on persevering no matter how many times I fail.

    Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
    Height: 5’1″
    Weight: 100
    Hair Color: Brown, long past shoulders.
    Eyes: Blue
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Fun, quirky, hardworking, kind hearted, outgoing, and serious when I need to be. I work hard and strive for excellence. I am a fast, and patient learner.

    Thank you for your time and consideration Disney.
    God bless
    ~ Elizabeth Breslin

  61. Hannah McNew

    Hi my name is Hannah I am 14 year’s old and acting has always been my passion. I memorize lines fastly and easily because in school when we did plays I always got the most lines.

    Height: 4’11
    Weight: 80
    Hair color: blonde
    Eye color: dark blue in cold weather bright blue in hot weather.
    Talents: I can sing, I can pick up dance moves easily I’m a self taught dancer, I’m a youtuber and viner also.

    Please contact me once you read this I would love to be to be a part of this new show. Xoxoxo, Hannah

  62. Ava Massi

    Hi my name is Ava Massi. I am 10 years old. I am from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I dance, sing, and act. I am also on a gymnastics, and dance team. I really love to watch Disney Channel, and I hope one day soon to get to be apart of a tv show, or a movie.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10
    Height: 4ft
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

  63. itzel de la cruz

    Hi my name is itzel the reason im here its beacuse i always wanted to act although i never acted so this the is first time but i Know i could do it , acting is another way to continue with my life.I love disney thanks.
    Age: 11years old

    Hair: black-browish ,straight hair ,dyed hair
    Nose: 2 freckels in nose
    Cheaks: some freckels in cheaks/nose
    Middle name: nayelie

  64. Chelsey u

    hi I’m Chelsea and you’ve probably have heard this millions of times but I have a dream to be some that had a dream that came true so if u gave an opportunity to be someone I’d be grateful

  65. Alex

    Hi my name is Alex and I’m 9 years old. I really like the idea of the TV show, Fairest of the mall. Here is some
    Location: Bolingbrook, Illinois
    Height: about 4ft 5″
    Weight: 56.5 pounds
    Birthday: January 20, 2006
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: African-American, Italian, Alaskan
    Hair: Dark Brown, Ringlet curls
    Eyes: Dark brown

  66. Jessica Forrester

    Hi. My name is Jessica but, most people call me Jess or Jessie. I am currently in the process of moving for my career as an actress. I have been acting since I was 5 or so. I’ll be honest, I have had some great chances I was able to take but I was too young and stupid to make my own choices. I have gotten multiple awards for my art, acting, and singing. When I was younger I had auditioned for something or someone along the lines of Disney or something. I have a dream, I will work for that dream for as long as I can breathe. I realized at a young age that dreams are not free, dreaming is the only thing that’s free. I can also do special effects makeup. Last summer I was in a production of “Midsummer Nights Dream” and “Our Town” in the summer of 2014. I would love to be a part of this program and I do think I have what it takes.

    Name: Jessica M. Forrester
    Gender: Female
    Eye Color: Green Blue Hazel
    Height: 5”7 or 5″8
    Age: 12 going on 13
    ( I am the height as most teenagers and adults so I can play more older roles.)
    DOB: October 9, 2002
    Hair: Ash Blonde/ Brunet
    City: Cinncinnati
    Role Model: Lea Michele

  67. kyra

    Hi! I’m Kyra Woodard, I’m 12 years old and I love to act. I’m African American and I’m 104 pounds . I love disney and I watch in all the time 24/7. I love fashion and the mall so I think I would be perfect for the role. I hope you choose me . Bye!

  68. Ashley

    Hi my Name is Ashley
    Born: August 20th 2002
    Gender: female ( I am a twin)
    Country: Canada, Toronto
    Hair colour: black
    Eye colour: brown
    Personality: I’m fun and goofy I’m daring I like to try new things and is up for any challange

    I would love to audition for this show I’ve always dreamed of being on a TV shows or movies but mostly TV shows I’m a twin I’m really fun so if you have any questions about me please contact me by email and I hope I get this opportunity to be on TV and show my true skills I’ve been dreaming of this forever and my email is ashleydallas3@outlook.com and thank you I hope I get this and to be on TV and try new things I’ve

    I decided to make this application because I’ve always loved to perform for people and I felt like I should try acting I hope I hear from you guys and look for to this huge opportunity and I will try my very best and work my hardest.

  69. Lucksy shanon sockalingum

    Hello I am seventeen I have a real passion for acting, I’m a determine girl I really want to play for Disney channel because I like Disney channel movies and series they are very interesting like fairest of the mall it will a real pleasure for me to play in ,I have the capacity and the talent to play in. for any questions contact me by my email
    I am waiting for you..:-)

  70. Veronica

    I would really like to be part of this new series called fairest of the mall because I am good at making people laugh as well as being a good partner at any project and also like to have fun and make people feel like they are having a good time.
    My name is Veronica
    I am 5’4 1/2
    I have long brown wavy hair and brown eyes

  71. jaycee hale

    hi I am Jaycee. I am 15 years old and in high school so I know how high school can be. I can relate to the character a lot not only I do good in school and also very good at making friends with new people. I am very upbeat and fun to be around my 8th grade superlative was most friendly. I was nominated for most school spirit but sadly did not get it. i am involved in school activities such as kitty hawk ( tutoring program ), drill team, ROTC, military ball comity, and drama club. i played Rizzo from Greece and ariel from the little mermaid. I’m really good with other people and have dreamed of being on Disney channel since I was 6. my family fell through hard times and we are still stuck there which i decided that i was going to drop out of once source because of it. ( one source is a talent agency ). please take me under consideration and help make my dreams come true!!!!!!
    age 15
    height 5’6
    hair CURLY!!!!!!!! dark brown
    eyes dark brown
    race Italian American
    sex female
    grade sophomore
    talents singing acting

  72. Alyssa Pippa

    Hi, my name is Alyssa Pippa. I live in Macomb Township, Michigan. I am 11 years old, but I can play a girl from 10-13 years old. I am about 5″2, and very mature for my age. I have brown hair with natural blonde highlights. I have brown eyes. I have a lot of experience in school plays such as Juliet, in Romeo and Juliet, Carmen Diaz, in Fame Jr., Alice, in Alice in Wonderland, and Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz. I sing, and have been doing it since I was five. I’ve been in many other minor productions, and many talent shows/showcases. My dad was very musically involved, and he introduced me to the world of music, I know many different music techniques and styles, and have been in choir for four years. I danced for five years, and did a little bit of gymnastics. I am very free spirited and bubbly, yet I am serious and dedicated. I would truly enjoy a part, as I love Disney Channel, the family, and would like to start my acting career, as it’s a passion of mine. I would truly be grateful if Disney gave me my start, as many other musical and acting persona have come off of Disney.

  73. Tikya McClure

    Name// Tikya McClure (Ta-ki-ya)
    Age// 13
    Birthday// 04-01-02
    Eye Color// Brown
    Skin Color//Brown
    Hey, my name is Tikya Shenell McClure I’m 5’4. I would like to be an actor my mom always says that I’m super goofy and I already know that. No one in my family knows about me wanting to be an actress its just something I always wanted to do. I’m just a regular girls that goes to school with friends watches Teen Wolf and eats A LOT. I’m great with meeting new people. My sister Taylor is also a good actor she’s just super shy. Thank You for reading.

  74. Carolina Ewig

    My name is Caroina Ewig, I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and I am 11 years old. I have taken 1 acting class so far and enjoyed it and want to continue it. I am “5’0 and weigh 100 pounds, I have brown, medium length straight hair and my eyes are hazel. I speak fluently in Spanish, sing, and I have played the piano for 4 and a half years. Please consider me for this.

  75. Arleth Torres

    Hi, my name is Arleth Torres
    I would love the be part of this totally new opportunity , i would work the hardest i can to be my best! In school i have good grades and im part of alot of school activities such as student council, ffa member, accelerated in all my classes, office aid, and athletics. I can be competitive, nice and fashionable. I think I would be a great because as soon as I read about Fairest of the Mall, i could really connect to the teenager character!
    Age -13
    hair- black/ wavy
    height- “5,6”
    Lenguages- fluent spanish/ english
    Instagram- _arleth_7
    Please contact if intrested