Eastbound & Down - HBO

Eastbound & Down – HBO

Television’s favorite bad boy is back and ready for another outrageous season of hard throwing comedy. That’s right, the return of the notorious Kenny Powers in HBO’s Eastbound & Down is just around the corner and the producers and casting directors of this fantastic series will be holding casting calls very soon for several incredible roles. Up and coming actors can submit themselves today for a chance to audition for for a spot on one of the funniest shows in television history.

Eastbound & Down stars the immensely talented Danny McBride (Pineapple Express,  Up in the Air,  This Is the End) as the aforementioned Kenny Powers a once dominant Major League Baseball pitcher whose life hilariously and spectacularly unravels and whose road to redemption has seen him fall from grace, return home to North Carolina, wind up in Mexico and then come back again. What will McBride, and his producing team of superstar Will Ferrell and filmmakers Adam Mckay (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy) and Jody Hill (Observe and Report) have in store for their millions of fans this season? We’ll have to wait and find out – or a lucky group could see it up close and personal as a member of the season 4 cast! Many of the fabulous cast of the first three editions are slated to return including  Steve Little (Identity Thief, Reno 911!, Adventure Time), Andrew Daly (Semi-Pro, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, What Happens in Vegas), Katy Mixon (Mike & Molly, State of Play, Four Christmases) and Academy Award nominee John Hawkes (Winter’s Bone, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Deadwood) and now you could be a part of the magic. Casting calls for all available roles will be held soon and intertested performers of all ages can head here facebook.com/VanessaNcasting for more audition and production information. All future casting updates will be posted here upon release so be sure to keep checking back and leave a message for us below and tell us why you love the show and why you want to audition for HBO’s modern classic Eastbound & Down.

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  1. Nick lullo

    Very funny and silly! Vine popular with 21,000 followers who enjoy my comedy and silliness. Very improv type comedian. My idols. Nick swardson. Will Ferrell. Daniel Tosh. Adam sandler. Please email and check out my vines ! Use them as an amazing resume @humorousnick

  2. Steve McCoy

    Good morning and good night. I’m a guy looking for some experience as an Extra. With all these comments, I doubt anyone important a gonna read this, so I’ll just spit the truth. I’m hilarious! I’m probably 4.5 times more funnier than McBride. Even though he’s extremely underrated, I think I’d be overrated over his underrating. Okay, not really, I’m actually not funny at all, I don’t know why I said that.
    In all seriousness though, I think Danny is one of the greatest comedic actors of this time. How Seth Rogan is considered a bigger actor than Danny McBride, I will never know. It would be totally rad to be an extra in a film that Mr. McBride is involved with.

    My stats:
    Age – 28 (I look 21)
    Height – 5′ 9″ (6′ 0″ with 3 inch shoes)
    Weight – 150lbs. (I can bulk up nicely and slim down nicely when needed)
    Ethnicity – Caucasian (Irish decent)
    Hair – Medium Brown
    Eyes – Forest Green
    Fingernails – Natural (Paint if needed)

  3. Jesse Hayes

    Hi my name is Jesse Hayes i’m outgoing, i’m charming and i have a great personality and i would like to share it with the world! I’m very driven and will strive and work hard to be successful. My talents are i’m athletic, i’m artistic (sketching, graphic design, pastels), dance (swing dancing, ballroom dancing, free style), and magic. My interests are anything to do with TV, movies and sports, chess, video games, exercise and weight lifting…….and of course looking good!…..oh and modeling.
    The reason you should choose me for an audition is because if you give me the chance i’ll put a 150% of time and effort into learning my part and i will not disappoint! Thank you!

    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 131
    Age: 14
    D.O.B. 8/17/1999
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Grade: 9th

  4. "Trey" Jerome Schneider

    I have little acting experience aside from a few small productions in my school years, but I feel as though that means few or no bad acting habits and the ability to learn key parts with a clean slate. I’m extremely hardworking, but am struggling to start a career and have always thought about acting in the back of my mind. For me, something like this could be a complete life and career-changing opportunity. I would love to get a start in something that I can fully enjoy and express myself through. Playing a role in a movie would be a great break from reality and a chance to immerse myself into being someone else. Willing to work hard and do whatever is necessary to start a career that I can have fun with and enjoy.

    athletic 185 lbs (can gain or lose weight for role)
    brown hair and eyes

    I can also provide photos or even a video if necessary.

  5. Rebecca

    Hello, I am very interested in acting. I have been performing on and off stage ever since I was very young. I was a main character in every one of my school plays in elementary school up to middle school. I also took drama classes in middle school and high school. I have always wanted to be in a movie, or tv show. I believe it is something that I would excel greatly in. I have a likable personality, and great qualities that make me distinct from others. I don’t say this because I am trying to boast, I say this because I have been told many times by people who I have met, and people who know me very well. I am not trying to become famous, I just really enjoy acting. I love comedies, dramas, romance, action, adventure, and I believe I would be a great character in any of those genres.

    Thank you so much for reading this and I hope to here back from a casting director.

    Rebecca Joy Derksen
    caucasian female
    age: 23
    eyes: brown
    hair: brown
    height: 5’4″
    weight: 110 lbs

  6. Sergen Aytug


    I’m only 5ft7 inches in height and I am 19 years of age. Well nearly 20! I’ve always been into acting but never had the opportunity to take it serious which I have always wanted since a young age. I have dark features, dark hair. I always say that because women love that tall dark and handsome look but i am not tall! Only 5ft 7. Photos can be provided upon request.

    Kind regards,

  7. shawn

    Pick me. I’m adorable.

  8. Markida Cooper

    Hello, I’m Markida Cooper. I’m an eighteen year old female in Sterling Heights, MI. I believe I would be a great match for this role because I am energetic and determined to be an actress. I’m a fast learner and I catch on to things quick. My main priority is making sure I am ready for any position. If you give me a chance I will make sure you are happy with my performance. Thank you for your time!

  9. Matt

    Names Matt I’m a 22 year old male from Chicago Illinois I’m hard working and love to make people laugh it’s my best quality Iv been in some plays such as willy wonka an was the lead roll I have a natural talent of making people laugh as well myself laugh any position would be fine with me I could play the part and play it well

  10. Dalano Patrick

    I am 30 yrs. Old.
    From Detroit, Michigan
    Amazing imagination and creativity
    I always felt like I’m suppose to be a star.
    I’m serious about becoming a actor, and becoming a character and bringing the character to life. Not afraid to push myself. I work at a factory and I work hard, and I don’t want to. Looking for an opportunity to prove my talent.

  11. Zoe Byrne

    Zoe Byrne, 18, has extensive experience in the field of Modeling, Music, Television, Commercial, Tourism Promotion and Ambassadorial roles.

    Zoe is an international model, actress & singer. She currently resides in Tasmania and is free to travel for work. She currently holds Australian and European citizenship allowing her into over 28 different countries.

    During her studies Zoe was fortunate enough to be trained by some of Australia’s renowned teachers. She has worked as a photographers model with various companies.

    The petite, blue eyed, blonde haired, young fresh-face wants to increase her experience in TV and commercial show biz, photographic work as well as musical work.

    She has the talent that will achieve greatness in all her performances.

    She is enthusiastic, fun to work with, very flexible and loves working with different people and learning new things.

    Guaranteed, she aims to please in all areas (from comedy right through to drama) and will ensure that the viewer ratings sky-rocket!

  12. Kiana

    Hello, My name is Kiana Alexander I am 16 years old and I want to audition for this show because this show is mad hilarious. who doesn’t love comedies right. Eastbound & Down is the show to watch it just changes a rooms atmosphere. I want to audition for Eastbound & Down because I want to get out there in the world more and experience other things, Being myself is being funny and weird and I feel like this show is perfect for me to experience at fist. Lastly I always wanted to act to see where it would lead me in life.

  13. Jacob Bowhuis

    I am a male.
    19 years old.
    160 lbs.
    I am currently enrolled in an acting class at the college I attend.
    Really looking for a small role or an extra role to help get me started.
    I am motivated and dedicated to become as great of an actor as I can be.
    I am extremely outgoing and fun to be around.

    Located in Grand Rapids, MI.

  14. Burless Anderson

    I’m a up coming comedian and I’m very funny trust me I’m different from a lot of people with a name like Burless and a stage name SHAKE And I eat sandwiches before I work out lol

  15. David Solomon

    Ex United States Marine
    I’m 6’4
    230 lbs. Athletic Build
    34 Years Old
    I’m highly educated but found my passion in acting after my recent lead role in the film called the 10th as (David Landon). I enjoyed it so much that I would love to make acting a life time career. I was told I have a very natural screen presence as well as a strong overall presence.
    I am currently casted to be the lead actor in 3 upcoming independent projects as well as a supporting lead in a national touring stage play that will become a sitcom on HBO this year. I would love to build my experience closer to home here in Miami Florida but traveling will not be an issue if needed.
    Thanks again

  16. Jess Cummings

    Hello! I have a very big hunger to act and dance and I am in a point in my life where I realized I better get this going and get out there before my chances and opportunities pass me by! I love my life and everyone in it and I most certainly know how to entertain my friends and family. I am known for my upbeat personality and my enthusiasm to live. I am very in tuned with my emotions and all I need is a sliver of an opportunity to show the world what I have. I am a 32 year old medium shaped Latina who loves life and especially my complete opposite personality of a husband! I look forward to hearing from you!

  17. Dunell murchison

    My name is Dunell Murchison
    Black hair
    Light skinned

    Comedies are something that keeps the world going around without laughter the world would be a cold and sad place. So I would be delighted to help you continue making this world a better place.

  18. Jorge L. Moncada

    Name: jorge L moncada
    Age: 25
    Height: 5’9”
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Hair color: black/brown
    Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino
    Email: jmoncada@fleenorpaper.com

    Talents: speak English and Spanish fluently.
    Play soccer and have an athletic body.

    It will be my dream come true to be on East bound and Down.
    This is my favorite show ever and when I say ever I mean it.
    I seemed every episode and I never get tired of seeing them.
    Danny is my Hero and what else would I love most than work with him.
    Give me a chance and no one will regret it.

    Thank you and have a great day.


  19. Sarahlee

    My name is Sarah, Sarahlee preferred.

    I’m new to the industry but did star in my own little films back in highschool. Ive also modeled for some local photographers. I’m 21 years of age and stand at 5’8 and weigh about 156. East bound and down is an AMAZING show. I unfortunately don’t have cable. I would love the opportunity !

    Also, like miss April in the show, I have nice sized cannons too. Its truely a gift to be born like this.

  20. Levi Campbell

    Well lets see. I’m 21 years old. Male. 5’10. I’m freaking awesome. I don’t mind offending people with my humor. Sometimes low blow jokes are the best. So yeah. Oh and I don’t support obamacare.

  21. Cristian

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Cristian. I am 20 years old, currently going to school. I live in Tucson, Arizona. I am very active, im an athlete, a lover, i love making people laugh, and i like to be a center of attention. I have always wanted to be in a movie, or a tv show since i was 10. It would be really great if i get a role in this production.

    Thank you

  22. Chief kessler

    For more information just google chief Kessler you should receive anywhere from 3 all the way up to 14 million hits , depending on the day and what’s happening around the country during that time


    Chief Kessler

  23. Brandon Paz O'Leary

    I’ll keep this short.

    To who this may concern,

    I’m a big fan, would love to be a part of this production.
    I’m rather new to the industry, but am very talented, tall, dark & handsome.

    6’2″, 23 years old

    If all else fails, I can always pull the “race card”

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Brandon Paz O’Leary

  24. js yn

    student: acting, comedy – stand up, film making.

  25. Karissa Toles

    I am a young actress, model,dancer,singer.. i have experience in a fields, and able to accomplish anything! I am excellent in comedy! Good timing, and great with improvising, which often comes out well. Facial expressions always on point, including very funny ones as well. I have veryy good looks, as i also always hear, and a great, charismatic personality, I get along with everyone! So I feel that i could be a great addition to this project. As a new character or even just featured, also an extra.. whatever is needed! You can check me out at starnow.com/diamondkarissatoles . I would love to be apart of this. Contact me anytime through my 3mail, or my other contact information is on the website. Thank you so , hope to hear from you!!

  26. Vivian Hudgins

    Welll Hello To All, I am so thrilled your all casting for the show, my husband and I watch it almost everyday (mostly reruns) lol but I would love an opportunity to be a part of an amazingly hilarious cast & crew. I am from NJ currently residing in Texas I attended High School for thee performing arts in NJ I am quite the comedian most times not purposely but it has always been a dream to professionally sleigh people with my comedic tendencies haha! I am 23 years young brown skinned I am only 5 foot 5! I weigh 145lbs well proportioned if it matters, and I have a really fly short hair cut! would love to show you all what I have to offer so please feel free to contact me….

    Thanks in Advance for all of your consideration!!

  27. Angelica

    I have only taken a speech class by force in college to meet a public speaking requirement. I had to perform skits with others. The instructor also taught drama and told me I was very good and I should pursue acting, however, I wanted a more secure career. I have my career now. I actually enjoyed acting and am in a place to take a chance. I would love the opportunity to audition. Thank you in advance for any consideration.

  28. Angela

    What’s Up?!?!!!!
    I’m Angela Goldwater! I live in Michigan. Im 16 years young.. I’m a model for John Casablanca modeling. I’ve been told I’m a cutie pie with a beautiful smile! 5’8″ and 108 pounds and pretty blue eyes. Recently I was in the play charlottes web and I played a photographer and a baby spider. I had about 10 lines all together. I wouldn’t mind just being a extra ether.
    Thanks for considering!!!

  29. Branden Garcia Espinoza

    This is a surprise for a friend. I have asked him for his information because acting is a passion of his. He is an amazing person and driven for stardom. Please consider Branden for a part in this feature film. Working with others, taking direction, making it an experience for everyone to remember. People are given chances in life, the emotional joy, while the dream one has in a deep sleep. I believe he can fly in the entertainment industry and become an asset to the SAG! Please contact the email that I have included here. Branden doesn’t know that I have contacted you regarding this recommendation. Actors are artists that become a life story. I would enjoy to see Branden take his career to newer heights!

    Thank You for your time to consider this individual,

    Mr. Eric David
    Model & Entertainer

    Hello my name is Branden Garcia Espinoza
    I’m 21 years old
    My height is 5’6
    My weight is 120 lbs
    From: Tucson, Arizona
    I’m a hard worker and am a quick learner. I’ve taken Acting & Theater classes at Central Arizona College. Confident in being very funny, serious and in between as it is one of many of my skills. Please know that I will always come ready to work with professionals and bring the very best acting there is on set!
    I’m 21 years old
    My height is 5’6
    My weight is 120 lbs

  30. Joey L

    I’m a young actor trying to expand his roles. I’m 14 and have done acting in the past. I’m 5’8, brown hair, greenisih brown eyes, and a sort of muscular body. If I could this it would really help me, and I believe it could really help you. Please contact me, if you do I promise you won’t be sorry.

  31. Christopher Mosley

    comedy and being hilarious is a NATURAL gift that I’ve been using for years. Not only am I versatile, and can adlib like no other, I love ANYTHING that Will Ferrell is involved in. Acting, producing, it doesn’t matter. If Will Ferrell is involved, I want to be involved! I have a YouTube comedy show called SillyMan Tv. My nickname is C.Mo…give me ONE chance, and you won’t be disappointed.

  32. Remington

    I’m a 3 month old kenny powers, 26 in , 15lbs. With great mannerisms and faces


    Eastbound and Down was an instant classic! Give me a call or an Email me if you need another talented, attractive, comedic stud to add to the crew already assembled on the Eastbound and Down Team!

    Name: Brian Elliott
    Phone number: 352-339-8774
    Height: 6′ 0″
    Weight: 230 (athletic/bodybuilder body type)
    Waist size: 31″
    Inseam: 32″
    Jacket size: 46″ XXL
    Neck size: 17-18″
    Shoe Size: 11
    Hat size: 7.25
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Dark Blonde

  34. jackie

    Ok so um im cool as shit. i’m 21 i’m pretty awesome looking. i have brown hair which doesnt matter cuz like…hair dye is a thing. I’m skinny idk i weigh like 108-113 depending on whether i decide to eat the whole pizza that day or not. i love comedy? like obsessed? Maybe i’m not too familiar with east bound and down but im not sure how that matters really because i just dont have HBO so i watch everything else. I don’t even know if this website is legit. but hey. if anyone is reading this- my name is Jackie Eagle and if that isn’t cool enough….eagle? america? f yeah.

    if i was supposed to be professional thats ridiculous. because like, why. i didnt realize that show was professional.

  35. Steve DeNola


    My name is Steve DeNola, I am a 22 year old musician residing in Bergen County, New Jersey.
    I am 5 feet tall, Caucasian, outgoing, peculiar, and very outspoken. I believe a show such as this is based on peculiar people doing extraordinary things. It would be an honor to be considered to your already fantastic show!


    Steve DeNola

  36. Deona Monet

    My name is Deona Monet. I’m 18 years old and I am an aspiring African American actress in the making. I am currently studying for my associates degree in theatre and I am often in theatre productions at the West Las Vegas Library Theatre. Auditioning for this project will be an amazing opportunity! I look forward to a response from the production.

    -Deona Monet

  37. CheyAnn LaCrue

    I would love to join the cast of Eastbound Down. It would be my dream to just audition. And if I were picked I would give my 100% effort because acting is all I’ve EVER wanted to do.

    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 114
    Hair: Long brown hair
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnicity: White

  38. Michael

    Age: 18
    Sex: male
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: 5’8″
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Eyes: Blue/Green
    Hair: Brown
    My name is Michael, I live in central California and I have loved acting as soon as I was thrown into it. I have performed in leading roles in two musicals so far and I have performed in one of the biggest drama programs around the central valley in California. I am a baseball player myself and love the sport. I have great comedic timing, I have a positive personality, I’m always open to criticism and am ready to improve when need be. I understand that in show business the important part is the business and am willing to work as hard as possible. I know that I am right for you.

  39. Wayne Dreuitt

    I am a hilarious black guy.

  40. Amy Overby

    Name: Amy Overby
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 135
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Green
    Ethnicity: White

    To be in a production like this would be the upmost exciting and most amazing thing for me. I have a love and passion for acting. I do a lot of small film work here in my home town of st.louis, and I love every minute of it. Being able to be around a cast of very experienced actors/actresses is something that excites me! Getting to watch and learn even more from them. Getting to be apart of this production would be a dream. I love acting wether one or one million people see my performance. Getting to step out of my persona and become a completely different person and learn that person and become that person for a brief time is why I love acting so much. You can become and be anything. Acting is the most beautiful art. I always give my all on every production I do, no mater how big or small. Acting is my passion it’s my art, and being able to take it to the next level would be incredible. Thank you for the opportunity!

  41. Nadine Byron

    My name is Nadine Byron.
    I’m 170 pounds though I don’t look it.
    My hair color depends on the week.
    I’m 20 years old.
    I am a comedian and I have done a small amount if acting before in a few indie movies.
    I have no shame and am willing to go for shock factor for comedic roles.
    I do all my own stunts.
    I’m female, I suppose I should mention that.
    I’m a fan of the show and I would love to be a part of it.

  42. john-robert marks

    im 23 tall big aussie acting student
    given the chance i will give my best and then some to make you guys proud
    to Mr McBride you are one the best comedy actors there is the best thing i like about you roles in films or tv whether in your own or others is you have a real tell it like it is comic wit not everyone has it and with me by you side we can bring the funny to another level

  43. Nick Mushalla

    Hi I’m Nick Mushalla
    All my life I wanted to act…some call me Fill Werrel cuz I’m so funny haha I know one day ill be at the top and ill be just known for Nick Mushalla. I’m willing to do whatever it takes…I AM RELENTLESS

  44. Justin

    My name is Justin Bowe.
    Im 19 years old, caucasian, brown hair and 6′ tall
    My strong point are serious and funny roles. Just looking for a break in life.
    I’d love to read for any roles if possible.

  45. Jordan Rex

    Hi Hi Jordan again Hi… I forgot to mention I love east bound and down.
    That is all.

  46. Jordan Rex

    Hi! I’m Jordan Rex… I haven’t done a ton of acting. But I have modeled quite a bit. I also have figure skated most of my life so I’ve acted in ice shows etc. In real like I’m sort of spunky… most people say that I’m really funny? I guess I am a little… I also am a server at a beer bar… so that takes quite a bit of acting all the time. I’m also a bartender which takes even more acting. Boys always seem to like me… but I am almost never interested in any of them. I like the dark and mysterious.
    If you want to search my further my name on facebook is my full name: Jordan Kaye Rex
    I go to school at Michigan State University – probably for media and arts and fashion. But I’ve just always felt like I want and need to act or try something wild and let it consume me.
    I watch the vampire diaries and american horror story and true blood and anything strange or out of the norm.
    Please take me into consideration!
    I am 5’2
    112 pounds
    Green eyes with extremely long lashes, everyone asks if they’re fake
    I have a huge smile with big white teeth
    I’m mostly Native American and French
    I am petite but womanly.
    I have short blonde hair but change my hair color and cut all the time for no reason

  47. Chase Michael Lanier

    I live near Jacksonville FL I grew up doing a lot of spontaneous dumb teenage stuff I love acting I’ve always wanted to act I’m a very outgoing person and a quick learner I’m not doing this to get famous I want to make enough cash to start a charity tour for children’s art and music programs and also cancer research.I’m 6’1 brown hair brown eyes and one sexy beast look me up on instagram under expect delayz.BTW…stay green my friends smoke up be safe and be funny..

  48. Fernando Aguirre

    Race: mexican/american
    Hello my names Fernando i have been acting for two years mostly plays but I really would like to make my way into movies. I am very comfortable in front of the camara but would be happy to an extra as long as part I’m of the project.

  49. Saphire Blue

    Hello Staff; I’m “Saphire Blue”. A creative, talented, 40-50ish, beautiful, black female Actress & Writer. Did you say Comedy?? I bring huge hilarious ingredients to any comedic role presented to me. My dedication, versatility, & professionalism are only a few of my assets. The storyline, theme, & flavor of this upcoming Production “Eastbound & Down” screams to me. I am confidant that I can answer the call to deliver a quality performance. My standards for excellence will surely be a wonderful asset to this Production. “It’s no rumor, I have a wild sense of humor”!!! As a team player & master of dedication; I’m ready to roll!!!
    See my on Facebook @ Saphire.Blue.900

  50. Dre McDan

    I am a great fit for comedy series.

  51. Clay Rahder

    I am Clay Rahder
    21 (range 17-28)
    brown hair
    hazel eyes
    athletic build
    featured on Tosh.0 and MTV’s new series “The Hook Up”
    email me at clay.rahder@gmail.com

  52. Christian Joseph Davis

    @Jenna we need to get together lol I’m 6’4″
    Hazel eyes
    black hair
    african american genre
    slim muscle
    social accent
    waist- 38

  53. Vincent Eadicicco


  54. Elizabeth

    Name: Emma
    Age: 1 year
    Height: 2 1/2 ft
    Weight: 18 lbs
    Hair: Brown/Wavy
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    We are in Arizona.
    My daughter is absolutely beautiful and has quite the personality. I have no doubt that she will be great at this. Please consider. Thank you.

  55. Joe Larson

    Hello there! I live in Mesa, AZ, and am a white young adult male. I have absolutely no talents (that i know of yet), and have never watched a full episode of your show (not because it sucks but because i haven’t cared enough to). I honestly think you should go against all your gut instincts and better judgement and make a blind leap of faith and give me a shot at acting, despite the fact I’ve never acted in any way, (besides messing around with friends), or even watched your show. I’d like my shot at fame and fortune and might think about sucking off whoever i need to, in order to be successful. Feel free to contact me if you’re willing to put your job on the line all for some 20 yr old, middle class white failure from arizona. My email is jlarson901@gmail.com
    Thank you,..

  56. Kenneth Akins

    Because I am black! What else do you need to know ? Call me!

  57. Erin Hoolihan

    Name is Erin Hoolihan!
    I am 5″4
    I am 19 years of age!
    I have love this show since episode one! I would kill to play a role on it!! I don’t have any prior experience but hey have to start somewhere!! I am very outgoing and put my all into everything i do! I hope to hear from y’all soon!!! 🙂

  58. Brian Aria

    Hi, my name is Brian and I’m 19 years old. I am from California and would be very interested in playing any part in this series. I believe it is a great show and feel I could contribute greatly to it. I am 5’8 and 145 pounds, tan and of Spanish, Pacific Islander and Persian descent. I am willing to take on any role and would do my absolute best to follow directions and advice from directors, writers and producers. I have seen every episode of the show and I am a huge fan of Will Ferrel and Danny McBride.

  59. Phillip

    I’m 40 and very funny person,outgoing. Would like to be on your show. I think it would be a good change in careers. Thank’s for you time

  60. Dan Tyler

    19 year old 6ft 2in male strikingly ravishing. Adam sandler looking ish much better looking and I can become any character you want me to be.

  61. Jeremy Barancik

    Hazel Eye
    Dark Brown Hair
    With or without a large beard.

    I believe I could bring some great things to this show. I’m another large american, that can get loud and obnoxious. I believe that I am funny, I have done a few local improv shows and killed it. I also do bring along a great set of acting chops. Thank you for selecting me!

  62. david williams

    with us together we can set of the movie, I am a 300lb 6 ft comedian looking to put myself out there and get my feet wet.

  63. Adam Matruski

    Name: Adam
    Age: 20
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 175
    Hair: strawberry blond
    Eyes: Hazel

    I’m 20 years old and have always loved acting. From when I was a 5 to 14 I did plays for my French and Spanish classes every year. I watch about 10 movies a week and almost study television. I play ice hockey and am very athletic. I am obsessed with portraying someone else because it shows a real life scenario. Life is too short to one person and acting allows you to step in the shoes of anyone you want to portray or be. I’m currently saving money to move to Los Angelas to start my career. I also study characters before I watch a show or a movie. For example in the movie blow. I reseaeched George Young to every little detail and just watched Johnny Depp portray him. I mute some movies and watch facial expressions as well as watch body to see how they come off to a viewer.

  64. Scott Gammons

    Hi, my name is Scott Gammons. I am 22 years old 6’2 210 brown hair blue eyes. I was really big into acting as a child and I want to bring that passion back. I’ve been doing standup for about a year now. It’s going wonderfully (sarcasm). I would love an opportunity to have an audition, or simply have an interview on why I should be your guy thank you !

    Scott Gammons

  65. Jessica Papayiannis

    I would love to work on this. I have experience on set. I have some featured roles and some non featured on my resume. please email me with more info I am very interested

  66. Fiona Fan


    I’m Fiona Fan, I’m 13 years old (born January 10, 2000), and around 5’4″. Or at least that’s what I think the symbols are. Also, in case it’s not obvious, I’m a girl. I’m Asian Canadian, I was born in Vancouver, Canada, and have lived in Vancouver, Bejing, and Toronto. I can speak fluent English, Mandarin-Chinese, and French, and I know Latin as well. Anyways, I think I should be considered to be a part of the casting call for Eastbound & Down for a few reasons. I’m not going to say that I think I’m definitely 100% the perfect person, since I’m sure that there are many other amazingly talented people. But, I think I would be a great person to be considered, because I have had some acting experience before.
    I’ve been in numerous school plays, to start with, and also, I was cast as MeiYing, the female lead, in The Karate Kid in 2010. I met up with the casting director, PoPing Auyeung, in Vancouver during spring break. We talked about the upcoming movie, and she came over to my house and videotaped my audition. After 2 months, she told me that it was decided for me to play MeiYing, except I was required to give up my Canadian passport and get a Chinese passport instead. My family and I decided that it would’ve been better to save my Canadian passport, so they had to find someone else.
    I really love acting, and although it’s a little embarrassing to admit, I always repeat lines that people in shows say in front of a mirror, just for fun. A few actors/actresses I admire are Adam Sandler, Lindsey Lohan, and Jonah Hill, and some of my favourite shows/movies are Pretty Little Liars, Modern Family, and 21 Jump Street. I also watch a lot of TSN, since I’m a professional figure skater.
    Last year, I placed third in the entire “state” of Ontario, and seventh at Nationals. So currently, I am seventh place in the whole country of Canada, competing against 200 people against female skaters ranging from 10-18 years old. I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging (well, now that I’m reading it again it kind of seems like I am) but figure skating is a huge accomplishment in my life, and I’m extremely proud of it.
    Next, I am a great student. In elementary school, getting good grades wasn’t THAT much of a big deal, but recently I’ve been pretty ecstatic to see my grades higher than the average student. To start of, I skipped a grade. The principal at my school then, York House School (ranked top 3 private girl school in Canada) told my mom that I should consider skipping a grade, as my class was too easy. I skipped a grade, and although I am a year younger than all my classmates, I still excel in my subjects. I have all A’s (90+), and now I will attend Crofton House School, which is the “best” all girl school in Canada. In fact, I’ll be starting there in 2 days! Although for my whole life, I have attended either a private school or an international one (basically public, but still classified as private, I think), I have watched way too many TV shows and movies to know what it’s like at a co-ed, non-uniform school.
    Finally, if I am asked to play a part as a certain person, I would have no problem in doing so. As I stated above, I’m frequently practicing lines, and repeating after actors/actresses while they’re acting. I’m able to act as many different people, while at the same time, knowing exactly who I am on the inside. That sounded really deep, but as you can probably see, or read, I sound really formal and sophisticated right now. Right? That was what I was attempting to go for. But I am different around my friends, around my parents, with my teachers, or with my brother. I always show myself to people I am with, although I may simply act a little different with different people. To be honest, I really don’t care if people judge me, because in the long run, what they’re judging me for isn’t going to affect my future (me being weird and too comfortable around strangers/acquaintances, for example). Anyways, I really tried to seem mature while writing this, even though I don’t think that worked really well. And I’m really proud of myself for not typing “lol” or “haha” at the end of every single sentence.
    To sum up, I just hope that I will at least be CONSIDERED to be a part of this casting call. I don’t want to seem conceited or extremely cocky, but what other people think about me is that I’m outgoing, funny, and friendly. Basically, I’m just out there, and sometimes that may be a bad thing. But I can speak many different languages, and I really hope that me being Asian won’t be an obstacle for my possible future roles. I am a figure skater, I have had experience with acting, and what really boosted my confidence was getting the role of MeiYing in The Karate Kid 3 years ago.
    Sorry if this is super long, I totally understand if you don’t think I would be a good part of Eastbound & Down, but I just hope that it isn’t because of my race, or where I live, as many people have told me it would be a barricade. I hope, with all my heart, that I’ll get a reply, but I know there’s a ginormous amount of people in America that have TONS of talent and potential!
    I don’t really know how to end this, so I’m just going to say have a good day, and bye!

    Fiona Fan

  67. Houston huebaby patterson

    Ima clean comedian from small town with big laughs and dreams. You can be funny and not curse

  68. Ryan

    Id be a 20 year old version of kenny

  69. Tanya

    I am Tanya Mehta and I am of Indian decent. Not very many shows have people of my culture but when they do, they tend to be hit shows (ex. Mindy Project, Big Bang Theory). My unique look is something worth considering. I am a 5″8, 15 year old but can look both older and younger than my age. Acting is something I want to pursue and believe that this is an opportunity of a lifetime. I wish to grow as a person and an actress and I believe this role will help me achieve that.
    Thank you for considering

  70. Nicholas K

    Hello, My name is Nick. I’m a 15 year old honor student from Long Island. I have dark hair, a moustache (which I’m quite proud of) and I am 5’4″. I’m freakin hilarious or so i’ve been told, and pretty damn good lookin (which i’ve also been told). i believe acting would be a great fit for me and would love the opportunity to pursue it.

  71. Joel David Martin

    Basically -Im a funny mother with talent. I can be dead serious and make you p your pants. I am whoever you need me to be, sports star with a giant member, a rockstar with mommy issues, gang member thats gay- tell me what you want and you got it! hit me up, I wont let you down.

  72. Steffanie Chimner

    I am interested for a roll in this show. Its absolutely hilarious and I am absolutely hilarious so its a perfect combo.

    Size 3
    Dark red hair
    My right eye is solid blue my left eye is half blue and half green.
    (Its beautiful)

  73. Mike S.

    To Whom it May Concern,
    My name is Mike. I am 19 years old. I am a student at Scottsdale Community College and live an active lifestyle. I am working at beginning a career in the entertainment industry. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona. I would be privileged to be considered for a role.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  74. Jenna

    Very interested in being cast in Eastbound and Down. I have does lots of extra work, currently finishing up on the set if transformers 4.

    5′ 5″
    Size 6
    Long Blonde hair
    Green eyes