Eastbound & Down - HBO

Eastbound & Down – HBO

Television’s favorite bad boy is back and ready for another outrageous season of hard throwing comedy. That’s right, the return of the notorious Kenny Powers in HBO’s Eastbound & Down is just around the corner and the producers and casting directors of this fantastic series will be holding casting calls very soon for several incredible roles. Up and coming actors can submit themselves today for a chance to audition for for a spot on one of the funniest shows in television history.

Eastbound & Down stars the immensely talented Danny McBride (Pineapple Express,  Up in the Air,  This Is the End) as the aforementioned Kenny Powers a once dominant Major League Baseball pitcher whose life hilariously and spectacularly unravels and whose road to redemption has seen him fall from grace, return home to North Carolina, wind up in Mexico and then come back again. What will McBride, and his producing team of superstar Will Ferrell and filmmakers Adam Mckay (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy) and Jody Hill (Observe and Report) have in store for their millions of fans this season? We’ll have to wait and find out – or a lucky group could see it up close and personal as a member of the season 4 cast! Many of the fabulous cast of the first three editions are slated to return including  Steve Little (Identity Thief, Reno 911!, Adventure Time), Andrew Daly (Semi-Pro, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, What Happens in Vegas), Katy Mixon (Mike & Molly, State of Play, Four Christmases) and Academy Award nominee John Hawkes (Winter’s Bone, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Deadwood) and now you could be a part of the magic. Casting calls for all available roles will be held soon and intertested performers of all ages can head here facebook.com/VanessaNcasting for more audition and production information. All future casting updates will be posted here upon release so be sure to keep checking back and leave a message for us below and tell us why you love the show and why you want to audition for HBO’s modern classic Eastbound & Down.

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  1. Giomarie Cardona

    My name is Giomarie Ive acted locally in our theatres in CT. I have a serious passion for acting and would love to be a part of any of HBO’s amazing projects. I have signed up for the newsletter and submitted my photo. Hope to hear from someone giomariecardona@yahoo.com

  2. ZPerez

    Thank you for taking the time to read this comment. My name is Zenida Perez and I am 21 years old. I am so excited to hear that this show is getting another season!! I love the cast and I feel like I coukd fit right in! I am about 5’3″, average build, shoulder length blackish brownish hair. I am a very friendly, outgoing, dependable person just looking for my big break. While I have never been an actor before, I am a very quick learner with excellent memory. Please message me if you need to know anything more! Hope to hear from you!!

  3. Samantha Jackson

    To whom it may concern,
    Thank you for taking time to read this comment. My name is Samantha Jackson and I am 20 years old. It would be an honor to be part of the team for Eastbound & Down. I am an exceptional communicator and take constructive criticism well. I just recently joined One Source Talent and that is how I came across this page. I look forward to working with you. Please review my website and additional information such as pictures, bio, and stats.


    -Samantha Jackson

  4. kyler rosta

    19 year old male blonde hair blue eyes
    6’3″ 140 lbs. Currently going to college on a swimming scholarship. Waiting for that big break. No job too small or big. I’m your man.

  5. Jose Alejandro Santiago

    I like being infront of the camera and seeing my facial expressions..ever since I got my first camera at the age 10 i would film myself doing funny skits… I’m 19 now and I upload funny videos on Facebook. People like the videos I post. I like making funny videos because I can be myself and great characters as I please. I can simply be myself infront of the camera… If I got a chance to audition I would feel successful with my current goal. Thanks

  6. Ashley Walker

    I fill I’m a good fit because I have been tryna figure out what direction I wanna go within my life and just would like to be given a chance to prove to myself and you guys that any thing can happen if you wanna work hard and get the job done

  7. Alex kostas

    My name is Alex Kostas and to be honest I’m just a very out there funny guy that’s always trying to do the next big funny thing. I’m all about having fun and shooting funny stuff for the world to laugh at on tv or not I have done comedic improve shot videos. It would be a fun experience and I feel like you need people who can bring something to the table & really sell that character as a comedian and also have fun.

    Alex kostas
    Brown hair (nice comb over)
    And I’m open for whatever shooting spots there is.

  8. Greg Inglett

    This show is awesome and I am really glad that it continued after season 1. The randomness of this show would go great with my personality and would be great with this show.

  9. Andrew B. Mitchell

    It would be an honor to work on this show and participate in this series. Whatever part I could play, I would respect the work.