Draft Day - Movie

Draft Day – Movie Casting

It has become a annual right of passage for football fans around the world. A sporting event seen by tens of millions of viewers of the span of three mesmerizing days – and there isn’t even a game played. We’re talking of course about The NFL Draft and so is all of Hollywood with the announcement of the all new feature film Draft Day. This exciting chronicle of football wheeling and dealing is set to begin shooting very soon and the producers and casting directors are beginning their search for up and coming talent of all ages to play roles of all sizes in this sure to be big time box office smash.

Draft Day will star the incomparable Academy Award winning Kevin Costner (Dances With Wolves, Man of Steel, Field of Dreams) in this fictional account of the behind the scenes drama of The Draft. Mr. Costner will play the general manager of The Cleveland Browns as he tries to trade up for the number one pick all while dealing with personal problems outside of his teams warroom. Draft Day is setting up to be an intriguing combination of the classic sports drama/comedies as Jerry Maguire starring Tom Cruise and For Love Of The Game which featured Costner is one of his finest roles. This incredible gridiron project will be directed by the incomparable Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters, Stripes, Up in the Air) and will feature an all-star lineup of supporting player that includes Jennifer Garner (Juno, Alias, The Odd Life of Timothy Green), Denis Leary (The Amazing Spider-Man, Ice Age: Continental Drift, The Ref), entertainer extraordinaire Sean “P-Diddy” Combs (Made, Get Him to the Greek, Monster’s Ball) and rising star Chadwick Boseman (42, Persons Unknown, Lincoln Heights). There are still several roles up for grabs in this epic NFL production and submission and inquiries are being accepted now. If you are interested in applying for available roles or for more information you can head here clevelandfilm.com. We will be posting casting call updates as they are released so stay tuned for more news and leave a comment in the space provided and tell us what you think of the movie and why you wan to audition for it.

There is no bigger sport today than NFL football and no more fantastic project in Hollywood than this star packed feature film. Apply today for your shot at a role in Draft Day.

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182 Casting Responses

  1. Emily Fullhart

    My name is Emily Fullhart I love the channel and I really would be honored to be on this amazing channel . I also am a very big fan of sports and an even bigger one of football! I am a really good actor and love to act. I can dance ( Pointe, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, modern ,and contemporary), horseback ride, gymnastics, run, ect. I have an amazing sense of humor along with my amazing talent to communicate well with everyone. I am very funny and nice, I also love animals and volunteer at animal shelters, I love to do what is the best for my community and I hope you can take that into consideration. I am thirteen years old and weight about 90 with a height of about 5’. I want this more than anything please make my dream come true!

  2. Nicholas K

    Hello, My name is Nick. I’m a 15 year old honor student from Long Island. I have dark hair, a moustache (which I’m quite proud of) and I am 5’4″. I’m freakin hilarious or so i’ve been told, and pretty damn good lookin (which i’ve also been told). i believe acting would be a great fit for me and would love the opportunity to pursue it.

  3. Caris Fox

    I have been an actress for as long as I can remember. I LOVE to act, and work very hard at becoming better everyday. I have time on my hands, so I would be available whenever needed. I am very committed and work hard at whatever I put my mind to do. I would like to be in this movie because I believe I would be a nice asset. If you did end up picking me you wouldn’t regret it. 😉 Thank you.

    Race: African American
    Height: 5’7
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Brown
    Age: 13

  4. Mohan Nair

    My name is Mohan and I currently live in Santa Clarita, CA. I grew up in Cleveland, OH and am a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan. I am passionate about football and would love to be an extra in this film.

    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Height: 5’7′
    Weight: 160lbs
    Ethnicity: Indian

  5. Arlene A.

    Name: Arlene A.
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 145
    Ethnicity: Latina
    Location: California
    I am a hard worker, willing to even be background, and am available anytime, thank you.
    Contact me through e-mail or http://www.twitter.com/arlenegemini

  6. nicholas Conley

    Hey.. I am 20 years old. 20 years in the making been doing tis since I was 2 seriously. Italian decent and 6ft even. I live in Los Angeles, California now! I have a video reel Ill have by Monday of next week. I’ve had my 100 no’s and Im just urging for that one YES that could put my career on the map. I would like to move forward with you! I am seeking work. I live in Los Angels now. So Im available for pursuing my acting career.
    Phone: 843-685-6536 I really enjoy this film and see myself being a principle appeal in the film!
    Dark Brown Hair
    Brown Eyes
    6ft 1
    187 lbs


  7. Baylor Redwine

    My name is Baylor and I have recently caught the bug for acting. I am very interested in film and the industry as a whole. My goal is to make great films that make people forget the world for just a little while. When someone takes a chance on me I always give everything I have. I love the premise of the film and I will definitely be looking for this in the future. I hope to hear from you all. Thank you for your consideration!

    Baylor Redwine

    height: 5’4
    weight: 120 lbs.
    Hair color: blond
    Age: 16
    Skin color: Caucasian
    Gender: Female

  8. Phyllis Palazzolo

    Hi my name is Phyllis Palazzolo, I have always been told I’m pretty and I have talent. The happy feeling I get from making someone laugh, or cry just with my action, and/or word’s let’s me know just how powerful sharing emotion and excitement can be . I am able to conform to any situation . My large Italian family has added to the dramatic’s of my emotion, I am number 6 of 10 children , and have had the best parents an St. Louis Italian girl could have. I am the salt of the earth , I do shave my leg’s, and I don’t have a uni brow. I have a great sense of humor, timing and ability to react to the situation . I would love to be considered for any work as an extra or for a role . Please consider me for a part in your movie. Thank you, Phyllis Palazzolo

  9. Martel Martin

    5’7, 150lbs, football body, I line in Los Angeles CA, ready for anything you throw at me.

  10. Ashley Conner

    I love football! This film already looks like one I’d love to go see. My name is Ashley and I would be unbelievably excited to have the chance to be a part of Draft Day! It would be an honor to work alongside these amazing actors. I’m 18, a hard worker, and I’m not looking to get famous- I just want to do something I love. Thank you for your time and consideration!

  11. Bilel Chourabi

    I’m bilel chourabi and I want to be an actor verry much, I’m 16 years old ,I’m white person, with black hair and green eyes, my weight is 69 kg , I’m 1.61m tall also, I speak english, french and arabic with their accents too.
    I hope that you take your time and try me and I’ll never disappoint you,
    hope you contact me,

  12. Ronnie Curry

    I am 6’1″ 395 pounds. I am a Deputy with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. I played football all throughout my life. After high school I played five years of semi pro football and two years of arena football. I am always told how much of a nice smile and beautiful eyes I have. I always dreamed of getting drafted into the NFL but injuries and family issues stopped me from playing college football.

  13. Luis Perez

    I’ve been in a couple short independent films couple extra work and now currently working couple short films and an independent film. I also hit the gym 5 days a week and have been doing it for a while. Email me and I can email you my pictures and resume thank you.



    AGE: 22

    HEIGHT: 5’9

    WEIGHT: 170


  15. Kiarah Hernandez

    Hello! I’m Kiarah, a teenage girl from Los Angeles. I feel like I have the potential to take on whatever acting job I’d be given to do. I have such a passion for acting and would so greatly appreciate if you would take my comment towards consideration. Thank you so much and feel free to email me anytime.

  16. Andrew Kreatsoulas

    Age: 21
    Height: 6’0″
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green

    I have played contact sports all of my life and am an avid fan of football. Every year I watch the NFL Draft and I am very committed to watching anything related to the Chicago Bears especially. Whenever I join something, whether it be a sports team or organization, I put all of my effort into that commitment. I am currently attending Marquette University and am a member and President of the Sigma Chi Fraternity on campus. I believe that being elected the President shows the dedication I put into any commitment that I make. I would be honored to work along side one of my all-time favorite actors, Kevin Costner, and especially with rising star Chadwick Boseman.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Andrew Kreatsoulas
    Sigma Chi Fraternity – Consul (President)
    Chemistry, Secondary Education ’14
    Marquette University

  17. Sari Walton

    Name: Sari Walton
    Hair:Brown, Curly
    Height: 5’2″
    Weight: around 110 lbs.
    Location: Emmaus, Pa
    I am Half African-American and Half Spanish
    Very athletic and a hard worker, put effort in everything I do
    I don’t have any acting experience but am a hard worker and willing to do what it takes to be in this movie. If you need Me for any role I’m there!

  18. Kristian

    Height: 6’1″
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Age: 16
    Hair color: Very light brown/dark blonde
    Eye color: Blue
    Ethnicity: Scandinavian
    Acting Experience: I have done three musicals. One at a Chrismas event, and two at school. The one at the Chrismas event was when I was 7 years old, and there were probably between 100 and 200 people. Those at school both stretched over two days, where we had to play the musical once both of the days. The first one was when I was 8 or 9 years old, and the second was when I was 11 years old. I’ve gotten nothing but positive response. When I was 12 I was suppose to be in a musical again, but we dropped it and did a talent show instead. There I were a ventriloquist and I was the only one getting full thums up by the judges.

    In my free time I watch a lot of TV. I play a lot of basketball, and I watch both that and football.

  19. Travis LaCombe

    Confident, Charming, Clever – three “C’s” I try to live by. Recently, I was watching an “Inside the Actors Studio”, featuring Chris Rock. In it, Mr. Rock explains that he believes actors possess a certain ability to read people. As someone who would consider himself highly perceptive to the world around him, I suppose the video was a revelation. At 19, I am still young, competitive, naive, and perhaps a bit cocky, none of which I would particularly describe as a negative attribute. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t envisioned myself on the silver screen someday, who hasn’t honestly? But the difference between a dream and reality is an unwavering dedication and confidence in oneself, two traits that I know I possess. Trying to distinguish yourself in one of these comments is nearly impossible but deciding to give me an opportunity to prove myself will not be a disappointment. Hardcore draftnik and NFL Draft enthusiast as well.

  20. Daniel Truelove

    Casting Crew,

    COUSIN- Rashad Johnson Arizona Cardinals
    Friends- Roddy White- Atlanta Falcons and more
    Connected to many other professional athletes
    5’11- 185
    Forty-4.4 secs

    My name is DANIEL TRUELOVE , I personally feel that alone should land me on the show, but I understand I have to have more than just a name to make it. Don’t you sometimes just wish life were different? Anyway, I read what the show was about and immediately knew that I’m supposed to be a part of this show. I’ve been playing football my entire life which comes natural to me. I’ve also had the privilege of watching family and friends go through the draft process on from a personal perspective. I currently have around 30-40 friends in the NFL so I can bring a real life point of view to this movie and also inside insight as I’ve been in the house on draft day waiting on phone calls. I’m not just randomly wanting to get into acting. I have acting experience and this show is perfect for what I’m passionate about the most. Look forward to hearing back from you all soon and even more excited to be working with you all on set.

  21. Antonae

    Im gorgeous and good at what i do as an actress, my looks and my talent sill speak for me. Im easy to work with. Im driven and focused. Lets face it, every movie needs a hot lead girl

  22. Edwin Saunders

    I am a 5’11” 195lb. African American male. I played 3 years of varsity high school football. I also have experience playing collegiately. I feel I would be perfect for this role because I people who have been through the process personally, so I have first hand experience in the situation. I have a football players build and I have the ability to accurately portray a football player. I also know a lot about the Cleveland brown organization if that matters, which I am guessing it doesn’t because a lot of NFL prospects enter the league with knowing the teams in the NFC West from the AFC East. I can also give very generic and dense athlete answers to otherwise simple and direct questions. I am even willing to get a really low score on the wanderlic exam just like the real athletes. Choose me and you’ll get somone who can give 100% effort to making a convincing prospect. And the Cleveland browns haven’t had a top pick in the NFL draft since 2000 and they took a defensive end. I know football.

  23. brennen clancy

    age 26
    ht; 5-10
    wt: 160

    not much expierience , but would like a chance
    good with improve

  24. Sean Buggs

    Age- 19
    Location: Belleville, IL
    Gender – Male
    Weight – 186lbs
    Height – 6’0 ft
    Waist: 33
    Hair – Black
    Eyes – Brown
    Ethnicity- African American & Native American

    I play corner-back, and have been playing football for about 10 years im currently playing semi-pro football.

  25. Sean Buggs

    Reasons why i should be considered for this film are because i am a young inspiring actor who loves football. I also have some experience with acting i had a lead role in my school play called “Its a Wonderful Life” i played Clarence the angel. I am a hard working young man who will give you 100 percent in anything you ask me too. If giving a chance i wont let you down thank you and have a blessed day.

  26. Gisselle Salazar

    Hi! My name is Gisselle Salazar I’m in 8th grade I’m 13 years old turning 14 in Jan. I have brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, Im 5’4, i weigh 104, and glasses ( but I also wear contacts). I play Basketball, volleyball, and softball. Please consider me I PROMISE YOU, you will not regret it. I have always wanted to be an actress please make my dreams come true.

  27. Yara

    Hi I’m Yara, from Guatemala, I’ve always wanted to start as an actor but in my country thats not a very popular or common job, there’s no much to do in Guatemala if you want to become an actor so I would love to try with you,
    Please give me a chance, i would love to start this career with you cause I actually love acting!


  28. Luke Knowlson

    6′ 6″ male, blond college grad, vollyball player, ready to work

  29. jalen riggsbee

    I would love to audition for draft day. I played football from pop warner through high school. Ican relate to my character and bring him to life.

  30. Maurice Steele

    I would love to be a part of this movie because I’ve been playing football since I was 10 years old and if this will be my first movie I would love it to be a football movie and I couldn’t wait to put on da pad and play again so if you give me this chance I would not let you down.

    Location: Memphis TN
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethinicity: African American

  31. Kodiak Allan

    Some basic information that wasn’t in my earlier post:

    Age: 21
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 215
    9 years of football experience.

  32. Kodiak Allan

    I’ve played and loved the game of football my whole life. I’m one of the biggest most passionate fans you will ever meet. I’m from Buffalo so I have to be. I don’t have much experience in professional films but I feel this would be the perfect time for me to take that step. I’m a hard worker and very dedicated to things that I am passionate about. I’m a fast learner and I’m no stranger to criticism, good or bad. All I need is one chance and I can guarantee you won’t be let down.

  33. Giselle & Mia.

    We are interested in auditioning for role or being extras for this film.
    It would be nice if both of us could be in it, even as extras, does not matter.

    Giselle: I’m 15 years old.
    Birthday: March 6, 1998.
    Living: Mesquite, Tx.
    Height: 5’2″.
    Body: Medium.
    Hair: Black.
    Eyes: Dark Brown.
    Ethnicity: Hispanic.
    Personality: Calm, Sarcastic, & Odd.
    Talent: Drawing, Writing, Acting, Swimming, & Kind of Sing.

    Mia: I am 14 years old.
    Birthday: August 23, 1998.
    Living: Mesquite, Tx.
    Height: 5’4″.
    Body: Medium.
    Hair: Black.
    Eyes: Brown.
    Ethnicity: Hispanic.
    Personality: Positive, Happy, & Weird.
    Talent: Writing Lyrics, Acting, Dancing, & kind of Sing.

  34. Dorcas

    My name is Dorcas I am 12 year old. I am 156-159cm tall. I cant sing dance and act very well. And yes i do have experience in all these thing I have been to drama school!
    I can my the drums piano flute and recorder. I am not just writing this interview for the fun i know what it take and I am very experienced in these thing performing singing dancing in front of hundreds of people! I have dark brown hair, and brown eyes. Im a girl just in case you didnt know my name is Irish and Greek. I speak Eglish French German and Irish I am very good at the languages. I do athlethics hockey gaelic drama and gymnastics. Im sure i could be the one your looking for please contact me because i gaurenteee you’ll love me I get straight A ‘s in all my subjects and when i want something I work towards it. I am a very outgoing fun lively person! Please make my dream come true too. Ill be keeping my fingers crossed and put this into my prayers! I am not shy. I like my to be helpful to others and be caring for others because it makes me happy when the good deeds i do for others make them happy so it makes me happy. This is my interview letter. Thankyou for your time.
    Your sincerly Dorcas.

  35. Ismael Lopez

    I always wanted to model since I was young . Then one day I audition to play an extra with this talent agency on Broadway and even though everyone was turned away because their lines didn’t come out how he needed them to mine’s did . He send me to a guy to get some acting head shots but I just thought it was all a host to get my money especially since I was out of a job at that time . I was trying to make money to feed my family not loose money , but if I knew now what I didn’t know then I think things would of been different .

  36. cossondra Hutchins

    Hey, my name is Cossondra Hutchins & I’m 16 years of age. I believe that I should be considered because I’m well suited for this, I love to dance, act, draw and everything else. I love to joke and act silly while I act. I just don’t want to do this for myself but my family because my family isn’t that wealthy, my mom is disabled and currently not working, my older sister justrun the streets and I just want to provide for my fsnily which I could be a hero to my younger sister. I stand about 5’4 my weight is 167 and I’m currently losing weight. I have brown Carmel skin, brown eyes, brown shoulder length hair. Thank You 🙂

  37. Michael Moynihan


    In noticed that you are casting for the Draft Day and I believe that I would be a perfect addition to the cast. I am from the Bronx, N.Y. raised between the Bronx and Ireland. This makes for a very unique accent and personality.

    What makes me unique is that on the day of my 30th birthday, seven years I lost all of the feeling on the left side of my body and found out that I had a brain tumor. This was a unexpected event, but I was given a great present of a successful surgery and a full recovery.

    While, I do not have formal training in Acting I will do whatever is required to succeed. I can attest to this by graduating with two Master’s degree, one in International Business, and the other in Economics, Finance, and Quantitative Analysis, which have helped me to succeed in my professional career.

    I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you in more detail about your staffing requirements and how I can help.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Kind regards,

    Michael Moynihan

  38. shakari desha

    I have loud voice so I could be a girl that screams real loud. One of the guys on the team could be my brother and I could cheer for him since we are all we have. I could be the sassy water girl.My dad was in the Waterboy. I always loved football and I know the postions and how to play them. I watch all the different ages in football from pop warner to NFL. I am a fast run and I take direction really well.

  39. joseph

    My name is Joey
    Age: 28
    Hair: Blondish Brown
    Ht: 5’8”
    Eyes: Blue
    I was in the Navy for 5yrs and now I am going to colleges in Tennessee. I also work as a medical assistant for a heart Doctor. I have a 3yr little Girl and we watch a lot of Disney (My Disney character is Gaston from Beauty and the Beast).
    I believe my life has prepared me to play any role.
    If you need any more information please let me know
    Thank you
    Joseph Close

  40. Demetreus Moorer-Saunders

    My name is Demetreus, I currently play football for Adrian college and I also double major with Acting and Business. I am 6’3, 210 pounds. I currently play Middle Linebacker but have also played Safety at the Collegiate level. I have an athletic build and also have been in a few theatre along with directing and writing few. I feel that I would be great for a role in this movie because I know and understand football terminology. I have played many years of football myself along with winning a D3 conference championship. I have experience with acting and I am very charismatic. I am also trying to further my career by acting in movies.

  41. Fred Kouefati

    I am a 27 year old actor from new jersey. I have a profile set up with my head shots and resume on ny castings. I am young, talented, and hungry for a career in this industry. Please call me and I promise that you will not be disappointed after speaking to me for only five minutes. Thank you.

  42. Leanda

    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Native American, Caucasian
    Height: 5’6″
    Weight: 130lbs

    Please contact me for any further information considering myself or that of the film.
    Thank you!

  43. Colin Ashworth

    My name is Colin Ashworth. I was born and raised in Orange County, CA and just graduated from high school. I am age 18 and love all sports (especially football and baseball). I am very familiar with the MLB draft day personally since four family members have been professional baseball players. I am pitching for Arizona State University next year on a scholarship, but have always wanted to get into acting. I also play guitar extremely well. Please consider me for a role. I love Kevin Costner movies! Thanks.
    Age: 18
    Height: 6’3″
    Weight: 175 pounds
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hair: Dirty Blonde
    Eyes: Hazel
    Body: Athletic

  44. Emily McKeon

    I would love to be a part of this project because I’ve always wanted to be in this industry as a working actress and I think it’s definitely time I start getting work. I’ve been doing theatre since I was 8 and I’ve been cast as extra roles in movies, but I would absolutely love if I were able to have a good speaking role. I can play anywhere between 13-17. I am fair skinned. I have blonde hair and brown eyes. I’ve been working with an acting coach and you can look me up on nycastings.com. Thank you

  45. Gerard Lynch

    I believe I’d be a great addition to this Film as bringing on another big athletic body. I’m 6’5 with dark hair and blue eyes and weigh 215. I have a love for sport films such as this one and have a drive and passion for this business. I’d love to be considered for this film and would work hard to make it happen

  46. Bradley Seastrand

    I think this movie will not only be fantastic for the Cleveland economy but it will also hopefully shed some lamination on some brighter aspects in and around town. I absolutely love the idea of a movie going behind the scenes of such an important role (GM) that is far too often taken for granted. Since I was born and raised in Cleveland, I have sincere interest in this film both because of the chosen city/team but also because most of Cleveland are die-hard Browns fans.

    Why I should be chosen? Portraying the feelings of those who live in the city is going to be critical for the viewer to dial into the overall state of the city and really want to root for them to have some good fortune. Being here most of my 36 years, I absolutely can reflect how the average citizen interacts on a daily basis, both relating to the team and the city as a whole.

  47. Atiyyah Ellison

    My name is Atiyyah (ah- T – yah).
    I am a 31 year old retired professional football player. I am six foot four inches tall and 310 pounds. I am a very fun loving and out going person but I can turn into the opposite when it is necessary. I have a limited background in drama and the arts. Though I am three years out of the game I still resemble an active player. I am approached daily with question about which team I play for. I would a love the chance to be on the big screen or affiliated with this film.

  48. David Djaco

    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Background: African American (Haitian Decent)
    Languages: English (Fluent), Haitian-Creole (Fluent)
    Address: Orlando, FL
    Hey, my name’s David Djaco. I am pursuing an acting career and would love to take on a role in this upcoming film. I have experience acting in drama class and performing monologues (some written by myself). I would be grateful if you would consider me for a role in this project, it would be a major step forward in my pursuit.

  49. Gabriella C. Soler

    Look no further you have found the one! I’m an 11 year old aspiring actress looking for an opportunity to shine and expose my talent. This movie sounds perfect and as if it could be my break. Do not allow my age to discourage your interest. I am a very much determined and driven young lady. I feel I would fit well in a female role. Please contact me (or really my mom seeing as I am a minor) anytime to request a headshot or video audition so you can see for yourself the young lady you won’t regret casting. Given the opportunity I would love nothing more than to prove I can and will exceed your expectation’s! I’d offer a Thank You now but will respectfully refrain, because I prefer to give that in person. – Gabi 😉

  50. Gabriella C. Soler

    Look no further you have found the one! I’m an 11 year old aspiring actress looking for an opportunity to shine and expose my talent. This movie sounds perfect and as if it could be my break. Do not allow my age to discourage your interest. I am a very much determined and driven young lady. I feel I would fit well in a female role. Please contact me anytime to request a headshot or video audition. Given the opportunity I would love nothing more than to prove I can and will exceed your expectation’s! – Gabi

  51. Lorenzo Madourie

    ETHNICITY: African-American
    CITY: West Palm Beach
    STATE: Florida
    Born: Jamaica
    HEIGHT: 5’3
    WAIST: 30
    JACKET: Small
    SHOE SIZE: 6.5
    HAIR COLOR: Black
    EYE COLOR: Brown
    SKIN COLOR: Dark Brown


    I play the drum Set a little bit.
    I can sing a little.
    love martial arts.
    Love to act.
    Run track and field.
    Do graphic design.
    Like to Drawing.
    Like to Fishing.
    Love to ride by bicycle.
    Like to play baseball.
    Like to play cricket.

    I my name is Lorenzo. I’m 24 yrs. old
    but I look younger them my age. I always
    want to be a actor since I was a kid and
    i know to fake.

  52. Rhiannon Skye Roberts

    I have loved acting since I was a little girl. I have grown up taking many acting classes through high school and went through different training programs which would be specified if you could get back to me. I take my acting very seriously, I love it, it’s just natural for me I barely even have to try. I should be considered because acting is my passion and once I’m in a project I am extremely dedicated. I am optimistic, bubbly, and very easy to work with.

    I have tried more than anything to make my dreams come true. My home town all cheers for me and went to see my first movie (Get Out Alive) a local film with an aspiring director. My nickname was Famous. Everyone knows how determined I am to get into the Industry and live doing something I love. Let’s face it, so many people want to be in movies. We get it. But if I’m given the chance, I promise I will impress you. Your time will not be wasted on me.

    So, please, I would love to hear back from someone regarding this casting call. I would love to explain my experience and discuss things further.
    Thank you for your time

  53. Kaity

    I’m hard working, dedicated, driven, funny, and passionate. I’m not going to stop until I reach my dreams in life. I love acting, I have talent, and I want to pursue this as a full time career. I can be whatever you want or need, and I will give everything I have at even the smallest role.

    Age: 18
    Height: 5’6″
    Hair: Brunette- but I’ll dye it any color
    Eyes: Green
    Weight: 132
    Race: White

  54. Zsófia Kiss

    Hi, my name is Zsófi. I’m Hungarian but I speak English well. This is an amazing opportunity for me because it is impossible to get abroad from this small country. I am a 16-year-old, tall, slim girl with long blonde hair. If you want, I can send you a picture or a video of me.
    I have already played in the theatre in my town, so I’m experienced. I hope you will reply me and my dream will came true. 🙂

  55. Fred Edwards

    I played football all my life and know the sport inside and out and the life of it as i hung around professional athletes for so long and the life they lived .I was highly recruited by all the top colleges in the nation . Im african american male 6’2 230lbs 34 years old even though when i cut my goatee low i am mistaken to look way younger. Very athletic build and in excellent shape. I workout everyday to keep a great physique and strength. everywhere and i mean everywhere i go i get mistakened as a professional football player. People always think im somebody as i always play the humble. I know i have the look and presence that would fit perfect for this movie. I can send pictures or anything you need to see . I played linebacker as you would look at me and agree of the profile but can be seen playing safety , running back ,wide reciever ect….
    i definitely know i would be a great fit for this movie. also i have acting experience as i studied acting and drama in school at one of the best and prominent school in san diego,Ca. ,SDSCPA” School of Creative Performing Arts.

  56. Sara Johnstone


    My name is Sara Johnstone. I am 21 years old. I would love to be apart of your casting call auditions. I have done acting from middle school throughout high school in acting courses and theater.

    This is my URL of some modeling I’ve done. http://www.modelmayhem.com/SaraJay1116

    I would love a chance to audition!

    Thank you,

    Sara Johnstone

  57. Deion Crooks

    Age- 16
    Gender – Male
    Weight – 120 lbs
    Height – 5’5 1/2″
    Waist: 30”
    Hair – honey blonde (dyed)
    Eyes – Brown
    Ethnicity- Jamaican American
    My name is Deion Crooks and I would love to express my great acting skills in the Draft Day- movie casting call. As a young child, I always found interest in acting and film production. Without much experience, I know my courage, passion, and will to succeed, will take over and accomplish everything. Acting isn’t as easy as many think, acting takes character analysis, line memorization, and long hours, ect. Knowing this, my hard work and dedication will finish any acting project successfully.

  58. Antonio Walker

    I’m 6’1 (tall, dark and handsome). I would love to be a part of this exciting movie…in any capacity. Count me in!

  59. Joan Paulino

    Hello my name is Joan and I am 6’2″ and 255 lbs. and I play volleyball. I am a quick learner when it comes to sports and a hard worker and would very much appreciate being given a chance to work in this movie.

  60. Ronald Jackson

    Hi, my name is Ronald Jackson I’m an 24 yr old graduate from Florida A&M Univ. I played football and also had to go threw the whole draft experience., I’m from Miami Florida by way of Liberty City where we live, eat, and breath football. I’ve won my High School State Championship at Miami Northwestern Sr High along with numerous of other achievements. I have a passion for sports and have always pictured myself on the big screen so “I’m taking my talents to New York City” where I hope to make my acting dreams come true. I’m 6’0 ft even 280lbs even though everyone thinks I’m only 250 lol I’m athletic build, (muscular) African American with very dark skin and facial hair, great personality, so I’ve been told and I’m ready for this experience of a lifetime. I believe I’m exactly what the world and this movie has been waiting for!!!!!!
    Thanks Ronald “The Man” Jackson

  61. Jelissa griffin

    My Name is Jelissa griffin I took acting classes for 2 years and I’m currently in dance right now
    Age: 14
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eye color: brown
    Nationality: African American,Indian
    Inspirations: Selena gomez, Debbie Ryan.
    Please give me a chance, once u do u wont regret it because I work hard and never give up.

  62. Emily Pedone

    Hello I’m Emily Pedone, a 16 year-old actress with blonde hair, blue eyes, and typical American accent. I’m around five foot four inches, 105 pounds. I’ve been acting and dancing since I was in middle school and was recently nominated at for a Best Actress Award for my roles in “The Good Doctor” (Kuryatain in The Surgery and Girl in The Audition). I’m extremely dedicated and committed with my craft. I’ll play any role offered to me – big or small – and am extremely willing to take daring acting risks. My ultimate goal is to be a successful actress. I have a passionate love for film and can’t wait to be a part of the industry someday. My schedule is flexible and I’m willing to travel.

  63. Donia Voss

    Age: 21
    Height: 5′ 7″
    Ethnicity: Persian

    I am very passionate, aggressive, career-oriented, and not giving up until I reach my dreams.

  64. Marlana Ball

    Name: Marlana Danielle Ball
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Race: White
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 160
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Blonde/ Red

    Doing something with film or television has always been apart of me since I was a kid.
    I would love to do anything whether it’s in front of the camera or behind the camera.
    I am going to school and plan on being in the life of film. It has always been a dream of mine. I will bring a lot to this and promise to make it work. I believe that this would be a great experience for me to learn on hand what its like instead of just going to school. If I could get the chance I would be forever appreciated. There is nothing more in the world I want then this.

  65. Rich Killeen

    Hey all, or whoever reads this stuff,

    My name is Richard Killeen
    You can call me Rich.
    I’ve been told a lot that I act and look a lot like Jim Carey
    Not sure If that is a good thing or I’m nuts. Further more I think I’d
    Be stupendous ( yes ridiculous word ) at playing a apart in this movie.
    I was in drama for 2 years, YES 2 years.. Not much I know, but ill show
    You what I can do.
    I’m 6.2 (lie) really 6.1 on a good day..
    Dark brown hair .. (If it matters)
    I’m 23 but look 32 .. That sucks I know.
    Good looking dude. So I’ve been told
    And like to have fun. Acting is suppose to be fun
    Right??? Becoming that person you are pertraying to be is the magic of it,
    Maybe even get lost for awhile.

    Look I’m not here to talk myself up at all. I’ve done this bla, that bla, and want to win a Grammy bla, I want to act and have fun!.. We all have dreams.. But I can tell you
    This…. I will give you my all day in, day out. Just to have some fun. Hell might even be
    Good at it 😉

    Thank you for your time .. Whoever you are..Go Cardnails

  66. Emalia Vanisi

    My names Emalia and I like to have fun on and off the stage
    Ethnicity: Tongan/Italian
    interests:swimming,water polo,paintball,football,friends, having fun
    favorite football team:49ers

  67. Orlondo Thompson

    I should be considered because I bring the total package. Everyone has admirable traits, but I have that, the image, and personality. Book smarts, street smarts, and common sense. I’m outgoing, I work hard, I’m determined to be successful. I’m just waiting for the opportunity to prove all of this and more. And I did mention that I have the image as well.
    Thank you for your time and consideration, I really appreciate it.

  68. Alex Ramirez

    Growing up, I’ve always had a love for movies and acting, but never pursued that field. The field I did pursue is sports writing covering the San Diego Chargers, so my knowledge of football is pretty high. I just graduated high school. This movie looks to be an instant classic and it would be absolutely incredible to be apart of. Thank you.

    Age: 18
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: 5’9″
    Weight: 130
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Green

  69. Stephanie Kaszuba

    My name is Stephanie Kaszuba. I am passionate about the film/TV industry and have always wanted to be an actress in a movie, which is why I hope I may become involved in this project. I would love to audition for and be considered for a role in the movie. I am a good team player and have good communication skills and good personal skills. Though I am young, I have been in plays before and have taken drama and film classes. In addition, I can fluently speak Polish and German almost fluently.

    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’9″
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Body Type: Athletic / lean
    Hair: Medium / Long and dirty blond
    Eyes: Grey-blue
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hobbies: Music (play guitar, flute, and bassoon), sports (play tennis and ski/snowboard; also follow hockey, soccer, and football)
    Languages: English, Polish, German

  70. Bianka

    Hi there!

    My name is Bianka Alexandria Bell. I was recently searching for unique acting opportunities online and yours caught my eye! Here is some background information about me:
    I was always a charismatic child. I danced before I properly learned how to walk. As a girl of Polish descent on my mother’s side, and African/Native American on my father’s side, I’d introduce myself to any and everyone as “chocolate and banana”. At age the age of three, my parents signed me up for modeling. It wasn’t long after that they learned I had a very aggressive nature and signed me up for soccer. This was the same aggressiveness that, eleven years later, allowed me to become a premier soccer and basketball star in the state of Connecticut. I was competitive in the classroom too, finishing high school with a 4.3 gpa and numerous athletic/ academic awards and privileges to go along with it.

    Contrary to the stereotype of your typical “jock”, I was always a jokester. I loved to entertain. I was the friendly, goofy girl on any one of my teams or friend groups; it was my unofficially job to make everyone laugh. I thrived off the energy of the crowds at my sporting events. I loved having positive emotional effects on others. But that never seemed to be enough. I wanted to perform.

    I had tried acting a few times in grade school because it seemed like almost everyone suggested that I’d be good at it. My first acting experience was when I took improv classes at a local arts center called “Curtain Call” at the age of nine. I had a blast. I was even chosen to be Cinderella in our final production. I wanted to continue, but was pressured out of it by my parents, who wanted me to begin to take my focus on sports to a whole new level. I abandoned acting and the idea of it for about a year, but when a new theater program was introduced at my school and was holding auditions for “The Wizard of Oz”, I couldn’t get it off my mind. At age ten, I secretly auditioned for the part of Dorothy, and among about thirty other girls who also auditioned for the part, got it! Unfortunately, when I spread the great news to my parents, they responded by telling me that we’d be moving in less than a month. Needless to say, I was crushed.

    After that, basically my entire life revolved around athletics. It was not until my second semester of senior year in high school that I had a free schedule. I took that opportunity to finally audition for my school’s spring musical. It was “Grease”, and I auditioned for the part of “Frenchy”. To my surprise and pleasure, I got the part! I had a blast throughout the entire process; from the late-night rehearsals, to the fundraising, to our completely sold-out opening night. The show was regarded as a hit around the county, and it was then that I realized what I’d truly been missing out on for all those years.

    In the summer of 2012, I took my love of acting to the screen, being an extra on the recently-premiered feature “The Volunteer” and auditioning for and starring in filmmaker Stefanie Weiland’s shorts “The Playground Monologues” and “The Bedroom”. Being behind the scenes also got me interested in the aesthetics of filmmaking; so much so that I’ve made it one of my majors in college. I actually currently star in and work behind-the-scenes for the new BOTV webseries, “S T U D E N T S”.

    So where do I see myself in the future?

    I’m not sure yet. I’m ambitious, but I don’t like to put pressure on myself regarding my future. I believe I have all the right tools necessary to succeed in any of my life endeavors. I love public speaking and in the future I definitely see myself becoming an advocate for peace and equality. I’d like to spread my messages through film and theater as well. I’m just eighteen years old now, though, so for now, I’m just focusing on doing well academically, working my hardest as a Bard college athlete, and enjoying the fact that I have enough free time to do acting as well.

    Hope that gives you a little insight as to who Bianka is! Thanks for taking the time to read. Again, I am very interested in your project, and I think I could be a great addition to your team.

    Thanks a million for your consideration,

  71. Patricia Andrews RN

    Peace! I am a retired Nurse Health Psychologist. I would love a new adventure. CV and pics upon request. My nephew was an extra in LINCOLN and JOHN ADAMS. thank you. Tricia

  72. anthony harper

    Im also of black, white and samoan decent

  73. anthony harper

    Hello my name is anthony harper, im 22 years old from syracuse new york.im currently playing professional football in the arena football league,im 6’5 320lbs. All my life ive been wanting to be apart of something like this, i dont have much acting experience other than acting in plays in high school lol, but im promising that i will give my all and put as much time and effort into this as much as i do on the field, im the oldest of 13 children and tryingto turn a dream into reality for all of us. Im all about opportunity and i do believe if i get a shot,i would make sure this is the last first shot, because its a shot of a lifetime,please email me if any questions i would greatly appreciate it,,,jah bless.

  74. Rory Chiplin

    Age: 13
    Height: 5ft4
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: blue

    I am a keen and committed actor and I take my roles seriously and with stern ambition. I have been placed in important and key roles in past school productions.I portray my actor as well as I can and try to make the character as real as possible. I love to act and I would love to make a career out of acting.

    Thank you for your time

    Yours faithfully
    Rory Chiplin

  75. Irina

    Pick me…