Disney Commercial Seeking Real Families & Friends Nationwide

Auditions for Disney Commercial filming in Orlando

There is an incredible new opportunity to be flown to Orlando and be paid to be in an upcoming commercial for Disney! They are looking for real families, friends and co-workers to be in their new commercial for Disney Springs Resorts.

Casting directors are looking for families of several ethnicities that include moms, dads, kids, teens and even grandparents. The most magical place is looking for real families, friends and co-workers to participate in an upcoming commercial for Disney Springs Resorts. This is an unbelievable opportunity for everyone in the United States as the casting team is accepting nationwide submissions.

About The Commercial

Disney is now casting for their upcoming Disney Resorts commercial. The Disney Springs Resort Area includes ten resorts located around Disney Springs in the Walt Disney World Resort. They are looking for real African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian and LGBTQ families as well as a real group of female friends, a real group of co-workers and a real group of teen friends. The commercial pays a total of $1500.00 for each person who is selected. The pay is $500.00 per day for the three day shoot, plus flight and hotel is included. Auditions will be held by Skype June 10th through June 14th. The shoot will be taking place July 11th through July 15th in Orlando, Florida. Anyone who isn’t local will have their flight and hotel paid for.

What They Are Looking For

Miami Talent Casting is now accepting submissions for the following roles. Those who are submitting for families must be real families, they are not accepting any match ups.

REAL African American Family – (2-4) Kids ages 6-18 years, Parents 35-40 years, Grandparents a plus!

REAL Caucasian Family – (2-4) Kids ages 6-18 years, Parents 35-40 years, Grandparents a plus!

REAL Hispanic Family – (2-4) Kids ages 6-18 years, Parents 35-40 years, Grandparents are a MUST!!!

REAL Asian/East Indian Family – (2) Kids ages 10-13 years, Parents 40-45 years

REAL LGBTQ Family – (1-2) Kids ages 5-9 years, Same-Sex Parents 35-40

REAL Group of Female Friends – (3-5) Friends, all ethnicities, ages 25-35 years

REAL Group of Co-Workers – (4-6) Co-Workers, Male or Female, all ethnicities, ages 30-50 years

REAL Group of Teen Friends – (3-5) Friends, Male or Female, all ethnicities, ages 18-20 years

How to Apply

Anyone interested in submitting their group should email miamitalentcasting@gmail.com with the following information.

1. Names/Ages of all family members & friends who you are submitting
2. Phone of main contact person
3. Current location
4. Your Skype info

Be sure to include all of the requested information or your submission will not be considered.

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25 Casting Responses

  1. Ashley Ball

    Our family would love to be in the Disney family comerical we are from Ohio: mother Ashley age37 father Derrick age 36 sons Jayce age 11, Bryce 9 and Zayne 3.Thank you!!

  2. Austin Varner

    I have a Caucasian family of 5. My parent is LBGTQ parent with 4 kids. 3 kids are by blood while 1 is simi-adopted. We would love to help!!

  3. Jackie Linke

    Jackie age 30
    Ryan age 34
    Hailey age 3
    Haven age 7 months

    Manistee Michigan

  4. Theresa

    Hay if u want to ask me eany question a u have you do is t me thank

  5. Andy dault

    Andy dault here. Hailing from Alaska. I got a group of friends 18-20 who love Orlando and would love to go be in q commercial. I’m 18. Day 19. Abby 20. Kayla 18. Matt 18

  6. lily sucharski

    hi i am lily and i am 10 years old i am funny and i am a cheerleader and i am funny and fun it will so grateful if i got in!!!!!!!
    detroit michigan
    thats all my information so thank you all

  7. Antoinette Vazquez

    Puerto Rican Father, African American Mother and 3 beautiful young boys of that decent.

  8. Iris Alicia Melendez

    Hello!! My name is Iris looking for a place near by to act or something like. For example, like in Louisiana,Mississppi,Arkansas, or Texas in other word. I’m born and raise in Louisiana but family is from Central America. I’m also 13 years old.

  9. Anthonica Johnson

    My name is Anthonica Johnson (Annie)-20

    My friends
    1.Myiesha Bell ( Myaa) -20
    2.Martrice Carradine (CeCe)-20
    3.Jameshaulyn Fernandez (Jamie)-20
    4. Donovan Griffin (Donny)-19
    5. Alexis Hayes (Lex)-19

    We are real life best friends, and we all would be honored to be apart of this. We all are so funny and so talented. Very hard working individuals. Beautiful kids with Bright Futures.

  10. camila marshae jones

    i would love to

  11. miracle irvin

    Hi I’m 13 I would love to be on Disney

  12. Ebi Okoduwa


  13. dazhai nelson

    Hello my name is dazhai nelson i am 16 years old and im from Phoenix ,AZ

  14. Sarah

    Yes, yes.A million times yes!

  15. Carrie Foddrell

    Real African American family seeking role of Disney commercial casting call. Children {2 males ages 8 and 10}. Parents :male and female ages 39 and 46.

  16. Samantha carr

    mother 32 Samantha, Mark 33, Maurice 11,Samiya 10,Jada7,Jaslene 7, grandmother Mary 62

  17. ashleyslocum

    I want to be on disney I’m in a wheelchair . I love the shows
    My name is Ashley Slocum
    Height 5’10
    Weight 250
    Eyes: Dark Brown

    I have little experience form tv but I am willing to learn and try a new adventure.
    Thank you for your time

  18. Michael

    My mom is hispanic and dad is african american/ jamaican am I still eligible?

  19. Melissa Ralston

    Would you consider a family with a disabled teenager?

  20. Akiriah Nesbitt

    Hi my name is Akiriah Nesbitt and I want to follow my dreams and be on Disney Channel and I want to do a lot more things with my life I would like to be the president of United State one day I am 10 years old and I am an African American Girl I make all A’s and B’s I know how to sing and dance and a very good multiply and subtract I love math that is my favorite subject in reading and science and social studies when I wake up in the morning I am so happy to go to school to learn more about things but when I had my first look at Disney Channel I knew I wanted to be one of those Stars so that’s why I am going to audition so I can become a star just like I wanted to be have a nice day God bless you thank

  21. Huey

    Im good at acting my dream is to be a actor im 9 in August Im gonna be 10

  22. Diamond jackson

    Me i really what to be famous im only 12 and i really think me and my family would be good at a tv show.

  23. Camen

    i would love to be on Disney channel

  24. Brandy Fleury

    I am submitting my two daughters. One is at age 10 and the other is at age 14. I am also submitting myself, and I am at age 37. My current location is in Topeka, KS.

  25. Simonne Maunsell

    My family and I would
    Love to work for Disney
    thank you Simonne Maunsell