Disney Movie A Wrinkle in Time Kids for Lead Roles

Open Call for Kids and Teens for Lead Roles in Disney Movie in New Orleans, LA

If your child has always dreamed of appearing in a Disney movie, they have the chance to audition for one! Casting directors are now holding an open casting call for the upcoming Disney movie “A Wrinkle in Time”.

About the Movie

Jennifer Lee, who wrote Disney’s “Frozen”, is adapting the award winning sci-fi novel A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle into a screenplay for Disney. The story follows children who travel through time and visit strange worlds in order to find their missing scientist father.According to Nola, the roles “described are presumably for main character Meg Murray, described in L’Engle’s book as having unruly, mouse-brown hair; her younger brother Charles; and their friend Calvin, described in the books as a redhead” so this is as amazing opportunity.

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors are looking to fill the below roles. No prior acting experience is required.

A 14-year-old mixed-race girl of African-American and Caucasian descent. “This girl is questioning her life, her place in the world and her family,” a casting description reads. “While troubled, she possesses untapped strength and intelligence which carries her through her search for truth.”

A 5-year-old mixed-race boy of African-American and Caucasian descent. “This boy is EXTREMELY intelligent and articulate. He is strong and loving and hypersensitive.”

A 16-year-old boy who is an ethnic minority. “He is a handsome, fit, caring young man who becomes a friend to the above two kids.”

How to Apply

Auditions are being held this Wednesday, May 11th in New Orleans

Courtyard New Orleans Downtown / Convention Center
300 Julia St.
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

If you attend the auditions you should bring a current, non-returnable headshot.

If you are local to New Orleans but are unable to attend the auditions, you can email your headshot and contact information to thecastingofficesubmissions@gmail.com using the words “OPEN CALL” in the subject line.

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24 Casting Responses

  1. Gabby

    I’m 13 and I’m biracial ayee!! Hmm, let’s see I’m 5’8 , I have brown hair, a curly Afro, im fun to be around and I’m good-weird lolol….I wanna audition but I’m scared..omg omg I’m gonna try anyways!!! I love singing, and acting, and science lolol but I really love acting and singing the most and I really wanna be in a movie or a show and this seems like a wonderful opportunity so let’s do it!!

  2. Abeni

    Hi my name is ABENI I am 13 years old I can sing model dance draw I listen to orders when they come to actING and I love to have fun I am 5’7 and have brown eyes and short brown hair

  3. Abeni

    Hi my name is ABENI I am 13 years old I can sing model dance draw I listen to orders when they come to actING and I love to have fun

  4. Timothy

    I’m 15 and handsome and talented with dancing and modeling and acting

  5. Nashalie Delacruz

    I started to love acting since I was four years old . I used to lie to my cousins and family sometimes, to get there attention that’s called acting. They really fell for it, most of the time. While I’ve been growing up, i used to love watching movies, shows on and on seeing how people react, it’s so interesting. And I still do.One day I would like to be those people behind the screen,acting those interesting parts, and showing off my abilitys. No, I have not been in front of the camera before. Honest.✌ but I’m not scared. I have been in front of people, a lot of people. so that means I can be in front of a camera. Good luck!???

  6. Nashalie Delacruz

    Hi, I’m Nashalie Delacruz. I will be auditioning in Boston on August for the first time. I’ve NEVER audition for a movie or show. I did have experience, but only at school, drama club/acting club. I pray to God everyday to get picked on this, even tho I haven’t auditioned yet. I am 11 years old and auditioning for Meg I’m also 5’6 in height. I am a mixed race girl. I LOVE to act. I k there are a lot of people out there like a million or more in different states and countries auditioning for this. But I k I have to try my best and believe in myself because some people will give up because they didn’t got picked and they think that they didn’t pick him or her because “she doesn’t act well”. That’s wrong, every one should believe in your self because everyone one has a talent for a reason. I can’t wait to see u soon when I audition.?❤️?

  7. Tracy

    Im african american im a girl but im 12

  8. Bryn McDaniel

    My name is Bryn McDaniel. I am thirteen-years-old and will be turning fourteen on September 4th. I have brunette hair that, in length, people have considered it “long” and “medium.” My hair is straight. I am extremely pale and I weigh UNDER 100 pounds. My eyes are hazel and I am growing out my bangs. I have been in multiple plays including Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and The Crucible. In my latest play, I played a ten-year-old girl named Betty Parris who screamed and whined a LOT. I usually play antogonists, misunderstood children and loud and bold characters. My latest characters have been Prince Charming, Trixie (a brat), Dixie (a brat), Louise (a young newspaper girl), Peggy Sue (a young girl who speaks her opinion, but find sour she can speak her opinion without fighting) and so on. I can play ages 8-15. I would love to play a character in A Wrinkle in Time! Whether I could be a lead character or an extra, I would be pleased with any role I can receive! Thanks!

  9. Kayden

    And I’m 12

  10. Kayden

    I live in Spartanburg do eney acting gigs near me Kayden Williams

  11. Zemaiah

    Hi im zemaiah vaughn born on April 2,2002 i have been in 1play and ready to do more acting

  12. Breanna Self

    Hi!! My name is Breanna Self. I am from Baton Rouge, LA and I will be moving to New Orleans this fall. I would LOVE to portray Meg in this film! I’m 18 but I look about 16. I am 5’2 and I’m African-American and Creole so I have caramel brown skin and long, dark brown, super curly hair. I also sing, play the piano, and I’ve had lead roles in school plays. Please consider me for the role!!

  13. Mehlukomuhle

    Hi there I still see an opportunity to act has a 14 year old while I’m 13. I’m an African girl. I’m not mixed race but I think I can pull this off. I’m so interested to be part of the Disney family. I want to show the world that anyone from anywhere can act and can be part of a disney show. If you can give me this role please contact My name is Mehlukomuhle

  14. Britney Price

    Hi I’m Britney Price. I am a Belizean and Salvadorian mix with dark brown hair and eyes. I love to sing and act. I am 11 but I can act like a 8-13 year old girl. It is my dream to be an actor or singer please help my dream come true.

  15. Samantha Jackson

    I have also been in 12 plays, I am half Thai so I have nice caramel skin

  16. Samantha Jackson

    I really want to audition for a movie it is my dream and I love to act, dance, sing. but I am always the last. can you help me?? I need something in Australia. I love acting it is who I am if you can help, you would be my life savers!!
    Sincerely Samantha Jackson

  17. Miranda Arenas

    My name is Miranda I have long hair with light brown highlights. Hazel eyes and 14 years old I’m female my sister is 5 her name is Sofia she has brown curly hair brown eyes and husky voice. my brother is 7 he’s name is Rico he has dark brown eyes he loves to dance he has short brown hair. we live in Australia and we want to be actors we love watching baby daddy and most ABC family shows. We do calisthenics dancing singing lessons we can do accents and acting we are funny we are adorable and we are very keen to become actors/extras We have performed in concerts school musicals and are used to non stop energy we never stop acting playing having fun we have a lot of energy we have a Latino/Italian background. seem to turn heads and attract attention whenever in public. There’s always s fun moment. We are differnt cute & full of personality.

  18. kiara Alexa

    hi my name is kiara i am 10 years old and i love to sing,dance and act and i hope to get the role in this movie

  19. Jhoana

    Hi my name is jhoana I have 11 years old I can sing dance and act I will like to be in the movie I will love to appear in Disney movie

  20. Cristiana nuzzi

    I also have curly dark brown hair and light brown skin

  21. Cristiana nuzzi

    I do not live in New Orleans so I would be unable to attend auditions, but I think I would be great for the role of the 14yr old girl because I am 11yrs old but I am 5feet 2in and I am 50 percent Italian and 50 percent African American I’ve been acting in plays since I was five and I just love this role.

  22. divyesh patel

    i would love to auddtion but i dont live in New Orleans, am 6 feet tall ,17, slim, i have a stunning face , am biracial african/indian but i look like a light skin african american, i dont have any indian facial features i dont have fine hair i have african american hair texture . i dont work out but if its needed i will do it or even be more slim.

  23. aaliyha

    hi im a 15yr that wold like to audition for the role of meg

  24. Samantha brooks

    I don’t live in New Orleans but I would love to audition for this I am not of African American decent but I do have African American feature such as my hair and my attitude. I would love this opportunity please let me know if it’s OK if I send ina. Headshot.