Deep Tiki Starring Emma Stone

Deep Tiki Starring Emma Stone

Five of the most talented actors working today are teaming up with one of cinema’s most beloved auteurs in an all new feature film romance and now the search is on for a host of aspiring performers to join in what is sure to be a critical and commercial smash hit. Deep Tiki from writer-director Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire, We Bought A Zoo, Almost Famous) is set to roll in front of cameras soon and casting calls for exciting roles are being organized now. Performers of all ages can submit themselves today for a shot at being a part of what could be Crowe’s most fantastic project yet.

Deep Tiki will tell the quirky story of a defense contractor on special assignment in Hawaii for a top secret military launch. Soon he meets a beautiful Air Force pilot and together they team up to try to stop the operation. This has been a labor of love for over for years for Oscar winner Crowe and he seems to be going for the gold once again with the amazing cast that he has assembled thus far. The incredible Emma Stone (The Help, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Crazy, Stupid, Love.) has signed on to headline this fabulous film alongside Academy Award nominee and “It” movie star of the moment Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook, The Hangover Part III, The A-Team), Rachel McAdams (The Notebook, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Wedding Crashers), Danny McBride (Up in the Air, Eastbound & Down, Pineapple Express) and Oscar nominee and two time Emmy Winner Alec Baldwin (30 Rock, The Departed, The Cooler). This unbelievable cast is growing by the day and now it could grow to include you. Casting calls for a number of supporting roles in this highly anticipated production will be happening soon and interested actors can submit themselves today by heading here or if you live in Hawaii you can send emails here We will be posting more audition updates as soon as they are released by the casting department so keep checking back for more details and leave a message below and tell us what you think of this upcoming feature and why you want to work alongside this all-star cast in Cameron Crowe’s Deep Tiki.

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  1. Nima Kharva

    My name is Purnima, but I just go by Nima. Emma Stone is one of my most favorite actresses and i would abolutely love this oppurtunity to begin my acting career. I am studying drama at UC Davis and enjoy being on stage. I am 5ft tall and weigh about 130 pounds. I am Indian. I have long, dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am a female. I am 20 years old. I am open to playing any character and am able to adjust well. I participate in performances at UC Davis. I am originally from Anaheim, CA and go to school in Davis, CA.

  2. Sachin George

    Hi, my name is Sachin George, and I’m 15 years old. I’ve always wanted to be an actor, and I’ve been looking for a role. This would be my first audition, and I know I could do it. I will try my hardest to impress you guys. I am a huge fan of Emma Stone, and it would be an honor to work with her. I’m from Dallas. I’m 5′ 8″, Indian, and male. Please consider me for this role or any role, and I would be happy to come in for an audition.

  3. Marissa Walker

    My name is Marissa Walker and I am 19 years old. I live in Hawaii and am willing and able to travel. Acting has always been a dream of mine and I feel it is a way to get out of the comfort zone and lose yourself by becoming a specific character. I believe that I can bring an outstanding performance and energetic attitude to this production. I have been performing since I was 10 whether it be dancing, singing, or acting (theatre). I really hope you will consider me.

    Marissa Walker

  4. Hawa Kosiaha

    Hello Dear
    My name is Hawa kosia I’m 21years old Am passionate about acting and experienced too, I have studied acting for 4 years now in my acting classes. This is an opportunity for me to share my talent to the world and face hard challenges on the way. Am a hard working person energetic, confident and also I love working with people in a positive environment. Thank you for your time and I hope I get considered. And God Bless 🙂

  5. Angelina Reen

    My name is Angie. I am a 21 year old Italian/Irish American female standing at 5’8. I have very long brown hair and dark brown eyes. I work with Barbizon Modeing/Acting, though I mostly modeled on the runway and taught preteens. Acting has always been a love of mine. Movies in general are my life! I don’t have acting experience on paper but I am very educated on film, its history, acting technique and this would fulfill my every dream. I don’t believe someone should have to have a ton of experience to gain an opportunity such as this. I have thick skin and terribly strong work ethic. I can promise, better yet garuntee you’ll enjoy my work, whether the part is big or small!

  6. Matthew Delagarza

    Age: 21 (can play anywhere from high schooler to mid 20′s)
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5’11″
    Weight: 188
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: black
    Body type: athletic/muscular

    I’m a big fan of all the actors/actresses playing in this movie. I’m a very funny guy and really easy to get along with. I’m not shy when it comes to being around cameras and new people. I love acting and I think if you gave me a shot you would not regret it. But either way it sounds like it’s going to be a great movie!

  7. Micah Major

    Been in many school plays, and plays at my local theatre.
    The biggest play I’ve been in is my schools play : “A Tribute to the Beatles”
    With about 1,000 people there.
    Play lead guitar for my church infront of 2,000 people.
    Performing infront of people is amazing to me.

    Hieght: 5’8
    Age: 16
    Brown curly hair

  8. Hawa Kosia

    Hello Louisiana
    My name is Hawa Kosia I’m 21 years old at the moment I live in Australia. Am black African Am really passionate about acting and Am experienced too.  I have been studying drama for over 4years now and I just need the opportunity to share my talent with people around and the world. Am a hard working person, energetic, confident and also love working with people and also in the positive environment.  I hope I get the consideration and thank you for your time.  God Bless

  9. Aíme Sanchez

    Hi my name is Aíme Sanchez I’m 17 years old I’m 5’1 I live in Oxnard California I have blonde hair I’m Hispanic my skin color is white I have almond shaped eyes which are brown, my body is petite or curvy I weigh 120 pounds, I currently have braces. I would like to start in this it would be great! I don’t have any acting experience but I’ve been auditioning and trying to move myself up, please contact me for more info, it would be a dream to star I’m this movie! Thank you

  10. Yasmine Rock

    Hi my name is Yasmine Rock and i love acting but unfortunately where i live ( Australia) there’s not many opportunities for acting jobs especially movies. I do go to acting courses , I went to an adult actors now course and are going to do courses at frog management. I know you would have heard this a lot but i really think that this would really help me start my acting career (everyone starts somewhere) i would also be comfortable with flying and a range of many roles. I would be a friendly person on set and would never let anyone down.
    Race- i was born in England but now live in Australia
    I am 12
    around 1.60 maybe a bit taller
    D.O.B 15/02/02
    Eye colour – my eye colours vary from different colour sunlight-blue/green.
    Hair colour-blonde- but willing to dye.
    I danced in competitions for the state for 5 years and i can sing- i got a solo for songfest which was for all the schools across WA

    I do have a twin sister who is willing to act. I promise that i would never let you or the cast and crew down!

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Thankyou, Yasmine Rock.

  11. Ryan

    Age: 24
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: 5’8″
    Weight: ~140
    Hair: Brown (mid length)
    I have been wanting to participate in the film industry my whole life and just now am pursuing my dreams. Please take me into consideration as I am able to travel and would love to take part in anything I would be able to do (an extra, background actor, or short line). I am just starting out, but my will and drive will show how great I really am. Please let me know about any upcoming casting calls!
    Thank you,

  12. frances

    hi! well compared to most of these people, i’m not an experienced actor who has taken drama classes throughout all of high school or starred in local plays. i just love film and acting was always a big dream of mine. i’m good at observing people and picking up what they do, and i know that’s not all an actor should be able to do but i have to start somewhere, right? i feel acting is a way to lose yourself, but also to find yourself in the characters that you play. i used to act out the characters in my favorite books in front of a mirror and memorize the lines and lyrics to my favorite movies and songs and say them exactly how the original actor or artist did. i learned a lot about myself in doing so and i realized how much i actually really love performing. i think if someone just gave me the opportunity i would take it.

    frances divinagracia
    sex: female
    age: 16
    height: 5’1″
    ethnicity: filipino
    hair: brown, medium, straight
    eyes: brown

  13. jenny wu

    hi my name is jenny wu i am from Sydney Australia i am a dancer, gymnast and actor.
    age: 13
    weight: 49kg
    height: 149 cm
    race: asian
    eye: brown
    hair: long, dark, straight
    shoe: 7 aus or 6 aus
    some people think that i am mixed

    i love emma stone

  14. Madison

    Hi my name is Madison, obviously and I never thought I’d be doing this but I’ve recently found my inner confidences! Not that I was ever.shy because im not in the slightest but I never thought my singing of acting was ever quite good enough to be seen. But now I want the world to see. Im 18, graduate in June and if it matters im 5’4 weigh 98lbs even though no my looks are not why I think I could do this xD

  15. Lammy

    Age:24 (look 16-19)
    Hair color:Black
    Eye color:Brown
    Skin tone:white
    Body type:slim/fit
    Great story teller, good memorization skill, excellent comedic moment. Huge movie fan, team player, easy to work with. Love to make movie come to life!

  16. Jessica H. Stowe

    Hello, My name is Jessica Stowe. I am from Mobile, Al. I was born and raised in what I call a small town but won’t be for much longer. I love the feeling that I get working on a set. I have recently worked on the movies, “The Prince” and “Vice” directed by Brain A. Miller, as an extra here locally in Mobile. It was a fabulous experience and I know that doing film work is what I want to do with my career. I am currently enrolled at the University of South Alabama in the Theatre Department, which I am scheduled to graduate in December of this year. I have done many other stage productions as well. I am also a dancer and I pick up things really fast. I would love to be considered for a part on this film or any other up coming films you have to offer. Below is some information you might need from me and if there is anything else please do not hesitate to email me with further questions.
    Thank you,
    Jessica Stowe

    Body type: Fit/Toned, dancers body type
    Weight: 105, but can vary upon request to fit the character
    Race: White
    Height: 5’1
    Age: 27 ( can pass as 16-22 easy)
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Light brown
    Special Skills: Stage Combat Training through SAFD and DAI

  17. Eseosa Ogbomo

    Hi my name is Eseosa. Chances are I am probably not going to get picked but it is worth a try. I am 14 but turning 15 next month. I know that May be you but it doesn’t determine what kind of person I am. I am very tall and skinny as people may say. I am a very loud person but I will get serious when I need to. Thanks!

    Weight:130 lbs
    Hair: very dark brown, almost black
    Eyes: brown

  18. Sierra

    Hi! My name is Sierra. I have short blonde hair, green eyes, and am a 17 year old who would be more than pleased to be chosen to act along side some of the greatest actors of our time. I know 17 may seem young, but I can assure you I do not act or look like a 17 year old. I am 5’7, 145lbs and am very dedicated with everything I do. I think that I could be a great option for this movie, whether it’s a lead role, a character that appears in a few scenes, or even just an extra. I would be so happy if I was chosen to appear in this movie. I am a very hard worker and will do anything to succeed! All my life I have been a singer. I love to sing, but recently I’ve had a change of heart and think that I would have more fun, and would succeed more with acting. I don’t have as much experience as you guys would like to hear but if you give me the chance, I won’t let you down. Slowly but surely, I’m finding myself. I believe this is what I was born to do.

  19. Kylie

    My name is Kylie i am 15 years old. I’ve been hoping to land any part in a TV series and in any movie since i was younger. Ive had expierence with acting and have fell in love with it. I would love to pursue an acting career.

    Hair: brown
    Eyes: brown
    Body Type: petite
    Height: 5’0
    Weight: 100

  20. jenny wu

    hi my name is jenny

    Nationality: australian
    Race: asian
    Age :13
    height: 1.58m
    weight : 49 kg
    Hair: long and straight (brown)
    eyes: brown
    gender: female

    i do gymnastics, dancing, tennis, swimming and aerobics

  21. Ashley Thorpe

    Hello my name is Ashley, I am 20 years old. I have red hair, blue eyes. I am 5’3″ and 105 pounds. Currently living in Houston Texas.
    I was in acting for a few years, but what caught my attention was the theme of this movie idea.
    I am not wanting to be an actor or have a major role in this film. I am a professional fire spinner.
    I have been spinning now for about 4 years. I have some videos I can send upon request. I also hula hoop fire, and I am a dancer. I enjoy visual arts, and thought since this film is about Hawaii that maybe some pyro love could be involved as a background performance. I hope to hear from you guys soon. 🙂

    – Ashley

  22. Valeria De La Paz

    Hello. My name Is Valeria De La Paz, and I am a 15-year old 10th grade student living in Raymondville, a small town in Texas just at the tip in a valley. I have a great personality, and the right one for a movie like this. I am very mature for my age, though I have my kid moments once in a while, and I have no on-set or acting experience, but if you give me the chance I’ll prove that I have the talent and skills to play a role. I’m light skinned and very photogenic, so being in front of a camera is what I love to do. I’m constantly making people laugh with my idiotic, but very funny personality. For any further information or any questions, please contact me at the e-mail that I have put. I’m very interested in playing a role, if there are any that I’d be eligible to participate in. Thank you!

  23. Roy Palacios

    Hello my name is Roy I am 15 would be 16 in May.I would love to be apart of this movie because this would be a great opportunity for me to become an actor.Also I just love making people laugh.

  24. Hunter Phelps

    My name is Hunter Phelps and i’m 16 and live in Austin, TX. I have always wanted to be an actor and i have taken some acting classes in high school. I’m very athletic and a very quick learner. I have been trying to get something going with this acting but have yet to get my big break but I will keep trying. I can do any part and I can pay for any traveling expense if needed. If you need any pictures or any help feel free to contact me. Thanks for your time. Bye.

  25. Laura

    hi im Laura im 17 and an active person my skills are acting figure skating people children and animals i think i should get a chance to proove to you because i think that i would be a perfect fit to the team im funny clever prity and i can act i also think i have some thing nobody else has heart detemination and i realy want it but if you choose me u wouldnt be making a mistake because drama /acting is what im patinate about it were i can be good at some thing its like when im one stage evrything makes sense and i just can wait to do again. the best thing about acting is when you say your part so well evry one else in the room stops in silence and stairs at you thats when you no you have done some thing right that gives me the best feeling in the world thank you for reading this i promise if you give me a chance you wont regret it !

  26. sesil ekdi

    hi, my name is sesil ekdi and i’m from zürich, switzerland. i know it’s not easy to become actress if i’m from there but i believe in me! maybe this is my chance. i”m searching everyday for a casting or movie but it’s really hard to find if you live in switzerland.
    in school we had some plays and i acted really good and i was the best under 60 students.
    i love acting and this is what i want to do!
    age: 14 (look like 16)
    height: 1.68m
    weight: 53kg
    hair: long, dark brown
    eyes: brown

    thank you in advance.

  27. Danielle Pollock

    I’m turning 18 in six days but I’m short I’m 59.8 inches tall and I don’t look my age at all and I think it would be something fun and different to do! I’m Caucasian with Chesnut brown hair

  28. Diana

    Hey my name is Diana. I’m 16 near 17 years old.but i look like 18-19 years old. I’m russian but i live in Germany. I have long brown hair and blue eyes. I really lobe acting. I only have experience from acting lessons in my High school. My dream is to become an real actress. to act in a movie like this would be an amazing expirience and a really big dream.
    If you want to see my acting skills than i can sent a video!

  29. Joel Alvarez

    Name: Joel Alvarez
    Age: 24
    Height: 5’8′
    Body type: Athletic
    Hair color: dark brown
    Skin color: tan
    Eye color: dark brown
    Tucson arizona

    If it was one thing that i have learned from the Marines its is that hard work and dedication will payoff in due time. Nothing is given to you or handed out to you, you have to work and strive for it . Just as i earned my eagle globe and anchor after countless weeks of non stop training, Anguish and stress thinking this is impossible with finally seeing the light. This mentality helps with everything no matter the obstacle and i will strive to do my best to earn the right to be a cast member.

  30. jaedyn oliver

    Hello everyone my name is jaedyn Oliver and I’m a handsome 12 year old male.It would be my live long dream to work with Emma stone and start my career as a actor.Emma stone is cool collected and my favorite actress of all time.I have the talent to be actor.I have tremendous memory and I have the hight for it too I’m 5″2. I’m light brown my eyes are as well and I’m am skinny.So please if you can please help my life long dream become a reality.

    Thank you very much

    Sincerely jaedyn Oliver

  31. Will Lokkesmoe

    Hi! My name is Will Lokkesmoe. If you need a young actor for this I might be just who you’re looking for! I am 9 years old & just spent the past year and 1/2 living on Oahu! Right now my mom & I are in California during my dad’s deployment. I am enjoying acting in local plays in San Juan Capistrano & currently we are performing Peter Pan at the end of March! If there is a part for someone my age, I would love to be considered for this role 🙂

  32. Laura Butler

    Hi, my name is Laura Butler and I am currently looking to switch careers from the medical field into acting. I am an outgoing, charismatic and hard working individual and would love the opportunity to be in this upcoming film. I am 6’2, have an athletic build (being a former Division 1 college volleyball player), blonde hair and green eyes. Please send me more information regarding this opportunity. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for your time. You can contact me back at this email: or call me at 217-460-1153.


    Laura Butler

  33. Marcuz

    Family is Life,
    Born in Omaha,Ne 1988
    Graduated Phoenix,Az 2006
    Music Dropped Dallas,Tx 2014
    On Twitter @MarcuzUMG

  34. Karen Valle

    Hello, my name is Karen Valle I live Houston TX, 24(25 July 2014) Mexican-American. I’m prefect for a role in this movie because I hVe the talent and personality that is need. I could go on and on with good reasons why I should be chosen but instead I want to show you my acting skills. Hope to hear from you soon.

  35. Madeleine Phillips

    Hello, my name is Madeleine Phillips i am 23, I live in cali. I am a counrty girl who is not scared to get dirty or bumps and bures. I have done drama,sing, and dance all thro high school. I have been extras on movies before. The Ringer with Johnny K. I am 5`4 Red hair green eyes and i have always wanted more out of just sitting behind my desk. I want to be in the spot light. I know i have to work my way up and take any and everything in. I know I am not the skinniest girl in the world but i do wear my weight great. I have been in beauty pageants I know beauty is not everything, you have to be able to take in what people tell you and apply it. I am signed up with so many acting websites but noone would give me a chance. I would love to start off in this movies causegrowing up i have always done the 60`s -70`s look and even the victorian look. If you would like to know more about me please feel free to contact me

  36. Sophia Cohen

    I am a 15 year old girl, 5 ft tall, 100 lbs, I have been into acting my whole life, as well as theater, writing, art, and sports. I would be honored to be a part of this in any way, and would do whatever is needed. I can be the girl bringing in coffee and donuts if that is what you all need! Please consider me, I am a hard worker and have a very positive attitude. And thank you if you are even reading this.

  37. Summer Dawn

    Acting is a passion of mine and I always love to try and challenge myself with it. Emma stone I have watched in Easy A and in Spider Man and I love how good of an actor she truly is. I love acting everywhere I can. Whenever I was little I use to go up to random people and acted in front of them. I take acting classes as well as lessons to improve my skills. I hope you give me a chance to show you what I can do.

    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 133
    Hair color: dirty blonde but dyed golden blonde
    Hair type: Shoulder length and curly
    Special/Distinctive features: Scar on right forehead from a skin graph that I got from a fire accident when I was younger

    Thank you for taking time to read this. I really appreciate it!

    ~ Summer Rosabel Dawn

  38. Hannah Homer

    My name is Hannah and I am 12 years old. I am a big fan of Emma Stone and I can act very well. I could really use the experience and it would be an honor to be in the movie.

  39. Kristina johnson

    Hi my name is kristina johnson it has always been my dream to act and I’m a really big fan of Emma Stone. It would just be a miracle if you would consider this. Thank you and hope to hear back.

  40. Tonyia

    Hi all!
    Ok, so I love movies, and love how you can be a different character and not yourself all the time. No, I have no experience (once in high school). I am 25 high school graduate enrolled in the NYIP to become a professional photographer. Yes, I love photography as well. I would love to travel and be a part of MANY movies, shows even if it is small parts. I am just finally trying to make a long life dream of mine come true and well, got to start somewhere and give it a try. Hispanic/ American Indian. 5’2.

  41. Rania Chawiky

    Hi ,
    hello i am 13 years old. And I love romances . but I can play the daughter of someone. My hair is curly and brown so my eyes, hihiihi/ I am funny and was in a drama class.

  42. Jessica Nowacki

    Name: Jessica Nowacki
    DOB: 7/30/85
    Height: 5`8
    Hair: Dark Blonde
    Eye: Blue

    I am a small town girl from the small state of Delaware. Being able to “make it big” is virtually impossible here so being able to complete bios such as this online helps get my name out there. Acting has always been a passion of mine that tends to take the back burner because of the lack of stardom and opportunities lacking in the wonderous first state learning lines, practicing in front of the entire family, teaching myself to cry on cue and memorizing movie lines and behaviors are my childhood memories. I have a unique sense of humor that is very dry and can offend people easily, making me the perfect character for any role. I am not afraid of a challenge and portray any character, young or old, prissy or county, and semi-nice to very mean. I have the shocking and screaing scream most actresses wld die for and can fake a scene like no other. Help this Sussex County girl make a name for herself beside any of the inappropriate names I earned in highschool.

    Jessica Nowacki

  43. Jacqueline Lopez

    Hair: Dark Brown, Black
    Height: 5’4
    Eyes: Brown
    Ages: 22
    Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic

    Hello Everyone.
    My name is Jacqueline (Jackie) I am 22 years old (do get told I look 16 with my glasses on), I currently live in Houston, Texas. I senior at University of Houston, studying History and Journalism. Since I was a child I always dreamed of become an actress and making films. (Thanks to Titanic, The Little Mermaid and Jurassic Park) Something about getting that chance to portray another person all while telling a story seemed very alluring. Although acting has been a dream of mine for a long time, I was always very afraid to pursue it from fear of not being good at it. So I in a way forced myself to ignore those wants and tried to convince myself that becoming a teacher or a Journalist was something I wanted to do. But recently I have had a type of revelation and realized that acting was something I needed to try. I am now trying to get my name out there in any way possible. I am obviously very new to this world but I do know that I have something to offer, and if given the chance to prove it in anyway would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you to those who even read this thing. Hope to hear something soon.


  44. Nathalie Delin

    Hello my name is Nathalie Delin I am a 21 years old girl from Denmark Copenhagen. 🙂 I am not sure if u are only looking for people within the United States.
    I would just love to be a part of deep tiki, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I took the chance to write to you anyway. 🙂
    I really love acting, and have attended two acting classes, in Copenhagen.
    And one of my goals, is to save enough money, to attend a film acting class in Los Angeles too.
    I have been an ekstra in some few movies and commercial, and done some modeling jobs too. 🙂
    I am a very nice, caring and easy going person, and also very nice to work with, always happy and with a smile on my lips.
    I am a very active person, and like to work hard, I Loves to test own limits, and learn every day
    I do not speak English fluently, I speak English basically, but understand and write very well.
    Height: 170cm
    Weight: 55kg
    Hair Color: Dyed Golden
    Eye Color: Blue
    Ethnicity: Danish
    Thank u for taking your time to read this 🙂
    Have a nice day
    Take care
    The bestest regards Nathalie Delin

  45. Jesse Pimentel

    My build/body type can be as a military man but I’m not so ornary or tough looking that I can’t be soft spoken or sensistive. 27, 5’11”, 165lbs. Black Hair, brown eyes. I’ve been studying acting for three years now here in Los Angeles. The past two at Stella Adler on full scholarship. Honestly, my aunt who is the most loving women on earth sent this to me and so I felt it was important to leave a comment. I love acting more than anything and like any artists left behind a career that was stable to pursue a passion that feels like a destiny for me. There are days when I may be weighted down by the world and the expectations we have as young Americans to succeed in business or something substantial but It is more important to honor your nature; Don’t want to wind up like Robert and Andrew Mayo! If you are interested I can send footage or come for an audtirion.

    Thank you,

    Jesse Pimentel

  46. Lexi Morris

    Hi my name is Lexi, I’m 13 years old and live in victoria british columbia. I would absolutely love to get any part in this movie cause i’m really looking for something too start my acting career.
    I take acting lessons at Screenactors studio in Victoria B.C, I haven’t got any real acting opportunities yet but i’m really serious about acting
    Gender: girl
    Age: 13
    Height: 5″ tall
    weight: 90 pounds
    Hair colour: dirty blonde
    Ethnicity: caucasian
    Age range I can play: 12-14 to play it safe. maybe even 12-15, 11-15 kinda thing if thats even possible

  47. Stephanie Melara

    Birthdate: 03/13/1995
    From: Los Angeles, California
    Height: 5 “3′
    Nationality: Salvadoran and Spaniard
    Skin: white
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown

    Just like everyone else I am a struggling actresses who is trying to catch a break. I’ve always loved directing and acting and that is what encouraged me to be apart of my news channel at my old high school for two years. I was an anchor for one year and I became an amateur filmmaker my senior year which was a success! My first year I won 2nd place for my movie as well as 3rd place for my music video. My senior year, my movie won 2nd place and my music video won 1st place and the Best in Show award. With those successes, I was featured in the San Gabriel newspaper!

    I am witty and quirky and an all around hilarious girl. I am loud and spontaneous and can get a group laughing in seconds. I am aggressive, attentive, emotional, and serious when I need to be. I am a fast learner and have experience with directors and being in front of a camera and I am well aware of the long hours and the multiple takes each shot will need.

    Acting seems like the best route for me because at this point in my life this is what I am destined to pursue. Feel free to email me at: or find me on facebook: Stephanie Melara

  48. sirine

    Hello everyone, my name is Sirine, I’m 19 and I live in Paris (France).
    I would like to be apart of this project because I think I can play any kind of character and it would be my chance to show what I am capable of doing.
    And as a French person, I’d love to start a career in America (I speak fluent English).
    In the hope of a positive return on your part

  49. Juan Rodriguez

    I would love to be a part of this. I currently live in El Paso Texas where I was in the US Army for 14 years. I got out to pursue acting and just finished a movie thats still in production called ” Day Of The Mummy” directed by Johnny Tabbor. I am a Hispanic male, 37 years old. It would be an honor for me, thank you.

  50. Camila Melendez

    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5’5
    Race: Hispanic/American
    Skin: tanish, caramel, or light brown
    Hair: Dark brown
    Weight: 110 lbs

    I’m Camila, i would be great for this movie because i am young and slim! I am great at following instructions and getting things done. I do not have any experience but i have this talent of acting that i am dying to show! I hope you consider on making me a part of this amazing project.

  51. Kathryn Bauswell

    Age: 18
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 135
    Hair: Dirty Blonde

    I have a passion for film, that cannot be fulfilled with anything else. I did a lot of stage work as well as some casting calls when I was younger. I would love to pick it back up again and find my way to the top. I have seen all of the movies and tv shows listed above in the description for the movie. and the cinematography as well as the acting are phenomenal in all. I am strong willed and take initiative. Thank you for your consideration.

  52. Paulina Solis

    Hello my name is Paulina Solis, I am 19 years old I am from the state of Texas. I am looking for an opportunity to show people my talent. I love acting, being part of your project would be a dream come true. I have been taking acting classes and will continue studying this career because acting is my life. Thank you so much for your time.
    Age: 19
    Hair color: long/golden brown
    Eye color: hazel
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Height 5″8

  53. Austin Reed

    My name is Austin Reed. I am a 19 year old African American male attending college in Miami, Florida. Through out my entire life, I have only dreamt of taking on a role in a film but have always had confidence in my acting abilities. I can guarantee that any role that would be given to me, I would nail. I am charismatic, comedic, well spoken, and athletic. Even being an extra in a film would be a great deal to me and my career. Though I have not had any actual film experience, being in this film would make my dreams come alive. I promise that if I were chosen for this film, you would not at all regret it.

    Height: 6’2”

    Eye color: Brown

    Hair: Black

    Weight: 220

    Body type: Athletic

    Thank you!

  54. Matthew W


    I would like an opportunity to colloborate my talents with such an awesome cast in a supporting role. I am athletic, good looking, and do impersonations well. This plot sounds interesting and is sure to bring attention to the big screen.

    Thank you for your time

  55. Rhonda Ward

    Im 58 yrs old and have 4 adult daughters,(all married and with their own children now ) and feel like I would love to try something new. This yr I tamdom skydived for the first time. Im also a certified scuba diver and love the beach.
    Ive been swiming since I was 4 yrs old and taught all of my children, who are now adults.
    I also love hiking so I could see myself working in Hawaii…
    pls free feel to view my pictures on facebook.
    thank you and look forward to talking with someone soon.

  56. Mark

    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Hazel

    I love acting. I been In productions in Delaware since I was six years old and every day I want to move a step further but I have never had the great oppurtunity to do so. I am willing to play anything no matter how big or small. I just want a shot. I really hope that this can be my chance.

  57. Tiffany Mosquera

    Well, I just wanna make a statement and say that I’m 21 years old. I’m Colombian. I’m not thin, nor do I have an athletic body. But I do have soulful heart and soul, and would like just one chance to show the world that I have what it takes.
    With that being said, I guess I’ll also point out that, once I’ve got my mind set on something, I don’t let it go until I accomplish it (suffice it to say, that’s exactly why I’ve never set my mind on losing weight)
    So enough of that. I hope to hear from someone, sooner than later; till then.

  58. Melina Doukas

    I am a 16 year old girl who has a lot of experience with acting and I have had class in speech as well. I get good grades and I am willing to travel to go to any auditions. I have always wanted to act and sing. I would love to have this part.

    I have been in several plays where I have acted and danced.
    I have also been in singing concerts.
    I am not afraid to show my crazy side and I do what I told and I have fun in what I do.

  59. Sophie

    Hey I’m Sophie and I’m 13 years old, nearly 14. I live in Germany and I have Blue eyes and blonde-brown hair. I’m very interested in speaking English and I have an A. My hobbies are playing tennis, dancing, singing, acting, riding horses and playing the violin and the guitar. 🙂 Since I was little I’ve dreamt about becoming an actress and this would be an amazing chance to prove everyone I can make it. And I’m definetely going to make my Dream become Reality. And I can remember Lines very easily.

  60. kathryn williams

    Hello my name is Kathryn Williams I’m 5 feet 2 inches I’m 19 years old I am fun, energetic, and adventurous. I’ve always wanted to be in a movie I feel that I have the personality to be on tv. I can adapt to most emotions and be very dramatic. I can dance and i can sing a little. I’m smart and beautiful. People tell me I look like Keke Palmer. I have great communication skills and a great smile. I’m friendly, patient and i take criticism well. I’d love to be apart of this movie as anything.

  61. Holly Harvey

    Name: Holly Harvey
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14 but can look way way older
    Weight: 194.4 lbs recently
    Hair: Dark Brown-Blackish Color (Naturally)
    Skin: Fair White, pinkish color. Freckled, Dark around eyes(kind of like a birthmark).
    Eyes: Hazel
    Height: 5’4 1/2 feet.
    Personality: I have A.D.D. and am kind of energetic, I’m bubbly and usually happy. I like to think of myself as a sweet girl but I can’t really tell. I’m a freshmen in high school and DRAMATIC, from what I’ve been told. I like writing and acting. I love doing different things, I’m a different person.
    Place: East Texas(:
    Experience: I haven’t a lot of experience in film but I do have previous acting experience.

  62. Cristina

    Age 31
    Weight 185
    Brown eyes
    Hispanic female
    I have a college degree yet would like to pursue an acting career.

  63. Sarah

    Howdy!! My name is Sarah and I am fourteen years old. I am from Houston, Texas but don’t worry I do not have an accent. hahaha a lot of people would have thought I did. But anyways I have brown hair and brown eyes. But one think that is unique about me is that I have a dark blue rim around my brown eyes so it looks really pretty when you see it! More about me..
    – I am very tan, or I get tan very easily
    – I love meeting new people!!
    – I am described as being really pretty!!
    – I am 14
    – I am described as a social butterfly and I love meeting new people!
    – I love to hang out with friends, bake, and play with my golden retriever!!
    thank you and please consider me because only you can help me fight for my dream an passion!!
    p.s.!! I would love to meet the cast ad I would love to start working with this new group of friends!!
    so please give me a call or email!!
    remember.. If you choose me I will make sure to give it my all and my best so thank you for reading this and have a great day!!

  64. Sara King

    Age: 18
    Height: 5’3
    Ethnicity: white/hispanic
    Complexion: light beige
    hair color/length: brown/really long
    eye color: brown
    weight: 120
    Built: athletic/slender

    Im a super kind and caring person. I’m really fun to be around and will talk a lot, but I also know when to be serious and when to listen. I was inducted into the National Thespian Honor Society in the 7th grade and won an award for my role in a one act play. Sadly I had to quit in high school because I didnt have enough space on my schedule for my advanced classes, my nursing classes, and swim team, but I would love to act again and this would be an amazing opportunity.

  65. Michele Mulloy

    Height: 5 ‘6″
    Eye color: Hazel
    Skin complexion: Olive
    Weight: 165
    Hair: White
    Age: 57

    I always thought acting would be a personal challenge to become a character described on paper. I am retired, looking for work and also own a seasonal business. What I could bring is a lot of personal experience, the ability to follow direction, I am a fast learner, authentic, serious but have a sense of humor.
    Everyone has to start somewhere so I thought I would throw my name in the hat and see if I got picked. I would love the opportunity to do something new and different.
    I hope you consider me at least for an interview.

    Thank you;
    Michele Mulloy

  66. Jessie Gonzalez

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Jessie Gonzalez I’m a transgender FTM.
    I’m 22 years old
    I’m 5.5 ft
    I’m 120 lbs
    I’m athletic and thin
    I have longish short hair, brown, shaggy straight hair
    I am Puerto Rican and White

    Not much a tv person nor movie person, but I do love to try something new. I’m currently a student for Irvine Valley College, local in Irvine..I’m just an average young adult, doesn’t own a car, only rides a bike. Never thought I’d be typing on here, but my intuition told me to. I think it would be a great opportunity to try this out and see what happens. I just seek adventure and see what comes along.

  67. Desiree Talmadge

    My name is Desiree. And I just want to act. i’ve got no experience other than acting in just public for dares and and embarrass my mom. But i’ve always wanted to be in a movie and really see how well i’d be able to act and bring out my character. If you by any chance consider me please contact me. Thank you and i appreciate you reading this
    Race: Mixed
    Sex: female
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Yellow/Brown
    Body type: Curvy

  68. Rachel Sutton

    I wish you had involved me in you Hawaii casting. After all I am the best there is in Hawaii. That is a known fact.

  69. Analise Ockenfels

    Hello! I am Analise I am 16 years old and have worked as an extra before in another local movie where I am currently stationed with my parents. I think i should be considered for a role in this movie because I am a fun bubbly and quite a talented young lady. I also believe that it would not be a waste of time if you considered me. If i was to be hired i would be professional and driven to make this as great a movie as possible as long as that is within my power.
    Thank you for your time.

  70. alberto jimenez

    hi my name is alberto jimenez and i love acting but im not gonna sit here and talk about how much i love acting but i honestly dont have any waus of expressing my feelings or thoughts for why i should be in this film i just simly think that the most important thing is to put on a great performance and most of all have fun so i hope you can consider me thank you my phone number is 209-204-4113

  71. allison d

    I should be considered because I have experience and I’m simply awesome!

  72. alysha adams

    Hey my name is alysha Adams I am 21 years of age and very attractive and talented. I would love to work with the outstanding Emma Stone because I feel we would collaborate excellent considering we’re both gorgeous and overly funny. I have done a few extras in movies, but I’m ready to star in them. I live in the Texas area and I’m ready to work with this project as soon as you guys hit down here. Please believe I’ll be ready to work hard and long for this. I just want to make this my dream coming true. Email me for bookings and more information.

  73. Brittney Seebeck


    My name is Brittney Seebeck. I am a 20 year old female. I am a unique girl with many talents. I can juggle, card flourishing, magic, devil sticks, play trumpet, escape a straight jacket and solve a lot of different types of rubiks cubes.(ex. 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 2×3,3, illusion cube and so on) I love to play softball, I also can play football and tennis. I have been on a GameStop show before, and I am also a artist. I love to learn new things, and to take on challenges. When I perform magic I have to act, and cause misdirection, I think I am just right for this

  74. Erick Sandoval

    I’m a really awkwardly funny guy with a passion for laughing. I’m 15 but I look about 17-19. I’m 5″11 and more on the heavy side. I’m Latino and speak fluent Spanish. I do not have an accent as I am from New York. I think that I would perfect for a role in this film.

  75. Trevor Abrahamian

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 145
    Hair: Brown:
    Eyes: Blue
    Race: White
    Body Type: Slim

    My name is Trevor Abrahamian, and although I don’t have much experience in acting, I do have family in the business as my uncle is an acting coach in Hollywood and has worked with many A-listers. My best physical quality would have to be my blue eyes. I am constantly told how beautiful they are. I really do love to act and have been told that I have a knack for bringing characters to life.. I have a great sense of humor and can really brighten up a room with my positive attitude. I am also a very outgoing person and have no trouble socializing and making new friends. I would greatly appreciate it if I would be considered for this film.