Deep Tiki Starring Emma Stone

Deep Tiki Starring Emma Stone

Five of the most talented actors working today are teaming up with one of cinema’s most beloved auteurs in an all new feature film romance and now the search is on for a host of aspiring performers to join in what is sure to be a critical and commercial smash hit. Deep Tiki from writer-director Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire, We Bought A Zoo, Almost Famous) is set to roll in front of cameras soon and casting calls for exciting roles are being organized now. Performers of all ages can submit themselves today for a shot at being a part of what could be Crowe’s most fantastic project yet.

Deep Tiki will tell the quirky story of a defense contractor on special assignment in Hawaii for a top secret military launch. Soon he meets a beautiful Air Force pilot and together they team up to try to stop the operation. This has been a labor of love for over for years for Oscar winner Crowe and he seems to be going for the gold once again with the amazing cast that he has assembled thus far. The incredible Emma Stone (The Help, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Crazy, Stupid, Love.) has signed on to headline this fabulous film alongside Academy Award nominee and “It” movie star of the moment Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook, The Hangover Part III, The A-Team), Rachel McAdams (The Notebook, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Wedding Crashers), Danny McBride (Up in the Air, Eastbound & Down, Pineapple Express) and Oscar nominee and two time Emmy Winner Alec Baldwin (30 Rock, The Departed, The Cooler). This unbelievable cast is growing by the day and now it could grow to include you. Casting calls for a number of supporting roles in this highly anticipated production will be happening soon and interested actors can submit themselves today by heading here or if you live in Hawaii you can send emails here We will be posting more audition updates as soon as they are released by the casting department so keep checking back for more details and leave a message below and tell us what you think of this upcoming feature and why you want to work alongside this all-star cast in Cameron Crowe’s Deep Tiki.

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  1. Jasmine Richardson

    My name is Jasmine Richardson I’m a 24 years young college student and myself and my brother have a family oriented band called ART BOX MACHINE and we’re looking to get a recording contract, artist development, and further our careers in not only the music industry but the entertainment industry as a whole. Now has never been a better time to point this world back in the direction of real music. I heard R Kelly say in a interview once that its lonely at the bottom and the top is where it’s at and is where I need to be and if anyone tells me different then they must not be at the top. Our style is contemporary Christian music in the sub genres of dubstep/electronic/dance. We are the face of the new Christian image. We not only sing and rap but we are also veteran song writers. So lets create this website traffic and break away from the verbal clutter and get back to the rapture taking iPhone pictures with these kids I capture. Our spoken poetry is the opening and closing of revolving door which leaves brain fractures. Heavens only days down the road and we will not leave this earth without unfolding our goals. We want to leave a legacy that not only shows this young generation how to love God again but everyone. Jesus is about relationships, not religion church and rules. We will strive in this entertainment industry because we embrace Jesus not only in our music but he’s at the center of all we do regulating every foot step. It’s time for born and raised family band to represent Houston Texas properly. We will not keep silent nor bow down to anyone’s idols. And this is my story and I’m sticking to it cause we only live once so get busy. Be the voice of reason when you ain’t trying to hear it. You want it but you fear it, but you love it when you near it. #PDiddyQuote. I’ll leave my comment open ended for consideration with a rap.

    Title: Not just another girl

    Another girl who’s instant photo ready/ she projects less but her mind hangs heavy/ trying to help everyone she has the heart of a teddy/ had a feeling her perfect night was disappearing/ she got the London lip and starting reappearing/ no one debates her motives no need for a court hearing/ she’s so cute with her morals but she takes big risks/ her names unimportant but color me interested/ relationships are about transactions give to live/ people view her as a easy target but she’s friends with control/ home to this beauty therapy in there lies her soul/ dare to go bold why cling to the wrong holds/ exclusive exotic she attracts like a magnetic object/ no one can scramble her brain not even logic/ underneath all the glamour no person can doge her/ what they don’t know is this girls a angel with some god in her/

  2. James Fischer

    I am a 44 year old, 6’3″, 230 pound, active duty Major and battalion executive officer in the U.S. Army living at Hickam Air Force Base. I am a helicopter pilot (CH47) and missed the open casting call in August for military ID Card Holders. My wife is a Navy O3 psychologist as well. Would be interested in background work if there is still a need.

  3. Dana Villareal

    Hi, I’m Dana Villareal, and I love to act. I enjoy acting on stage, in front of a camera, or a mirror, or just in front of a teacher that I forgot to do my homework for. . . With no “in” to the acting world, I’m really hoping one of these open auditions will do it for me. Thanks

    Hair: Blonde
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 142 pounds
    Eyes: Blue
    Age: 14

  4. Julia Fleckenstein

    Hi there. This is sounds like such an amazing opportunity. I go to a performing arts high school and I feel I am am quite talented at acting. Not only can I act, I am a dancer as well, and have a fun quirky personality. I as well have strawberry blonde (orange) hair which can really bring something new to plate to see something new (and I could play a character related to Emma Stone). I am easy to work with a pick things of quickly. It would be so amazing to be casted…you would definitely not be disappointed.
    Age: 15
    Sex: Female
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: 5’3
    Weight:115 lbs
    Hair: Orange (strawberry blonde) naturally straight/wavy
    Body type: Athletic

  5. shallah billings

    honestly the only thing that I can say as far as acting is that i do (NOT) get stage fright and can adapt to any situation.if i was to act as i go along i am fine with that.I am one track minded and will only focus at the task given to me.

  6. Claudia Aceves

    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    I will work hard and be committed. I have been wanting to act for a long time. I am well at remembering lines and with expressions. I learn quickly if given the opportunity.

  7. Emma

    Hi i’m Emma and i’ve always wanted to be an actress. I think i would be great for this role since i have a great personality, , i learn fast and i’m easy to work with.
    Age: 13
    Height: 5.1
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Green

  8. Tiffany

    I will be delighted to become apart of this world changing event

  9. Eddie (Tiki) Green

    Im 6ft native (eskimo) hawiian, long hair, goatee, do wear glasses but can go with out if had contacts. Im stalky, tan an can fit in any culture of what state I am in. An I am also hawiian lol. Still need a hawiian im here

  10. Julia Stine

    Hi! This sounds like it’s going to be a great film! I would love the opportunity to audition for this. I am easy to work with and am a hard worker. I have been acting since I can remember and have participated in many plays. I haven’t had film experience, but isn’t that why I am submitting this? It would be awesome if got to addition for this and you wouldn’t regret it!
    Age: 14
    Sex: female
    Height: 5’7
    Hair: brown and wavy
    Eyes: brown
    Body type: athletic/muscular
    Race: mainly white, but I have some Hispanic

  11. Kelly

    Not going to make up some fancy story…but my husband just had a baby with another woman, told me he wanted a divorce via text, and we have a pre-nup that leaves me nothing. True story!
    Check out my profile and resume:

  12. Kylie Keen

    Hello my name is kylie keen I am 15 an a aspiring actress. I have medium brown hair its a very unique brown ,brown almond eyes an pale skin. 5’5 an a 130 pounds. Everyone here is signing up because we all lovet o act an wanna good part. Im not gunna lie ive been in theatre for 4 years an just absouluty love it. Im something diffrent trust me just give me a chance you WONT regreat it.

  13. Michael

    Age: 18
    Sex: male
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: 5’8″
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Eyes: Blue/Green
    Hair: Brown
    My name is Michael, I live in central California and I have loved acting as soon as I was thrown into it. I have performed in leading roles in two musicals so far and I have performed in one of the biggest drama programs around the central valley in California. I have great comedic timing, I have a positive personality, I’m always open to criticism and am ready to improve when need be. I understand that in show business the important part is the business and am willing to work as hard as possible. I know that I am right for you.

  14. Katherine Moon

    Age: 18
    Sex: Female
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: 5’4 ft
    Weight: 119 lbs
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Blonde (wavy but easily straightened)

    Hello, my name is Katherine Moon from Houston, Texas. I have experience being in short films for contests as well as making parody music vidoes with my sister who has a degree in film-making. My cousin is Duck Grossberg (formerly Jason) who is a producer in California. I would be extremely grateful to have a part in this movie because I love to act and dance. I danced ballet for ten years which has given me experience performing in front of people. I am skilled at public speaking and making dramatic facial expressions. It is my dream to act, dance, or model so this would be a great break for me. I would love to work with this cast because I greatly admire them all for their amazing previous works and I would be honored to be apart of this new film with them. Thank you for your consideration.

  15. kelvin collins

    I am an attractive 5’9 African American male, with a muscular build
    I have a masters degree in business.
    I am very professional with a big personality. I love to act as well as debate and help others understand the inefficiencies of the world through humor and visual arts. I am from los angeles and Dallas texas due to my split intermediate family. The value that I add to the show is that I know myself and I am willing and ready to face challenges and take direction as I sharpen my acting skills. My instagram is @perfectly_Hu_Man

  16. Amanda Gonzalez

    hi, my name is Amanda, I am 25 years old. I’ve always been interested in acting but decided to go to law school instead. I am great at speaking in front of other, memorizing lines and working with other people. I am 25 but I have been mistaken several times for ages anywhere between 15-22 so I can play a wide variety of ages depending on hair and make up. I am 5’2 Mexican American living in Austin, TX, I have brown eyes, brown hair. I would love an opportunity to show my talent. Thank you for your consideration.

  17. Karina Macedo

    hi my name is karina and I’m interested in learning more about the casting going on for this movie as well as leaning more about the behind the scenes as well…this would be a great opportunity to do some that no one in my family has ever tried to do and something that’s a great learning experience

    age :20
    height: 4’10
    hair: brown
    eyes: brown/ hazel
    ethnicity : hispanic
    age range :14-21

  18. john-robert marks

    im 23 tall big aussie actor of limited experience but astonishing comedic skills
    im like the funny chubby guy in a film who is friends with the main character who sets the mood
    im like liam hemsworth with tits ahahahah

    enough about me i crave the chance to be in any movie really but this one would be amazing
    i live in moama new south wales australia so i would have to be flown in by the producers but i would make it worth their while with my uncanny acting pressence and great personality towards the actors and director/crew
    because its hard work and i will do 110% if chosen
    emma stones talent reminds me of the 30’s golden age actress’s
    bradley cooper is a lightning rod of acting and danny mcbride made “this is the end” work

  19. Daisy Gonzalez

    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Age: 18

    I have always dreamed about becoming an actor, something that will not only fulfill my dreams but will show me how to live. Acting is a role that isn’t easy to do but I know that I have it in me, since I was 5 years old. I have so much to give and with an opportunity like this my life would completely change, I will work 10x harder than anyone if I get this chance.

  20. Claire O'Rourke

    Hi! My name is Claire
    I am 16 and a junior in high school. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am 5′ 8″ with blue/green eyes and blonde/brown medium length hair (darker underneath with natural blonde highlights). I am told that I look older than 16 (freshman year I was called a junior and this year I was called a college kid!) I have been acting for around 3 years and I am involved in theater at my school and soon at the community theater. I have known since 7th grade that I wanted to pursue a career in the TV/Film industry and I hope this will be a stepping stone to that dream. I have been told by the drama people that I am a good actress. I spend a lot of my free time either writing short films or reenacting scenes from my favorite shows, movies, and plays (…nerdy, I know). Hopefully you will consider me!
    Thanks 🙂

  21. Jenna Salas

    I am a 19 year old female. I don’t have much to say, so this will be quick. I am obviously interested in being an actress or I wouldn’t be typing a response right, now so I wont bore you with that whole speech about how I think I am the next big star!
    I am funny and outgoing and just plain weird. If I don’t make you laugh on our first initial meet it will be my goal from that point on to make you laugh. A lot.
    I am such a different kind of person, with the un original dream to make people laugh in popular comedies on the big screen.
    Just take a moment and think about it. a little longer. maybe a little longer than that…
    I am truly a joy to work with due to my commitment and love for everything.
    I swear I wont disappoint you!
    Oh and I’m not a high maintenance prissy bitch either, so that’s a plus!
    Call me!

  22. Hector Jonathan Cabrera

    Hello, my name is Hector. I am a 20 year old Hispanic male currently a full time college student and part time worker. I aspire to be a proper thespian by journeying through different fields of the acting world. I am an optimistic and self motivated person who just wants to meet new people and create a healthy relationship and environment for all. Definitely am always willing to take initiative where a little push is necessary and build a fun and productive work flow. Let me take part in a new opportunity where I can show what I am made of and be considered a valuable asset to the acting industry. Thank you!

  23. Mileyka Rivera

    Name: Mileyka Rivera
    Age: 14
    Weight: 120 Lbs
    Height: 5’7
    Gender: Female
    Physical Description: Tall, mixed skin, dark brown eyes rogues, beautiful smile, light brown hair, “shoulder length” Apparently I look like a girl of 16 years.

    Personal Description: fun, adventurous, confident, honest, sincere and above all POSITIVE.

    Description of current daily life:
    From small (7 years) I started to act
    in different types of school activities
    many as singing activities, such as acting, now I find myself doing mind
    small roles in school performances
    my dream is to be an actress, model, singer & writer of books / novels, recently wrote a novel mind. I think it could participate
    in any type of actución know I’m ready
    and sure of myself, I’m focusing on
    my career very young and this is the perfect age to be taking measures like experience.

  24. pashla

    Name:Pashla H.
    From:Houston, Texas
    Eye color:dark brown
    African american
    I would love to be considered in this movie I would like to take this opportunity to look back and be like I tried and I’m not a failure if don’t make the casting I would like to shiw young black girls like I that there is and opportunity thqnk you

  25. Baran Özkan

    My name is Baran Özkan (17) and i am a turkish boy from germany. In all honesty my first love is music and then comes acting but music is acting too, so there isn’t many differences. And although i’m from germany, my english is good because i lived a year in london. My mom once said to me “Baran, you’re a good liar! You should try acting”. First i laughed but i thought about it and now i’m here.. contact me :

    Name : Baran Özkan
    Gender : Male
    Age : 17
    Hair : Brown
    Eyes : Brown
    Ethnic : Turkey

  26. McKenzie

    About Me: I’m 20, I am very out going. I like to test my boundaries and try new things. I also don’t mind making a fool of myself. It’s actually what I do best. I love to sing, I like to dance, or at least attempt to for that matter. I come from a humorous family so I’m not very uptight or bitchy, and I can make a joke out of anything. I’d love to be a comedian one day or an actress. I am very comical and goofy when it comes to expressions and I can also be serious. I can commit to any character. I also surf and run daily. I like to keep fit. I also ski and snowboard very well and I have a passion for photography. I would love to get noticed and make a name for myself and I was considering making a porno but then I thought, ehhh, I’d actually like to apply myself. By the way, that was a joke. Did I mention I’m hilarious? Well, I lied. 😉
    Short Resume: I was a server at Grotto’s Pizza. I loved my job and serving people. Dealing with hungry impatient people is my favorite thing. And nothing puts a smile on my face like being tipped 2%. It’s the best!

    I doubt you (whomever you may be) will read my submission. And to you maybe nothing makes me seem different from any one of these other submissions and I understand that. And I don’t ask for sympathy I have nothing to be sympathetic about. But just like everyone of these people auditioning I would be so grateful to get a chance to audition. I’m not very good at persuading people through a computer which is a skill I lack but I’ll tell you what, without being cocky I can say I can act and I can sing and I am comical in my expressions and personality. And I would do anything for a chance to audition

  27. Darlene Luera

    I’m Darlene Luera, 24 yrs. I’m 5’2, 160lbs i have brown eyes and dark brown hair.Hispanic I’m funny, I have a great personality. To work with Emma Stone would be a great a once in a lifetime experiance

  28. Kristyne Mcnearney

    Kristyne Miguel
    July 8th, 1990
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 147
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Blue/Gray

    Phone Number: (559)631-5619
    Best time to call: Between 12pm and 7pm

    Acting Objectives:
    Television shows
    Comercial Print

    Mariann Tartufee Tulare Western High School
    Comfort Grody The Bride of Brackenloch Tulare Western High School
    Fifi The Same of Tombstone Tulare Western High School
    Carly Jordan Hospital Harlequins Tulare Western High School
    Georgia Brown Sweet Georgia Brown Mighty Oak Chorus

    Intro to Drama Fall 2005- Summer 2006 Tulare Western High School
    Drama 2 Fall 2006- Summer 2007 Tulare Western High School
    Drama 3 Fall 2007- Summer 2008 Tulare Western High School
    Concert Choir Fall 2007- Summer 2008 Tulare Western High School

    Outstanding Acheivment in In Drama 2 and Drama 3
    Best Suporting Actress: Fifi, The Shame of Tombstone

    Gymnastics: 1995-2000
    Cheerleading 1996-2000, 2007-2008
    Ballet: 1994-1999
    Fencing: Summer 2007

    Intrests or Talents:
    Painting, Voices, Accents, Hair and Make up.

  29. Hannah Noxon

    Weight:65 lbs
    Race: caucasion

    Great singing voice … with spectacular range for my age. Pretty face, great smile, beautiful dimples, long eye lashes and eyes that twinkle when I smile. My first audition EVER, in my school play this year and I got the lead. I would LOVE to be considered for this. I am in all PreAp classes and don’t have a grade lower than an 88. I am well mannered and behaved and would love a chance to show my talents. Last year, I was selected to be in the 5th grade All District Honor Choir and performed before the Texas Music Educators Association. And yes, my parents approve.

  30. Eli Villarreal

    im Eli. im 24 years old. i dont know if doing this really gets anyone a job but i’ve always wanted to act, just never had the balls to audition. Im ex military and would probably be a good choice for any role, even as an extra. Im mix :white, mexican, native american. 6ft, 178 lbs, few minor tattoos, athletic build with 6 pack abs. blue eyes, semi tan skin and a white smile. i used to be a vocalist in a band so i can sing as well. willing to travel and work however long as needed. can send pictures and more info if needed.

  31. Grace Coppage

    Hair Color-brown
    Eye Color-blue
    I am a teenage girl who has always had a passion for acting and never fit in with the right crowd to accept her. I’ve gone to acting workshops,also have been in the schools theater program since the 5th grade.
    I don’t have much experience professionally, but I know I have the ability to cast in a movie/show.
    I hope that this submission caught your interest and thank you for your time.

  32. Emily Cole

    I am writing for my 4 year old son. He asked if he could be on tv one day. When I asked him why, he said because tv makes people happy, he likes to make people smile, and if he were on tv he could do both.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  33. Miranda Nickels

    Hi my name is Miranda Nickels and I am 21 years old. I am 5″7 and weight is 160. I have blond medium length hair and blue eyes. I have been through John Casablanca for acting and modeling, modeled for debs in crossroads mall and did promotional modeling for a motorcycle event. I was in drama all throughout high school and was in honors choir and sang soprano. I am very interested in this and I have been trying to get my name out there for a while and believe this to be my big break. I am very outgoing and easy to get along with and love talking to people. I will be a lot of fun and joy to this and I hope to hear back from you soon thank you so much!



  34. ruvim yasinskiy

    hey everyone,
    i am 15 and i know that seems young, but i am very passionate about acting and expressing myself through different characters. i want this experiance because i want to be able to open my eyes through different opportunities such as this one. i am able to work with anyone.
    Ukrainian and English
    average body (still working on it)
    5’10 3/4
    hair: blonde/red
    eye: bue/green
    “Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed”.- Wayne Dyer. I am just a 15 year old teen is waiting for an opportunity like this that would change my life.

  35. Marley Harper

    My name is Marley Harper. I should be considered for a role on this movie because I have a passion for acting. I am 18 years old and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I have a great personality and I can get along with anyone. I love to talk, I love to interact with people, and I LOVE to act. I would do just about anything to get a chance to make my dreams come true. I would be so grateful to get my start on this incredible movie because I know it will be amazing. I hope that you give me a chance to show you that I am the person you want on your movie. I have some experience on The Vampire Diaries and I hope to gain more experience. Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

  36. ttallant

    hello my name is teddi.. I would be great for the movie because I’m not afraid of challenges and love the enjoyment that comes from acting. I am no where near being shy I’m fun, outgoing and an all around people person. I take direction easy and don’t mind criticism. I’m about 120 pounds and 5’5 . I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am 23 but can look older our younger than my age. I did modeling and acting as a child and am ready to go full force now that iam an adult and have more opportunities.

  37. Mindi Reed

    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 120
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown

    I would love the chance to be a part of this. I have been acting in plays since I was a child and am now working on becoming an actress. I have been working on films as an extra recently and would love to be a part in any way.

  38. Chunhong Young

    Hello everyone!I am a 16 years old girl from China.My name is Chunhong Young.When I was a little girl,I have already fell in love with the Disney cartoons,it was cute and interesting.When I was 10 years old,I played a part in my school play.And I was considered as the best actress.And my hobby is reading and seeing the movies.Actually my favourite actress is Vivien Leigh.She is awesome!My dream is to be an actress.And I am really good at dancing.Especially the Chinese dance.I believe that I will never disappoint you.Because I sure that I am a beautiful girl.I have black hair and grey eyes.Although my English is not very well,I will solve this problem as soon as possible.You don’t need to worry about this problem.AND I promise I will be the hardest and firmest girl!Can I send you a video of Chinese dance?And introduce myself in this video?So that you can see me and understand my English level.Please just give me a chance and let me prove it.I will do my best.please.It is so important to me and I don’t know how to describe it.Thanks a lot.
    Chunhong Young

  39. Tim Smith

    Height – 6’0
    Hair – Brown
    Age – 21
    Eyes – Brown
    Nationality – Caucasian,UK, London
    Gender – Male
    Build- Slim
    Acting Experience – Film student at Bucks New University. Aside from making them, I have acted in a number of roles for university student films as well as stage performances.

  40. Phoebe Pin

    Eye Colour: Brown
    Hair colour:Brown
    Location: Perth, Western Australia
    I know I live really far away and it is unlikely anyone will even read this, but I could do this. It would be good for me I think. To do something instead of feeling sorry for myself all the time.

  41. Royal Churchill

    My name is Royal Churchill I am a 19 year old African american male from the city of Baltimore. I have the face to play an adult role and a teenage role. I have been in plays sense i was younger , and have always dreamed to do something with my talents. I can promise to be the best at any role given large or small. I am a young but ambitious, and I invest my heart and soul into my craft. the story to life, I don’t think typing can express the way i feel about this movie. Let a lone to play a role in this film that would just be priceless. I also have experience in acting ill say due to my various amount of plays i have been involved in. My ambition and excitement for this film can not be explained, but if i was to get a role

  42. Skylar

    Okay, I know you probably read like a million of these a day, but I hope I stand out to you…

    Age: 11 (looks like 14 or 15)
    Height: 5’5 – 5’6
    Weight: around 130
    Race: Caucasian/ white
    Hair: short, medium brown (could dye blondish soon)
    Eyes: Hazely green
    Why I want to audition: I have had experience in acting (school plays, clubs, ect…) and I really enjoy it. Most of the people who have seen me act say I am phenomenal and they don’t even know me! I really want a chance for people to see me and for me to live my dream. I hope you consider me auditioning or any role you have! Thank you!

  43. tree

    African american
    Indentical twin

  44. Ryan Jordan Reed

    Current Number: 770-351-2899

    Name: Ryan Jordan Reed

    Ethnicity: Barbados/ Costa Rican

    Race: Islander

    Height: 6ft 1in

    Weight: 189 lbs

    Hair Type: curley

    Hair color: Dark Black

    Eye Color: brown

    Skin Tone: Redish Tan

    Body Type: Athletic

    Current Occupation: Model/Actor

    Backround: I both model & act and currently just finished a role in a short fim called “Behind the Chair” which has me starring as a man by the name of Troy Davis who is a cocky and smooth street drug dealer/ pimp who is known for being very calm but underline crazy.

  45. Linnea Loree

    Linnea Loree
    Age :22
    Height: 5’2″
    Weight: 102
    Hair: Blonde (Natural color:dark auburn)
    Eyes: Brown

    HI my name is Linnea Loree and I think i would be great for this film for a few reasons. My love for acting is one I have had since I was very young. I’ve had experience in theater, film, singing, dancing, and modeling. I have been through more things in my life than most people my age ever should, and I believe it has opened my eyes to all kinds of people. I have a great understanding of many kinds of suffering, pain, chaos, betrayal , and seen (and lived) all different kinds of family dysfunction. Now when I read a script, it seems there is no character that am unable to relate to with a serious insight as to how they would feel in any given situation. The life I have lived has led my love of acting to grow exponentially. Nothing makes me happier than the opportunity to bring a character to life, and knowing that people who watch can relate to the character while being able to leave their life behind even if only for a while.

  46. Ryan Jordan Reed

    Current Number

    Name: Ryan Jordan Reed

    Age: 19

    Ethnicity: Barbados/ Costa Rican

    Race: Islander

    Height: 6ft 1in

    Weight: 189 lbs

    Hair Type: curley

    Hair color: Dark Black

    Eye Color: brown

    Skin Tone: Redish Tan

    Body Type: Athletic

    Current Occupation: Model/Actor

    Latest Gig: Abercrombie & Fitch

    Backround: I both model, Dj & act and currently just finished a role in a short fim called “Behind the Chair” which has me starring as a man by the name of Troy Davis who is a cocky and smooth street drug dealer/ pimp who is known for being very calm but underline crazy, who finds himself involved with a woman who might just be as crazy if not crazier than he is.

  47. Jocelyne Cisneros

    Age : 15 soon to be 16 in December 9th
    Height : 5’1
    Weight : 110
    Nationality : Hispanic
    I live in Texas no I am not a cowgirl just a normal teenage girl with a dream of becoming a ” movie star ” .

  48. Troy Peter

    Hello I go by Troy Peter I am
    25 yrs. old
    170 lbs.
    I don’t know what to say that you haven’t already heard. Give me the opportunity to show you why I am meant to be in this film. I do appreciate your consideration.

  49. Andrea

    Im Andrea im 28 years old 5’7 130 pounds african american girls from Arkansas! I’m very goofy and could be very serious at times if needed to be.. iv always been told i should try acting because of my different personalities i have when hanging with friends. I do believe being myself will have me get my break in movies , i have always wanted to entertain for the world and this would be my way to start and show people something new

  50. Kayla Miller

    I am 20 years old. Red hair, brown eyes. I am determined and I bring sincere emotion to the characters I play. I imagine what it is really like to be in their situation and that brings life to the character. I am a fast learner and I have experience acting and even singing multiple times. If you pick me I promise that I can bring something to the character I bet you didn’t even know could be done.


  51. Martin V.

    Acting experience: 8.5 years
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 320
    Hair: dark brown
    Eye color: hazel
    Ethnicity: Spanish, Argentinean, and White.
    Role models: Robin Williams, Bette Midler, Whoopi Goldberg, any one who walks on stage/set and brings there character to life
    Why should you consider me?
    As an actor I love what I do, and that is entertaining others. Giving people a distraction from the world, and its problems. Your lines on a script are more than just lines there someones life fiction or non-fiction its your job to bring them to life, tell there story, and make them memorable.If casted i will not only bring life fo your charastor but to the set every time.

  52. Alexandra Janeiro

    I’m Alexandra janeiro and I’m 13. I love acting and singing. And I love Emma stone of course. But acting is my door to freedom and movies are like portals to a whole different world. People get so into movies and to have the opportunity to draw people into a different world. Acting is having an opportunity to entertain people for a living. That would be the best career.

  53. Samantha Rivas

    I should be considered because I believe I would fit perfect for a role in this movie. I am determined and outgoing. I would love a chance.

  54. Jay Smitj

    Well Im African American, height is 5’10. Ey color is Hazel .
    Im not going to do this just for me but for my family. Were not the shiniest tool in the shed but wetry. Im just tring to help my family and I. Thank-you.

  55. Dionna Westry

    Enthusiastic, unique, creative, determined, and goal oriented. Dedicated, responsible and dependable, always completing every task that is given. Works to the fullest ability to produce the best results. Community leader, mentor and role model, able to relate to and influence young people. The go to woman when a job needs to be completed. I am an energetic, whimsical, 24 year old with a bright smile. I love to sing, act, dance, write, and pretty much anything artistic I love to do! Although I have a degree in education and I am amazing at just about everything I try, my absolute dream is to be an actress! I am always singing, and dancing, and changing my voice to speak in different accents. I am a young, unique, black, talented, beautiful woman, and I love being me!

  56. Michael (Tank) Johnson

    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 230
    Hair: Black
    Eye color: Brown
    Ethnicity: African American
    Style: Hilarious, Action, drama, villain, impersonations, musicals, voice over.
    Influences: Denzel Washington, Jonnie Depp, Forest Whitaker, Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey
    Talents: Act, sing (country/soul), artist, model, comedian

    I really need a win. African american, Perfect teeth lol, athletic, and well traveled. My whole life I’ve been the “all around” guy. Great at sports, inspiring bodybuilder, good looking, country singer, artist, comedian, well rounded man. I can never seem to get ahead in life. like I’m always one step behind something. I served over 8 years in the United States Marine Corps. I honorably discharged in 2012 and since then have yet to find a job. I feel like its because I am meant to be an entertainer. I wake up thinking about it, think about it all day, and I dream about it. I’m getting a late start due to my military background but I can assure you I will be the best. I am DEFINITELY the one that got away. I can be the villain, the sexy guy next door, bad ass sniper, funny guy, and make your heart melt. My real life personality is Phil Dunphy, a character portrayed on the big screen by Ty Burrell on my favorite TV show “Modern Family”. I can seriously take anything you throw at me. My fiance is very supportive. We have a beautiful baby girl Amaya. She knows that if I have to leave them for a while to make things happen I will. I will tell her that I hate it but if I’m working, I will love every second! I will look forward to working with you.

  57. Angel Knutson

    Age 15
    Height 5’6
    Eye color green
    Hair color brown
    I would love a part this is my dream I won’t dissapoint !

  58. Tina Wong

    Hello there, I am Chinese, 5’5 and I was born in the United States. I learn lines actively and efficiently. I speak Chinese proficiently as well as French which I am currently studying. I enjoy working with people and as stale as I sound in writing I am truly much more enthusiastic in person.
    Thank you for you time!

  59. Alissa Shaye Hale

    My names is Alissa Hale. I’m 17 years of age. I have blonde hair, blue eyes. I weigh 130 and i’m 5’7. I’m very athletic, I was a gymnast for 12years so I’m very dedicated in what I love to do. I had to give it up because of two knee injuries I had so I decided modeling and acting were my two callings. I.m very we’ll at both. I’ve been an extra for Mr. Tyler Perry for The Have and Have Nots. I show passion for what I do and I’m very well at what I do. I’d love to be in this movie and whatever y’all need in this movie. My phone number is 334-652-5571 if you’re interested. Thank you !

  60. Geraldine Moreno

    Well hello My name is Geraldine Moreno I’m 21 years old , I’m a very fun, charasmetic person who enjoys and tries to live and take advantage of every moment that comes my way. I love to act, dance, and model but my dream is to be an actrees i have a lot of experience in modeling, runway shows, as well dancing.
    I will love for you to get to get to know me and give me a chance to send you my resume, head shot as well as body shots.

    Thank you
    Geraldine Moreno (=

  61. Anthony

    Age: 15
    Hieght: 6’0
    Wieght: 155
    Hair: light brown
    Eyes: Green
    Gender: M
    Ethnicity: White
    I Speak English
    Hello, my name is Anthony and I would love to be apart of this! I am currently doing speech at school, which is like acting. I have done 2 plays before and I am looking to do more! I just love acting. I don’t see any other job that I would want! I currently live in Chicago, IL. I love to entertain people and make others laugh. I play basketball and track and would most defiantly would skip/ leave the sport for this wonderful oppertunity! 😀
    Thanks for reading this!
    – Anthony

  62. Treshelle Marie Edmond

    My name is Treshelle and I am currently living in Los Angeles. I just saw this opportunity and I decide to grab it. I am independent actress and a fast learner because this acting career is my passion.

    I know for the fact that I am hardworking and would do anything to improve myself to be a great actress as it is my biggest dream. It would be such a honor to work with this amazing casts and crews. I am hard of hearing but I can speak and hear with my hearing aids. I would love to learn to do stunts or anything like that. I do have few experiences from doing some television shows as a background actors and a supporting role for House with director Greg Yaitanes. I am African American, 5’0 and very commit to gym to stay in shape and stay active. I am also 23 years old.

    Thank you for your time reading this

  63. Sanchi Thomasz


    My name is Sanchi Thomasz, I am 18 years old and I am off Portuguese and Sri Lankan decent.
    My love of media, film and television has led to my future in communications which I will be taking in university, majoring in film and television. Giving me the opportunity to stare in a film or even an audition will boost my confidence as well as my career.

    Thank you.

  64. Illiana Franco

    I loveeee Emma Stone, I think she would be wonderful to work with! It would be such an honor to make my introduction in film alongside such a talented young lady. 🙂

  65. Dakota Ritter

    Hello, as an opportunity opens everyday, all of us jump to the edge of being to be that opportunity seizer. We’ll allow me to compete on that. I would be able to commit to this feature film in many ways, and bring some atmosphere. My being of being 6 foot 6 inches tall with the kicked up, front haired spike like good ole channing tatum himself works in my favor, and being a true southern boy, country boy roles come easy as well have been living downtown, the natural city role comes with its perks. I take each role and feel it, believe in it. It shall be who I am on screen, so it’ll be who I am every time I switch to character. Talent is numerous, and as I love acting and taking a audience to its world of a movie, music is what I’m essentially known for, since I took my place on American Idol to 6 rounds of auditions. I could run a good character for y’all’s film, and truly it would be a honor.

  66. Lily Thompson

    Hello! I love acting, I have taken classes and been in plays. I am very confident and fun-loving, even though I take acting VERY seriously. I am 13 years old, I have brown hair and green eyes. I am willing to wear contacts and straighten, curl, or dye my hair, anything to look the part. I think an acting career would suit me well for I have studied and practiced it for quite some time. I am excited to know that there is a possible chance that I could work with actual professionals. Please shoot me an e-mail if you need anything.

  67. Audrey Paige Vazques

    Well Lets Start Off With My Name , Which Is Audrey Paige Vazques .. Im 16yrs Old And My Body Type Is Husky ..I Think Casting Directors Are Looking For That Spark When You Walk Into A Room. Someone Who Can Get In To Character And Be Able To Look Natural While At It .. I Think I Have A Great Personality .. I Love To Laugh I Can Keep A Conversation Going .. I Get Along Real Well With Other Although Im A Little Shy At First But I’ll Eventually Come Out My Shell .(: I’ve Been To Two Auditions And Twice I’ve Gotten A Call Back .. My Mom Just Doesn’t Have The Money For Acting School Right Now . While At My Last Audition I Got To Meet Mathew Timmons (Woody) From “Suite Life On Deck” Which Was A Pleasure . I Would Really Love To Work With Emma Stone .. She’s One Of Many Wonderful Actresses I Admire ..(:

  68. Michelle Harris


    I am a Navy wife and enjoy every minute of it, I always get excited about anything involving the military. I would count it an honor to be a part of this upcoming movie.

    I am not looking for a paycheck just an opportunity to experience a life long dream, I don’t care if you have me as an extra. I believe I have a different and fresh face and some serious acting skills, I am positive you will not be disappointed. Thank you in a advance.

  69. Samantha Witten

    Hi! My name is Samantha Witten..I also go by Sami. I would love to be consider for a part in this movie because Emma Stone is one of my acting hero’s. I am a 21-year-old college student and I absolutely love to have a good laugh. I am blonde and have an outgoing and quirky personality to match. I would love an opportunity to be a part of this film and to be able to play a part with these amazing actors!

  70. Jack vanderhyeden

    New Zealand born
    Live in Perth W.A
    Send me a email Skype or what ever 🙂

    Love Jack vanderheyden

  71. Elina Nerso

    I’m here again:) hello, I don’t really know how you consider people through the messages but I will just write down to give a shot. so im 20 years old Armenian girl. I’m 54 kg, I have dark curly hair and cute fish-face hahah lol no im kidding… im a break dancer, so im pretty athletic and if you need a character with an accent im here for you lol… my teacher said im spontaneous and really funny because of my accent, im not proud but that’s who I am. ive taken a lot of acting classes and have willing to learn more and more and more and more. please consider me or I don’t know just give me at least a try. I know I can do it, whatever it takes, cuz im armeeeenian maan lol jk im gonna wait:)

  72. Abbey wall

    Hi! Im Abbey I’m 13 year old girl and really want to expand my acting experinces. I’m willing to play any role. Please give my a chance to audtion. Thank you for you time and effort.

  73. Hannah

    Hello! I’m Hannah! I’m newly married and living in Hawaii. Sadly, my passion and love for theater cannot be fulfilled anymore. I haven’t found any place to audition, and be my creative outlet. I absolutely love stage acting and camera acting, but have only had the chance to act on stage, never on film. I’d absolutely love to have this one in a million chance to be a part of such a great thing while living here in Hawaii. Acting is what brought my husband and I together, and it is a passion of both of ours. I’d LOVE to be a part of this!!

  74. Megan Walsch

    My name is Megan Walsch, I’m 16 years old, 5’4, red hair and blue eyes. Acting is my passion and if given a role in this production I will always be on time, follow directions, and work hard to perform my role to the best if my ability. Thank you so much for your consideration.

  75. Kemo Aljukic

    Hello! My name is Kemo Aljukic and I’m from Sweden! My parents are from Yugoslavia(Bosnia) But moved to Sweden. I’m born and raised in Sweden. I’m currently 17 years old but turning 18 now in November the 14th 2013. I’m 184 CM tall ( 6ft ).

    I have always been intrested into acting. Acting and getting into roles is something I love to do. I would love to be a part of the cast team. I’m taking my work seriously and I’m not a quitter. I have few months left in school. I study for becoming a electrician but that’s not what I want to do in my life. My dream is to become a actor. It’s not easy to be a actor but I know I can do it. Concenration is really important as an actor to play someone else. I’m a good expressioner. I can express my emotions easily. I have a big imagination when It comes to acting. I feel it’s imporant as a actor you create your own atmosphere. I’m able to change my personality when it comes to acting. I’m able to change my look also. As I said before I take it really seriously.