Casting Hosts For Revolt TV

Casting Hosts For Revolt TV

Do you have dreams of becoming the next big television personality? Are you ready to take your place among the world’s great TV presenters like Ryan Seacrest, Maria Menounos and Nick Cannon? Well if so, the man, the myth and the entertainment legend that is Sean “Diddy” Combs wants you! Diddy is set to launch his own revolutionary new cable music channel called Revolt TV and he has launched an online campaign to find the most talented performers from around the globe to be on-air personalities. Interested performers can submit their auditions today for what could be the television job of a lifetime.

Revolt TV is ready to pick up where MTV dropped the ball so very long ago, to be a true music television channel and capture the music loving hearts of viewers around the world. With this bold mission comes the need for gifted and charismatic fresh faces to present the content to the people – and this is where you come in. Performers interested in making their mark on what is sure to be one of the hottest channels on television can submit 15 second audition videos on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo with the hashtag #IamREVOLT today. This an incredible opportunity to land a featured spot on a major cable channel. This is a revolutionary casting process that you absolutely have to take advantage of.

Revolt TV will be launching soon so apply today. We will be posting every casting update that is released for this outstanding new channel and you can head here for more audition submission details and for an online application. Be sure to stay tuned for more information and leave a comment below and tell us why you want to be cast as an on-air personality for the all new cable music channel Revolt TV.

A music TV revolution is coming and it needs you! Apply today for your chance at being the face of Revolt TV.

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  1. Jake d

    My name is Jake donley. I’m an actor looking to make it big. I love being happy and I’m always smiling. My story is that I need this to help out my mom she’s very poor but I think she deserves everything!!! Please help me out! I’ve had 3 years of experience
    Age: 14
    Skin: White
    Height: 5″4
    Weight: 130 (not chubby or fat)
    Eyes: blue
    Talents: acting, singing
    School: I’m in 9th grade 🙂

  2. Jasmine Richardson


    My name is Jasmine Richardson I’m a 24 years young college student and myself and my brother have a family oriented band called ART BOX MACHINE and we’re looking to get a recording contract, artist development, and further our careers in not only the music industry but the entertainment industry as a whole. Now has never been a better time to point this world back in the direction of real music. I heard R Kelly say in a interview once that its lonely at the bottom and the top is where it’s at and is where I need to be and if anyone tells me different then they must not be at the top. Our style is contemporary Christian music in the sub genres of dubstep/electronic/dance. We are the face of the new Christian image. We not only sing and rap but we are also veteran song writers. So lets create this website traffic and break away from the verbal clutter and get back to the rapture taking iPhone pictures with these kids I capture. Our spoken poetry is the opening and closing of revolving door which leaves brain fractures. Heavens only days down the road and we will not leave this earth without unfolding our goals. We want to leave a legacy that not only shows this young generation how to love God again but everyone. Jesus is about relationships, not religion church and rules. We will strive in this entertainment industry because we embrace Jesus not only in our music but he’s at the center of all we do regulating every foot step. It’s time for born and raised family band to represent Houston Texas properly. We will not keep silent nor bow down to anyone’s idols. And this is my story and I’m sticking to it cause we only live once so get busy. Be the voice of reason when you ain’t trying to hear it. You want it but you fear it, but you love it when you near it. #PDiddyQuote. I’ll leave my comment open ended for consideration with a rap.

    Title: Not just another girl

    Another girl who’s instant photo ready/ she projects less but her mind hangs heavy/ trying to help everyone she has the heart of a teddy/ had a feeling her perfect night was disappearing/ she got the London lip and starting reappearing/ no one debates her motives no need for a court hearing/ she’s so cute with her morals but she takes big risks/ her names unimportant but color me interested/ relationships are about transactions give to live/ people view her as a easy target but she’s friends with control/ home to this beauty therapy in there lies her soul/ dare to go bold why cling to the wrong holds/ exclusive exotic she attracts like a magnetic object/ no one can scramble her brain not even logic/ underneath all the glamour no person can doge her/ what they don’t know is this girls a angel with some god in her/

  3. Brittney Richardson

    I refuse to stay at the bottom , The top is where it’s at!!! I’m a mother of two beautiful children who is depending on me to show them the life I never had . This is finally my time to prove to the world that my hustle is real. People who won’t even speak to me I want to showcase that god still has the power to thurst me into the next level of my dreams. I’ve heard my whole life that I’m exotic and unique. I’m more ready now than ever to show the world my crazy but yet real story.
    Can’t stop !!! Won’t stop !! Ready to Rock with Diddy to the Top!!!

  4. Catherine Fickling

    I am pretty sure there are gorgeous females applying left and right for this once in a lifetime chance, but I have more to offer than just beauty (tho I am attractive). I am a Teleproduction student in Springfield, Ma (Home of Basketball and Dr.Seuss) I would love the opportunity to show the world my talents. I am a singer/songwriter/journalist, yes I am a woman of many hats! I wasnt picked for making the band but here I am again! Please consider me, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!! (I still call you Puff 🙂 thats how long I have been a fan)!!!!! I want to be the one to put Springfield on the map before MGM Casino’s come!!!!!

  5. Kelly

    Hell, Im not going to make up some fancy story…just that my Husband just told me he had a baby…obviously not himself or with me, divorced me via text, we have a prenup which leaves me nothing and I need something good to happen! True Story.

    Check out my resume and profile here:


  6. Jack E Jett

    650 Hours of Live Television Hosting Experience (Award Winning)
    325 Hours of Live Radio Hosting (Two time Dallas Favorite Radio Host)
    First openly Gay TV host in America.
    Shown seen in 8 Countries.
    YouTube Videos seen over 450,000 hits.
    Too whacky for mainstream TV.
    Eraser like Nipples.
    Celebs love me.

  7. Jacob

    Im from Moscow moved to NYC because it was my dream
    Im very attractive creative and Ill get what I want
    thnx you

  8. Braxton Howell

    My name is BRAXTON HOWELL
    and Revolt TV needs me as much as i need Revolt TV! I am a Telecommunications Major at Bowling Green State University (OHIO) and media is what my life is all about! I watch Revolt television and have been watching the network since Mr. Combs launched it in October. I love that my generation has a network that we have control of, with one of the greatest business moguls (Diddy) leading us . I have a complete understanding on what Mr. Combs and Comcast are trying to build. What they have here is a new innovative way that networks like MTV and BET have been trying to capture for years, like social networking or even something as simple, BUT IMPORTANT, as playing actual music. Revolt TV is awesome. As for why i deserve the opportunity to become a host on the network? I am amazing when it comes to being on, talking in front of, and interacting with a camera. I have a great look, great mindset, and am able to work hard to achieve the goals that are set. I have had plenty of experience when it comes to social networking, music, News Production, and even directing. But the final reason is, that i would be willing to be apart of this network for FREE. Because i understand the Concept of revolt. It is about presenting and pressing change! Change for the better of our youth and artists and media alike! I have taken the time to personally read all of these comments and I can already tell that there is ZERO competition. I reiterate, Revolt TV needs me as much as i need Revolt TV!

  9. Kelvin Collins

    am attractive 5’9 African American male, with a muscular build
    I have a masters degree in business.
    I am very professional with a big personality. I love to act as well as debate and help others understand the inefficiencies of the world through humor and visual arts. I am from los angeles and Dallas texas due to my split intermediate family. The value that I add to the show is that I know myself and I am willing and ready to face challenges and take direction as I sharpen my acting skills. My instagram is @perfectly_Hu_Man

  10. alyssandra

    I always get told my personality is great and should be out for the public to see! I am so outgoing, and love music..all kinds of music. Not only do i love music, but i song and dance to it! I’ve been a performed since 8th grade. I am 21 yrs old, and love everything about music!

  11. Papa Anderson

    Support it since day one diddy. your movement.I see your success and your drive for success and it gives me that motivation and passion for anything i try to do. im an average young adult with a dream i will continue to chase until i can no longer. I’m 22, my name is Papa Anderson. I am a very outgoing person. very in tune to music, media, art. I live by the code im stay young forever like diddy. Also this would be a great opportunity for me to make a change and help my community , family, and friends and try and make way for a better future for the younger generation to keep vision and dreams alive. thank you for this opportunity. GOD Bless you

  12. April Black

    Mr. Combs, I would like to work with you. I know if you cast me whether it’s for revolt or not you wouldn’t be disappointed you met me. If you are its only because you mad you didn’t meet me sooner.

  13. Mileyka Rivera

    Name: Mileyka Rivera
    Age: 14
    Weight: 120 Lbs
    Height: 5’7
    Gender: Female
    Physical Description: Tall, mixed skin, dark brown eyes rogues, beautiful smile, light brown hair, “shoulder length” Apparently I look like a girl of 16 years.

    Personal Description: fun, adventurous, confident, honest, sincere and above all POSITIVE.

    Description of current daily life:
    From small (7 years) I started to act
    in different types of school activities
    many as singing activities, such as acting, now I find myself doing mind
    small roles in school performances
    my dream is to be an actress, model, singer & writer of books / novels, recently wrote a novel mind. I think it could participate
    in any type of actución know I’m ready
    and sure of myself, I’m focusing on
    my career very young and this is the perfect age to be taking measures like experience.

  14. Ash Saunders

    I am the ONE graduated from Hampton U honors degree in fine arts-theater live in North Hollywood ,born in NY. I LIVE FOR THIS I AM GOING GET THIS JOB . Please give me a shot if you need my resume I will forward it to you. Worked at Disney straight out of college , I won a national intern contest ,I am smart funny beautiful women Ash Saunders I am the one for this

  15. quan Brown

    I am hip hop

  16. Tudi Wilson

    I’m a seasoned actress, writer, cook, blogger and entrepreneur. I’m very outgoing and personable. I live in Dallas, TX but I’m from Woodson, AR. I’m 33 with no children in search of a bigger break. I’m a little bit of everyone. My website is and there are links to some of my other ventures. Thank you for your time.

  17. Anne lee

    Hello I’m Anne Lee! Ready for a new career path after serving in the Military as a war Veteran. I am hard working, dedicated and determined. I can adapt to all situations and I don’t wear my heart or feelings in my sleeves.

  18. Shanda Bronston-Tyiska

    I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is what I was made to do. I’m not just saying it because of money or fame or publicity my ultimate goal is to leave a legacy and make a difference in the lives of others. I am powerful, Influential, strong, creative, fun, I have great communication skills; professional, ambitious and I love public speaking the list goes on and on. I was also a part of the 1st all female pit crew for Nascar, what can I say other than the ride was fun while it lasted. I would love to use the gift God gave me so that I can continue to move forward in my Destiny. I stand on the word of God and believe what God has for me is for me, hands down.

  19. Dalia

    My name is Dalia, and I AM REVOLT!! I have always been so passionate about music, and I also LOVE all kinds of music. I come from a very diverse background, which makes me PERFECT for the direction REVOLT TV is taking.. I AM THE FACE OF DIVERSITY! I’m also a trick of light.. This would absolutely be a dream come true to me.. I’m very dedicated, hard working, driven, motivated, creative, and above all PASSIONATE!! I would be a perfect fit for REVOLT TV.. I promise you would not regret it if given the chance !! I’m willing to put in SERIOUS work!! Hope u take me in consideration. Have a lovely day.

    Kindest regards,

  20. Mario Ramone

    Dear Mr. Combs,
    I would like to first congratulate you on your new envier! This is a giant accomplishment. My name is Mario Ramone. I would love a chance to audition for your new television station Revolt! As a talk show host. Every since I was a young child I have always LOVE MUSIC and asking questions! Like the Old saying goes, find something you like and get paid for it! Being a talk show host for your new channel would be a dream come true! I have my own Show now on Youtube called Mario Ramone L.A. I have been doing it for three years without getting paid… It’s a passion of mine. I go to sleep thinking about what I will talk about on future shows. I am your man! I am Sharp, quick on my feet when it comes to thinking fast. I know when to talk but most importantly,I know when to listen. I am unlike any other personality out right now. Please feel free to checkout my show on Youtube for references. It would be a honor and a pleasure to work for you!
    Thank you for your time! Have a great week! 🙂
    Mario Ramone

  21. Darcus

    If you were looking for the best, Then Please let me Introduce myself, I am Darcus (real name) I have experience in front, and behind the camera. The passion that burns with in my heart makes me get up and try with a positive attitude! Like I said If you are seeking the best, contact me!

  22. Argelia Parra

    Dear Mr. Combs, Sean, Ceo, Boss hope I got them all right!
    Hello! Or Hola!!!! My name is Argelia Parra and it is a pleasure to introduce myself to you. I am a Latin American female from San Diego California. As you can tell by now I have a bigger than life personality and would have no problem hosting any gig of yours. I have a background in radio broadcasting and love the camera. I currently work with a San Diego Hip-Hop group by the name of (GGM) Garage Gang Music. I host all their shows and appearances. I would say I’m pretty darn good at getting an audiances attention without being a robot. I bring alot of sass to the table. That is my stage name Sassy Latina!!! I hope you will consider this version BBW of J. LO. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon. Argelia Parra. Besos!!!!

  23. Keshia R.

    Dear Mr. Sean Combs,

    Hi, my name is Keshia R. and I am very interested in being on T.V.! I am making a career change from the corporate world to Education to film! I have been seeking an opportunity as such and I truly look forward to hearing from you! Should you consider me as an ideal candidate, I am sure to be an excellent asset for your project!

    Best Regards,
    Keshia R.

  24. Allintez Garlington

    “This is your lucky day Sean” My name is Allintez Garlington, Originally from Stone Mountain GA, I’m Seventeen years old, 6’0, love to act, model, and doing all types of good stuff that gets the people out of there seats. My personality is out of this world. When people meet me just know that they are going to have a good time enjoying their self around me and that’s all to it! Just know I’m here to say that I’m not going to be the future of Revolt, but I am the future of Revolt and it’s about that time to let these people know what’s about to go down cause I’m Fearless baby! and ready for whatever and I’m here to stay and here to take over. Lets go baby!


  25. Lauren Patrick

    I am the future of Revolt. Of my 17 years on this earth, not one day has gone by without thinking of ways to get on TV to showcase my flaming personality to the world. Since I was a little girl I’ve been in acting classes, I know I’d be the perfect fit for a new stylish and witty television host.

    African American

  26. Alexis irby

    hello everyone, I would just love to say that I have the confidence, character and passion to put on a beautiful performance. And no one can ever tell me something different. I Alexis has what it takes to show the world what I can do. I’ve been singing since the age 4 and I’ve always been so open about it as I grew up. I am not afraid to sing to a crowd, if they want a show, then I’m going to give them a show. I won’t ever back down. I have the ability to give an audience a standing ovation. It’s not being cocky it’s being confident. I don’t think I’m good for this, I KNOW IM GOOD FOR THIS.!! I am 19 years old and I call myself a performer!! Thank you! 🙂

  27. Loukia

    I am meant to do this. All i need is the chance to show you what i already know!!! Please contact me for my CV. It will be an honor to be considered!

  28. Aleavia Griggs

    Hi, My name is Barbara and I think my daughter Aleavia would be a great candidate for this! She has been singing since she was 1 and before she was able to speak full sentences. She has a great voice and very beautiful! Some say she look like Beyonce and others say she look like a young Hallie Berry. She sings and dances and is very photogenic and you can see on her facebook page which you can look here up or email here and she can send you the link or photo’s.

  29. Raven Jackson

    Hello there!
    I’m Raven and I would absolutely LOVE to the opportunity to be apart of this hosting job. The description of the female that you are in search for describes me to a T! I have always been told that I need to be an actress or on tv and since I’m a waitress at Saltgrass I come in contact with many people and have been complimented on an amazing personality I have. I have even been compared to Raven Symone, but I beg to differ! There’s no doubt in my mind that once you meet me you will see how outgoing, fun, and thrill seeking I am with a great sense of humor. I have a very contagious personality and would love to be able to contribute all of those qualities to this show as well as my goals that stand out from the rest.

    Thanks a million,
    Raven Jackson

  30. saphire blue

    This is ‘SAPHIRE BLUE”!!! YOUR HOST THAT’S “TRUE”!! I will make a wonderful host for “REVOLT TV” go to my FACEBOOK & YOU SHALL SEE!!!! I’m Creative, Dedicated, Motivated, & Elated!!! A Writer, a Team player, & a Motivator. I have a Wild sense of humor; what you heard is not rumors !!! I’LL LAP DANCE A HOG; TO NAIL THIS JOB!!! In BERMUDA I LAP DANCED A BARACUDA!!! DID YOU SEE ME IN SPAIN? I LAP DANCED A GREAT DANE!! ‘I’M YOUR HOST–SO I LET IT FLOW!!!” ONE THING I DO KNOW! I’LL BE AN ASSET TO YOUR SHOW!!!!! I’M NO SPRING CHICKEN; I’M DAMN GOOD AT RIPPIN, & GETTIN VIEWERS TO LISTEN, WITH ANY RELIGION !!! Get more of me on Facebook @ Saphire.Blue.900

  31. Rasha Adam

    My name is Rasha Adam.

    JUST GIVE ME A CHANCE. I will send you a lil video clip.

    Stay tuned.

    Thank you

    Love Always Rasha

  32. Nikki Bowers

    Hi my name is Nikki Bowers and #IamRevolt! I am not only the next great talk show host who will be as great as Oprah, but I am also the first Nikki, meaning I won’t just try to live up to the Oprah standard of being a journalist/host; I will go beyond that amount of greatness and set my own standard! Right now I am a full time journalist at a local news station in Orlando, but I see bigger and better for my future, so I’m ready to #revolt from the norm and embrace my love as an entertainment news anchor/host! If you’re ready to deviate from the norm and take a chance on a bubbly, smart, and sexy extra curvy woman who can ease the most complicated interviewee’s mind, then Nikki Bowers is who you have been looking for. I look forward to hearing from you!
    Nikki Bowers
    Here’s a link to my reel!
    Here’s a link to my entertainment news website!

  33. sharon sandy




  35. Omariya

    Diddy from my perspective you are a very smart, dedicated and successful person and if I had to pick someone who I admire it would be you because you are a very motivational person, and that makes someone feel like they can accomplish anything in life no matter what obstacles may come. I feel like I’m the one for #revolt, emotionally, mentally, and physically. I’m goal driven, self starting, educated, and ready for what the world and Diddy has for me and no I don’t think I’m ready for this task, Im absolutely ready for this opportunity.

  36. Dionna Westry

    Enthusiastic, unique, creative, determined, and goal oriented. Dedicated, responsible and dependable, always completing every task that is given. Works to the fullest ability to produce the best results. Community leader, mentor and role model, able to relate to and influence young people. The go to woman when a job needs to be completed. I am an energetic, whimsical, 24 year old with a bright smile. I love to sing, act, dance, write, and pretty much anything artistic I love to do! Although I have a degree in education and I am amazing at just about everything I try, my absolute dream is to be an actress! I am always singing, and dancing, and changing my voice to speak in different accents. People have always said I was weird or crazy, but I am a young, black, talented, beautiful woman, and I love being me!

  37. krystal im fun fierce crazy different you wont be disappointment im not shy im so much fun ive met celebs before never shy heres my contact in fo 480-340-6319

  38. Alexandra

    My name is Alexandra. I have a spunky, bubbly, unique personality. This is definitly for me!!! 🙂 I am a mini Olivia Munn. Please put me into consideration. You won’t regret it 🙂

  39. Christopher Van Nest

    I’ll keep it short ‘n sweet.

    3 words to describe me: Fierce, fun and fabulous!

    My career goal has always been to be an on-air personality. A nice mix between Ryan, Giuliana, Steve Harvey (minus the crazy) and of course my own pizazz. Working with Diddy would be an AAH-MAZING opportunity and would definitely help to launch my career. I have experience interviewing and working with celebrities including Estelle, OMG Girlz, Kate Gosselin (I know, right..), TLC personalities, and designers to the stars. I also have on-camera experience and am great at improv for those awkward times on camera. I’d love to be a part of this because:
    1) It would get me out of this Hell-hole known as Texas
    2) I definitely have the personality for it. Not to stroke my own ego, but people love me ;D
    3) It’s exactly in-line with my career goals

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you!!


  40. Zavier Andrew

    Hi my name is zavier Andrew and I’m a fresh face and I’m so talented I can dance sing act I’m ready for any just choose me I won’t let you down I have so much experience thank you so much for reading call me 757-779-4980

  41. Harmony Corbett

    #iamREVOLT !! YA! Wassup !! My name is Harmony & I’m the krazy, sexy, kool Brooklyn Fashion Designer of “Candy-Rock Couture” & “Suicide Barbie Bow-Tique !”

    Instagram@ candy_rockcouture !!
    Outgoing, Bubbly, Krazy, Kool personality & adrenaline junkie but know when it’s time to put on my game face and be professional simultaneously 😉 Always motivated, dedicated , barely any sleep and Love Crowds and attention!
    XOXO, Harmony;)

  42. benu mekhat

    Hi my name is Benu and I’m interested in being one of your Models please feel free to contact me @ anytime @ 323-830-2522 thank you for considering my pictures.I’m 5’5 122lbs bust 32aa waist 22in hips 38in shoe 6, Mayhem #2175338 ig: benudatmodelchic

    Dancing has been an art for me since grade school (Modern, jazz, Hip Hop and ballet). I attended P.A.L.E.F, Performing Arts for Life and Education Foundation, where I continued my talents. I learned to sing , act and model. Upon completion of the P.A.L.E.F program I performed in a couple of Shakespeare plays. I do extra work in movies, videos etc….. My acting bio includes: (Video) Big boi Feat Smiley- I like the way you move, Nell Furtado- Promiscuous Girl, Emily Bourbon-Am Theory, Gospel , the 2005 Billboard Awards with R. Kelly, Gold Chain Military-Pleasure & Pain, Jaime Jones gospel- Rise, Lloyd feat 50 cents – Let’s get it in,Six reasons Feat Too Short-RAINDANCE 2011 (Movies) Roll Bounce Starring Megan Good, Bow Wow, Parenthood starring Lauren Graham and Mike O’Malley and Losing Control starring Steve Howey. I also attended 2008 American Idol Finals, the 2007 NAACP Awards and the 2009 Bet Gospel celebration awards show.Im also a 5yr Breast Cancer Survivior there you have it a little bit about Miss Benu.

  43. Tyron Carter

    Hey World my name is Tyron Carter Im 22 years old, i live in NY Im very ambitious driven an i believe that i would defintileny be fit to be apart of this new reality show with no dot about it im ready for whatever an ready to the bring on the noise so ets do this… #iamrevolt

  44. natalie

    Hello my name is natalie i would,be absolutely thrilled to be given.the opportunity to sjow my skills on your show im not the best of the bunch maybe so but i can sure guarantee i am worth your time! I ave been.told to.have great charisma willing to learn and correct any flaws in order to achieve your goals and im overall a great person to be around.. Im a great dancer a good singer and an even.better performer i would be honoredto get a call bacj from you. See you fuys soon (:love natalie

  45. commecion Monique

    Plain in simple I’m good at what I do I’m the Jane of all trades.

  46. Elijah Mack

    Hello! My name is Elijah Mack & I am 18 years old & I feel I would be perfect for this because I’m very good at hosting things, I’m handsome, 6’4, athletic body, I’m the face you want Mr. Combs I’m a natural born performer & I pick up on choreography within the first 2 times it’s taught to me. Also being on tv would help me a lot in this business because I also want to be an actor/dancer/entertainer & be in movies one day, that’s my dream & that’s my goal there’s nothing else I want to do with my life I see dancing & acting & tv personality as my career the rest of my life. I really really want this & I appreciate this opportunity to explain myself and who I am. I would really really appreciate if I got an email or something back I really want this!!!

  47. Fayth

    I’m a 23yr old female and I’m the fresh new face you want to represent REVOLT. I’m a mother of a princess and that makes my dream even more worth it. I want to break the stigma that Latinas are all light,long curly hair and look like Jlo,I’m a beautiful brown Latina and I have a smile as bright as diamonds…I’m the one you won’t and can’t forget…I have the drive,ambition,passion in my blood and the love in my heart #REVOLT #DIDDY

  48. Nika

    Hello, my name is Nika Taylor im am 18 years old and I will love yo be apart of your show I know I have what it takes but , I can always become better I love to sing and think I should start while I’m young to pursue my dreams I’m from Dallas tx and its hard out here just trying to find a way to make it out in positive way. I will be willing to do what ever you need me to do and will appreciate if you give me a chance thanks..

  49. Alisha

    I should be chose because I was born to do this. I have a great personality that outshines the rest. I have charisma and character that is interesting to viewers. I have spunk and can deliver the entertainment that’ll keep viewers coming back to back for more! Pick me and you won’t be disappointed . This is something that I am willing to do for FREE just to have the opportunity.

  50. Angelina

    Hi!!! My name is Angelina Marie I am 27 years old from Staten island new york!! I was formally on the hit reality show jersey shore and came across this casting call.. I would love to host this show especially because I know I have a very outgoing personality and a vibrant way about me!! I also want to show people out there that I am a very cool girl in person!! Email me xoxo

  51. Andrenique Green

    whats good diddy, this ya girl angel baby , your upcoming STAR ,that’s ready, I know I got it and my talent is unique and undefined. I am 26 and im located currently in Louisiana. my home is anywhere I make it. I know and can tell you have talent and experience, to know and recognize real talent when you hear and see, what real talent is all about. holla at your girl, don’t be no stranger. I say im a star, even though I’m living day to day making the best of my life as I can, I feel like a star, everywhere I go, I shine bright, like a diamond. with no lights on. get at me and we can make it happen… I love money and I stay day dreaming on how I can make more money . give my kids something I never had…Baby mother doing what I can, put my trust in no man, but god… Get at me. im very educated and I know where I want to go in my life and what ever it got to take to get me there…. im all hard work no play, check me out on facebook, or google me . looking for a home in my career choice. seeking to work with real, down to earth, down to business , company. I except honesty and trust as long as it is truth to help me to be better one love

  52. Angela Allen

    I would love to be the new face for Revolt TV. I am beautiful, vibrant and full of energy. I am 26 yrs old and I love music and know this would be a great opportunity!!! Look forward to hearing from you “Diddy”.

  53. Darren

    Diddy is the man I will love to be apart of anything diddly does I’m a great actor plus I’m from Harlem ny we were made for this.

  54. Suzanne Lossia

    Lossia has been all over the media since april 2012, Wxyz channel 7 exculsive interview – front page of the Oakland Press, Detroit free press,sparked national news with her story(Arabic National Paper) The chaldean News, Mojo in the morning 95.5 also My Cuz Radio Show on 95.5,Blaine and Allyson in the morning 96.3 magazine Detroit- to Atlanta, tons of blogs on the internet..


    Suzanne Lossia- was raised in Oakland County ,the suburbs of Detroit in a city called West Bloomfield. Lossia is of Middle Eastern decent; Iraqy catholic born. Chaldeans are ( telkapnaya)go back 4,000 years. Spoke the first language of Christ, Aramaic. Lossia parents are the same decent, have been married over forty years. Lossia has three brothers;Lossia is the only girl. Lossia family were, and still are very protective with Suzanne. Father would tell Suzanne his reputation means more than her life. Lossia comes from a very strict family with strict morals, values and ethics. It wasn’t very easy growing up in culture. Lossia was Daddy’s little girl, Suzanne recieved everything but her freedom, what most girls were a loud to do, in there teen age years Lossia was not, No nite life, no school dances, no bar, no vacation/ Lossia never lived her a normal childhood. Lossia attended elementary, middle and high school in West Bloomfield. Lossia never went to college. Lossia was in a arranged marriage, After one meeting with EX- Tony, his mother called her mother. Tony’s family came over to Lossia house and the fathers shake hands on it, were married after five and half months.. Its was common in her coulture. As a single mother, Lossia struggled and raised her boys on her own. Lossia oldest son is Alexander, and Kyle is her youngest. Now it’s time for Suzanne. Lossia was approached to do this very special opportunity. The Motor City Wives(T.V personality) in November of 2011, was approached because of what she had on, and one of the cast members, who is no longer on the show, indicated to one of the producers, that Lossia has a great story, and would be perfect for the show. When the media found out Lossia was going to be on a reality show, the media was all over Lossia…Reality T.V the entertainment field is shameful in her chaldean coulture(Telkapnaya) are very private. Lossia 1st interview with clear channel radio 95.5 with Mojo in the morning, calls were coming in asking what chaldeans are, Lossia sparked national news with her story. Dating is a big No No in Lossia family still is. Lossia is focused on her independency securing a future for her boys. Lossia been approached with so many major networks. Lossia been casted for 3 Reality shows, did many interviews about her coulture for a pilot for talk show in Detroit , audtions for movies, and commericals..Lossia really excited about the many great oppurtunity in the entertainment field, what the future holds. Lossia dream is to have her own talk show one day. Motor City Wives is/was Lossia stepping stone. Lossia contract was up as January 2013 Lossia decided not to renew her contract keep all her options open. Motor City Wives is not picked up yet. (Lossia made movement with her story) Lossia believes whatever is meant to be it will happen. Lossia has a big heart is a person who is very passionate about everything she does. No matter how hard her life has been for her, and her 2 boys, Lossia always managed to put a smile on her face in any given situation. Lossia came to surmise that she finally wants to be her own person have her own rules, have her independence to build a future for her kids. This was the 1st opportunity to do something for her self after raising her 2 boys as a single mother. Lossia was taught to be a homemaker and sit home raise kids, clean, cook. Lossia is always been under her family and ex- husband control. Lossia is all about helping society and giving back to the best of her ability. Lossia goals are to help the homeless and battered woman with organizations such as Common Ground Sanctuary. Lossia would like the world to see her story, hopes that it will inspire and touch people’s lives….

    Motor City 2013 (super bowl hottie of the week) Detroit Man’s Room » Humpday Hottie Of The Week – Suzanne Lossia (@Suzanne_Lossia)\

    Motor City 2013 (super bowl hottie of the week) Detroit Man’s Room » Humpday Hottie Of The Week – Suzanne Lossia (@Suzanne_Lossia)


    963WDVD Motor City Wife: “Blaine & Allyson in the Morning” talk to Suzanne Lossia, one of the stars of Motor City Wives.!.aspx › News & Information › Opinion & EditorialsCached

    963WDVD Motor City Wife: “Blaine & Allyson in the Morning” talk to Suzanne Lossia, one of the stars of Motor City Wives.!.aspx › News & Information › Opinion & EditorialsCached










  55. Marcus Wynne


    Name: Marcus Wynne



    About me: Someone who is mature, candid and believes in integrity. Every day I work to improve myself and my skills—that’s part of becoming better at what I do

    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown


    Height: 5’9.

    Union Status: Non-Union

    Call (929)600-1226
    call (646)765-5121

  56. Robert Evans

    Ppl say I look like diddy more then 20 ppl. In this is a dream come true.

  57. Elizabeth Guzman

    I have a 7 yr old grand-daughter that is soo talented. She watches Glee and sings and dances, can memorize the songs. I wish you would help me get her started on a TV show.

  58. haydee angulo

    hi i liked modeling mi scholl is barbizon in tucson az

  59. Jajuan Graham

    Hello my name is Jajuan and I’m 12 year old, ive been playing drums since the age of 4, my only passion is playing drums and i love music.I idolizes kirk franklin and tyler perry. I was discovered on youtube by one of the producers from Americas Got Talent and had the opportunity to audition for the show, which was the best experience he told me because one of my favorite actors is nick cannon, so for me to audition for a show he hosted was a blessing. Ive done several talent shows and showcases before and since then. At the age of 9 I was in a band with 2 high school students, where we went to different restaurants and played for several people. I also had the opportunity to record 3 songs in a recording studio with the band. I played at several recital and has done talent shows here in Columbus,GA. I played at a talent showcase in Ft.Benning Vendor Fair and also played for Northside High School, and played in talent
    shows in Atlanta,GA.I was also blessed to play with Columbus State University Jazz assemble. It would be awesome to be able to perform for you or join your team. To catch some of my act go to: jajuan graham freestyle on you tube..or a recent video on youtube under tom sawyers rush-jajuan graham…. Wooop

  60. Dante Jackson

    I think i would be a great because of my personality and my way with people. Im goofy and i know how to keep the ball rolling and go with the flow.

  61. Renae Martinez

    I’m going to be straight up with you I have always knew I was born to something great in my life and I feel like I have what it takes to show you what I have. I have the motivation enthusiasm and the perfect bubbly personality outgoing straight up honest personality that I know you would be happy to consider me. I grew up with nothing in a small town knowing thAt I was and Am suppose to be a somebody. You know to be honest I know I got what it takes and know I have what you want. This would be the greatest opportunity I have ever been given in my life. I mean just let me show you what I’ve got and what I can do I can do what no one else can I have the motivation. And the perfect personality for this. Please it while be the greatest honor to gu e me. Shot. I know I can do this with the personality and great enthusiasm I have. I believe I am exactly what you are looking for. So again I’d greatly appreciate it if you would contact me and just see what I’m about I’ve never done anything like this but everyone says I’m beautiful and should be on some sort of reality show. Because I’m me I’m not fake or don’t put up a front. What you see is what you get I’m positive you won’t regret it. I’m confident in what and who I am so please please give me. Shot if your not satisfied its all good but I know you’d love me. I guarantee it I wouldn’t let you down this is the dream I thought I’d never reach. But the sky is the limit. It’d be better if I’d get a call back because emails aren’t my best friend lol so a contact # would be better. Please just give me the opportunity of a life time I grew up with nothing from a small town and have always know that I was born to do so much more. Thank you for the opportunity thank you with a blessing. Contact # is (830)448-9998 please let me show you what I’m capable of doing. Thank you thank you a bunch.


  62. Taj Kingwqood


  63. Devan Tippitt

    I’m 15 Years Old Love Music and Love Rapping! I Have A Big Personality and I’m The One For This
    I Dance Funny Act Rap Outgoing and Loud Crazy TurnUp 24/7 I’m The One For Revolt #iamrevolt

  64. Caleb

    DOPE. Revolt was a tag I used to throw down. Hope your new network does pick up where MTV dropped the ball. There is a world of good video’s and artist out there that need the platform to come back.

  65. FirdevsCollins

    My name if Firdevs Collins i am 19year old Female. Brown Hair, 5’5, Speak 3 languages English,German,Bosnian. As far as experience goes I don’t really have experience in Acting or Modeling other than taking pictures for Facebook/Instagram as well as taking Drama Classes in HighSchool/MiddleSchool. I am Energetic, love working with people. Smile everyday. Love having fun but will get down to business if it’s needed. Love being around friends and having a good time. Just Graduated, in need of life experience. I believe I am a raw talent. Love traveling to places and have been all over Europe! As i lived overseas in Germany. i have visited almost everywhere. Italy, France cot’deAzur SanTropez, Bosnia, Portugal, Spain you name it! It has been my dream, pretty sure like everyone else but i’d love the chance to prove to not just everyone else but to prove to myself that i could do what i always wanted to do. Live my life in the lime lights, dealing with the stress that comes with it and the sleepless nights i want it all. Flaws and Everything.Dream Come True

  66. Janae Smothers

    I should be selected to be the Revolt Tv Personality because I have what it takes +5000 more than what it takes. I make things happen I’m from New Orleans and I know how to keep fun going I would be a person you will not regret nor forget I can take the position to all levels ensure the view will enjoy what they are seeing and coming back for more.

  67. Jonathan Rayshawn Bowden

    To have this job would be a dream come true for me. This job would also give me the platform to be a positive role model for the young and old also. It would allow so many things in my life to be better that I can’t even explain. It would allow me to show triumph and the power in believing . I just need a chance.

  68. Jizelle

    Diddy always come up with the best ideas

  69. Angel Griffin

    Hey my name is Angel and i follow directions. This is my dream. I am from Cincinnati Ohio. I lo e to entertain. I have a great personality and spirit with two sons. Everything do is all for them. Please consider me.

  70. Angel Griffin

    I want this part because i have a great personality. I follow directions on hundred percent of the time. I have a lot to offer to this show. I am revolt.

  71. Joelle McDonald

    Hi, my name is Joelle McDonald. I think I should be considered because I am very unique. My style is different compared to others. And I love music, I have a passion for it. I have been writing music ever since I was younger. And performing in from of my family and friends, I have also been in School plays and Christmas plays. Here are three, videos of mines. I hope I am what your looking for.


  72. Czezre Adams

    I should be considered because I have the personality like nobody on tv before. I have an eye for cameras and will leave viewers glued to there seats. I’m quick on my feet and can improvise when at a stoop. I love entertaining and smiling. I love engaging with people and making those around me happy

  73. Jesus Madrid

    I would greatly appreciate it , if you took me in consideration, being that i am a current actor, I’m very outgoing and always happy, theres never a day when i don’t smile, I’ve bin known for cheering up people’s days. I show much of my personality and rarely keep quiet. Im sure id be the great person to cast for a reality show, being that i feel as if my life were one. Im 16 and i live in NY. Hope to hear back from you.
    Thank you