Casting Hosts For Revolt TV

Casting Hosts For Revolt TV

Do you have dreams of becoming the next big television personality? Are you ready to take your place among the world’s great TV presenters like Ryan Seacrest, Maria Menounos and Nick Cannon? Well if so, the man, the myth and the entertainment legend that is Sean “Diddy” Combs wants you! Diddy is set to launch his own revolutionary new cable music channel called Revolt TV and he has launched an online campaign to find the most talented performers from around the globe to be on-air personalities. Interested performers can submit their auditions today for what could be the television job of a lifetime.

Revolt TV is ready to pick up where MTV dropped the ball so very long ago, to be a true music television channel and capture the music loving hearts of viewers around the world. With this bold mission comes the need for gifted and charismatic fresh faces to present the content to the people – and this is where you come in. Performers interested in making their mark on what is sure to be one of the hottest channels on television can submit 15 second audition videos on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo with the hashtag #IamREVOLT today. This an incredible opportunity to land a featured spot on a major cable channel. This is a revolutionary casting process that you absolutely have to take advantage of.

Revolt TV will be launching soon so apply today. We will be posting every casting update that is released for this outstanding new channel and you can head here for more audition submission details and for an online application. Be sure to stay tuned for more information and leave a comment below and tell us why you want to be cast as an on-air personality for the all new cable music channel Revolt TV.

A music TV revolution is coming and it needs you! Apply today for your chance at being the face of Revolt TV.

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  1. Mary wamboi ndungu

    Hey ???Am wamboi am 22 currently living in Nairobi,Kenya am interested in host any TV show so as to show case my amazing gift to the word …..can you give me a chance to prove this world I can give in my gift and share it internationally….thanks

  2. Mykel

    Hi I am Mykel taylor I am 18 years old and I live in Orange County LA, I rather show my actions then put what I can do in a text message.

  3. jainahun lo

    hi im filipino i can rap.

  4. NINO B


  5. Tia


  6. kelly michael

    Hi am Kelly Michael and i am from Ghana and 14 of age. I will be very glad if chosen because, it will be like a dream come true for me.

  7. cece

    i’m ready.

  8. Clarissa Edwards

    Hello I have a client who is the next big thing in the legal cannabis industry..He created Free treat Fridays and his the Face of Legal Cannabis World wide. He created first Legal grow show In Dc. Scroger with the Scroger! Check him at Dc Scroger on Fb, The Gram, Utube. Hit me up. Mrs. Edwards

  9. Angel Cox

    Hi, I am Angel Cox I live in Mobile, Al. I am 20 years old. Becoming a TV personal has always been a dream of mine. I speak very well and I have experience in public speaking. Being apart of Revolt TV will be a great opportunity and experience for me.

  10. Destiny Yard

    My whole life every human in Orbit has told my my personality, presence and talent should be on TV Presenter! Please keep me updated on any up coming auditions and I will be there to prove I have what it takes!!


  11. Chatney Samone

    Hey. My name is Chatney Samone. I am 20 years old and becoming a tv hostess has been a dream of mine. I am about to graduate from Carolina School of Broadcasting down here in Charlotte, NC. I currently intern with WBTV, and I’m starting my own YouTube channel talk show called “The CHATroom”. I host local events for organizations in my city. Anything that has to do with having a great personality will have me behind it because I’m always ready to go. #IamREVOLT

  12. Atavia GoldStar

    Hi ,I am Atavia GoldStar. I want to be cast as the on air personality for Revolt Tv. It is a dream of mines and I can’t imagine doing anything else with my time but continuing to grow and learn more about the industry of entertainment through television
    I have a television personality and strong determination. I am a people person. I am prepared and ready for my opportunity.

    Atavia GoldStar

  13. Victoria

    I Am Victoria Im 15 Yeah look at that kid But i have been through things in my life i would like tjis chance to show one im not second best i can be love that i am good enough that my dad he does love me to prove i am meant to help someone mean something to somone speak to everyone music gets u through life

  14. Corbin Little

    Hello my name is Corbin Little I’m 22 years old and I’m coming straight out of Chicago, IL. The opportunity to become a host for Revolt tv being that I have so much talent in this particular business. I did Radio and Television and Broadcast while in high school for all four years. I also had the pleasure to intern at WVON Radio station 1690. I also hosted the POZE Production music awards here in Chicago which was fun and a blessing. It was good to interview the music artist who was there to receive awards and perform. Even though I have had some experience in this field I am also into the arts. I model as well as act which I had a pleasure of writing plays with having them in the Chicago Film Festival. I’m not camera shy at all and always been told I should host or just have my own talk show because I can hold a conversation, make people laugh and just overall entertain people. Its a natural gift I have and I feel that if I don’t do this I wont be fulfilling my true gift. So just know this dude from the 773 is indeed #IamREVOLT.

  15. Mari Starzs & Drama

    My Name is Mari Rodriguez
    I am a Radio Personality in Chicago
    I am good in what I do because I love doing it and I am just being me.

  16. Telisa Chambers

    Hi, Diddy I am quite configuration I have a great connection with people of all cultures and Creed, my secret Put God first he is the connection

  17. Isaih Morales

    My name is: Isaih Morales
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 260 lbs
    Age: 18 soon to be 19
    Born: November 19, 1996
    I live in Alton, TX in big apartments but in a small 3 bedroom apartment with 4 brothers but with me it’s 5 boys/guys, a mother, and a father, me and my 3 brothers have great skills.
    Experience: Been writing and rapping since the age of 13 and I’m still going hard and harder than ever….
    Skills: Great writing ability, Fast-paced, Quick learner, and Rapping.
    Reasons to be part of this rapping skills is to have a great career going in my life to get my family out of this life we are living in, especially my mother and my young brother (that is Special-Ed) we are struggling with the rent of the apartment and furniture, and we have a car and a truck that are barely working. The only problem is that I don’t have anything to record on but I do make videos of myself rapping to instrumentals that I find on the internet and I get great feedback by my friends, my family, and other people that take a look at my rapping skills.
    If you choose me, not only would I be really happy and cry out of joy, you would make the greatest choice.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  18. mac

    whenever u ready im here

  19. Awien

    Heyy my name is Awein I’m 21 years old
    I do singing and dancing
    I thing I would be the perfect person for this part
    I have a big beautiful smile I’m very out going and tea loud at time and not Afraid to face any task
    I’m a female who love in Calgary Canada

  20. Katherine

    What can I say I Love music is in my blood, I come from a musician and artistic family, MTV was one of the greatest Channel great in Music diversity, I can’t say that I’m in expert that I have some kind of high education in communication but that I have the skills I do. I’m the tipe of person who does what ever it takes to reach my goals in been a Talk Show Hosstes is one of them. I been in Theater, Radio, TV, Dancing and Modeling. I’m humble person, great attitude, and I have the skills. Single mother of one hard working, punctual, organized. I believe in Goals that anything that you want in this life if you work hard you can get climb till the most highest mountain on earth. I’m from Colombia South America, Living in SC 34 yrs old with a hope to bdo what I love.

  21. Katie Gaus

    My name is Katie Gaus and I am a 23 year old recent college grad looking to make in an impact in the world of broadcasting. My passion has been sports coverage for as long as I can remember, I would sit up all nigh watching my favorite teams and mimicking the announcers. Since then I have grown up quite a bit and earned not only a degree in Communication, but have earned national recognition for a variety of web videos I wrote, produced, edited, and of course, hosted! You can check out some of my best work at the following links!




    The one thing missing from my resume and list of projects however is my first chance. I need an opportunity to continue growing and a chance to break into the industry I so dearly love. I would not only value this opportunity, but I would prove that I deserved it. Thank you for your consideration.

  22. Shelsie Ducheine

    After looking for sooooo long for the perfect opportunity , BAM! Here it is. My name is Shelsie (like Chelsea but with an S) & I am 22 years old coming straight out of Jersey. I love music and entertainment and a job like this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. Honestly, there is no way that the Lord put me on this earth to be waitressing for the rest of my life! I graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Communication Studies and Journalism. I have written for newspapers in the arts and entertainment section, I have freelanced for HypeFresh Mag, which focuses specifically on underground music. I was employed with where I wrote mostly lifestyle pieces and celeb gossip. I mean all across the board, I’m pretty much a ten and a I know you guys will recognize that! Super excited to even have found this opportunity and I am looking forward to hearing back from you guys !!!!

  23. Ashley Lewis

    Hello RevoltTv. I’m a 27 years old black female who doesn’t have experience as a TV host, but do not look at that as a bad thing, look at this as an opportunity to mode me however you see fit. But you won’t be doing all the work. Let my personality, charisma, and my able to capturing audience speak for itself.
    I’m 5’5, I’m from Trainer Pennsylvania, I have brown hair and brown eyes.

  24. Randi Carodine

    I live for all forms of art! I love talking to other artist about their craft, it’s what makes me happy. Being around passionate, artistic, people drives me. Painting and fashion are my passion. I have a clothing line and sell my art through my company, Elevated Life. Being a host on Revolt TV would be a dream come true. on Instagram

  25. Jasmine Rodriguez

    Diddy!! Oh man, I am super excited I ran across this. Im watching the Steve Harvey talk show and was just thinking to myself “dang, ill be a good talk show host” so I got on google and looked up casting calls, (I new nothing about this audition or REVOLT ) your casting call information pops up, let me tell you. I’ll be PERFECT for this. 1. Im very outgoing. I talk to everyone! I love people, people are interesting. 2. I was a MTV fanatic back then in the 90’s, and i almost jumped out of my chair when I read “real music channel”. I love good music. Music is food for the soul, being a part of this would be a dream come true. I feel I’ll be a valuable assist because I talk to people all day for work right now , I work for AT&T customer service, and every interaction is very entertaining, I make our customers laugh and start their day on a good start if calling me was their first thing to do on their list, or i ease the rest of their day by giving them the ultimate customer service that is forgotten nowadays…its exactly what I am capable of doing plus more for REVOLT. Bringing music back to life with REVOLTTv and entertaining our viewers to give them the ultimate experience with your music channel they have been yearning for. My personality is spunky and fun. I get a long with everyone and im super easy to work with.Lastly, I do have a very professional work ethic, aside from my fun side, I am very dependable, punctual, consistent and goal-oriented. I mean business too and with me on the team ill go above and beyond to help RevoltTv become a sucess. Please i pray you consider me! God Bless!

    24 yrs old
    I am 5″5″
    Average body type.
    Easy on the eyes
    Pretty smile
    Dark hair

    – Jasmine

  26. Najee Wilson

    Hello. allow my to introduce myself. I am a 19 year old teen just trying to find a opportunity. I have been in a movie called Standing Ovation. I am very familiar with filming. this movie came out in 2010. I am a singer and I write my own music. I’m not looking for luck, just blessings. I love entertaining, everyone just needs that one chance. I did your video on instagram for the biggie tribute. My name on Instagram is Najeebrie! I am short only 4’11ft but I act like I’m 6’0ft. I would love to join your team.

  27. Thanasi

    6FT-24YRS-195LBS-GREEK/ AMERICAN-born and raised in PHILLY but I love NYC MUCH MORE.

  28. sade

    #Iamrevolt I have talent from Brooklyn currently living in L.A. I promise you will not be disappointed

  29. dee reyes

    re·voltrəˈvōlt/verb1.rise in rebellion.”the insurgents revolted and had to be suppressed”synonyms:rebel, rise up, rise, take to the streets, riot, mutiny”the people revolted”

    I know I am ready to rise up for an important cause. I have no excuses.
    I will succeed because I believe in me. I’m ready to step up to another level. I’m multi talented, and can adapt to any situation. #IAMRevolt

  30. prettynperson

    Would your ideal audition host require a charismatic, outgoing, and approachable personality? Would this person be articulate, intelligent, and well versed in pop culture? Would this person enjoy the diversity of all genres of music, film, digital, and not fit into one box? Would this person be easy on the eyes, and can hold their own in a business environment? Will this person’s sense of style make even your best fashion guru’s question their taste in fashion? Is this person humble, has a hunger for a new opportunity, passionate, and eager to excel? Is this person well-traveled and understands the dynamic of the industry in the US and European markets? If so, I am the person you are looking for. Please provide details where I can send you a reel? Thanks so much for your time.

  31. Carmoleta & Yulonda bka Mi-Mi Michele

    2 beautiful females who are best friends! New faces on the scene and can bring it! Flare, fashion, sexy & chic!! Louisiana home grown! See what you can do with ordinary people! We have the passion! We are your clay, MOLD US!!

  32. Ladre Watkins

    Revolt,I’m your guy. I’m a 24year old college grad who’s had some challenges and adversities that I’ve turned into blessings..I’m a single father of a beautiful daughter and I have a degree in criminal justice..although I graduated college I used to play college football and had a injury twice which ended that dream.My mother always told me failure isn’t a option,so I’ve manned up and I see life different. I think society needs to hear alot more positive things from more male minorities who’ve had struggles…I. Look forward to the opportunity and I thank you for letting me share just a little of my story….

  33. Patricia Morris-Harried

    Keeping it smooth for the G-generation.
    Late night/midnight the soulful touch of the musical best!

    Touch my heart and I will touch yours!

  34. Chris Mata

    I miss the old MTV and would love to be part of the television music renaissance.
    I’m a professional comedian of 16 years and a commercial actor located in Los Angeles, CA.
    5’8″ 175 lbs
    38 years
    Here are links:
    Hosting a comedy show:
    Clip of stand up show:

    Thank you for your consideration.
    – Chris Mata

  35. robert

    I would want to bring a better line of questioning. More interesting guest and not over the top. More middle of the road something with guts but not over the Top.

  36. Alexandra Guilloty

    Simply because I’m RELIABLE, PASSIONATE, EXCITING, HUNGRY, and VALUABLE. Or you can simply see for yourself through the links provided below.

    Because in my world, actions speak AS loud as words!!

    Thank you for watching!!


  37. Lashawnda Hatcher

    I know I will be a great candidate. I have done acting skits for The Jerry Springer show as well as Bill cunningham. My personality is just amazing, I have an energetic spirit and I know I’m different from all of the below candidates that comment! Been acting since I’ve came out of my mom’s whom. Acting is my life. I’m a African American 150 5’4 long sandy red hair with brown eyes. Feel free to email me!

  38. Sunnflower Barksdale

    I Got it!

  39. DMC

    Snickers, Dogs, Men, and Squirrels all have one thing in common… They can’t wait to get a nut! Dreamers, Chasers, and Believers all have one thing in common… me, DMC. I’m the “i” in iheart radio cause music is the beat in which I breathe and TV is the Host in which I seek. Who wants to hear that I had it rough, filled pots with boiling hot water to pour them in the bathtub, never had a father but was comforted by my mother’s love. Who wants to hear that Im from the projects, Lower East Side Manhattan or at the age of 6 I witnessed my uncle’s passing? Who wants to hear that I graduated Cum Laude and the pursuit of my dream still feels like robbery? Application after application, audition after audition… Impervious to failure cause yet I still see success in my premonition. Hosting is an exchange of energy, laughter and emotion. This is my way of giving what God has already given… A Dream.


    So I’m in bed right now, DREADING waking up at 7AM for my 7 day a week 9-5, and thought to myself, “why am I doing this again?” Before I closed my eyes, something prompted me to Google ‘TV host casting call.’ Could it be the Ben and Jerry’s pint of half baked ice cream that got my thoughts on 100? Maybe…. or perhaps its fate that I came across this page! Ive always known there is something out there for me, just has been a matter of when it will come to fruition. Is this my dream? Well ill tell you its definitely a nice gateway to achieving my dream! I just want to make my kids and family proud, take care of my family for putting up with my BS for so long, make sure my little ones want for nothing, buy the 4 million dollar house I put on my vision board a year ago, and spread a positive message to the world (you wont find out that message unless you pick me btw.) Anyway, its bedtime..gotta get up early, and makeup/hair takes at least 1.5 hours. Stats below 🙂
    Body type…boobs on a stick
    Age…21-23 (28 but I still get carded so yeaahhh)

  41. Malikia

    I’m not in none of these schools that is mention I live in the hood and have lots of talent. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to no expensive school. All I have is dreams and that’s to on TV period.

  42. Krystle Phillips

    I am a young, fresh 23yo woman who is very involved, dedicated and energetic about every project that comes my way. My blog is As We View It and is for personal development and growth. I’m an all around people person. Please check out my site and use that as my resume. Thanks!

  43. sara jochem



    Sexy 25 year old woman looking to expand my horizons in my career field.
    I am french, Indian, and african american. Attractive in all aspects personality, voice, looks. I get along with everyone. Blunt but only out of love. I would love the opportunity to prove myself.
    Ahvrany Williams
    | [817-808-5395] []
    ■ Career Summary
    A Fashion Model with 7 years’ experience in industrial projects successfully modeled for brands such as [BET, Hard Kash Clothing, Clai Love, and Kandy Shop Tattoo Studio] and possesses the specific attributes that many designers and fashion directors look for. I am looking to
    • Known for being flexible, adaptable, very stylish, versatile, efficient, hard-working, good at taking directions and capable of wearing all types of clothing styles.
    Appearance and Physical Features:
    • Age: 25 years
    • Height & Weight: 5’6”/ 135 lbs
    • Size: 36/27/37
    • Eyes: Dark Brown, Wide Set
    • Hair: 1B
    Type of Modeling
    Editorial | Print
    Showroom | Lingerie | Swimwear | Sport/Fitness | Product
    Key Skills and Qualities
    • Good sense of style – Great facial projection.
    • Tolerant and adaptable.
    • Positive attitude, excellent stamina and communication skills.
    • Ability to look good at all times.
    • Know-how to dress up properly.
    • Knowledge of make-up process applications.
    • Excellent walking posture – Familiarity in different poses.
    Objective – To work in a fashion firm, in which I can utilize my modeling skills to become a perfect link between the brands and their clients.
    ■ Professional Experience
    Black Entertainment Television Dallas, TX 2010
    A global leader in the fashion and entertainment industry
    Music videos shoot for upcoming rap artist.
    The Kandy Shop Tattoo Studio – 2011
    Commercial for opening of new shop, featured on You tube.
    Key Contributions:
    • Promoted new designs, products, clothes and services in television shows, commercials, films and videos.
    • Presented clothing, designs and products in commercials, runways, advertisements, and/or fashion shows.
    Selected Performance:
    • Met frequently with potential clients to present new design, clothing and products.
    • Follow strict routines of sport, diet, sleep and daily exercise to maintain great appearance.
    • Dressed in sample or completed outfits, and select accessories.
    • Made many changes backstage during shows and always kept poised appearance in front of audiences.
    • Knows the routine of enhancing appearance effectively, considering aspects such as – colors, camera techniques and facial features.
    • Maintained good relations with fashion customers to promote new products.
    ■ Education & Qualifications
    ABC Top Model Dallas, TX 2010
    Runway training course.
    Upon request:
    • Portfolio and photos
    • Composite card
    • Reference of past modeling experiences.

  45. Chris Collazo

    I am currently attending a performing high school in Hartford Ct. I am a skilled mixed martial artist in Jui Jitsu and Muay Tai and I have also had some extensive boxing training. I am the youngest in all adult classes and giving grown men a run for there money. I am also a skilled percussionist who is part of a jazz group The JGrooves at my School. I am fit and atletic and remember my lines and am funny and can be dramatic as well. I am 15 years old latin young man with much to offer

  46. Brandon Trammer

    This is Btrammz, Brandon Trammer is the birth name thats were it comes from.
    From Detroit,MI came to L.A to bring back art ..i am a dramatic/comedic artist outside
    of being that I am a artist period! Plans the creator has for me is to be over class not E class
    for that is not my full potential benefit at all. Hip hop is a thing that i fell in love with long
    ago royce da 5’9, skyzoo, camp Lo, Biggy people that falls in that boat proof ect that is who i listen to and thats it, I CAN NOT LISTEN TO BS SERIOUSLY, you will never catch me. As well as being a spoken word artist supreme being is what i want to get out to the upcoming youth and real art, i like to call it I’AM BEING! I should be the host of revolt because i know real and i speak breath and never sleep harley cuz didn’t come to L.A to do that but eat truth and know how to show out
    an remember were i came from an rep. MOTOWN BABY NOW WHO WANNA REBEL WIT BTRAMMZ!

  47. Jade Wilson

    My name is Jade Wilson, and I am a newly graduate of Temple University. My warm personality and energy makes me great to work with. I am comfortable in front of the camera as TV production is my passion. As far as my background in TV production, I have experience in reporting as well as writing, producing, editing, and updating websites and social networks.

    In college, I have scripted and produced content for a news and sports show called Temple Update and Temple Athletics. I was a host and reporter for both shows. From scripting packages, and hosting live interviews, I obtained a set of skills in reporting and writing which I can develop further by learning from and growing with your company.

    If your company will accept a dedicated, very personable, and knowledgable sports enthusiast and former college athlete, I would be interested in speaking with you to discuss how the value of my strengths for your company. I look forward to speaking with you in the near future. Attached is my resume and demo reel links.

    Kind regards,

    Jade Wilson

    Demo Reel Links: [18:25]

  48. Myron Gattison

    I am 26 I have definitely been on the bottom on a few occasions in my life. Dropped out of college and attempted suicide. I was down and out at one point but I realized that giving up and quitting only makes matters worse. I got my life together went back to college and graduated with my degree in marketing. I used my troubling times and turned them positive starting a movement called #Legitlife. Its the motivation and encouragement of the youth. Pushing them to further their education and aspire to do more. Im trying to be a positive example that you can habe a great life and live good without dope money and running in the streets. I blog make youtube videos as well as just completed my first book entitled “Weapons of Mass Construction” .Im very serious about what I do but I still have a great personaliy and strong work ethic. I speak very well and know how to work with others. Im very coachable and determined to be the best at whatever I do. Instagram @Myron_Gattison

  49. Jilian

    Female, late 20s, fresh image, something different, with a fan following already. Over 6 years experience in front of the camera. For more info about my music, personality, or fan base, Instagram @ShawtyDaDayumDj. Visit

  50. Brian E. Sibley

    Revolt TV,

    Look no further in regards to looking for your next Male Host for the new network. I deserve to be the Host for Revolt because I have paid my dues both in life and in my career. I have those aspiring broke as a joke stories, as well as those stories where you have to spend your last $100 on gas to travel from San Diego to LA, not knowing if you will get a callback stories (Inspirational). I am originally from the city of Chicago (born and raised). I enlisted in the US Navy right after H.S to broaden my horizons and get the discipline and integrity that I needed in order to make it in the real world. Currently, I am known as the “First-Ever” Face of Men’s Fashion Week LA (Spokesperson). I have done so much to get to where I am in life but through sacrifice, focus, and determination I am keeping my eyes on the prize. I will not make this a long drawn out story but I will say that if I have captivated you, please contact me so that we may set up a one-on-one meeting.

    Brian E. Sibley
    YT:TheModelKells or Brian E. Sibley

  51. Fadzai Prudence Chikono

    I have often asked myself time and time again why I want to be a TV Presenter and have a role in the media industry. On all occasions my answers have been based on a few unchanging motives. My desires are to inspire, educate, entertain and add value.

    My charisma, voice and physical appeal are a unique blend. My goal is to use these talents as a TV presenter to inspire the young generation,  to revive hope to those who have forgotten what it feels like, to ignite dreams that have been shelved, to educate the willing and to provide guidance to the not-so-sure.

    I am an entertainer who knows how to captivate and draw in the crowd. The camera and I have a story to write home about and I hope you enjoy my showreel attached.

    Should you prefer using YouTube you may follow the link below.

    I hope you will contact me.


    Prudence Chikono
    YouTube link:

  52. Riesa

    I’m going to keep this short and sweet! This position sounds like an amazing opportunity and TV presenting has been both my full time job and my heart’s passion for the past several years. I am confident that I will, if given the chance, bring something fresh and unique to Revolt TV and I hope you will consider giving me that chance. Feel free to take a look at my demo reel which is linked below or visit my website at I am ready to take the next big step in my career and I believe this could be it! #IamREVOLT

  53. Elis Acevedo-Suarez

    I should be considered because I have the looks and I have an amazing bubbly personality. I’m ALWAYS in a great mood! I LOVE to entertain anyone that crosses my path. I am an aspiring Business Woman & I’ve been wanting to work along Sean Combs since I decided I wanted to be in the Business Field in life. He’s someone I’ve looked up to since I was in high school and my personality belongs on television. I could go on and on about myself but I guess you would just have to see for yourself!!!

  54. Crissy

    I am interested because my personality is just as big as television!! I love to entertain and be seen! I’m beautiful and I have a sense of humor! I’m a hard worker and dedicated to whatever I do! #IamRevolt

  55. Taylor Bernal

    Hello there,
    I am Taylor Bernal. I am a Hispanic female that is a sophomore at Texas State University. I enjoy singing , meeting new people , going to different places, and as simple as it sounds, living my life. I have received many comments to pursue either singing or acting but I have been timid before. Now, I finally have the courage to put myself out there. I am living the college life and I am hoping this comment will be read and will help change my life because I honestly think I can do it. I have put two pictures in my application and if need be I can gladly send more. I feel like describing yourself in person(or at least seeing pictures) is much better than reading words about someone you have no idea about because you yourself have to envision what they look like and it’s super odd because everyone here is describing themselves, so I feel as if I should do the same.
    Height: 5’05
    Weight: 125
    Hair color: Brown
    State: TX
    City: originally Dallas (but now San Marcos because I go to school there)
    Talent: singing and social skills oh and I can totally kill a medium pizza all by myself, it’s quite lovely.

    So, I’m being 100% honest and I’m just trying to stand out of all of these comments and I really do hope y’all read these.


  56. Laura Eldridge

    I feel like I deserve the opportunity because it is a passion of mine. I use to do a internet radio show which didn’t really do to well but thay didn’t stop me from giving up. All I want is to make way and opportunities for my family to grow and have an amazing life. I promise to work hard and put my best foot forward. I’m 26 years old. I’m 5’5 1/2 . I been to daddys house before with my husband he recorded music there. I am pr and black. I’m a out going young lady looking for a wonderful opportunity