Game Show Network’s hit game show IDIOTEST, as seen on Ellen and the Today Show, is NOW CASTING another exciting season!

IDIOTEST is hosted by Ben Gleib and is a competitive game show that features teams of two competing to answer brain teasers and puzzle questions with the winning team advancing to a bonus round for the opportunity to win $10, 000.

The hit game show takes the teams of two through three rounds of brain teasers and mind-boggling puzzles. In the first round of the game the two teams face 2 sets of questions with each question valuing $300 and a deduction of $20 per second the team takes to answer the questions. The deductions ceases when the team places an answer into their touch screen. The team then has the opportunity to win the remaining balance if the question is answered correctly. In the second round the teams face one question and cannot confer with each other in order to answer the question. In the second round the question is valued at $500 with a $25 deduction with each second the team/contestant takes to answer the question. In the third round one contestant from each team face the same question simultaneously. Each contestant is given their own countdown with the question valuing $1,000 with a deduction of $50 per second the contestant takes to answer the question. The other contestants then face each other a more difficult question with the question valuing $2,500 and decreasing by $100 for every second the contestant takes to answer. The team with the most money wins the game and is given the opportunity to play the bonus round for $10,000.

This addictive game show of deceptively simple tests is currently seeking two pairs of contestants to face-off for a chance to win big $$$! The casting team for IDIOTEST is seeking would be contestants with a keen eye and quick mind. Think you’re up for the challenge? Email the official casting team immediately with Your Name, Age, Contact Information, and why you would like the chance to play along with 2 clear photos of you to the casting team at Be sure to check back here for more casting updates for this hit game show series. Leave a comment in the space provided below this post and tell us what you think of the show and why you would like to be considered as a contestant on Game Show Network’s IDIOTEST.

It’s time to show the world that you can conquer the IDIOTEST!


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  1. Santannah Benson

    Hello! My sister and I love the show! My name is Santannah and I’m 23 and my little sister Stephanie is 20. Even though we are so close in age, we really are complete opposites! I’m a Kindergarten teacher and married to my amazing husband while she is a college student that travels all over the world every chance she gets. She is the fearless adventure seeker and I’m the rational responsible one. Despite our differences we are best friends and I can’t think of a better bonding experience than Idiotest!

  2. Ryan Kellum

    Hola, me and my brother Andrew are semi-pro gamers/ professional nerds who’ve been watching Idiotest since the beginning! We feel like our teamwork and analysis we’ll beat anyone 😈

  3. Kacey and Billy Jones

    Hi my name is Kacey Jones. My husband Billy and I just got married a week ago so we have that energetic natural happy of newlyweds and would make great entertainment with our bubbly charm. I am 24 and he is 34. That 10 years DOES make a difference. We watch this show all the time and compete against each other. I think it’s time to take it to the level and compete against another team. We both have outgoing and positive personalities and we are both very competetive so we would make great contestants. We would love to be on the show… idiotest is great entertainment. Thank you

  4. Whitney

    My boyfriend and I would like a chance to play on Idiotest! We are goofy souls who don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love the show and have watched it together since the start.

  5. Tiana Leighton

    I love love love this show and watch it all the time and win even though I’m not on the show….. anyways, I think you should pick me cause I’m cool and I’m not an idiot.

  6. jess simas

    My Boyfriend and I in MA are turning 30 this year, and it’s time to try IDIOTEST!

  7. sophia

    Hi! Me and my dad always watch the show and shout out the answer. I am 11 and my dad is 44 and works for HSI.

  8. Ryan & Anand

    Hi there! Anand & I have always been huge fans of Idiotest and it would be a dream come true to compete on the program. Our passion is trivia and play around 4-5 nights a week, and we both have very outgoing personalities that we believe would align with what Idiotest is looking for in contestants. Thank you for your consideration!

  9. Bryan Barnes

    Hey man name is Bryan. If I get on the show I will win and certainly shine with my witty jokes and likable attitude.

  10. Molly

    Hi! I’m Molly. I’m 12 years old so either kids version or teen version would be lit. I have a BFF Ashlyn and we always watch the show together. Thanks!!

  11. Tyran & Tyson

    My brother and I are Twins and we watch the show all the time. We’ve always competed against each other when we were young with Idiot IQ test and were ecstatic when we found out there was an entire show dedicated to those type of test! We feel like we can come on the show and not only win but prove that twin telepathy may be an actual thing.

  12. Niasia Bryant

    You have to be an idiot to not put me on your show!

  13. Michael

    2 idiot bodies, dual mastermind strains, 1 epic battle.

  14. Benjamin Schiro

    My beautiful girlfriend and I have loved the show ever since it first hit the air. I would love a chance to show off my talents of being able to think in a different perspective than others as well as my beautiful girlfriend. Both are 21.

  15. Eric Charles

    Hi! My daughter is turning 15 in May and she would love to be on the show with her. She is obsessed with it, and even surprises me at times with the answers. She’s very smart, and very sweet. i’m sure the show would enjoy her. Please give her the chance to be on the show. Thank you.

  16. Talia Branch

    I’m a mommy of 2 smart boys and would love to show off my smarts. I am a huge fan of the game show idiot test and would love to be chosen to come on there and show up the opposing team.

  17. de shola spencer

    I want to compete in the game show idiotest

  18. Shaylan Harp

    This is Shaylan and Leanna, young newly engaged couple. We are up to date on all episodes of idiotest and would love the opportunity to be on the show! Give us the chance to prove that the other team is the team of idiots! 🙂

  19. Emily

    I want to be cast on kidiotest I am 12 years old and my mom approves, she thinks I’m an idiot lol and I will prove I’m not and I’ll win the 10,000 dollars for our family

  20. Emily

    I want to be cast on kidiotest I am 22 years old and my mom approves, she thinks I’m an idiot lol and I will prove I’m not and I’ll win the 10,000 dollars for our family

  21. Emily

    My daughter emily wants to be cast she is 12 years old she wants to be on kidiotest

  22. Ashley Harbison

    My friend and I are idiots lol but we love idiotest and seem pretty good at it! We’d love to be on the show!

  23. Trish Rynn

    Hey I may be older but I’m still pretty sharp. I auditioned only once for a college musical and got the lead female in Pippin. Yes I sing I used to tap dance and I can act rather well went to HB Studio top in my class. I got put off acting because some batch ruined a year of my college life after I beat her out of the pippin role. I never knew someone could be so nasty. I want another chance and I have all the time in the world.

  24. Andrea

    I’m not an idiot and I will prove it! I would also really like to be on a game show and win $10,000. I would love for a chance to match wits with Ben Gleib. He is the funniest/wittiest game show host I have seen.

  25. Harley

    Me and my boyfriend play all the time and we rock!

  26. Tom kriley

    The pix questions are easy to answer if you just look at it. Me and my brother are smart enough to go against anybody.We both went to college. I have 7 years of college.My brother is retired air force.$10,000 no problem.

  27. Nicole & Kyle

    My boyfriend and I would love to compete on this show to start a savings account for our six month old daughter! We watch it every night and absolutely love it! It’s a great challenge!

  28. Sandra J Kohler

    My husband and i would love to be on this show! We are watching it right now and my husband and i are answering just as quick if not quicker than the contestants!

  29. A'Kilya Bradley

    This is my favorite show EVER! I’ve probably seen almost every episode and I’m honestly pretty good at the game! I would love to be a contestant on the show! I also love Ben’s personality and would love to meet him! Thanks and please consider!

  30. Tajhae Reynolds

    I’ve watched almost every episode! I love how the show makes you think outside the box!

  31. Colleen

    My husband and I watch the show all the time! We would make an amazing team from Arkansas!!

  32. Chelsea Nork

    My ten-year-old son and I LOVE Idiotest and we are awesome at it! Your tricky puzzles keep us on our toes! We would love be on a mother-son show or he could go on with his BFF.

  33. Jacenta Scott

    When is the next casting date for the show?

  34. Grayson

    Me and my older brother Cameron wouldn’t like to be on the show. But we would like $10,000. So please consider us!

  35. Marci Festa

    My daughter is so good at your far she has not been wrong…She is 13! Would love to see her and her spunky fabulous personality along with her moms(me) awesomeness!
    We want to be on this show together!!! Or just her and friend if just kids!!!

  36. Marci Festa

    My daughter is so good at your far she has not been wrong…She is 13! Would love to see her and her spunky fabulous personality along with her moms(me) awesomeness!
    We want to be on this show together!!!

  37. Nalani Carson

    We are future mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, we love your show, and the future daughter-in-law and her fiancé want to buy a house. Winning $10,000 would help so much with the down payment! Oh, and by the way, we are not idiots! We do very well from home, but would like to find out if we could do as well in person there! Please give us a chance!

  38. Katelyn Bosely

    Me and my husband love Idiotest!! We watch it every week! We are faster than most of the players on the show too! We would like to be on the show to show our two children how smart we are. Please consider us!

  39. Isabella

    I would love to be a contestant but I would be on a kidiotest episode I am almost 13 and most of the contestants on kidiotest are that age. I would love to go on with my friend that I have know forever and if u are casting for kidiotest I can send my email. Thank you for considering me!

  40. Jaida McIntosh

    My boyfriend and I watch the show religiously and play the game at home against each other. It’s our favorite thing to do on a lazy day without making us feel so lazy. (using the noggin)

  41. Faye Clavier

    Hello! This is Faye and Kaya Clavier from Summerville, SC! We are mother and daughter and we watch idiotest all the time!! We think we would be good for this show cause we always answer the questions right and we love to have fun!

  42. Stephanie Silverman

    i would love to be on the show with one of my kids. I love the show and i do very well at home …

  43. Megan Blakely

    We absolutely love this hilarious and edgy game show!
    My name is Megan, and I would love the chance to be on Idiotest with my fiance, Cody! We are big fans, mostly because we like proving to our friends that we are NOT, in fact, idiots (they’re slowly coming to terms with it). Cody and I are getting married in just 10 short months, and being on Idiotest would not only be a great test of our ability to work as a team one last time before we tie the knot, but also a great way to get our friends an open bar at our wedding (we’re pretty sure that’s the only reason they’re coming)!
    We are a fun-loving, goofy, quick-witted couple who would surely bring some spark to your show.

  44. Jessica Knox

    Samantha Knox and Daniko Plastino love watching the show! They are capable of solving both the regular Idiotest puzzles as well as the Kidiotest puzzles. These girls should be considered because they are super cute, silly, funny, clever and witty! AND of course they love Ben Gleib!
    Thank you.

  45. Kate Whorton

    Yes my 13 yr old loves this show. She wants to play!!!

  46. Emily Suhadolnik

    Hi ! My name is Emily and I would LOVE an opportunity to be on your show, my boyfriend and I always watch and he always thinks he can kick anyone’s butt on this show hahahah. I’m sending my email! I dream to be apart of something like this ! I hope you pick us! You won’t be disappointed 🙂

  47. Taylor

    Id love to say I was on a game show!!! And what better one thabmn IDIOTEST!!

  48. Asia Oliver

    I always watch idiotest with my family and have always wanted to be a contestant. I would use the money to pay for college tuition. Thank you.

  49. Lindsey Sessions

    This game is awesome! I record every episode. I believe I should be a contestant because when I watch this show I cringe when people get the answers wrong! It’s so easy.

  50. Cali Horton

    I love this show! I think it would be so much fun to be on this show!! When I watch it I’m yelling at the tv calling out the answers.

  51. Jodi

    I love this show and it would truly be amazing if me and my sister could be on it together.

  52. Corina

    Hi! My name is Corina and I would dominate the show let me just tell you. I have never got an answer wrong while watching. I think this show is very entertaining and it is hilarious. Although my mother and I would cause a huge amount of laughs we would also win. And if we didn’t no harm done because it would be an amazing experience to enjoy with my mother.

  53. Gip Santalucia

    I am 16 years old and go to a Specialized High School in the Bronx (HSAS at Lehman College). My friend and I are interested in competing not only for potential winnings, but also to experiment the efficacy of a drug we recently developed. The medication’s desired effects are enhanced reaction and hyperattentivity. What better way to test the invention than on “Idiotest”? Thank you for your consideration.


  54. Kristi G

    Idiotest is the best game show ever! It’s super addicting and my favorite thing to watch on TV. My hubby and I love to see who can solve the puzzles first.

  55. Tammera Scoty

    I would love to be on your game show c u soon lol


    Hello. My name is erika and I’m from northern Wisconsin. My fiancée and I would be be so good on this show!! How do we get on here??

  57. Vanessa Smith

    My boyfriend Mike and I would jump at the chance to be contestants on idiotest. We’ve been watching the show and love it. This is the only time we’ve ever wanted to be on a game show and actually went as far as to reach out, It seems that somehow we come together well and actually solve a lot of these puzzles! At home we do anyway!!! Lol

  58. Heath Diemert

    I love idiotest, my wife and i record it every week so we can watch it together. I would like to be a contestant on idiotest because I watch the show and get the answers right and would love to join the show.

  59. Cash Hamlet

    I think that this show is challenging as well as thought provoking while being entertaining.

  60. The Traffords

    We love the obscurity of the questions but your rewards don’t correlate to their difficulty.
    Your host also is quite condescending. The title of the show is idiotic, in fact we initially wouldn’t even watch it because of the name.

  61. Corrine Petrosino

    My husband and I are big fans of the show and think we would be great contestants because we have a keen eye for all of the tricky puzzles and a great sense of humor.

  62. Bob Nance

    Hello my name is Bob and I am interested in being a contestant on Idiot test with my wife.Love the show! I am open to other game well. I live in Fresno, Ca and would prefer an La based game show. My wife has been pleading with me to get on a game show and make some money with all this trivia and knowledge in my head.

  63. Tiana

    We would like to participate on your show, Idiotest for kids.

  64. JaRhonda Katts

    Idiotest makes me feel so dumb sometimes. I love the game, and I love the host. It is a fun filled game that isn’t like the typical game you see everyday. My hubby play against the contestants on the TV and get soooo mad when they can’t figure out exactly what the answer is. I know it is a lot harder than it looks, but we would love the opportunity to go on the show and see how stupid we really are.

  65. Liz

    My sister and I watch this show ALL the time and we are very competitive, seeing who can answer first. Would love to be on the show!

  66. Tiffany Miller

    Idiot Test is one of THE funniest game shows of late!! Ben Gleib is hilarious. I absolutely love his sarcastic humor ESPECIALLY when the contestants are, like, completely unaware!

  67. Alyssa Calderon

    Hello! My name is Alyssa and I would love to be a contestant with my fiancé on Idiotest! We watch this show all the time and swear we will end up winning the $10,000 because we are that good! But it is a big challenge to try our luck on the stage, other than the TV screen..! I am sending my email right now 😀

  68. Jasmine Shells

    I love watching Idiotest with my brother! We think it’s a truly amazing TV show and we truly want the opportunity to try and go on ourselves.

  69. john Hasselbeck

    Would love for a chance to get on the show!🙌👏


    My daughter and I spend quality time by watching your show on a regular basis to the point where there’s nothing left but reruns to watch. We enjoy challenging each other by pausing the show to give each other a chance to get the correct answer. Sadly, the majority of the time she is right and I am wrong. We recently saw another kid on the show that we know and to be honest I have never thought to participate until then. I would love to give my daughter the chance to join the show.

  71. Saasha

    The show is awesome and right up my alley. I love the host and all his comical banter and the brain games are always fun and challenging

  72. Muhammad falah

    Hi my name is Muhammad falah and i am fourteen years old. I would be a great contestant for your show due to the fact that I am confident, enjoy a good competition, and only support stupidity not idiocy. So really when you truelly consider the situation you would be an idiot if you did not choose me.

  73. Muhammad falah

    Hello my name is Muhammad falah, I am fourteen years old and very clever. Although my wits help me out a good majority of the time so does my competitive spirit and good nature towards being in public. Yes there are probably millions of people who try to appear on your show and fail I feel I am the best candidate for the show and would appreciate a shot at any sum of money close to ten thousand dollars

  74. SkyGunner

    Watching idiotest today, I was enjoying it until the male contestants said they were democrats. Then the female contestants said they were Republicans. Ben asked a female player why she didn’t like dems, she answered about taxes. Ben then embarrassed her by saying, ‘ oh, you want dirt roads like on mad max? ‘ then went from there. Ad nauseum-ad infinitum. Can we not watch game shows without the host bringing politics into it? I know most Hollywood personalities are raging liberals, but, please leave it off game shows. He kept embarrassing them until they lost and had to leave. I realize that your network is probably democratic and you saw no reason not to air this episode. Tell Ben to keep his liberal views in his pocket, but if not, find another host. I will no longer be a viewer, nor my rep. and dem. friends, who agree with me. Yes, game show channel, there actually are dems who don’t enjoy political games being discussed while watching. Oh, after mentioning obamatollah and as the dems were leaving, he started shouting four more years. I’m more upset about this than my writing is showing, but unlike antifa dem activists I am a gentleman and can control myself until pushed past a certain point.

  75. KeShonda Moses

    I love the show and I always get the answer right.