Game Show Network’s hit game show IDIOTEST, as seen on Ellen and the Today Show, is NOW CASTING another exciting season!

IDIOTEST is hosted by Ben Gleib and is a competitive game show that features teams of two competing to answer brain teasers and puzzle questions with the winning team advancing to a bonus round for the opportunity to win $10, 000.

The hit game show takes the teams of two through three rounds of brain teasers and mind-boggling puzzles. In the first round of the game the two teams face 2 sets of questions with each question valuing $300 and a deduction of $20 per second the team takes to answer the questions. The deductions ceases when the team places an answer into their touch screen. The team then has the opportunity to win the remaining balance if the question is answered correctly. In the second round the teams face one question and cannot confer with each other in order to answer the question. In the second round the question is valued at $500 with a $25 deduction with each second the team/contestant takes to answer the question. In the third round one contestant from each team face the same question simultaneously. Each contestant is given their own countdown with the question valuing $1,000 with a deduction of $50 per second the contestant takes to answer the question. The other contestants then face each other a more difficult question with the question valuing $2,500 and decreasing by $100 for every second the contestant takes to answer. The team with the most money wins the game and is given the opportunity to play the bonus round for $10,000.

This addictive game show of deceptively simple tests is currently seeking two pairs of contestants to face-off for a chance to win big $$$! The casting team for IDIOTEST is seeking would be contestants with a keen eye and quick mind. Think you’re up for the challenge? Email the official casting team immediately with Your Name, Age, Contact Information, and why you would like the chance to play along with 2 clear photos of you to the casting team at Be sure to check back here for more casting updates for this hit game show series. Leave a comment in the space provided below this post and tell us what you think of the show and why you would like to be considered as a contestant on Game Show Network’s IDIOTEST.

It’s time to show the world that you can conquer the IDIOTEST!


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175 Casting Responses

  1. Juliana Zeta Freeman

    My brother (William) and I just submitted our application! We love your show and truly enjoy the challenging puzzles you throw our way. We hope to hear from you soon regarding our application.

  2. Jaz’Mon

    Hi, my name is Jaz’Mon and me and my friend Denise would love to be on your show

  3. Lindsey Anderson

    We might be idiots. Mostly because we’re in our 30s and get excited when this show comes on. Also because we make a conscious choice to watch GSN which is a network that sells ad space to catheter commercials. But hey, we know stuff sometimes.

  4. Daryle Smith

    Hi, My name is Daryle Smith and I think me and my brother Daryen would be the perfect contestants for this game show. We sit around and watch IDIOTEST alot and usually we have correct answers. We are both very competitive, smart, funny, silly and outgouing. I THINK THIS WOULD BE THE PERFECT GAME SHOW TO SHOW THE WORLD THE POWER OF SIBLINGS.

  5. Valerie Brown

    My name is Valerie. I love this show! I know my cousin & I would be the BEST contestants for this show! We can prove it! Bring us on, we’ve got this! We’re just down the street…in San Diego!

  6. Kaitlin

    Hi. My name is Kaitlin and I absolutely love this show and I would love to test my IQ hehe!

  7. Amie Fulton

    Hi! I’m 34 and not an idiot because I watch the show ALL the time and get the questions right (most of the time, hehe)! I’d also love to surprise my mom or dad (who I don’t get to see often due to distance) because they LOVE the show too!

  8. Irelynn Sweeney

    My name is Irelynn and I’m a 13 year girl that loves watching this show with her family. I think I could make it to the last round and show everybody I’m not an idiot.

  9. Jennifer Moreno

    My girlfriend and I love love love this show! It’s the best show on TV. She’s 25 and I’m 30. We would love to be on the show so we can get a chance to play on the show rather than along at home. We would make great contestants and would love to play play against a team. So please pick us lol

  10. Britney lopez

    I’d love to be on the show because it’s fun. We love playing along with the show at home and I’d love to show people I’m not an idiot.

  11. Andre Basile

    My name is Andre Basile and I watch this show with my 12 year old son Thomas. We really think that we can make it to the final round on the show together. We can do it!

  12. Jacobion Evans

    Im a idiot test super fan. I’ve seen all the episodes. I would get every question right cuz I know all of y’all tricks. Just got to slow it down, Read every part of the question, and follow your instincts… I got this!

  13. Gabrielle Evans

    I’m a student at the Naval Academy and my brother works at Applebee’s!! We are not idiots. Please pick us!

  14. Jen

    My fiancé and I love GSN and especially IDIOTEST. Both Computer Science majors from the same college, we didn’t start dating until almost a decade later when fate had us meet again. Your show rarely fools us, but the tricks and twists about the questions are what we can’t get enough of! We will definitely win no matter what team you put us up against – AND win the ending $10,000 🙂 I (Jen) am 38 and he (Josh) is 34. We are made for games like this!

  15. Peter McGinnes

    My name is Peter and I have always wanted to do a game show. I am obsessed with them. I’m 12 years old, and I have my parents permission.

  16. Emily Hunter

    Nooooo, Mr Gleib cheated the last two contestants out bnb of their winnings on the show this morning, 22Sep 2p18, 0230-0300 hrs, est. The contestant answered the test correctly , but Gleib advised that she answered incorrect, in error, and Not Fair!! These contestants deserve reconsideration~Gleib is Foul!!🤔🙄🤨

  17. Emily Hunter

    Hey, Mr Glieb cheated the last 2 contestants out of their winnings in this Morning’s game, which ended at 0300 hrs est, 22Sep 2018. The contestant selected correctly for the last test
    But the host advised otherwise~he cheated them out of their winnings~Not Fair!!!

  18. Jacqueline Scheck

    Please pass this along to the right people. The 1st to the last letter of the alphabet is Y. That would make the 25th to the last letter A, not B. Idiotest was wrong and I think two high school teachers were cheated out of a possible win. And I’m not interested in being on the show.


    My girlfriend and I watch the show regularly and would love to be on be the show, I’m 30 she’s 31. I’m goofy , she is serious and we are definitely not idiots. We play along with the show on the regular and I bet you we will win lol

  20. La Shannes Mitchell

    Hi My name is La Shannea,
    Lasha- what??.. lol I know, very unique.
    I absolutely love this show and would be honored to have the opportunity to prove how much of an idiot I am.. NOT!! I play along with the show all the time! My competitive nature comes from my family game nights. I would love to bring along a family member to show how us Mitchells’ gets down🤣 With Mitchell’s in the house the entertainment never STOPS!

  21. Jessie Douglas

    I am fairly smart so i love a challenge.

  22. Sarah Spreeman

    My bff and I would like a chance to try idiotest! We both turn 40 next year and would like to be able to fund a trip to the happiest place on earth to celebrate or birthdays!

  23. Antoine

    Antoine And Tenisha

    We are good friends going on two years. We click very well with one another. We share so many special moments together and I believe this could be another one we share together.

  24. Danielle S Thompson

    Two cute cousins from Colorado would LOVE to be on the Idiotest! We are smart ladies, but also total idiots. We OFTEN text each other with things that start with “OH MY GOD DID YOU REALIZE THAT…” recent examples include… “THAT SILK BRAND SOYMILK is just a COMBO of the “S” in SOY + the “ILK” in MILK?!?! or “TARGET’S LOGO IS LITERALLY A TARGET. WHAAAAAT”

    Two college educations. Two dum dums. Let’s play!

  25. Aryel Allen

    Hi, my name is Aryel Allen. I am 12 years old. I want to sign up for kidiotest. With my BESTFRIEND, Kamille Sampson. She is also 12. We have known each other since 4th grade ,3 years ago. You should pick us because we are in a magnet program *a public school offering special instruction and programs not available elsewhere*. We 1000000% love idiotest♥. I think we would be great for the show.