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From the producer of The Gilmore Girls Amy Sherman-Palladino comes the next huge ABC Family hit, Bunheads. Season one of this outstanding new series has begun shooting and casting directors and producers for the show are on the lookout for fresh new talent to fill a variety of roles for the seasons remaining episodes.

Bunheads stars two-time Tony Award winner Sutton Foster as Michelle Simms, a classically trained dancer turned Vegas showgirl whose life has not turned out the way she thought it would. Feeling frustrated and unsure of her future, Michelle impulsively marries a man she barley knows who had been pursuing her for months and she finds herself leaving Las Vegas and moving to the small town of Paradise, California. Once there she meets her cantankerous new mother-in-law who just so happens to run the Paradise Dance Academy and Michelle soon becomes a teacher there. Throughout the series fans will be enthralled with the evolving relationships between Michelle and her new husband, mother-in-law and most especially her new young dance students. This show is sure to be a crowd pleaser in the tradition of such renowned ABC Family programs as The Secret Life Of An American Teenager, Pretty Little Liars and Jane By Design. Auditions and casting calls for supporting and day player roles will be happening throughout the season so leave a comment for us below and be sure to check back right here for all of the exciting Bunheads updates.

This is a fantastic chance for actors of all ages to be a part of Amy Sherman-Palladino’s latest television masterpiece. Her one of a kind writing style has been described as a joy to perform by many of her past collaborators and this project will be no different. Your time to be a star is coming soon. Stay tuned for all of the exciting updates for ABC Family’s Bunheads.

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  1. Madison Hudak

    My name is Madison. I am really interested in this. I have been wanting to be a actor and model for a long time.
    14 years old
    5 feet 2 inches
    90 pounds
    Hair- Dirty blond with Highlights
    eyes- Blue/Hazel
    8th grade
    Ashtabula County Ohio

  2. Emily Kogan

    Height- 5’6″
    Weight- 120 lbs.
    Age- 18
    Hair- Brown
    Eyes- Dark Brown
    Ethnicity- Russian
    Nationality- American
    Hello, my name is Emily Kogan. I am extremely athletic, with a lot of stage performing experience through professional dance and rhythmic gymnastics. I love this series, And I’m glad that you are trying to bring more popularity to this beautiful sport and art through mainstream media! I think I could be a valuable asset because I am very quick to learn and adapt to new situations. I am experienced in stunts, all genres of dance, etc. I would love to have a chance to help tell this beautiful story!

  3. Carisa Carroll

    I would love to be updated on upcoming auditions.

    Carisa Carroll
    Height 5’7″
    Age 25
    Based in Los Angeles
    Has worked professionally for State Street Ballet, Santa Barbara Dance Theater and Robin Bisio Films. 18 years ballet training, 5 years of modern/contemporary, 5 years professional experience.

  4. Dominique Jones

    Dominique Jones
    BA Dance from TWU
    Age 24
    African American/Mexican/Cuban
    Height 5’2
    Weight 105 lbs

  5. Pranjal k

    I am an indian and I would love to be a part of any shows.
    I am fair, I have straight black shoulder length hair, I am well built and I am a really interested in acting and I am not just doing this for fame.
    Please contact and I am sure to prove the aforesaid.

  6. Jenna

    Hi there! Everyday, I just go home and practice lines and lines and lines:)
    Age: 13 (almost 14 February 14th!) People see my youngest as 13 and oldest as 16!
    Skin tone: Pale
    Hair colour: brown hair, golden
    Eye colour: blue (husky)
    Body build: athletic and slim
    I was a synchronized swimmer for four years and reached the national level. Now, I compete in dance; hip hop and contemporary. I can speak French, getting my grade 11 half way through this year (gr.9) I can pick up lines quickly, that’s how I learnt languages so quickly! I go to an IB school, so I know the definition of handwork. I have been in front of judges/ on stage/ try-outs that anxious/nervous isn’t even in my vocab! Acting is my dream! I am in love with acting! You won’t regret it if you pick me! I can be sweet, rebellious, sneaky, rude, sarcastic, dramatic etc… If you want to see what I look like just send me a quick email and I will reply! Honestly this has been my dream.

  7. Julia

    I’m Julia. I’m 18 and I’m professional Pole Dancer and pole dance choreography.The moment I walked into my first pole class, I knew I was in a world where I belong. Power and freedom of movement became so present through pole, and I realised what this style of dance could really do for my mind, body and soul. I dropped everything in my home country, and moved to NY, dedicating all of my time to training on the pole and stretching . I dance everywhere when I hear the music. Participated in many dance performances. I dance to be free. I can dance for you and I’m sure you will dance with me because I have so much energy and I wanna share it with you.

  8. Randie Burks

    Hi my name is Randie! I have been dancing my entire life and I am trained in all styles of dance! My family is hurting for money right now making it hard to fulfill my dreams. This would be the perfect opportunity for me to do what I love.
    I live in dallas, Texas, I am a female, I am 16, I am 5’7, I have hazel eyes, long dirty blonde hair, and I am happy, positive, and a hard worker!

  9. Lodovica Gomez

    Basic info:

    15 years (28 of february 2000)
    I can act,sing and dance
    Eye color: green
    Hair color: brown

    Hi, i am Lodovica Gomez.I was born in Paris but grew up in Serbia.I really want to share my talent with the world but i can’t do it here because this is small, not known country.
    If you want to contact me send me email.

  10. Silvina

    Hello, my name is silvina Gutierrez. I’m 20 years old I am Mexican American I speak Spanish and English, I have curly brown hair with gorgeous big light brown eyes, I live in south San Francisco .I’m 4″10 tall slim. I have been dancing since the age of 5 I have dance ballet, jazz, samba, Africa, and tap. I think this would be a great experience for me to be on the show. Thank you!

  11. Michaela Smith

    Hi, my name is Michaela Smith I am 13 years old and currently live in Australia. I love to dance and do gymnastics. I went to state championships more than twice for gymnastics and have gone to many eistedfords for dancing. I am 1m 50cm and weigh 45kg. I love to dance act and sing and would really love to have the opportunity to audition for you.

  12. Maelle

    My name is Maelle,
    I’m a 14 teenage girl
    I’m french, i speak french, english and spanish currently,
    I have dark blond a bit wavy hair,
    I have really dark eyes
    My skin tone is pretty dark
    I’m really thin/skinny and have muscle
    I’m about 1m and 55cm
    I only weight 41 kilos
    I have a really good experiance in acting, singing, gymnastiques and dancing
    I would really love to be on this show, I’m a huge fan of these kinds of series. I really hope i get chosen!
    Thank you

  13. Kandis Pender

    Hi, my name is Kandis Pender I am 18 years old. I am currently 5’6, I have blond hair and hazel eyes. I am from Grand Forks, ND. For those of you who don’t know where North Dakota is it is right by Canada! Little information about myself, I’ve taken private voice lessons for three years and been in numerous musicals. Some of them would be Pippin, Beauty and the Best, Peter Pan, and Pirates of Penzance. Through my school Red River high school and through SPA (summer of performing arts). I have also taken dance. I started when I was 2 years old and took it for about 9 years. I’m a little rusty but am a very fast learner and easy to work with. Thank you for your consideration.
    – Kandis Pender

  14. Theodora Baker

    Hello, I am Theodora and I would love to be considered for this job. I have danced in the professional industry since the age of 3 I have been trained in lyrical, classical ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, tap, acro, ballroom, and waltz. I have had my own tv show for 6years dancing and speaking to public, I have done multiple theatre productions and many talent shows. I have done pageants and public appearances. I am very wide eyed to the industry and would be very easy for me to cope/ fit into any genre you would wish me to do.

  15. Lena

    My name is Lena Rodriguez(no relation to anyone else who has commented). I would love to be a dancer on this show. I’m 13 years old(Born July 13, 2001). I am 5 feet(fairly small) and weigh about 9 pounds. I am a light brunette, due to natural red highlights, and I’m Hispanic. I don’t know if any of this information is relevant, but I’ve seen it on other comments and wanted to be sure that I added everything. I am a trained dancer in contemporary ballet, though I also do tap, jazz, classical ballet, lyrical, modern, and musical theatre.(I have done hip hop, but I’m not that good) I have been dancing since I was two and would love the opportunity to give the world a taste of us dancers who are just as dedicated as the famous ones, but don’t get that publicity. I learn chorography fairly quickly, and have been at multiple dance studios here, in the Las Vegas area, studying as much as possible.

  16. Raquel Domingos

    Hi I’m Raquel and 18 years old. Singing is my passion, it’s what I really love doing. To be honest I never act before, so I don’t have any experience in that area, but I would love to try (with work and dedication everything can happen).
    I don’t think that’s a problem for me because I am a really outgoing and friendly person. I don’t have problems in being in front of the camera, I’m not shy at all.
    I like new experiences and new opportunities and I would love to be part of this one. I think I would do a really good job.
    Thank you for your time.

    Name: Raquel Domingos
    Date of birth: 8th December, 1996 (18 years old)
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eye Color: Brown/greenish
    Hair: Wavy/dark brown
    Height: 5’1
    Curiosities: freckles

  17. chardanay

    I really want to be on a show so bad I ❤ love ❤ everthing and if I could be on the tv

  18. Crystal Baldera

    Hi im Crystal and i have hazel eyes, black hair with natural light brown highlights, 14 years old, and 5 fet tall. I am a cheerleader, gymnast, dancer, and actress. Im not the most experienced but if their is two things i could do is act and dance. i love the idea of pretending to be someone else and having the audience is the palm of my hands. Dancing is me letting all my feelings out un a way that words cant express. That feeling of knowing you did the best is what i live for. i would absolutely love to be apart of the making for this. thank you for your time

  19. Annie Machado

    Basic Info:
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Birthday: May 19
    Height: about 5 feet
    Weight: 105
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Location: Worcester, MA

    My name is Annie Machado and I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. My nationaity is Brazilian but my skin is pretty light. I’m very small, a little over 5 feet tall and about 105 pounds.

    My hobbies include music, performing arts and graphic communications.

    Singing is my passion. I started singing at 11 years old, which is when I also started taking guitar lessons. I self taught myself a little piano before I started taking lessons 2 years ago. I am also semi-self taught on bass and drums.

    I also write my own music and have some experience recording.

    I’ve been dancing since I was 4, and continue to dance now. I dance ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary/modern. I also took one year of hip-hop.

    I have a lot of experience performing on stage in front of a live audience. I’ve performed in countless dance recitals, talent shows, and plays. In eighth grade I was casted as the lead role in a musical called Just Like Us. This was for my school. Last year I was casted in a play called Alice in Wonderland Jr. for the community drama club, and I played the lead role of Alice.

  20. Ravenna lee

    hi and we’re going to leave I’m 12 years old I’m from Southern California. I’ve always wanted to be on abc family.If I got this opportunity it would make my life.I love acting singing dancing and anything involving being on a stage or in front of people or just for fun. I have brown hair and blue eyes. Is 49 and I weigh 85 poundsmy skills include woodworking and beginner. I’m currently learning how to play the guitar and the handbells.my role models are Rosa park and Martin Luther King Jr they both students what they believe in. And agree had great public speaking ability. I would love to get any parts for the lead.or it be great to just be an extra. Just imagining in my head makes me looking down. I’ll see you in Los Angeles!

  21. Anitra Mcknight

    Hi, My name is Anitra McKnight and Me and my mom love to death Gilmore Girls we think of yourself as the same character in the show. We live just like them its just me and my mom and my son I had in high school we have the same problems that the mom and daughter did and also my mom is a cook and she has a friend just like the mom do and I have a friend who thinks she know everything in the world and she’s very smart we hang out everyday trying to learn more things in the world. I’m 5″1 and I have brown hair and brown eyes I wear glasses but I also wear contacts if you prefer that to but I can ack like any character you throw at me. I think this would be a very good step in my life if you just give me the chance to show you all and the world you want be sorry trust me.

  22. Nadine Bradley

    Hello I’m Nadine Bradley.
    I am a half Caucasian and half Congolese 19 year old female. I am nearly 5’8 and have a slim figure. I currently have long light brown hair, however my natural hair color is dark brown. I am often asked if I am a model or actress. I am originally from a small town where opportunities are rare so I have done very little modeling and acting. I did 10 years of dance, 11 years of gymnastics and 14 years of soccer. I got myself out of the small town and moved to L.A. for more opportunities. I am pursuing a career in the medical field at a 4 year near downtown L.A. however I have always dreamed of acting and given the event that I get an acting job I would make all the time in the world to pursue an acting career. I believe my age range is 15-21 depending on makeup and wardrobe. I grew up watching ABCfamily shows and I’d love to be a part of it.

    P.S. I have grace and attitude and I can rock a dance performance weather its ballet or hip hop.

  23. Tatiana soraia Silva mendes

    Hi,my name is Tatiana Mendes im 13 years and im Portuguese but i speak English very well …i can sing, act and dance(i have dance classe)l.i can really see my-self acting and singing for the rest of my life …i promess if you pic me you won’t be regret. seriously,i know that you should ear this a lot,but this is my life…every time people give me an opportunity ,i give my best to correspond to the expestations .give me a chance… I’ll take it and never let it go
    im very excited because looks an amazing serie

  24. Julia Jensen

    Hi! My name is Julia Jensen and I love to act, sing, and dance. I am about 5’7 and weigh about 130 lbs. I have dirty blonde hair and blue/green eyes. I am currently en pointe and have been dancing for 8 years now. I was born flexible and I am very advanced which allows me to play older roles in my acting career. I have done many plays at KVPAC (Katy Visual Performing Arts Center) and I will be taking theatre as my elective, as well as choir. I have been singing since I was a little girl and did 5th grade choir, and sang in the plays I have done. I hope you will consider me to play a role in this fabulous TV show and I would be happy with any role you have available!

  25. Emily Pippin

    Hi my name is Emily Pippin and I am 10 years old. I have been in dance for 3 years and have done very well on my solo’s. I love to dance and work very hard, just ask my dance teacher and my parents. I watched the first season and loved it very much. Can’t wait for the next season.

    Age: 10
    Place: Cleveland Texas
    Weight: 60 pounds
    Height: 4ft 5 inches
    Hair: Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue
    Ethic: White

  26. Katrina Stone

    My name is Katrina Stone,
    I’m 17 years old and ready to start my acting career.
    I feel you should consider me for a role so I can show you what I’ve got.

  27. Lauren Crane

    Age: 13
    Eye color: blue
    Hair: brown
    Ethnicity: caucasian
    Lives: Upstate New York

    I used to watch this show all the time and have always dreamed of being on it! I danced for 5 years and absolutly loved it. I would do anything to be on this show! I play lacrosse as of now and in my free time i enjoy gymnastics. I did gymnastics for 5-6 years. Gymnastics is still a major part in my life. I will be sure not to disappoint you with any role you give me!!
    – Thank you!

  28. Sara DuVall

    My name is Sara DuVall, I am 28 years old and I’m ready to further my acting career!
    I have been to many auditions and I have had many stage performances as we as theatre classes!
    I have been in dance now for 26 years. I’ve taken and have taught tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, hip hop, modern, contemporary, improv, and some others!
    I would love to be apart of this!!
    I am willing to play any type part. I can do many different accents and I can do my own stunts!
    I am willing to change my appearance!
    Thank you!

  29. Elizabeth Clink

    Name: Elizabeth Jade Clink
    Date of Birth: February 5,2014
    Skin Color: pale/white
    Hair Color: Dirty Blond
    Eye Color: Blue Green
    School: North Middle School
    My Passions: Dancing Singing Acting Performing & Designing Close
    Why you should choose me: I am extremely hard working I get the job done while doing 110 percent. I have been dancing since I was 2 . I’m also fully committed to my passions and want to help you have the best show even though it already is. It would be an honor to work with you and your cast.

  30. Sarah Stokes

    Hello I might be a little young to even be considered but what the heck. I’m Sarah I’m 16 from Lubbock… A town that is just bursting at the seams with opportunity…. Haha. I would love to be considered for any role of any show of abc family. I maybe young but I have talent. I have been trained in all areas entertainment. Acting,singing,and dancing both classically and mainstream. I’m determined and zealous and have been told I’m exotic and charming. I’m a half black half white strong female with a kick mentality and skills that kill.
    Thanks for your time,

  31. Bogomila-Maria Gospodinova

    Hi, i am 15 🙂 I wold realy love to be on the show ! I have brown hair and hazel eyes . I think it will be a lot of fun and a great opportunity for me 🙂 Thank you!

  32. Destiny Mack

    Destiny Mack
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: hazel

    My name is Destiny Mack and I have been dancing since I was 3 years old. I do many dance styles including jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap, clogging, ballet, hip hop, and pointe. Without dance I wouldn’t be who I am today for it has shaped me into the young lady I am. I love all aspects of dance and would love to be apart of the professional world. Dance is my passion. I will do any role thrown my way. Because of my drive and commitment I will never give up. To dance on a television show or to just perform live is a dream of mine. Please contact me, if you need a dancer with a lot of dedication and drive!
    Thank you for your time,

  33. Argyro Petraki

    Hi! My name is Argyro, Im 15 years old and i come from Greece. I’m 5’3. I weight 52kg, my hair colour is blonde(dyed) and my eye colour is green. My dream is to become a successful, well know actress and I’m willing to do everything I need to to make my dream come true. I speak very good English. If you have any role contact with me and I’ll do my best o succed!
    Thank you.

  34. Stephanie Liz Matos

    Hello I am Stephanie Matos. I am 21 years old. Weight 110 and am 5’6 tall. My hair is auburn redish and dark brown eyes. I am an aspiring actress looking to get my career started and would love to begin here. I have been professionally dancing since the age of 4. I dance Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Salsa, Tango, Merengue, Ballroom… etc. I have also modeled and am a choreographer. I really love this show due to the fact that it shows a dancers perspective and how our lives can be. I am our number one fan! Hope to hear from you soon =]

  35. kadi


    My name is Kadi
    I’m 21 years
    my height is 5’6
    My weight is 55kg
    My eyes are brown
    Ethnicity: african american
    I am a smart beautiful talented multilingual girl.
    I don’t know if I am old or not but I really wish I’m not old for this.
    I have taken intensive acting and dancing classes and been as an extra in bollywood movies and I was a belly dance teacher in India.
    I love acting modeling dancing and singing (though my voice isn’t like Christina Aguilera’s )
    hire me and you will not regret it trust me
    My work has been found good and satisfactory
    Here’s the link to my twitter twitter.com/sweetkadi

  36. Sheldie Derival

    Hi My Name Is Sheldie Derival I`m 20 years old and I would love to do this job I would be perfect for it I`m patient nice loving and sweet please pick me I really need a job so bad. Also I live in Miami Gardens, Florida

  37. rachel

    Age:17 turning 18 in june
    Height about: 5’2
    Weight: 123
    Eyes: hazel
    Hair: dark brown
    Lives: tampa fl
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    I live in a family filled with performers and I enjoy singing and dancing and have been singing since I was three. I have great stage presence and I dont get nervous in front of people. I have performed in the Macy’s parade as apart of the tshs band program. I am currently one of my schools jazz singers. My family is big on theatre and acting so I’ve been pretty exposed to it and wanna get started on my career.

  38. ciara

    hey im ciara, 15 and from ireland. i would love to be apart of this show! i have experience on a set as an extra but would love to expand that and act. I am very co-opertive and give my all every time. Thank you for your time.

  39. Sonia Marinova

    Hi! My name is Sonia. I am 15 years old. I can sing,dance and act . I sing at school and I take lessons… I have been dancing since I was 4 years old. I started with ballet and Latin American Dance ( Jive,rumba, Salsa and cha-cha-cha) but now I am dancing Hip-Hop. I have been dancing Hip-Hop since 4 years( My crew is the best :d)….I love acting ( for me it is not hard). I have long curly brown hair and dark brown eyes. I am 5’11 tall and my weight is normal. I sing at school and I take lessons…
    twitter.com/Soniacool98 ,facebook.com/soncheto.marinova

  40. Samantha Rennie

    Hey there, I am Samantha Rennie and I am a 19 year old dancer but I look much younger. I am currently looking for a place to launch my dance career and could think of no better way than in a show. I am 5’3″ and 115 lbs. I have been dancing almost my whole life, with only a short break to try out other sports, but I ended up back in dance. It is my one true passion and I want to stay in it for the rest of my life. Feel free to contact me with any roles you may have available, or contact me with any questions or concerns you may have as I do not want to post to much on the internet. Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you

  41. Alex

    I’m 13 and I live in Connecticut. most of the comments are for aspiring dancers, but I’d like to act. I’ve been in 12 productions and I would like to play a character who does not dance.

  42. Evelyn

    Hey there my name is Evelyn Martinez and I am interested in being in the show I use to watch it and I loved it!
    Name: Evelyn Martinez
    Height: 5’1
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Ethnic: Mexican

    I hope you contact me (:

  43. Shannon Vazquez

    Hi there! Me again! So I wish everyone the best of luck! I figured id leave a comment on Here too bc this series sounds Amazing as well!! Sooo here we go again! :). I am a SINGLE mom of three. I have long auburn./red hair. Green eyes. I am 5’0 and 110 lbs body type being fit. I think that’s it. Abc is rockin it! I can’t wait to watch!

  44. hannah radosevich

    Age: 15
    Weight: 102lbs
    ethnic: caucasian
    eye color: brown
    Hair color: brown
    I live in Michigan and dance at The Dance Center. We are currently working on our production of Cinderella ballet, I have the role of the mean step sister. I also act and sing apart from dancing. I am a good candidate for this show because I am a ballerina that can act. I am outgoing, funny, and love to meet new people. I have seen every episode of Bunheads and would love the opportunity of working with such a great cast of dancers and actors! I won’t disappoint you!

  45. Jasmine Urban

    Jasmine urban
    Ethnicity: half Caucasian half Korean
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: hazel

    My name is Jasmine Urban and I have been dancing since I was 4. I dance classical ballet, jazz, contemporary, and tap. Without dance I wouldn’t be who I am today, I don’t need to dance I have to dance. I am willing to try anything even if it means a style of dance I’m uncomfortable with, I’ll even sing if you ask me too. I have been teaching at my studio to pay for my classes and been on a scholarship for over a year and a half. I can do any role or back up part you want me to do. And I will never give up!! Please contact me, you won’t regret it!
    – thank you

  46. Courtney Gagliano

    I’m 12 years old and female! My dream has been to be on a show or movie for as long as I can remember. I was a model with the Campbell Agency for 2 years and modeled in everything from cheerleading magazines to Neiman Marcus catalogs. I was also in one commercial for water conservation a couple of years ago. I was in acting in front of a camera classes for 1 year. I was in a drama class for 1 year at a fine arts school. I am in at least 2 plays a year with my school, and that is not counting my church. I have dance, tumbling and gymnastics experience and I love to sing! My eyes are green and my hair is brown. I have white skin, but I’m pretty tan. I’m thin, but not skin and bones. I’m 5 foot, 3 inches and growing! I’m looking for a start to my acting career, and this is perfect! I will take any part you give me and put 200% effort into it! Give me an audition and you want regret it!!!

  47. Cvetelina Nedkova

    🙂 i would like to be part of this show 🙂 i am 14 and i don’t have a lot of experience i mean i have but no one is giving me a chance so if something comes up just write to me on my email please :))

  48. THierry Brandon

    Im 16 years old I currently live in Michigan hoping to go back to Florida.I would love to start off my carrer by acting.I am also a singer, dancer and from time to time I draw , but dance is life (ive only been dancing since 6th grade) but i will do what ever it takes to improve. I was on a dance team before i moved it really broke my heart but when i made that team i knew i was an okay dancer and thats what i want to show you guys .I dont want to be ‘famous’ for money or anything I want to be and inspiration with a story to tell And help boys and girls of any ages. I love to work hard for what I want because a challenge and hard work brings success.

  49. Regan Ball

    Hair:blonde natural curly
    Age 20

    Hey my name is Regan and I have been dancing since I was three in jazz, ballet , hip hop and tap and ballroom. I am wanting so bad to get a chance on the show Bunheads this year, to showcase my ability to move fluid and effortlessly. I have been on point for 7 years, and took a two year break, but am not back on Pointe, and I love it. I haven’t had my break on tv/film yet, but I am rehearsing everyday intensely, as well as singing, playing the piano, and working on my acting skills for Broadway. I have an outstanding work ethic, and light up the stage when I perform. Please take me into consideration, for my unique all natural american look, and my desire to share and inspire others through my talents. Thank you so much for taking the few moment to read this. Hopefully we talk soon.
    Regan Ball



  51. Keira Sweeney


    My name is Keira Sweeney, I am 19 years old, and I love to dance. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old, and I am now a dance major in University. I would love to share my passion with the would while being a part of this production. I am a huge fan, and would love the opportunity to be a part of this production. I would bring my enthusiasm and sparkle to work everyday.



  52. Karen

    Names karen , I’m only 16 years old enjoying every single day of life an taking a shot at every opportunity given typical brown/black hair girl / light/dark brown eyes amazing eyebrows lol , just a simple teenage Girl ready for any challenge you name it an ill give my best at it … and I’ve decided I want to make a change a difference prove that one opportunity can give the living dream of a lifetime , but you (your company) should give ever female or male a chance you might not no what your missing.

  53. Annabelle Bragalone

    Hi! My name is Annabelle Bragalone and I am 14. I am 5′ 4” with brown hair and brown eyes. Acting is my passion! I have done performances in local theaters. I also love watching Bunheads! Its one of my favorite shows! I would absolutely love to be a part of this show. Hope to hear from you!!!!!

  54. Paulina Correa

    Name: Paulina Correa
    Age:15 (16 in March)
    Eyecolor: Brown
    Ethnic: white
    hair: Waist long brown straight.
    I am from Colombia but I am currently living in California in an arts boarding High school being a dance major, I am professionally trained in ballet, jazz and modern and also in acting, I also sing because my mother is a professional opera singer. I have been given in the past main roles in my school plays, I am very open and talkative, I am very confident and outgoing, I speak fluently English and Spanish, I am a very fast learner and I easily adjust. I can play any role you may give me, I promise if you give me the chance you won’t be disappointed. if you want variety and not always the same pretty american girls, trust me, choosing me would be the best thing you would do.

  55. aldana quiroz

    Hey my name is Aldana Quiroz. I’m 15 turning 16 in march and like every person who left a comment here, I would love to be part of the ABC family cast. I have acted since I was very young ranging from school plays to local art centers and even in some cases to get myself out of trouble. I know you don’t know me but I can assure you I wont waste your time. I’m dedicated and hardworking but at the same time fun and goofy and I know where to draw the line when it comes to work. Currently I’m in 10th grade and working in this little girls spa called pink lemonade, the children there love me and are always saying how funny I am. I have always been a good student with pure A’s and B’s and very responsible. I adore acting, I have taken it as an elective all through middle school and continue taking it in high school. as you can see I take acting very serious and have the dream that someday I will see myself on the big screen. now to tell you a bit about my physical appearance, I have long dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, tan, kinda short 5’2 but that’s why heels exist right? I’m pretty and have won one pageant when I visited Peru. I can memorize anything you give me and can adjust to any role you put in front of me. I like challenges, also I can speak both English and Spanish fluently. People say I cant make it but I’m here to prove them wrong. Thank you for taking your time to read this and I promise I wont disappoint you if you give me a chance, just one that’s all I’m asking for.
    Thank you!

  56. Chante' Flowers

    Hello I am Chante’ and I would be a great bun head. I think I should be considered because I have been dancing for 7 years. I have danced in the Cherry Blossom Parade twice for President Bush and President Obama. I have been to New York City to dance. I danced at Steps on Broadway, Alvin Ailey Studios, and Broadway Dance Studio. I know you don’t need to know how to dance on this show but wouldn’t it help if someone did. I have also been taking acting classes for a year now. I love to act and dance and this show has them both. That is why I think I should be considered.

  57. Auriana Crowder

    Hi I’m Auriana Crowder, I’m 15 years old, and I’m biracial African American and Cuban American. This would be such of a thrill to have a chance to be on this show. I’ve done plays at my school, performed and modeled in front people in a mall, I’ve been dancing ballet, jazz, and hip-hop since I was five, and other experiences with acting and modeling.
    Height: 5’4
    Eye color: dark brown
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Weight: 107 lbs
    skin color: brown

  58. Cristina Nieves

    Hi ! My name is Cristina , I am 15 years old i am roughly about 5’3. I am Hispanic. I am currently a freshmen in high school. I am a very talented , independent young lady who loves to sing , dance , act and play sports . I should be picked to be in this movie because it is my absolute dream to be in a movie , but i do not want to be in a movie for the fame i just simply want to give my family a better life . I am the second oldest out of five girl . We are being raised by my mother because my father passed away in April of 2013 . If i am picked i would be the happiest person because i would finally be able to show the world what i am actually good at

  59. Brianna Prescott

    Brianna Prescott
    Height: 5’4
    weight: 120lbs
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair: Black
    Live: Houston, Texas

    I am a trained dancer in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and lyrical. I have been dancing since the age of 3. I have basic training in acting. This would be a wonderful opportunity for me to do something that I love to do. I am willing to travel for an audition or send in a video.

  60. Deona Monet

    My name is Deona Monet. I’m 18 years old and I am an aspiring African American actress in the making. I am currently studying for my associates degree in theatre and I am often in theatre productions at the West Las Vegas Library Theatre. Auditioning for this project will be an amazing opportunity! I look forward to a response from the production.

    -Deona Monet

  61. Imani Rivers

    Hello my name is Imani Rivers and I am interested in being apart of this show. I have a wonderful dance background and I will be a good asset to the show.

    Name: Imani Rivers
    Height: 5’4
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Weight: 140
    Ethnicity: African American

  62. Elizabeth Rodriguez

    My names Elizabeth Rodriguez and i have always wanted to be on this show i have always wanted to do ballay and i could for that show i just need to be taught more i do Gymnastics so i am almost there and i could also play non dancing characters. I am 15 years old 5 foot 6 in. and i speak fluent Spanish and English. Than you so much.

  63. Emily

    age: 14
    height: 5’5
    eye: brown
    hair: brown

    I am Emily, an aspiring actress who love ballet and dance more than anything. I began ballet at age 9, which is old considering I had no idea to what anything was, but within two years i was en pointe and going to rehersals 3 to 4 times a week. I have always loved the show bunheads and I would be honored to be on it . Along with ballet I have been trained in musical theater which focuses mainly on creating a character and acting with the created characteristics. Today I am still very much involve in the dance world, taking 4 classes a week 3 of which are en pointe, I feel as if I would be a strong addition to the show and will accept any role offered.

  64. Lindsay Forbes

    name: Lindsay Forbes
    height:5′ 2
    ethnic: white
    hair: brown (with some red tints) – curlyish
    lives: orlando florida
    I love to act and I have since I was able to talk, I started talking early too, and I love to dance. I might not have as much experience or technical ability as these other girls but I always give my all no matter what. I am confident and very out spoken (which sometimes can be a bad thing).. I am in absolute LOVE with this show. I have been watching it since season 1 episode 1……
    I learn fast and I think on my feet. ( I can play ANY role you give me)
    I love riding horses and I love all animals. I like to go to the movies and hang with my friends. I love playing sports, or hunting, or justing anything to to with the outdoors..
    PLEEEASE.. PLEASE. PLEEAASSSEE. cantact me with ANY role you might have. I will not disappoint.
    – Thank you.