Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush is one of the highest rated programs to ever air on the Nickelodeon Channel and now they are ready to begin production on their exciting 3rd season. This is your chance to show your musical and acting talents on the Nickelodeon Network’s biggest runaway hit since iCarly and Victorious.

Big Time Rush follows the wacky adventures of four friends and hockey players from Minnesota who are selected to form a new boy band. Millions of rabid fans tune in every week to see what will happen to Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan next and now you can be a part of the fun.  Will their music find an audience? Will the band’s meddling manager ruin the act? Will the juggle of fame and normal life get the best of them? The one question that with a certain answer is will you have a blast being in the middle of the magic? – and that answer is yes! Auditions and casting calls will are coming soon for the all new 3rd season. Imagine being picked to star alongside your favorite stars Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson and Carlos Pena Jr.! Leave a comment below if you are interested in being the next star of  BTR and stay tuned for all of the upcoming details.

This is your big opportunity to be on a hit Nickelodeon show starring one of the world’s favorite musical acts. This is your chance to be watched by millions of fans every week. This is your time to be on Big Time Rush.

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1 Casting Responses

  1. Kimberly

    Hi I’d love to be a future star along bing time rush. Also I have a twin sister! We’re 19 years old and actually know almost all the big time rush songs by heart. We’re very outgoing and are inseparable. If you have any questions feel free to message me

  2. Joe Kanakaraki

    Hi. My name is Joe and I am from Greece.I would love to play in big time rush. I have long brown hair brown eyes and pale complexion. I am 12 years old and i love singing I am 1.60 meters high and as i said already i love singing . BTR and singing is my life! My family abd friends telk me i an good at singing! I have starred in many school plays. I hope these are enough for a role…Maybe………

  3. Josh ugbodaga

    Hi I’m Josh ugbodaga. I’m just taking it easy,loving God and waiting for the day I get noticed by the world as a special person who I already know I am. I’m a big fan of big time rush and I have a big time dream of being a good part of it. I’m eleven years old and am brown in completion. Also this totally your choice. So not to be desperate or anything but please email me. Oh and if you do email me be sure to add why. Thanks for your understanding, bye.

  4. Josh ugbodaga

    Hi I’m Josh ugbodaga I’m from Nigeria. I’m just taking it easy, loving God, and waiting for my date with destiny, and by that I mean hoping and praying for the day I get noticed by the world as someone special, who I already know I am. I am a big time fan of big time rush and I really want to be a good part of it so it would give me great pleasure if you email me, so please email me. Also this is totally your choice. But if you do recommend me make sure to add why. Oh and I am eleven years old, thanks for noticing me

  5. sayvien johnson

    wassup bros im 14 light skin and hungry lol soo yeahhh hit me up

  6. Josh ugbodaga

    Hi, I’m Josh I am eleven years old and just taking it easy, loving God and waiting for my date with destiny, and by that I mean hoping and praying for the day I get noticed by the world as a special person, which I already know I am. I’m a big fan of big time rush and have a big time dream about being an actor, so please email me. Also this is totally your choice.

  7. Dipo Ajala

    I have always wanted to star in BTR,am from Nigeria i love acting and dancing,you can find me on twitter @dipi_ajala and on facebook Dipo Ajala and i’m 14 yrs old…..please this is my dream………

  8. Dipo Ajala

    I have always wanted to star in BTR,am from Nigeria i love acting and dancing,you can find me on twitter @dipi_ajala and on facebook Dipo Ajala

  9. Emmanuel

    Hello I’m Emmanuel, From South Africa, Nickelodeon is my favorite show I love to be on big time rush, my hobbies are singing, acting, dancing, I will love to be on big time rush

  10. Catherine Attiti

    I’m 15 years old and i really like this show! I’m interested in being the next star of BTR and i hope to want it too… 🙂

  11. Nevaeh

    hey, I am Nevaeh
    Eyes:blue and green
    Hair:long brown
    I would love to be in big time rush I love watching the tv series! It would be amazing to be in a TV series even better when u know it and like it!

  12. Kalysa Ramsey

    Hi there I’m kalysa Ramsey and I would love to be on the show to make everyone happy and make new friends along the way

    Age -11
    Height – 4’11
    Race-African American
    Hair color-dark brown
    Eye color-brown
    Weight -115 sings, acts, etc
    big time rush Is one of the best shows for teen nick,thank you for all your time

  13. Savanna-Lewis


  14. Rachael

    Hi my names Rachael im 15 yrs old. I can sing kinda well but I’m really good at acting and remembering things (for the script). I live in Australia and my dad can sing like Elvis Presley. Ive always wanted to become and actress, but now more then ever since my lil bro is in Brisbane Lady Cilento hospital being treated for burns. I wanna raise money for him and my family (since were three hours away from him). I hope I get chosen thanx.

  15. Lennox

    Yo B.T.R am lennox..am15 yrs of age am tall in height nd am dark in complexion i act dance nd sing nd i will love to act in any of nickeledeon tv shows am a nigerian..heres ma number 08134457609

  16. Sophia Sayar

    Dear Everyone Who Runs The Big Time Rush Show,
    I love this show and all the band members, and I hope you take my note into consideration so I can at least be a background actress.
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 11
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Skin color: Tan dark-ish
    Attitude: Positive, hopeful, funny, nice.
    Likes: FOOD, movies, animals.
    Dislikes: Not really sure… I’ll have to figure it out.
    It’s my DREAM to be on this show. Thank you for reading.

    Your fan,
    Sophia Sayar.

  17. Sienna dunegan

    Hello Big Time Rush! My name is Sienna dunegan. I’ve watched your show for over three years now. In my mind, I’ve basically grown up with Kendall, Logan, Carlos and James! Their journey from that small snowy town to a life of music has inspired me to go from my regular world to go for the talents in my life, those being dance and acting. I am Thirteen years old, my hair color is blonde, and my eyes are blue. My height reaches 5’4 ( But my big brother constantly calls me “shorty”!) Thank you for taking time out to read this, and considering me for a part.

    Your best fan,

    P.S : I know it doesn’t matter, but I love Coke and Pepsi!

  18. Hannah barrett

    The names Hanah
    -brown hair-
    -brown eyes-
    I have a very out going personality and I love to make people laugh and smile! I have always been into the whole acting/modeling/ and dancing! I don’t have any experience but my best friend is on a tv show and she has script so I practice all the time with her! I think it would be an opportunity to do something like this!!

  19. Michelle

    Hey guys! Michelle here from El Paso, Texas(come on, when do you get an actor/ess from Texas?). I’m 18, I JUST graduated high school, yay! I weigh 140 lbs and I’m 5′ 6″. I’m such a HUGE fan of BTR! Since I was a freshman in high school!
    People always tell me I should have my own TV show because of how funny and energetic I am.
    I too can be a great actress! I feel I would make a perfect fit for BTR’s new season (super excited to watch it byt)
    Thanks so much for considering me!
    love, Michelle

  20. Gabriella Sarria

    Age:13 turning 14 in August
    Argentinian and Colombian, but I live in Austin Tx
    Brown eyes, brown short curly hair
    I’ve been playing volleyball since I was in 4th grade, I play the Tenor sax in one of the best school bands, I’m willing to try, or do anything I would love to get a part in big time rush. I’m very serious when it comes to sports and the saxophone. At school I’m the only girl saxophone. I’m also in the top band at my school and I would to play the saxophone and be a character on this show because I want to be put out there into the world it would be amazing to show of my talent.

  21. David Magana

    Turning 14 next month
    I have a passion for singing and little bit of acting and its my dream to be the next star.Please email me so I can send photos of me I have brown eyes and have glasses.I have brown hair I can cut it to make a Mohawk.Please email me its my dream!

  22. Elizabeth Grace

    Name: Elizabeth “Lizzie” Stockton
    Age: 11
    Eyes: Baby Blue
    Hair: Medium Brown
    Height: 4ft 10in
    Weight: 74lbs
    Location: On the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee !

    Hey there…..i’m an 11 year old girl up on the plateau in Tennessee just kickin it country ! I have a Mom, Dad, an awesome big Brother, and 2 English Bulldogs “slobber machines ” lol ! I love to dress up and feel beautiful & I also love to get down and dirty in the mud ! Softball is my favorite sport even though they nicknamed me “Target” lol….seems the ball can’t miss me ! I’ve participated in several beauty pageants and won many of them. I represented the county I live in for the year of 2010-2011…..I was 2010 Little Miss Fentress County and boy was that an adventure ! I love to be myself….original & unique….everybody says GOD broke the mold with me I love to be goofy & crazy at times and love to make people laugh !!!!
    I really hope to hear from you and be able to show you what I have to offer in acting ! I will truly be greatfull for any part that you have to offer me to become part of the entertainment industry ! Thanks soo much……Lizzie

  23. christian

    Hello, my name is Christian. I am a Nigerian. I am fair in complexion and i am a boy of 11 years old. I do watch nickeledeon programs such as BIG TIME RUSH. I have potentials for acting and my hobbies are acting, singing, dancing and reading. I humbly apply, I want to be picked so as to show my talent as an upcoming actor. I usually watch nickeledeon and most of the characters being used are my mates. I promise that i will never make you guys regret of picking me. Nevertheless, please, work on my request. God bless you all. Thank You, I Love You All. KISSES TO YOU ALL MY FANS.

  24. Gideon TB

    I am a boy living in to sing rap dance
    and do many entertain activities.My family tell me
    to follow my dream ,this is it my dream to sing ,rap, dance .
    I will be very very very happy if I am a chosen

  25. Comfort jonah

    Ha! Big time rush my name is comfort am a nigerian, am 14 year old going to 15 by 2 of 9. i love u guys please i will to be in your up coming show. I love singing,dancing, acting and making funny jokes, am of the same height with ciara. I love watching big time rush it makes me go to bed late. i will be greatful if am choose to be one of the performer it a dream come true, i have alway wish to act on nick and to act with my favouriate character on nick i will be so greatful to be in the 3rd season of big time rush. Thank u 4 granting me thi request i promise u guys will never regrdet picking me :-DB-);-(. God bless u all kisses to all my big fan

  26. Maracine Vasilică

    Good! My name is Maracine Vasilica.I’am 11 years and 1.50m.. I’m Roman.I love singing and doing sports .I boy. I would be very happy if I chosen.Tanks!

  27. Ulyana

    Name: Ulyana
    Age: 14
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Eye Color: gray/blue/green
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 110,2lbs
    Experience: I don’t have any(and this is killing me)
    I’m from Belarus so I almost have no chances but if I would have a chance it’d change all my life!!! I’m so tired of all this routine I wanna do something exciting, fun, the things make me smile from my soul. So if I have a small chance please contact me! Help my dream come true!

  28. Leilani fellowes

    Hey I’m Leilani Fellowes but I prefer to be called Lani, I’m female.
    I live in Hamilton, New Zealand.
    I’m shortish with reddish brownish medium length hair.
    I have hazel eyes and am skinny. And female.
    Bit about myself:
    I love acting and singing. I love nickelodeon and have always wanted to be on it. I do drama at school and take vocal lessons through school as well as being in the school barbershop. I am weird and a bit quirky and like to think I’m funny.
    Thank you for considering me 🙂

  29. Gabbi

    Hi! My name is Gabbi Castro and I would love to be a part of BTR!! I have been a dancer since 2006 and I enjoy it soo much! I dance for 22 hours a week at my studio as well as my art school.
    My style are tap, hiphop, lyrical, contemporary, modern, ballet, jazz , jazz funk, and acrobatics!
    State: Miami, Florida
    Age: 14 turning 15 in August
    Skin tone: white/tan
    Eyes: light green
    Hair: Dark brown
    Thank you!!

  30. ella ajudua

    hi my name is Emmanuella ajudua Lloyd
    I am from Africa,Nigeria.
    I have natural puffy hair.
    I am 12 years old.
    I am average height.
    I speak fluent English.
    I am dedicated to singing ,acting,dancing.
    I hv been watching btr since I was 5,i love singing,acting,dancing, because it makes me happy.
    this is going to be a big opportunity as long as .we film from late july to early September,.
    please I need this I am devoted.
    I won best singer in 8 th grade and best qctress in 3rd 4th and 5th grade.

  31. Emma Antoinette Demdam

    Name: Emma Antoinette Demdam
    Age: 13
    Date of Birth: August 20, 2001
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: long black, straight

    I love singing and acting, I am very well dedicated to pretty much what I have to do and the tasks that people give to me. I can also play several musical instruments such as Piano, Guitar and Flute. So, that’s it for me 🙂

  32. jose luis hurtado

    Hello my name is jose i am 12 years old and i play soccer basketball football and baseball i have been on Victoria also in sam and cat and good luck Charlie so i have lots of experiance i weight 80 pound i am 5 1 i if you have any questions please. Contact me please

  33. Rebecca

    My name is Rebecca Forte, I’m 16, from Montreal, Canada QC.
    I’ve had lots of acting training, and even more training in singing, since I was 7 years old and I’d love to have this opportunity.
    I’m 5’5 feet
    69 kg
    I’ve performed (musically) a lot of times in Montreal, including on camera, and also acted on camera, I hope I get picked for this awesome opportunity!

  34. Rachel Burns

    Name: Rachel Burns
    Age: 16
    D.O.B 24/06/1999
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: long brown and curly
    Height; 175cm

    I love singing and acting, I can sort of dance but I don’t think I’m very good (my friends think differently.) I am up for any task that you assign me to, I do live in Australia though and I have glasses but I can see without them. I am also 100% committed to anything that I do and love working with others. if there is anything else that you want to know please feel free to contact me and thank you for taking the time to consider me.

  35. A.J. Green

    My full name is Amanda Green. I play almost any sport including volleyball, basketball, track, baseball, soccer, football (with friends), and softball. I played on varsity in Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Baseball. I play guitar clarinet and trumpet and I know some piano and I am learning drums. I have starred in a few different plays at my schools and I have participated in Fine Arts for the past two years and we’ve made it to nationals each year.
    Here are my facts:
    I am 5’4″
    I am 16
    I have dark brown hair in the winter and blonder hair in the summer.
    I do live somewhat far away from most things but I got my license so I could get there somehow. I live in southern North Dakota. I have friends and family in many states that would help me get there.
    I have an athletic figure
    I absolutely love traveling.
    I am a very fast learner and can memorize
    I have three pets.
    I am Caucasian
    I have Blue or Green eyes (they change color)
    I am in Choir and Band
    I love singing
    I am female
    I would absolutely love even just to be considered for any parts on disney channel. I am good with people and would love this opportunity. Thanks for reading this and possibly considering me.

  36. aja

    Hi my name is aja I love buffilo wings I like to soccer and a few other sports and I love to go to the mall and hang out with my sisters and I love to sit in my bed and watch Disney Channel.

  37. Esmeralda Payan

    Hi my name is Esmeralda Payan but you can call me Esmy

    I am Mexican
    I am 10 years old
    I have blonde hair
    I have green eyes
    I am 109 pounds
    I was born June 18 2005
    I love this opportunity

    I really hope I get picked I love you btr and I will always live it BIG TIME <3

  38. Ricky Kamuren

    Hello. My name is Ricky Kamuren and I am from Africa in a country called Kenya. I am 17 years old and really love Big Time Rush as a great band and as an inspiration to me. I can sing and act and I believe that given the opportunity to participate in such a great show I would maximise my potential and possibly take the show to a whole new level. I believe that my dreams are valid. Thank you for availing this platform to express ourselves.

  39. usna

    hi my name is usna
    I am 15
    I have brown eyes
    I have brown hair
    I’m about 5.1/5.2 in height
    I live in pakistan,karachi
    being a part of disney is my dream.I have wanted to be a part of Disney for so long but I just haven’t had the chance. Now I see this big opportunity for me to farfil my dreams.
    thank you

  40. younes

    hello my name is younes lahnich
    i am 15 years old
    i have brown hazel eyes
    and i have a brown skin
    i have black curly hair
    i love football and singing my friends say i can sing really good for a boy of my age
    o yeah almost forgot i live in the Netherlands i know it is far away from nickelodeon studios but i wanna do it and go for it with all of my heart i hope your gonna pick me and we see each other soon i really look forward to meet them because i’ve never met them before. im am so excited 🙂
    i can sing and dance and i can also pick up the
    routines with dancing real quick and i am good humor i can get along with other People real quick
    i hope you give me this chance and i will do my
    very best and make the best of it
    i really look forward to meet carlos james logan and kendall youre amazing by the way. i really hope you wanna see me before you eyes and pick me as a new actor on the set i know we gonna have fun and if i get a response i really hope for it
    i will give you a gift and we can be friends if you guys want to because i want it i really want to know you better
    email me :

  41. bri aiesi

    love this show 8,80 pounds ,5’0 , dancer and god at singing ,mixed ,hope u pick me

  42. Jordan barfield

    Hi I’m Jordan barfield. Honestly my ego atmosphere is the same as Btr, I’m 15, black can get along with anyone no matter who it is, just the things I can bring to Btr would be exponential ratings will go thru the roof(literally) it would we such an honor to be a part of Big Time Rush

  43. Latiyf Turner

    Hi my name is Latiyf and I am a really big fan of your show and I would like to audition for it. I am 11 years old and I am 5’3. Please lend me a role please

  44. Nathaniel Barton

    Hey, my name is nathaniel
    i am a very big fan of your show btr and having to act with especially ciara and the btr band would be too good to be true i can act and sing.i am
    I am 13
    I have black eyes
    I am from holland(rotterdam)
    I would love this opportunity.
    I sing and act.

  45. Kelly Lorraine Mangan

    Hi! I’m Kelly and I am 14 years old turning 15 on June 1. I am half Australian half Filipino but I live in the Philippines. I would love to be a part of Big Time Rush because it’s been one of my dreams to be a part of any show in Nickelodeon. I’ve been watching Nickelodeon shows ever since I was a little kid and it would be really awesome if I would be a part of at least one show or many shows. I am humble, kind, always hungry, lanky, pretty(i guess), funny(i dunno.. maybe?), and tall since my height is 5 foot 9. I hope you would give me a chance! Thankyou! 🙂

  46. Samantha Ramirez Soberanes

    Hello I’m Samantha or you can call me Sam I’m a big fan of your show and I we’ll be so happy to be in your show!!!!! I can sing,dance and I can talk Spanish
    Name: Samantha Ramirez Soberanes
    DOB: June 2 2003
    Hair: brown
    Eye: brown
    Like: singing,dancing,drawing and basketball
    Love Samantha Ramirez Soberanes

  47. Gina

    Hi my name is Gina I am and amateur actor but I learn very quickly, get along with others and really love Nickelodeon. Height: 5’3
    Weight: 145
    Eye Color: hazel
    Hair Color: Brown
    Ethnicy: Caucasian
    Location: Albania

  48. Brittany Conway

    I’ve been watching Big Time Rush since it first aired on Nickelodeon and I would love the chance to be a part of it. I’ve been wanting to be a part of television since I was 14 and a freshman in high school. My English teacher told me she could see me as having my own television show when I got older and it has since become my mission to do whatever it takes to make that come true. Being on this show would give me the start I need to be able to do that and I couldn’t ask for a better cast than all of the people I’ve come to love on Big Time Rush.

  49. james

    hi my name is james i love big time rush im 12 from australia i have been in annie i played three parts i have been in tons of assemblys doing plays and at the moment im in hairspray musical i like being silly and funny i love dancing it would be a dream come true to be in btr thanks for considerng me

  50. Lexie Page

    Hey, my name is Lexie.
    I have been doing theater for years. I am used to acting infront of people. I’ve been in the plays which include: Annie, A Girl Called Opal, Jungle Book, Grease, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, The Curious Savage, The Torchbearers, Wizzard of Oz, Aladdin, etc.
    I am 5’8
    I am 13
    I was born May 11, 2001
    I have long brown hair
    I am 128lpb
    I have brown eyes
    I am from Texas
    I would love this opportunity.
    I sing, dance, and act.

  51. Luisa

    Hey, i am Luisa,
    i would love to take part in the 3rd Season of Big Time Rush. I really like the series and and characters in it.
    I have been in School theater groups for four years and in theater group which performs for children summer camps (5 years).
    I also do couple dancing (International Latin, International Standard); for 3 years and a couple dance formation for 2 years.
    When i was 4 years old i started horse riding and if been doing it ever since.
    I really enjoy being on the stage, taking people to other places and telling them a story.
    I although got a nice singing voice and really love to sing.

    – 19 years (born 6. May.1995)
    – from Germany
    – 5″2
    – long brown hair
    – brown eyes
    – i speak english, german and a bit spanish
    – Hobbys: Dancing, Horse riding (started with 4 years), Climbig, Nature/Animal Photography

    I’m mostly a quiet and rather shy Person, but i anyway like to play extrovert or dramatic Roles and i like playing the villian, because it is a possibility to be some completle different.
    At last I want to thank you for reading my comment and hope that you consider me for participating in the 3rd season. I hope to hear from you,

    Luisa Wittmann

  52. Elijah anaya

    My name is elijah im 15 and I would love to be apart of the btr cast I’m young fresh and hip and ready to entertain millions.

  53. Brenan Dominguez

    Hi, my name is Brenan Dominguez I’m a 14 year old male from southeastern Louisiana. I’m a white American, 5’5in tall and 138 pounds. I have a very long list of acting in my career. I acted in school plays and church programs and community plays as well. I would be more then honored to be able to partake in the experience on Big Time Rush. Everything you need in an actor is right here. Thank you.

  54. Isabella Brown-Maske

    I would like to be part of Big Time Rush,because I love there band all my life
    and I would like to be on Nick to experience what it would be like to act.
    I have been in school plays for years sing and dancing, even one time I
    was the main star I even got a solo song. I am really good at dancing and
    sing, also I am good at romance acting and serious problems. Please consider
    me in Big Time Rush 2015 this can be a big moment for me please pick me.
    : D!!!! Also I am 13 and born on April 24.

  55. Jessica Bassett

    Hi I’m Jessica I love BTR and I would love to be apart of it I love to sing and act I am very energetic I can do anything that is asked about me ↓
    I am 5’8″
    I have dark hair right now
    I’m very athletic I was in cheer, basketball, and volleyball
    I moved every where moving to Colorado this month
    I’m 15 turning 16 next month
    I get along with people easily
    I am a quick learner
    I am in poetry out loud so I can learn a script easily
    I am a great actor I played in beauty and the beast and the wizard of oz at my school
    I have a great attitude
    I hope you pick me I won’t let any of you down I hope I get this chance of a life time
    Thank you

  56. Felipe Martinez

    My name is Felipe Martinez I have a lot of reasons for you to choose me
    One I am a Youtuber and for sure I have experience in acting 🙂 you should check my channel
    out “piporro”.Second of all I am a 14 year old boy trying to reach my goal and i know that i will reach it one day because i want it as bad as I want to breathe!
    contact me at:
    I am not going to tell you all my reasons because when we meet i’ll have nothing to say

  57. jada martin

    I am good an singing and acting.I love btr it would be an honor to star on the show. My number is 6159770009 thank you

  58. dennis owen

    bieng on big time rush as always been my big time dream iam talented at music and acting

  59. Alexis Nicholson

    I love BTR and would be so happy to star in it.Im 12 live in Santa Clarita, CA have goldenish hair,blue eyes, am athletic, about 5’5,roughly 100 pounds.If you consider me please email me.

  60. Katie Moses

    Hi! My name is Katie and I am 12 years old and I turn 13 in May. My dream is to act and I would absolutely love any part at all. It would be a dream come true if I could have the honors to audition for you, and a miracle if I were to get a part! I have medium, dirty blonde hair. I am very outgoing, funny, and friendly to everyone I meet. I live in Littleton, Colorado and I absolutely love Big Time Rush! It is my absolute favorite show and I have every single episode recorded. Seriously, I’m like a Big Time Rush genius! I would be so grateful and it would mean the world to me if I could act and entertain other people. I really hope that you can consider me for a job!


  61. Fabio Valdivia

    Hi! I’m Fabio Valdivia and I’m 16 years old. Born in February 23rd, 1999. I’m a big fan of the show and I would like to have the chance to participate into the next season of Big Time Rush. I took acting classes for 2 months, not that much but everybody says I’m good acting and that I should try this so you have me here! I know how to act and sing.. Therefore, my best skille is Acting… Hope you read this! I’ll stay tuned! And thanks for the opportunity!

  62. Jean shneighther

    I watch all the BTR and I was so sad when i heard that BTR was ending but now I know I have the chance too be in my favorite show my name is shneighther female, dark brown skin,dark brown eyes,black hair no color and I think I’m amazing at acting please choose me because I’m a hard working helpful and I would like too have career someday and I can sing

  63. gaia

    Hi! I’m Gaia ,an italian girl, I’m 16 years old (17 in July) .
    I Have dark blond hair, Blue eyes and a pale complexion.
    I’ m 1.73 meters high and I weigh 58 kilos.

  64. Alison Baughman

    Hi I’m Alison Baughman. I love to sing and be funny and do acting and gynastics. Im 5/1/2 feet tall and skinny. I have long brown hair with blonde highlights, dimples, freckles, crystal blue/green eyes. Its been my dream ever since I was a little girl to have a part on a TV show. I am in Drama class at my school and I have done a few plays, but I am a very good actress, And I adjust to any character I have to play quick, and easily. I am very devoted to anything and everything I do. I watch Big Time Rush all the time whenever I get the chance. Im hard working and willing to take a step this big. I weigh 90 pounds. I am very good at getting into character and being confident. I work very well with others and I love being qwerky and the silly one and having fun. I can also get serious when needed. I would practice my lines (script) every minute of the day to make sure I do perfect. I have a paticularly high (cute voice) when I talk, but im good at accents and changing my voice to make it lower if needed. I am a very good singer with a suprisingly to most people because of my size deep raspy tone, but again I can do other catigories of singing very well. I took singings lessons for a while, and I have been in chorus at my church and school for 3-4 years. Lastly I would love to be apart of the team and I dont have freckles all over just on my cheeks but barley and I have tan skin, and im American.

  65. Calvin

    Hello my name is Calvin, I’m 18 years old and i would love to be a part of your show. I started acting 1 year ago because i randomly joined the drama class in my school. After the first lesson I fell in love with acting and my teachers told me that i got big talent. I grew up with Nickelodeon and all these shows like iCarly, Zoey 101, Drake and Josh and so on … It would be a dream come true if i would have the chance to convince you to make me a part of your show. I’m not from America, I live in Germany but since I visit the english advanced course I’m very familiar with the englisch language and I can speak it fluently. I’m half turkish, square south korean and square german so I don’t have a every day face, I got black short hair, brown eyes, my weight is about 141lb and I’m 5ft 11 tall. Most people say a look a bit younger than i actually are. And for the record: It’s not that important for me which show I would join because it is the acting that makes me happy, that makes fun to me. I would love to hear from you.
    Sincerely Calvin

  66. Francesca

    Hi i’m Francesca I’m fan of BTR i love it. My dream is to work in BTR new series. I’m from Italy. I’m 13 years old (but in march 14) i love dancing. I have got brown hair and eyes and i’m tall. My hair Are straight . i love acting. Thanks a lot

  67. Freedom Doran

    My name is Freedom Doran, I am 13 and I have a passion for acting i have acted alongside many people including Bernard Hill and worked for major companies including Formula 1 and Sony. I saw the casting advertisnent and here is my resume:

    Height: 1m 57cm
    Weight: 5st 7lb
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Hair Colour: Black
    Ethnicy: Mixed Race
    Location: United Kingdom

    Many Thanks,
    Freedom Doran

  68. Alexis DeLeo

    Hi I’m Lexi and I would love to be apart of this! Growing up I’ve always loved to sing, act, dance, and do sports such as cheerleading, soccer, and field hockey. Being an actress would be such a dream. Many actors are always inspiring me to push myself and to always work my hardest. I would love to be an inspirational actor one day to somebody to show them the same. As a freshman in high school I am 14 years old (15 in May- I can make myself look older or younger if needed.)
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Hair color: (naturally brown)
    Eye color: blue
    Nationality: mostly Italian with some Peruvian and Spanish.
    For four years I have been taking acting classes and choir. I’ve taken dance classes for two years such as hip hop and tap.
    II can really get into character and be confident.

  69. Kendra Cole

    Hi , my name is Kendra Cole. I am currently 15 years old . I love to sing and act. I met Stephen Glickman last year at my Americas got talent audition, he said I have a bright future ahead of me.The boys of Big Time Rush are my favorite, I love them! I have brown hair and brown eyes. I’m very outspoken and very determined to do anything I put my mind to. Thank you for your time.

  70. lisa forman

    hi BTR i love all your shows and big time movie. it rocks. i have BTR calender. i love to acting singing and dancing. i am a great dancer. i am 21 now. my birthday is in march 6 1993. i want to meet of all you sometime. can you please put me on your show? i love all of u guys. you guys make me laugh which i love so much. please put me a part and a role. i took drama and i am a great dancer and i am great singer. love all of u guys. lisa

  71. Martina

    Hi! my name is Martina I come from Poland I love sing
    I 12 years old.

  72. Abby Horsford

    Hi, I’m Abby and I am currently 18 years old. Love the show and would love to have the opportunity to play even a small role in this cool show that I have admired.

  73. Asheka Jennings

    Hello! My name is Asheka Jennings, i am 15 years old. I think being a cast of btr would be an amazing honour espicially being among such amazing stars, and being able to work with them. I have amazing team work skills and i am a singer. I would highly appreciate it if you would contact me please. My email address is or you could call me on 18763962293. Thank you

  74. Cora Sheppard

    Hello my name is Cora Sheppard, I love to sing and dance.
    I a have no former acting career so I have no experience but I do learn fast and Ihope to be of help.
    I am 5 feet tall with dark brown medium length hair, green eyes, and a medium complexion.
    I have many hobbies and one of them includes making vines and YouTube videos!
    Thank you for hearing what I have to say and I hope you have success in making your show!

  75. Ashley Decherd

    Hello, my name is Ashley and I am 12 years old. I’m a big fan of the show and very excited for the upcoming season. I have blonde hair and multi-colored eyes (green blue yellow) I can act dance and sing. I have lots of experience in such. I have been apart of multiple choirs and festivals.I am a very quick learner perfect for even last second changes. I am a st right A student with an independent, lovable, kind spirit. In my hope to here back from you sincerely,
    Ashley Decherd