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The tale that’s as old as time is getting a fresh new reboot on the hottest network on television and producers and casting directors are searching high and low for talented young actors to be a part of this sensational series. The CW’s Beauty And The Beast will begin production soon and casting calls and auditions will be starting very soon. This is your chance to be cast in one of the most highly anticipated television series of the decade.

Beauty And The Beast will follow Catherine “Cat” Chandler who while with her mother years ago was attacked by two gunmen. The two criminals took her mothers life but she was saved by a mysterious figure. Now in the present day Cat is a driven homicide detective and while on a case she comes across a doctor named Vincent, a man who has hidden himself away for 10 because of his “condition” – when he becomes angry he transforms into a powerful beast with super human strength and heightened senses. Cat learns of his condition and that he was responsible for saving her life those many years ago. Vincent soon begins to help Cat with her cases as he stays in the shadows while he keeps his beastly secret. Beauty And The Beast will delve deep into the complicated and dangerous attraction and relationship between the two leads and the mystery of who killed Cat’s mother. The series will star the lovely Kristin Kreuk (Smallville, EuroTrip) and Jay Ryan (Terra Nova, Go Girls). Paired with hit series The Vampire Diaries, this could be the most successful TV drama of the new year. There are several fantastic roles yet to be cast in this all new take on the classic story and auditions and casting calls will be held shortly. To submit yourself for a part or for more information you can head here Leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts on this fabulous production and stay tuned for every audition update for The CW’s Beauty And The Beast.

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  1. Crystal Dalton

    Hi my name is Crystal and I’m 15 years old, and I have all ways love to act. I have done all the schools plays (mostly musical but love just acting) and I have always want to be a actor i do get along with everyone.
    hair colour :dark blonde
    eyes :blue, green and brown
    I love beauty and the beast because its about a detective and I said if I’m not an actor I will be a detective.
    ( I do have braces)

  2. Rima


    I’m a 29 year old female 5”2 Lebanese/Canadian backround have always had a passion for performing arts/acting starting to get back into the work force and would love some more information on how to obtain an audition xo


  3. Madi bersaglia

    Hi my name is madi I am 5-2 I’m 12 years old but will be thirteen in November 2 2015 I sing I have acting experience and singing experience I memerize every word of this show I love it so much I would love to be an actress if you want to contact me my phone # is 865-964-9935 I also live in Knoxville tennessee

  4. Meaghan Ging

    Hi, I’m Meaghan, I am fifteen years old I live in New England and I am Sri Lankan. The first thing people notice about me is that I never stop laughing and the second is that I make really corny jokes. I usually do musical theatre, I was Lucy in “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” but I really would like an opportunity to work on just the acting aspect of theatre. I’m four foot eleven and three quarters I can sing and I act quite well. I love reading and tea. It would be amazing to work on this show! I love new experiences!

  5. Ryleigh Whiteside

    I don’t have that much acting experience but I love the show and I would love to try it.
    I’m 15, I’m 5’5. My nationality is Black/White/Mexican. I learn fast, I’m in dance. I exercise pretty much all the time and my schedule is always flexible. I’m also homeschooled so I could work anytime.

  6. Frankie Simpson Jr.

    Gender: Male.
    Height: 6 ft.
    Age: 20.
    Hair color: brown.
    Eye color: blue/green.
    Acting experience: Did theatre in High school and did shows on stage at the Ritz Theatre Co. Taking classes in PA for modeling and acting to be in films and commercials.
    Talent: Acting and singing.
    Beauty and the Beast is a great show! I love it and everytime I watch the shows on tv or on Netflix, I totally see myself on this show. It is my dream to be on tv and become famous and I hope that I can be on this show! The show is great and all the actors and the crews are great and very talented. Hope that I can be a part of the cast! Keep me updated and I will like to audition to any good parts in the show if you need anybody for it.

    Thank you,
    -Frankie Simpson Jr.

  7. Rolana Sanders

    I have quite a bit of acting experience, i have been in several commercials and a couple of documentaries. I have also been on 3 talk shows. I love Beauty and the Beast and when i watch it on TV, i can just see myself being on that show and playing my part to the fullest. The show is very interesting and i cant wait until October 11 because i know its going to be good. I love the hype and enthusiasm in the show, its simply amazing. I have filmed shows for example did camera work and behind the srceen work, and also edited a show called Wicked Offer and it was amazing. I love to be in front of the camera, i love acting, i love the Beauty and the Beast cast, i would love to be a part of itu guys will love my acting and my personality.. Ima really great.

    Height: 5’6
    Hair; Brown, Short
    Talent: Singing, Dancing, Acting,

    i would love to get an acting position on Beauty and the Beast because i feel that my mentality is perfect for the show, i just think that yo

  8. Anaysha Pina

    I’m Anaysha I haven’t had any acting experience due to financial reasons. I can get into a characters role very easily (since I was young I’ve always practiced). I live in Cicero I’ll an I plan to be an artist performer as a profession.

    Height: 5’5
    Eye color: Green(change)
    Race;Multiracial(Puerto Rican, Argentinian ,an Russian )
    Hair color: brunette, waist length

  9. Gabriella Larranaga

    Age: 14 years old
    Height: 5’3
    Hair: dark brown, chin length
    Eye color: dark brown
    Skin color: olive
    Acting experience: Currently attending Stivers School for the Arts: Theatre. Took classes and worked with Teresa Conair: The Undercroft Players

    I am passionate about continuing my acting career on television and/or in movies. I look forward to working as a team player with cast members.
    – Gabriella

  10. Chadia Nea Koch

    My name is Chadia Koch. I am old 14 years and come from Germany. I would like to get to know with pleasure whether still minor parts were freely there I, perhaps, with pleasure for a role wants to recite. My biggest wish is not to be become famous (this makes no difference to me, actually) but it’s the wish to realise my dream. My dream was, since I was 10 that i can embody sometime another person . Please don’t misunderstand this, I am contently with my character, however, I wanted to have once the chance to embody quite an other person with her numerous quirks and facets. Why I have chosen exactly Teenwolf? This series appeals to me very much and I think I According to feeling very well in the series would walk in. What counts for me is at last the challenge I to myself has put and I hope them have interest and report back even if it a refusal is.
    Here is my profile:

    Name: Chadia Nea Koch
    , Age:14 (will hold back on occasion older respectedly because of mine
    Gender: Female
    Size: 67″
    Figure: normally
    Skin colour: European
    Hair: long, dark-blond with blond highlights, corrugated and a little bit curly
    Eyes: Green grey

    Thanks Chadia 🙂

  11. Madison

    Hello I am Madison Austin who loves to act and has experience. I’m a white female, 16 years old and 5’6 with dirty blonde hair and green eyes. I watch the CW all the time and I would love it if you guys could consider me for a role. Thank you!

  12. Francesca

    I absolutely love this show! It would be a dream to be a part of such a great series.

  13. Mishaal Khan

    Age: 13 (can play roles unto 16)
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5″2.5
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
    Languages: English, Urdu, Punjabi. Learning Russian
    Instruments: Piano

    Hey. Im really hoping to be cast into this. Ive been in a couple of plays in school and was awarded best actress in three of them. Ive always loved acting and really want to pursue it professionally. This would be an AMAZING opportunity for me. I’d really appreciate it if i was given a chance. Even if its the smallest of roles. If I’m cast in a role requiring stunts I’m perfectly fine with doing them myself. I can also play the piano really well if needed. I’m really good with animals and have 4 dogs. So please consider me and give me a chance to audition. You can contact me at :

  14. Jessica Smith

    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Ethnicity: White Scottish
    Hair: dark brown, long, wavy
    Eyes: blue-grey-green
    Height: 5ft
    Body Type: slim, athletic
    Skin: pale, no breakouts, freckles
    Committed to screen acting as a professional career, with plenty of experience. Please consider me.

  15. Kate

    Brown hair
    Greenish eyes
    I love sports, Singing and playing a little guitar.
    I dont have any experience but i really enjoy acting classes at school.
    72kg (trying to lose weight)

  16. Sofia Doherty

    Hi my name is Sofia and I would love to be featured in this series! I have grown to love acting and everything that comes with it, mainly because growing up I have always made homemade movies and mini productions with my friends. I would love to turn this hobby into something more. Acting is my dream and I want to do it for the rest of my life.
    Age: 13
    Gender: female
    Height: 5’7.5
    Weight: 125
    Race: Caucasian (freckles, light brown hair, blue/green eyes)
    Skills: singing, guitar, fluent Spanish

    Once again, I would be honored to feature in this series, and don’t be afraid to contact me for anything!

  17. Micah

    Hi my name is Micah McDonald and I love this idea I really can’t wait for this show to come out it sounds amazing. I would also like you to consider giving me the chance at an audition of a life time. I have always wanted to be apart of all those amazing actresses who little kids look up to… who i look up to, and I have recently auditioned for other shows and movies but I understand it will take a while for everyone to get back to me because there are so many other people out there who would want the same thing I do. For as far back as I can remember I have been in church and school plays and I can play any role very easily. Even though I am very young I take acting very seriously and work hard and do my best. Even if u choose not to give me the chance at an audition i would like to know that otherwise i’ll just sit around trying not to let the anticipation kill me, i bet u can understand that. There’s some more information about me down below.

    Age: 14(15 in January)
    Hair color: dark brown
    Hair length: medium
    Hair style: straight
    Eye color: blue (gets brighter when I wear a blue shirt)
    Height: 5’1
    Gender: female
    Weight: 94.2
    Race: Caucasian(white)
    Ethnicity: Irish, Italian, and Native American
    Location: Michigan
    Other: I’m a fast learner, work hard and love Beauty and the Beast (honestly who doesn’t?). I would love for this to be a kick start to my acting career. Thank you.

  18. Megan Woodlief

    My 3 year old daughter name is Megan and we live in Louisiana. Curly brown hair. Dark brown eyes. African American. She is well mannered, feisty, super energetic, extremely smart, takes the initiative, and enjoy smiling, laughing, singing and dancing. She has participated in pageant & fashion show. We are willing to travel to give Megan the opportunity to act and be a part of this new project. I hope to hear from you soon via email.

  19. Nina Tomaselli

    Hi! My name is Nina Tomaselli and I am 17 years old. I would love the opportunity to be cast a role in Beauty and the beast. I am from Germany and work there as a Nurse in a Hospital. My favorite Hobby is Dancing (since 11 years) and playing piano (since 1 year). I speak German and English and a little bit from Italian, Spanish and Frenche . I would ever try to do the best. I never give up ,and would like to be a great actor.
    Name: Nina (Antonia) Tomaselli
    Birthdate: 12.09.1997
    Height: 160 cm
    Nation: German/ Italy
    Hair Color: Brown/ Blond
    Eye Color: Green
    Skin Color: White
    If you had some questions please write me. I hope to hear from you soon.

  20. Chloe

    Age: 13 going on 14
    Height: 5’3″
    Race: Caucasian
    Hair: natural curly red hair (long)
    Eyes: Hazel
    Facts about me:
    – I’ve been dancing since I was 3
    – Acting since I was 8
    – Singing for as long as I can remember
    – Playing flute since age of 9
    – Started guitar at age 12
    – Playing volleyball since age 12

    I’ve been in several different plays and I would love to have a shot to be a part of this production!

  21. Zechariah Ingram

    Hi, I’m: Zechariah Ingram
    Sex: Male
    Birth: 04-15-1996
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 158lbs
    Skin: Brown
    Eye color: light brown
    Body type: muscular/athletic
    Ethnicity: African American/Black
    Talents: dancing, singing, flipping, comedy & acting
    Location: York, PA
    Hair color: black short afro (willing to cut)

  22. Navatha

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  23. Fedhi Benattou


    My name is Fedhi Benattou, I’m 27 years old and here is for you my very motivated Acting submission for a part on Beauty And The Beast . I love so much acting and I love very much Beauty and The Beast show. Moreover, Kristin Kreuk is one of my favorites actresses and I would be very happy to shoot with her on the show.

    I’m a MODEL / a FRESH ACTOR / a MARTIAL ARTIST ( I’m brown belt of Karate and I’m preparing my black belt ) / a GYMNAST / a PHOTO DOUBLE ARTIST / a SWIMMER / a TENNIS PLAYER / a RUNNER.

    I don’t have a lot of experience as an actor so I don’t have a resume yet. I just made an acting feature with my mother on a French Tv Show entitled “Candice Renoir”. In the other hand, I made an acting training when I was 17 years old and I have several natural skills to act.

    I have a valid passport, I live in France’s South but I’m DEFINATELY able to travel. I really want to succeed my acting career very fastly. I’m very motivated and I really want to make evolve my acting career to an international level.

    Here are my measurements and my physical look:
    Height : 180 cm (5’11”)
    Weight: 71 kg (157 lbs)
    Chest: 93 cm
    waist; 80 cm
    Hips: 93 cm
    Clothes size: M
    Hair : Long black/dark brown and curly
    Eyes : Brown

    If you want to know anything else about me or to see more pictures, please, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be very happy to answer you.

    Best Regards,


  24. Hannah Bradford

    My name is Hannah Bradford. I’m from Alabama. I’m 19 and I have been interested in performing arts (acting, singing, hip hop dancing) since I was 8 years old. I LOVE action movies.
    I have light brown hair and blue eyes. I am Caucasian. I have VERY light skinned (with no ability to tan I might add). I am 5’4 and 135 lbs. My hobbies are teaching myself to play my keyboard, music, hip hop dancing, soccer, hanging out with friends (and coworkers), and playing with my cat. I’m always looking for casting calls.

  25. Mila Faria

    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Heritage: Caucasian (Portuguese and French)
    Ethnicity: Canadian
    Hair Colour: Brown (Wavy)
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Height: 5 feet 7-8 inches

    You are probably seeking a “diamond in the rough”, that is if you are inclined to search through numerous amateur submissions. I am without a doubt an amateur; I have preformed a multitude of times in school productions, as well as outside plays but no credible, grand production. I am not bold enough to claim to be a “Diamond in the Rough”, but I am a passionate individual who seeks a chance. I would be honoured to be considered and understanding if I am not. After all, there are plenty of bigger fish in the sea.
    Thank you for your time,
    P.S. I hope you find your perfect Actress/Actor

  26. Hannah

    My name is Hannah
    Basic info:
    Brown hair and eyes
    5’2 and 13years old
    Weight: 114
    From: Virginia
    Phone: 202 768 4140

    I watch this show and love it sooooo much! It would be an honor to become a part of the cast and it would be such a great start as a beginner in theatre. I have all A’s and work very hard in everything I do. It would be awesome to be a famous actress like Mariska Hargitay. It would be an honor and I would try my best every role I had.

  27. Jade High

    Hello, my name is Jade High. I’m very interested and would take any role given to me, whether it is speaking or non-speaking! I’m 17, About 5’11” / 6′ , and approx. 140 pounds. I am mixed with white and black but i’m on the lighter side. I’m a little bit on the skinnier side but not unhealthy. I have brown eyes and shortish black hair which is often styled in a natural afro. I live the DFW area in Texas.

    I have a good soprano voice and am in A’Capella choir at school. I have a lot of acting past in theatre ever since I was six and have had many star roles in known musicals and plays including Oz (Scarecrow), Tarzan(Turk), The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Imogene Herdman) and Alice in Wonderland (The Cheshire Cat). I once won an “All Star Cast” award (Basically runner up for best actor/actress) in Navarro County Middle School One Act Play competition back when I was in 8th grade. I’ve played many roles in various plays, but i’m especially good at playing witty sidekicks, creepy characters, crazy/psychotic characters, stupid characters, victims, villians/villian-like characters(for example, a bully),annoying/over-reacting characters, and just plain normal people as well! If you’re looking for a certain voice, I’m from Dallas so I have an average american/city accent, but i’m pretty good at Western.

    I can also make myself cry and really get into my character! I feel with my character, be it fear, sadness, power,excitement, etc. I am also good with animals so if it requires working with them, anything from house pets to farm life wild beasts, i’m willing to take it on!

    I am very good at keeping from laughing when not supposed to and am very mature at my age.(That by NO MEANS stops me from playing an immature character on screen!)Former directors of mine say I am a thrill to work with and work very hard at any role thrown at me.

    I’m also very good at keeping my cool in stressful schedules and situations.

    I would be honored if you would even look at this entry, let alone audition me.

    If you would like to contact me in any way, feel absolutely free to do so at

    If you would prefer to speak to an adult, you can contact my Mother, Tabitha Wilkes at or by calling/texting 903-229-1036.

  28. Aisha Lopez

    hello, i am very interested in joining
    I learn fast
    I work very hard
    I am very nice and I love meeting new people and having great experiences
    also i love drawing, random fun fact and i am also very excited with this show coming out!
    Hope to hear back from you!!

  29. Malcolm Thompson

    Location: Florida, USA
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 140lbs
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color/texture: dark brown, afro
    Race: African American

  30. Makayla

    Height: 5’6″
    Weight: 155
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: hazel
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    State: Illinois

    Interest: Disney, horror, comedy

    Hello! I am very interested in any character that i would fit best. I can sing i can act im very open on and off camera. Im not afraid to show my feelings. I would love to work with your cast! I can play a straight or gay women or even a transvestite im very open to anything!
    I am very comfortable with new and old friends. Im not a shy person i am very outgoing and love adventure. I live every day to its fullest. I would give 110% on any character i would be given. Im a new face and love every part of myself! I can cry on demand i can scream i can laugh and sure can crack a joke! If you would like to contact me please don’t hesitate i am eager to hear who you chose to cast! I am also looking to be an extra if i don’t fit your requirements if you feel i would be great for another role for another movie i am open for change

  31. usna

    hi my name is usna
    I am 15
    I have brown eyes
    I have brown hair
    I’m about 5.1/5.2 in height
    I can act
    I live in pakistan,karachi
    being a part of disney is my dream.I have wanted to be a part of Disney for so long but I just haven’t had the chance. Now I see this big opportunity for me to farfil my dreams.
    thank you

  32. Maelle

    My name is Maelle,
    I’m a 14 teenage girl
    I’m french, i speak french, english and spanish currently,
    I have dark blond a bit wavy hair,
    I have really dark eyes
    My skin tone is pretty dark
    I’m really thin/skinny and have muscle
    I’m about 1m and 55cm
    I only weight 41 kilos
    I have a really good experiance in acting, singing, gymnastiques and dancing
    I would really love to be on this show, I’m a huge fan of supernatural/fictional and CW series, so much. I really hope i get chosen
    Thank you

  33. Christine Michael

    My Name is Christine Michael, I’m 19 years old. I live in Toronto Canada and I’m half Greek. I would do anything to be in this show. I’m such a HUGE Fan of the Show. I started watching it every since it came out. Every Episode is amazing and I love Kristin Kreuk She’s such an Amazing Actress. I Can’t wait until May 21st I really want to see What’s going to happen Next. I have been in my School Plays and have taken Grade 10 Drama, currently taking Grade 11 Drama. I love Drama because I love to Act and pretend to be a totally different Character. I’m really Good at Memorizing Lines. I would love to be apart of this show so I can get a chance to show my Talent. I hope to hear from you.
    Height: 5’5”
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skin Color: White
    Weight: 125 pounds

  34. Amber Roark

    My name is Elizabeth Amber Roark I am 14 my birthday is 04/05/2001 I would be honored to have a chance in auditioning for the show. I would love to join you on the path in entertainment because ever since I was little I always dreamed of becoming an actress/singer im good at singing i`ve been told and i`ve only been in one play but I hope you will consider me because I would be thrilled to be apart of this adventure.

  35. Samantha Smith

    My name is Samantha, I go by Sam. I was born in Michigan, lived in Tennessee for several years, and now I reside in Southern California. I am turning 26 years old this week and am anxious to explore the fields of modeling and tv/movie extra. I have quite a few tattoos and enjoy fitness activities. I am about 5’2″ and typically have light blonde hair. I am a spunky, unique, and outgoing individual who is determined, passionate, and loyal. Playing any kind of a part in this television series would be exciting for me because I am a sucker for romance and eager for action. I adore this series and would be honored to be considered for a part in Beauty and the Beast.

  36. David

    Hello, my name is David and I am a huge fan of Beauty and The Beast. Especially how it involves so many elements, romance, evading capture, and other cliff hanger moments. Currently, I am a biology student studying to enter the health professions. I enjoy how this series has constant plot twists and I hope to contribute to this show. If I am given the privilege of being given a script, I promise I will read the script and practice whatever character before hand and will work to my fullest to display whatever character trait you want of me, be it a sociopath, a caring person, or anything else you have for me. I will give you nothing less than my all.

  37. Genevieve Dastrup

    Hi I’m Genevieve Dastrup I’m 18 years old and my dream job is to be an actress. I would love to start anywhere and I’m easy to work with.
    Hair:past my shoulders, curly, dark brown
    Race:Mexican American

  38. Emily Spain

    Hey! I’m Emily Spain, I’m fifteen years old. I have been singing, acting, and dancing since I was little. I have been in school musicals since I was in the sixth grade, and have taken voice, dance, and acting lessons since I was little. I have been in performances with Raleigh Little Theater, North Carolina Conservatory, and also got the opportunity to perform in a North Carolina Opera performance and a Broadway Series South performance. Also, I got the amazing opportunity to perform with the Gettys at Carnegie Hall, during their Irish Christmas Tour. I also got to go to a Disney Workshop in New York with my school, Clayton High School, with Matthew Frazier and Lauren Chapman. I really hope you consider me I am great with a group of people and learn things fast.

  39. Ariel Redoble

    Hi, my name is Ariel Alexis.

    I am 21 years old and I currently am living in Oregon. I have done performing arts starting at the age of 7. I am originally from Honolulu, Hawai’i where I have done most of my trainings and auditions. At the age of 7, I started singing and gradually was able to have Glenn Medeiros as my private vocal coach. Starting at the age of 9 till this day, I have been playing the ukulele. Taking ukulele classes were a challenge until I stopped. I taught myself the chords by ear. I have no idea how to read notes. I took on acting and modeling also at the age of 9. I have done training with World Talent where I was honored to get a call-back for Nickelodeon. I continued my training and graduated from Barbizon Modeling & Acting School Agency. The agency lead me to audition and perform in LA at the international performing arts showcase and received a call-back from Trusik Management.

    I currently moved to Oregon to earn my college degree. Aside from school, I continue pursuing my passion for the performing arts by sharing it with the Barbizon school of Portland as a coach. I really am interested in playing a role or trying out for a role in Beauty and the Beast. Aside from it as being one of the shows that’s addicting to watch, it’ll be amazimg to take on a role in the show. Thank you for your time and consideration.


  40. Alyssa Brady

    Hello there my name is Alyssa Brady and i have just seen the ad for Beauty and the Beast. I have been acting and singing for as long as i can remember.
    Previous experience: Highschool-
    2011 Mamma Mia Production- cast as Rosie (support lead)
    2012 West Side Story- cast as Anita (lead)
    2013 Check Please- cast as Beatrice the waiters (lead)
    2014 Cats- cast as Grizabella (lead)
    Edmonton Young Company – Citadel Theater
    2014 Acting and singing for an original production called home.
    2015 Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and Television
    I have many years of experience and i would love the chance to grow and move into television.

    Weight- 115 ilb
    Hair color- dark brown
    Eye color- hazel
    Ethnicity- Caucasian

  41. Alyssa Curtis

    Hello! My name’s Alyssa Curtis. I am 20 years old.
    I am 5′ 7″ and I weigh 127 lbs. I have blue/ green eyes and long brown hair.
    I have been acting and singing since I was little for my church, schools, and community.
    Performing in general is such a fun experience for the performer and the people watching.
    I take every opportunity I can get to perform for others whether it be acting or singing because I believe it’s a fantastic way of communication and getting people to smile.
    I am very energetic and positive; constantly looking for the next mountain to climb and conquer.
    I am more than willing to travel and be a part of this production.
    It would be such a fun, new, and exciting experience for me!
    Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

  42. Marsha Riggsbee

    I have been working as a Nurse for over 20 yrs, sometimes working more than one job. During that time I have taken care of EVERYONE ELSE. Now I Have decided to think about ME! I have no acting experince. But everyday At work I would sorta perform keeping my Patients entertained & per-occupied by telling jokes, singing, lots of role playing, just being kind & caring. My patients was always glad when I was working & my colleagues think I’m a “Hoot”.
    I have a very nice singing voice. I’m very active, I work out every day. I have always loved all the Disney Movies & love to watch any type of TV shows. (When I could stay awake). I can put on a great performances in my truck.
    I would love the chance to be apart of this Great Story. You already know how hard I have worked in my life.
    Thank you for your time.
    MARSHA RIGGSBEE. AGE 60. HT 5’1″ WT 112 Blond Hair.

  43. Michael E. Tarasoff

    What an excellent opportunity to get the chance to work on one of my favorite networks! This would be an absolute blast and dream come true, as I’ll finally be able to transition from the stage to the screen. Of course there’ll be challenges along the way but nothing I can’t handle! With close to thirteen years of acting experience including method classes as well as Stella workshops, I feel I would be a great candidate to consider; this feels like the opportunity I’ve been preparing for my entire life, and I hope you consider me for a part no matter the size of it, there are no small parts! Hoping to have fun in this new journey.
    Thank you again,
    Michael Tarasoff

  44. Raquel Domingos

    Hi I’m Raquel and 18 years old. To be honest I never act before, so I don’t have any experience in that area, but I would love to try (with work and dedication everything can happen).
    I don’t think that’s a problem for me because I am a really outgoing and friendly person. I don’t have problems in being in front of the camera, I’m not shy at all.
    I like new experiences and new opportunities and I would love to be part of this one. I think I would do a really good job.
    Thank you for your time.

    Name: Raquel Domingos
    Date of birth: 8th December, 1996 (18 years old)
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eye Color: Brown/greenish
    Hair: Wavy/dark brown
    Height: 5’1
    Curiosities: freckles

  45. Stephanie

    Almost all my life I’ve wanted to be an actress, and I’m a huge fan of this television series.
    I really hope I get a part in this series, even if its a small part.
    I’m 5’1″
    I am 13 years old
    I have long black hair
    I can sing well
    I have brown eyes
    Thank u… I really hope you consider me being a part of this tv show.

  46. Sara Jukes

    I adore this show. A chance to be a part of it would be amazing. I have a bachelor’s degree in fine art but acting is a lifelong passion. I’m 36 but I look like I’m in my early 20s. 5’4″, 118 lbs, long dark curls, brown eyes. Light complexion. Check me out

  47. Kelsey

    My name is Kelsey and I am 17 years old currently residing in the state of Ohio. I am a part of my schools drama club and music ensembles. I am interested in any role I could possiby audition for. My plans include pursuing a career in theatre after college and or moving to California to continue my dream of being an actress. If interested, feel free to contact me for any more information concerning avaliability, experiences, and appearance. I am extremely hard working and very dedicated.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  48. Mikayla

    Hi, I’m Mikayla. I’ve seen a couple episodes of Beauty and the Beast and found it fantastic, and I’ve also liked the thought of acting. It’s a nice way of expressing yourself. I’m Asian, black hair, brown eyes, five feet two inches(ish). I play the violin at my high school, I’m a sophomore, 15 years, and have excellent memory, if it means anything.
    Thank you.

  49. courtney

    Heyy my name is courtney allday,
    I’m a twelve year old female, I have hazel eyes and medium brown hair, I don’t have much experience, but I would love to build a acting /modeling career to the top, my friends doubt me so I would like to prove them wrong, I would be grateful for any job really, wet her it being an extra or a main character , paid or unpaid , I don’t mind, as I would love to get some experience , I am quite confident and one day wish to be like nina dobrev or candice accola, or pheobe tonkin or even claire holt, ! I would love any experience thanks , x

  50. Sarde D.

    Hello my name is Sarde I wil be turing 30yrs old in February. I have acted and danced since I was 8yrs. I did ballet, tap and jazz at Dance Studio here in Indianapolis, as well as acting, danceing and singing in a local theatre called, “Asante Childrens Theatre”. I was involved in both since the age of 8yrs. I stopped doing them when I was 18yrs old, due to my family needing help. So, I went to college for Medical Assisant and graduated. I love being in the medical field,but, I still have a passion for acting. Even in college, I still did some acting on the side, as well as dancing and photo. Even though I haven’t done anything for a very long time, acting is still my passion, and like my grammey as always told me, you are never too old to contiue with your dreams….

    Thank You and God Bless…

  51. Zavannah Metatawabin

    Hi my name is zavannaah metatawabin, I am looking to become a actor and this would be such an amazing opportunity and I love to try new things.I love the story beauty and the beast! You should consider me to be a part of the movie because I am a really hard worker and I never give up on anything that I start!
    Here are some things that you should know about me…..
    Culpture-aboriginal (cree)
    Hair – long straight brown
    Hobbies-running, football, basketball,reading, drawing, keyboard and being awesome!! XD
    If you don’t need me in your movie I wish the best of luck to you guys and I hope all goes well!!!

  52. Barbara Betancourt


    My name is Barbara and I am 18 years old.
    I believe this series will be a great starting point for any career, and I’d be overjoyed if it were mine.
    I am a fast learner. I have done some acting in the past in plays for school. I am already graduated from HS and have a lot of time to dedicate to any role I am given. I, like many other actors and actresses, will pour all I have into my role and become whoever I am assigned. I have always been overly sympathetic to characters and can channel every emotional strongly.
    Currently I am taking college courses in regards the film industry and hope to become a screenwriter and actress.
    I speak three languages: English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), and still learning Portuguese.
    I am:
    Naturally dark brown hair (currently dyed, but can make arrangements to change it)
    Wavy hair, medium length
    Light skin
    Light brown- hazel eyes (depends on the lighting)
    Please contact me for more information.
    Thank you in advance.

    -Barbara Betancourt

  53. Hope D'Arcy

    I have just come out of modelling because i have the drive and motivation to become an actress. I am currently 17 years old but i am very mature and confident. I believe that i work well in a team and would love to be given the opportunity to work alongside Kristen Kreuk, i ha e had paid experience in acting and have been extras in a few movies. I would love to be considered,
    Yours sincerely
    Hope D’Arcy

  54. Juliana Marie Ríos Medina

    Name: Juliana Marie Rios Medina
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5’4
    Hair: brunet with soft curls
    Eyes: Amber (Spanish traduced, Ámbar)
    (Puerto rican full bilingual)
    Living in Puerto Rico but I can travel if I need to
    I’ve done school plays of Gods like Hera and Aphrodite. I also can sing and Play sports like soccer.

  55. Elysha limo

    Hi,my names are Elisha limo,a Kenyan nationality from Kenya. Born and raised at the same country. Iam 20 years old and physically speaking? Well I have a dark chocolate skin complexion, height of 1.75m tall, body type is average muscular, brown eyes, dark curly hair and have never broke a bone. I speak fluent English and Swahili which of course is very obvious. I’m still a student in a university studying interior design at the degree level. I have also engage in archery which is part time for me and took part in self defense exercise for 3 months now. As a high school student I took part in co-curriculum activities such as drama and music festivals thus having a bit of experience in this type of field. I have never been to any drama school before but I believe in myself that I have got the talent in the film industry. Why I think I’m fit to take part in this project?well I know I have the spirit and motivation to do this,in fact am a very confident in myself to do this. This is not something new to me so I know am going to do extremely well if given the slightest chance to showcase my ability in acting. Am looking forward to working with you guys and will truly appreciate if given the platform. Hope to hear from you soon,thanks.

  56. Raven Parish

    Name: Raven Parish
    Sex: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’5
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Race: African American
    Height- 5’7
    Caramel Skin
    Body Type:Hourglass figure
    State: Texas
    Birth Place: Greenville, Ms
    Birth Date: June 10, 1996
    Places I’ve been: Orlando, FL; Irving, TX; Duncanville, TX
    Hello, my name is Raven Parish, senior class of 2015. You should pick me because I have taken acting classes, dancing classes. I am athletic, optimistic, out-going, witty, respective, etc. I have what it takes to become an actor. I have been taking film editing classes also. I have been recognized for an 2014 Distinguished Alumni for Nomination for National Youth Leadership Forum Careers in Digital Media, Broadcast & Journalism. I have an passion for acting since I was a young girl. I would LOVE to become for pick for Beauty And he Beast.

  57. Willy Tandongfor

    I have always told myself to make something good of myself, to be a better person and I think that taking a step further to this industry can bring out the true potential in me and can also build a path to my career. Thank you and please consider me.

  58. Maria

    Hi, my name is Maria i am from Germany and i think is’s interesting to try something new!

  59. Kayla Davis

    Name: Kayla Davis
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 125
    Hair Color: Brown (Shoulder Length)
    Eye Color: Brown

    I am a tall, funny, outgoing- adventurous type of person. I”m always up for a challenge and always looking for adventure. I’ve been in plays since 4th grade. I enjoy meeting new people and trying new things. Giving up is not in my nature and is not one in my vocabulary because I am not giving up on my dream. I love doing just about anything, even when it comes to getting dirty. I enjoy seeing new places. When you”re around me you tend to laugh and have a smile on your face. When it comes down to it I do what I am told and do what I have to do to get the job done. I have dealt with several agencies for training, been in runways, modeling gigs and several movies.

    Hope to hear from you.
    Kayla Davis

  60. Tamara Godbehere

    Hey there I would love to try out for the show I have done background work before I also live in BC not far away from Vancouver am 31 years old I have done background on smallville before and supernatural, I would love to be a part of this show even if that means just working on set, but to be behind the camera would mean a lot to me I have always wanted to act from when I was just a little kid to now, I think this would be a big change in my life, If you take time to read this Thank you.

  61. Kevin Drabløs Parra

    Hi my name is Kevin Parra and i am 19 years old.
    i can tell a little about myself, i have played football my entire life and always waned to do that, but since i was a kid i have also waned to be an actor.
    Every single one of you make a great show, you guys makes people wanna see the Beauty and the beast. All i ever waned is that one day i could make a good show for people because i want to make people watch it and like it.
    I have been alone most of the time since i was 16, i have worked hard for things that i want, and that i care about, i will not say that im the best choice you will ever make if you did choose me, but i can promise you right now that i will do everything in my power to make the best out of it.
    It would be a dream to be on Beauty and the beast, and to be on the show before it ends, would mean a lot to me.

    Thanks for your time, it means a lot

    Name: Kevin Parra
    Born: 1 March 1995
    Hight: 1.77m
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Black/Brown
    Skin color: white/ little brown
    body type: Atletich

  62. Suzanne K

    Hello, I would love the opportunity to audition for this show! Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite Disney movie, because I’ve always had a connection to Belle. I would love to have the opportunity to audition even as an extra, because even the greatest things start small, and everyone has to start some where. Thank you for your consideration.

  63. Kennedy

    I Believe that I should be considered for beauty and the beast because this has always been my favourite book. I also would love to get into acting and believe this would be a good opportunity. This to me is a way to show I am willing to do whatever it takes even if challenged in what I am asked to do. As well I am very energetic, optimistic , and open minded about projects I taken on. Thank you for considering me, I am really looking forward to hearing from you

  64. Alyssa Alexander

    My name is Alyssa and let me tell you, I LOVE this show! I am an actor and I plan on being on Broadway one day. I just thought this would be a great start. I’m hard working, and I hate drama and the divas that create it. So you don’t have to worry about that with me. Here’s some info about me!

    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 105
    Skin: pale white
    Eyes: blue
    Hair: light brown
    Location: East Texas

    Thank you!

  65. Elisabeth Augustin

    Im Elisabeth
    Age; 15
    Eyes: brown
    Hair; Black Brown and Red
    Height; 5, 5
    Talents; Comedian, singer. I love Beauty and The beast!!! Yep that’s a talent! Please consider me!

  66. Kelly MacConnell

    Hey I am Kelly,I am 13 almost 14, I am 5’5, blonde, and blue eyed. I love acting and 2 years ago i was actually in beauty and the beast the play. Acting is my dream and i would love to do anything in this movie. I am outgoing and fun to be around i would be a blast on set. Thank you for your time bye(:

  67. Aubrey Calapp

    My name is Aubrey Calapp, I am fourteen years old and have about six years of acting, singing, and dancing experience, mostly musicals and theater. I am taking dance classes through the acting academy I attend and am currently cast in an independent film. I have loved preforming arts my whole life and enjoy building up to a career in the arts. I live in northern California and would love to audition for any part in your production. If you are interested I will be happy to send you a resume and head shot via e-mail.
    Ethnicity: Irish, Welsh, Italian.
    Height: 5′ 2
    Weight: 100 lbs.
    Skin: Olive/White
    Hair: Dirty Blonde, Waist-length
    Eyes: Hazel (Blue/Green/Brown)
    Thank You,
    Aubrey Calapp

  68. Christian Ramos

    I am very interested in joining any type of action
    I learn fast
    I like to work hard
    I totally available
    am very interested in the experience I can get
    I am very humble and I like making new friends
    I play guitar
    I can dance
    I do sports
    I can draw very well
    I know a lot about “design”

    “I think that in the world today we should all be together no matter where you are, what matters is to make a difference”

    I am Ecuadorian
    I am 19 years
    height 1.74