Bad Hair Day - Disney Original Movie

Bad Hair Day – Disney Original Movie

What do you get when you take two of The Disney Channel’s most lovable stars and pair them up for an Original Movie? What will probable go down as one of the most watched events of the year and an incredible chance for up and coming actors to make their break in a DC production. Casting calls for Bad Hair Day starring Austin & Ally’s Lauren Marano and Good Luck Charlie’s Leigh-Allyn Baker are happening soon and performers of all age can submit themselves today for consideration for a number of roles.

Bad Hair Day promises to be an outrageous combination of comedy and caper, the film will follow a tech savvy high school girl (Marano) who is poised to be named prom queen. Unfortunately things don’t work out like she planned and prom day quickly turns into anything but a dream, starting with the worst

hair day ever seen by man and a destroyed prom dress. She also has a priceless diamond necklace in her possession but she doesn’t know it. There are two people who do know it, though – a down on her luck police officer (Baker) and a dangerous jewel thief. Now Marano and shady cop must make it across the city and keep the necklace out of the hands of the thief. This wild road trip chase movie is sure to delight millions of Disney fans around the world and is sure to be a truly special casting call event.

BAd hair Day will star Marano (The Sarah Silverman Program., Without a Trace, Superbad) and Baker (Dog With A Blog, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Hannah Montana) alongside a still -growing cast that so far includes Zoé De Grand Maison (Orphan Black, Motive, Rookie Blue), Christian Campbell (Supernatural, Big Love, All My Children), Jake Manley (Beauty and the Beast, Cracked, Love, Rosie) and Kiana Madeira (One Christmas Eve, Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars, Really Me). The Disney Channel Original Movie will be directed by Erik Canuel (Vampire High, Being Erica, Flashpoint) from a script by Eric M. Gardner, Steven H. Wilson, and Billy and Matt Eddy (Zapped, Teen Beach 2).

Casting calls for this epic new Original Movie will be happening shortly and interested actors of all ages and experience levels can apply for consideration today by heading here or here More details will be posted as soon as we get them so stay tuned for more updates and leave a message in the space below and tell us why you would like to audition for the all new Disney Channel Original Movie Bad Hair Day.

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  1. Tayo

    My name is Tayo Durojaiye. I would really like to be apart of the production.
    Talents – Singing, Acting, and modeling and dancing(flexibility)
    Age – 14
    Ethnic – African Canadian
    Gender – female
    Please email me once you get this it would mean so much to be apart of this its my dream.
    I won’t let you down and I promise you won’t regret it.

  2. brandy

    hi my name is brandy galvin and i think i would be good for this movie because i like to act and sing i would to be in this movie because I’m a big fan of austin and ally i watch like everyone of there shows and i would like to get the chance to act i would do anything to be in this movie i try to apply for a lot of movie but never got the part i will do what ever it takes to do this movie and just be a part of it thanks for your time

  3. Emilie Hutchinson

    Hi my name is Emilie Hutchinson and I am currently 16 years old.

    I understand that you have received a lot of these comments and probably don’t have the time to read them all, but I will test my luck anyway (which isn’t very lucky).

    I have a passion for acting because it enables me to step into another persons skin and walk around in it (mind my quote from ‘To kill a mockingbird”). For as long as I can remember, I have yearned for something more, something different and exciting. I feel that acting is the best way to express myself and my passions.

    I live in a small town in Victoria, Australia, but I have always wanted to travel and see what the world has to offer, but more importantly, show the world what I have to offer. I not only want to make an impact, I want to make a difference. Even if it’s a small difference, like inspiring someone to chase after their dreams, regardless of whether they seem unattainable or nearly impossible.

    So far, I have wanted to be an archaeologist, mythologist, a travel blogger, a singer, an explorer (or more specifically, Indiana Jones as a women), and most significantly, an actor. But I never believed that I could achieve any of that as I’m a country girl from a small seaside town. In all likelihood, I’ll settle on being a physiotherapist because I’m good at anatomy and physiology. Honestly, I don’t want to settle on a life that I might enjoy, with endless routines and schedules. I am officially deciding to believe that I can do the impossible, beat the odds and be what and who I want to be. I just need to convince you to take a leap of faith and trust in my convictions.

    My name is Emilie Hutchinson and I believe that I would be a good member of the Bad hair day cast

    I have long dark brown hair that gradually turns caramel brown and Indigo coloured eyes (light blue with grey). I am slim and tall(ish) with a fair complexion. Unfortunately, this fair skin of mine is accompanied by a few freckles, not many on my face but a lot on my arms.

    Please contact me if you are interested in exercising a small town girls dream. If you do contact me, I will send a picture, my height and any other information you need. Please, take that leap of faith with me.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

  4. Essy Alan Membere

    hi i am essy i live in Nigeria but i would be moving to brighton in england very soon then los angeles…i really love acting
    my features:
    martial art
    i am 14
    5th september,2001
    basket ball
    volley ball
    bicycle riding
    horse back riding
    dark brown eyes
    brown-black hair
    5’8 height
    i speak english, igbo i understand french and little spanish

  5. Bryce Shrout

    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 150
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes : Hazel
    Age: 15, turn 16 May 1
    Gender: Male

    Reasons I want a role, well first off let me just say who Dosent want to be a Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise? I love acting I’ve been wanting to do it since I was 12 but really had no idea how. Now that highschool is getting closer and closer to ending I figured now I should pursue my acting career. I don’t want to brag or anything but every girl I know says I’m handsome/cute/hot which I think would be good for younger audiences watching. All I want is that one chance to be recognized. Also I can’t really describe how I look so I really recommend you look me up on Instagram my username is @shrout_24, I think if you would look at that I would reel you in. Also please email me if your interested in me for any other roles, like the movie I remeber where they go back in time and they wear the white snowy jackets. I feel like I would be perfect for those roles

  6. Stephanie

    Hi, im stephanie and am 12 years old. I have curly brown hair and brown eyes as well. I am 5’4 and pear shaped. I am brazilian but was born and raised in america. I curently live in atlanta georgia. I have always wanted to be an actress and am always look for ways to be one. I am shy and a little reserved at first but after a little bit of time I am outgoing and wiling to do almost anything. In my extra time i enjoy talking with friends, playing with my younger sisters, reading, drawing, or just about anything really. While i am not always the quickest thinker i can usualy figure somthing out one way or another. I would love the job and if you could contact me one way or another that would be great. Thank you

  7. Mohammed Abood

    Hello, i’m Mohammed I live here in Phoenix and I would love to be given this opportunity because my dreams of being a actor is insanely big. My personality is outgoing, I love to act, and I think i’m really good at it as well, I just need that opportunity to present my self. I could honestly say that I could play any role because my body type and look, I would love to send in some photos! Thanks for your time and hope I could be given this opportunity.

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 125
    Eye Color: Green
    Oh and I have crazy hair!

  8. janine

    hi my name is janine
    i am 13 years old
    play guitare
    from netherlands
    can speak good english
    love the role
    brown hair long
    brown eye’s

    let me know

    bye janine

  9. Bryanna Starr

    Hey, I’m Bryanna!

    (I wanna keep it short..) I seen this and I think it would be pretty cool to try out. I did Drama in
    my current grade, which is gr. 10..

    Age: 15

    Looks: Short; Dark Brown hair, with same eye colour. Medium tan skin, little freckles on cheeks. Tall [5’11.5ft] with an Pear body and wears glasses.

    Personality: Funny, Shy at first, Kind, I might some cold but I’m really not.. and Weird, but in a good way and Loud.

    Extra: Drawing is one of my hobbies, basketball(I’m not good at it but I love playing), video games, seeing an animal in pain is just heartbreaking or anyone in that fact.. plus I could get over my fears just to do a part. And just being a weirdo with or in front of my friends, to keep them happy. Plus I don’t talk like an robot or go very quiet..

    Email if you want more and I’ll get to you as fast I can!

  10. makayla

    Hi my name is Makayla and I am 10. I took professional acting, modeling, singing, and dancing classes since I was 9. I am very athletic and flexible. I take cheerleading and karate. I am 5’3, Dark brown eyes and hair. I also sing. I’ve been the lead singer in many of my school plays and I write a lot. I also have a passion for fashion and a little dramatic on the other hand. I also have a little attitude that will make you work harder if you aren’t. I have a little thing for helping others and giving advice but if you make me mad well let’s try not to let that happen because it’s over if you do. I love to get a call of email back.

  11. maritza

    Hi my name is maritza iam 13 years old I have brown hair mixed with some dity blonde(naturally) and up to my weise I would love to audition for your next hit original movie because it would mean so much for me this my dream. I love acting singing and dancing when I am acting I feel really happy and that I could acoplish anything that comes to me. I also play soccer , football, basketball, and cheerleading.

  12. Adrieonnia watkins-Harris

    My name is Adrieonnia and i would love to be in this bad hair movie because i can relate to having bad hair days also want to start my acting career off im 11 years old ready to role play.thanks for listening.

  13. Andrea Cruz

    HI, my name is Andrea I’m 15 years old and I would like to audition for the Disney original movie. It would be an honor to work as an actress its my dream. I love acting By the way Disney movies are my favorites and that why I’m here and I want to audition.

  14. India

    My name is India, I am 14 and 5’4. I’m an trained in acting singing and dancing. This would be an amazing opportunity for me as I love to act. I can do almost anything you ask of me when it comes to acting and have experience. For more info or references email me.
    Thanks so much

  15. Tommy

    Can I be in the movie please I am 10 Turing 11
    Some features

    Can sing
    Can act
    Can play saxophone
    I am a boy
    Funny class clown
    Play basket ball
    Play football

  16. Mekaela Villa

    My name is Mekaela Villa and I see myself on television. I am 9 years with a fun and spunky spirit. I am easy to get along with and work with. I’m outgoing, hardworking, and athletic. I’m a gymnast, dancer, and basketball player. I look forward to working with you.

  17. Gracie

    Hello, my name is Gracie Creps, I am 18 years old, though I look young for my age. I have blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, and fare skin with freckles. I am 5’6 and weigh about 120 lbs. I am very athletic and participate in 4 sports. It has been a dream of mine since I can remember to be in a disney channel original movie. I am very energetic and adventurous, would be willing to do whatever I am asked. If you would like any more information or pictures please feel free to contact me. thanks!

  18. Grace

    I’m 12 years old I have brown hair with a pixie cut with blue eyes I am about 5’4.
    I was originally cast in a short film but couldn’t make it due to time issues but I have a clear schedule now that i’m home schooled, and I am hoping that you would consider me, thank you.

  19. Melissa Shuman

    Hello, My name is Melissa. I am 19 years old, almost 20. I am currently living in Colorado. I have been acting since I was 5 years old. I am also a SAG member since 2003. I have always loved Disney Channel since I was little and would love to be in a Disney Channel movie. I am 5’4″ and 137 lbs. I have medium auburn hair and hazel eyes. I do wear glasses but also have contacts. I am currently in college trying to get my BFA in Musical Theatre, but every job helps.

  20. Michael

    Sounds like and interesting movie! 34 year old male here. Stage experience with music and plays. Singer/songwriter. Would love to know more info

  21. Jamie webb

    Hi im jamie webb
    I wanted to be apart of this wonderful channel disney channel when i was 4 and im now 1
    I have brown hair
    I have hazle eyes
    And i love acting
    If you guys would email me that would be get

    Thank you for taking your time reading this

  22. Demitra

    hope im in and if i am i will scream your gonna hear me.


  23. Alliyah Boyce

    hi my name is alliyah (uh-lee-uh) i am 15 turning 16 i have very little acting experience but i feel as if im a good actor. i just love acting cause i feel you be more than one person. i like comedies, dramas,even musical. i hope that you consider me in being in this movie please and thank you.i am 5″5. my weight goes up and down alot but right this second i am 165. i am lightskin. my hair is a really dark brown, my eyes are medium brown, i live in new york. i hope you consider me for this movie please and thank you.

  24. Savannah Nepinak

    Hi! My name is Savannah Nepinak, I am 14 years old and I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba

    Some of my features are..
    – I dance
    – I play Guitar
    – Able to sing but I don’t sound amazing
    – I am 5’1
    – Long-ish brown hair with lighter tips (am willing to dye my hair)
    – Green/brown eyes
    – Chubby-ish
    – I am very outgoing

    There isn’t much else I could put that would make you interested at least a bit.

    Savannah B. Nepinak

  25. Makruhi

    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: brown
    Height: 5’3
    Age: 19
    Location: Denver, CO
    Hi everyone, my name is Makruhi (stage name Maga) I’m originally from Armenia. I speak in three languages; Armenian (native), English, Russian. I’m an actor,singer,model also I can dance and I play few instruments (keyboards, guitar). I would be honored if you contact me because I would like to be one of the actors in this movie. I’m a hard worker,I’m very punctual and I love to do everything as best as I can, sometimes even more . My Email address is

    Thank you!

  26. Diamond Johnson and Quantrail Johnson

    Me and my brother love watching bad hair day. It would be an honor to be apart of the show. I am thirteen and my brother is twelve.

  27. Shannen leach

    Hi Disney Channel I am Shannen Leach I am 11 years old and love acting and singing I also love Good Luck Charlie and Austin And Ally I am in the school Choir and I would love to study drama when I am older . I think I would be really good playing in bad hair day because I would get along with everyone on set and I love the two main people I would be working with so if you need an actor/singer you should consider me. Yours sincerely Shannen leach

  28. Aprilyn Quiñones

    I’m Aprilyn Quiñones and I’m 18 turning 19 this April 20.
    If you would ask me why i would like to audition in your great movie simply because I believe that I’m a perfect cut out to be a part of this great film. I have the skills and the capabilities and can manipulate certain emotions that a certain actor/ actress possesses. It would be a dream come true if you are to choose and i’d be glad to help you make your movie a great success. thanks 🙂

  29. Lorena Quiñones

    hello. i’m lorena quiñones. i’m from philippines. i love singing as well as acting. but unfortunately, i haven’t joined any acting workshops and such because my parents supported me more on academic area until now. i’m now an engineering student from western mindanao state university but i do love to be a part of this movie. i know that i’m capable enough to handle different roles. i used to act in front of the mirror. since i’m a great fan of harry potter, i do mimic some lines and of course, some crying scenes. and for that reason, i’m confident and very much proud to represent the talent of a filipino in the realm of acting. thank you 🙂

  30. Ruth McCoy Miles

    I am a serious actress, but a young Disney fan. I would love to be part of this.

  31. Aliyah King

    you’re are probably never going to read this because of the overflow of comments left for this casting audition. But I will write anyway. My name is Aliyah, I am 18 years old and acting has been my dream. I was never the person to act in school, or perform in front of audience, but I have the passion and commitment of one. I’m the type of person to take things serious in moments, but also play around off camera. I feel I have the potential to act and sing. When i was younger, I use to make my own scripts and perform them to myself in my bathroom mirror. My mother knew I had a gift to put smiles on peoples faces, and so I believe too. It would be a true honor and blessing to play on this show. I wouldn’t let you down. I will achieve my goals and strive for succession! To become an actress is my dream and I will do all I can to let it happen. I dont take rejection as failure or to give up. I make rejection a flaw, or something I need to work on. I never let myself down. I’m in this to win this.
    “Life is a gift, and I don’t intend on wasting it.”

    In regards of my message before. Here are my features and a number of email you can contact me from.
    – height : 5’4
    – weight : 139 lbs
    – eye color : brown
    – hair color : brown
    – ethnic : (mixed) African American, Indian, Portuguese, Irish, Caucasian.
    – location : Riverhead, Ny
    – number cell : (631) 413-8211
    – home number : (631) 591-2201
    – email :

    this would be a true blessing and honor to have me on your show. I wouldn’t let you down, ever.

  32. Jeni beaver

    Hi, I’m Jeni and I’m 15, but I can look the ages 16-17.
    -I have long brown hair and hazel eyes
    -I weigh about 100 pounds
    -white/ Caucasian
    I just want a chance to so something with my life then to sit around.
    Thank you, hope to hear back

  33. Jasmine Villela

    HI I am 17 years old. I live in phoenix Arizona, USA. I am a female who stands at 4’11, I have brown eyes, and brown hair. I am hispainc. I have always wanted to be in front of a camera, and making people simile, and laugh. I do not have any experince, But I promise if I am considered, I will try my very best. Thank you for your time 🙂

    -Jasmine villela

  34. Alexa Ortiz

    Hi, my name is Alexa. I am from Costa Rica but I can fly anytime if I get an opportunity, I am 15 years old and I think that I should be considered because I would love to be an actress someday and I would appreciate sosososo much if you consider me even as an extra! So please pick me for something and you would CHANGE MY LIFE! I’ve been waiting a chance like this one since I can remember!! Give me an opportunity and I will not let you down…
    AGE: 15
    HEIGHT: 5”5
    WEIGHT: 100 POUNDS / 50KL
    COMMITMENT: 100%
    INTEREST: 100%
    HOPE: 100%

  35. Lyan Khane

    Hello. I’m Lyan Khane. I’m 18 years young and I live in Zamboanga City, Philippines.
    I want to become a part of the bad hair day because I believe that I have the potential skills in acting and I believe that it would be a dream come true to become a part in this great show.
    Thanks 🙂

  36. Zoe Jarman

    I am probably super late with this casting call but im still going to enter.
    Where should I start…
    Okay so my name Is Zoe Jarman and i am currently living in Brisbane.
    I am 16 in October and still studdying in high school.
    The reason i am applying for this job is because not only do i have a severe passion with the perfromming arts, but also i have grown up with Disney Channel itself.
    I do want to persue a career in this area even if it just being an extra.
    Either way i will still be doing what i love.

    With Thanks

    Zoe Jarman

  37. Patrick Caldwell

    Hey my name’s Patrick Caldwell, I’m 19 from Perth in Western Australia. To put it bluntly, I’ve studied drama for 15 years, mostly stage, and I just feel that TV/movies are for me. I’m young, fresh-faced and ready. I understand the struggles of having little due to living with a man with a brain disorder due to drinking too much when I was 12 and due to that I’ve been exposed to such a high level of legal, political and dramatic battles that no 12 year old should had to of experienced. Through it all though, I’m still smiling, laughing and just enjoying life. An ex cheerleading coach with a passion. I’m not saying I’m the guy for this movie or that I’ll get you guys an Oscar, what I’m saying is, I can give you reality.
    All I ask in return is a chance.

  38. aoife hayes

    .hi my name is aoife, i am 13 years old but can look up to the age of 16-17.
    .im 5’8 and i am 99lbs give or take a pound.
    . i have blue eyes and my hair colour changes alot but it is currently blonde.
    .i am an athletic person but also very girly and i have alot of different sides to me thats why i would be good for a various amount of roles.
    .i think you should consider me because i have a good personality also i am a strong person so i can handle all the challenges i could be faced with and i really want to start a professional acting career as it is my dream to be an actress.
    .i live in Northern Ireland, Great Britian but i can travel to any destination if needed.

  39. Cassandra Bass

    My name is Cassandra Bass and i don’t have very much experience in acting but I would love to be considered! I have always loved acting and I have always dreamed of being part of a show or a movie! I can also dance and sing! I’ll tell you a bit about myself now!
    -I am 12 years old
    -I have brown hair with some natural blonde highlights
    -I live in Ottawa, Ontario
    – I have brown eyes

    Thank you for taking the time to read this i really hope you consider me!

  40. Hunter Harless

    Hi, my name is Hunter
    I am 13 and turn 14 in May
    I would love to be an actress on Disney Channel because I grew up watching Disney shows and have always wanted to act and meet the actors/actresses. It would be a dream come true to work with you guys.
    Some hobbies I do are swimming, singing, and acting. I also play French horn.
    I am 5″ and have Blue/grey eyes and light brown hair. I would love to hear back from someone soon!
    Lots of love,

  41. Britnee Glasco

    Hi my name is Britnee Glasco and I am 15 years old. I am a high school distingushed honor role student, and I have been playing the violin and dancing for 10 years. I am currently signed to Wilhelmina Philadelphia, for acting. I am trying to get my carrer started and I just think it would be awesome if it could get started on this movie.

  42. Sukriti sarwal

    Hi I always Disney channel even in lunch at school Ian the no.1 Disney channel fan ever and it would be awesome to be apart of the Disney channel family.
    My name is Sukriti Sarwal and I am 11 years old i live in Manchester which is in the United Kingdom .

  43. Tebutare

    Hi am a 11 year old girl turning 12 in June. I watch Disney everyday after school so I kind of know how the acting goes. I am from Swaziland but from my father’s side They are all American. I have family in America. My cousin used to work for MTN. I would really like this part. I am a great actress and I am beautiful I have been told.

  44. Larissa Espig

    Hello, my name is Larissa. I’m from Queensland, Australia.
    Age -12 turning 13
    Grade – 7 ( First year of high school )
    Hair – Brown
    Eyes – Blue / Green
    Height – 161cm
    Hobbys – Acting, seeing my friends on the weekend
    Favorites – Christmas, Shopping, Family and Friends
    Kindest Regards,
    Larissa Espig
    P.S I am not the skinniest person ☺

  45. Marie Cassandra

    My name is Marie Cassandra and I am working to become a movie actress, so I’m looking for opportunities!
    I am a 15 year old female Caucasian with light brown hair and brown eyes. I’m about 5’4″ (give or take an inch) and weigh 120 lbs. I’m from Forsyth, Georgia and my hobbies are playing sports, reading, and I’ve been playing piano for 6 to 7 years now. I am also friendly and kind and I love meeting new people!
    Thank you so much!

  46. Holly stovin

    My name is Holly Stovin I am 12 years old I would love to do some acting and be in films and things. I think I would be good because I’m quite confident and happy I will have fun when filming it and won’t be afraid to try new things✔️ I have always wanted to be in Disney channel it’s been a dream of mine

  47. Mollymay Thacker

    Hi, my name is Mollymay Thacker.I am 10 years old and I have long blond hair blue eyes and I am a amazing actress and singer. This would be my Dream as a have wonted to be a actress ever since I was 2 years old.I go to acting school every Monday, Tuesday ,Thursday ,Friday ,Saturday and Sunday, I have been doing it for 6 years ,so I have a lot of experience. I think I would be great for a part in this move.

    Please consider me !
    Thank you very much.

  48. Selena Jammaz

    Hello. I’m Selena, I’m 16 years old, I love to tap dance and finally, to act. Acting is something that allows me to explore different perspectives and roles of different people which I take great interest in. I would love to be part of this movie because of the story line and that Laura and Leigh-Allyn are staring in it. They are both incredible and I could learn a lot for them. I hope you consider me because I have a lot to offer!

  49. Trisha dungca

    I am trisha dungca. Let me tell you I’m not like the other girls…. There all PROB not Asian but I am a 5″2 light brown eyed blacked hair FILIPINO 13 year old. I sing play guitar and piano.. I have Not professionaly DOne any acting… I like to start at my homebase which is my church where I sing and build my self confidence… Why U should pick me U ask? Well you should let me be apart of the cast because not because of my talents but also because I work hard… I will not give up… I am not a quiter… I love to act because I make people happy and smile! Your also PROB woundering why I’m writing so much but it’s because I want to show U kind of who I am and see what I’m capable of… I want to be on Disney channel not because of the fame but because you say its always about making people happy and having fun in what you do … Please contact this email at any time…

  50. Eileen Torres

    Hi I am Eileen and I am 12 yes old I have been wanting to be in a Disney movie since I was 6 so half of my life my !on said when I was five I would each ahannah Montana and grave my hair brush and sing best of both worlds and I think that if you pick me for this I would be pleased even with the smalles t part I will love it please and thank you for your time

  51. Mariana

    Hi! My name is Mariana. Im 16 years old and I am from Mexico. I think this is a huge opportunity because a lot of people here want the same things. I really enjoy acting, this feeling you receive from the people who is watchhing is amazing, i would like to have this opportunity because I want to see how it feels that other people consider your work and be proud of it.

    Kisses from Mexico and please consider me 🙂

  52. Cassie Poitras

    Hi I’m Cassie Poitras, I live in Prince George, BC and I’m 16 years old. I’ve wanted to be an actress since I was a little girl and this movie seems like the perfect opportunity. I’ve acted in a few school plays as well as my town’s production of “Christmas Carol”. I have also been dancing for 12 years and singing for 2 years. I have performed in my studio’s production of “The Nutcracker” three times as well. I have brown hair and blue eyes and I am approximately 5’6″.

  53. Debora

    Hi my name is Debora and I am 13 turning 14 years old this year. I am a very enthusiastic person who loves to be in front of an audience and I definitely don’t suffer from stage fright. I have always loved acting and have had some experience in school plays such as ”Fame” and also participated in the school ”Talent Show”. and had great reactions from the audience. I have a natural talent for acting and entertaining public of different ages and adapt myself to different types genres or roles from comedy to more serious roles very easily. I think you should consider me because i am a very hard working person and i am sure you wont regret or be disappointed by my performance, I just need a chance to prove my ability in acting.
    I would be grateful for this opportunity and so would you after my performance believe me !

  54. lakota

    the reason for me thinking I should be strongly considered is because I have loved singing, acting, and dancing since I was younger I am 13 at this time and I have been looking for a way to show my talent on scree. this is that great way. Thank you.


    race:White, Black, German, Dutch, Irish, Puerto Rican, and Native.

    eye color: brown

    height: 5’1

    my personality is sweet and outgoing with and really anything you can think of.

    thanks for the consideration,


  55. Luci Grandinetti

    Hello! My name is Luci Grandinetti, and I am 19 years old and I just moved to LA to pursue my dream. I have a huge love for acting and singing, and I am very interested in auditioning for this movie. I want to to start my career in the entertainment business and I think this would be an amazing opportunity. I am a hard worker, motivated and I am original. I look forward to hearing from you.


  56. Anjola Sokunbi

    Hello! My name is Anjola and I am 11 years old and will be turning 12 in June. I live in the UK in a town called Rainham (Essex) I am an amateur actress and would love to be in your film.
    It would be my dream come true to be in this movie.

  57. Kianna pacheco

    Hi my name is kianna pacheco i am 12 years old turning 13 in November and i have brown hair. I love to act and i am taking a drama class which i have an A in i can express a lot of emotions my parents even say i am a great actor cause sometimes they dont know if i am acting to be sad or if i am really sad my dream is to become an actor or a fashion designer ever since i was a little kid i allways wanted to be part of disney channel so yah you can just email me for more information or details thank you for your time

  58. Martyna Lesniak

    My name is Matyna I’m 13 years old. I come from Poland.
    I love watching Disney Channel.
    more about me:
    -blond hair
    -blue eyes
    -168 centimeters
    -50 kilo

    -thank you 🙂

  59. tayla

    Hi my name is Tayla, I live in Australia. I don’t have any real acting experience but I do love acting and have a creative imagination which helps me get into different types of character and I am very unique (most think)

    Age: 14
    Height: 1.63
    Hair color: black with red streaks (can easily be changed)
    Eye color: hazel
    Ethnicity: white

  60. Rupa Mistry

    Hi there! I am Rupa, I am 13 years old, born in February,I think that you casting me for a place on the show will be good because:
    -it will improve my acting
    -my abilities will be taken a step further
    -I am flexible with anything

    Résumé type thing:
    -black/brown hair
    -brown eyes
    -5ft something

    -singing, dancing, acting
    -skateboarding, penny boarding
    -martial arts
    -well educated
    -badminton player
    -100meter runner
    -martial arts
    I have won awards for all of these^
    I have landed the roles i wanted in productions, I have performed at a theatre 4/5/6 times
    I have been lead parts in productions
    I am not fat–fit to do anything
    I am British…born in England:)

    I hope this has been use if your time and I hope I am successful enough. Thank you, Rupa

  61. kaitlyn

    hi my name Is Kaitlyn I love to sing and dance and acting so I hope I get picked for your show I would love to be on it so plase let me know

  62. James

    I’m James. A 16 year old actor that would LOVE to be involved with such a great project

  63. Elizabeth Griffiths

    Hi, my name is Elizabeth. I am going on 14 this year. I’m 5’2 with shoulder length brown hair(in good condition) blue eyes and I’m Caucasian. I live in Northern Utah. I have been in all the plays in my area (four or five) and I attended Hale Center Theatre’s summer acting camp. My aunt is a director so I have learned a lot from her. I participated in the PAL program (Program for Accelerated Learners) for two years. I am a good singer and have taken lessons over the years. I pick up choreography pretty well and I practice my heart out. I have a really fun personality and I always have a positive attitude. It has always been my goal to be an actress and I’m trying my best to achieve my goal. This would be my first movie, but I’m a hard worker and I pay attention and follow instructions well. Please email me if you need a headshot or anything else. Thank you for your time.

  64. Angel

    Hello my Name is Angel
    -I am 12 years old
    -Mixed with Italian and Guyanese
    -Medium length hair that is brown/black
    -Eye color is brown
    -I speak a little bit of Italian
    -I can cry easily for me because I am very emotional
    -I like to be bubbly and funny
    -And I can also sing a little
    I would love to be at least consider because I always love to act and my dream is to be on T.V at least i am 5’1 i think. Thanks

  65. Sarah Marie G.

    I am interested in being an extra/side character, or playing a cameo on this series. Preteen, could play a young teen. Experience in acting and plenty in performing. Brown eyes, long, red hair, 5’4, caucasian, mature, diligent, follows directions well. I am serious about this opportunity. For more/my personal information and inquires you may contact me at Thank you for your consideration.

  66. nevins

    Hi my name is nevins and today Feb 13 2015i just saw the new Disney channel original movie bad hair day OMG I am in love with this movie who ever made it it’s the best!

  67. Nina Young

    Hi i would love to audition, Im very confident outgoing person and im 14 years old and about 5ft 7, blue eyes and chest length blonde hair (in very good condition) I can ride horses and have had my own since i could walk and sing well and can dance very well. I have been betty blast in footloose, Killer Queen in we will rock you and Debbie Wilkinson in Billie elliot at Tynedale Acadmay for Performing Arts (TAPA) i would be perefect for most parts as im a dedicated Actress who is trying to get known, Please email for headshot’s ect.

  68. BIZET Marianne

    Hi nice to meet you, It’s will be awesome to can be part of your project. I am french from Paris.
    Age : 18
    Eye: green
    Hair: straight black
    Weight: 119 pound ; 54 kg
    Size: 1 m 60
    Thank you for your consideration and good luck for your project. 🙂

  69. Tessy Adeniji

    Hi , my name is Tessy adeniji. I live in Nigeria but i usually come to America for holidays and vacations. It will be a dream come true to act on Disney channel. I’ve always wanted to show the world what I can really do but I don’t really get the chance and get a role in an original movie or sitcom.i love to dance , sing and act . I have brown eyes and brown hair I’m fair in complexion but I’m black, I speak English and a little bit of french , I’m 14 years old and I have the personality that could blow your mind. I will be very happy I will be fortunate to be one of the lucky ones. Thank you so much.♥♥♥♥★★★★;-):-D:-)◀▶

  70. Melanie

    hola me llamo melanie tengo 11 años vivo en argentina. Me gustaria participar de este show ya que me encanta cantar, bailar y actuar me encanta. espero que me den esta oportunidad unica y ta hermosa para que pueda dar mi primera ves en algo tan importante seria algo heromoso para mi , y no los voy a drefaudar . Espero su respuesta con mucha ansiedad , y que me puedan dar una oportunidad muchas gracias . Saludos!!

  71. Jason Barrett

    Thank you for taking this time to tread my message. My name is Jason Barrett. I am an artist, actor and a script writer and I live in a small town called Taylor Texas. When I was eight years old I would right all kinds of crazy stories and show them to my friends and teachers and they told me that my stories actually made sense for my age. Sense then I have created characters and wrote stories for every one if them. In the summer of 2014 I when’s to a camp called Tal Lastrocco (also known as Tal’s camp) in southwestern from there I learned a veriety of things from the best directors. It was intense but after I left I became a much stronger actor and continue to become one today. It is not my dream to become an actor but my number one goal. So I hope you consider me for the auditioning, if you would like to see a good picture of me just look for my Facebook page my name is Jason Barrett jr.
    Thank you for your time.
    My business number is 1-512-217-6819
    My email is

  72. julie ryer

    hi, my name is julie ryer. i am 14 years old and i live in atlanta georgia. i have blues eyes and brown hair. i can play a older character or a younger character. my acting age range is about 12-16. im 5’4. i love to act and perform.i always audition for every play and everything i can. being a tv actress is my dream especialy working on disney .please keep me in mind when thinking of actors/and actresses for this new movie.

  73. Luqman

    My name is Luqman
    I am going to be 15 this year.I have black eyes, dark skin and 1’7 matted hair. Iwould love to be in a disney original movie

  74. Christina

    Hey, I’m Christina, i’m 14. I come from Serbia. I can sing and act, and i really love to do that. I’m also songwriter. I sing in school choir, and i play in different school shows. My teachers, my friends and my family’ve been telling me that i’m doing it great,and that i have a talent. This is my dream, want to try.

  75. Voski Armenakyan

    Hey my name is Voski Armenakyan and I’m very interested in this job. Im 13 years old and have the special desire of acting. I will always apply myself and try my hardest. I live in Rhode Island but will commute anywhere for this job. I have brown hair with natural blonde highlights, brown eyes, and an attitude that will nudge people to work harder. I love seeing people happy and I will do that if I get this job. Keep in touch!
    xx Voski Armenakyan xx