Bad Hair Day - Disney Original Movie

Bad Hair Day – Disney Original Movie

What do you get when you take two of The Disney Channel’s most lovable stars and pair them up for an Original Movie? What will probable go down as one of the most watched events of the year and an incredible chance for up and coming actors to make their break in a DC production. Casting calls for Bad Hair Day starring Austin & Ally’s Lauren Marano and Good Luck Charlie’s Leigh-Allyn Baker are happening soon and performers of all age can submit themselves today for consideration for a number of roles.

Bad Hair Day promises to be an outrageous combination of comedy and caper, the film will follow a tech savvy high school girl (Marano) who is poised to be named prom queen. Unfortunately things don’t work out like she planned and prom day quickly turns into anything but a dream, starting with the worst

hair day ever seen by man and a destroyed prom dress. She also has a priceless diamond necklace in her possession but she doesn’t know it. There are two people who do know it, though – a down on her luck police officer (Baker) and a dangerous jewel thief. Now Marano and shady cop must make it across the city and keep the necklace out of the hands of the thief. This wild road trip chase movie is sure to delight millions of Disney fans around the world and is sure to be a truly special casting call event.

BAd hair Day will star Marano (The Sarah Silverman Program., Without a Trace, Superbad) and Baker (Dog With A Blog, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Hannah Montana) alongside a still -growing cast that so far includes Zoé De Grand Maison (Orphan Black, Motive, Rookie Blue), Christian Campbell (Supernatural, Big Love, All My Children), Jake Manley (Beauty and the Beast, Cracked, Love, Rosie) and Kiana Madeira (One Christmas Eve, Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars, Really Me). The Disney Channel Original Movie will be directed by Erik Canuel (Vampire High, Being Erica, Flashpoint) from a script by Eric M. Gardner, Steven H. Wilson, and Billy and Matt Eddy (Zapped, Teen Beach 2).

Casting calls for this epic new Original Movie will be happening shortly and interested actors of all ages and experience levels can apply for consideration today by heading here or here More details will be posted as soon as we get them so stay tuned for more updates and leave a message in the space below and tell us why you would like to audition for the all new Disney Channel Original Movie Bad Hair Day.

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  1. Kavya Liyanage


    My name is Kavya, I’m currently 17 and turning 18 in February. I would love to be a part of this movie. I’ve always loved how everything in the movies take place, the mis-en-scenes, costumes, lighting, the types of shot and most of all the acting! One of the subjects I study at school is media, we learn everything there is to know about the media industry, we also make our own short films, music videos etc. Every time such an opportunity comes my way, I’m always the one to pop my hand up to perform in a video. Acting is a dream career and would mean the world to me if I’m able to take part in a film so renowned. I’m the type that stays home watching movies just so I can learn to impersonate the character and learn everything to know about them.

    I’m a very outgoing person, with an extremely bubbly character. My friends and family would describe me as friendly, funny, loyal and a bit quirky. I currently live in Melbourne, Australia, so I will definitely carry the accent. I have light brown to a medium brown skin tone. I wouldn’t say I’m extremely fit, but I do love my body and I’m working towards becoming the best version of what I’m made of. I have medium wavy black hair. I’m 165cm tall or 5 foot 4. With just a little coaching, I know I can be of assistance. 🙂

    Thank you,

    Kind Regards,
    Kavya Liyanage

  2. Raman Sumra

    Hello my name is Ramandip Kaur Sumra. I am 5’8, I am in grade 12 graduating this June, I am a very positive person, I am always laughing, smiling and dancing. I have an open personality. I am from Ontario CDN. I am 18 and will be turning 19 in August on the 7th. I would love to work for this movie; it will honestly be a dream come true for me and to to work with Disney Channel is just a bonus.

    Age: 18
    Height: 5’8
    Hair Colour: Dark Brown
    Hair Length: Almost to my lower back
    Eye Colour: Light brown
    Skin Tone: Brown (caramel)
    Country: Canada

  3. Nweke favour

    Hey I am favour and I am capable of playing any age role and I am only eleven years old thanks

  4. Melissa Clark

    Good evening, I’m Melissa Clark
    I am 5’10, I’m a graduate from Barbizon, I love modeling and acting. I have a very bubbly personality, I’m very positive, always smiling. I love getting to know new people, I’m from Tampa, FL . I’m 16 but I will be turning 17 in January on the 16th, I would love to work with Disney channel.
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’10
    Hair color: Dirty Blonde
    Hair length: shoulder length
    Eye color: blue
    Skin tone: Tan
    Country: Florida

  5. manuel

    hola me llamo manuel ruiz tengo 15 años pais peru ………. bueno me gustaria ser un gran actor pero no estudie actuación….. pero me gustaria ser un gran actor de novelas o de peliculas ……como los de mas actores ………. bueno de me numero de celular porsiacas grasias …. dieney chanel

  6. Amber

    Hi I have no personal information I feel comfortable with sharing please email me 🙂

  7. Hayleah Morrissey

    Hello, my name is Hayleah Morrisey and
    I am 15 years old.
    gender: female
    height: 5’9
    weight: 50 kg
    hair color: light brown/blondish
    eye colour: hazel green/brown
    i am from Perth, Western Australia (travel can be arranged)
    Being on this show/movie would be perfect!
    i hope you wil take me into consideration for the role.
    Here are some of my skills
    trying to learn the guitar

    contact me for more info! or head shots 🙂
    hoping to hear from u

  8. catalina rivas

    hey, i’m catalina rivas, i’m from chile south america. i’m 15, soon 16, i can sing and dance,i’ve seen disney channel as long as i can remember, sure i’ll be a little nervous at first but i’ll play along, i think this is a giant opportunity for me and my future so i’ll love to be part of this, thaks for the opportunity.
    peace out…

  9. Elizabeth Martin

    Hello, my name is Elizabeth Constance Anne Martin and
    I am 13 years old. (i can play any age between 10-16/17)
    gender: female
    height: 5’1
    weight: 38 kg
    hair color: light brown
    eye color: blue
    i am from England (travel can be arranged)
    I have been acting since I was 5 years old on school shows
    Im probrably a little scared at first bc it is something “new” if you know what i mean.
    Being on this show/movie would be perfect!
    i hope you wil take me into consideration for the role.
    Here are some of my skills
    music (singing and a little bit of piano)

    Hard Worker

    contact me for more info!
    hoping to hear from u

  10. Cailey Brown

    I am 14 years old, born on the 31st of December 2000. My hair is now bright red but could possibly change since I dye it every few months. I have hazel eyes, am 5’2, and 110 pounds. I am white. I have watched Disney Channel since I was little, I even remember Playhouse Disney before it became Disney Junior. I loved all of the shows, especially Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana and I still love the new Shows such as Jessie and A.N.T Farm. I have been in two plays at school and I my dream is to be an actress. I know I am not the most qualified, but I hope you will consider me for this role.

  11. Anna Lee

    Hi, my name is Anna and I’m 18 years old. I grew up watching Disney Channel, so if I had the opportunity to be a part of something that I loved so much as a teen I would be so thankful! Some of my hobbies include music, reading, sports and hanging out with my friends(: I consider myself to be a very out-going, bubbly person, who can work with all types of people! Being on stage has always been a love of mine, so getting this role would mean so much!
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’3
    Ethnicity: Half Caucasian/ Half Hispanic
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown

    Thanks for your time,

  12. Dani

    Name: Dani Lawson
    Gender: Female
    Weight: 95lbs
    Height: 5’3
    Hair type: Brown with gold tips stained from the sun, medium length
    Ethnicity: Slim, white, strong
    Extras: I am VERY athletic, I take dance (Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Acro, Lyrical, and a Hip-Hop), I am a very fast runner, I can play the drums, and the piano, I am taking vocal lessons, and I do water sports ( wake boarding, wake surfing, surfing, and skiing.

  13. Tapia Vang

    Hello, my name is Tapia Vang and I would love to be part of this next film. I love performing and acting since at a young age and I would like to start my acting career.

    Name: Tapia Vang
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Nationality: Asian (Hmong)
    Height: 5’4

  14. Aaliyana Battige

    Pants size:0
    Shirt size:small
    Weight the:99
    Hi,My name is Aaliyana Battige. I am from Wisconsin and moved to Tampa Florida. I am in chorus theater and dance. I love all these three things and I plan on doing them for the rest of my life. It would be a pleasure playing in this particular show because from what I have read i would be good at this it sounds super fun thrilling and I could really make whoever I play be whoever you want me to play I always make sure that when I act it has to be 100% how you guys want it I could do a lot. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity and I would be glad to get any part in this show because who doesn’t love Disney. It would be a awesome act for me just by what I read it seem pretty amazing and I know I could be good at it I took plenty of acting classes and dance and chorus so if you would like me to do anything in this film I would be glad to please email me back! (: I wouldn’t want to miss a opportunity like this!

  15. Hannah Hale

    My name is Hannah Hale, and I am currently 15 years old.
    I have dirty blonde hair, medium length.
    My eyes are typically green, but they change to blue.
    I wear non-colored contacts, glasses. I am open to wear colored contacts.
    I am about 5′ and 120 lbs.
    I am Caucasian, and have fair skin. I do have a few freckles, but not many.
    My ears are pierced, but only one hole on each ear.
    I am pleasant looking, but can appear rude or sassy if necessary.
    I sing and write music, poetry, and books.
    I have very straight and white teeth.
    I live in Mesa, AZ.
    I am very humorous, but can appear to be very serious and/or emotional.
    I can also appear to be either intelligent or ditsy.
    I love any and all animals and am open to any role involving them. (yes, even snakes)
    I have little acting experience, but have been performing all of my life. I can memorize lines relatively quickly.
    I can bring life to any character placed before me.
    If you need any further information from me, just email or call.
    Thank you for possibly considering me, and have a splendid day.

  16. Sophia

    Name: Sophia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 115
    Ethnicity: Caucasion
    Eye colour: Blue/Green
    Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde with a tint of red and gold

    I would absolutely love to be in this movie! I currently live in Alberta, Canada and have had some experience in acting but would love to learn more:) contact me via email

  17. Courtney

    Hi my name is courtney Im 14 years old I love acting as I have been taking acting classes since the age of 9 acting is my passion it’s have preformed In a couple of plays. My acting coach is Stacey Sampson (aka) actress. 🙂
    My info please get it touch.
    Hair colour: brown
    Eye colour: blue
    Race: white British

  18. Sydney Smith

    Hello my name is Sydney Smith
    I currently live in Brandon manitoba and Brisbane Australia going back and forth.
    I’m 5″5
    Blonde hair
    Blue eyes
    I love meeting new people and have a great drive to work hard.
    I’m currently do modelling on the side and am making a travel documentary. I graduated high school, I’m taking this year to pursue my love for entertainment and modelling
    I would to work with everyone and be part of this!
    Thank you

  19. Emaan rajper

    Hey my name is Emaan Rajper
    I’m 14 Years Old
    Eye color black
    Hair color black
    I love acting
    Is there any role available for me??
    Please Answer
    Thank you

  20. Jessica Dekort

    Hi I’m Jessica Dekort and I am 11 years old. I love Disney channel and I would love to be in a show.
    Hair colour: brown
    Eye colour: hazel
    Height: 5’5
    Gender: female
    Language: English and some French
    Province: British Columbia
    Other: Ballet (7 years), judo, and archery.
    Thank you for reading my message.

  21. Jessica Dekort

    Hi I’m Jessica Dekort and I am 11 years old. I love Disney channel and I would love to be in a show.
    Hair colour: brown
    Eye colour: hazel
    Height: 5’5
    Gender: female
    Language: English and some French
    Province: British Columbia
    Other: Ballet (7 years), judo, and archery.

  22. Nina Tomaselli

    Hi! My name is Nina Tomaselli and I am 17 years old. I would love the opportunity to be cast a role on Disney Channel´s original Movie Bad hair day. I am from Germany and work there as a Nurse in a Hospital. My favorite Hobby is Dancing (since 11 years) and playing piano (since 1 year). I speak German and English and a little bit from Italian, Spanish and Frenche . I would ever try to do the best. I never give up ,and would like to be a great actor.
    Name: Nina (Antonia) Tomaselli
    Birthdate: 12.09.1997
    Height: 160 cm
    Nation: German/ Italy
    Hair Color: Brown/ Blond
    Eye Color: Green
    Skin Color: White
    If you had some questions please write me. I hope to hear from you soon.

  23. Dainycia Spencer

    My name is Dainycia Spencer im 13 years old im the 3rd oldest I have dark brown I live in Detroit Mi im very funny I like acting playing basketball and football.I like hosting shows party’s & More im a gamer I like scary movies I like watching ridiculous and Others shows im a very good teen I wanna be a motivational speaker for younger kids and also wanna start a clothing line.

  24. Shannon

    Hi, I’m a 16 year old girl living in the UK. I love acting, I love the thought of starring in movies, TV programmes etc. whenever I get the chance too act I go for it, acting makes me so happy and when I heard about this I was over the moon.

  25. Meveline

    Hi my name is Meveline Sanssouci I am 5 feet 9 inches and I play the violin I would love to be on the show I would love to be on I would love to be on the show because watched I have to clean Disney Channel for like my whole life to be on that show what you doing that movie or whatever would be amazing would be such an amazing chance with you guys could consider me for the job or anything I’ll be willing to do it and even though I’m I’m only 13 since I’m 5 feet 9 inches I can pass out offer much older as old as 18 so please consider me for the job

  26. Jade High

    Hello, my name is Jade High. I’m very interested and would take any role given to me, whether it is speaking or non-speaking! I’m 17, About 5’11” / 6′ , and approx. 140 pounds. I am mixed with white and black but i’m on the lighter side. I’m a little bit on the skinnier side but not unhealthy. I have brown eyes and shortish black hair which is often styled in a natural afro. I live the DFW area in Texas.

    I have a good soprano voice and am in A’Capella choir at school. I have a lot of acting past in theatre ever since I was six and have had many star roles in known musicals and plays including Oz (Scarecrow), Tarzan(Turk), The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Imogene Herdman) and Alice in Wonderland (The Cheshire Cat). I once won an “All Star Cast” award (Basically runner up for best actor/actress) in Navarro County Middle School One Act Play competition back when I was in 8th grade. I’ve played many roles in various plays, but i’m especially good at playing witty sidekicks, creepy characters, crazy/psychotic characters, stupid characters, victims, villians/villian-like characters(for example, a bully),annoying/over-reacting characters, and just plain normal people as well! If you’re looking for a certain voice, I’m from Dallas so I have an average american/city accent, but i’m pretty good at Western.

    I can also make myself cry and really get into my character! I feel with my character, be it fear, sadness, power,excitement, etc. I am also good with animals so if it requires working with them, anything from house pets to farm life wild beasts, i’m willing to take it on!

    I am very good at keeping from laughing when not supposed to and am very mature at my age.(That by NO MEANS stops me from playing an immature character on screen!)Former directors of mine say I am a thrill to work with and work very hard at any role thrown at me.

    I’m also very good at keeping my cool in stressful schedules and situations.

    I would be honored if you would even look at this entry, let alone audition me.

    If you would like to contact me in any way, feel absolutely free to do so at

    If you would prefer to speak to an adult, you can contact my Mother, Tabitha Wilkes at or by calling/texting 903-229-1036.

  27. Ali hourani

    Hi im ali hourani i am an actor and have been acting my whole life
    I am hardworking and determined to succeed i think i would have a very good place in this show i have such a passion for acting and have been in many plays and know what it takes to be in movies and tv and id love to make this a big break for more information please email me
    State: florida
    Hair color: black
    Eyecolor: brown

  28. Angelina

    Angelina Perez
    Hair color:brown
    Skin tone:pale
    I love to act and sing I want to be a singer and an actress when I grow up

  29. Tanya Ali

    Hello my name is Tanya Ali I am 13 years old I was born on 12/4/01. I have bark brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5’4 and I weigh 129. I would love to be on Bad Hair Day. I am not camera shy. I went to a acting\modeling school called Barbizon in Tucson AZ. I have my own portfolio and it comes with a CD with more pictures that my photographer took. I also do very good in school I get all A’s and B’s. And it has always been a dream for me to be on Disney channel and I would be very greatfull if I can have that opportunity. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a very nice day. 🙂

  30. Tara young

    hi!! my name is Tara Young. i live in florida. I’m 5’2, and i weigh 103. Since you mentioned clothing size, i usually wear a size XS/S in shirts, and in bottoms a size 0. i am fourteen years old, ill be fifteen in October. Im a natural brunette. i recently have dyed my hair back brown but my hair was blonde for 3 years. Im often mistaken for Emma Stones twin which is sort of great. Shes an awesome actress with a great personality. Our voices are somewhat similar. I have big blueish greenish (rather blue) eyes. I recently took a model/ acting class with Marsha Dolls in Tallahassee, Fl. I loved it. I love the feeling of playing a character. I also, auditioned at FSU film school a few weeks ago. I love acting. Ive always wanted to be in films, plays, tv shows, movies. I love that feeling. They say if you really want something, youll do whatever it takes to get it. This is my dream. And i hope it will come true. Im really good at being dramatic and excited,i looooove comedy as well. I get along with everyone and i love to see everyone happy. I laugh alot, and in my opinion laughter is great. Id be so honored. Itd mean the world to me. I hope, that if you do read my comment, i hope it stands out. Wish to hear from you!! I love disney. I still watch old disney movies. Nothing but joy. All the love

  31. Trinity stirdivant

    Name Trinity
    Last stirdivant
    Age 11
    Height 4’9
    Eyes hazel
    Hair brown
    Race German/ Mexican

    Hi I love to act, play sports,skate, break dance, swim,and know how to drive a go car. I would love to have a role in this movie because I always wanted to even if it was a tiny part please have me in this movie I’ve been praying and praying to be in it.

  32. Trinity stirdivant

    Name Trinity
    Last Stirdivant
    Age 11
    Height 4’9

    I like to play sports, skate,swim,love to act, knows how to break dance, and would want part in a movie.

  33. Trinity stirdivant

    Hi my name is trinity I am 11 years old. I would like to be in at lease half the movie. I know how to break dance,play sports,.like to act, skate,and like to swim

  34. faith taylor

    i love the movie and the hair cut it was good im a big fan of austin and all i want to marry ross lynch I LOVE HIM

  35. faith taylor

    i love the movie and the hair cut it was good :}

  36. Kassidy Thang

    Hi my name is Kassidy i am 14 years old i have curly brown hair and I am African american i love too act , have fun and be myself i sing alot ive been singing since i was 7 i sing at foundations i do dramma i play footbal and i wrestle im a girl. I love to have fun goof around ( im gonna be honest here my hair is pretty wild i think i can stick card decks in it) haha I really hop i get this job because it would be an amazing opportunity it really means alot! I am from Maine where the mainers are i live in GArdiner a.k.a west G I fell like if i make this i will shock everyone and show them that im more than what they think and prove a point and i would give back to the community for supporting me give back to my family and the friends who have been there to guide me! Well if you need anything you know where to reach me 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

  37. Elizabeth Grace

    Hey there…..i’m an 11 year old girl up on the plateau in Tennessee just kickin it country ! I have a Mom, Dad, an awesome big Brother, and 2 English Bulldogs “slobber machines ” lol ! I love to dress up and feel beautiful & I also love to get down and dirty in the mud ! Softball is my favorite sport even though they nicknamed me “Target” lol….seems the ball can’t miss me ! I’ve participated in several beauty pageants and won many of them. I represented the county I live in for the year of 2010-2011…..I was 2010 Little Miss Fentress County and boy was that an adventure ! I love to be myself….original & unique….everybody says GOD broke the mold with me I love to be goofy & crazy at times and love to make people laugh !!!!
    I really hope to hear from you and be able to show you what I have to offer in acting ! I will truly be greatfull for any part that you have to offer me to become part of the entertainment industry ! Thanks soo much……Lizzie

  38. johnita

    First name:Johnita
    Last name:Fletcher
    Race:African American
    Hey!!! My name is Johnita Fletcher and I have been looking forward to acting for a long time I also can sing I’m 14 Years old and I really want to start my acting career now that I’m able to..I have tried out for modeling and acting and I’m a very good person, graduated from the 8th grade going on to finaly be a freshman l have been hoping to be on TV for a long time , I would love to achieve my goal by being a great actor…Thank you sooo much for taking time and reading my comment I appreciate it very much…and thank you again!!

  39. Ramandeep Multani

    HELLO! =D My name is (as you might have noticed above) Ramandeep Multani, but Raman is fine as well. I am a 20-year old who loves to experience new things! I have been an extra for a small production and absolutely loved what I was doing. Being able to meet new people was an amazing experience, I love it! I am a singer (been singing since the age of 8) and dancer (did hip-hop for 5 years in high school) and would really like to get more involved in TV shows or movies. Disney would be an amazing platform to start!

    Gender: Female
    Location: BC, Canada
    Height: 5’4″
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color/texture: Brown, Wavy (Can make it straight or curl it)

    I feel that I would be a great addition (even if temporary) to the crew with my extremely optimistic, fun, and outgoing personality! Of course, I can be serious when required (or sad or mad, and so it goes on…)!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Ramandeep Multani

  40. Archita Shrivastava

    Hi my name is Archita and I am turning 12 years old in July. I live in Atlanta,GA and being a part of this movie would mean the world to me because I love Disney channel so much and it would be such an honor to work with such incredible actors! I don’t have an opinion on what type of role I could get but I would be great either as an extra or a speaking role. I am easy to work with and I love to make people smile and laugh while still taking acting very seriously. I am 4’11 and I have long black curly hair, big brown eyes, long eyelashes, and very athletic due to cheerleading competitively. I am very compassionate and so very determined. I hope you’ll consider me, thanks!

  41. Brynley

    Hey! I am thirteen years old and have some experience in acting. I have been told I’m short for my age. I am a brunette. I do have some acting experience. Email me for my resume.

  42. Camrie liddell

    Hi I’m Camrie Liddell I am 13 years old I would live to be a part of this project you may have seen my comment on the other TV show or movie comments because I would love to be on Disney I will tell some things about me
    Age :13 people say I live around 15 and 16
    Height 5’7
    Nationality: American
    Race :mixed (black,white )
    Hair color :dark brown with a reddish tent in the light
    Eye color : light brown sometimes dark brown
    Weight :129.0
    Once again I would love to be a part of This project the only problems is I don’t really live In a big city close to like Los Angeles or city’s like that and like money for getting to were it will be filmed and things like that. Have questions? You have my email
    Sincerely, Camrie Liddell thank you!

  43. Jenny Speas

    Age: 15
    Height: about 5’5
    Hair color: blonde
    Hair length: medium longish shortish
    Eye color: blue
    Skin color: pale
    Country: America

    Hi I’m Jenny. I haven’t really had any experience with acting before but I think its something I might wanna get into and sounds so fun to me. I would love to act!

  44. Shannon Richards

    Age: 14
    Height: 5’4
    Race: White
    Nationality: British
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Hair Length: approx. 1 inch below the shoulder

    I have had minor acting experiences before, for example, school plays. I used to attend Dance Warehouse in Kent, where I was a dance student for 5 years. I am experienced in street dance, contemporary dance and creative dance. I have been interested in acting since I first started watching Disney Channel. I am a commited person and I never give up on anything. It would be absolutely amazing to even be considered for a production like this. I have quite a lot of confidence and I am highly able to start a conversation with anyone. I know that I have just as much of a chance as anybody else. Thank you, and good luck with your production.

  45. Rachel Nicole Shugar

    Very exciting opportunity to join the Bad Hair Day project!! Please see my IMDb site:

  46. Amy

    Age: 14
    Gender: female
    Race: white
    Height: 5’0
    I have brown hair and green eyes.
    I have done several play productions and been an extra in a film.
    I live in Quebec where I know they will film this movie 😀
    I have won 5 awards for theatre . Disney was my, and is my, entire childhood!

  47. Cameron

    I am male
    Age: 16
    Height: 5′ 8″
    Weight: 125 lbs.
    Race: white
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: long, medium brown
    great singer

  48. Aaron Clark

    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Race: White (British)
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair: Dark Brown, Short
    Live: Scotland,UK
    Qualifications: I am currently sitting NQs and have Grade 4 in Piano and Theory of Music. I also have experience in Guitar.
    Skills: Teamwork, Piano, Guitar, limited acting experience

    I would love to be chosen to act on this movie because I love performing in front of people and enjoy taking on new challenges. I would love this opportunity and it would be a great honour.

  49. Jasdeep

    My name is Jasdeep Gill and i am interested in acting. I’m: 5’5, male, 16 and Indian.

  50. Yukun(Alisa) Chen

    Hi, I am Alisa!
    I am a 12 year old girl with long, dark hair and dark eyes and I am 5 feet tall. I live in Chandler, Arizona. I am really good at following instructions and a very hard worker. I study Latin and I’m really good at Chinese. I play the piano and used to ballet. At school, I get many opportunities to go on stage so I have experiences with acting. I can also sing, I have been in a choir when I was younger. My dream have always been being an actress and I have watched many movies and right now, I’m reading a Shakespeare play. I really love and enjoy acting and I have always looked up to Emma Watson. Thank you and I really hope I can get a part!!

  51. Harley

    My name is Harley I’m 14 and a girl.
    I’ve never “Acted” before so I would really like an opportunity to.
    I don’t mind what kind of part Big or small it would be great.
    But thank you for the Concideration.
    Email me for more information 🙂

  52. Arianna

    Hello dearest reader, my name is Arianna, I am 13 years old, I have no experience in acting but my all my friends say I should become an actress, I would like a role so I can prove to people that I can do something with my life, for a thirteen year old I haven’t accomplished much but I can say I’m pretty smart.
    Age, 13
    Eye colour, blue
    Hair colour, brown
    Not pencil thin
    Wears glasses
    Has a nose piercing
    Fun, nice, loving, outgoing, can sing a little.
    If you choose me I promise to try my best. If I get the part you can contact me through Facebook my account is (Anna Marie) my email is currently not working so I’m sorry, or a phone call my
    Number is 250-719-9554 have a great day

  53. Araya Madison

    Hi! My name is Araya Madison and I am 15 years old but will be 16 on August 9th. I live in Florida and attend Dreyfoos School of the Arts as a 10th grade theatre major. I can play a girl from 15-18 years old 🙂 . I am 5’5 1/2 and have brownish blonde (ombre) hair. My mother is from Asia (Philippines) and my dad is from the Virgin Islands (St.Thomas) so I have an light olive skin complexion . I feel like i would be such a great asset to the cast of this movie because I love playing different characters with different personalities, it is such a hobby for me. I love disney! I am very great to work with and am always 100% committed to any of my work. If you would like to know more or would just like to contact me please feel free to email me :), thank you !

  54. Cherith Gilbertson

    my name is Cherith Gilbertson, i am 12 and i dont know if i have talent yet. i dont have very much confedens becuase i am shy but when I get to know people i would have confedens. i have a good of a chance as evryone else ( witch is like below 0) but it would be great to get picked.
    my eyes are green with gold in the center and my hair is short dark brown. Thank you!

  55. Hannah

    First of all, I think it would be the highlight of a lifetime to be in this Disney movie!
    I have had some experience in acting and stage performance.
    I have been in plays since I was 8 years old. I have done magic acts in front of people. Like a lot of people I’m sure, I have also sung in front of people.
    I’m very out-going, crazy, fun, and confident. Sadly, sarcastic and sassy. can be serious if I need to.
    Talents? Uh, drawing, acting, (not too sure about the “uh” part, huh?) dancing (since I was 6. Not too sure if I’m good at it though…) and singing. I guess that’s it!
    Reasons I want to be in a movie? When I was eight, I saw a Barbie movie, and that is when it hit me. Acting is the most fun job in the world! My kid dream came true when I acted in a small play, of course. But I think now it’s time to take another step in doing what I love most.
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Hannah banana Gilbertson…
    Banana? Sorry…

  56. Anna Azriffah Janary Said Guiling

    Hi! As you will find my name unique, so does my personality and talents. I’m 14 years of age as of writing, my hair’s black as well as my eyes, I’m 5’4, and I’m a science high school student. I’m confident about my acting because I had been acting since then. I love acting, it’s my passion. I can also dance and I’m great in singing. I have a fully developed confidence since I have been in many leadership programs. I have a collection of books, since I’m a bookish type yet not nerdy type of person. I had done so many plays, mostly the Disney Princesses stories and me as the main role of course. I also have been to acting workshops which masters facial control and expression and also body movement when it comes to different genre of acting. Other acting workshops I have attended focuses on other things about acting. My acting is natural, my mother just sent me to some workshops to aid or help my natural acting, they even call me the natural born actress. I’m confident that I should be picked because my foundation in acting are my plays experience, acting workshops, natural acting skills and confidence and I love Disney so much (My friends call me the “Disney Fanatic Queen”), which are great tools for me to be accepted and finish the work more than great. I’m also a fast learner.

  57. Samantha Thomson

    Age: 15
    Height: 5foot1
    Hair colour: dark blonde
    Hair length: long
    Eye colour: blue
    Skin tone: pale
    Country: Scotland

    I attend Uk Theatre School in Glasgow, Scotland and I’m told that I have an expressive face and excel in classes like ‘acting for camera’. It would be an honour to even be considered for this movie(either as a background extra or a larger role). I feel like I need a project like this to kick start my career and I want to be able to make a future in this amazing industry and I know that it would be extremely challenging but I’m extremely persistent and determined so I still have high hopes. I can play guitar to a good standard, handle animals and take direction. Good luck with your project!

  58. Jasmina

    Hello! My name is Jasmina and I am 14 years old. I love acting and acting is my passion. I have had experiences with acting before, for example I was performing in a theatre for 2 years, where I had to dance, sing and act. I absolutely love Disney! Anyway, I play on the ukulele. My dream is to one day become an actress on TV. I am always commited to what I have to do and never leave things to the last minute. I love spending time with my family and friends and especially love learning new things! I am very confident on stage and I love performing. Please give me this chance. It would mean the world to me. Thank You.

  59. Katlyn

    I am a girl. Brown hair. 10. black eyes. Tall. Part american. Part chinese. Loves Disney.Watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Loves to sing. Loves to act. plz email me if you get this PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

  60. Nayeli

    Am Nayeli and i would love to be apart of your show.Well am 12 years old, i love to play sports,i like to dance ,act ,and especially i love Disney channel.I would love to be apart of Disney channel because its so motivating and funny to watch when am at home.I really want a roll for this and it would mean the world to me and i would love to meet the great actors that you have in Disney channel,so i hope i can be able to participate in the show and thank you for taking the time to read this.