America's Next Top Model Cycle 19

The world’s foremost reality modeling search show is coming back for it’s 19th (!) cycle and now is your time to be discovered! America’s Next Top Model, created by and starring supermodel and pop culture icon Tyra Banks, has been responsible for countless modeling discoveries since 2003 and now they are on the lookout for for the next “big thing”.

For 18 seasons ANTM has entertained millions of viewers as they chronicle the discovering, training and refining hundreds of beautiful and talented women looking to make their break in the world of fashion modeling. Each season Tyra and her group of celebrity judges put their crops of models through a series of challenges and critiques all leading to the crowning of the new America’s Next Top Model ! Past winners of this amazing competition include Adrianne Curry and Eva Pigford who have gone on to prolific careers not just in the modeling world but across the entertainment landscape. Quite simply ANTM is one of the most important launching pads to fame and success in the world.

Thousands of aspiring models audition for each cycle of this mega popular show looking to make their dreams of becoming the next star of the modeling industry come true and this season you need to be one of them. If you have always had the dream of becoming America’s next shining face this your chance! Auditions are happening soon near you so leave a comment to let us know that you should be there. For more information on the new season you can head here Take a chance on yourself and you just may end up being America’s Next Top Model!

Here is the up to the minute list of auditions for Cycle 19 :

Feb. 21, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. at Virginia Center Commons, 10101 Brook Rd., Glen Allen, VA

Feb. 24, 5-8 p.m. & Feb. 25 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at Jefferson Pointe Mall, 4110 W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN

Feb. 25, noon-3 p.m. at WPXT, 4 Ledgeview Dr., Westbrook, ME; Feb. 25, noon-2 p.m. at Bridal Elegance, 205 W. Etna Rd., Ottawa, IL

Feb. 25, noon-4 p.m. at Polaris Fashion Place, 1500 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, OH

Mar. 1, 3-8 p.m. at Seminole Grand Apartments, 1505 W. Tharpe, Tallahassee, FL

Mar. 2, 4-7 p.m. at Ashland Town Center, 500 Winchester Avenue, Ashland, KY

Mar. 3, 1-5 p.m. at Music City Hall, 4101 E. 42nd., Odessa, TX

Mar. 3, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at Michiana Beauty College, 7321 Heritage Sq Dr. Suite 160, Granger, IN

Mar. 3, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at Saluda River Club, 644 Corley Mill Road, Lexington, SC

Mar. 9, 1-6 p.m. at The Shoppes at Eastchase, 7274 Eastchase Parkway, Montgomery, AL

Mar. 9, 8 a.m.-noon at Fashion Careers College, 1923 Morena Blvd, San Diego, CA.

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155 Casting Responses

  1. Stephanie Liz Matos

    Hello I am Stephanie Matos. I am 21 years old. Weight 115 and am 5’6 tall. My hair is auburn redish and dark brown eyes. I am an aspiring actress looking to get my career started and would love to begin here. I have also modeled and am a professional dancer. Hope to hear from you soon =]

  2. Kiana

    Greetings I am 19 years old I was born in Bridgeton N.J but raised in Newport News Va.
    I love taking pictures and would like to model my parents where always cautious about me modeling . I have been told that I should because of my size and look. I am unique. I know it is never to late to set your heart on anything.

  3. Garcia H

    I would love the opportunity to be apart of your show. Thank you

  4. Za'Breah Hendon

    I believe I should be considered because modeling is my passion. I have been modeling since I was 7 years old I have won a couple of pagents, modeling competitions.etc. How ever I am only 15 years old and I want Tyra Banks told hold a America’s Next Teen Top Model.

    Thank You
    Za’Breah H.

  5. karina

    I would like to try it! I seen on tv everyday american next top model

  6. Terri

    Hi Tyra my name is terri I’m 21 I’m 5″ ft I’m mixed with German black Indian Italian Irish and Latino I love modeling and it’s also been a dream of mine I have done some photo shoots this year and I would really love to pursue it please give me the opportunity ……

  7. Britiney lowther

    Hi I’m 5’7 5’8 great personality 135 lbs. brown hair but colored blonde at the moment. Light brown hazel eyes oval eye shape. I’m mixed I mostly look Spanish Italian I’m so mixed people think I’m Russian some times because of the high cheek bones from my Native American that’s in me. Everywhere I go I get asked if I’m a model and or I should model. I hope to hear from you soon!

  8. Imani

    Hi Tyra , to be honest when I seen I thought regardless to what I might write you probably wouldn’t even see it. But I want to model my dream & maybe many other girls dream but I thought hey it doesn’t hurt to try you never know what kind of luck may come to you . I know many girls want this but I don’t feel like people want this as much as I do , or maybe they do but I’ve wanting to be a model since I maybe 5 years old I watched your shows study your moves and even thought I was in the show . Modeling is something I would love to do if you ask anybody that knows me knows how much this means to me I have been in fashions shows and stuff but there weren’t shows I was getting paid for because I think about It like hey you have to start some where not every model started off with the money. Now see I live in the project my mother supports 3 people plus her self it’s hard to get photoshoots and things like that but she tries her hardest and I commend her for all I’m saying is Trynna I wanna be on top

  9. Dacia Merry

    My name is Dacis Merry.
    I am 13 years old, 5’8, biracial (black and white), shoe size: 11, nice, funny, and entertaining. I get that i should be a model from a lot of people so i figures i should try it. I’ve been watching Americas Next Top Model for the longest but I’ve always wondered what it’s like to actually be like one of those soon to be models.


    IM 5/9
    141 LBS.
    IM 19 BIRTHDATE 11/15/1993/

  11. Miriam Petitfrere

    I have bbeen praying for an opportunity like this. My dreams are my getaway. my dreams fill me up when i dont have money or anything to put in my stomach each day. My dreams keep me motivated to keep trying. Pictures and photos are my escape through everything. In all my pictures you can never tell the hurt i hide so well. I want to live but feel so trapped. Like know one hears me. Except my dreams hear me, hears my true hunger deep within the pit of my stomache when it growls at night. Just one chance. Once chane. I need one chance. I pray for one chance. ive always admired you tyra. My inspiration to keep on moving no matter what. I live for pictures for they all tell a story of my life. I breath model. Just one chance. Thank you

  12. shaneka jenkins

    My name is shaneka,
    I know that I have what it takes to be americas top model. I’m a beautiful nice sized female with the ability to work a runway and I have random people tell me everyday how pretty iam and how I should become a model. I would really love to have this opportunity it will change me a lot and I know that I won’t let myself down.. thank you!

  13. Te'Aisja Robinson

    hi my name is teaisja robinson I am 12 years old you have never had a childs america’s next top model and you should give us kids a chance because we no how to work it to so hit me up tyra girl yess ferse and no how to smis,work the runway,and take fers photos to thank for reading. love teaisja <3

  14. briann

    hi my name is briann missick and i always want o be a model since i was little kid i am 18 i want to start my dreams i been watching the shows alot and im a qiuck learner i like to dance play basketball reading my height is
    5’8 and alot of people i should be one my family and friends say the same thing i will do anything to make my dream come true and i won’t do anything disappoint you tyra and the crew i wish really get this i believe in myself to become one i’m not goin put my self down some rude people telling me i can’t model or become one so i never went to a audition i was kinda shy and tryin not to be so thank you for having the show and please email me i will looking forward to become american next top model ……..bye!


  15. Kati Crozier

    Hello my name is Kati I’m 18 years old. I have watched every season on your show I am such a big fan of Tyra always have. For years I’ve had model searches come up to me an ask me to model for them but I never had the money to go where they wanted. I m 5’3 curly reddish blonde hair and freckles with bright green eyes 🙂 I’m and uplifting person easy to get a long with and love the fashion world. Modeling had been my dream since I was little. I would love to be on your show. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day

  16. passion dailey

    My name is passion dailey i love the show and i love tyra ive always been interested in the modeling world although i am only 5’3 i feel i have a lot to bring to the table.

  17. Sarah Jeanne


    I have a unique look.

    Anything I do, I am passionate about it.

    That’s one. Two- I’m humorous, dark, emotional, uplifting and able to portray this in acting. I will have a presence on screen.

    My main focus has been writing and modeling but through these ventures, I attempt to tell a story.

    Bust: 36

    Waist: 31

    Hips: 41

    Age: 22

    Thank you.

  18. Nyiokia

    Hi my name is nyiokia littles in 5″9 I’m very interested in modeling I was modeling since I was 5 and I moved to Ohio And I would be willing to join America’s next top model to show you what I can offer

  19. Alexandra robertson

    There’s just not enough ethnicity & diversity in the modeling world.
    Proud mixed men & women are hard to find because society tell’s us
    we can only identify with one race. Your heart makes you what you are, not
    the color of your skin. I’m a white girl, a black girl, an asian girl, a spanish girl,
    a native american girl, middle eastern girl. But more then anything I’m a proud
    mixed amercian girl with a beautiful heart that was blessed with a pretty face.
    I come from a very small town a chance like this is just a far fetched dream here.
    It may be far fetched but I’m going after it. I’m gonna chase it down until it’s mine!
    Top model gives people like me hope where there is none, shot at a real life & career.
    I want this! More then I want the air in my lugs. I’ve already lost my mom who ment everything to me & just burried my oldest nephew last week. I will not bury my dream as well! Thank you for the hope I have.

  20. Dametria Robertson

    Ethenicty: White, Puerto-Rican, Asian, Dominican, Black, and Indian
    Hair: Black and Brown ( changes color on sunny days) little passed my shoulders
    Eyebrows: Nice Arch; brownish/black
    Eyes: Light Brown
    Eye lashes: med. long
    Weight: 105 lbs
    Height: 5.5
    No behind; small breast; slim long legs, small upper body

    Please, feel free to email me.
    – dametria k robertson

  21. Dametria Robertson

    Hello, my name is Dametria Robertson. I am 18 years old; currently living in Ohio. Being a model means the world to me; I started when i was 15 years of age in Florida. The agency I was involved with, has gotten me nowhere, but has given me knowledge and a dream I want and will succeed in. I love being in front of a camera and walking the run way for shows in my city. I love interacting with many people; very out going. I have a good head on my shoulders. Cheerleading was my thing in high school; graduated with a 4.0. I know what life is all about. I’m all about changed and adapting to new and much better things. When I fall I get back up with no hesitation, as if I never fell. When life is at a point on which way to turn, my turning point is now! Modeling is what I am determined to do and strive for.

    Please email me, I’m ready for anything; anytime

    – Dametria K Robertson

  22. Amanda Brooks

    Dear Tyra,
    My name is Amanda Brooks. and modeling has been my dream since i was little.I am 19 years old I am 5’8 and weight about 120. I want to be somebody that kids and other people look up to. I do not want to wast my life doing nothing when i could be doing something amazing for myself and others. I enjoy trying to inspire others. I think I should be on the show. I am strong willed and very full of life. But I can still be very professional. I know that I am young but I am ready to face the world head on. Life is what you make it and I am just wanting the opportunity to do so. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Amanda B.

  23. Konia

    Hi Tyra and Associates,

    My name is Konia I’m 21 years old. I’m 5″11 130lbs.
    All my life I got I should model but never have the finances to
    Do so. I’m from Detroit Mi. And I’m very versatile and want this so bad.
    I’m inspirational and I know young girls could relate to me and my
    Dream to make it. Please Tyra give me the chance to show you that I
    Have what it Takes To Become Americans Next Top Model!!

  24. Elvira

    Hello everybody!!! With love from Moscow!!!

    I am Elvira. I am from Russia. I would like to take part in the greatest competition America’s Next Top Model . I am very photogenic, energetic and also artistic. I think, I have my own individuality and a bright appearance. As for my job, I am an English teacher in Moscow school. I teach children of the primary school. I like to act during my lessons, to teach playing.
    I like the show America’s Next Top Model very much and always watch it on U-TV.
    Age: 30 (but I look like a 25 aged girl)
    Height: 168 centimetres
    Weight: 60 kilogramms
    Parameters: 92/65/98

  25. Sabrina Roberts

    Hello, I am a black African American who has not been able to get my face and body type out there I was always put down about how I look, how short I am and how much meat I have but, if Tyra can do it I know I can do it I just have to keep having faith so I can reach my goal. Tyra is my role model and I so look up to her and I want to be just like her. I would love to be apart of America next top model. I want to show the people that put me down that no matter how big, small, skinny, fat, dark, light no matter what, everyone is beautiful in their own way.

  26. Bianca

    My name is Bianca and I aleays wanted to become a model. I have 2 boys name Demetrius and Zion and they are the love of my life. I want to achieve my dreams so they can look at me and said my mommy did so I can to. I’m 20 years old and going to Bryant & Stratton for Human Resources. I am 5’9

  27. Heather Lands

    Hi my name is Heather i’m 22 and from Hilton Head, SC. I have always wanted to model! However my family has always wanted me to persue other things in life. I am a certified dermatician (permanent cosmetic artist) however I still feel like modeling is something i’d rather do! I am 5’6 1/2, weigh 113, dark blonde hair, and blue eyes. Tyra Banks has always been one of my role models. She has always seem comfortable in her own skin and I think young girls need role models like that rather than looking up to people trying to be someone they aren’t! I would love to be on ANTM and be that same role model for other young girls 🙂 Hopefully I get this wonderful opportunity!

  28. Katherine

    Hello my name is Katherine and becoming a model is one of the most biggest dreams of my life. I’ve had this dream since my golden birthday when I turned 11. I was born in MI. I competed in the Miss Coopersville pageant for 2 years. I didn’t feel like it was getting me anywhere with my dream so I thought I’d look for something more. I came across your show and decided I would take a big chance to hopefully fulfill my dream. I have an identical twin sister and many other people who tell me they think I would be a great model. I’ve also been sticking to the words “never give up”.

  29. Cassie M Vaughn

    Hi Tyra!!

    My name is Cassie. Im from southern Illinois. I am white with dark eyes, hair and olive skin. I weigh 105, im 5’6 and im 23. My biggest ambition in life is to model. I wouldnt want to experience this chance with anyone else but you Tyra! I look up to you and want to learn from you and your team. I know I have what it takes to be Americas Next Top Model. I just need the chance!

  30. Shu, Olessya Victorovna

    Hello this is Olessya. I would like tell you thank you for invite me before in this show, I’m ready will right now. I was worry about this a little bit before, because this is for me a very great deal, and a good carrer also opportunity for life. I’m working with a good a photografers, and model agencies. I was worry about age was, but I was wrong, and I was know real a model never have age a problem. i’m losen waith and grow hair also will provide manicur healthy nails…….. I’m 32 yaers old, I’m look very younger.

    I’m real repression a lady and a money tree who you are looking for many yeras and people used me how visa international also I’m international a famous a star. nicknames: Brilliant, Snow Queen, Golden Body, Parlliament, Shu MARY, Angel…….. and Owner accounts what was stoled and people used how it is was nobody. I’m don’t drive, yet. polssible will need help with transportation, please feel free to contact to plice for as needed as and White House for help. Thank you, SHU.

  31. beatrice

    Hi, i take modeling classes work really hard for the things in life go to school dont take life for granted,I lost my uncle who said i could be a model but i had low self stem would like to do it foR my self see how far i can get..cause with faith all things r uncle told me that Im 5.7 big black eyes black hair 16 FIXIN TO BE 17

  32. Shatoria Celess

    Hello, my name is Shatoria, I should have been named Courage, because I am not afraid to pursue my dreams. I am a hard worker, a good listener, I’m people oriented, punctual, friendly, courteous and adventurous.

    I believe my goal of becoming a model/actress is well obtainable. It would be an honor to be in the running of becoming America’s Next Top Model.

    Age: 23
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 145 lbs.
    Bust: 34C
    Shoe: 10

  33. Chardell Hawley

    Strong, Determine, Unquie, Optimistic ,Fierce, Photogenic are some of the terms people like to describe me.

    Height 5″3
    Weight 120
    Eyes Brown
    Race: African American

    Hello Miss.Tyra ,

    My name is chardell Hawley and I am 18 years old and I have been wanting to always become a model. I sign up for modeling school just like I saw some of the recent people on the show talked about. I take modeling very serious and I understand it is not something you wake up one morning and all a sudden decide to do it takes year and alot of practice. If I get the opportunity to show you what I am able to do I will try my best and put in everything I got. I will take up all responsibility for my actions and my choices I come in contact with. I truly enjoy the way you pushed everyone because you believe that deep down they were able to do when they felt that it was no hope or chance. You was able to talk them into becoming focused and pushing themselves when they were at their lowest state and that right there i admire that. Just being able to make it to the audtions will be the best experience that I have ever incounter and all the tips you give me even if I don’t make it far I will keep your tips and use if I get another opportuntiy great like this again. I am looking forward to meeting you one day. Thank you for taking your time out to read this. Your Model Fan Chardell Hawley.

  34. Tonianne Reid

    My name is Tonianne Reid and I’m 18 years old with blue eyes and medium length brown hair. I am 5’5″ and although my height may be small my drive and passion for modeling cannot be measured. I also weight 128lbs. I would love the opportunity to become a role model for women around the world. I have confidence and would be complete if I participated in America’s Next Top Model. Please give me the opportunity and I won’t let you down. I’ll look everyday to hope to see an email in return.
    Thank you for your time,

  35. capri brooks

    hi im 16 & i 5’2 i am from texas i would love o be on this sesaon i have everything it takes i am very brave bold and intelligent . i modeled for barbizon and i have done the national american miss pagent and number 5 in state

  36. orly

    Hello, my name is orly, I am 25 yrs old. love your show . im 5’6 brown hair hazel eyes 115 lbs

  37. Kiera Davis

    Hey, I’m Kiera Davis from Virginia. I am 17, 5’7” and I will be at the Virginia auditions. Thank you so much, see you there! (:

  38. Jessica Cook

    Hi my name is Jessica Cook! I was born and raised in a small town in south Georgia, and am currently in college playing softball. I am a very easy going, outgoing, athletic, strong-willed, long legged, sweet Georgia peach! I’m eager to learn and always up for a challenge. Growing up, I have always been told I should model because I had the height and a pretty face, but I thought people were just being nice.. When I graduated high school my two best friends and I promised each other that we would follow our dreams and make them a reality. I have secretly always wanted to model, but never really thought I had a chance.. I have played so many sports for so long that my body has so many scars and bruises I felt that it wouldn’t work in the modeling world. Models are supposed to look flawless, stunning, and have a perfect body or at least that’s what I have always believed.. After watching cycle 7 and 10 and seeing the winners of these seasons, both Whitney Thompson and CariDee English, have proven to me that it doesn’t matter your body type or complextion can’t keep you from modeling. The only thing that can keep you from modeling is you. I would love to be on America’s Next Top Model!
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 167
    Eye color: Green
    Hair color: Brown

  39. winscentique gibson


  40. Emilie

    Hello! My name is Emilie.

    I am a 19 year old small-town girl, and I’ve wanted to be a model since I was a child. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m very funny, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, and an over-achiever. I will be graduating from college this coming spring with my associates degree in Paralegal Technology. Being apart of America’s Next Top Model 2013 would be more than a dream come true for me. I haven’t watched much of the show because I don’t have a TV, but I have seen a few episodes on Youtube and it is definitely something that I would love to be apart of! I’m very impressed with Tyra’s judging and critiquing. She’s very blatantly honest and I love people like that. If I am honored with the opportunity of being apart of the next cycle on this show, I’m sure I will bring smiles to millions across the nation!


  41. Kai Oladapo

    Hello world, my name is Kai Oladapo and I have a message that needs to be heard around the world! I am a 19 years young, I currently reside in Savannah, Ga for school but originally from Atlanta. I am Nigerian and african american. My skin is fair toned, I am 5’6, and approximately 113 pounds. As for my hair, I have short/medium sister locks. I would like this opportunity because people still look down apron dreadlocks. ITS 2013! Women and men around the world are losing jobs or not getting them at all because of the way they embrace their hair texture. I for one think someone needs to change this. Why can’t we embrace what was given to us? Why do we have to have straight hair to fit into society? That’s why I would like a shot at the opportunity. Now my hair is nappy so I locked it up. Growing up perming my hair, watching it fall out, trying to make it seem like I have “good hair,” is not the way to go. I WANT to be Americas next top model, I want to be the FIRST SUPER MODEL WITH SISTER LOCKS, and I am willing to do WHATEVER it takes to get there.

  42. Diamond Gordon

    Hello, Tyra!! My name is Diamond Janae Gordon. Im 19, 5’9 and i weigh 120. Ive wanted to be a model ever since i was four years old. People all around tell me i have the height and looks for it. Ive also been told that i look like you. You are very beautiful so that is a huge compliment for me. Im hoping to make it all the way through so that my confidence increases! I have always been called big head and pan face so im hoping i can put all of that behind me and show my inner as well as my outer beauty! Hope to see you soon!
    Love Diamond

  43. Nicole

    Hello, my name is Nicole!
    I am a 19 year old currently attending Penn State Hazleton and trying to pursue a career in modeling like I always wanted. I have done Barbizon modeling school, I have taking pictures with Keen modeling and have been trying to pursue my dreams since then. I am 5’8, I have blonde hair with light brown underneath, a nice skin tone, and I also have blue eyes. I keep in shape by dancing and I am always up for a challenge and love to achieve my dreams! Help my dreams come true! Please!

  44. asma jebali

    my name is ; asma jebali
    from; tunisia south of africa
    spoke; english * fransh*arabic
    skin color; not black and not white
    age;03/07/1994.(18) 😉
    hihgt; 1;69
    colour of eyes; dark brown
    colour of hair; dark brown
    *** my dream is to be actress in holywood iven if it is hard cause im not from usa but i spook like english geril i dont have acsent ps i love singing and dinsing to dobel threit loooool but acting is the first and last from i was 10 i larned english and acting i have experyence just in theater but im talent girl my dream is to share my talent with all ouver the world so plzz help me to my dream come true i will naver ever let you dawn gyus and plzz belive in me .. i hope you gyus give me a chance cause without chance nothing will change i belive that some day i will have Opportunity and i hope you give it to me gyes thnx so much***

  45. Bethany Skaggs

    Hello, my name is Bethany and I am a White, 5’8, 17 year old woman. I have watched this show since I was young, I would be honored to be chosen for this wonderful opportunity. I am a track star and I pole vault as well as run cross country, I am going for school for Broadcast Journalism and Art. But my true dream is modeling, and I hope that one day I will achieve this!

  46. Cristina O'Conner

    Hey, I’m 5′ 4 1/2″ and my weight ranges between 105 lbs to 115 lbs. I’m very fit and have amazing legs. I’m Puerto Rican. I usually get attention wherever I’m located. Many people tell me I’m vey sexy and beautiful. Some people say I’m a different beautiful. I have vey long hair and nice thick eyebrows. I have eyes similar to Alicia Keys and long eyelashes. I have small lips shaped like a heart that men tend to fall in love with. My cheek bones are high and my chin is pointy. I wear no makeup and I look way younger than my age. My character is very outgoing and I make many facial expressions. I can have a conversation with about anyone without having to pretend to be anyone but myself. I’ll have to admit that I’m tired of the animosity around me that I get just because of my appearance. It also has to do with the way I present myself. People say I’m so different. I’ve been through a lot but I manage to stay strong. With having that great characteristic, I tend to lift people’s spirit up. I don’t know if this matters, but I score advance all the time when I take test. Thank you for taking your time out to read what I have to say. I hope you guys consider meeting with me. I can use your help right now and I would really appreciate it. Take care 🙂 – Cristina O’Conner

  47. Sha-Asia breland


    My name is Asia & I’m beautiful woman inside & out I’m ready to walk the city’s of every where & embrace my walk & confidence, I’m 5’6 but rock out like I’m the tallest one in the room, I live to model & I know ill wow Americas Next Top Model Judges, I’m ready to learn more then I know & I’m ready to give it my all no stopping, I have no fear I’m ready for every challenge & every thing thrown my way! I’ve been through so much I use it at my stepping stool to get higher & I’m going to continue to go higher!

    Choose me & you’ll love me every time!

    I can be Your Next Top Model

  48. Jani Taylor

    Hello Tyra,

    My name is Jahmyra, but my family calls me by my middle name, Jani. I am a 20 yr student at Bowling Green State University in OH, studying Chemistry for Forensic Toxicology. I am a beautiful African American young lady with long black hair and dark brown eyes standing at 5’7 ft and 125 lb who loves to be in the spotlight. However, my family has always encouraged me to use my book smarts and pursue a very strict career in the medical field, sciences, or politics. Even though I am 3 yrs into my studies in school, this is not what I want to do with my life. I have always been interested in the Arts, dancing, singing, modeling, etc but I’m afraid that my family will not support my interest to pursue modeling so I never bothered. Now I have a change of heart and it’s time to live out my full potential. Thanks to the previous contestants throughout the past 18 cycles, my confidence is now exceedingly high. I would love to be a candidate on AMTM cycle 19.

    Yours Truly, Jani

  49. María José

    Hi my name is María José. I’m from Colombia. Always love americas next top model. I’m 17 years old, blond Hair, and i’m 5,24 feets. That will be all thanks you so much.

  50. Trashondra

    Hello, my name is Trashondra and I’m on your website because I would love to attend your program. Modeling has been alot to me I love fashion. I’m a country girl from Louisiana and some times people say I’m a city girl because of the way a dress. I’m 19 years of age, I love to b n front the camera I’m very photogenic. I’m a motivated person I dont give up I push myself hard.
    I’m self mannered and a understanding person. I have don he’s do much to me and modeling is one of my goals I will love to accomplish in my life. Do I hope I here from yu again.

    ~Trashondra Milton

  51. Cheri

    SEX: Female
    Height: 5 11″
    Weight: 150
    Bust: 34″
    Waist: 29″
    Hips: 36″
    Shoe: 10 1/2
    I have always wanted to become a model. Everyone has told me I have the height, the looks (brown hair, green eyes, beautiful soft clear skin) I am very open, honest, assertive, outgoing, patience, attentive, motivated, smart, reliable, caring) I have tried to pursue modeling. I love watching ANTM and have always dreamed to becoming a model. I am Scottish, Irish & German. I am 20 years old.


  52. Elise Lewis

    Hello everyone! My name is Elise Lewis I am 19 years old, I am half West Indies and half African American. My whole life my passion has been modeling and posing in front of a camera. I’ve watched Tyra’s show ANTM ever since it first came on and I always wanted to try to get on the show but I never thought it would happen because its millions of girls who will kill To be on ANTM .I have always been told I am so pretty and I should be a model because I’m built like a stallion tall, long, and a nice size. To be honest I never really was confident enough to really pursue my career because I’m kind of the shy type! But now that I’m older and I feel more mature and ready more than ever. I really want to pursue my career in modeling and what better way to do it is than on ANTM.

  53. lindsey rencoukos

    Hello my name is lindsey rencoukos i am 21 years old, my height is 5’8, i weigh about 124, hair color is dark natural brown, and i have green eyes.
    I hve been tring for years to get on the show to help make my dreams come true. I will do just about ANYTHING to have this chance. I live in melbourne beach florida so i am going to try and make the Tallahassee open call. Look for me!

  54. Kevin Stewart Jr

    Top Model means being a model everywhere you are and as an individual one must thrive to be the best unordered to succeed. I would be a prime candidate for top model not only because I fit the description but because I aim to be a positive role model every day. I believe a model is an example of what one should aim to be or strive to have the same characteristics of. I do believe my passion to be a role model to youth and my desire to lead by example would make me a great candidate and The Next Top Model.

    My passion Is to giving back to the community by working closely with those who have a desire to succeed and I work daily to improve myself to show that success is possible. I have done some fashion modeling in the past but most of my work experience is as a role model.

    I believe one must posses both the ability to use their body as art and their mind to become a model of what is possible. I am a great candidate for the Next Top Model and I have been waiting for this opportunity to present my qualifications for the position of The Next Top Model.

  55. Gabrielle Hatheway

    Hi my name is Gabrielle but everyone loves to call me gabbie for short. I am fun and friendly and I have always wanted to be a model sense I was very little. I love you be noticed and I love even more to stand out. I have blonde hair blues eyes, I weigh 115 and I am about 5’4′ and i am 17 years old. I love to writing and play/ sing my own written music. I never actually have had the courage to actually stand in front of a crowd and perform my music but one day i plan to do so. I am very hard working and have a great motivation. I want this more than any thing and am looking forward to hearing back from you Thanks!

  56. Ashley Fournillier

    Hi, my name is Ashley Fournillier my last name is French. It comes from my grandfather who I’ve never met sad to say it would have been a pleasure to meet him being tht I have no grandfather. Anyway iam African-American and was born I NY, NY. I’m 5″5 and weight 122 pounds. Yes iam average height but that doesn’t exclude be as a model. Ever since I was 12 everyone would tell me that I look like a model. When I stand up I have the hair of posing unknowingly. I live to smile with my eyes. Nuffin I was giving this opportunity to be. In the show I would try NY best to be on top. I have very little experience in walking in heels. But practice makes perfect. By the way I’m 18. Hope to hear from you

  57. Brianne Alston

    Dear Tyra,

    Hi! My name is Naquita Brianne Alston, I am 19 yrs old and I have always wanted to model, since I was a little girl. My parents took me to casting calls everywhere, but they just didn’t seem right. I have watched every episode of America’s next Top Model, and it just inspires me to go after what I want in life. Tyra, you really inspire me to become anything that I want to be. Especially the cycle where Eva Marcel won, and she was the shortest model, with alot of spunk! She showed girls everywhere that the impossible is possible. I am from High Point NC, a small city not to far from Greensboro NC. I have played basketball,volleyball,soccer, and track, and I am also in ballet. I love trying new things, and I am a quick learner, It would be an honor to be able to have the opportunity of a lifetime! I really hope, and pray that you take me into consideration for the casting calls, I would show you how much it meant to me. I would do anything to have this opportunity. You would not regret this decision, God Bless.!
    -Brianne Alston

  58. Samantha

    Hi my name is Sam and I am 19 years old. As I read most of the other comments, I realize how hard it is to even make a dent in the fashion industry when so many people want a chance at it. I am only one to be considered, but hopefully I could show that I am the one that is worth it. I am 5’10, light skin tone, with blue eyes. My dedication, hard work, and persistence are what will set me apart from other people. I am a student, but fashion is of high interest to me. I hope I could possibly be part of this season, because I know that my attitude and choices can truly be an example to other girls watching the show.

  59. Ashley Howard

    I’m African American, Native American and Caribbean. but i want to really embrace my Native American side because i clearly look Native American. I’m 5’7 and i weigh 120 lbs. I’ve been waiting all my life to become a model and now it’s time for me to take action now that i have the opportunity 🙂

  60. Sammi anteau

    My names sammi anteau and I’m 5 foot 1. Brown hair with blonde, black and auburn streaks. I have brown eyes, thats turn hazel in then sunlight. I always had low self esteeme, I thnk with yours help it would rise. I belive I have what it takes to become antm because I work hard and I dont give ups.
    Ou don’t takes critical advice personal I absorb thats advise and make myself stronger and better.
    so please give me a chance I wont let you down.

  61. destini spears

    hay tyra my name is destini spears i’m 18 years young & i would love to be on your show
    im 6’0 tall
    brown skin
    high cheek boons
    thick not to big not to small i’m 180
    pounds & i watch every show i’m from Texas yea im a small town girl & i really grew up with nothing i lost my mom when i was 6 years old so u know how that is my daddy really wasent there so i went from home to home but i’m really a good looking young lady i could sent u pics if u like but hit me up pls

    thanks –

  62. Nicole

    Hello my name is Nicole, but everyone calls me Nicki.
    Im a plus Model, standing 5’9 weight 175 black women.
    Im live near Baltimore. Im down to earth, I love to model, I love taking pictures, I take directions very well. I would love to audition to be on the top model show, because it will be a dream come true. I dont have any set goals, but to only focus on how I’ am going to be the next top model lol…. so whoever reading this watch out for me because Im bring full engry, and Im going to work it (SNAPPING MY FINGERS)

  63. Arnesjah Miller


    My name is Arnesjah. As a young teen I have had thoughts and a passion for modeling. I have always had a gut passion for modeling, so I take pictures of myself on my own as a hobby. Every now and then I get comments from people saying that I should model, but I always let slight insecurities hold me back. So today while I was at work, two customers asked me if I modeled. I told them “no, I wish, but no.” The guy told me to give it a try and get out there. Then an hour or so ago, a women told me to try out for America’s Next Top Model. I thought about it and I remembered that there is a new season coming soon. I’m telling myself, “Why not give it a try.”
    I honestly think there is a lot more to modeling than taking a picture and walking on stage. You have to gain knowledge about modeling by analyzing other models, observe everything, and practice for yourself. You have to be the model by feeling it within your spirit and let your beauty show. Modeling is an art. It takes knowledge, practice, and charisma to get to the top. I believe that I have the potential, confidence, and features for modeling. I know that if I want something, all I have to do is believe in myself; and I believe that I have a chance of becoming America’s Next Top Model, so I am making my way to the auditions.

  64. Sokhournkim

    Hello everyone !
    My name Kim, everyone called me NEssa. I’m 19, brown eyes, black hair.( 5’3″,110lbs).
    I’m cambodia/Chinese& Vietnamese

    lived in america! I luv fashion live my life and free.^~^
    I’m a strong lady with a strong
    heart.looking forward to hear from you soon.
    Thanks, regrad

  65. suleyshka rios

    Hello Tyra, my name is Suleyshka!

    Or just Sue if u had a hard time trying to pronounce my name. 🙂 I am 20yrs old and I’ve always had an interest in modeling. I got accepted to John Casablanca’s, but unfortunately got caught up with work and school. Everyone tells me I should be a model, but i feel as if i’m not doing anything to pursue my dreams. i want to join ANTM to build up my confidence and to show everyone that you can dream big. I have faith that one day i am going to get an opportunity that will change my life forever. I am 5’7, brow hair and eyes, and about 122lbs. I am a strong puertorican woman that is ready to take on the world and to show you that I can be Americas Next Top Model.
    Hope I get the chance to hear from you soon! Take Care Thanks!

  66. darian payne

    Hi my name is darian payne. i always dreamed about modeling since i was a little girl. i have tried my best to get on a runway many years but i don’t have money for audition all the time. im 5’7 and 3quarters and i know how to work it in heels. im confident and ready to try new things. i always put my best in everything because tomorrow is never promised. I will continue to be my best and give my all even when im on Top. love you Tyra

  67. oshae sibley

    Hey, my name is O’Shae-Leon, I’m 6’1, black, and a male dancer. I believe I should be on.the show because I have what it takes to be a model. I have the body, the look and the height. Also I believe I’ll be a good asset to the modeling world.

  68. Cassidy Morgan

    Hello, My name is Cassidy Niccole Morgan.
    I am fierce. I have passion for modeling. I want a chance. I am 20 years old and have wanted to become a model for as long as I can remember. I feel like this would be a good way to show my potential. I have auditioned for ANTM before when i was 18, but i am not giving up until i get on the show. I feel like im different, and I want to prove it. I honestly would do anything to pursue this dream, I feel like it is something I am meant to do. I go to Marshall University and am studying Elementary Education. I am from West Virginia. I am 5’10, and weight 130 pounds. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, and i honestly believe i have the passion, desire, and what it takes to be on the show. Please give me a chance!!:)
    Cassidy Morgan

  69. Jolene

    Hi! My name is Jolene. I am a sixteen year old female and I would love to pursue a modeling or acting career. Many have asked me to apply to America’s Next Top Model and I have decided that I would love to do so. I am 5’11” with a slim figure, a smooth skin complextion, auburn hair, straight white teeth, and sky blue eyes.

  70. Jermekia Na'Shaye Jackson

    Modeling Is My Dream. And This Is A Chance Of A Lifetime! If Its For Me, It’s For Me.. Goodluck To Me And The Rest Of Yall. Put God First! *FingersCrossed

  71. Kalesha Johnson


    Ever since you’ve been a model I’ve always adore YOU, your LOOKS, and STYLE.
    Its just amazing. I’ve i always wanted to audition for your show. Since I was young like about 10 I been walking practicing my walk down the my “runway”(hallway). My family is a huge support because even if i don’t be on a show they all as well know i got what it takes and i feel the same way. I’m currently 19 years old. I’ll be 20 on December 21 2012. It would be a honor to be on 2013 show as a late Birthday gift. I’m 5’4 i weight 110, bright long brown hair, brown eyes, and slim.PLEASE. I know i got what it takes to be a model. So I’m ready to express it : ). I am always willing to work and try new things. I’ve always wanted to have the opportunity to travel, meet new people you and the crew. I want this so bad i would kill to be one of 2013 America’s Next Top Model. I hope to hear from you!!!! : )

  72. najah


    My name is najah corley. My birthday is 4-7-88. Im 6’1, 129 lbs, 36A bust, 3long in pants,brown hair,brown eyes,and slim. The reason why i should have a chance be 2012-2013 NEXT TOP MODEL CYCLE 19 is because i would be a good role model for other girl’s, i would work my hardest to acheive everything that would need to be done, i am a dedicated person. All my life i dreamed of being a model i have gotten scammed so many time’s, which made it so hard to acheive my dream,but i will not give up,and i will keep on striving hard to accomplish my dream to become a model,i want this so bad,i would cry full of joy if i would be given a chance to be on AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL CYCLE 19, You would not regret it if you gave me a chance i pray to God that i would be able to acheive my career of becoming a model. Thankyou God Bless!:)

  73. Julia Jacobson

    Hello my name is Julia I am 18 years old, 5 foot 5 inches and I weigh about 111 pounds. I am from right outside of Philadelphia and I have watched America’s next top model since I was young. Your show has inspired me. I never give up and I have tried a lot of modeling agencies but so far all they want is my money. I hope to get a chance and not only to model but to be able to experience what many other girls do. I am a gymnast, very competitive, and hard working. I would love to have this opportunity to show people that dreams can come true if you go after them! I love trying new things and hope I can show you my fun and outgoing personality. Hope to hear back from you! Thank you
    – Julia Jacobson

  74. Jennifer Linke

    Hey! My names Jenny. I’m 17, 5’8, about 115lbs,
    Blonde, spunky, and so ready to been seen and heard! Im optimistic, random, determined, punctual, and I love photography and music! All I’ve wanted to
    do since was five always to act and sing. Once I got older, watching this show inspired me to do more. I thought it was all scripts and pictures. But I want to make a difference for people.
    I know I have so much potential and I can’t wait to prove to everyone that the underdog can come out on top. It’s my dream to travel the world to different communities to tell girls everywhere that beauty is a state of mind ad heart. The reason I want to be a part of the 2012-13 America’s Next Top Model crew is because I know I have what it takes to be on top of the world. And I won’t stop until I get there. I pray to have the opportunity to show it! Thank you!!! <333

  75. Brook Ferriel

    Hello, my name is Brook !
    I am a 20 year old wanting to pursue a modeling career. I’ve always wanted to audition for Antm! I’ve actually got accepted to the john Casablancas modeling school my freshman year in high school but I chose school my education was more important! It would be a great opportunity to pursue a modeling career since I am now out of school.
    I have red auburn hair, hazel eyes, and I’m 5’7 with an average sized fair skin toned body.
    Email me!