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Disney Casting Call

Do you want to be a Disney actor? Have you always dreamed of starring in a commercial? Disney auditions for kids and adults are now being held for a new commercial! A Disney family casting call for a paid commercial is now casting in Orlando, Florida. The Paradym Group is searching for a mom, dad and two kids. One of the children should be around the ages of six years old. This is an awesome opportunity as you do not need to be local to the area because the client will be paying travel expenses!

About Disney

From classic animated features and exhilarating theme park attractions to cutting edge sports coverage and the hottest shows on television, The Walt Disney Company is the global leader in family entertainment. For 90 years, their outstanding storytelling has enchanted, inspired and thrilled audiences everywhere. [Disney]

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors are looking for families for Disney short blast. The pay rate for selected models and actors is $325.00 per person and each person will shoot for two or more days. Filming will take place in Orlando in early January. Families do not need to be local to the area, expenses will be paid for those who are not local.

Seeking Families

Must have two parents and two kids (one kid is 6)

Pay Rate: 325.00 per person

Shoots early January in Orlando, Florida. Expenses paid so you do not need to be local

How to Apply

To submit your family for the Disney shoot email The subject line of the email should be FL First Family.
Include Family last name
Age for each child
City you currently live in
1 image of entire family in one photo ( family of 4)
More images of kids.
Very important to make sure you include all requested information and images.
Thank You

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28 Casting Responses

  1. Rebecca kular

    To whom it may concern, I’m Rebecca kular, 15 years old, I attend the Met high school in Providence RI, I have no acting experience but I know I can do my best. Thank you.

  2. Steven Barone

    please find me something for me to be put live on Disney channel for paid trips for adults .

  3. Steven Roy Barone

    Hi my name is Steven Roy Barone,
    I was in acting in plays at a young lad in White -fish Montana as the Mexican lad then acting like Jesus son of God. Also I am disabled and I have a learning disability Asperger’s slighty handicap plus I am a Special Olympic athlete also I work with middle school kids at my church called Eugene Faith center. My hobbies are shooting basketball hoops and even riding my bike around Eugene Oregon. I am very talented and would love to be put on any Disney show for acting live on Disney channel and to be put on age group like in my twenties or in my 30’s. My birthday is April 11th 1988 and for this year I am 29 years old. My height is 5’6 feet tall and my weight vary’s meaning by that it goes to 130 to 138 and my hair color is black and white favorite color to wear is blue and pink and sometimes bright yellow for the Oregon Ducks basketball and football team. I’ve seen that you guys do pay for any person with all ages to be performing live on the Disney channel shows or to be acting live on the Disney cruise ship. I can some what dance and I have amazing dace moves. Can you guys help me out and maybe if I get selected for acting live on the Disney channel can you guys maybe help me of helping me finding of whom will be the best Disney channel agent so then I could be acting live on the Disney channel shows of any kind? I am a huge fan of Disney channel shows. Also can you guys fly me and then fly me back home to Eugene Oregon the nearest air port is Eugene Oregon air port. I would need round trips to be paid off. I have seeing that you guys do pay for people of all ages and for trips. If you all want to see my picture go on Google type in my full name and the picture is black and white if you all think that is a good picture to give to the casting directors then please give it to them for them to see of how it looks.

  4. Kimora

    Well I was wondering if you will have Disney channel TV shows, movies,etc auditions in South Carolina, SC cause I really want to audition and get a career. I have been a Disney channel fan all my life please let me know.

  5. Steven Roy Barone

    Dear casting director’s for Disney channel ,
    My name is Steven Roy Barone and I am an athlete to Special Olympic’s to Eugene Oregon. I saw on the acting career section for Disney channel for kids and adults . Well I have done some plays when I was a little boy. And I am looking for paid trips and for round trips and to be put on any Disney show and to be put live on the Disney channel show. I have a learning disability Asperger’s slighty handicap. But I can speak and even love to play sports like shoot basketball into the basketball net. I can see on any of your Disney channel shows that you have adults and kids of all ages acting live on Disney channel. I don’t have any money for me to hire an agency but I receive social security income from the United Stated Government. But my dream is to be put live on Disney channel. Plus I have people skills. Please fly me any where to where you can put me on for the Disney channel. I have seeing your adds on your website and one them says that you can pay for adults and for kids for there trip for acting live on the Disney channel. I am really interested for acting live on the Disney channel please find something that could fit for me to act live on any of your Disney channel shows. I was born April 11th 1988 and I am 29 years old. My height is 5’6 and I am an athlete to Special Olympic’s to Eugene Oregon I watch Disney channel shows every year of 365 days a year. I do want to say thank you for the Disney company for sponsoring Special Olympic athletes. I’ve been an athlete since 2007. But still am an athlete. Please pick me to be put on any of your shows for Disney channel. Remember looking for paid trips. Also if you want to check my picture out on Google type in my full name Steven Roy Barone the picture is black and white could you give it to the casting directors for the Disney channel for them to put my picture live on the Disney channel shows for when I do get selected for acting for paid trips. Go Disney forever. You all will forever remain in my heart. I am a big fan of Disney channel. Plus my weight is 138.2 pounds hair color is black and eyes are brown. I am vey athletic I love sports and love evening around kids and teenagers. I work with kids at my church called Eugene Faith center in Eugene Oregon. Plus I am an associate water boy to a basketball team called North West Christian University college to a former basketball player whom played for the MBA and for the Oregon Ducks his name is Luke Jackson. Go Disney forever.

  6. Amberly

    My name is Amberly I’m 11 and I’m Mexican and American and my dream was always to be famous I would do anything to be famous so please help me get a role and I can sing and act

  7. Janice Anderson

    Hi my name is McKenzie Wise and I am 4 years old, I’m a smart and talented little girl, and my birthday is June 6, 2013, and I’m interested in do commercials, and TV or as a Disney Kid.

  8. josias daniels

    Hi Josias Daniels and if there’s some room for ravens home I would like to join

  9. josias daniels

    And if there still room for desidents I would like to join I’m josias daniels

  10. josias daniels

    Hi I’m Josias Daniels and I would like to audition for Jessie or bunk

  11. josias daniels

    Hi my Josias I do jujitsu and boxing and I like be on Disney channel I’m 10 and I would be a good worker

  12. Samantha

    My name is samantha I an 12 year old and being a Disney kid has always been my dream and it wood be perfect if I could get a role

  13. Samantha

    My name is samantha I an 12 year old and being a Disney kid has always been my dream

  14. David

    Hey i would love to work for disney im 14 and really like disney

  15. Rosemary Hart

    Hi, my name is Rosemary Hart I am 12 yrs old. I’ve got brown short hair, I am from Valley View, Tx. I’m a girl. I love to sing and dance but I can never dance right! Thank you!

  16. diana

    My name is Diana ighodaro im 16 i was born on 5 September 2000
    i dont have espiriece to acter i now how to Drow i can Dance if you teacher me i am black pearson im from spanish.

  17. Steven Roy Barone

    Hi I am an athlete for Special Olympics I live in Eugene Oregon and I am 29 years old as of April 11th 2017 and I have a learning disability Asperger’s slightly handicapped but I’m interested acting live on the Disney Channel and seeking for paid trips and round trips please contact me at I would need reasonable accomodations I’m having a difficult time finding an agent to see if I’m really talented for acting or to be on the Disney Channel or on a commercial Show.

  18. hanessa bailey

    My name is hanessa bailey
    Am a big fan of disney channel,
    14 years old and i live in the country of jamaica.
    This is the chance i ever wanted to be a movei star of disney chanel,this is because i want my mom to be proud of me i am along with to other girls a singer and an actress monique adams and astia frazer we are very willing for this . All the best for us and may walt disney make our hopeful wish come through please and thanks. Bye!!!

  19. Shivanthi Sirimanne

    hi my name is Nishela Sirimanne…. i would love to work for Disney and it is my dream ever since jungle book came out i have tried applying for jungle book 2 but i never got reply. i am a big fan of Disney and Neel Sethi.
    I am 13 years old turning 14 on June 21st 2017, female, black hair, 4 feet tall, loves Disney.

    P.S. leave me a reply

  20. LaTonia Harris

    Hi my name is Aryonna Harris and this what I wanted to do for my whole life. At the age of 6 I started to doing modeling and dance I know how to sing I been sing when I was little. I did dance at my church and at New York I love ballet and I stared acting an little commercial in New York it was lots of fun my family say I am really crazy and I like that and if you ask me all the shows on Disney I will tell you I like to be sassy and sweet and I love flipping I kown how to do very had stuff so I don’t want to have all of this talent and do nothing with it so that why I came here to you Disney channel because you are the best . I went to cheerleading twice at Disney world and got 1st place and people say my eye are Beautiful when I look in the sun my eyes glow it matches the summer I will be auditioning there to but this will be a great opportunity for me.


    Weight:105 lbs



  21. Samantha Hampton

    My name is Samantha Hampton.
    I would love to be in any kind of film; i have no experience other than this school play I was in but my family & friends kept telling me how good I did!

    Age: 18
    Weight: 95 lbs
    Height: 4’11
    Experience: none

  22. Emily

    I wish I could do this!! I am 12 and I love acting I have been doing it forever… and I feel left out because my friend is now a model and actor….. ;( and all my other friends are actors,singers,or models!!! I just want to be like them….

  23. Jessica Kartchner

    I live with my sister and her two kids. 1 boy one years old and a 4 year old daughter. We would all love to act as a family in your show. My sister’s last name is Charboneau. She is 24 Im 21 and the kids names are Ry’el And Cotton. I left my email if you’re interested in our pictures.

  24. Kim

    I would love to I am a mother with a 14 year old boy husband and six year old doughter

  25. Draven

    Yes I live in Oklahoma in I don’t have a mom and I’m 11 and I have a 5 year old sister

  26. Kaylynn Kifer

    I would love to go. I love acting and want to start my acting career.

  27. Samantha

    I would love to be in any kind of film I could. I love acting, singing, dancing, and playing my flute and piano. I would love it if I could start my acting career soon. I have been acting since I was 4 years old and I love it so much.

  28. Aa'ishah Adeyeri-Ghaniy

    I’m from Africa and I have the qualities required