Disney Movie “Mulan” Auditions

Disney Movie Auditions for “Mulan”

Do you have what it takes to be the next Disney movie star? Disney auditions are now being held for lead roles their upcoming live action retake on the movie “Mulan”. Casting directors are scouring the country to find the next Disney star. Casting directors are looking for models and actors who will be 18 years old by May 1st, 2017.  Because the movie is set in China, that is where filming will take place.

About Disney’s “Mulan”

Like the 1998 animated film, Mulan is based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, the daughter of an aged warrior who disguises herself as a man in order to take her father’s place in the army and go to war. Aided by her trusted dragon, Mushu, she becomes a skilled warrior and one of the country’s greatest heroines. [The Hollywood Reporter] The movie will be released on November 2, 2018.

What They Are Looking For

Disney’s Mulan is now casting lead speaking roles.

Mulan: 18 – 20 years old to play 18; must be able to speak fluent English and Mandarin Chinese; lithe, athletic, quick, tougher than she looks, Mulan lives in rural China in 630 AD, and her country is besieged, under attack by the Gokturk invaders. When her aging father volunteers to join the Army, Mulan sneaks out by night and takes his place, strapping down her breasts so she can pass for a man. There is a mysterious power inside Mulan, a power of speed and coordination and sheer force that places her at the peak of her unit- where no one suspects her secret.

Chen Honghui – In his 20s, must be able to speak fluent English and Mandarin Chinese; strapping, cocky and handsome, Honghui is another recruit who joins Commander Tung’s unit, and he’s determined to be the best soldier in human history. Full of himself, with a mean, bullying stream to him, he quickly realizes that Mulan is his chief rival, but he does not realize that she is a woman. Grittily determined to be simply the best at everything, Honghui is increasingly peeved by Mulan’s ability to match or out-maneuver him. But after learning that his rival is a woman, his intense feelings of rivalry turn into something very different, something like love.

Potential participants must be available April of 2017 through October 2017

Those auditioning must be 100% available for the entire shoot and will live in China during the film’s production dates.

Martial arts training is a plus

Must be at least 18 years old by May 1st, 2017. No exceptions.

The movie is set in China in the 17th century. Therefore, most roles are Chinese.

How to Apply

If you fit one of the above roles and would like to audition for the Disney movie “Mulan”, email mulancastingsf@disneympp.com. Be sure to include your photo, resume and current contact information. Don’t miss out on your chance to be the next Disney movie star and apply today!

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20 Casting Responses

  1. Lixuan Lim

    I have a Chinese friend who looks almost exactly like Yao in the movie. They have the same jaw and build. If you are looking to cast this role, I highly recommend my friend and I’d be more than happy to send a picture.

  2. Dylan Skandirbek

    Hi, my name is Dylan Skandirbek. I’m dutch mongolian (on the north side of China) i can speak fluent English. I have no experience but i love to be a part of your project. I’m 14 years old. If there’s any role for me to fit in, i’ll be really happy! Just a bit athletic (but i’ll start working on that). I’m 5 feet 6 inches! I’ll be perfect to be role as a son of the villian or cousin

  3. Vichay

    Hi my name is Vichay. I’m Deaf person. I’m pretty good at acting. I would like to be part in that movie as a role. It looks like fun! Feel free to contact me!

    Thank you!

  4. Sherry Shen

    I am Sherry Shen from Hong Kong. I go to an international school which means I can speak English and Chinese fluently. I am eleven right now, but if there’s an exception for me to be the younger Mulan. I love art and you cannot disagree with that. I joined my school production as the lead, and play both the flute and piano (both of them are grade 8). I joined singing competitions and had brought back trophies all the time. I am sure singing Reflection will not be a problem. I would do anything to join this movie.

  5. troy vidgen

    I have six quiet well trained black horses and me trainer owner available.

  6. Jan Brummer

    My name is Jan Brummer. I’m Dutch Chinese. I have no experience but I would love to be part of this project. 21 years old, athletic and 6’1, maybe perfect for a background warrior

  7. Jan Brummer

    My name is Jan Brummer. I’m Dutch Chinese. I have no experience but would love to be part of this project in any way possible. 21 years old, athletic and 6’1, maybe perfect for a background warrior…

  8. Jessica

    I am a 12 year old currently living in Wellington, NZ. I can speak fluently in english and can also speak mandarin. I take speech and drama lessons at school and have been dancing since I was 2, my parents are also chinese. I was wondering if you have any kid/teen roles or extras. If it’s not too late of course.

  9. Jessica

    I’m a 12 year old from Wellington, NZ. I’m interested in acting and take speech and drama classes at school. I speak fluent english and my parents are chinese so I can speak average mandarin. Are there any kids rolls or extras for a scene? If it’s not too late of course?

  10. Scarlet

    I’m an 18 year old Canadian. Can speak fluent English and Chinese. I weigh 105 pounds, yes I’m quite skinny and athletic. I’m 5”4 and I have a passion for acting.

  11. Amy Kwan

    I highly recommend Mark Zhou for this or the general role. He has won many awards for male lead in 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms (Eternal Love) drama. He is extremely popular in China, US and other Asian countries. He speaks English and has also acted in Warrior’s Gate and other films.

  12. Ashlee kaspar

    I want to be in it?

  13. Paule

    Hi is it too late to sign up for this? Has filming already started?

  14. Natalia Ruiz santos

    My name is Natalia Ruiz-Santos . Hispanic. Fluent in both English and Spanish . I am 19 years old . I have more than a passion for singing . If there’s anything that I think about before going to sleep and when I wake up is that passion that I have for my talent . Also into acting . I’ am interested in whatever I am able to audition for .

  15. Ivy Liu

    I’m Ivy and I’m 13 years old. I am Chinese and speak fluent English and Mandarin. Is there some sort of teen/child character role that I can do?

  16. Kelsey Taylor

    My name is Kelsey Taylor, and I have a identical twin sister named Katie. We are both 18 years old and I have a great passion for the entertainment and arts industry. We have relevant work experience in modeling and performing.
    The arts are a powerful way of expressing myself. I love to put my heart into what I am doing. I have performed at Disneyland Paris, as well as DisneyWorld Florida.
    We have acted a drama on live television in Jerusalem, Israel for a celebration on God tv which had over 60 million viewers.
    We have modeled for the fashion show at Westminster, London in Parliament with London Ethnic. As well as modeling for Eco Fashion Week in Seattle, Wa.
    Our dream is to continue our passions for the fashion and entertainment industry. And we hope to make a living with it.

    Kelsey Taylor and Katie Taylor

  17. Julio

    I would love to play in any film,and available anytime.When you ready,I’m ready

  18. peter

    I am not be available until the 22nd of April and totally unavailable in October 2017 because of school, but still really want to be part of the movie what am I supposed to do?

  19. Winnie

    I’d love to audition – but I can’t speak fluent mandarin. Would that disqualify me? Will the movie have some of the script in mandarin?

  20. Lee Hui En

    Hi, I’m a Singaporean and will be 20 years old as of May 1st, 2017 and I’m neither an actress nor a model. Do I qualify to audition for the role of Mulan?