Bits & Pieces – The Disney Channel

Attention all aspiring performers and Disney Channel fans. A new pilot from the world’s favorite family network has been ordered and with it comes an amazing opportunity to be part of the next big Disney Channel hit. Casting calls and auditions for the all new family comedy Bits & Pieces will be going on soon for roles of all sizes.

Bits & Pieces is planning to take the traditional multi-camera comedy structure and turn it on it’s head. This new series will focus on a “Brady Bunch type” scenario where Pete, a jovial high school basketball coach with two children, marries the kind hearted school psychologist Jodie who has two kids of her own and a new and sometimes complicated family dynamic is born with hilarious and heartwarming results. The audience will be led each week through these new family adventures by teenage daughter Alanna as she recounts every moment in a series of fantastically funny vignettes with the help of her brother Sticky and step siblings Crystal and Brody. These vignettes will be a deconstruction of the traditional family sitcom as they use quick and hilarious scenes to spotlight the funny family experiences, the Bits & Pieces of this brand new brood. This is the most excitingly original Disney project ever and it is sure to be watched by millions each week as America and the world falls in love the Bits & Pieces clan and becomes glued to the journey of this example of the new family dynamic. Auditions and casting calls will be happening soon so be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for every detail as they become available.

The Disney brand is one that is trusted with out fail for it’s amazing streak of quality family programming and history of ushering in some of the biggest names in entertainment. This is your chance to make your big break in the next Disney Channel mega hit. Stay tuned and you may just be a part of Disney’s Bits & Pieces.

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3 Casting Responses

  1. Chloe Mc Entee

    hi i am 12 13 in november . i can sadly say i have no acting experience no agent and live in ireland. i am the oldest of twelve and love to watch disney and hope to be apart of it
    i can sing pretty good i am tall for my age . i love to act especially very funny character love to hear from you

  2. carli dziordziewicz

    Hi again it’s carli and I am applying for one last one and this is it please if you can choose me me and my family need it and this would be great email me more info if I get it please. Thank you


  3. MEL ^_^

    my names Melissa but u can really call me anaything u want: Mel, Mely,Elissa, Issa etc. for starters u may not even see my comment because the chances are 1 in a billion but im giving it a shot anyways im 12 (turning 13 in december) i have collar bone length hair thats Dark brown with high lights you can see in the sun. im about 5’00-5’02. i know i need to stand out to at least get a call from u guys first i think i could be a girl thats in between 12-14 years of age on the show im funny smart carasmatic quirky awkward outgoing (when im mad or upset) a bit sassy. i live in Sacramento,California in some apartments. i am in LOVE music basically on a daily basis im blasting music through my head phones 24/7 . I am NOT an experienced actor but i would love to become one. Well i go to Bowling Green Chacon Science Academy im in the 6th grade but going to 7 th in August of this year (2015). IF you could please contact me or tell me i may have a shot at this show i would start jumping up and down and tell you immedeatly: YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES!!!!!!!!!!!
    please contact me at : or call my mum (916) 671-9842
    i took time out of my day to write this i hope you take time out of yours to at leats awcknowlage my existence and read it thank you again and see you guys soon hopefully. 🙂

  4. emily baron

    Hi my name is Emily! I am 14 but 15 next month. I am from England and I am in year 10 which is 9th grade to you. I want to do this disney film because A) it’s on my bucket list to be a disney star/ character/ princess ( but we all know that this is not disney pirncess ) and B) I just want my big break and kick start my acting career which is my biggest dream in the world.
    P.S – if you want the character to have a american accent I can do that for you and act, sing and dance and I will work really hard for the project.
    Thanks x

  5. Madison Brisbin

    To Whom It May Concern,
    Hi. I’m a twelve year old girl. I am average size and light skinned. I have brown hair that is not to long and not to short.I’m participating in a ten week acting class now and I got a role in my schools production of Fame. I live in Sylvania, Ohio and I’m very good at acting. When we took a test at school I was qaulafied and had all the personalitys and requirements of a performer. If you need anymore information about me please feel free to email me. I would love to here back from you. Thanks!
    -Madison Brisbin

  6. Christian Look

    My name is Christian. I am 12 years old and live in a small town in Michigan. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I have natural tan skin and am very athletic. I can play basketball, baseball, soccer, anything…my love is ice hockey. I work hard, try my best, and follow directions very well. I like to think I’m funny and I love to have a good time. I’ve been told several times that I look like a young Taylor Lautner.

  7. Kimani Garrett

    Hello, My name is Kimani Garrett , I am 15 , male , black , and I live in Jacksonville Florida . I would like to be an actor in your television show ” Bits & Pices “. I’ve had no experience in tv/film but I have had professional training. If you are interested please email me back at this address. Thank you.

  8. Liam Page

    Hello, My name is Liam Page and I am a 13 year old Male. I have acted in many Church productions and a few of my school’s productions. I am 5’9 and have Black hair. I have a deep passion for acting and would love to act for you, I hope that you consider me as an option. Thank You

  9. Bree Wild

    My one and only dream is to be a famous singer and actor.All my life i have wanted this iyt woud be so amazing if i could get a big role like this.

  10. Katherine McLaughlin

    name: Katherine McLaughlin
    age:12 almost13
    race: Caucasian
    hair: red hair(not dyed its real)
    eye: light blue
    I am a dancer and a good Actor. I am very fuuny when I want to be. I can start any time you need me to! I am very friendly to everyone even if they don’t like me. I am from Plainfield Illinois. I love to travel to all sorts of places! It would be a great experiences for me to learn from everyone and know how it feels to be a true Disney actress!
    Thank you!
    Katherine McLaughlin

  11. azelie

    my name is azelie i am 10 years old i am in the 4th grade i have short black hair i am pretty smart young talented i can sing i can dance i can do gymnastics i also have other and many talents i do hope you consiter me for this roll.

  12. Lily Wilson

    Hi my name is Lily. I’m 11 and i have always wanted to be on a disney show. I would love to audition for the main role. I have a great memory and can remember lines easily. I have braces, brown hair and eyes, i’m around 4’10 and i used to dance. I would really appreciate if you take this into consideration. Thank you.

  13. Laya Hassan

    Hey! My name is Layden, or Laya. I am 12 years old (Going to be 13 in a month). I am from England. I am black, have dark, straight hair, and brown eyes. I like to consider myself as punk-rock, grunge. I love singing and acting. I also love songwriting and I think some of my songs are pretty good. Apparently I have a kind and approachable aura and I feel that I am really nice, but I can also be mean. I have a sarcastic and funny personality and I am slightly violent. I always make jokes to cheer people up and I am considered to be a class clown. I am also a huge nerd. I obsess over virtually everything and I am an extreme fangirl. I think I would be good for this role as I have three other siblings – I can handle them. I do hope you consider me!

  14. Xenia

    Hi I’m Xenia pronounced (senia) and I’m 10 years old in the 5th grade. I’m also a female.I was born 12-02-04. I have brown curly hair and dark brown eyes. I also speak 2 languages. Enhlish and Spanish. I come from a very talented family. I have 3 brothers that are mucisions and singers. The youngest brother Edgar, is in a band. When I turned 4 or 5, I liked to sing and I still do. Then when I was in 1st grade, I sang in a talent show. Later on in 3rd grade I got interested in the piano. Then a few months later, my mom got me one! I still have it and play it alot. My favorite channel is….(drum role please)…….DISNEY CHANNEL!!!! I like to joke around. I also have good grades in school. My dream is to become a director or an actress. I think I should be in this new TV show because I like to make people laugh. Hope you pike me and remember always follow your dreams and never give up.

  15. Freddie Hawman

    Hello!! My name is Freddie Hawman.i’m 14 years old and currently lives in South -Africa.I am a male , 1.6m. Blue eyes and dark blond hair ,I am athletic .I honestly want to be part of the Disney family more then anything. I have acting experience ..played rolls in school plays …I sing a lot!!! Love singing and im quite good.I play the quitar.I have been watching Disney since before I can talk,like classic’s that’s so Raven,Cory in the house,Good luck Charlie ext.I don’t expect a head roll at first.. Maybe a day caracter ,maybe feature in 1 or 2 episodes.I don’t want to be on the screens for the money or fame just because I love acting and singing.I will make the Disney and the world proud someday and I hope that this is my chance.Please consider me for a roll big or small it does’t matter.

  16. Kyla

    Hi , I’m Kyla and i’m not about to write out tons of paragraphs and use all those big words or lie about me being in plays or lead roles because that’s not me . I’m a very honest and outspoken person so I like to let people know ” the real ” about me so they can know what there getting into I mean it’s only fair but I think ya’ll should chose me because not a lot of young females from Detroit MI the most violinist city in the untied states have opportunities like this and I just want to bring light in back into Detroit .

    I have Braces

    14 years old
    122 lbs
    Eye / Dark brown
    Detroit . MI
    African American

  17. Pauline

    Hi my name is Pauline I’m 10 years old and I’ve always wanted a role on disney Chanel and I live in Chicago,Illinois . I have brownish black hair I’m pretty tall and I’d be fine with any role on the show and that’s about it

  18. Lamont Pennie

    Hi I’m Lamont Pennie Jr.
    I have brown hair (dreadlocks), I weigh 98 pounds,and I am a 10 year old male. My eyes are the main attraction of my appearance. The color changes too. I have experience in theater. I have been interested in acting since thr age of three, and now it’s a life lone goal. I hope you consider me it would be an honor because acting means everything in the world to me and I auditioned for this sitcom two years ago and I was told it was cancelled. So I hope you choose me for this role. Thank you.

  19. Brianna Menson

    Before i begin i tryely hope that youll contact me even if its for the smallest of roles i love disney productions (especially the older ones) and i hope to one day become a preformer.
    14 years old
    can sing
    african american
    dark brown eyes
    black hair
    can act on site
    will accept side character roles

  20. Robert Wade

    My name is Robert, and I have been doing theatre for half of my life now. I know about what producing shows take, the amount of time dedicated, and am excited to hear about this new Disney show!
    I live in SoCal California, currently a high school student, and absolutely love acting.
    Height: 5’9″
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Race: White
    Eye color: Blue
    Hair: dirty blonde
    This is an amazing oppertunity, and if you are able to see this out of the millions of comments, I truly would be happy. I will be able to start as soon as possible. Thank you,
    Robert Wade

  21. Aria Luna

    Hi my name is Aria Luna and im 15 years old and im from brooklyn i love to act and sing and dance i have been the lead role for all my school plays back at my middle school and i really want to start an acting career i would really be honored to be part of this show i really love Disney Channel and i really want to act on disney channel i really hope you guys can consider me thank you for your time

  22. victoria

    Hi my name is Victoria Voutsinou. I’m 12 almost 13 year old and I’m from Greece. Yes, I know that it is far but that’s not the problem!I can speak English and this year I’m taking my exam! I’m participating in my schools acting classes(I’m loving it) and I love dancing!I’m dancing since I was 6 years old. I have two diplomas in modern I.S.T.D. I can do anything. I’m really hard working and cooperate! I want to participate because the experience will be unique. And it was my dream since I was a little girl!I can try new things for you! I really want that so nothing will stop me!
    I’m 1,73 meters tall
    I have long,straight ,brown hair
    my eyes are brown too
    I really want it so give a chance to prove it to you! please consider me when you choose the cast!
    thank you very much (don’t forget me!) Victoria

  23. Adriana Garcia


    My name is Adriana. I am an actress/singer a little dancing. I have been in the musical Hairspray Jr. starring as Penny Pingleton. I am also Annie in this year’s school musical at my school. I live in Connecticut. I am the BIGGEST Drama Queen you could ever meet. I think I would make a great actress. I am a Straight “A ” student. I am in the T.A.G. program. Also, I am Beautiful. Sorry, I am always like this. Lol. I hope you consider choosing me to be in the show. I am Puerto Rican. I talk Spanish, not too fluent but I can. I can read it too and a write it a little. I am 11 years old and about 75 lbs. I have brown hair. You can say I have light skin. I looooove Disney Channel. I literally watch it everyday. My biggest dream is to draw the mouse ears and say. What a rush! or That’s how you do it. I have brown eyes. Thank you for giving me this chance to make my dreams come true. Love ya.

  24. Arielle

    Hi my name is Arielle and my favorite thing to do is act.
    Ever sense I can remember I loved acting. Some things you might want to know about me are:
    1. I am 14 years old
    2. I am in cheerleading
    3. I’m 5’5
    4. I’ve been in many plays.
    A lot of people want to be In a tv show because they want to be famous, but personally I want to be in a tv show because I love acting! It’s challenging, exciting, and full of amazing opportunities. Please email me if there are casting calls going on. I would love to come and read for you!

  25. justine labella

    Hi my name is justine im 12 years old i weigh 110 im 5ft1 i have brown long hair and blue eyes in my shcool i have been in the band program for 3 years i also really take a liking for soccer i live in staten island ny i love to travel some day when im older i want to be a veterinarian i have always wanted to get into acting and this would be a great opportunity for me i hope you consiter picking me

  26. Gabriella bove

    Hi My name is Gabriella but I prefer people to call me gabby I am 11 years old in the 6th grade. I love to do gymnastics and dance i also like to sing. I have long brown hair and green eyes I am 5ft and weigh 110lbs I love to act I am in the acting program for 2 years and I have been in a play and I have always wanted to be on Disney channel

  27. Emma Brady

    Hi my name is Emma I am 11 years old. I have brown hair, brown eyes, 110 lbs. I love to sing and dance. I take dance lessons and gymnastics, I also belong to the cheerleading squad in my school. I have been taking drama classes for 4 years. I have been in 4 productions two of which I had the lead role. My dream is to become an actress one day. I love the Disney channel I am a huge fan. I would love to get a chance to work with you. Thank you for considering me.

  28. Mitchell blake

    Stage name Mitchell Blake
    Real name muvaki micah nhlema
    Age:11 turning 12 on November 12
    Height :five feet 1
    Hair color :black
    Eye color:blackish brown
    Country :Zimbabwe
    D. O. B:12/11/03
    Weight :119 pounds

  29. Jasmine Dominguez

    Hey. My name is Jasmine. I live in fresno,Ca. And instead of considering me; consider my friend. Her name is Magialex Lopez and she’s 14 years old. She can act and has an amazing voice. She attends the Same school I go to,Roosevelt school of the arts. I really hope you consider her. And I hope I get to be part of the reason she got discovered.

  30. Chelsee Kamande

    Hi my name is Chelsee Kamande and I’m 10 years old and I love disney channel and I would love to be part on this series because acting is my life and singing I’m not afraid of anything I am brave and I’m a leader NOT a follower and it would make me very happy if I got in please send the information to my dad’s email.

  31. madison

    im a 15 bubbly teenage girl who would love for a chance to be apart of the disney family. i live in florida USA and can be very flexible to fly out to wherever i am needed. i would feel honored to work with the disney family and become an actress on disney. i have watched many of what disney has produced and i would love to be on the screen instead of watching the screen. it has always been a dream of mine and I’m finally reaching out and putting myself out there, instead of just daydreaming about being famous one day. everyone says that you have to start somewhere and disney would be my ideal place to start out my career. i have herd of so many good things and i could only dream of working. please consider me for the role of one of the main daughters. please contact me


  32. jada whiting

    i would love to try out for the part of alanna or any one you think i would be better or perfect for because i would love to be a star and a disney channel star at that it would be a dream come true for me i have some experience with singing and modeling when i was 8 and im 11 now so please recommend me .thank you and bye for now i hope to see and get a message from u soon ( : but i neglected to say im funny cute smart and nice also im native american if thats the imfo u needed and i can act bye and sing and dance once agagin bye

  33. Caitlyn Morison

    Hey! My name is Caitlyn Morison.

    I am thirteen and will be fourteen in July. I have short dirty blonde hair and dark brown eyes. I weigh about 100-110 lbs. I am about five foot. I am from Wisconsin, USA.

    I have always wanted to be an actress but never been given the chance. My friends call me a nerd because I’m in love with superheros, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, etc. I’ve been in some of my school’s musicals. I sing and my friends have told me I was good at it. My school work is the most important thing to me because even though I want to act my back up plan is to become a neo-natal specialist. If you’re wondering why you should consider me for the part, you should know some things that could change your mind.

    I adapt to new surroundings, I mean I’ve moved over fifteen times in my life because I have divorced parents. I’m quick to making friends. I work well in groups; even though I always want to be the leader, I have stepped back quite a lot from maturing into the young lady I have become. I’m a people person.

    Some more fun facts:

    -I enjoy animals (especially cats)
    -I tend to be bubbly
    -(random) I learned the element song
    -I would spend the entire day in the pool or in water
    – I’m a drawer (kinda good)

    And that’s some of my life!

    Caitlyn <3

  34. Rebecca Hubbard

    Name: Rebecca A. Hubbard
    Age: 13
    Height: 5.2
    Weight: 80-90 pounds.
    Race: white
    Hair color: dirty blonde/brunette
    Eye color: blue grey
    Personality: Fun. Funny. Crazy. Weird. Unique. Kind. Etc.
    More info email me. I love to act. I’ll do it for free.

  35. Jonathan Kim

    hi my name is Jonathan Kim I am sixteen, I am a Korean, I am 5 10″ ,brownish blackish hair, brown hair, Brown eyes, and I love to act, I act every day. I am very devoted to acting, and it was my dream to be in a Disney Channel show, I have participated in acting opportunities, I like to dance, play soccer, tennis, art, and helping others. i am the kind of guy that if someone punches me i wont punch back no mater how many times i get hit. My number is 252-665-1853. thanks and i hope i get the part.

  36. Brandon Payne

    I have participated in many school plays and even been in a theater competition. Ii am th 13 male and i love acting.
    i am very flexible with my characters in the plays i have been in so i have not picked any specific character.
    Thatks for the oppertunity i hope i make it.

  37. Gema

    Hi my name is Gema and love to act more than anything and my dream has always been to draw the Disney logo and two of my sisters are really helping me to peruse my dreams.In the other Hand another of my sister thinks there is 0% chance of becoming an actress so I want to prove her wrong? I have watched every show on Disney from That’s so Raven to I didn’t do it.

  38. Frida Dahm

    Hello Disney! I’m Frida and I would love to be in Bits and Pieces. I’ve been dreaming about joining the Disney family ever since I can remember, but I never entered a show before. I think that I am a good actor and I’d love to try out for any role even if it isn’t for Aleena, even though I’d love being her. I am 12 years old (13 in February) and I am Spanish and German but I can speak English fluently as I live in the U.K. but have lived in the States earlier. Please consider me and thank you for reading this!!!

  39. Diane Alfa-Toga

    Hi my name is Diane
    I would be on the new Show,because I love it to act.
    And to play other Characters is wonderful.
    Iike it to sing and to dance too.
    It would be cool when I am a part of the Disney family.
    Diane 🙂

  40. Cameron johnson


    Hair color: black


    Eye color:brown

    Weight: 120



    Hi my name is Cameron Johnson I

  41. kielandria jamison

    My Son James Fuller, who is 5 years old, would be amazing candidate for a opportunity to show his phenomenal talent he have, he’s very unique with a wide range of personalities. He can grab any role he is given and make it as if he was that character from birth, so if he was giving this once in a life chance, he would not fail, Because a star was born and his Name is James Fuller, the next big thang coming to a screen near YOU!!!!

  42. Katelyn Wheatley

    Hi I’m Katelyn, I am 17 years old. I have wanted to be an actress since I was a little girl and I am hoping my dreams are soon to come true. I am very big on family, I love to make people laugh and smile. I think I am a good fit for this told because of my age and my personality is very funny, bubbly, goofy, sweet, hard worker, and most of all I am a family type of person. Thank you very much.

  43. Christian McNeal

    Hi my name is Christian I was in Milwaukee Wisconsin so its a lot cold weather I have 2 siblings 1 on my dads sign and one on my mom side. I’ve been watching Disney Channel ever since I was 3 and have been going to Disney World ever since I was 3. My favorite sport is soccer and I love to dance so I like to be active. Thank you for your time.
    Race: Black
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Height: 5ft
    Siblings: 2
    Hometown: Milwaukee Wisconsin
    Nationality: American

  44. Jasmine Murphy

    My name is Jasmine Murphy. I’m 13, British and French and I live in Beijing. I love acting more than anything, it’s my ultimate passion and what I love to do most. I am in a lot of school plays and do after school drama for 2 hours Mondays and Wednesdays. My drama teacher says I’m really good and that I have a bright future if I reach out a make the most of it.
    I am a good actress and I memorise lines fast. I will study my lines until I know them by the first 2 weeks at most, I won’t ignore them and not be prepared. I am outgoing and not shy, I can talk with anyone comfortably. I’m friendly and positive. I share ideas but listen to others too. I’m caring and considerate.
    If you accept me, I promise I will try my absolute best, always give 200% and never give up. I know that it is a huge opportunity and I will make the best of it. I’m sure I’d get along really well with the cast!
    This has been my dream since I can remember, when I was little I always used to ask my family to give me lines or scenes and I would act them out for them. Now that I’m older, I know I want to do this for a living and just be able to do what I love everyday. I know that there are so many trained actors and people that have had so much more experience than me, but if you just give me a chance I’ll show you what I’m capable of.
    Acting is such an amazing thing, you get to be someone else and you have to figure out how your character would speak, act in daily life. It would be great to be able to influence people in a good way, put a smile on someone’s face and make people laugh while watching you act.
    If I was picked it would be the greatest ever to happen to me, and I promise I won’t let you down. If you don’t choose me I completely understand, but please consider it!
    If you want more information or even a picture, feel free to email me.
    Hair: Brown, curly
    Eyes: Hazel
    Height: 1m67
    Weight: 53kg
    Nationality: British and French
    Languages spoken: English (fluent), French (fluent), Chinese (learning)
    Other skills: Dancing

  45. Alexis

    Hello my name is Alexis Hampton and mother of two amazingly Talented kids. Henry 9 years old and Olivia 6 years old. Henry and Olivia have the power to light up a room when they walk in. Henry dream is to someday become a comedian star actor. Henry stands 5 feet, biracial, brown hair and eyes and a smile that will melt your. Miss Olivia is my singer/actor the singing never stops with her and she love to act out her own shows starring that’s right Olivia lol. Standing at 4 feet,biracial, long curly brown hair, eyes brown/gray with the longest eye lashes anyone has ever seen and a smile that will turn anyone’s bad day into a good day!

  46. valerie brothers

    Hi my name is Valerie, and I have 3 brothers and 1 sister so i know how complicated families can be. I’d really love to be apart of this movie because I love it when ya’ll make movies that are heartfelt and funny, it’s really nice to know that theirs more of that out there.

  47. deontay

    my name is deontay I am 10 years old and its been a dream of mine to be on a Disney movie or sitcom since I was 3 people do say i’m a very fun person to be around and funny im in every one of my school plays when I grow up I want to be an actor and make people laugh their hearts out I will fully commit you can also find me on youtube
    height: 5’3
    weight: 98
    grade: 5
    d.o.b. : june 22, 2004

  48. Ajayda griffith

    I am ajayda I am 9.I am a big fan of TV charters and being on TV was always a dream of mine I have a good memory to learn lines with and my dad works at the airport so I can come ASAP I have a mom a dad and a brother.I promise I will be a great friend and role model .

  49. Nick Walker

    Hi my name is Nick Walker. I’m 12 years old and have been acting since I was 5. I take acting very seriously and I can learn a over 40 paragraphed lines in a matter of 2 days. I’ve had roles such as Munkustrap in CATS the musical, The king of hearts in Alice in wonderland, Abraham Lincoln in The Amaerican Dream (Witch I had to learn the Getteysburg Address in 3 days), Joe Pendleton in Heaven Can Wait, Roy in Plaza Suite, Rumplestiltskin in Rumplestiltskin , and Delmont in The Ms. Firecracker Contest. I’m a very hard worker and hope you consider me for the audition for Bits & Pieces.

  50. zariah

    Hi I’m zariah im 12 turning 13 in a October I’m in 8th grade.i think I would be good in this show because I have siblings and I love acting and I’m always prepared for any obstacles in life. I am also very funny and energetic.

    age-12 turning 13
    hair color -brownish blackish
    race-African American

  51. Emily Ruby Casas

    Hi my name is Emily. I would really like it if you picked me to be a part of Bits & Pieces. It would be really great because I Love acting and I’m a good sport and get along with people. Whenever I watch Disney Channel I have always pretend to say” Hi! I’m Emily from_____and your watching Disney channel and dray the mickey ears. Whenever I do something I always stick with it and give it 150%. I learn things quickly and i’m very silly. I am 11 years old turning 12 April 29. Hobbies: sing, dance, draw, and play sports, in particular soccer.
    I am a female. Race: Hispanic, American Hair Color: Medium Brown Length: Below shoulders Eye Color: Light Brown Skin: Tan Grade: 6th Height: 5’1
    I know there are a lot of people trying to get a part, but I’d really appreciate it if you picked me!
    You’d Make Me The HAPPIEST Girl In The World! 🙂
    Thank You and PLEASE pick ME

  52. alexyia lewis

    Hi my name is alexyia im12 turning 13 this year I can play any roll I have ashy brown hair and brown eyes I’m 5’3 and I also sing and dance and I live in Houston TX I would love to be in this movie or any Disney show thanks for your time

  53. Kyra Leann Landry

    Hi I’m Kyra I’m 12 years old I’m in 7th grade. I think I would be good for this part because i love to laugh, Have fun, and I have brothers and step siblings. I’m white ( but im tan), I have brown eyes, brown hair with a little blonde and I’m 5’1. I weight about 150-170 pounds. I am always told at school that I should join plays because I’m funny, kind, crazy and I can be dramatic when needed or wanted. And I really think I would have lots of fun and be a good actress. I always try my best. And I can try to do what u ask. And I do karate, I’m in band, and I can do the side splits. I hope u choose me. Have a good day!

  54. Zayla Denise Edwards

    hi I’m Zayla and I would really enjoy being apart of your crew for Bits and Pieces I am going to 7 grade I’m 12 years old and I hope I’ve got what it takes i have brown eyes brown hair African American(black) and I live in Sugar land,Texas (Houston) I love to laugh and have fun all the time

  55. Tatiana soraia Silva Mendes

    Hi my name is Tatiana soraia Mendes .I’am 13,portuguese and I live in Portugal.but i speak English very well… if you call me I’ll go to the USA .people say i have a very beautyfull voice and that I act really well .i may not be the better person on this planet but i promess that i have really a lot of talent.I also have ballet classes and im a good dancer .this woud change my life .i can’t see future for me doing someting else than music and acting …

  56. Donnea Mayfield

    Hi, my name is Donnea and i am 12 years old. I would be perfect for Alanna or Crystal because I take on a sister role. I am mixed with french and Creole/Creo , my skin is tan , I have brown hair and brown eyes. I have been acting for 3 years, practicing mostly.Your wont regret it if you chose me, im one of a kind. Thankyou for your consideration.

  57. Kevine Mozebu

    Hi my name is Kevine I am 13 year old,live in Fairfield OH,I love action/comedy,african american,5’0.i can play drums,dance a little,write songs,play soccer,football,hockey.

  58. Olivia

    Hi I’m Olivia… I think you should consider me for this show because of the filling reasons
    I’m a girl, I was born in 2001 so therefore I’m 13 turning 14, I have long straight dirty blonde hair, I have brown eyes, I’m not over or under weight, and I’m good at acrobatics! It has also always been my dream to star in a show like this

  59. Olivia

    Hi I’m Olivia! It has always been my dream to star in a Disney channel show, I have long, straight, dirty blonde hair and I’m 13 turning 14 soon!! I am “5”4 and I am Canadian! PLEASE CONSIDER ME FOR THE SHOW!!!!… I like to do acrobatics and I think I would make a perfect fit for this show!!

  60. adriana lopez

    Hi, i’m Adriana and I think I would be great for this. Yes, I have been in a movie that was in theaters. It was kind of an old movie. But anyway, I would love this i’m 11, going on 12 in December. I have shoulder length dark brown hair, and brown eyes. I’m going into 6th grade, please consider meeting me, Thank you!

  61. Iveryana winters

    Hi my name is iveryana im a young beautiful little girl in basically acting has been my life every sence i was 6 every time i looked at tv or disney channel all i thought about was how to be like one of the actors on disney channel like selena gomez she started somewhere off tv barnie then disney channel i really want my dream to come true in i would like it if Disney can help me with it im 13 years old long black curly hair in brown and eyes in i live and Chicago

  62. Sophie Hart

    My name is Sophie Hart, I am 13 years old and live in NYC. I have been pursuing my dream of acting and singing since I was 5. I have done acting programs and been have been in many productions. I am in a professional choir which has taken me many places including London singing in St. Paul’s cathedral. I love Disney Chanel and would love to be apart of the magic. People tell me that I have a great memory, I’m interesting, friendly, and outgoing. I play piano am apart of the Volleyball and Basketball teams at school, I babysit, and I love to read. I also enjoy listening and writing music. I am 5,4, have strawberry blond straight hair, I weigh 105 pounds, I’m Caucasian,and have dark brown eyes. My email is I would love to have any opportunity with Disney.

  63. Alys Page

    Hey I am Alys Page and I am 12 years old. I live in Scotland and have brown hair and green eyes. I spend lots of my time watching disney channel as I love all the funny and exciting shows! My favourite show is Jessie but really I love all the shows and would be so happy to get a part in any of them. When I grow up I dream of being an actress so if I got a part it could really help my career in the future. Recently I had a main role in my school show. I love Singing and dancing too! Thank you for reading my comment and I hope you get back to me soon! Alys 🙂

  64. Autumn Brooke Shore

    Hi I’m Autumn, I would love to star in Bits and pieces. I am the actress of my house and I would love to take me acting to the next level. So please choose me. I have taken acting and singing classes for 3 years. I have want to be an actress for as long as I can remember.
    Here’s my information.:
    Birth date: September 25, 2001
    Age:13 this September
    Race: White
    Country: America
    State: Michigan
    City/Town: Fowlerville
    Phone: 1-517-219-5498
    There are not many acting opportunity’s for acting where I live. So this is very important to me.
    So please, give me a chance you won’t be sorry.
    If you are interested please contact me.

  65. anthia

    hi it will be an honor to be in this casting and i hope you consider this comment
    Name :anthia castillo
    Gender : Girl
    Hair Color : Dark Brown
    Eye Color : Dark Brown
    Age : 13
    Grade : 8th
    DOB : 1/2/2001
    Location : houston tx

  66. Julietta Puppo

    Hi I would love to audition I can sing,act, and dance I live in denver ,co and would love to audition where and when will the audition be?

  67. tofunmi ayeni

    Hello,my name is tofunmi ayeni and i love the plot of these show i love the show the Brady bunch it is my favorite show. I am 12 years old im from Vineland new jersey and i would love to be on this show thank you and i will be at those auditions

  68. Theresa Michaels

    Stage Name : Theresa Michaels
    Real Name : Chelsea Goode
    Gender : Girl
    Ethnicity : African American
    Hair Color : Dark Brown
    Eye Color : Brown
    Age : 11
    Height : 5’0
    Grade : 7th
    DOB : August 1, 2002
    Location : Richmond, VA
    Weight : 119 (last checked in April)

    For my entire tenure at Elementary school, I worked and achieved honor roll. This carried on through my sixth grade year where I undertook AP honors classes and continued my honor roll status.

    I will strive towards acting as I do with my studies at school. I’m outgoing, funny, sensitive, patient, kind, and CUTE. I’m the perfect package and the young lady your looking for.

    Aside from my studies, I love drawing! Some would also say I have a passion for it. In fact, my artwork has been displayed in local galleries and malls.

    Aside from my many times across the stage to accept my honors awards, I’ve participated in several school plays including ” And The Giants Fell ” written by Todd Ford, a look at the lives affected by 911; a special rendition of ” A Raisin In The Sun ” written by Lorraine Hansberry, a look at a black family’s struggle with life issues and a play written and directed by my drama teacher titled ” Seasons ” a play based on the views of the different seasons.

    It would be a honor to be on this show. Please consider me for Bits and Pieces. Thank you and God bless you.

  69. Joaquin Manzur

    Hello my name is Joaquin and I would love to act for disney.I live with my mom and sister I live in Mission tx.

    hair color,brown
    eye color,light brown

  70. Rachel Anghelache

    I am Rachel, a quirky, spontaneous, and outgoing 11 years old girl. “You are an amazing actress!” are the words I’d like to hear from you. Please give me the chance and I’ll prove you right.

  71. alexia

    i have brown hair brown eyes i have a beauty mark on the corner of my left upper lip plz let me have this opportunity i want to be notices and seen plz let me auditon i love disney channel i watch it every day….

    -alexia lee wood vasquez

  72. Amber Hazelton

    I’m amber and i would love to be on the show and it would be an honor, ive been wanting an acting job forever, this is the dream Ive been waiting to fulfill.

    height: 5’9
    gender: Female
    Eyes: blue
    Hair: Brown/Blond
    weight: 157lbs

  73. Lianora Coffin

    Hi, my name is Lianora. I am 11 years old, turning 12 on September 10. I was born in 2002, in Kansas City, Missouri. I currently reside in Independence, Missouri with my mom, dad, 2 brothers, and my sister. I am the youngest of the family. I am a female. I am 5’5, dark brown eyes, short black hair, I wear glasses, I am light brown skinned. I can sing/rap, act, video edit, and I can also play the drums. But I only know the basics of drumming. I would LOVE to be in this show, rather as a friend, recurring role, or a cameo appearance.

  74. juno

    i would love to try and act, i have no experience whatever

  75. Essence Seals

    Hi I’m Essence Seals. I’m 14 years old, I live in Syracuse, New York. I’ve been watching Disney channel for almost all of my life. I would love to be a part of Disney. I love to sing and act. I wish to have mt talent shown out to the world and have everyone see what I’m made of. I am African American with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. I have a younger brother of 3 years. I have good communication skills and I have a bright personality. I love to listen to music of all kinds; hip hop, rap, rock, pop Latino, pop, etc. I’m about 5’0. I have great grades. I made the National Juniors Honor Society at my school and made Salutatorian in my whole 8th grade. Thank you for consideration.

    More info;

    Gender: female
    Hobbies: singing, reciting, writing, reading.
    Full name: Essence Niara Marie Seals