100k Pyramid Audition

NOW CASTING ABC GAME SHOW Auditions: THE $100,000 Pyramid hosted by Michael Strahan!!!

Casting directors are searching for the nation’s most upbeat, competitive, and dynamic personalities to play the classic game of Pyramid where you and a celebrity will team up in a quest to test your word association skills to win big money and prizes!

About The Show

This is a new version of the classic game show formally hosted by Dick Clark that first aired in 1973. The new show will be hosted by former New York Giants defensive end and Live! With Kelly and Michael co-host, Michael Strahan. The $100,000 Pyramid’s format will be the same as the former show. Two teams of celebrities and average Joes will team up to receive and give clues in different word games. The winners then have the chance to play a bonus round where they can win the prize of $100,000!

You don’t need to be an expert, but you should have a good sense of the game.
Anyone applying must be at least 21 years of age and a legal resident of the United States to apply. The show will be filming in NYC some time during April 15th, 2016 and April 25, 2016.

If you are ready to have fun, exercise your mind, and potentially walk away a winner, please visit the show’s website to apply: http://castingpyramid.com/

All casting information and detailed instructions on how to apply are on the website! Please be sure to read through all of the application & video instructions before submitting!  The episodes are set to air on ABC this summer.


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77 Casting Responses

  1. Robert Troupe

    Very energetic former Marine married, colorful personality want to win. Losing is not an option. Win by any means, does matter who I am paired with I will drag them to victory lol.

  2. Robert Troupe

    Very energetic former Marine married, colorful personality want to win. Losing is not an option.

  3. Peggy Bennett

    I would love for a chance to be on the show. I watched the show when Dick Clark was the host. I would love to be a contestant and a chance to meet Michael Strahan.

  4. Lori Sidebottom

    I would be so excited to be on the 100,000 pyramid, I am outgoing and love to have fun

  5. Laura Bounds

    I remember the original show and used to watch it all the time. I would love to have the opportunity to appear on the show and meet Michael Strahan.



  7. Andrew Bortolini

    I would love to audition. Great personality and always looking to have fun. Just let me know how I can audition. It will be a great time. Thanks

  8. Paula Stibrany

    Tried out for Wheel of Fortune. I spelled my first name wrong. So you can see you won’t be giving away any large prize money to Paul Stibrany. Correct name is Paula.

  9. SheDonn

    I am 23 years old from Flint, Mi. Very funny outgoing and have a humble sweet spirit where I come from. I would love to be on the show.😊😉

  10. Ronald wheeler

    Hello I’m Ronald Wheeler from Shreveport Louisiana . I was in army for 8 years and now I work as a black dealer at a local casino . I have a bachelor in criminal justice and working on my graduate degree. I am fun and outgoing person . I love helping others in the community and I would bring a competitive energy to the show. I have watched the show since I was little .Thank u for time and hope to hear from u.

  11. Kimberly Lige

    This is my all time favorite game show and I would really love to come on and have some fun and possibly win some money to go on a trip to BORA BORA!! 😊 *and I’m sure you’ve never had anyone with the last name Lige (very memorable) on the show before. Lol Please pick me😁

  12. Allison Thornhill

    Hi, my name is Allison. I’m currently employed at a major hospital in New York.
    I grew up watching the pyramid with the legendary Dick Clark. My mom bought the board game, and as a pre-teen, I have such fond memories of playing the game with my friends. It was so much fun, and the way we were competing, you would think we were playing for real money 🙂
    In my 20’s, I actually went on the game show Scrabble with another legendary host, Chuck Woolery.
    Although I didn’t win big, I walked away with a ton of mac and cheese, Sunny delight orange juice and a rubber raft. L.O.L
    Now as a fun and fabulous woman of color, in her 50’s, I am confident that I can win $100,000 on the pyramid.
    I would use a portion of the money to fund a cake business that I started in honor of my dear mother who is 91 years young.
    I truly look forward to hear from you.


    Allison Thornhill

  13. Leeann Tate

    Chello email me. Thank you.

  14. Keisha Pearson

    I haven’t been very adventurous in my 43 years so, I thought I’d start with appearing on this game show. I love games that feature word categories; I suppose that comes from my writing background. If selected to be cast on the show, I’d like to put a dent in my college loan repayment of graduate school. If not, I’ll continue to tune in and watch others win.

  15. Keisha Pearson

    I haven’t been very adventurous in my 43 years so I thought I might start with an appearance on a game show. I love games that feature word categories; I suppose that comes from my writing background. If I should be selected as a cast member, I’d like to put a dent in my college loans for graduate school. If not, I wish everyone well and I’ll continue to tune in and enjoy watching others.

  16. Gwen Smith

    Hi I would love to be a contestant on the pyramid. I would love to meet Michael Strahan and if Leslie Jones is would of the celebrity I would love to meet her because she is serious and funny. If I win I would love to donate and pay on my student loans.

  17. R. Guillory

    I Am all things dark and lovely.

  18. Elizabeth Liebson

    Hi my name is Beth and have been watching this show for years..I would love the opportunity to audition for the show and hopefully win the down payment for a house…

  19. Mary Armstead

    HI! Choose me! I have a huge personality, am funny and well, everyone will remember the show! Also, Michael and I have matching gaps..lol. Seriously, I admire him. In closing, CHOOOOOOOOSE Me!
    Talk to you soon, you won’t regret it. Ratings will go up.
    The next contestant and host,

  20. Ellen Barenbaum

    I have enjoyed watching “Pyramind” for many years. It would be a real thrill to be a contestant on the show.

  21. Robert Barrie

    I am a huge fan of the Pyramid. I play along with the show and get almost all of the answers.
    I would love to get on the show.

  22. Karean Hathorn

    Hello from Silicon Valley! My name is Karean Hathorn from San Jose, California. I always wanted to be on one of my favorite game shows Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune and my ultimate favorite $100,000 Pyramid. I loved it in the 1970’s with the late Dick Clark and now I love it even more with Mr. Michael Strahan, the host of the show. This would be my ultimate early birthday gift. I am willing to give it a try and meet some very interesting celebrity guests. People at my job, say I am the type of person that would get on a game show, with my funny sense of humor. Have a great day!

  23. Eva Gardner

    Would love to audition for $100,000 Pyramid game show. Please send the appropriate application.

  24. susan English

    Love this show and would love bringing home the money

  25. Rosalind Paul

    I was on the Pyramid 42 years ago …. would love the opportunity to try again …. only don’t match me with Willam Shatner. He caused me to miss the last category at the pyramid . He froze and couldn’t think of a clue .

  26. Susan Corrigan

    Would love to play this game been a fan since i was little.

  27. George

    I would like some info on playing
    Thank you

  28. Maria Tanzola

    Would love to be on $100,000 pyramid!!!

  29. Raven Powers

    I would love love love to be on this show! It is my all time favorite game show. I love to laugh and just be myself which is super silly!

  30. Victoria L Ledbetter

    Hello guys!!!! My name is Victoria, Im A 5’1 Vivacious, outgoing, and, humorous young woman. I am an AVID speller and word associate. I won a state wide spelling bee in middle school. I have always had a way with words. I had a bad car accident that almost cost my life last year, so ive been out of work. I would use the money for the publishing of a book im writing about my mother’s murder. Tomorrow, June 17,is the day she was murdered.

  31. Michelle Quinn

    Are you casting for 2018, I am a senior, and have a purpleisious attitude, purple hair and all. would love to audition for the show.


    I have watched and play out played at home since Dick Clark was the MC. I am an awesome energetic 69 yo hot Latino.

  33. Delores Wilbur

    I want to play!! I tried out for Pyramid years ago and lost when I was describing “cricket”. I was describing an insect. I should have just said” Jiminy”!!! I’m a senior citizen who has loved this show from the beginning!!! I LUV IT!!!!!!!

  34. LaVette Eddy

    I would love to be on this show , i watched it when i was younger

  35. Olimpia Sarra

    It would be amazing to play this all time favorite of mine

  36. Mindy Orgeron

    Hi, my name is Mindy, I’m curious as to why the pyramid stops at 100,000.00. i mean, i just think it seems like a light win compared to other T.V. game shows, (*cough- Who wants to be a millionaire- *cough) JS. with that being said, I’m running low on my tax refund money, so i suppose 100,000.00 wouldn’t be a bad thing. holla at me.

  37. Laura DiPasquale

    I would love to audition for your show. Please tell me how.


    ITS ME.


  39. Dallas Tharbs

    My name is Dallas and im just trying to feed my daughter.

  40. Tracy Colbert

    I’m engaged and trying to win some money to make my dream of a wedding and reception maybe even honeymoon come true. I’m 39 and Feel so amazing! This would be AMazing to be on your show! Thanks Tracy Colbert ( YES It’s Pronounced like Stephen Colbert )

  41. RJ George

    I would be great on your game show, and you ask why, why I’ll tell you because I’m a Legend in my own mind.And who would’t want a legend on their show !!!!

  42. O'Brian Smith

    I would love to be apart of your show my wife and myself love watching the old pyramid one the game show network this would be a dream come true 😀

  43. Marie Nichols

    Im outgoing, witty, and i would be the best contestant on a game show.

  44. Karona Langdon

    My 50th year of life. Being on a game show would be like the GREATEST OF ALL TIMES!!!!!

  45. Tammera Scoty

    Hey I’m very cute funny reliable eager to learn and would love to be a contestant on your game show c u soon tam

  46. corey stokes

    I would love to be on a game show! Especially for couples that would be awesome.

  47. Monica Slater

    Would love to be a contestant on the new Match Game how do I go about it where do I sign up who do I call I’m not Beyond doing what I have to do to get on the game LOL

  48. Gianni Giammanco

    Your next winner

  49. Emery Yarborough

    Hey I will make a lasting impact on this show!

  50. Vera LaForce

    I can do this. ??

  51. Jake Federico

    I could really use this opportunity pick me please

  52. Rebecca Edwards

    would slay at this show!! Totally pick me! 🙂

  53. Frederick Cavallaro

    I am a struggling father of two handsome little boys and a beautiful fiance…I work in the landscaping industry which pays alright, but the area I am in seems to not get much snow for plowing during the winter months, which leaves our family a day by day struggle to make ends meet…I would use the winning prize if I were to win to start my own business and leave something for my boys to take over when they are old enough.

  54. Troy

    Hi there! My name is Troy and I want to win your money! Call me to be on your show!t

  55. Rosalind Russ-Tobias

    Would love to receive more information on the audition process.

  56. briana wright

    I am a 24 year old phlebotomist. I have a five year old son who tries to guess the answers with me. I need to be on this show!!!!!! From what I’ve noticed… I am an expert at this game, and I need that Dinero!!!!!!!! If I am chosen I will definitely be so happy. Thank you

  57. Whitney

    Hello, I am very interested on being on this game show. I am fun, interesting and love to laugh. I am a single mother of 2 and would love to WIN SOME MONNEEEYYY! =)

  58. Kim Ngo

    hi i am really funny and want to be a contestant

  59. kelley d williams bolar

    Hello, everyone knows I am informative and hilarious. I have style and grace. I am not sure why I have not been discovered yet, Hey, I am not shy. If you are looking for people to listen in and watch someone bright and loving, yet I can split up a room. Not know it but just naturally seductive and sweet, along with a shyness kind of smile. Now lets get without all the adjectives. but I mean I can keep going but I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated, I am a mother with two beautiful daughter’s

    , I have been on national t.v and many syndicated radio programs. wall street Journal, Hello, everyone knows I am informative and hilarious. I have style and grace. I am not sure why I have not been discovered yet, Hey, I am not shy. If you are looking for people to listen in and watch someone bright and loving, yet I can split up a room. Not know it butjust naturally seductive and sweet, along with a shyness kind of smile. Now lets get without all the adjectives. but I mean I can keep going but I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated, I am a mother with two beautiful daughter’s. I have had write up in New York times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post etc. Please understand I am not trying to sell myself but hey whatever works. Anyways, I believe in equality of education for all students and I have been an advocate for most of my life. My life came to a halt in 2011 when the Governor of Ohio John Kasich had to come and save my life. I will never forget. It was a week right after Thanksgiving. I was on the holiday break. by the way I work at a local school with students that have behavior issues. So, we were off during this time of complete mayhem. I received a post card in the mail. It stated that I had been indicted and here it reads… State of Ohio vs Kelley Wiliams Bolar. Holy grail I was spinning in my shoes. I had know clue what an indictment was let alone why the State of Ohio was sending me a post card. To make a long story short I received a felony for sending or rather signing my two daughter’s to my parents school district. I wanted them to have a great education and I paid for it dearly. Plus my poor father had to pay for this as well. He went to prison and by the way he had never been to prison in his life yet, he was charged and went to prison where he never came home. He died a broken man. If I were to come onto your game show. it will give me the opportunity work continue working with teens and giving them an opportunity to show innovative future. I have plans to give back to my community and please ask me about my plans it is genius but all I need is an chance.

  60. Alex Kulsavage

    I would like to be on your show. I’m 26 and have been a fan forever

  61. Alex Kulsavage

    I would like to be on your show

  62. Dina Buscher

    I am so obsessed that I record all the episodes (vintage on GSN and current on ABC) and watch them before bed! It would be so much fun to be a contestant and play in person rather than on my couch!!!! I think I am obsessed with games in general. I am forever playing on the radio to win prizes like concert tickets and gift cards…Iso often that people don’t even call me after they hear me on the radio anymore lol. Everyone tells me I’m a character and I would be perfect for a game show, and since I just lost my part time job, my hubby suggested (maybe jokingly, but my wheels are turning)that I should go on a game show and win a years salary. Of course as a preschool teacher, winning the grand prize will be like what…10 years’ part time salary? lol I’ll have a hubby, 2 kids (youngest in high school….hmmm how embarrassing would this be for her….enough for messy room payback?), 2 dogs, 2 cats, 10 quail, and 80 some odd chickens back home cheering me on!!!

  63. Jennifer

    My name’s Jennifer and I grew up watching and playing along and I LOVE this game! I know I could win and give great clues. What would I do if I won? Finally pay off my college loans so I can continue to save for a house – Yeah 🙂

  64. Tracy Webb

    Hi my name is tracy I’m interested in the game sows I alwys have it on my bucket list. I wold love to win 100,000..I love games it’s a clear and thoughtful challenge. I am looking forward to hearing the show.

  65. Tracy Webb

    Hi my name is tracy I’m interested in the game sows I always have it on my bucket list.

  66. Jill Baer

    I am so happy to see “Pyramid” return! It was my favorite game show when I was growing up in New York. I even tried out right after I graduated college, and passed the audition. At the time, there was a 3-month waiting list to get on the air. I was moving to California in less time, so the producers offered me a chance to appear on their new show, “Shoot for the Stars,” instead. I was the show’s first champion, winning 10K and a car! But I never got over wanting to appear on “Pyramid!” I love playing the game, and I would be forever grateful for another chance to play it on TV. I am a career writer, and a fun-loving adventurer who would truly treasure this experience.

  67. Melissa Ruthven

    Greetings from Packer country. My name is Melissa. My husband and I were homeless six years. We are working now and have an apartment. We would love to be on ANY gameshow, so we can win enough money to have a normal life again. And buy my mom a car. We would be so great on tv…and work our butts off to WIN WIN WIN

  68. paul maxwell

    hi my name is paul i’m 39 years old from Brooklyn NY I grew up watching the pyramid when I was a kid back in the 80s and I would love to be a contestant on the newer version of the 100’000 dollar pyramid

  69. Sue Eppenstein

    I am just retiring from Substitute Teaching and am interesting in being a contestant on either The Match Game or The $100,000 Pyramid. I loved watching those shows growing up and am excited that more games shows are making a come back!

    I have freedom to travel and could REALLY use the money for retirement. Would like to take the grandkids to Disney but can’t afford it. My husband had a liver transplant in Sept. and is recovering nicely, but he must continue to work for our insurance.

    I had a tough winter running him to the hospital non-stop, but now I’m ready to HAVE SOME FUN!

  70. Neal Fishenden

    Hey my name is Neal Fishenden. Im 6’6, 170lbs, brown eyes, dark hair, light skin complexion with an athletic frame. I have a great sense of humor and I’m quick on my feet with jokes. I grew up in a household that watched “in living color”, “the Wayans brothers” and “Martin”. I would love to pursue an acting career and feel that this would be a great opportunity

  71. Greg Ruckman

    Just looking for an opportunity. My kids would love it,and so would I. Sounds fun

  72. Amanda

    I need to win this for my family, I love a challenge and critical thinking is one of my strong points, I know it’s late but I’m your person!!!

  73. Michael a Greer

    Pick me I want to embarrass myself to the highest degree and please the people that watch me

  74. Sierra Wright

    Turning 21 on April 15th. Would be an amazing experience and birthday present! Hope you guys give me a shot! (Plus I think it would make a great episode) Hope to hear from you all! Take care

  75. Dominic Jackson

    PICK ME!!!!!