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  1. Ruby Shumaker

    I’m 11 years old and am extremely interested in crime and murder mysteries. I love the Sherlock Holmes TV show and have read Nancy Drew. I took a course in forensics and am slightly experienced in crime solving. I can be startled very easily , but never the less, I am smart and have my wits about me. I would make a wonderful contribution to your show. Thank you.

  2. Tiffany Trujillo

    I would absolutely love to be a part of this show! I love mysteries and watching the CSI shows. Im really good at figuring things out when I watch these. So this would be sooo much fun!

  3. April Swayne

    Want to know who would make a fantastic contestant on your show? I’ll give you three clues…..she’s been entrigued with murder mysteries since childhood (spent countless hours playing the board game ‘Clue’)……she can rarely turn on the ID channel and see an episode from any show that she hasn’t already watched……she knows the creepy stories and random details about countless serial killers but couldn’t tell you which way is North. Give up? Me, April ‘the Squirrel’ Swayne. I’m likable, fun, sweet with a splash of sass, motivated to bring home my unbelievably incredible family and selfless, hard working husband financial comfort. I’ll also mention that I would crush this game!! Please feel free to interrogate me……I should be a person of interest to you! Bahahaha!

  4. dylan

    Hi I am dylan I am 17 but tarn 18 in 1week and 4 days pick me for the show because I will win

  5. John Clay

    Murder Mysteries are the best and this show was great in season 1 and I would love to be part of the greatness of season 2! I love puzzles and being challenged to think. I am a creative thinker and a problem solver.

  6. Karli

    Hello! My Name is Karli Norviel, I am 18 and from the lovely state of Idaho! I’m not overly experienced with surviving in the outdoors other than the basics of camping and a few hiking trips, but I feel like I could really kick butt on this show. It’s essentially I large scale game of Man-Hunt and I know that I’m both a great hider and a wonderful finder! I would really love to have the opportunity to be on this show!

  7. Karli

    Hi! I’m Karli, 18 years old and from the grand state of Idaho! I’ve always absolutely loved crime investigations and murder mysteries, My netflix queue is 98% murder documentaries! I feel like this could be such a fun and cool experience. plus, I’ve always wanted to be on a gameshow!

  8. bee

    Iam a human being:) I don’t have a pitch but I would like to be part of this.

  9. Cordero Edwards

    You should pick me because I am into Agatha Christie books and I love mysteries!! I am a 26-year-old federal employee with a degree in English & Communications, I love playing mind games, thinking 2 steps ahead of my peers, and paying attention to the smallest of details.

    Pick me!

  10. Andria Byrd

    I would love to be on the show. I love to read murder mystery books and think I have been pretty good at guessing who dunn it.

  11. Pamela Mitchell

    I am a theatre student and have been acting for 12 years. I would love to be on your show. I loved the first season and I feel I am really good at figuring things out as well as reading others. I could act my way into being everyone’s friend and get the answers to help me survive the game. And if I was the killer, no one would ever know.

  12. Nick

    Pick me, because I’m awesome. And I would win.

  13. Juliet Dita Germanotta

    Hello, My name is Juliet And let me just say I LOVED SEASON ONE! Just one little problem, I was NOT on it… you want ratings? you want good t.v? YOU WANT ME!!! I can BET my life, :-) i’ll walk away with the prize.. I HAVE TOO!! i need the money for my sex change, YES am transgender, IE GOOD RATINGS FOR the show!!!!

  14. Gary Laliberte

    I am a gay, fun person who writes Murder Mystery dinner party games as a profession. To play as one of the contestants on Whodunnit would be a dream come true. I have an acting background, and a very logical and meticulous mind. I have also studied psychology in University.
    ( I created and wrote all of the murder mysteries on the site)

    If considered I would bring an entertaining element to the show.
    Thank you! Gary

  15. Megan Holbrook

    Hello, I am very excited to see that this might come back! I loved the first season and knew I wanted to be on the next. Murder mysteries have always interested me so this is right up my alley. After I watched the show last year I planed and organized my own Whodunnit party where I “killed” off my family members. They could visit all three locations, then take a test on how much they knew about the murder, an the person who knew the least got “killed off” next, just like the show. My dad was the “killer” and my uncle ended up winning! It took me months to plan it all out and the game took about four hours to complete. I have started planning my second Whodunnit party for this coming October. I would love to get a chance to play! I am going into my second year at college, following my dream of being a cake decorator. The money would help me so much to pay for college. I appreciate the opportunity and hope that you will consider me for this amazing experience. Thank you!

  16. James Bryant

    Hey i absolutely love this show been wanting a second season ever since the first one came to an end. Me and my mom love watching all different crime shows. CSI is the first one that comes to my head. I really enjoy crimes and they way they are put together. Would really love to try and solve these ones. The opportunity and experience would be the greatest thing anyone can give. Thanks for your consideration, and i hope i can help make the next season even better.

  17. Crystal Beck

    I’ve loved this show since the first episode and have always been interested in murder mysterys or just mysterys in general, I tend to have a keen eye when it comes to matters such as this and loved playing games such as Nancy Drew or agitha christy. I’m 19 and going into my 2nd year of college, I love writing and am attempting to take on a mystery story. Being on this show would be an awesome opportunity. Thank you very much for your time and any consideration for me being on this show. And if you do choose me I’ll be honored. Hopefully I’ll see you on the show! ^~^

  18. Julie Wilkins

    Hello! I’m so happy to see the possibility of a 2nd season of WHODUNNIT! I’m a stay at home mom who has homeschooled her kids for the past 10 years and has had a double lung transplant! I am the proud wife of a Marine. In addition to schooling my kids, supporting my husband, and raising the same kids I love to make people laugh. Having a second chance at life means that I will take every opportunity I can to make a difference. I would love to add this experience to my list of fun experiences in my second life! Not many can say they got a second chance…help me live life to the fullest!!

  19. Jerrod Caldwell

    I’m a young incoming freshman that is looking for something that I’ll be proud of participating in, and I think the tv show whodunnit is the best way for me to have that chance ever since the first episode I seen how the directors set scenes and how real everything looked in the show I wanted to be apart of it I understand its a hard thing to do but I just had to take time out to be on one of the few shows that I love to see on tv now .

  20. Joseph Zaloom

    You want a mystery? Google me…

  21. Alexis

    I absolutely loved Whodunnit. I can always figure out the ending of books and movies partly because my nose is almost always in a book and partly because I learned everything from my mom.


    Hi, love your show and would love to be on it!! thanks

  23. Dave

    As a kid I had a Sherlock Holmes kit! I was always amazed by crime solving and mysteries! I am a father of two little girls and every day is like a mystery. I always have to work on my detective skills around the house to figure out who did what and how it was done. I would be perfect for this show in so many ways. I’m a great guy and definitely a people person. I enjoy working in teams to get things accomplished please consider me for season two of whodunit it would help my family out very much for the grand prize!

  24. James Moniz

    I am a quick thinker and love a challenge. I also worked at the Mirage Casino in 1995.
    Anthony Zuiker will relate to this. Still live in Las Vegas and very excited to be on show!

  25. Ann and Rachel

    Whodunnit had capture my eye the minute I saw it, it drew me into solving the mystery with many twists and turns. Ever since I was young I was always interested in solving and sleuthing, with playing tons of Nancy drew games, watching back to back episodes of shows like criminal minds, I’ve found that I really enjoy mysterys. Also to be a good sleuth, you need to have great attention to detail, along with that I have great intuition forseeing what events will happen next. These are some of my great qualities I will definitely be submitting a submission. -mother and daughter

  26. Treasure Scott

    I’m Treasure Scott, and I’m the person for the job. I’m funny, cute, and I have an amazing personality. I’m also a singer, painter and avid reader. Please consider me for any placement in any program where a fresh face is needed.

  27. Richard wick

    We love watching the show cause we would always guess how they would killed and we were sometimes right we love the show so much

  28. Richard wick

    I would love to be on whodunnit. I want to be on the show so I can help bill the bills that we have me and my family and want to have a good life so we can be happy please let me in season 2 of whodunnit

  29. Roberto

    I would love to be in the show. I watched every episode. I love different shows of mystery and crime solving. I have detective shows my whole life. The earliest one I remember was Magnum P.I.. I also grew up watching , Mission impossible, Mac Giver, I like watching CSI, NCIS any type of show you name it. I am good in solving mysteries and crimes. I love the movie Clue. So just give me a chance. I would love to be in your show.

  30. Rick Martin

    Im sure by now you’ve heard every reason in the book for why everyone should be on the 2nd season of Whodunnit!? I fell in love with your show from the first commercial and have been waiting diligently for the next season to be announced. Im 44 years old and I believe that I would be a great fit because im a quick thinker and my personality is adaptive to the situation at hand (in short, im fluent in the art of BS) ;)

  31. Joshua Wilburn

    I am a college student with 4 years of Forensics Speech and Debate Experience. I feel as if my life experiences have been moving toward this in which what I debated logic and reason, comes into play with helping me solve these crimes. I have had dreams of me playing the game against random people. I won the challenge of entering the mystery room. I know I could win and all I need is a chance/

  32. Tia Merrill

    So you need a super sleuth eh? Look no further my friend, you’ve found her!! I was MADE for this show. I have actually been writing and hosting murder mystery parties for 6 years, and I have just begun the exciting endeavor of turning this favorite hobby into a business! I’ve always kind of felt like a weirdo for watching crime shows, reveling in murder mystery novels, and coming up with complex murder plots for people to act out and solve… but I LOVE it! When Whodunnit came out, I was glued to the television. If anything was ever right up my alley, this is it!! Having the opportunity to be on the show would be a dream come true! My name is Tia and I am 25 years old. I am a stay-at-home mom living in Utah and I would DIE for this opportunity! (pun intended. heh heh. ;P )

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