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  1. Kristina choate

    I am a 29 yr old female whi loves loves loves kaw and order s.v.u
    NCIS and all the crime shows. I would love the opportunity to have the chance to be a cast member or play a role in such a tv show of one like theese. Ive akways dreamed of being on t.v.
    When I was younger my grandmother would always sugn ne up for different events plays dance class and thing. Si please with this being said please give ne the chance and opportunity to do this.

  2. megan

    Hello my name is megan. I believe i have what it takes to be on this game show i loved watching this show and i was right abOut alot of the crimes . i have done csi crime scene in las vegas and figured the crime out also… I am a really good investigator and i have very good knowledge skills in crimes.. I love watching csi and any time if investigation show.. I want to go to school to be an,investigator one day. !!! Please pick me would love to be on,the show!!!

  3. Dana Roman

    I am a 13 year old girl who would love to be on this show. Ever since season 1 episode 1 I fell in love and told my family and friends I am gonna be on that show no matter what. I can do it with a little determination and hope. If you are thinking “oh she is just a 13 year old”, I can guarantee that I will make it past the 2 episode and note to killer don’t keep me”alive” just because I am a kid, because I have talent and am determined to win that 250,000$$. Please get back to me with this exciting news.

  4. Lyn Clark

    I am just a normal 13 year old girl who knows the ending of murder mysteries half way through the movies or shows. I would love to be on Whodunnit so PLEASE write me back.

  5. Lauren Bell

    I would love to be on whodunnit! I watched every episode in season one, and I knew the killer from the start! I am good at solving mysteries. I am 12 years old and good at acting. I also don’t have stage fright. I am sure you guys would love a younger person participating in this! I also do other after-school activities. I will be ready for your response,

    Lauren Bell

  6. Kassandra Martinez

    Weight: 113
    A response to my email would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  7. Dillon Rodenbaugh

    My name is Dillon and I would love to be apart of the show. I am a 21 year old college student studying chemical engineering and Japanese. I believe with my wits and a bit of luck I will manage to catch the killer and avenge my fellow participants.

    P.S. I’m really excited to learn there will be a 2nd season!

  8. Rachel Levato

    Hi my name is Rachel Levato and I was reading the comments above and a teen whodunit it would be great. I am 15 years and would love to be on the show. The show was amazing and seemed so realistic that I even thought people were dying a first. Anyway a teen whodunit would be amazing and I think it would be a big hit.

  9. Cameron Scales

    Hi I’m Cameron Scales a 15 year old male and I would love to be on whodunnit? There are a lot of teenagers who would love to be on the show so you should do a teen whodunnit? I hope you consider me to be on the teenage show if you do it because I am really into mysteries and I am currently investigating one of my favorite author’s death Edgar Allan Poe who’s known for his mystery novels and his cause of death is unknown.Also I watched last years season and figured out who the murder was in the first episode after Kris said that she was a skilled marksman. That’s why I wish to be on Whodunnit?

  10. Bo

    Hello. My name is Bo Haynes . I love mysteries and I’m really good at solving them too. I am 19 years old . Dot. Think just because I’m young I can’t be sneaky because I can lie when I have to. I would love to have a chance to be a part of this adventure and I would like to be an actor and maybe this is a good way to start .

  11. Diamond

    Hi my name is Diamond (age 23) and I love the show whodunit I have never missed an episode. I have always been into mystery shows and trying to solve things. As a kid one of my favorite board games was “Clue”. Being on this show would be an exciting opportunity for me because I WILL be the last one standing and find out “whodunit”!!!!!!

  12. Hunter Kayser

    Hello my name is Hunter Kayser, I am 18 years old, I am a young actor who would love to pursue anything to get my foot in the door. I am graduating Willis High which is in Texas. I am going to college to minor in theater and major in law. I loved the show since day one and would really love to be in season two. I have a good amount of stage time through my years of acting and think that I could be great for the show. (who would expect a 18 graduate to be a killer?) I would love to hear from you soon!

  13. Brennen james

    My name is Brennen James (19) from Arizona. As soon as I watched episode 1 of whodunnit i was addicted immediately and couldn’t wait for the next season. Throughout the show I putting myself in geno’s shoes so whatever room he went in I tried to solve the murder from just that room. I would pause the show then fast forward it to see if my prediction came true. I was on top of almost everything but the snake episode. I was thinking I’d be the perfect contestant for whodunnit season 2. I’m very smart I put together things pretty fast. I am very great at solving mysteries. It almost seemed like I knew what was happening before it even happened. Please look into me.

  14. Amy

    Dream come true! I take pride in my ability to identify the killer. I must admit that I am pretty good at it. Anybody who knows me is aware that I know how to kill them “and get caught”. I just haven’t figured out how to not get caught. I would love to be able to put my skills to test. Even if I am at home on my sofa, I will be playing along.

  15. savanna dankert

    hi im savanna i am only 13 years old and my friends and i would love to be on whodunnit and i am good at solving things and am really into music and art and poetry i hvae guessed who the killer was from the 3 episod and i said it was chris and i was right when i saw the last episod and my friend said i shoud be the muderer and i said i want to win money and not kill people i think i have fallen in love with whodunnit and i enjoy being alone and isalated by my self with my art supplies and my phone im a teen what do you expect and in i never miss and episod of supernatural i do have a bad side and my anger is really strong and easy to come out and i think i would be a really good investagater on whodunnit and i mean who dosent want a 13 year old in love with horror and i love to be with 4 of my friends sorry if i spelled some words wrong im in 7th graed almost 8 and would love to miss school any time and i am a good actress and a amazing lier so i could so lie to win the money and i just love muder shows and being on one would be amazing my friends watching me on tv texting me and what ever and if you ask me im such a loner i spend all my time alone and im a leader not a followerand if you choose me plzs dont make me the muder i really want to make moneyand not kill people give me a horror movie i dont scream or jump like the movie jesasbell i knew what hapened and all that stuff and i go to school at olhms in oak lawn illinois :) :)

  16. Alyssa Karpouzis


    My name is Alyssa Karpouzis and I am 22 years. I am extremely interested in becoming a cast member for the new season on Whodunnit?. I love crime television shows such as criminal minds and CSI and I’ve watched almost every episode. I also enjoyed the first season of Whodunnit? and I know i can be successful and win the game because I am smart and can use my skills to solve the crime. I will use all the clues to solve the crime and I know that with my past experience watching this show and other crime shows, I will successfully win the game. Please contact me as I would love to be on the show!

    Thank you

  17. Alexander Repp

    Hello my name is Alexander Repp, but most people call me Alex. I am at a young age of 15 but that doesn’t mean I am not smart enough to solve these cases. I was obsessed with this show when it first came out and I couldn’t help but solving the mysteries each week. I have been to a few events that have been centered around solving cases. I am very quick to solve things and its not hard for me to deduce how someone committed a crime . I know I may be young, but I think I can bring a bright and energetic personality to the show. I hope you will consider casting me to be apart of this amazing show.

  18. James Zeigler

    Eversince I had my taste of season1, The anticipation of season 2 has been eating me up!! I would love to drop in and leave a bomb and or poison my competition! !!!

  19. unique fultz

    my name is Unique Fultz,I am a 24 year old female.I absolutely love crime shows and games,and i am good at it….I am competitive and would love the opportunity to participate in this….and i really could use the money..So i ask of you to please consider me..thank you!!!

  20. Mary Filippone

    Hello there! My name is Mary Filippone. I currently just turned 50 years old and I have 2 wonderful sons and a great husband. My son J.D. and I watched every episode of season one and we loved every moment. We would always try to find clues on our own and try to figure out our own tale of the murder. My husband was a detective on the police force for 20 years so I was able to get a first hand experience of what it was like. My son told me about the new casting for season two and we are so excited about it, but we would love more than anything to do this together! We are so excited for the new season and can’t wait to see what’s in store. Happy killings!

  21. J.D. Filippone

    What’s up ya’ll! My name is J.D. Filippone and I am obsessed with anything murder mystery. I watched the first season of Whodunnit with my mom and we both were like, this is what we need to do. I am currently 20 years old. I’ve solved Einsteins Hardest Problem and I am ready to take on all of this and solve who the “killer” is. My father was a detective for 20 years on the police force and I can remember visiting him while he was finding clues. I am ready! I hope I can be a part of Season 2 and can’t wait for it to begin!

  22. alycia

    I know I have it because There no I in team just one winner

  23. Rick Gleason

    I am a camera friendly 45 year old. I love crime shows like, ” I almost got away with it” I would be great at this game and for this show. Keep in touch!

  24. Crystal

    I loved watching whodunit! I can not wait to watch the next season!

  25. Tami Trapier

    I am a smart, sassy, observant woman who loves a good mystery. I believe that many people are oblivious to what happens right in front of their eyes, including crimes. My favorite show is Criminal Minds. I have a super fun personality and a would be a great contestant for this show. So if you want someone who has rappelled unknown canyons, climbed 6,000 feet up a mountain and sat at the edge of its cliff swing her feet. Call me. Or perhaps someone who grew up in Montana on a ranch yet walks the runways in 5 inch heels. Then I will expect a call.

  26. Brittany

    At the end of the day this is a game of strategy that I can win.

  27. Amanda ballew

    My name is amanda ballew. I’m a 34 year old huge fan of documentaries, any movies about serial killers, an of course watching shows about murders that have gone unsolved. I’ve watched so many movies and shows about killers and crime that if there was to be a crime close to me. .an investigators were to see my Netflix history. ..I’d be suspect number one. (Haha) I also swear that I alone could solve the Jon Benet ramsay murder. I’m very much involved in the upcoming casting of whodunnit. Please keep me in mind.
    Amanda ballew
    South Carolina
    (<hidden from public>)

  28. Tina Jelinski

    Hi !

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