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  1. tasha

    I love the show

  2. Meg Zoellner

    I’m a mother of four, including teen-aged triplets, who has degrees in criminology and is a former probation and parole officer. My whole life revolves around finding the culprit! I’m clever and funny and bored – I need something new to challenge me and an audience outside my current social circle to entertain. When my brother was in film school I once told him I wanted to be cast as a dead body. He failed to oblige me, but maybe you won’t – assuming, of course, that I don’t win the whole game.

  3. Donald hargrove

    This show is great and i would love to be apart of the team,success and to investigate crimes.Law & order is the best .

  4. Alissa Campo

    I would love to be participate in the season 2 of Whodunnit?. I am a stay at home mom and a full time student. I currently live in Anchorage, Alaska. My husband is in the military and we are stationed here until 2016. This would be the opportunity of a lifetime for me. I am constantly looking for new obstacles to overcome and I believe solving a problem or mystery will be extremely thrilling.

  5. Christa

    I am a 15 year old girl who doesnt have anything special i’ll admit but crime solving is something I have been doing since I remember watching my first CSI show at the age of six. I grew up with a mother who watched shows like CSI, 48 hours and etc. Though I love crime solving and know my science with it… I find more enjoyment in being the killer. Since I was able to write I was always told I was a bit dark in the mind but completely sound. I just imagine a lot more fun in being a hidden killer than the next Sherlock Homes. I thoroughly enjoy working with others and have an unusual magnetic personality and have never been suspected or hated before. And hey imagine the fun interest of there being a teenage participant.

  6. sarah

    I love these shows also including first 48. I think I would be grear on this show I love to solve mysteries. I even have ten college credits in csi.I love to solve things and put things together my friends also u should be a detective.this would really mean alot to test my skills

  7. Amanda M.

    I would be a great addition to the cast because I have always wanted to work in the criminal justice field. I work in a law firm now so this show could potentially be as close as I can get to the criminal and forensic field. The very last episode my family and I threw a huge party and went all out on food and decorations. I can’t wait for this up coming season and would love to be apart of it!

  8. Maureen Summerfield

    I would like to be on the show because I have very good intuition and an good at reading people. I come off as quiet and shy, but am really just absorbing my surroundings and people. I don’t fees.into drama, and can easily deceive people. I’m just an Indiana girl, on an Indiana night. : )

  9. Meghan Marks

    Loved the first season. I volunteered for our local PD CSU. Lovee the idea of the puzzle, putting all of the pieces together to form a complete picture.
    I hope that there is a season 2…
    (Fingers crossed)

  10. Jordan Stone

    I am a high school teacher and a cross country and track coach. I love a great mystery, and watching season one with my seven year old daughter was something we both looked forward to each week. It was one, simple word — FUN! She’s been asking me regularly when the show will come back on — and being a part of it in some way would be a blast! I hope to hear from someone there! :)

  11. sonia


  12. Ashley

    I watch csi and all the crime shows. I have been watching a lot more since I have had my twins. I would like to have a chance to try and solve a crime . I’m sure I won’t be the one picked that is just my luck. Just thought I would give it a try a chance I guess to see if I would be picked. Thank you and enjoy your day

  13. Austin Elliott

    Huge fan of show. Solved almost every murder last season and always know whats going on in it. Would be a great addition.

  14. Rachel N. Farmer

    I would like to be a contestant on this show because I do like to watch crime scene shows. And I would like to win $250,000 dollars too.!!

  15. Melinda Holley

    Will there be a Whodunnit? Season 2? This is the only show that everyone in my family enjoys. It became family time and puzzle time each week!

  16. Tara

    I should be on who dun it because I can solve misterys I can invest agate and I can cover my tracks if I’m the killer

  17. Brittany dewitt

    I think I should be chosen cause I love riddles and I’m always giving and never expect anything back. I also think that I am a good game player..

  18. Mrs. Allen

    I teach criminology to my gifted 5th graders. We watch Whodunnit in class!! Wouldn’t it be great if their teacher had a part in the next season?

  19. Crystal Thompson

    Hello I’m 21 years old, and have always loved crime scenes !! I enjoy the thrill Of trying to figure out whodunnit? And why? Pick me, I will win! :)

  20. Kerelenko Battle

    Who would be a better detective than a mother of 2 teenagers daughters? I’m a 35 yr old divorced mother of 3; two daughters ages 17 & 14 and one son age 11. I am a Correctional Officer at a Georgia correctional facility! Whodunnit had me hooked from the first show during the first season. And I have to admit, I was pretty good as solving each case. Please choose me as a cast member!!

  21. Kerelenko

    I believe i would be able to make the cast because I’m really good at solving puzzles and keeping a good secret identity of myself ! Those. Riddles and stuff should be the easiest thing to me ! Im ready to BRING IT !!

  22. Sonia Maldonado

    I am a sleuthing fanatic. I watched the first season and quickly found myself enthralled by both the cases and the creativity with which the killer committed her murders. I consider myself a good match for the show due to the several hours I’ce spent researching hundreds of murder cases; some fictional others too real. Although I’m rather young I feel I have what it takes to be a a contestant in Whodunnit ?

  23. Jeremy St. Clair

    I should be on the 2nd season cause im a colllege student will have a new persepctive on thigns and am really intrest in murder mysteires and read agatha chrisite books

  24. Sondra Bonton

    Hello, I’m a single mother of five adult children ranging from the ages of 20 to 31. I’m a bankruptcy specialist for the Internal Revenue Service. I’m very intelligent , have an excellent memory and a highly analytical mind. I see things in black and white. I’m very much in touch with reality.These qualities allow me to be a good investigator and researcher. I also have the ability to probe into a persons emotions which often able’s me to see and detect what there motives are. I’m a very good problem solver, this is what I do best! My attention to detail is priceless. I’m a true fan of “Law & 0rder”: Special victims Unit and criminal intent. I have seen every episode. I can detect, after seeing every player involved, who the culprit is. I believe I would be perfect for the show, although winning the money would be nice, it’s actually the challenge that drive’s me!

  25. Nicole Coldren

    Hello ABC!! I’m Nicole. A newly married mother of 8 children, 6 girls and 2 boys. Having 8 kids, well, having SIX daughters, I play mystery solving games all day long everyday in real life! I am always having to use my investigative senses and my process of elimination is always being tested, Needless to boast…..but I am GOOD! I am 30 years old and am a homemaker from Columbus Ohio. I was the only sister of a household of 4 mischievous boys, raised by my dad “mom passed away when I was 2″ And I am really good at being able to read people, if they’re lying to me, i’m gonna know it immediately!! So the “killer” had better come strong, because I will be able to look in their eyes and see…..”they ARE the killer!”. Putting together the “story” is something I do every single day and I really think this is for……this mom of 8 from Ohio!!!

  26. Maeghan Madden

    I should be on the second season of Whodunnit because I am a 21 year old senior OU student, sorority girl, and teacher who loves crime shows! Teachers have eyes in the backs of their heads so they see every thing. I am very observant and know how to keep a straight face. In my college experience I have learned how to make and break alliances, that timing is everything, that people never expect sorority girls to be intelligent, and how to analyze every detail thanks to studying literature. Being in a sorority also means that I would have a huge group of women rooting for me and watching every episode. I also come from a tight-knit community who would be proud to see one of their own on a game show. I loved the show last season and would love to be a part of the upcoming filming!

  27. Joanna

    I am a huge fan of mysteries and have grown up watching all sorts of different mystery shows. I am also very good at predicting who killed who after the show is in just a few minutes. I am young and will be 17 soon…. I am very crazy (in a good way) and will work to win! I get along with a lot of different people and would be so excited to join the cast! I would be so thankful to become a part of Whodunnit, since I’m a huge fan of the series!

  28. Kiril Veslievski

    Well the main reason I want to be on this show is because I would very much like it to be acquainted with Giles. That Gentleman is a hoot. He gets me everytime with those clever puns. I am very athletic. I enjoy the outdoors. I currently go to college and work at my local gym. I love puzzle and when Im stumped, or in a pickle, I have to figure it out. My determination is endless. I guarantee if you choose me, your tv ratings will go up and Ill make a killing out there! hahaha My puns are just like giles puns. lol. Thank you for considering me as a candidate. :)

  29. Jorge Duarte

    I think I should b on the show cause…………..I never been on a tv show b4. My life is boring & I this would make it more exciting. I don’t care if I die the first episode…….it would still b worth it.

  30. Kimberly

    I am a married mother of 5 children ages 24, 21, 20, 17 and 17. I have had to investigate mysteries every day of my life for the last 24 years, with multiple suspects and multiple m.o.’s/personalities. I work as a customer contact rep for the Internal Revenue Service and I am a teller at a credit union.
    This year I have decided that I am going to lose weight so I have dedicated my extra time to working out. I went from a size 20/22 in March to a current size 14/16 and I am continuing to decrease in size while I increase in confidence and zeal. This makes me a shoe in for your show as I inspire those whom are still plus sized.
    Last season I must admit that I got many of the clues right and suspected the true killer all along, but I thought the killer was Cam until the very end. I doubted my hunches. I am very loyal so I know that I would form an alliance…however, I am smart so I may have to form more than one alliance. Is that bad? That’s the game though.

  31. Katreen Logan

    Omg! I feel like I have waited my whole life for this chance! Ever since Clue came out as a kid I have been addicted to solving everything! My family hates to watch shows with me because I always figure out the ending of each show before it has ended! Lol! Please give me a chance! I am also very animated and funny so I am told! I’m sure I would be a great fit! Thank you!

  32. Paula Baker

    I am a 56 year old widow of one year. I have a degree in Computer Technology and have been involved in Computer Forensics over the years. I have to admit that I didn’t watch the first season of the show. My teenage daughter was addicted to it and swears that I would be a great addition to the cast. I like to think I can get along with just about anyone…BUT the older I get…the less I like people…What a contradiction! I doubt I will see an email from you, but I told her I would at least send a note….maybe I will even watch with her this year!

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