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  1. Brendan Norris

    I’m an 18 year-old student of Mathematics and Accounting, hoping to become an actuary at one point in time. I have always loved CSI and other crime scene shows, as well as loved mystery novels. I tend to analyze everything and am definitely keen on details. It’s not often that I miss something and tend to be very meticulous on not making a mistake, which is something that one needs to enter a mathematics or accounting field. I think my eye for detail and dedication is a perfect combination to solve mysteries and crimes on Whodunnit. I was in love with this show when it aired and had to read the novels as soon as the season finale ended. It’s a really interesting concept in the books, and the TV shows made it absolutely awesome! I was always checking to see if it was renewed or when casting would be up.

  2. Fredrick Shelton

    My name is Fredrick. I am from houston, tx. I’m 23. I am such an interesting person. I would love a casting for this show. I have always watched law and order since I was as young as 10. That was a show me and my mother watched together for years and years. I think I have the attitude and smarts to be considered for this show and have a high chance of winning in my own opinion. I’m young, energetic, full of life, and very good at solving mysteries. No way I wouldn’t be a game changer in this show. Please give me a chance. You won’t regret it.

  3. Makayla Kogut

    I am 18 and I simply LOVE Whodunit. I also love a good mystery like NCIS, CSI, Monk, and law and order!

  4. Meagan

    I am an 18 year old girl and I’d love to apply for “Whodunnit?”. Ever since I was little, I’ve had a passion for crime-solving and spent most of my free time using things like the CSI crime-solving kits. I’m very analytical and I’d make a great addition to the show. I’d be willing to work hard!

  5. Jake Morosini

    HI! My name is Jake and I am 10. I may be 10 but I love acting and murder mysterie shows. Who Dunnit is my favorite TV show and I think it would be great to have kid in the show. Anyways have a nice day!

  6. Thomas

    My son (who is now 14) introduced me to “Whodunnit?” during the first season and since then he has commented regularly on how good he thinks I would be as a contestant. I am a interface developer for a software company and am used to approaching tasks and challenges with calm deliberation and careful consideration. At the end of each episode I was asked, “So.. do you still think Lindsey is the killer?” so you could say it was an odd bonding experience for our family.

    My deductive skills aside, I am also a drummer and singer in a kitsch rockabilly band. The time I’ve spent on stage in front of crowds has imbued me with the confidence to remain focused in the lap of chaos.

    Lastly, while I am soft spoken the vast majority of the time, I have the capacity to use my razor-sharp wit and blistering sarcasm to make my voice stand out from the common crowd. My wry vocalized observations have often been viewed as both insightful and humorous by my peers and I think I would be a delightful addition to the cast. Thanks!

  7. Niesha

    Hey, my name is Niesha!! I’m a 29 year old therapist from Atlanta. I would love to be on the next season of Whodunnit because I was hooked on this show from minute one. Clue is one of my favorite movies and this was like an episode every week!! I’ve been wondering when the next season was going to start…and I would be apart of this season. I have seen every episode of Law & Order: SVU and Criminal Minds at least twice and know these shows have sharpened detective skills!! Please pick me, I’m a SUPER FAN!!!

  8. Scott Warren

    Hello, no need to worry people with comments above and below me, I am here to help find the killer and solve the murderous trail that he or she leaves behind. Hopefully as a cast member, but if not from my lovely couch at home. I have purchased a large trench coat to aide in solving the murders. Along with that, I am looking into owning a Bassett hound to help. Look forward to season 2, as season 1 was amazing. Thanks for all the great entertainment. Scott

  9. shawn flory

    My name is Shawn and im 29 years old. Im a huge fan of murder mystery shows and movies andi almost always solve the mystery before the show is over. I loved the 1st season of whodunnit and i solved it on the 2nd episode… its always the hot chick. just like the show the mole . I would love the oppurtunity to show my detective skills on air for the world to see. i thank you for your time and consideration.

  10. Savannah Thomas

    I watch anything from criminal minds to csi, or first 48 and cops. I can solve any puzzle, I’m a general manager at McDonald’s in Louisville, ky. I live in Henryville Indiana. I’m 25 and I absolutely love this show, didn’t miss a single episode.

  11. Alex bond

    This is sort of about casting. (I am to young for this show but I wish I could be on it) I hope that you do a season 2 and I think that it would be fun if you did let some younger viewers (15 and older) compete if they seem like good contestants. I absolutely LOVE this show I didn’t see the whole first episode but I’m glad that I continued to watch the show I was also a little surprised when I found out that Chris was the killer because for the entire season I was thinking that it was Melina but when Melina got “killed” you could tell that it was Chris. As I said, I’m not old enough yet but when I am and if this show is still on I will definitely audition for this show.

  12. Kam H

    Hey I am a very intelligent 13 year old who I very smart and thinks fast. I just attended a two week camp at RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute). I am in all of the advanced classes and wish that there would be a season just for teenagers. I am a fanatic for murder mystery shows & books. I watch CSI, NCIS, Whodunnit?, 48 hours, Dateline, Castle and Criminal Minds. If a season is not made for teens, I will be sure to audition again when I am of age!!!!

  13. Sandi Basham

    I am a 38 y/o female, single mom, was an EMT/ firefighter since I was 18. Went back to school and received my BA in Criminal Justice and started my Masters in information technology and cyber security. I love this show and think I would be a great fit for season 2. With life experiences and my schooling I feel all this would help me be successful. If I was to win I would better my daughters life and mine. I could put money aside for college for her and a nice vacation as well.

  14. Jane

    My name is jane, 22 from Michigan. I LOVED the first season of Whodunnit and became an addict immediately. I would love this opportunity to get outside of my comfort zone, meet different people, and dove mysteries!

  15. Lindsey Y

    I LOVE this show!!! I believe I would be perfect to be in it!! I have gone to 4 murder mysteries weekends and have another one booked this fall!!! I live for this kind of stuff! I am a 28 year old new mother of a beautiful daughter, and by winning I could send her to Christian education! !!

  16. Patrick Johnson

    You should do a season with 14 year olds to attract teenage viewers!

  17. walter wenner

    i should be considered for season two of whodunnit because i loved the show watched it every Sunday loved tiring to solve the puzzels i know i got at least one or so right before any of the cast members did i always wanted to be on TV and be an actor in fact i was in broadcasting when i was in high school so i have experience being on and off camera i dream t of being on the show ever since i watched it and was talking to my family about getting a chance on being on the show we think i would do grate being on the show being a person or for me being the killer i always wanted to try being the bad guy on a movie and this would be a grate resume for getting a part for being an actor ever since i was small i wanted to be an actor hence me taking broadcasting i would love to be on your show you would have no idea how much that would mean to me i would be the happiest man alive to be on the show i would love to tak any role you throw at me and i wouldn’t tell anyone in my family if i’m the killer or a person thats the fun of the guess and the whole point of the show the show is also like the game clue and i am very good at that game i also forgot to say i am 20 and i live in pa

  18. vivian banh

    I love whodunnit!!! Im 16 and a half and I would love to be on the show.. I enjoy murders and mysteries. Im good at figuring thing out. I find out thing very easily especially if someone was to steal my stuff I would find out everything in 5 min of finding footprints on the floor or a hair left. Please choose me im the finest detective out there

  19. Maggie Speights

    Hi !! :-) I am a 59 year old sign language interpreter from Missouri. I am a Reality T.V. junkie and that drives my husband crazy!. Most of my friends do not believe I watch most shows. Your realty show is 200% up my alley. I am An old soul who loves asking questions of people, which sometimes ( well maybe most of the time ) embarrass those around me. When my children were teens they would cringe if they saw their friends sitting at the kitchen table with me as they told me everything. I question and analyze everything not because i am nosey but because i was probably and anthropologist in my past life who studied human and cultural behavior. Loved the game clue growing up and still do. This would be a dream come true and an incredibly fun break from “my reality”!!

  20. Father Lenny

    I’m 55 and a Reformed Catholic Priest and Chaplain for the Cities Police Department.
    My wife LOVED the show and got me to watch it. It was enjoyable, I especially liked the complexity of the murders, although with the confessions I’ve heard and what I’ve seen with the Police department, I could have expanded on some of them.

    It may sound weird and I’m probably going to Hell for even thinking it, but all season long I kept wondering what it would be like to be the bad guy for once. I’ve always been the good guy, done the right thing, taken care of everyone else. Just for once, just one time, I’d like to be the bad guy, the Evil dweller amongst the people. the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing so to speak, the Reaper!!!

    Just a Thought!

  21. Karah Johnson

    Absolutely loved the show, I’m very strategic I love solving this I grew up playing clue which when I see this show reminded me of playing that with my sisters for hours everyday. Would be a great player and possibliy win the game Hope to hear from you to be part of this great fun Thank you Karah

  22. John Bartush

    I am 36, proud father of a 14 year old and another due any day. I am a huge fan of the horror genre, and mysteries in general. I risk killing people everyday while I drive around on my forklift at Costco. I have a twisted sense of humor and love game shows!!

  23. Nate

    My name is Nate and I’m an 18 year old student. I’ve always loved mystery and puzzle solving. I would be willing to do anything to win. I can do whatever it takes to come out on top. Even thoguh I’m young, I want to prove that I can be as smart and cunning as the older contestants.

  24. Natalie Bruner

    Helllooo! I absolutely love this show, and am very excited for the second season. I have always been a huge fan of both true and true-inspired crime TV shows, and would love to be a part of this unique and intriguing show. I was very impressed by all of the special effects used in the show as well! I have a PhD in Psychology, and a black belt in Shotokan karate. I’m smart, confident, a happy and friendly person, adventurous and athletic. I’m also very comfortable with public speaking, as I have given many professional presentations. My current occupation is a medical research analyst.

  25. Jon

    I knew who shot JR. I knew Dallas was a dream. I knew old man Smithers was the scary ghost before those damned snooping kids. I can handle the truth and I CAN believe it’s not butter! Mystery shows, movies, dinner theater and mystery whatever else is my milieu. I MUST be on the show!!! Pick me if you wanna know whodunnit…

  26. Brendan

    I just wanted to say I am a huge fan of whodunnit? I’d also like to say that it would be pretty cool to be on the show. I have some skills that my dads friends have taught me and who happend to be cops and skills from crime shows that can help me out. But overall I’m just a fan that loves whodunnit? And is very interested on being apart of season 2.

  27. Shaniya

    I’m 24 mom of 2 I love cop shows and mystery shows I’m observant sneaky and very watchful I love analyzing things and getting to the bottom Law and Order is of my fav shoes I love a good mystery and would love to apart of it.

  28. Su Dacquisto

    Growing up with law enforcement in the family I always being taught and quizzed about every little detail and scenarios that were going on. My eyes formed a way to notice things that were out of place or stories that didn’t add up. I had such an infatuation for detective work that i started the police explorers in my local town that once a week we would meet and learn about way to handle situations, murders, how to think, what to look for and what questions to ask. As time went on my father saw my passion and before he passed he made me promise not to go to the police academy, so I took the opposite route and became a hairdresser. So as of 23 years old to fulfill my desire of detective work I read a lot of mystery books, watch shows (ex. Who Dunnit?) and movies. It would be a dream come true if I were to partake on Who Dunnit season 2.

  29. Kristine Johnson

    Hello Killer!
    You will get found out! And I will be the very person to catch you in the act! I am a street smart mother of 2, that has a day job of commercial insurance agent/underwriter. My day is usually spent never believing what my 10 year old son tells me, and reading into every excuse my 12 year old daughter dishes out. And, then selling and analyzing commercial insurance policies. My calling is sleuthing, and I’m good!
    Your selection process should include an initial interview with moi, to learn and understand, I will solve the mystery.
    I look forward to hearing from you !

    Many thanks,

    Kristine Johnson

  30. James Brennan

    I am 41. I am a government civilian from the DC area. I am also a Navy Veteran, with 14 years Military Law Enforcement and a big murder mystery fanatic. I watched the first season of whodunnit and I figured out many of the crimes.
    I would love to be on Season 2 and use my powers of observation to find the Killer or be the Killer.

  31. Shaun Streb

    I am 17 years old, almost 18 and I am a prospective college student coming this fall. I loved the first season of whodunnit and wished there were younger contestants on the show. I know having younger contestants would attract younger viewers to the show as well. I am tall, have brown hair and green eyes. I loved problem solving, as long as it isn’t math. I have my strengths and weaknesses!
    I have a very bold and enthusiastic personality. I am loud, outgoing and positive. I am not quick to trust anyone, but not distant either. I really think I would be a great asset to the new season of whodunnit. I’m a pretty interesting person!

  32. Denise Barela

    Hi, I’m Denise Barela, I am 18 years old. My mom and I love go watch shows like CSI, Dateline, 48 Hours, Hannibal, etc. It would be the experience of a lifetime. I am good at reading body language since I use it and analyze it a lot. I know there is a slim chance of me getting on, but I thought I’d give it a try!

  33. Alea Dutchuk

    I am a 33 year old mother of 5 boys and wife of a disabled veteran. :). I have a BA in English Education and Communications. I taught Jr. high and high school for 8 years and every quarter I made a new whodunnit murder mystery for my communications students to play. It would be a dream come true to play one myself on national tv. :). I am also very good at deductive reasoning and quite smart. Although my lifestyle hasn’t allowed me to get that far as of yet, I plan to one day got to law school. Having the chance to win the money on that show could help me achieve that dream much more quickly.
    Thank you to whomever reads this for taking the time to consider me.


  34. bruce dutchuk

    I’m 34 and married with 5 boys. I’m also a combat veteran and I have engineering technology degree. I could ramble on about how good I would be on a show like this, but my main reason for wanting to be on the show is I love stuff that makes you stop and think.

  35. Caroline Styslinger

    Hi my name is Caroline, I am 23 years old and live in a small beach town in New Jersey. As of a May I graduated from nursing school and very recently passed my boards to become a Registered Nurse. Last summer my boyfriend and I became OBSESSED with Whodunnit and would stay in and wait anxiously each week for a new episode and try to crack the mysteries ourselves! Since the season finale we have googled and checked blogs religiously to see if our favorite show would return! I think I would make a fantastic contestant because I am very smart, I would be fantastic in the morgue and I know I could make a killer detective!! I would love nothing more than to compete for the big money and have some fun!!

  36. Amber S.

    I am a full time mom to three kids under the age of five and I work from home as a part time technical writer for a company in the railway industry. Because of the nature of both of my jobs, I spend my days paying close attention to details, being strategic, mediating, and solving problems and mysteries. I work well under pressure and can find the humor in just about any situation. My entire life I have been a Clue and mystery junkie. I loved watching this show last summer with a bowl of ice cream and am excited it is returning for another season!

  37. Pete Campanile

    I loved the first season of whodunnit. I am a smart 47 year old male that knows interesting facts that will help me solve clues quickly. I am very intuitive and in great shape for running around the estate. I am always figuring out the ending quickly and pick up on things easily. I will be able to spot the double meaning of clues most certainly and am prepared for the difficult task of finding out whodunnit!

    i realized I posted this before but I forgot to put my last name so I re-posted it with my last name.

  38. Pete

    I loved the first season of whodunnit. I am a smart 47 year old male that knows interesting facts that will help me solve clues quickly. I am very intuitive and in great shape for running around the estate. I am always figuring out the ending quickly and pick up on things easily. I will be able to spot the double meaning of clues most certainly and am prepared for the difficult task of finding out whodunnit!

  39. Pete

    I am extremely interested in whodunnit. I have a vast knowledge of useful facts that, I believe, will help me a show such as this one. I am also very intuitive. I am healthy and well built which will help me while i run around the estate looking for the hidden clues. I am an extremely well clue finder and am good at seeing the double meaning of things. I am hoping that I will be able to prove my skills on this fantastic show of mysteries.

  40. Hope Harvey

    I am a big fan of crime shows and I always know who did it before the rest of my family. I love mystery movies and books. I think I would be perfect for Whodunnit, I always think outside the box and come up with a lot of ways it could have happen.

  41. brian harder

    Hi. My name is Brian. I am a 20 year old male from New York. I currently attend college and work as a life guard part time. I really enjoyed season 1 of the show and would love to be considered for a part on season 2. This show reminded me of the whodunnit mystery books that I read as a kid. Ever since I was little I had an interest in the whole mystery solving genre. It would be an honor to hear back for it would be a once in a life time chance. Thank you

  42. Matt S

    Hi! My wife got me into watching Whodunnit? last season, and we both really enjoyed trying to solve each week’s mystery together. I would love to be part of the show this season. I enjoy reading mysteries (growing up, I devoured all the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books at my local library) and solving mysteries in real life (as a software developer, I get to approach debugging like a mystery, which usually works out well).

    I’m competitive (yet usually easy-going), reasonably well-educated, analytical, able to explain what I’m thinking and how I got to my conclusions, have a good memory for obscure information that sometimes comes in handy, and I can work alone or in a team.

    Thanks for considering me.

  43. Jeffry Hoagland

    I am a single father of two who loves spending time outdoors with my boys. I enjoy my job as a millwright but would love to use my vacation time up playing Whodunnit live!!!!

  44. Patti Cerny

    My name is Patti, 57 years old, from Omaha, Ne. I am disabled,. Before being disabled, I was an operations analyst working with computers researching errors in programs, finding a solution to fix it, I am a very detailed person.. So I am very inquisitive about different situations and what makes them tick. I am an out door enthusiast who loves to fish, bird watching, sitting around a fire chit chatting. Love Love Love my grand kids, and children of course. Love to laugh and enjoy my serenity. I watched your show last summer , got addicted. I would love to be on your show.

  45. Xavier Diaz

    Heyy i cant be on the show because I’m only 14 but i did want to say how much i love this show and when I’m 18 i definitely wanna be on the show!!! Never missed a single episode!!!! Loved the finale it was SOOO INTENSE!!!! So happy about season 2!!! Well byyee

  46. kathy

    Kathy Olvera.. I would LOVE to solve a whodunit mystery.. I am a Super Mom of three and a jack of all trades. I can build, cook, create, and HAVE FUN! You NEED a Mom to get in this game and make it MORE fun and interesting.. PIck me, Pick me Pick me… oh sorry been around the kids a little too long :)

  47. Megan

    My name is Megan and my life is a mystery. (Haha see what I did there?) But seriously, I am a 24 year old RN with a love for good ole mysteries and crime shows. I like to think I would make an interesting if not entertaining addition to your show.

  48. Ashley and Alena

    We are a team of two girls who are keen and have a great nose for mystery. We also love Giles and are not afraid to kill. Since we’re young, us being murderers would be a surprise.

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