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  1. Roben Lepore

    I am perfect for this game! As a detail-oriented, former NASA employee, I have many years of analytics experience. Finding solutions using data and observations is my specialty. I also have experience in the classroom ,as a science teacher. I know about chemical signatures, residual debris, and trace elements. I am prepared and fully able to kick butt at this game!

  2. Rachel Bustamante

    I am a single mom of 3 boys. I have a Bachelors of Science in Social Sciences. I am currently getting my Masters in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Programs of Gender Violence. I think this experience would be fantastic to hone some of the deductive reasoning I have to use in my career to come. As Donkey from Shrek says, “Pick me! Pick me!” Even if it’s as the killer. LOL

  3. Bane Deniro

    I love this show. I think I would be good for this because I love solving riddles, problems, etc. I’m a married father of three out of Fayetteville Nc. The last 7 months has been rough for me and my family. If I could get on this show and be triumphant it would help me out a lot and be a great start to turning my life around. I will be the most authentic, enjoyable, and memorable contestant this show has ever seen if im picked.

  4. Christa Drakulic

    Hello, I would love to be part of this show. I have always had a knack for solving problems. I have degrees in Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology, and am pursuing a doctorate with the intention of working in the field of forensic psychology. I would love to put my education and knowledge to the test! I’m also addicted to watching shows such as the First 48, Most Evil, Forensic Files, etc. I openly accept challenges, am analytical, and think outside the box! You would not regret your decision by choosing me! Thank you for your time!

  5. Vanessa

    Hi I’m Vanessa, I’m 18 years old and I absolutely LOVE this show! I definitely stayed up way to late watching this show 2 summers ago, I was hooked! I love these kinds of tv shows and being a part of it would change my life in a huge way!

  6. Derek lee

    I should be apart of this show. I am a is my job to think of illusions… I have to think two steps ahead and be fast on my feet. I don’t need a lot of sentences. . I am the “one”.

  7. Allana Brail

    You can say that mystery shows are my kind of thing. When you watch someone trying to solve a mystery you know you want to tell at them and say stuff like”don’t open the door! Get out of the room!” Stuff like that. I certainly have no problem with the elements of surprise and I pay attention to what the mission is. Your clever way of distinguishing people on this show amazes me and I would love to see one of my team mates leave in a special way. I can fight for what I want and switch sides in a blink of an eye. My favorite figure last year was obviously Chris. The sly way she manipulated everyone had everyone turning on each other in an instant.
    Thank you, and I hope this gets put into your consideration,
    Allana Brail

  8. Ta'Mika M.

    Hi my name is Ta’Mika M. and I like to believe that the “M” stands for mystery. I absolutely love this show and after being successful in figuring out the killer in last season, I believe I have what it takes to discover “whodunnit”. Solving mysteries is my specialty. My mind is constantly thinking about the next move, what could happen, why did it happen, and when did it happen. I have no need to brag. The action of my abilities speak louder than any words.

  9. Eric Martin

    Greetings. My name is Eric Martin. I am 15 years old. I already know. Why is a stupid teenager watching this stuff? Why is he interested? And most of all why would you pick a teen to be on the show over any other possible compatible player? Consider this: I have always been a quiet, curious person, I love to solve mysteries. Whenever I find myself in a situation of so, I get so thrilled i feel like I’m a special cop or something lol. If i could take part in something like this show would be really really fun for me. Like I said I have always been fascinated with mysteries and crime solving. It kinda came naturally. I’m very smart and you never know what might come next with me………

  10. Sarah Stepanek

    My name is Sarah. I’m almost 22 and I’m from Michigan. I would die (pun intended) to be a part of this show. Crime dramas have been some of my favorite shows for years. Shows like CSI, NCIS, Law and Order: SVU, Forever, and Criminal Minds are some of my favorites. The mystery, the intrigue, the twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat and your heart racing. To get to participate in a show where I could actually use what I’ve learned from watching these shows for years would just be the most amazing thing. Not to mention the fact that I have been involved in theatre for years so even if I don’t win, just getting to act out my own crazy death scene with the gruesome and impressive special effects makeup would be the chance of a lifetime. I really hope I can get the opportunity to show my skills and solve Whodunnit.

  11. Emily Cable

    HI! I’m Emily and I think that my boyfriend, Brandon Ahl, and I would be great for this show! I am a 22 year old Publishing Assistant with a Bachelors Degree in Film Media, and he is a 21 year old Physics and Math double major working to become a High School Teacher. Talk about opposites attract. We regularly attend Murder Mystery parties and have even helped plan the last one we attended. When at home, 9 times out of ten, there is a show about murder on the TV. As a matter of fact, The First 48 is on as I type! Brandon is always telling me that I figure out the plot twists to shows quickly and he is so perceptive when it comes to figuring out clues. I think he and I would be great additions to your show and winning the $250,000 would be a great help for paying off the pesky Student Loans!

  12. Ashley


    My name is Ashley, I am 23 years old, a mother of two, from the Chicago area, and would love the chance to be a part of this show! Last season, I knew who the killer was from the second episode of the show – you guys didn’t make her very noticeable until the middle of the season and I didn’t know her name for a while because she was rarely shown! I have always loved murder mystery games and I’m a beast at clue lol. I kept checking the casting site to see when you guys would be casting for a second season because I followed this show religiously and couldn’t wait until the next episode. I would greatly appreciate your consideration for a casting call. Not to mention that I need the money, we are in a tough spot right now financially. This is my favorite show, I would love this opportunity!

  13. Destiny


    I loved whodunit the first season! I think it would be amazing to have a couples addition. Or even a friends edition! My boyfriend and I would love to be on the show as well as my best friend. Think about it!

    Best Regards,

    Destiny Anaele
    BA Political Science Spelman 2010
    <hidden from public><hidden from public> 

    “One love, one heart, one destiny.”
    ~ Bob Marley

  14. Terri Harper

    Sherlock Holmes (hmm, or maybe Watson) would be amazing to emulate. In my everyday life, I am an RN and the mother of two grown children, but I have always dreamed of solving a murder mystery. Please give me the chance to do this and add this fabulous experience to my “bucket list.”

  15. Mick Reilly

    hey I’m mick Reilly,an 11 year old from the suburbs of New York.right now you are thinking “an 11 year old can’t compete”but I am not gonna be rejected that way.i play to win and solved every case of whodunnit before my whole family (I’m the youngest) I love forensics,learning about the human body and I am very observative.i am kind to others but can turn on them in an instant.i also am great at icing people out,making strong bonds and withholding information.i always know who’s guilty when someone has done something wrong in an moment.also I can put together a solid theory on anything.finally I can solve clues and riddles faster than the whole grade.some may be smarter,stronger and more manipulative but I can do all three.i hope you will definitely consider me as an interesting candidate .(also I plan to get far if I selected,I won’t be the next Sheri)

  16. Blake Lee

    My name is Blake Lee from the small town of Pratt, KS. I turn 18 in February. I would absolutely “kill” for an opportunity to be on this show. I watch the first season and have re watched it multiple times! I have just found every little thing the killer had left for every murder. There was more to he Geno murder than even Giles knew. Hope you watch and see it! Forensic Science is a passion that I have always enjoyed and case solving starting with the Encyclopedia Brown and Hardy Boys then moving on to CSI and Numbers. I would love the opportunity to be on this show and get to the to be the Murderer’s most worthy adversary. Thanks!

  17. Fatima Huerta

    My name is Fatima, I’m 15 years old. I would love to be part of Season two. I would be a great candidate for the show, because I am really smart and love case solving shows. I also most of the times figure out the bad guy. I have also been in Theater for two years now, so I now how to act. It be amazing if you would consider me!

  18. Christina Peltier

    I would love the opportunity to audition for this show. I have to admit I’m an Agatha Christie fan. I love a lot of the old fashioned detecting as well as newer shows like Criminal Minds, Whodunnit?, and all the NCIS shows as well as Bones. I’ve been told that as an adult I’ve come out of my shell and that growing up I was very introverted and black and white like the character in bones.

    If I’m not auditioning for this show, I’ll be going back to Arizona State for a Bachelor’s in Journalism. I’m actually looking forward to using the fact that I grew up on computers to put my journalistic qualities to good use.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  19. Linda Harrop Easterling

    Solving mysteries and figuring out people…hello!!! I’m the mother of 4 (youngest is 20 and in college) and my husband and I have ran several businesses over the last 20 years. Dealing with raising children and managing employees, trust me I can see through truth, deception and manipulation in a heart beat! I have a keen sense of whats reality and whats not! I am highly instinctful of what is going on around me. I think I should have been a lawyer! If your seeking a strong instinctively smart momma and business woman, I would love to be on the new season show. I watched the first one and loved it!!

  20. W Wilson

    I think I would be a great Canidate for “who done it” simply because I am 24, really ambisish, easy going and have an out-going personality! I really enjoyed watching the first season. I currently work in high-end retail store on the Las Vegas strip, and enjoy my time off work as well. I was voted best personality in high school. All in all, I’d say I’m more street smart than book smart, and that’s what you need in a show like this!

  21. Michelle Merrill

    I would be a huge asset to the show. I am a pageant queen (which are normally stereotyped as the dull tools in the shed) and I would love to show the world that even though we have our moments, we can be just as smart as the next criminal investigator.
    Seriously, csi shows and movies are my favorite and I am always the first to solve them when watching with friends.
    I can also bring some Sounthern Charm to the set, being that I am from the wonderful state of Louisiana!

  22. Leah B.

    I LOVED THIS SHOW! I am constantly asking my husband when the next season is coming on and he sent me this link on my facebook page. I felt like I was reading/watching a Agatha Christie book during the first season. I am witty and feel like I’m always 10 steps ahead of the next person. I am very persuasive in a crowd and likable. I’d probably be playing the smoke and mirrors for my competitors while solving the crime under the table. I read a lot of mystery and always have the movie figured out before the end. “I see dead people.” Yeah, I knew that in the first half. So, pick me or have your crimes be unsolved this season. Thank you!

  23. Roger Blanchette


    I am entertaining and love the concept. Season one was a break through in the “norm” for reality Game shows. I am a 40 year old Athletic build, highly competive freak of nature. PIck me and the show will gather steam. Yessssss

    Happy, Single Dad, engaged.

    Roger Blanchette

  24. SUDAKA

    Hi there,

    I must be part of the show because of my skills in case analysis, problem solving, and root cause analysis.
    My Poder Latino from South America will bring emotion, drama, and passion to the show on a case-by-case basis. Just like the little Brazilian girl who was part of the first season did it.


  25. Jalon Richardson

    I thought the show was over after that last show, but it’s great seeing there’s going to be another season this year. Why wait 2 yrs. after the 1st. season.

  26. Patricia Beedle

    I WOULD LOVE TO BE ON THIS SHOW..THIS WOULD BE SO AMAZING. I LOVE ALL THESE SHOWS. PLEASE PICK ME…Watching Logan, Brisco, and Cragen find a murderer who shot a girl with a .45 as I type. This would be a dream come true for me. My kids are always making fun of me for watching all the LAW AND ORDERS…My kids actually hum the intro song every time it comes on which is all the time on the tv and in the car on Netflix. My kids and husband call me obsessed, I call me it awesomeness. STABLER RULES……We have fish names BENSON and STABLER….My kids named their dog STABLER…We watch CSI on Friday’s before the SVU and we watch CSI Miami after Criminal Minds and also on We Tv on Monday’s.Any show I watch I can tell you if they have been a Law and Order, SVU, or Criminal Intent guest…my husband laughs at me but he needs to know if they were on L.O.
    There is also a very personal reason I watch SVU. For this reason I love the show along with the actors, and Dick Wolfe made a show that has helped many women more than he will ever know. Picked or not picked I love all these shows and will keep watching always.

  27. Tina M Ochs

    Hi, I am so interested in crime shows, murder mysteries, etc much so that when given the option to either turn off the shows or end up single. I chose…well. As you can guess.I am Single. ..I am a young “50,”{I can’t believe I’m at the age where I need to write that}. A mother of 4 beautiful wonderful children. My friends say I’m funny though that’s usually after a few drinks.. I have never been behind a camera, or acted, but I think I would like to try…

  28. DANIELLE Dombrowski

    Hi I M very smart and unique I love this show and I want to be on this show I am very athletic I am in the student council I have a younger brother I am always trying 110 percent. I will be very happy if you pick me I will be over joyed I acted before and I love it I love crimes and mystery I really want the job thank you


    Hello I am 10 years old I am very smart and unique I have watched every episode I am into mysterys I am in the student council in my school and I have a younger brother I think I will be good for the show because I can act very well you should have kids on the show to figure out the mystery and thank you for reading


  30. Edward Hinderhofer

    I think I would be good on the show because I have 2 years of experience as a police officer, 8 years experience as a firefighter and currently work as a 911 dispatcher. I love watching crime shows and mysterys and love the drama of reality TV.

  31. kristi kay singletary

    I would love to be considered for this great show. It is brilliant and creative I watched faithfully and really enjoyed it like no other show. I have done some local acting here in Dallas Texas and feel that my love for the show and my deep desire to be apart of this innovative crime and detective show would be a great combination.

  32. Bucky Waqas


    My name is Bucky and I want to audition for this show because I love murder…. mysteries! I have a year off before med school, so why not audition for a show that I love? I knew who the killer was early on last season and I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out again. I’m also a fun gal and make the best facial expressions. Hey, that’s just good TV.
    I’ve always known deep down I’m meant to be a TV personality- and this would be YOUR lucky chance to help me get started on my journey. I graduated at the top of a class with a degree in Biology and have amazing analytical skills. I’m an intelligent woman, but I like to be a goofball. Like I said, I have a year to KILL before medical school, so why the hell not do this? I’m sure my future patients would love to see their doctor on a reality show. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Warm Regards,

  33. William Jennings

    I believe I would be the perfect contestant for Whodunnit. Many people have told me that my personality would be perfect for this show. I am 33 years old with 4 children. My two oldest children 13 and 10 years old watched this show with me every week. They would love for their Father to be put on this show. I believe in my heart that ABC would have huge ratings if I am put on this show. My school background (Masters in Business and Entrepreneurship) and my street smart skills will help me succeed Whodunnit. Again, I would love to be put on this show, so please give me the chance you will not regret it.

  34. Justyn

    I am a 20 year old video game tester from Seattle that would like to participate in the show. My job requires attention to detail that I believe would make me a great competitor. After attending a professional murder mystery dinner I knew I’d love to be apart of Whodunnit!

  35. jo sankowski

    hi!! im a 14 year old girl from the US hoping that you choose me!! i think it would be cool to have a younger girl on the show to appeal to a younger audience and get more people watching the show. i was a fan of the show when it first came on and i thought it was pretty awesome seeing what they would do and who would die next. im a huge fan of crime shows and mystery novels so i guess i have a small background on crime. i want to be either a homicide detective or anything in performing arts when i grow up so i figured this would be a great opportunity right?? i can act pretty good. i have experience in theater because of school and i was in a few musicals when i was younger. i know how to lie pretty good and im honestly hoping that you would at least consider choosing me. thank you!!

  36. Christine Troutman

    I am a big fan of the show and of mysteries in general. I would LOVE to get a chance to test out my mystery solving skiills. I have been a Medical Transcriptionist for over 20 years and am 45-years-old.

  37. Lieza Klemm

    I’m a 13 year-old girl who would love to be one this show. I want to be a detective when I grow up. I think I would be good on the show because I can act very traumatized and can fake cry. I practice at home when I wrestle with my brothers. although I very young, I have had experience during plays at school and in musicals at church. I can sing and act and I also play percussion, trumpet, and piano( sorry, I used an oxford comma). Please consider me.

  38. Courtney Pyatt

    I am currently a college student pursuing a law degree with aspirations to work in the criminal law sector. I think I would be a great fit for your show because of my keen eye for detail and discrepancy. At the ripe young age of seven years old, while my peers were watching cartoons, I tuned into my favorite television shows, “Dateline” and “To Catch a Predator”. I don’t think I’ve turned my television from Investigation Discovery since high school. I think I would be not only an assets to the cast but also a ruthless competitor, and I hope you keep me in consideration for casting.

    Thank you,
    Courtney Pyatt

  39. Chris Laird

    I am a huge fan of your show and have been wondering if you were coming back for a second season. I found this link and had to answer. I am a retired police officer and currently working in the security business. I would love to be considered for your show. Many people have told me that I am one of the funniest people they have EVER met. I have also been known to be very outspoken and get along with ALL people. Please consider me for your show. You won’t regret it.

  40. Anthony West

    I would be great on this show, I am a delivery service manager of a union commercial roofing supply company in Boston. I have to be aware of all my surroundings at work when dealing with union employees. My favorite movie is Clue and my favorite TV show was Psych. I am 34 years old and am ready to win $250,000! Give me a chance!!!

  41. Tyler

    I’m a 25 year old welder outta north idaho…I don’t have much for schooling but I have great intuition and common sense. Even if I didn’t win it’d be a great experience for me.

  42. Bridget King

    I think I would be the perfect candidate because I love anything having to do with crime or medicine. My mother is a retired nurse, and we watch crime dramas and medical shows together all the time. When I first watched Whodunnit, I had a blast trying to figure out exactly how each person was murdered. I love that kind of stuff, as I find it exciting. I’ve re-watched the first season several times now, and will probably continue to do so until another season is aired. I may only be nineteen years old, but I would still love to be on the show as a contestant, even if I die in the very first episode. I still think it would be an amazing experience. My family could also use the money, as my mother is disabled and can no longer work, and my father works from home, so he doesn’t make much. They’re getting older, as my dad is almost sixty, and I’d like to be able to repay them for everything they’ve done for me, so I think winning $250,000 dollars for them would make them so happy. Even if I don’t get chosen though, I will still watch the show, and will be eagerly awaiting season two!

  43. CrystalVerner

    I absolutely love this show!!! I never missed an episode. I was really hoping there would be a season 2 and I’d love to be part of it. I’m a 35 year old mom of two. Theres nothing like a good mystery to solve. I think I would be a great contestant because I know how to bring my A game and follow the clues. I was right last season and hopefully I can show you my skills and be the next winner of Whodunnit!

  44. Kimary Scott

    Hi my name is Kimary. I’m 30 years old and would like to be part of the show. I currently work for USPS. I Did 10 years in the Navy before ending my contract. I’m certified in phlebotomy. I love solving crimes and problems. I’m very instinctive in finding things out. Love the show and hopefully get chosen for season 2. All I’ve thought about is being on this show to prove I can do great and find out whodunnit. I’m married with 2 kids 12 and 7. Solving things is constant in my life. Would like the opportunity to be part of this experience. Trust me you would not regret your decision if I’m chosen. I’m from Atlanta, GA. Thank you appreciate the opportunity.

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