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  1. Rick Gleason

    I am a camera friendly 45 year old. I love crime shows like, ” I almost got away with it” I would be great at this game and for this show. Keep in touch!

  2. Crystal

    I loved watching whodunit! I can not wait to watch the next season!

  3. Tami Trapier

    I am a smart, sassy, observant woman who loves a good mystery. I believe that many people are oblivious to what happens right in front of their eyes, including crimes. My favorite show is Criminal Minds. I have a super fun personality and a would be a great contestant for this show. So if you want someone who has rappelled unknown canyons, climbed 6,000 feet up a mountain and sat at the edge of its cliff swing her feet. Call me. Or perhaps someone who grew up in Montana on a ranch yet walks the runways in 5 inch heels. Then I will expect a call.

  4. Brittany

    At the end of the day this is a game of strategy that I can win.

  5. Amanda ballew

    My name is amanda ballew. I’m a 34 year old huge fan of documentaries, any movies about serial killers, an of course watching shows about murders that have gone unsolved. I’ve watched so many movies and shows about killers and crime that if there was to be a crime close to me. .an investigators were to see my Netflix history. ..I’d be suspect number one. (Haha) I also swear that I alone could solve the Jon Benet ramsay murder. I’m very much involved in the upcoming casting of whodunnit. Please keep me in mind.
    Amanda ballew
    South Carolina
    (<hidden from public>)

  6. Tina Jelinski

    Hi !

  7. Matthew Laraway

    I loved to watch whodunnit when it was on. It was such an entertaining shows. I love the mystery solving type games and I would love to be considered for a casting call. I think, even with my limited criminal investigative/legal background, that I would be able to be able to solve the mystery And win the game. Hope season 2 starts up soon and Id love to be a part of it.

  8. October CorgiBus

    I’m October CorgiBus, I’m aged 15 years, and I’m the real life reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes himself. There isn’t a case I can solve, I’m sure of the answer to at least 2 of the worlds greatest unsolvable mysteries. No one in the entire country, the entire damn world, can deduce better than I.

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