Whodunnit? – ABC

Whodunnit? - ABC

Whodunnit? – ABC Game Show Casting

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, NCIS, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and the like are television’s top rated series and have been for years and now the man behind one of those franchise’s is ready to give you the chance to have a real life CSI experience – and win cash doing it. ABC and CSI producer Anthony Zuiker are gearing up to bring and all new mystery solving game show to TV and an open casting call has begin to find a lucky group of contestants to be a part of it. The Producers of Whodunnit? are accepting submissions form prospective contestants now. Do you think you can solve the mystery and walk away with $250,000?

Whodunnit? is the perfect game show for the Sherlock Holmes in you. 13 would be crime solvers will be chosen to compete against each other by attempting to solve an elaborate crime each week. The players will stay in a fantastic mansion and use their wits and tools of the forensic trade to comb the crime scenes for clues to use in their analysis, those who solve the crime move on to the next week and those who don’t are eliminated. In the final episodes the remaining contestants will attempt to identify the “killer” with the correct investigator walking away with the fabulous grand prize of $250,000! If you are the person that constantly watches true crime show or documentaries or if you always figure out he ending to every story before everyone else this is your chance to use your skills to earn fame and fortune. Producers have begun an open casting call and submissions are being accepted now. If you are interested in being cast on the most incredible new game show on TV you can send emails here WhodunnitCasting@gmail.com. We’ll keep you updated with every audition update so stay tuned right here and leave a comment below and tell us why you have what it tales to figure out the crimes and become the champion of ABC’s Whodunnit?.

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  1. america haileselassie

    Hello. My name is America. I am 37 years old and just graduated from college. I am deaf and i really fell in love with the first season of the show. I wanted it to come back so i could participate. I watched a lot of crime scenes show like csi, matlock, mcgyver, along with other shows. I read a lot of different novels with different best sellers mystery novels like Ms . Marple or Mr . Poirot. Please pick me and i will show how smart, likable, witty person i am.

  2. Morgan Bullard

    Hi my name is Morgan Bullard and I am obsessed with whodunit.I thought it wasn’t going too come back but it’s about to.I am 18 years old.I really want to be on whodunit.I am from North Wilkesboro,NC.Iv’e seen the 1st season many times and I loved it.I love love love to watch crime scene types of movies and shows.So will you please pick me for the next season in 2016-2017.

  3. Matthew Silvers

    Hi, I’m Matthew Silvers from Charlottesville, Virginia. I am a senior in high school and would travel far for this show. I am the president of our drama department and I write my own stories. I have written many horror movies and love solving crimes. I kick butt literally and when it comes to solving crimes mentally. Being in high school I’m focused and ready to take down the best of the best with my fresh mind.

  4. Andrew Edwards

    Hi, my name is Andrew Edwards I have been waiting for this show to come back on. I recently graduated High School and I am smart and witty and feel as though I am perfect to win this show.

  5. Madison Donohoe

    Hi my name is Madison. I’m 17 year old female. I am currently a senior in, high school and live in Knoxville, Tennessee. I have always loved crime and mystery shows. Watching season one of Whodunnit then seeing it was cancelled made me upset… But now that it’s coming back, I’m ecstatic! I believe I’m an excellent contestant for season two because I am very good at solving mysteries and finding the best and hardest clues! I hope you chose me to be on the show. If you do so I won’t let you down! Thank you in advance for not only coming close to choosing me, but for airing season two of Whodunnit!!

  6. Heather

    My sister and I, together, would be an interesting addition to a show like yours. We both enjoy crime shows, sometimes going so far as to “watch” watch them over the phone together. We have given watch other crime show related gifts. Its safe to say, we are BIG fans. We regularly listen to police scanners and notify each other when something big is going down. We’re smart, funny, and family.