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Whodunnit? – ABC Game Show Casting

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, NCIS, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and the like are television’s top rated series and have been for years and now the man behind one of those franchise’s is ready to give you the chance to have a real life CSI experience – and win cash doing it. ABC and CSI producer Anthony Zuiker are gearing up to bring and all new mystery solving game show to TV and an open casting call has begin to find a lucky group of contestants to be a part of it. The Producers of Whodunnit? are accepting submissions form prospective contestants now. Do you think you can solve the mystery and walk away with $250,000?

Whodunnit? is the perfect game show for the Sherlock Holmes in you. 13 would be crime solvers will be chosen to compete against each other by attempting to solve an elaborate crime each week. The players will stay in a fantastic mansion and use their wits and tools of the forensic trade to comb the crime scenes for clues to use in their analysis, those who solve the crime move on to the next week and those who don’t are eliminated. In the final episodes the remaining contestants will attempt to identify the “killer” with the correct investigator walking away with the fabulous grand prize of $250,000! If you are the person that constantly watches true crime show or documentaries or if you always figure out he ending to every story before everyone else this is your chance to use your skills to earn fame and fortune. Producers have begun an open casting call and submissions are being accepted now. If you are interested in being cast on the most incredible new game show on TV you can send emails here WhodunnitCasting@gmail.com. We’ll keep you updated with every audition update so stay tuned right here and leave a comment below and tell us why you have what it tales to figure out the crimes and become the champion of ABC’s Whodunnit?.

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  1. Joseph

    Hello. My name is Joe (or Joseph if you’re fancy), I don’t know if this is an old post or even if I’m in time to leave a message if this article is true and recent. I’d love to see this show brought back. If your feeling generous please considering having me as a contestant. I know I’d be good because I consider myself a “wild card”. I try and think and see things differently; that’s what would give me the edge in “ crime solving”. Also I can pretty good at moving around an not being noticed. I keep giving my coworkers figurative heart attacks because I can sneak up on them (and I’m not even trying to sneak up on them). Like a ninja. Hope to see the show make a return.

  2. Jerome Bulluck

    My name is jerome i like music art and mystery im 27 and bring this on im not afraid

  3. Evita Lanton

    Hello, my name is Evita Lanton. I’m 36 years old & I’m in transportation. I loved this show! I would take notes when I watched it every week. I was determined to find the killer!! I would be so happy if you bought this show back, & I would love to be on it. I’m very observant & I pay attention to detail. I love trying solving mysteries in the books I read.

  4. Evita

    I would love to see this show return & if I could be on it, I would love it! I love solving mysteries!

  5. Andrew Dozark

    Hey my name is Andrew and I’m 19 years old and just started college at the University of Minnesota. I really enjoyed watching Whodunnit and loved the concept of the game. Ive read both books and would keep binge watching the season whenever I could. I would love to be a part of this casting if it were to return to television. I would love for this show to be back on! I know that some peoples perception of the show were negative like people were actually dying and the murders weren’t so suspenseful but I believe that today with all the brilliant minds of producers and the main author that if they brought back another season it would hopefully flourish. It helped me bond with my family with guessing who was the killer and how each crime was done. The show progressively intensified and not only challenged the minds of the contestants but challenged the super sleuths at home who are dying at the chance to be a part of this game. I know its been over 5 years since the first season but a new spinoff would truly bring back a summer classic that would keep all of us on edge watching more. If you were to consider the chance that would be awesome!

  6. Juan Zapata

    Hi My name is Juan and im Litterally Obsessed with this show I love it sooo so much! If I got to be in this show I would freak out but obviously that’s not possible because im 13

    Maybe there could be a season where its all teenagers or something? but probably not, this show is one of my favorites and eventhough I cant be on it I still have hope that maybe I could be in it, in the future.

  7. Dalton L. Russell

    My name is Dalton Russell, I am 24 years old and I live in Bolivar Missouri. I fell in love with whodunits from the first Season and followed it up with Japanese game called: DanganRonpa! (Trigger Happy Havoc!) I’m an Average guy, an Everyman- kinda. I have my own novel and I can draw to boot. I’m currently working at my local McDonalds and trying to save for a car and to get into college. I’m a one-of-a-kind Sweet person whose lucky number is 13 of all things. I have Cerebral Paulsie (on my left side, so logic can sometimes fail me, but my creativity is charts above in comparison) but nobody would know from first glance [I don’t get SSI/SSD because I don’t look handicapped enough!]. If I were to win- I’d buy my mom a house and myself a car.

  8. Hannah King

    Hi my name is Hannah King of Augusta, Georgia. I am 18 years old and a college student. When I first shall this show it was fasinating! It was far better than any detective shows I have ever seen. I love to solve the mystery before the mystery had been solved within the show. You could say I love the puzzle of the crime. During Who Done It I solved half the crimes right after it was committed! I loved figuring it out, and I would love even more to be on season 2! Please and thank you for even allowing me to apply for this wonderful chance!

  9. Tom

    I need a second season of this show! I would love to be on it. I watched the first season with my kids it was awesome trying to figure out everything going on.
    I would be a great sleuth! I am 50 yrs. old, married, father of 2 boys and love to solve puzzles! I am from South Boston so the only person I am loyal to is me!


    What a great show! I want to play!!

  11. Vickie Emer

    My name is Vickie Emery I’m 62 and i love this show, watched it many times and was hoping it would come back so I could be on it and win or be the killer. I think I should be on it because I love to solve mysteries, I am a good judge of people, and I’m in it to win it or to kill it.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  12. Bo

    Please bring back whodunnit? For a second season. I’m Bo and I’m 22 years old. I love solving puzzles and I love murder myerteries. I would love to test out my skills on this show. I can prove to everyone that I can do whatever I set my mind to. Give me a shot. You won’t regret it

  13. Veronica Highland

    Hi there!
    My name is Veronica Highland and I’m 25 years old. I currently live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and I work an office job at a local car dealership. In my spare time I love to play puzzle games and murder mysteries as well as create art and perform in small voice acting roles for fan-made projects just for the fun of it. I’m one to think very logically and listen closely to people in order to spot contradictions and lies when playing such games as well as being very perceptive at finding small hints that would otherwise be hard to notice at a first glance and taking in that information.
    I saw the first season of Whodunnit while I was going to college and watched every single episode as it aired, even now I still watch it’s episodes and anticipate the possibility of a second season.
    Should the second season of Whodunnit air and I’m not able to be a part of it, I will be cheering on my favorites and piecing together my own theories alongside them to unmask the killer.
    Best of luck in finding your (un)lucky 13 contestants and thank you for your consideration!

  14. abhijeet kataria

    hi i am abhijeet and i am 20 years old . i live in India and i have brown black eyes and black hair with brown skin . i world love to be a part of ABC family! i can speak English and Hindi!
    i love crime and adventurous tv series and would love to work as a team member!

  15. jasper j libhart

    My name is jasper libhart and mystery and deception is my game i’m 20 ,21 on June 11, im ready for the ultimate challenge to find out Whodunnit.

  16. Samantha Browning

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    It would be a dream come true to participate in a game like this. I adore Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie. I was raised watching Columbo (it’s true; ask my mother!). I love true crime and could definitely “play the game.” Please contact me! Thank you so much for your time and consideration!