Whodunnit? – ABC

Whodunnit? - ABC

Whodunnit? – ABC Game Show Casting

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, NCIS, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and the like are television’s top rated series and have been for years and now the man behind one of those franchise’s is ready to give you the chance to have a real life CSI experience – and win cash doing it. ABC and CSI producer Anthony Zuiker are gearing up to bring and all new mystery solving game show to TV and an open casting call has begin to find a lucky group of contestants to be a part of it. The Producers of Whodunnit? are accepting submissions form prospective contestants now. Do you think you can solve the mystery and walk away with $250,000?

Whodunnit? is the perfect game show for the Sherlock Holmes in you. 13 would be crime solvers will be chosen to compete against each other by attempting to solve an elaborate crime each week. The players will stay in a fantastic mansion and use their wits and tools of the forensic trade to comb the crime scenes for clues to use in their analysis, those who solve the crime move on to the next week and those who don’t are eliminated. In the final episodes the remaining contestants will attempt to identify the “killer” with the correct investigator walking away with the fabulous grand prize of $250,000! If you are the person that constantly watches true crime show or documentaries or if you always figure out he ending to every story before everyone else this is your chance to use your skills to earn fame and fortune. Producers have begun an open casting call and submissions are being accepted now. If you are interested in being cast on the most incredible new game show on TV you can send emails here WhodunnitCasting@gmail.com. We’ll keep you updated with every audition update so stay tuned right here and leave a comment below and tell us why you have what it tales to figure out the crimes and become the champion of ABC’s Whodunnit?.

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  1. Andrew Edwards

    Hi, my name is Andrew Edwards I have been waiting for this show to come back on. I recently graduated High School and I am smart and witty and feel as though I am perfect to win this show.

  2. Madison Donohoe

    Hi my name is Madison. I’m 17 year old female. I am currently a senior in, high school and live in Knoxville, Tennessee. I have always loved crime and mystery shows. Watching season one of Whodunnit then seeing it was cancelled made me upset… But now that it’s coming back, I’m ecstatic! I believe I’m an excellent contestant for season two because I am very good at solving mysteries and finding the best and hardest clues! I hope you chose me to be on the show. If you do so I won’t let you down! Thank you in advance for not only coming close to choosing me, but for airing season two of Whodunnit!!

  3. Caleb


  4. Shaun pawn

    My name is shaun pawn
    Im a 27 year old private detective I watched season 1 of whodonnit and it was an incredible show. For a long time i’ve loved the murder mystery franchise, to this day my favorite movie is “clue”. I loved the whodonnit show and now that the show will be back on the air soon i have a chance to make an appearance on the show so pick me to be on whodonnit season 2.

  5. Barbara

    My 11 year old son loves this show. He has been waiting for 3 years for it to come back. He is a very cleaver crime seeker and loves to figure it all out! Please bring the show back. Hey, maybe kids would be cool to see on the show too….

  6. Mison Blazquez

    My name is Mison Blazquez
    Im 22 year old, college student, cosplayer, and long time lover of murder mystery television, films and video games. It would be an incredible opprotunity to be on the next season of Whodunnit, before this it was 13 Fear Is Real and now this. Once season one ended i couldn’t wait for the next season, and now I have a chance to be a part of the mystery. If i’m lucky enough to be invited through the doors of another stately mansion or hopefully return to Rue Manor, The Killer better watch out because i would not be an easy guest to kill. From what I’ve been told im way to subborn to die, and im not affraid to fight back against those forces who try to bring me down.
    Thank You Whodunnit! I hope to get my chance at victory

  7. Amber Ho

    Hi my name is Amber and I am 18 years old female from Taiwan. I am a contemporary dancer and now studying in US as international student in San Francisco. i am freshman in AAU and my major is acting. I really enjoyed season 1 and would like to be cast on this show. Also I am really good at combat scenes if needed.

  8. Sidney Kimball

    My name is Sidney, I’m a twenty-one year old female. I currently work retail. I would like to audition. I really enjoyed the first season, I’ve always been into mysteries and crime-solving… Clue finding.. Problem solving, all that. I’m a quiet observer but can be outgoing at some times… I think I annoy my friends because I predict movies and plots to things and endings and they all yell at me.. Haha. I’m also writing my own murder mystery and I’m so excited. Still not sure how it will end up– still solving my own mystery. :]

  9. Sam Maria

    I feel like I would be a great addiction to the show because I’m fun, well experienced and interested in mysteries. I took forensics 2 yrs in a row in high school and I also watch a lot of CSI lol

  10. Nick marando

    I am a 52-year-old male is very adventurous smart and would love to be cast on youron your show

  11. Jake`

    My name is Jake i am interested in this I am 19 reason being this is one of the things I do for a living I’m a PI or privet investigator. but I am going to be going to collage so this will let me know if I am the type who can be on tv or not. I think I have the brains for this tv show to win. Please give me a call or email for this show.

  12. Steven Biegel

    I am interested in having some fun! This sounds like fun.

  13. Melanie jones

    I am interested in this opportunity. I’m naturally a detective…it happens when you get cheated on several times. Lol. I’m spontaneously funny and sometimes have no filter, ok pretty much never have a filter. Even if I tell a lie, my facial expressions will always tell the truth

    Peace and blessings


  14. Keeley Seim

    I’m Keeley Seim, I am 16 and I would be a great addition to the show for my young age which may bring a younger crowd toward the show and that I love solving mysteries. Even as a little one i want to be a detective or a secret agent. After High School I plan on majoring in Forensic Archeology as a History/Science degree. I watched the first season of the show and in the first 10-15 minutes of each show I made a hypothesis of the crime and I have been correct EVERY time. Even without the information from the bodies and rooms I made the correct accusation. To me thats pretty impressive being only 16 and beating all the adults on the show to it. I hope you consider me as as applicant. Thank you

  15. Cherrish

    My name is Cherrish. If I could be apart of the show I would walk out a win, and the only one who survived and determined who the killer was of course. I would be a great selection for this show because I just have the skill for when something just isn’t right. I watched last season of Whodunnit and played right along. It doesnt matter if its a show,game or book when it comes to figuring out puzzles or suspects. Some how I always get right or at least not to far off. If I was picked I would have this game in the bag no doubt.

  16. Stephen Brady

    I really hope they bring this show back. This it the only reality show I watch. The mysteries and clues are phenomenal. PLEASE bring this show back! And, when you do, make me the killer :/

  17. Tristan Hendricks

    I am Tristan. My sister and I were able to watch the show together as a bonding thing. I’m interested in joining because I want to be able to go places in life. I am currently a senior in high school and I want to be able to pay for college. I know I’m young and do not have any actual experience in the field. I am studying psychology though and would love to go into an environment where I can watch people and be able to see how they react. On top of that I can be crafty and tear people apart using skills I have been taught. I have watched many of the law shows that there is as well. I will be able to do well I think in being able to find out who the killer is. It’s a dream of mine to be able to be part of investigations. I also have quite a bit of prior knowledge on many different things. My knowledge may be able to take the show in a different direction and revolutionize people’s thoughts. I can show people that just because you are young does not necessarily mean you can’t do things older people can do. I would love to hear back and show I have what it takes to solve, Whoodunnit.

  18. trenika conley

    Omg I love mysteries. Since I was little I love Nancy drew. I was gifted the complete set of first edition hardbacks. I rradveveryone of thoses books over 10 times. Solving puzzles, playing strategic games like block me, scrabble, findind hidden objects, suduko are just a few of the things I like to do. I love tovread. A few of my favorite shows are CIS, NCIS, castle, bones, supernaturel, without a trace, cold case, unsolved mysteries, I almost got away with it, snapped, autopsy the final hours, and theblist goes on

  19. Luis

    Hi! My name is Luis. I’m 19 and am a huge fan of WHODUNNIT? I love to solve mysteries. It gets me so excited. But when people first meet me they don’t think of me as a smart individual. So I know that I can throw them off. I love to meet new people & try to solve this mystery together. With my awesome personality I can make friends easy.. I’m sometimes a little ditzy but it’s funny. This would be an amazing expirence for me! Thank you! I’m so happy!!

  20. Melissa smith

    I love to be on the show who done it because it’s not about the prize money I just love to be the killer I am a student at Sacramento State University in California I am 23 years old and I’ve been watching the show and I love it I feel like if you fun way to show my acting skills and shows someone that’s different in the prospective eye of the viewer, I am studying to be a teacher and I’m getting married November 14th 2015, to my husband is in the military, I’d like to show people that sometimes maybe a kind sweet person could be something that’s even your who you don’t think its fun just to play someone different I hope this will help people in the end see that even a teacher can act even though I may just be a student, I feel like this would give an opportunity for the audience to see who I am I don’t really want the money I just think it before and if I did get the money I rather just donate it because I’m here to have fun I’m here to maybe help others and maybe if I win my fortune would help benefit children that’s all I want I think about. I’m good at crime solving even read many novels about it and I love csi type investigations. I hope I get chosen to be on a casting call for from the next whodunit

  21. Melissa smith

    I love to be on the show who done it because it’s not about the prize money I just love to be the killer I am a student at Sacramento State University I am 23 years old and I’ve been watching the show and I love it I feel like if you fun way to show my acting skills and shows someone that’s different in the prospective eye of the viewer, I am studying to be a teacher and I’m getting married November 14th 2015, to my husband is in the military, I’d like to show people that sometimes maybe a kind sweet person could be something that’s even your who you don’t think its fun just to play someone different I hope this will help people in the end see that even a teacher can act even though I may just be a student, I feel like this would give an opportunity for the audience to see who I am I don’t really want the money I just think it before and if I did get the money I rather just donate it because I’m here to have fun I’m here to maybe help others and maybe if I win my fortune would help benefit children that’s all I want I think about. I’m good at crime solving even read many novels about it and I love csi type investigations. I hope I get chosen to be on a casting call for from the next whodunit

  22. Kay Parsons

    I’m a 58 year old with a young heart and attitude! Kind of the Agatha Christie type! Or perhaps Jessica Fletcher….. Oh My. I have nearly 38 years in law enforcement as a civilian and would love the chance to solve one of your mysteries!!!!

    Can’t wait to hear something!!!!

  23. Chris Acheson

    Hey I’m “SHER” you’ve read many comments but I feel like I’m a “LOCK”. I feel at “HOLMES” with “MYSTERIES”. For me it “ELEMENTARY” fun and a “KILLER” way to spend some time. I’m a 28 year old teacher from Cochise County, Arizona. I love to figure out puzzles, and mysteries. Just in “CASE” I’m not clear and don’t say I’m “HOUND”ing you from here to “BASKERVILLE”. I want to see “MORIARTY” of this show. “SO WHEN YOU ELIMINATE ALL OTHER CONTESTANTS, THEN THE ONE WHICH REMAINS MUST BE THE TRUE WINNER.”

  24. Takeelah Traylor

    I’m a 32 year old mother of 7. I’ve been amused by crime solving shows since I was a little girl. I waited at night to watch John Walsh! I later fell deep into forensic files, and now I have to watch “First 48”, snapped, “I almost got away with it”, or ANYTHING that has dealings with crime solving. I live in Georgia and every night on the news there’s some type of crime being committed (shootings, robberies, home burglary, missing people) and in my head, I’m attempting to find answers to solve these crimes. I’m very protective over my children and I feel so bad for families when law enforcement can’t give them answers. I don’t want to only “win” the grand prize, but I want to find answers!! Pick me pick me PLEASE!!!!

  25. Anna

    I unfortunately am not able to be on the show but I am really hoping for there to be a season 2 because I loved season 1 so much! I just want you to make a season 2 so me as well as America can enjoy it.

  26. dylan oldenburger

    I want to be on the show now
    I want to win the games now
    I want to find out buy my salf

  27. Jillian

    Have you guys ever thought of having a 12 year old on the show? Well start thinking. My name is Jillian Arnold I am 12 years old and I am a huge fan of whodunnit! I would love to be apart of the show! I wouldn’t care if I got to be a contestant or a maid or anything else, I just really want to be apart of the show!

    Jillian Arnold

  28. Jabali Price

    My name is Jabali Price! I’ve been loving to solve mysteries since I was a little boy! My first hero is Sherlock Holmes and the next is Batman! Sounds weird but those was my heros beside my dad was the one got me hook on mysteries! I’ve seen the show whodunit and it caught my attention! By watch’n the season of the show I wanted to be on the next season of whodunit! The reason why you should pick me on the show is I’m a security guard and a private investigator! So please keep me in mind for season 2 of whodunit! Thank you!

  29. Hannah Morrison

    Hi! My name is Hannah Morrison. I am 27 years old. I would absolutely LOVE to be on Who Dunnit! First off I have been fascinated with crime scenes and detective work since I was in high school. Ever since I first watched the movie Bone Collector I have been hooked on forensics. I have seen most of all the CSI shows. I watch the ID channel daily and I go to bed watching Forensic Files. ;)))))) I have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a minor in Psychology. I went to the National Forensic Academy and received a certificate in Forensics. At the National Forensic Academy I got to do hands on activities involving forensics such as mock crime scenes, blood analysis, fingerprint analysis, shooting reconstruction, and anthropology. My goal in life is to become a CSI. I know I have what it takes to be on this show and solve the crimes. I would love to be on this show to test my skills, collect evidence and clues, and solve each case. Please give me the chance to live a dream!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. logan smith

    Hello there. My name is logan and i am 22. And i love this show . i watch the firsst episode. And well i fihgured out who thekiller was. I love solving myster. I can read some one like its nobody business. I would love to be on the show not for the money but to do wat i do best which is solve murders. Criminal. Minds flashpoint, csi. You name it i watch it.

  31. Grace

    I would die if I got to be on this show! It’s my favorite show because I loved participating in the guessing of who was the killer. I had a suspicion of who the killer was last year because she said she was from Nevada, but she pronounced it differently so I was always suspicious about her and I was right! I would love to be on the show because I can always figure out what’s going to happen on a crime show before it actually happens.

  32. Latanya Lavan

    I’m Africa American women who is and artists and love finding things out am good at all and watch at home all the CIA shows and I think I would be perfect am young and would bring a new life to the shoe

  33. Micah Hong

    Hi. My name is Micah and I am a major fan of this show. Mystery stories are my passion and for years, my enjoyment has been Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle, in addition to other such works. My hobbies are writing and running roleplaying stories for friends. Please consider me for your show, I would regard it as an honor!

  34. Brian Ray

    My name is Brian and I’m 27 years old. Absolutely loved the 1st season and would be honored to be on the show fighting it out for the grand prize. I think I would be of the more skilled contestants given that I have an electrical engineering degree and I play poker for a living. I’m very good at picking up on people’s tells and when they are lying. My strategy coming into the game would be to form as many relationships as possible so I can get the information I need because I won’t always be able to solve it all on my own. After I have gained the trust of my peers I would start withholding certain information from them which would increase my chances of advancing to the following week. Thank you for considering me for the season 2 cast.
    Hope to hear from you soon,

  35. Rebekah

    Can I be a maid or something?
    That would be awesome!
    I loved watching the show and almost gave up hope for a second season.
    I can’t solve crimes, sorry.
    But I can carry a tray and blend in as staff

  36. Wonderland Idlebird

    My name is Wonderland Idlebird (Yes I am for real) I am 18 years old and i am an enormous fan of this show. I watched this show I don’t even know how long ago and when I finished the first season I was hungry for more. I beleive that its a huge sign that i ran across this casting call. Even if i wasnt to win i think it would be awesome to be put in a death scene!!

    Wonderland Idlebird
    Houston, Texas

    Please give me a call. I would absolutely love to be apart of this show!!

  37. Siobhan McVeigh

    I have grown up watching every investigative cop shows from Ironside, Perry Mason, Quincy, T.J. Hooker, Hunter, to all the Law & Order, CSI shows! I am always figuring out who is the guilty party before everyone else! I love crime shows & had they been around more when I was growing up I would of had chosen a career in the field of crime investigating! My quick wit and gift of figuring out people would make me an awesome candidate for this reality show, but my competitive nature combined with desire to win make me an even more awesome candidate to have on the show!

  38. Marcia


    Clue was our all time favorite family game growing up. It had all the right ingredients for a great night – mystery, problem solving, mystique, fun. Whodunnit? has all of this and I can’t wait to be on the show. I love to solve mystery problems, in fact, all I want to do is to go on a Murder Mystery Dinner or the Oriental Express. I’ll bring energy and enthusiasm to Whodunnit?! Looking forward to hearing from you!


  39. Kayla Williams

    Hello there,
    my name is Kayla Williams, I’m 24 years old, and I’m from a really, really small town named Claremont, in New Hampshire. I am a tattoo artist and also incredibly good at inferring details and clues, I know I have no way of proving this, but I called Kris being the killer from the second episode, just from her mannerisms and the way she carried herself. I am extremely well at picking up small and missed details that not everyone seems to notice, I think I would be great for this show because I have a different outlook than most people, I see things differently than most, I’m quiet and observant, while still picking up attention to detail, also being quiet would cast lots of suspicion my way for being the killer due to my unique nature, and! I would love to get a head start on life and a quarter of a million would certainly help me construct a Rue Manor of my own! Hope i get picked! I promise to make the show thaf much more bone chilling and exciting, even when i don’t know what’s going on!

  40. Sharon Lara

    My name is Sharon Lara, I am 20 years old, born and raised in the Bronx, New York. I am very interested in being a cast member on the most incredible new game show on TV, I am such a huge fan of this show I loved the first season I was wondering when season 2 was going to come back, and here I am hoping to be on this amazing very entertaining show. I would be a great candidate on this show because I observe everything around me. I am smart, energetic, friendly, sophisticated, hard worker and most of all very talented. This game show is amazing and it brings out the Sherlock Holmes in me I am very good at mystery games and I usually always win. I know I have what it takes to become the champion of ABC’s whodunnit and I know I can definitely figure out the crimes. Do you think I’m up for the challenge? I know I am!

  41. Jamar Dowdell

    My name is Jamar Dowdell. I am 20 years old and I am a huge fan of the show and it’s 1st season and I believe that I would be perfect for the Second Season because I love pushing my Brain to it’s limits especially when it involves solving problems and figuring out clues and suspects. Movies and Shows that fall into the same category as this give me a rush always wondering what’s going to happen it keeps me in suspense and that makes me a perfect Candidate for this show.

  42. Victoria

    Hello Whodunnit,
    My name is Victoria and I am a quick, intelligent, and precise individual. I work extremely well under pressure and can handle any task or mystery that you can throw at me. I pay attention to every detail no matter what it is. It can be what someone says, what they wear, the paintings on the wall, and all of the murder mysteries at lurk around. Even this detail in the casting call description; “or if you always figure out he ending to every story,” when it really should be “or if you always figure out THE ending to every story.” Also yes I do always figure out the ending to every story and love murder shows, Whodunnit is however my favorite.

  43. Ally R

    My name is Ally. I’m a singer/songwriter and a soccer player. Ever sense I was 10 I have been watching all of the crime shows like Castle, CSI, Criminal Minds, and of course Whodunnit? Season 1. This experience would be so cool and fun to actually solve murders. A couple years ago I went to the Mall of America and did this CSI experience and it was so fun yet a little scary but I solved it and it was actually kind of easy. I fell in love with this show and thought oh it would so fun to be on it. This might be my chance. But I have a disclaimer, I’m only 15 and I don’t know how old you have to be to be on the show so… Yea. But if I don’t get picked then I absolutely can’t wait to see the next season cause I’m already excited.


  44. Dominik Kozlowski

    Hi there 🙂 I’m Dominik, I’m 27 and it is my dream to be on Whodunnit Season 2!
    Ever since 2000 when I came across “The Mole”, in the TV, I knew that I want to be one of those people. I wanted to had a time of my life, to fought my deepest fears, to have a race with time after race and all this time while doing this to look with suspicion behind my shoulder, because there is noone you can really trust, yet you are close with everyone at some level. Of course I was only 12 back then so the only thing that I could do was just watching it with the jelaousy written all over my face and the hope, big hope, that there would be at least 8 seasons, so when I am 18 I could participate in it. Unfortunately there was only 3 seasons of this amazing show and my dreams crashed. I sweared to myself that when there will be a chance to be a part of a show like this I will do whatever it takes!
    Of course then I grew up a little and then “the Internet happened” along with DVD discs and other stuff and I was introduced to whole new world of uncountable amount of movies and TV series. I took the best pleasure with watching everything that is somehow forensics-related. Monk, Elementary, Veronica Mars, Pushing Daisies, CSI, Sherlock Holmes? You name it! I’ve watched all of those and more and that’s why I know my way around crime scenes. Let’s just add to that programs like Doctor G and I am good and ready to go to the morgue and do the autopsy 🙂 God is my witness that I fell in love with Doctor G so much that I was actually thinking of becoming a pathologist. I changed my mind and chose Chemistry instead, so you can say I have laboratory background 🙂
    Basically all I read are criminals and my TV is set on “Investigation Discovery” all the time. And yes – I know that some of those shows are not completely 100% scientifically accurate (DNA analysis in 30 minutes, really?), but I don’t care! It’s about this special state of subconsciousness and I feel like I have that special “it” in me.
    For now my thrill of riddles needs to be satisfied by “escape rooms”. I’ve been to dozens of them and I always choose those with hard level of complexity. So far I’ve never failed!
    Other than that I am really good at paying attention to details and at processing facts. Here you go, perfect candidate! 🙂
    We all know that Whodunnit is not all just about forensics. There is also this “creating alliances” part. I like to think of myself as a sociable person and a good liar. That’s why I think I will have no problem to obtain information from others and not to fully give every information I know, to always keep that extra special something just for me 🙂
    Oh, did I mention I am not just smart but also good looking? Your ratings will be really high, thanks to me! 😉 So here you go – take me and you won’t regret it!

    Dominik Kozlowski

  45. Zacha Young

    My name is Zacha Young, I am a 21 year old History major from Texas, and I have a knack for solving puzzles of all kinds. I love mysteries, especially the darker ones, and I’ll do whatever it takes to win.

  46. Tinisha Gibbs

    My name is Tinisha Gibbs and i am 34 years old. Mystery is my thing. I watched every episoded of whodunit. I know i have what it takes to solve any mystery. Just give me a try!

  47. Tinisha Gibbs

    My name is Tinisha Gibbs. I actually watched every episode of whoduneit. I loved the show & i loved the mystery. I am very interested in auditioning.

  48. Jennifer

    This show started out being something my kids (Hailey 19 and Tuck 8) could all sit down a watch together. I am a 39 year old mother of three (including my 17 y/o step soN who I actually see just as my own). I live in Virginia, in a small, one horse town, so to speak. I absolutely loved the mixture of personalities chosen and we found ourselves buried in each episode. I cannot wait for this to return, and I would love to even be a part of the new cast. I don’t have an acting background, just a mother of three with a degree in psychology, and work in the field of addiction medicine. While I respect others opinions, I am quick to hold my ground and express my thoughts. I’m Southern, born and raised, and don’t back down from bullies. Thanks for reading and I really can’t wait for the new season, even of I watching it from my living room.



  49. Angela Ower

    Hello, my name is Angela Ower, I’m 44 years old live in Florida. I enjoy all of the “Who Done it” shows, I usually have it figured out before the end of show. I enjoy a good challenge (I have 5 kids … they alone are my daily challenge) I am also very detailed and if I say so myself pretty observant!

  50. Musaab

    I love whodunnit so much

  51. Terri Nelson

    Why is there nothing about a second season on the ABC website?

  52. Thomas Fisk

    My name is Thomas and I am a 15 y/o boy. I love mysteries. Ever since I was a kid, I knew I would love to be a detective or a lawyer. I loved the series, especially the state your case. I know I can win this if given a shot. I know I am young, but I knew more than the final four did before Kam ever found the orange container. I know that I can win. So how about me as your next ace detective.

  53. Mason Ballard

    The rest of my list why I would be a great contestant didn’t fit so this is part two. I loved the first season I could tell who was lying. I knew it was Cris, she just seemed sketchy. I think I would be a great person to be on the show because of my great tracking skills and being able to tell who is lying. I also think I would be great because I love mystery shows. Ibwatch them with my grandma and we always figure them out. So please email me back and let me know I’m in. Please

  54. Mason Ballard

    Hi, my name is Mason Ballard. I am 13 years old and work as a cashier for Buggirls Garden in Prosser, Washington. Every week somebody would leave something such as there wallet or other groceries and I would remember them and track them down, so safe to say I am a good mystery solver. Also some people would steal from us such as bouquets they didn’t pat for so I would have to have good eyes next week and catch them. I lover the first

  55. Levi Laymance

    Hello there my name is of course is Levi. Im am 14 years of age at the current moment and I’m an also 6’2 and growing during my life I’ve been pulled toward acting and mysteries. I can also do a pretty convincing british accent my quirky behavoir and a fun problem solving skills makes me a pretty tough cookie to beat i highly doubt you will consider me based on my age (unless theres some twist you would have in mind) but i will have you know im likely the most mature out of all my comrades. My quick eye for detail will those adults eating my dust. 😉

  56. David Guttman

    Hi, I’m David I live in Toronto Ontario and I’m an I.T for a chiropractic corporation. I would be perfect for whodunnit because I’m a puzzle maniac, I love mystery, and I’m good at predicting situations based on outcomes. I will bring something fresh to the table that has never been seen before. My ability to predict and my smarts will bring me to the top. The others don’t know what there in for

  57. Whitley Puttbrese

    Hello, My name is Whitley. I am a college student. 21 years young. My name suits my personality because I am very witty. I am an amazing observer but you will be left completely in the dark because I have an expert poker face. When you think you are two steps ahead of me, that’s when your ten steps behind me. I have great social skills and a bubbly personality. I am just an average person doing average things in life. I am ready to discover new masterpieces and explore different parts of my brain that I don’t get to use everyday. Please give me a chance to challenge your show. Then possibly win it. -Whitley

  58. Colby

    I am a 31 single mom who is stoked that season two is coming out of this awesome show!! Ask anyone in my family my favorite game is clue!! My mom raised me on Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes, I love a good mystery!!She took me on a mystery train, I was the youngest player and I won, I figured put the who done it in half the time as everyone else!! Please pick me for season two!! ✌

  59. Dominique


    My name is Dominique and I’m 31 years old. I am pursuing a degree to be an RN. I think I would be a good contestant on your show for a number of reasons. I not only enjoy mysteries but I am good at nailing them right on the head. I can think outside the box and come up with multiple scenarios but ultimately my gut and the clues will steer me towards the answer. I’m an outgoing person who can be serious when needed and facetious when I seek fit. Let’s get the game going! I hope to hear from you.

    Thank you in advance for your time,

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  61. Ryan Roberts

    My name is Ryan Roberts. I am 16 years old. I know that seems young, but I am intelligent and a big mystery fan. I watched season 1 and absolutely loved it. I would love to be on season 2. I hope you will consider me to a a part of this amazing show.

    Ryan Roberts

  62. Jesily Abrahamson

    If someone thinks they have the upper hand, break it! My name is Jes Abrahamson. I am a 25 year old single mother to an amazing and busy 2 1/2 year old boy. I live in Minnesota, so during those long, cold winters, I watch series re-runs of CSI, Law & Order: SVU and NCIS. My sister and I grew up playing Clue, and going to murder mystery dinners. Simply put, I will win because it is what I do. I have spunk, and a large personality. You would not go wrong by letting me be a part of Whodunnit?

  63. Anna

    I’m a 30 year old female living in California, and let me start off by saying when I saw casting for this show I FREAKED! I absolutely love crime/mystery! I’m a huge fan of Forensic files, cold case files, 48 hours, wives that kill, fatel attractions, I almost got away with it -I mean the list goes on and on! I love the investigation discovery channel!!! I’ve been watching these shows for over 15 years.. I don’t watch much of your average girl shows.. i dont dislike them, but my guilty pleasure is definitely crime solving and mystery shows!! I feel I can solve crimes, gather useful information and use my TV taught skills to solve any case, REALLY I DO! :)) oh how exciting to even think!! the adrenaline is awesome, hah!
    I’m very out going and get along with different kinds of people, also i adapt easy to any environment! PICK MEE! :)))
    I would LOVE to be on the show!!!

  64. Juan Rodriguez

    I’m a 19 year old male from Texas and I love anything that had to do with television. I’m a student at Austin Community College and I am still undecided on what I’d like to do with my life. This would be a perfect way for me to see if acting is a career I would like to pursue. I definitely think I have the personality, the brains, and the passion to win any TV competition. This would also be the best way to boost my self confidence. Please consider me for this show!