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  1. amber pocoroba

    Heck ya where do we sign up :) me and my ex would be great for this lmao I think :/

  2. Corrie Ward

    If your looking for fan favorites and a winning couple, me and my man are the ones to choose. We are both professional mma fighters. Very athletic, great mental game and pretty damn entertaining together. We could use the winning money to help out our families as well as fund our cage fighting training. Not to mention we’re a pretty good looking couple.

  3. Deborah Johnson

    My sister Wanda, and I would make a great team she is smart and so am I we are ready.

  4. Karly Fogard

    My boyfriend and i would love to be a part of this! We’re both extremely stubborn and competitive, we literally make a competition out of everything from random thumb wars to who got to the car first!
    As a team?
    oohhhh its on like donkey kong!

  5. Mario Rosas

    Auditions…well sign us up…:)…see this is right up our alley. See I think this is shot for my best friend and brother from another mother named Rudy. Both he and I have been friends for almost eight years. Bien through it all together. See we are both single dads with kids that we both love very much but due to lifes trials and tribulations have had to travel most of our childrens childhoods for work being gone at times for months at a times, sometimes only going home for thanksgiving, christmas, new years and back off to work. Being on this show and winning would gives an opportunity to have a carreer change and dedicate ourselves to our kids now that they will be teenagers soon. Both he and work well as a team and have overcome every obsticle together this would be a great challenge for us and oportunity for us with our kids in mind we cant be beat…..

  6. yarrellys ruiz


    My name is Yarrellys Ruiz and I am marry to an amazing man Jonathan Ruiz we been together for 5 years and we just recently got marry last July, which this year will be our first year anniversary July 5th 2015. The reason we want to be on the show and win the money is because we want to start a family. We been trying to have a baby about 2 years now and for health reason we can’t so our only hope is win this money to pay for the treatment. Jonathan and I we are very competitive everything we want and start we finish we never give up and we always work so hard for what we want. This will not only be something for us to do together as couple but a chance for a new begining to start a family.

    We pray and hope that you guys give us the opportunity and make our dream come true.

    Thank You!
    Yarrellys & Jonathan Ruiz

  7. Steven McClain

    My best friend Jared and I would be perfect for this! We think a like, we are quick thinkers and don’t stop when we have our mind set on something. I’d like to think of it as determination but its probably just stubbornness. :)

  8. salvatore oddo

    We feel that we have what it takes to win the Great Escape and start our new future.
    We have worked together for a few years and have been training together to compete on your show just bring it.

  9. Jerome Hall

    Me and my sister would love to do this! We watched all the episodes and said we can do that!!!

    Pick US Pick US :)

  10. Charlie Stoll

    I am 23 years old and about to graduate college with a whole lot of loans. (Speak about motivation to hide the money!). My partner would be a friend/co-worker that is someone that beats to the sound of his own drum and spontaneous. I live a much more structured life and may need that spontaneity to win this 100,000 dollars to help relieve our debts. College grads all the way! We look forward to hearing from you.

  11. Ivan

    Pumped to get an opportunity to win 100k!

  12. Jamar Peeden

    I hope my brother and I get the chance to to be candidates. We are the ultimate team and I exolained more in the email. Hope to hear from you soon!

  13. Kala Bettencourt

    I cannot say that my boyfriend and I would be great for this only because you never really know until your there in the moment. In everyday life we work well together and being apart of this would definitely push us to our next level and be an absolutely amazing experience. :)

  14. Titania T.

    Im 20 years old and have great communication with my boyfriend of 3 years. He’s 20 years old as well as has great multi-tasking skills, also we are both great at problem solving and will go the mile just to figure and work out an issue. We both have an educated background.

  15. Arielle

    my fiance & I would be great candidates for the show. We work together well and make a great team. I feel sorry for who would be against us.. .. pick us

  16. shauni zenteno

    me and my husband victor zenteno would be great candidates for the show.
    sent email. hope to hear from you soon.

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