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  1. Elizabeth Laboy

    My husband Christopher and I would be an awesome team to compete. We are both former military and know what it takes to get the job done. We are both mentally and physically ready and capable of completing any task given. We have been married 6 yrs and have three amazing little boys together. We feel that winning this challenge would help us pay off oyr debts and start fresh, buy a house for our kids to grow up in and save for the future. Picking us would be tge best thing you can do. We’d be fun to watvh thats for sure :-)

  2. Ashley K.

    I recently have posted and would like to say again my husband and i are willing to take on any challenge and this money could really change our lives ! Please pick us!

  3. frank newbraugh

    Where to start? my fiance samantha and i have been together for 7 years i am 36 and she is 26. We are a great team, and we are very good comunicaters. We are more than ready to take on this challenge and win big. she has a degree in csi and i am from the mountians. i am very crafty they call me mountian man!!!

  4. Samantha Eby

    My boyfriend and I are high school sweethearts and would be perfect contestants. We have the trust and mental stability. We enjoy watching fear factor and only think the challenges look fun. We both also love puzzles and this game sounds like a mental thing. I really want the money so we can pay off school an have our dream wedding. I really want to open a animal rescue too and with the money my dreams could actually come true!

  5. Cory & Kenzie

    Mississippi born and bred, we are newly weds and longtime competitors, think John McEnroe meets a female Napoleon, Kenzie is 4’10″. We are young professionals, I’m a lawyer, she is a soon to be nurse practitioner. We compete together in couples golf tournaments and tennis leagues, and against each other in everything else, like who can slide the farthest across the floor in their socks. Other than that, I’m kind of a nerd and she is really into crossfit, aka fitness cult (I’ll be in trouble for putting that on here), we love animals (our pets and hunting wild ones), and we are just a pretty fun couple to hangout with.

  6. micheal colver

    I once had a brief Q&A with a famous man (Bill Gates) when I was an intern that said all you have to do is ask someone directly for something or time, and his reply was “what’s the worst that they can say… No. So ask for what you want and work out the details later. A closed mouth doesn’t get feed, and someone that wants something bad enough will find a way to get it.” So that’s what I’m doing… I would like an interview with my team mate for your show. My team mate is Stacy Criswell (he’s a guy… with a girl’s name.. go figure). We are both charismatic guys that make a great team. We are a mix of super competitive intellectuals ( I’m a computer engineer, and he is a building official) along with type A personality that are both well liked and ego filled ( he’s liked everywhere he goes, I come across as cocky until you get to know me because I’m a total smart ass). We’re liked by others especially old people in the gym at 5 AM on the tread mill, something about us two talking to each other tends to bring them over in droves… or maybe there are just lonely.

    Our 23 year friendship was\is forged with ego, rivalry, and compassion from start to finish, it’s never wavered; we see each other as brothers\family more than friends. Yeah we have disagreements just like anyone else, but it is how we respect one another that define us. We use humor, smart ass comments and comic-slapstick condescending (in a good way) conversation to keep things in perspective. Meaning we don’t sweat the small stuff, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t completely humiliate each other if we make a mistake. Hell we live for moments to razz each other like that, I think that an adventure around the world would be a perfect outlet for true hazing…_Plus it lets us know were human. J.

    We’ve had a long history of playing mental and physical games as we both teach have competed in Tae Kwon do (full contact) for the last 20+ years winning State and National level competitions….fighting someone you don’t know takes a level of mental strength that people rarely experience (feeling like you’re going to throw up at any second while putting your game face on and throwing down your ego to intimidate others takes practice). Funny thing is we hate physical altercations. Next we live for extreme challenges like tough muddrer mud runs that push the boundaries of our physical limitations that last for miles on end.

    There was a Funny movie once..( can’t remember which maybe weekend at Burnies I think) that had two friends standing next to each other, and the other looking down said “we are so close as friends, what’s the limits of our friendship…?” the other looked over with a smart ass grin and said “I would help you burry a body… but I think I would have said that “that’s kind of gross and would at least need gloves… LOL .” Stacy and I can’t predict what will happen in life but we can make fun of it and have a blast doing it. I would rather die with a my body beat to crap saying” that was one hell of a ride” instead of showing up without a scratch wishing I had done more.

    Well here goes nothing,

    Michael Colver and Stacy Criswell

  7. Mike Ganzak

    I think that the Ganzak boys would be great contestants for this show. We are brothers and we do butt heads from time to time, but when there’s money involved, or some competition, we for sure know that we will become on top and do our absolute best to become as successful as we can. We have what it takes to win that $100,000 and I know that we are exactly what you need to become your next contestants…

  8. Carley C

    Hi my name is carley. I am 20 years old. I am going to school to get my esthetician license. Ive watched the show before and absolutely love it. My partner would be my dad who is now retired. I think this would be alot of fun to be on. And you better watch out i might be young and my dad might be retired but we will take you all by storm!

  9. Nick Corso

    hello! this challenge would be amazing. My roommate and i would crush this challenge. I played sports in college very smart and athletic. we would love an opportunity to participate on this show. your ratings will sky rocket, i am smart funny and entertaining. and in turn we will win the 100,000 dollars. Its a win win for both of us. get in touch with me through email and i can send you pictures. I would highly recommend considering us. you will be glad you did!

  10. Arthur McMiller

    Me and my Friend Jordon would love to be considered and casted for the new season of The Great Escape. We both are competitive people when it comes to any competition so I think we can go the distance. As a team together I believe we are a Dynamic Duo so when push comes to shove we both can hold our own. Winning would really impact both of our lives.

  11. Haley

    We are an exotic couple determined to ESAPE!

  12. Ricky Cunningham

    Hello my name is Ricky i am 33 and my best friend of 17 years is Bobby he is 31 We are two very competive guys who watch the show all the time and we both know that we would set a GREAT ESCAPE record for being the team that never got caught and had the best time ever recorded on the show no matter what Bobby and myself do in life we always make a competition out of it so when you chose us the tv ratings would skyrocket so please make our dreams come true and chose the best duo to ever play the game Bobby and Rick thank you love you guys

  13. Bruno

    Hi, my name is Bruno Paniagua and I’m 13 (almost 14) years old, me and my dad want to participate on this show because we have seen almost all the episodes and we think we could win this game, we are 72.4 percent secure that we could win because we are tall, athletic, strong, and we have the ability to solve problems quickly. My IQ is higher than the average (from adults). We need the money, and I think this could be a good opportunity to have a great moment with mi father (we have to improve our relationship). We would be thankful if you choose us.

  14. Niesha Jordan

    Hello I think me and my husband would be great for this show. We are both 22 years old and just married. We currently live with his mom and our looking to find our own place. We have gotten so much grief about marrying young but I knew this decision was best for us, but we just have to prove everyone else wrong. I lost both of parents when I was 9 so his family and my sister are all I have left. So I have been on my own since 18 and this money would help take care of me and help repay my husband for the stress that came along with marrying someone who all they have is you.

  15. Ashley K.

    My boyfriend/soon to be husband and I both have fighting spirits. We would be great competitors for the show and the money could change our lives!

  16. ricky cunningham


  17. Shana Knight

    My Brother Anthony, 25, and I, 22 would make an awesome team.

    Over the last year and a half we have been training so hard in the gym, so with our strength as well as his brains and my creativity, that $100,000 would be ours! We have both gone through so much in life, and were separated as kids. He lived with my deadbeat father who abandoned him, while I lived with my mother who was single all the time, and always working which meant i was always on my own. We possess amazing survival skills, that would help us to go far in this challenge. Because we have spent time apart we have many differences and argue a lot but the opportunity for us to be on this show would help us to put our differences to the side and become closer! We are best friends when we do get along and he is the number 1 man in my life! The money would mean the world to us because it would mean my brother would be able to have the money to go back to school, as he was deprived of that, and I would be able to leave the crappy town I am to pursue my dream career. My parents (mom and stepdad) are in debt from putting me through college and I would help them pay that off as well. I Just know we would have this competition in the bag!

  18. Aaron Roberts

    My name is Aaron Roberts. Jared and myself would be great for this game show. We are great competitors and being active police officer shows that we are ready for anything that comes our way, because we are constantly preparing for the worse on any call we get. Crisis rehearsal is our number one goal when going out on a call. So bring it on we can handle it.

  19. octavia holmes

    This is my kind of game. It employs thinking skills and problem solving skills. I am a 32 year old single mom and have had 17 years now coming up with ways to help the kids D’s escape many different situations to say the least. I think I am perfect for this game. America will love me

  20. Kirsten Turner

    Hey my names kirsten ! I live w my boyfriend of two years Aaron. We love pushing each other to the limit. I have played softball for 14 years and he’s played baseball since he was 9. We love game shows and defiantly want to take on new adventures and challenges. Something new, something different, something worth it !!!

  21. Laura S.

    Hello Great Escape! love this show- my brother and I work well together and could give any of our competitors one hell of a run. We would like to not only give it our all to this challenge, also make some money for our family as a whole who are in some financial crisis’s individually. P.S. this game show is not only fun to watch, but would bet even more fun to participate in- please consider us and you will be glad you did.

  22. nick vangorder

    My names Nick I’m 19 years old. Me and my cheer coach/friend Shannon would be perfect for the show. we are both athletic, determined, driven people. As competitive cheerleaders we train hard all year long for a two and a half minute chance at being a champion, so we defiantly will push until the very end. We would love an opportunity to be on the show. Thank you for your consideration!

  23. Vickee Ross

    My name is Vickee Ross and I think my best friend Cheryl Franks would be a great team for The Great Escape. We have known each other for 18 years and have been best friends for the last 15. We have been told we are quick witted and pretty hilarious. We go on trips and have some pretty fun stories that we always say we’re “taking to the grave”. It is also both our dreams to move out near the ocean and anyone that knows us can tell you that. Cheryl is a breast cancer survivor of one year and the debt she has for the cost of her treatment even with her insurance is over $80,000. Both our winnings would go toward this. Any left over and to the ocean we go! We have been told by many many people we are the same but different. Where she is small and dark haired, I am the tall redheaded amazon. She has an outspoken mind and I sit and mull over before I speak. There is so much we have been through. We get each other and are always up for an adventure. Watching us laugh and plot and scheme would be great fun to watch!

  24. Damir Johnson

    Hi my name is Damir Johnson and I am 12yrs old. And my brother is 15yrs old. And we are athletic, we really really need the money. If we are put on the show we are 75% that we will win the game. We really want to be on your show because it looks very fun we been watching it ever since it came on. And we are big fans of the show. Thank you for consideration. Damir & Donnavan

  25. mollie

    i love this show my boyfriend and i want to do this

  26. Megan Hesla

    Hi everyone! My best friend of 20+ years, Janet, and I, would like to be contestants on the Great Escape show! We’ve been best friends since we were born and have been ever since. She is my twin in everyway! We are both 21 and I’m attending online college while she is working in her mom’s store. We have waved nothing more than to be able to show the world how we aren’t afraid to take it by storm; to show what it’s like to have such an amazing friendship and how to work together! Give us a chance and you won’t regret it! We’re about to blow your minds with our awesomeness. :)

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