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Television’s most pulse pounding game show is coming soon and the producers are looking for talented two person teams to compete for fabulous prizes including the grand prize of $100,000. The Great Escape is the latest high quality production from TNT and was created by the team behind such reality hits as Big Brother, The Sing Off and America’s Next Top Model and promises to be the most intense reality TV game show ever. Auditions and casting calls for this all new television challenge are happening very soon.

The Great Escape will be hosted by the charming and quick-witted Rich Eisen who has been the lead anchor of the NFL Network since it’s inception in 2003. The game challenges three two person teams with previous ties (family members, friends, couples) to a series of amazing challenges held in an exciting new location (castles, ships, prisons) each episode. The shows will begin with the teams blindfolded and locked in a cell. The teams must locate a map hidden within the cell, break themselves out of their cells and complete four stages that lead to their Great Escape. Each stage features a new and increasingly challenging physical or mental challenge that must be completed to move on. The first team to successfully complete the challenges and reach the final destination will walk away with the grand prize of $100,000!  This show is set to be a fantastic combination of such fan favorites as Wipeout, Fear Factor and Survivor and may just turn out to be a runaway hit for TNT. It’s time for you to grab your partner and make you Great Escape. Casting calls and auditions for this series will be going on very shortly and contestant submissions are being accepted now. If you are ready to get in on the fun you can send your name and the name of your partner, your contact information, the relationship between you and your partner, photos of your team and why you need the money and why you should be on the show to Be sure to leave a comment for us below and keep checking in for all of the casting information for The Great Escape.

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  1. Derek lee

    My brother in law and I are loud, energetic, competitive , problem solvers. We aren’t losing 100k to anyone. I live in philly. He lives in Florida. I’m 43 he’s 40 we have wives and children. We both grew up in the hood. But both of us moved out to greener pastures with no arrests, warrants or baby We are extremely great at problem solving and mysteries. We aren’t great under extreme stress…for 100k…there is no stress… I am a magician and he is a mailman. Please contact us anytime.

  2. The Cindy's

    Hope you can find our email!! Can’t wait for you to pick the contestants!

  3. Hayley Russell

    I have talent and I’m a friendly competitor but I compete hard. I am friendly but I work for what I want and if I don’t get it its because my competitor had more talent and I am willing to test my talent.

  4. Mike Meyer

    I think you should choose me for this. I have quite a lot of talent. My headshot is you driving past my house and looking at me through the window.

  5. Gursimran Singh

    Hi I am gursimran Singh am from LA n my born in India. Am belong to Sikh Indian family i am good looking n tall guy. Am also different from other people’s am make turban also on my head turban is sign for Sikh people’s n different. Everybody wanna c new thing new face n I like to challenge my self m work hard. Give me one chance this is the totally different for u guys n all peoples n audience too.please give me one chance m prove my self…

    My stats
    Gursimran Singh
    Age 22
    Height 5’9
    Black hair
    Brown eyes

  6. Anthony Sandoval

    Hello! My name is Anthony Sandoval and I’m 23 years old. Me and my lifelong buddy Frederick Preciado, who is 21 years old, would love the opportunity to be on The Great Escape. We are both super competitive and work tremendously well together. We are a great team and never give up at all. We were in jail together for a short amount of time and we believe that it just made is stronger and we are prepared to take the next big step in life and succeed! We currently live in the beautiful town of Breckenridge, CO and are both hard working citizens. We also do great amounts of volunteer services around our county. This opportunity to be on The Great Escape would mean so much to us! Please consider us to be on the show, Thank You!

  7. Jessica Brammer

    Hello, My dad, Jason and I would like to be considered for the Great Escape game show because we are always looking for new adventures, we both like strategizing and we are both pretty agile. I am 18 years old and my dad is 44 but is still in good shape… we believe it would be a very fun and interesting experience and would love to have the chance to win the grand prize 😀

  8. Desiree

    I would absolutely love for me and my boyfriend to go on this! We both have an obsession with fitness and challenges and always up to take on new things full force! We make an amazing team and would totally kick ass!

  9. Dalton Borders

    I think I should be considered because I’m a down south adrenaline junkie who’s learned how to survive in just about every situation. I know how to work like crazy to get what I want and won’t give up no matter what. I don’t back down from any challenge and will stay head strong no matter how bad it gets. I believe I could go all the way with this opportunity if given the chance

  10. Mark

    I think my ex josey and I would be good on the show because we been trying to get back together for awhile now 4 yrs. Just our long distance. Her in south carolina and I in Connecticut just doesn’t seem to happen. It would be an Awesome experience to start all over again. Thanks again!

  11. Erika Locke

    My friend Barbara and I would love to be on this fun and exciting game show. We are both from the Boston area and we are wicked fun ladies with great attitude. We both have children and love to take a mini girls trip and have some fun with other great people.
    Thank you

  12. curtisjefferson

    I would like to be on the show because i need the money

  13. Valerie Landrum

    I want to be on this show because I want to show my husband that he is wrong when he thinks that I wouldn’t be able to complete the challenges and work together with him as a team. We agree on some things but we are both stubborn to the bone and we both think we are always right. I would love to prove to him that I am right and what better way than on live TV and when cash is on the line. **** And another reason is that I need to pay off school loans.

  14. Taylor Lowery

    My husband and I would be great for The Great Escape show. I’m the brains and he is the brawn. We are a quick witted couple still trying to figure out the world. He’s 22, and Im 21 and we are ready for adventure. We would use the money to pay off my school debt in order for the both of us to go back to school. We are funny and extreme opposites. But our love and constant determination for the top would be great assets for the show.We are great together and will keep the viewers cheering us on and coming back for more!!

    Taylor and Wil Vernon

  15. jay murray

    Hi guys me and my cusin, would like a shot at this show. I’m j Murray I can win this.we are strong together I can exscape what ever you guys throw at friends handcuffed me to car stairing wheel tied my feet to the brake and gas pedal.also tied tinted glasses on my face in a bet.guess what I won the bet for $100.00 bucks.that bought mom nice mothers day present lol.if I win I’ll like to donate $10,000, split 10 way to people who lost homes to house fires.another $ veterians.I really want a shot at this guys.I ask that I’m considered in this.I can do it

  16. angel perez

    Me and my brother in law would be good for this show we’ve been watching this telling each other we can do this we both have kids and really could use the money for our kids but win or lose at least we tried and gave our best right? Not always about the money also bout the fun of the game.

  17. Russell smith

    Jim and I would be great for the show. Both strong mentally and physically and will do anything to WIN!!

  18. Lakisha

    What’s up I’m the best person for the show. I/m fun, crazy and a true daredevil. I love this show I have my whole family watching it and I’m ready to be on the show. I can get anyone and win but most of all win or lose I will have fun doing it..

  19. Ezra Choi

    Hello! I am a crazy Korean guy, my brother is a math genius. I breakdance, DeeJay, sing, run marathons, grow my own vegetables and kill bugs for fun. My brother is the typical Asian geek that is freaking god at math and business. Together we are Captain planet! we pack more of a punch then any of these dudes on here. Im talking Hawaiian punch man.. take us! and let us show you the endless possibilities of Korean brothers!

  20. Anna

    I’m a girl who loves to workout with my brother!!! Cardio. Strength everything!!! My favorite thing is lifting weights with my brother!!! We have ppl constantly coming up to us saying how do we GO so HARD!!! We tell them!! JUST DO IT✔️✔️✔️ Athleticism is in out bones!! We will show you on this show!! Not only are we athletic but were a book and common sense smart!!! I’m a double major in business and political science! My bro just graduated with a major of international affairs!!! We Are ready to WIN!!

  21. Michelle

    My husband and I would love to do this. We are both great at puzzles and thinking outside the box. We could really use the money we have 2 kids and whole lot of debt. I have always wanted to do a game/reality show but was always to scared to fill anything out. We are too old for anything on MTV and I don’t think I could survive anything on cbs. I think we are ready for our 15 mins of fame. I just haven’t told him yet.

  22. Alex mena

    My name is Alex mena and my cousin Randy cuevas. We would like to participate in this because I need the money for my baby girl that was just born last month. And I need this money for her to get everything I need to make sure she’s good. And my cousin Randy needs it cause he needs money for his college tuition he graduates high school in 2 years. And that money will help him alot as well. So if you could please pick us thank you. Forget the comment that says Randy cuevas.

  23. Randy cuevas

    My name is Randy cuevas. And I will like to compete against others in this show with my mom. I will to use this money for my college tuition which is about in 2 years that’s when I will graduate high school. It could help me a lot to get started. So my mom doesn’t have to waste all of her money. Then that the money that’s left over she could for the family cause I have 10 year old brother and 8 year old sister. SO PLEASE PICK US FOR THIS. THANK YOU.

  24. Jennifer

    I’m Jennifer and my best friend is named Chandra, yes we are in are early 30s that’s not terrible old right?!?!? this show would be perfect for us, we been friends for a long time , maybe too long a apose to like being married because, we fight like a old married couple, but 2 heads are way better then one right? We balance each other out quite we’ll, because if it wasn’t for me she would forget her head if it was screwd on, and as for me she deff has a sicentifec brain!! Which helps me a lot!!!! We are complte opposites, Which makes it so wired were such great friends, but hey opposites attract even in friendships!!! So give us a chance to be on the GREAT EXSCAPE!!!!

  25. Kirsten Berberich

    Hello, my bestfriend, Hannah and I are both 15, she has always been the proper athletic one, iv always been the street smart one, i dont think we have ever fought over anything! we have an amazing friendship and spend alot of time together! we never get to do things together, like this so it would be perfect for us!

  26. Brian koers

    Billy and myself would do great on this show because we are awesomely puzzles and nothing could stop us from winning

  27. Max Sergovich

    Challenging shows like The Great Escape have seen Navy Seals, military, and athletes, but never COLLEGE FOOTBALL KICKERS. We are always underestimated and looked past on the field but we prove our worth. My partner Korey Jubie and I would make The Great Escape a must watch. Two college kickers taking on an impossible obstacle, what could make for better tv than two average joes breaking out of a fortress!

  28. Felix

    WE are ready!!!

  29. Amber

    I’m a crazy ambitious women who wants to run my own salon, had a crazy life that don’t think most people would understand! I’ve lived it all always helping others before my self , lost my fiancé who moved me to FL from NJ and not sure what next to happen. Parents lost everything with hurricane Sandy , all I want with all my confusion is to find where I belong . You want the real story email me cause I know I could fill this show with true life drama and hard life problems!

  30. Dallas Shipp

    To sum things up, I’m 23 and a struggling father with a two year old. I’ve been battling since my sons birth in custody cases and finally was able to get my son away from his highly drug addicted mother and family. But now I’m In the biggest bind I’m In debt thousands and thousands of dollars from attorney costs. Getting out of the financial bind would be a great blessing so I could better support my son! As well as future family that I hope to have since I am newly engaged as well! I could also use the money to help my grandmother and her struggles because she now can barely work at all to support her bills because she had to undergo kemo therapy twice for colon cancer.

  31. Van Stokes

    I am motivated and willing to work hard to impress everyone which is what sets me apart. I am a 235 lb. linebacker who moves like a halfback and I use my size, strength and speed to get things accomplished. I also use freerunning parkour and gymnastics in all my activities. I played arena football for Bloomington Extreme in 2009, was a professional wrestler from 2007-2013 with Ohio Valley Wrestling, competed in the 2011 WWE Tough Enough, played Ironman football in Wisconsin in 2012, and competed in Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge (my episode is set to air August 31). I have several friends and family members who are just as athletic as me and who would make a great teammate. If you give me the opportunity, I will show you what I can do.

  32. farooq ahmad butt

    hi, my name is farooq ahmad but from PAKISTAN.
    I want to play your game. how to I audition for the show? I think I am perfect for this game.

  33. jonathan

    I would be great! I am resourcful, think on my feet and quit wit and oh I cant find my way out of a paper bag! This will be fun!

  34. Racharia Clack

    Hey my name Racharia and i am 18 years old and active in my everyday activities and so is my older brother keyvese because we are scared of gaining weight because of our families history.My grandmother died last year from a gastro bypass surgery she was really close to me and my brother we were left devastated she was my mom’s mom she was only 56 iwe miss her. Our auntie had the same surgery and so have our mother so u can see why we have this phobia. My mom is disabled beause she had a stroke that had to cause her to learn how to walk again.With the money me and my brother is going to get my mom the help she needs to fully recover from her stroke we cant lose our mom because she cant get the proper care. Please have heart and give us a shot.

  35. Jada Richardson

    As far as the physical aspect of this competition, my boyfriend and I would be great for this competition. My boyfriend is a triathlete and myself (once a college basketball athlete) have now become obsessed with physical fitness and marathon running. Needless to say, we are both very active individuals. We are a very upbeat and energetic couple who are very competitive and driven. This competition would be important to us as we need the money in many ways. Although I LOVE my job as a teacher, it isn’t the highest paying job and their are some things we would love to do to help others as well as ourselves. Most importantly, I have a niece and nephew who we love very dearly. They are in the care of my parents, and we would love to use the money to help them have a financial base for college. Secondly, we want to get rid of our debt situation so we can get married. Please consider us for this show as we would give it our all!

  36. Sheri

    My husband & i would be great candidates for this show. We are very in tune with each other & connected. We have been thru so much to be together…both divorced with children & now together with a child together. We are a blended family, but a blended family whom loves being together & cares deeply for one another. Money has been tight for us & haven’t had the chance to take our children on a fun family vacation or just even to Disney land. This would be a great opportunity to accomplish this. With my husbands physical strength & my strong 6th sense there isn’t anything we cant conquer together. I love physical fitness & my husband loves to stay busy, he cant sit still…lol this would be an incredible life experience for us that would make for amazing tv show. I know the viewers would fall in love with us, because we have that personal magnitude about us. Thank u for your consideration.
    Sheri McBride-Steury

  37. Quinetta Rucker

    My girlfriend of 4 yrs and I will be the perfect team! We’ve made it through so many ups and downs already, so this should be a breeze lol We have 4 children, both single parents with not much financial help. WE NEED THE MONEY!! My girlfriend lost her job recently and my cleaning business is slow. We have overdue bills, student loans, and anything else you can think of to be paid to pay. I also have a son that I gave up for adoption 7 yrs ago that I would loveto visit and do something nice for. Maybe the ppublicity will help me find him and the money will help me afford to take NY children to visit their long lost brother and show all of them the time of their lives! 🙁

    Thanks for your consideration

  38. Carissa carpenter

    Lost my dad when our happily ever after was going perfectly. Ever sense then been lost. In courts, bad abusive relationships, loosening contact with family n close ones.
    I just need a fresh start. Or idk what I’ll do. Or what my future holds. I’m smart, fun, beautiful and driven. Just surrounded by wrong people. And in the wrong place.

  39. michael m

    It would be my friend of 12 years and I he just had his first kid and I just got married and 2 months latter lost my job so you could see why we need this chance to win this money.

  40. John

    This show rocks. It would be me and my brother who would do the show. I’m a skinny fun father of 3 and he is a muscle head womanizer who is now married with 2 kids and lives on a farm. Pick us and you won’t regret it!

  41. Brandi Cox

    Absolutely LOVE this show!! When you’re at home watching, it’s amazing how I can Always figure things out from my couch. Lol. I would love the opportunity to put my creativity to work and challenge myself.
    I am also an absolute “riot” in front of a camera…no filter. Honesty is the best policy so if my partner is doing a sucky job then it’s best that it comes from me!

  42. Jessica Jero

    My boyfriend Bryan and I would LOVE a shot at this awesome chance to win this money and compete in this new show! Both young and determined we would definitely be willing to give it our all! We are looking for a house and would put the money to awesome use! We’re young, crazy, and in love and being on this show sounds just like something we would looooveeeeee to do!

  43. Danny Armstrong

    I would love to give this a shot with my friend Mark. We’re both still just thirty two and I think we would be pretty fun to watch. We both competed as professional athletes. Mark in nordic skiing, running, and mountain biking, and myself in mountain biking and golf. I also wrestled in college and we have both been high school coaches in those and other sports, so you could say that we would be a pretty athletic team. We are also very intelligent and good problem solvers, though we go about it in very different ways. We are far more than two guys that are just “strong like bull, smart like tractor,” as the saying goes. We grew up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and we are both expert skiers, snowboarders, and telemark skiers as well as expert winter mountain travelers. Mark has nearly summited Denali, and I was an EMT and was on the Routt County Search and Rescue avalanche response team. Those can be stressful situations, and Mark is the type of person that I would want by my side or searching for me if I were the one involved in the incident. We both work well under pressure and I think that we would make a hell of an entertaining team for people to follow.


  44. Taylor

    My boyfriend (Corey) and I are the perfect fit for The Great Escape. We are complete each other mentally and physically. Where he struggles, I excel, and vice versa. We are young, strong, and talented individuals who have only grown since being together. We compliment each other, and we would definitely compliment The Great Escape!

  45. Tammy

    My fiance’ Mike and I (Tammy) would love to be on this show! We make a great team! We are eachothers cheerleaders, and this would be a great experience for us! We love physical challenges, mental, we are both different in that area, but for the good, we balance eachother out! Plus we would kick butt! 🙂

  46. John

    Instead of picking ex-military, scientists, engineers, and amazing people to compete this season, how about picking normal people that all would have difficulties. Normal couch potatoes are the major demographic that watches reality television anyway. I would like to watch people that Vegas would not even be able to pick a favorite to win. My wife and I are below average height but above average intelligence. We are not great in any category but are proficient in most. Her strengths are my weaknesses and vice versa. I could not even convince her to compete for this competition unless you paid her $100,000. After looking at the past competition, we would not stand a chance of winning. However, if you decided to increase the demographic casting pool we might stand a chance. I am getting ready to turn 32, and she is getting ready to turn 31. We are average in most categories. It would be nice to compete against a once magnificent elderly couple, overweight intelligent couple, young divas that want to be singers or movie stars, skateboard/ rollerbladers, or an athletic couple with below average intelligence quotients. Then, my wife and I would stand a fair chance. For once the demographics on this show would encompass traditionally underrepresented groups…

  47. Shawna lyles

    Lonnie & Shawna: (our friends call us Lonna, we are never apart) 13 years together.. We can’t live with each other, however, more importantly we can’t live without each other! Lonnie says I am a mini version of him, and I say he is the strong marine version of me. There are 4 words that sum us up as contestants: WE CAN WIN THIS!
    We would love to use the winnings to start our own local business and re invest in our community and create local jobs.
    Thank you in advance for your time & consideration.

  48. TaSheana Sargent

    My fiance and I would love to get the chance to be contestants on the great escape. We make a great team and I think we would give any of our opponents a run for their money.

  49. charles

    I don’t need to rattle off some long emphasized letter on why you’d be putting my name on the check. Does not matter if you gave me some random person, or I brought my own. I will outwit and outplay anyone you put in front of me. Lock me in 10 castles. I’ll find 10 ways out doesn’t bother me any. I got places to be, so longer I’m stuck takes away from other stuff I could be doing. 3x Iraq Veteran Professional Fighter,Model, Professional Boxer. If I can’t find a key I’ll just keep talking so much you’ll gt sick of it and just let me out, so end result is once again I win.

  50. Elizabeth Laboy

    My husband Christopher and I would be an awesome team to compete. We are both former military and know what it takes to get the job done. We are both mentally and physically ready and capable of completing any task given. We have been married 6 yrs and have three amazing little boys together. We feel that winning this challenge would help us pay off oyr debts and start fresh, buy a house for our kids to grow up in and save for the future. Picking us would be tge best thing you can do. We’d be fun to watvh thats for sure 🙂

  51. Ashley K.

    I recently have posted and would like to say again my husband and i are willing to take on any challenge and this money could really change our lives ! Please pick us!

  52. frank newbraugh

    Where to start? my fiance samantha and i have been together for 7 years i am 36 and she is 26. We are a great team, and we are very good comunicaters. We are more than ready to take on this challenge and win big. she has a degree in csi and i am from the mountians. i am very crafty they call me mountian man!!!

  53. Samantha Eby

    My boyfriend and I are high school sweethearts and would be perfect contestants. We have the trust and mental stability. We enjoy watching fear factor and only think the challenges look fun. We both also love puzzles and this game sounds like a mental thing. I really want the money so we can pay off school an have our dream wedding. I really want to open a animal rescue too and with the money my dreams could actually come true!

  54. Cory & Kenzie

    Mississippi born and bred, we are newly weds and longtime competitors, think John McEnroe meets a female Napoleon, Kenzie is 4’10”. We are young professionals, I’m a lawyer, she is a soon to be nurse practitioner. We compete together in couples golf tournaments and tennis leagues, and against each other in everything else, like who can slide the farthest across the floor in their socks. Other than that, I’m kind of a nerd and she is really into crossfit, aka fitness cult (I’ll be in trouble for putting that on here), we love animals (our pets and hunting wild ones), and we are just a pretty fun couple to hangout with.

  55. micheal colver

    I once had a brief Q&A with a famous man (Bill Gates) when I was an intern that said all you have to do is ask someone directly for something or time, and his reply was “what’s the worst that they can say… No. So ask for what you want and work out the details later. A closed mouth doesn’t get feed, and someone that wants something bad enough will find a way to get it.” So that’s what I’m doing… I would like an interview with my team mate for your show. My team mate is Stacy Criswell (he’s a guy… with a girl’s name.. go figure). We are both charismatic guys that make a great team. We are a mix of super competitive intellectuals ( I’m a computer engineer, and he is a building official) along with type A personality that are both well liked and ego filled ( he’s liked everywhere he goes, I come across as cocky until you get to know me because I’m a total smart ass). We’re liked by others especially old people in the gym at 5 AM on the tread mill, something about us two talking to each other tends to bring them over in droves… or maybe there are just lonely.

    Our 23 year friendship was\is forged with ego, rivalry, and compassion from start to finish, it’s never wavered; we see each other as brothers\family more than friends. Yeah we have disagreements just like anyone else, but it is how we respect one another that define us. We use humor, smart ass comments and comic-slapstick condescending (in a good way) conversation to keep things in perspective. Meaning we don’t sweat the small stuff, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t completely humiliate each other if we make a mistake. Hell we live for moments to razz each other like that, I think that an adventure around the world would be a perfect outlet for true hazing…_Plus it lets us know were human. J.

    We’ve had a long history of playing mental and physical games as we both teach have competed in Tae Kwon do (full contact) for the last 20+ years winning State and National level competitions….fighting someone you don’t know takes a level of mental strength that people rarely experience (feeling like you’re going to throw up at any second while putting your game face on and throwing down your ego to intimidate others takes practice). Funny thing is we hate physical altercations. Next we live for extreme challenges like tough muddrer mud runs that push the boundaries of our physical limitations that last for miles on end.

    There was a Funny movie once..( can’t remember which maybe weekend at Burnies I think) that had two friends standing next to each other, and the other looking down said “we are so close as friends, what’s the limits of our friendship…?” the other looked over with a smart ass grin and said “I would help you burry a body… but I think I would have said that “that’s kind of gross and would at least need gloves… LOL .” Stacy and I can’t predict what will happen in life but we can make fun of it and have a blast doing it. I would rather die with a my body beat to crap saying” that was one hell of a ride” instead of showing up without a scratch wishing I had done more.

    Well here goes nothing,

    Michael Colver and Stacy Criswell

  56. Mike Ganzak

    I think that the Ganzak boys would be great contestants for this show. We are brothers and we do butt heads from time to time, but when there’s money involved, or some competition, we for sure know that we will become on top and do our absolute best to become as successful as we can. We have what it takes to win that $100,000 and I know that we are exactly what you need to become your next contestants…

  57. Carley C

    Hi my name is carley. I am 20 years old. I am going to school to get my esthetician license. Ive watched the show before and absolutely love it. My partner would be my dad who is now retired. I think this would be alot of fun to be on. And you better watch out i might be young and my dad might be retired but we will take you all by storm!

  58. Nick Corso

    hello! this challenge would be amazing. My roommate and i would crush this challenge. I played sports in college very smart and athletic. we would love an opportunity to participate on this show. your ratings will sky rocket, i am smart funny and entertaining. and in turn we will win the 100,000 dollars. Its a win win for both of us. get in touch with me through email and i can send you pictures. I would highly recommend considering us. you will be glad you did!

  59. Arthur McMiller

    Me and my Friend Jordon would love to be considered and casted for the new season of The Great Escape. We both are competitive people when it comes to any competition so I think we can go the distance. As a team together I believe we are a Dynamic Duo so when push comes to shove we both can hold our own. Winning would really impact both of our lives.

  60. Haley

    We are an exotic couple determined to ESAPE!

  61. Ricky Cunningham

    Hello my name is Ricky i am 33 and my best friend of 17 years is Bobby he is 31 We are two very competive guys who watch the show all the time and we both know that we would set a GREAT ESCAPE record for being the team that never got caught and had the best time ever recorded on the show no matter what Bobby and myself do in life we always make a competition out of it so when you chose us the tv ratings would skyrocket so please make our dreams come true and chose the best duo to ever play the game Bobby and Rick thank you love you guys

  62. Bruno

    Hi, my name is Bruno Paniagua and I’m 13 (almost 14) years old, me and my dad want to participate on this show because we have seen almost all the episodes and we think we could win this game, we are 72.4 percent secure that we could win because we are tall, athletic, strong, and we have the ability to solve problems quickly. My IQ is higher than the average (from adults). We need the money, and I think this could be a good opportunity to have a great moment with mi father (we have to improve our relationship). We would be thankful if you choose us.

  63. Niesha Jordan

    Hello I think me and my husband would be great for this show. We are both 22 years old and just married. We currently live with his mom and our looking to find our own place. We have gotten so much grief about marrying young but I knew this decision was best for us, but we just have to prove everyone else wrong. I lost both of parents when I was 9 so his family and my sister are all I have left. So I have been on my own since 18 and this money would help take care of me and help repay my husband for the stress that came along with marrying someone who all they have is you.

  64. Ashley K.

    My boyfriend/soon to be husband and I both have fighting spirits. We would be great competitors for the show and the money could change our lives!

  65. ricky cunningham


  66. Shana Knight

    My Brother Anthony, 25, and I, 22 would make an awesome team.

    Over the last year and a half we have been training so hard in the gym, so with our strength as well as his brains and my creativity, that $100,000 would be ours! We have both gone through so much in life, and were separated as kids. He lived with my deadbeat father who abandoned him, while I lived with my mother who was single all the time, and always working which meant i was always on my own. We possess amazing survival skills, that would help us to go far in this challenge. Because we have spent time apart we have many differences and argue a lot but the opportunity for us to be on this show would help us to put our differences to the side and become closer! We are best friends when we do get along and he is the number 1 man in my life! The money would mean the world to us because it would mean my brother would be able to have the money to go back to school, as he was deprived of that, and I would be able to leave the crappy town I am to pursue my dream career. My parents (mom and stepdad) are in debt from putting me through college and I would help them pay that off as well. I Just know we would have this competition in the bag!

  67. Aaron Roberts

    My name is Aaron Roberts. Jared and myself would be great for this game show. We are great competitors and being active police officer shows that we are ready for anything that comes our way, because we are constantly preparing for the worse on any call we get. Crisis rehearsal is our number one goal when going out on a call. So bring it on we can handle it.

  68. octavia holmes

    This is my kind of game. It employs thinking skills and problem solving skills. I am a 32 year old single mom and have had 17 years now coming up with ways to help the kids D’s escape many different situations to say the least. I think I am perfect for this game. America will love me

  69. Kirsten Turner

    Hey my names kirsten ! I live w my boyfriend of two years Aaron. We love pushing each other to the limit. I have played softball for 14 years and he’s played baseball since he was 9. We love game shows and defiantly want to take on new adventures and challenges. Something new, something different, something worth it !!!

  70. Laura S.

    Hello Great Escape! love this show- my brother and I work well together and could give any of our competitors one hell of a run. We would like to not only give it our all to this challenge, also make some money for our family as a whole who are in some financial crisis’s individually. P.S. this game show is not only fun to watch, but would bet even more fun to participate in- please consider us and you will be glad you did.

  71. nick vangorder

    My names Nick I’m 19 years old. Me and my cheer coach/friend Shannon would be perfect for the show. we are both athletic, determined, driven people. As competitive cheerleaders we train hard all year long for a two and a half minute chance at being a champion, so we defiantly will push until the very end. We would love an opportunity to be on the show. Thank you for your consideration!

  72. Vickee Ross

    My name is Vickee Ross and I think my best friend Cheryl Franks would be a great team for The Great Escape. We have known each other for 18 years and have been best friends for the last 15. We have been told we are quick witted and pretty hilarious. We go on trips and have some pretty fun stories that we always say we’re “taking to the grave”. It is also both our dreams to move out near the ocean and anyone that knows us can tell you that. Cheryl is a breast cancer survivor of one year and the debt she has for the cost of her treatment even with her insurance is over $80,000. Both our winnings would go toward this. Any left over and to the ocean we go! We have been told by many many people we are the same but different. Where she is small and dark haired, I am the tall redheaded amazon. She has an outspoken mind and I sit and mull over before I speak. There is so much we have been through. We get each other and are always up for an adventure. Watching us laugh and plot and scheme would be great fun to watch!

  73. Damir Johnson

    Hi my name is Damir Johnson and I am 12yrs old. And my brother is 15yrs old. And we are athletic, we really really need the money. If we are put on the show we are 75% that we will win the game. We really want to be on your show because it looks very fun we been watching it ever since it came on. And we are big fans of the show. Thank you for consideration. Damir & Donnavan

  74. mollie

    i love this show my boyfriend and i want to do this

  75. Megan Hesla

    Hi everyone! My best friend of 20+ years, Janet, and I, would like to be contestants on the Great Escape show! We’ve been best friends since we were born and have been ever since. She is my twin in everyway! We are both 21 and I’m attending online college while she is working in her mom’s store. We have waved nothing more than to be able to show the world how we aren’t afraid to take it by storm; to show what it’s like to have such an amazing friendship and how to work together! Give us a chance and you won’t regret it! We’re about to blow your minds with our awesomeness. 🙂