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  1. Savanna Michelle Parker

    I’m Savanna Parker and I would love to be In AOU and many more marvel movies.
    I personally have been told I look like Janet Van Dyne/Wasp. If you would select me
    for a role I would be forever grateful! And I have loved and lived in the marvel world
    since I was 2 years old! So please select me for a role  <hidden from public> is my cell phone
    Please call me and you should know I know everything about all the marvel characters.

  2. Jin-Ee

    Leaves in Uk
    Heard that you guys are looking for
    KOREAN extra when you are filming
    In UK
    I am free during July
    And I wanted to do it for experience
    I would like to do it with my sister
    Who is also interested she is 20 now
    I Thoight it would be a great opportunity
    To appear in avengers as it is a life time experience

  3. Louis

    Hello I’am a 15 year old boy in England that doesn’t really have any experience at acting, but I believe myself to be pretty confident and think I could handle it. I just love the films and though I might as well apply otherwise I would’ve kicked myself about it… So yeah nothing too special but if you do want to give me a go, I think I can play a redo noble role but not really an extra just because of the distance I would need to travel would be a bit ridiculous, but am willing to do it if it’s a reasonable role :)

  4. Katrina Blyler

    age: 13
    Katrina Danielle Blyler
    Location:Jacksonville, FL
    Hobbies: Football, boxing, pranks, and hanging with friends and my dog batman.
    I am be thirteen but Im tough and layed-back.
    Hair: ginger red
    Height: 5’1″
    Weight: 110 pounds

  5. Jacqueline Alvarenga

    Name: Jacqueline Alvarenga Gutierrez
    Height: 5 feet
    Weight: 95 pounds
    Dob: 6/21/2002
    Neck size:12 inches around and it is 6 inches tall
    Waist: 27 inches (around)
    Sleeve size: 19 inches
    Inseam: 24 inches
    Hat size:one size
    Dress size: 10,11,12
    Jacket size:10,11,12
    Bra size:26-29
    Shoe size: 4 and 5 (kid)and 7 (women) (depending on the brand)
    My moms phone <hidden from public> 
    (Call me better) my phone number <hidden from public> 
    Languages: Spanish and English
    I’m Hispanic
    Live in Texas and I am from Texas I would LOVE TO BE ON THIS MOVIE❤️❤️❤️ I love acting dancing and singing plz contact me. I have experience because I had modeling and acting classes (paid 2000 dollars) plz contact me. It would be a pleasure to work ya!!! Thanks. I am a BIG FAN can’t wait

  6. Natalie Weber

    I love acting. I love the atmosphere, the friendships made, and the sense of confidence it get from acting. I have been a movie extra before in a smaller scale film, but I would truly appreciate the opportunity to work my way up into a larger scale feature film in hopes of building my acting career. Please consider me to be a part of the Avengers 2, as the first Avengers is hands down one of my most favorite films Marvel has made. I love Marvel movies and would love to be a part of it all! Thank you!

    I am female; 21 years old; brown hair, hazel eyes; 5 ft. 2; about 130 lbs.

  7. Andrew

    Also i am of athletic build and still working on it and currently weigh 149 pounds

  8. Andrew

    Age: 18
    Live in south korea (heard you guys were shooting in korea)
    5 ft 8 in
    To be frank,
    Love marvel and the avengers andI dont need pay i just want to be in the movie i am fully committed and willing to work i need a break into show business.

  9. Dawn Dolly Webb

    As a teen I heavily engaged in comic book collection (an action half inspired by a boyfriend- 16 year old girls have easily influential minds). I’m now twenty-two and live in a rural Alaskan village- unfortunately too far away to visit comic book shops, Comicons, or engage in the nerdifesto of small comic book clubs. But after searching around for new and exciting comic-book inspired activities online, I came across this lovely opportunity.

    I don’t have an immense amount of acting experience. My heart was in it from a young age, but my parents deterred me from the spotlight- hoping I’d go on to aspire for something ‘better’ than the arts. They failed at that- and to this day I’m still aspiring in the arts. I veered away from acting, but after seeing this opportunity arise I thought I’d give it a shot.

    Seeing as though physical appearance tends to play a large role in the adequate portrayal of comic books, I guess it’s only fair to describe myself:
    I am 5’6, average build, dishwater blond hair, blue eyes, ridiculously fair skin, and crooked teeth- which seemed to have turned away many of the agencies I contacted earlier in my ‘acting career’. But I love my crooked teeth. They’re symmetrical and beautiful and have a story behind them. I refuse to ‘fix them’, because they are not broken- so they do not need fixed.

    As for the Avengers franchise- it’s a large one. A well built name with a need for professionals representing it. I consider myself to be mature enough to represent a brand (even as an extra) with poise, pride, and a fair amount of intellectual dignity.

    I realize my chances of being picked with such a pathetic resume are very slim, but I do dearly enjoy Marvel and would love to be a part of their brand (even if in just a miniscule way).

  10. Zöe Marshall

    Took a love to drama and acting in school, been in stage productions and have a BTEC National Diploma in acting. Haven’t had my shot yet, and this film is just perfect for it. Adore all of the films so far, the artistic designs and big scenes. Black Widow is just such a kick-ass character and there should definitely be some more bad-ass females out there. I can run and scream pretty good too, just so you are aware for a big City attack scene. Keep up the good work, this whole franchise is just stunning. I would LOVE to be a part of it

    Light red (strawberry blonde) hair.
    Living in England

  11. Raven Dandridge

    Hi, my name is Raven Dandridge. I’m 5’5 and I weigh 107 lbs. I have brown eyes and dark brown hair.

  12. george

    HI my name is George , you should pick me because i love avengers . Marvel comics is just one of my favorite comic book companies. I love fighting , love action , excitement ,anything that has adventure i’m all for it . So if you pick me you will see 100% out of me ,i will work hard , play fair and give this movie all of my hard work and dedication.

  13. isaac lyle

    My name is Isaac
    age: 18
    athletic build
    African American
    could be a stunt man or double
    villian role maybe
    like to write super hero comics on my free time and I would like to be part of the superhero world

  14. JoAna

    My name is JoAna, I’m 16 with curly brown hair and light brown eyes. I’m totally stoked for the next Avengers movie to come out because I love marvel, I love the way these movies are depicted and written. I would like to be considered for a role just because I wanna put myself out there even if I am young. I’m a good actor and I’m also very athletic and fit.

  15. isaac lyle

    My name is Isaac Lyle
    I’m African have long dreads
    a sophomore in college
    6ft 160lbs athletic build
    very acrobatic
    love superheros
    maybe a villian role
    maybe stunt double
    live in Naples fl

  16. Bradley Williams

    Age: 15 (though I look eighteen)
    Height: 5ft 10″
    race: Brazilian american
    eye colour: brown
    Hair: dark brown, with slight red and blonde
    build: very athletic
    fairly flexible (I am a dancer as well)
    Hello, my name is Bradley Williams and I would like to be considered for a role in your movie. I am an Brazilian/American, I have been modeling since I was little I am A stage actor and a musician along with doing small local extras. I am athletic and a dancer so i can do stunts and handle choreography. I am a hard worker on set and A very good actor. I am willing to play anything, no part is too small as far as I am concerned. It is my dream to be an actor and I would be very grateful if you would consider me.

    Bradley Williams

  17. C J Drummond

    I have 2 aspiring actors My husband and son age 10. They have been in some of the latest new movies from Captain American The Winter Soldier to House of Cards. We are a showbiz family, with experience and easy to work with. I am a stay at home mom and my son is homeschooled. We can be anywhere you need us to be and we have fun doing it. My son is brown skinned with natural red hair a rare trait and definitely stands out in a crowd. My husband is a real cowboy and we have our own horses if a scene with horses comes up. We are an acting family and you get a packaged deal as you will be amazed at how talented these guys are.

  18. John Bonilla

    My name is John Anthony Bonilla
    Age: 23
    Weight: 165
    Height: 5’7
    Eye colour: brown
    Hair: shaved/buzzed
    Fit/Athletic build

    I am a 23 year old living in New York, New York. I am a huge Marvel fan since I can remember. I’ve grown up with the characters and would love to be a part of the film and any other future projects. I am willing to even take the most minimal job, just the opportunity of being on the Avengers 2 would be a dream come true.
    Thank you for considering me!

  19. Elaine Blanchard

    Hello, my name is Elaine.
    I live in Cleveland Ohio, and I’m interested in being in the movie. I was an extra in other movies around town. I also took a drama class in college, and performing art classes locally. I have acting experience which helped me alone the way in participating in extra roles.
    I really enjoyed the last avengers movie, and all the characters. I would love to be in the movie. I want to be cast because I’m a fan and I enjoy acting. Please consider me for a role in the movie. I’m friendly, dedicated, and a fun person to be around. I hope my age wouldn’t be a problem. Thank you for allowing me to express my credentials, and interest in the movie.

    Gender: female
    Age: 57
    Hair: black
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 117

  20. Tatyana Kowalski




  21. Bailey betts

    I recently graduated from john casablancas modeling and talent management.
    I am 15 years old.
    Brown, naturally wavy hair.
    I have always been a fan of marvel movies and ever since I saw the first Spider-Man when I was little I knew I wanted to be in one. It’s my goal to become an aspiring actress/model and I would love to be in your movie. I promise not to be a disappointment.

  22. Ashley Everett

    Aged 15 (have been mistaken for 18)
    5′ 8″
    Long brown hair
    Glasses but have contact lenses
    Born and raised in London
    Can do American Accent and I speak French and some Russian
    I regularly horse ride and I attend archery, also a part of my cross country team so I am in shape and slim.
    Keen about acting and the film industry, I think this would be a great opportunity.
    Parents are happy for me to do this so they can sign any papers needed.<hidden from public> 
    <hidden from public>

  23. Lammy

    name Lam Le
    Age: 24
    Weight: 130
    Height: 5’5-5’6
    Eye colour: brown
    Hair: medium spikey

  24. Haley Roraff

    My name is Haley Roraff. I am from wisconsin usa. I am an intelligent, quirky, nerdy 17 year old female with long wavy auburn hair and a slim hourglass build with curves (I have boobs and an ass) and blue eyes. I am 5’6″ and have layered hair with a cross the brow bangs. I can easily pass for older and am extremely mature and considerate.

    I am in pretty good shape and spend my free time reading, watching movies, drawing, writing, playing video games or working out with my punching bag.
    I love all marvel movies and would love to get a response.

    I have done a small amount of acting in a school play and even though I was a background character, I did stellar and was well praised about for my acting. I am able to pull off weird characters and say strange things with a completely straight face. I love acting and want to have a chance to do it for real. I love acting because it gives me a chance to be someone else (I have really bad depression and anxiety but those melt away when I’m acting)

  25. Hannah Cheatham

    Annyeonghaseyo! I am a major fan of all the Marvel movies, especially the first Avengers movie, and I would be completely ecstatic to be a part of Avengers 2! I have a minor in Theatre and Performing Arts, and I have had many experiences with acting from elementary school, high school, and college. I’m familiar with the layout of Seoul, and it’s only a couple of hours away by train. I’m cheerful, athletic, and an enthusiastic worker. I am also functionally proficient in Korean. It truly would be a dream come true to participate in this project! Thank you for your consideration.

    Location: Daegu, South Korea
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 120lbs
    Hair: Long, light brown
    Eye color: Hazel
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Originally from: Las Vegas, NV, USA

  26. Joseph Mead

    From England, living in Changnyeong, South Korea
    Average build and appearance.
    Big fan of Marvel movies and comics. Some little experience acting. Eager to play a minor/background like a civilian or onlooker, I know most superhero films have a lot of those and I’ve always wanted to do something like this.

  27. jerome

    Im an American Soldier working in Seoul, Im 6ft 2, athletic built, from Barbados (accent) and Ive been an extra in the tv series Nashville. I love the Avengers and Im looking to have some Ridonkulus fun this weekend.

  28. Brenda Xiao

    Hair color: Black
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 102 lb
    Age: 14

    I am a dedicated hard working talent that is willing to take on any part, even an extra. Pease consider me and I promise I won’t let you down.
    Thank you

  29. jerome

    Im an American Soldier here in seoul and i know this would be fun and a great stress relaxer from the job. Use me .

  30. Kirsten Hannah Sprott

    Heya :) MY name is Kirsten hannah Sprott I am canadien and Swiss
    hair colour: Blond
    Eye colour: Light Blue
    height : 5’2
    age: 18
    I have been wanting to act since I could walk, literally.
    I would be willing to take any role, even as an extra :) xoxo thanks

  31. Jermaine Steward

    Age/gender : 20, male
    Height: 5’4″
    Hair color: Black,
    Eye color: lightBrown
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hello my name is jermaine Steward I currently study at Korea National University of Arts studying Animation/ Film I am originally from Philadelphia, PA. I love the Film/ Animation industry and Avengers is a great film and I would love to be casted as an extra of some sort. I’ve had an interest in acting because of my sense of humor and positive attitude towards others and I am interested in seeing how things work on a film set and gaining more insight about the film industry. I have been in seoul for a few months so being apart of such an experience will be very humbling.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  32. Nancy Colunga

    My name is Nancy
    I’m currently a junior in college
    I’m from Chicago
    I’m Hispanic
    Languages: English and Spanish
    Age: 21
    Hair: black
    Eyes: brown
    Play sports: basketball, soccer and volleyball
    Drama club in high school
    I have a nice personality, love to joke and make people smile.
    Always wanted to audition for an action movie
    Love to drive fast is one of my hobbies, singing and watching movies
    Always want to try new things
    This would be one of the greatest opportunities in my life I really enjoy movies and tv shows
    I’ve always wanted to do something crazy and adventurous such as being in an action movie
    Hope you guys consider me to be part of that action
    Thanks, nancy

  33. Joselin Escobar

    Joselin Escobar
    From:Tucson, AZ
    Age: 17
    Height: 5,3
    Color hair: Brown
    Color eyes: Brown

    I would love to be a part of the Avengers. I have had experience with auditioning and what do to in the auditions. I was trained by John Robert Powers school system and completed every stage in the audition to get to california and audition for scouts in the show called POP. Unfortunately didn’t get to go to California because of money issues. I hope I can have a chance to get reconized by my talent in others ways. It has been a big dream to do what I love and thats to act.

  34. Irene

    Age/gender : 30, Female
    Height: 5’4″
    Hair color: Orange Brown, long,
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Ethnicity: Korean

    I am living right in in Gangnam, Seoul Korea !!!
    I speak Korean and English fluently. I also speak French, too.
    I WANT/HOPE TO be an extra in ‘The Avengers 2′ here in Seoul.
    I am happy+cheerful+cute+truly lovely, and powerful+joyful with sweet voice.
    I am sure I will do an amazing job for ‘The Avengers 2′ in Seoul Korea right now!!!
    I will make ‘The Avengers 2′ much more AWESOME and INCREDIBLE !!!

    Please reply me to my email~~~!!!

    Peace, :)

  35. Maija stuart

    I really wish to be in age of ultron it’s bin my dream to me the cast and to work with them. I promise you if I get in I’m gonna scream and shout and just be so happy that I would meet Hauwk eye, iron man , hulk , captin America , the black widow , nick furry , Thor and all the other members. Just to let you know I’m not the girl’y girl’y type I’m more a tomboy. I’m 11 I’m flexible and I’m really good at acting just ask anyone . All I’m really trying to say is that it would be an amazing experience ever in my whole life!! Hope I get in:) p.s. I’m a girl

  36. Sarah Maloney

    I live in Mok,-dong, Seoul, South Korea. I am an English Teacher here and would love to be in your movie….there isn’t anything special about me, but I would be a fabulous extra because I can really act like shit is hitting the fan. I assume you will be destroying parts of Seoul in your movie because that is what always happens to big cities in action movies. So, if you need a n extra human to run around screaming or fall to the ground as cement breaks and super heroes mess up everything, I am your girl.

    Location: Seoul, South Korea
    Height: 5′ 6″
    Age: 23
    Weight: 150
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Short brown
    Eyes: green
    Originally from: Seattle, WA, USA

  37. Haseltine Watkins

    Location: Seoul, South Korea
    Gender: Female
    Body: Full figured
    Languages: American signed language( Advanced), Korean( basic )
    Hi, I am American and came to Korea to study the language. I enjoy acting and I have been in several plays. I would love to be in this movie. It is one of the thing on my ” Bucket List” . since moving here I have already scratched two off of my list. This seems like an awesome opportunity to scratch off another one. I think that all of the Marvel comic movies are great. : )

  38. Sammy Sly

    My name is Samantha Sly,
    Age: 17
    Weight: 8st 4
    Height: 5ft 8″
    Eye colour: brown
    Hair: medium length dark brown/ black
    Fairly athletic
    Fairly flexible

    I am from the U.K. And am a very huge fan of the marvel series and have seen all of the films, at least twice

    My hobbies and interests include gymnastics, piano, guitar, dinging and visual arts

    I would absolutely love to play a role in this film whether it’s an extra or an action role

    I am a fun, happy person I can be silly but I can also be serious and will be 100% available when asked

    Thankyou for considering me :)

  39. Sammy Sly

    Ooh and some additional info…

    Eyes: brown
    Hair: dark brownish black
    Interests and hobbies: piano, guitar, singing, gymnastics and painting

  40. Sammy Sly

    Aged 17
    Tall- 5ft8″
    Completely obsessed with marvel, and love all the characters so this is pretty much my dream ;)…
    I can be serious and silly and really enjoy working with creative arts even filming :) I’m very fit and could do an action role if needed, and I promise on my life and everything I will never disappoint you!… I’m a sweet and happy person and will fit most roles, I have a slim figure and I am tall so will fit most roles…. I would be so grateful and happy if you were to consider me :)


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