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  1. Sophie Smith

    Hi my name is Sophie I’m 15, I live in England, Suffolk.
    I have;

    -ACTED and SINGED before in talent shows, productions, etc… (lots and lots and lots of times!!)
    -Long wavy goldie, brown hair with blonde highlights,
    -Grey blue green eyes,
    -Female, White,
    -Tall for my age (16),
    -I speak English and basic amount of French (can do a range of accents as well),
    -I can do basic horse riding (and still being trained), Swimming, Running,
    -I have a wide range of Marvel knowledge.

    I have a passion for acting and this opportunity is just the break I need to get into my acting career, I loved the first movie and want to be a part of the second. Action shots would be best for me (P.S I would love to be some type of hero!) and I would like a speaking part, I would prefer to be paid but don’t mind and my travel etc… to be paid for.
    Please consider me, this may be my only chance!
    Email me: <hidden from public>

    P.S I would like to know when filming would be and what parts there are.

  2. Kashad Slater

    Hello my name is Kashad and I would like to be apart of the avengers 2 S OF film. I’m a marvel comic fan and I like the characters and like how the comics becomas games cartoons, cartoon movies, and real live movies. Im an actor and I’m looking for these kinds of opportunities. it will be great.

  3. Heather Negru

    Hey, I’m heather and I would love to be in the avengers becuase it’s literally my life I love that movie SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took acting in middle school and also now in high school. I play the panio and the trumpet. I am from gorgia but I am also half Romanian. If I got a part in this movie it would be a dream come true!!! Thank you so much for you time

    Role preference:any

  4. Jamee Hannah

    Hello my name is Jamee Hannah an I love Marvel comic’s
    I’m twelve years old my mother an I have Dec that acting
    will be a great career path for me.
    Height: 5’2

    Hair:Dark brown


    I have no training

    I live in Kansas,Wichita

  5. Christopher Allen Meng

    Hi I’m Chris Meng and I’ve been a big fan of marvel since I was born although I have not read many comics I have watched a lot of x men, spider man, and anything with superheroes growing up. I’ve always wanted to work on camera and do a lot of stunts. My favorite marvel character would have to be Daredevil and say this because I love doing acrobatics and close combat kind of stuff, I don’t have a background in any gymnastics or martial arts but I am quick learner and I have a passion to want to do both. I would continue but I would be rambling but here’s my information.
    -black hair
    -brown eyes
    -weigh 132 lbs (fit build)
    -20 years old
    -amateur freerunner

  6. Brandon Thomas

    I am a 17 yr old African American
    around 5 foot 7.5 inches and weighing at 138 lbs and I would love to explore the marvel universe as any type of role call at <hidden from public> I have watched every marvel movie up to date and am hungry for a role of a lifetime

  7. Renaud Alcaraz

    I forgot to mention:

    Make, 37 years old, Caucasian, brown hair, green hazel eyes, 5″11, 195 ish pounds, athletic


  8. Renaud Alcaraz

    I am a French man living in Cleveland (Ohio).
    I always dreamt to be an actor, I can act as demanded, funny or dramatic, good looking, in my thirteeth, athletic maybe there is around a need for a Franco-American extra or Heroe !
    I would love to be part of Marvel World :-)
    Thank you for your time,

  9. JamieRose Walton

    Jamie again, Sorry my appearance is
    -Long Dark brown hair
    -Dark brown eyes
    -5’5 1/2
    -6 nationalities in my blood
    -Wear glasses
    -age 14 *November 19 is my Birthday so I’m almost 15*
    -Birmingham, Alabama *I’m moving on November 21-23 one of those days to Chicago*

  10. JamieRose Walton

    Hello, my name is JamieRose, Jamie for short. When I saw the trailor for Avengers, my stomach DROPPED, my heart POUNDED, and it gave me CHILLS same as when I googled for auditions. I would be so considerably happy and hardworking for this movie. I would like to audition because, this is one of my biggest dreams, to act, especially for The Avengers, and even X-Men! I actually like to dance and sing too, but this is ALMOST like a once in a lifetime. Almost. I would be EXTRAORDINARILY glad if you happened to take NOTICE in me. I’m not very good with explaining things so that’s why my comment probably doesn’t sound as reasonable as anyone else. I’m very honest about the things I do and say so no one doesn’t have to point out my flaws. I promise I have at least one thing to good to show. Thank you for your time. xx

  11. marcellus bryant white

    Hello, casting directors & production
    I am an upcoming actor representation by New York Castings. I live here in Brooklyn
    while pursuing my 1dream which to become an actor & place a smile on my mother’s
    face! I enjoy exercising & swimming, aslo I sparr once a week to maintain or elevate
    my skills & techinques. I have experienced wrestling & hapkido training, more often muay
    thai & brazilian jiu jitsu. My interest in Avengers 2 is playing a supervillain like: Ultron;
    Archangel; Omega Red. If you should have any questions, please reach out to my email.

  12. Leticia C

    Hi, my name is Leticia Carrasco and am excited to write to you about casting calls. When I heard that you were looking for actors for Avengers 2, my heart started racing and a smile came across my face. I’ve done work doing live theater and am currently enrolled as a theater major. To work with and help make this movie come to life would be a dream come true. This movie have such a big influence on people I would be forever grateful to be part of this team.

    – Leticia Carrasco
    – height: 5′ 5
    – weight: 128 lbs
    – hair: short, black ( Ramona Flowers like)
    – Age: 20
    <hidden from public>

  13. Jasmine Rodriguez

    Hi, my name is jasmine and I have a lot of theatre experience, and I know the movies and comics like the back of my hand. I’m 18, black hair Brown eyes, 5’5″, and I’m up for any position available. I’m Also very versatile and a quick learner.


    Hi, I know I don’t have the experience to guarantee a part in this movie, so I guess the only things that i could hope to gain a chance for myself is to say that I am a huge fan of Marvel comics; comics in general really, I have always been interesting in acting; been in theatre and drama in school, and been in the performance arts since i was young. I am really interested in action films and it has always been something of an interest to be in an action film, especially something as amazing as the Avengers. I do hope you’ll give me a shot at being in something as great as this movie.

    Age: 21
    Location: United Kingdom, London
    Ethnicity: Asian Chinese
    Height: 159cm
    Gender: Female
    Fluent in English and Chinese
    if you need anymore information, email me

  15. Ryan Sun

    A 15 year old who loves acting
    V times more than you think
    E veryday I train and practise
    N ormal guy who has this dream
    G iga iron hard fan of this show
    E nvy acting or having a cold
    R yan’s me please give me the role
    S o please let me give this a go!

    My names Ryan Sun and I’m 15, I skateboard, chinese, 1.63m tall, I play the harp and I love acting as well. It’s my aspiration to become an actor and I really hope you will let me take a step towards my aspiration by allowing me to have the role.

    Thank you! :)

  16. Jessie Palmer

    Hi, my name is Jess and I’m a huge fan of the marvel universe. Comics, films, you name it! I’ve always wanted to be a part of a super hero film. I have acting and modelling experience and hope to achieve high standards in this industry. I take acting very seriously and would love the be a part of such an inspiring and influential series of characters.

    Build- Standard
    Gender- Female
    Clothig size- 10-12
    Skin colour- White
    Marvel knowledge- Extensive
    Role preference- Would like a large role but anything avaliable.

  17. Whitney Pierce

    I have a great knowledge of superhero’s and I can recite the first avengers movie from beginning to end I have a great love and passion for superhero’s if you need someone for a superhero job then I’m the 14 year old to do it.

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