The Avengers 2 - Movie

The Avengers 2 – Movie Casting

The Avengers, THE movie of 2012 and possibly the finest comic book movie ever filmed is gearing up to shoot the second chapter of it’s epic adventure with Marvel is looking to make this THE movie of 2015. Pre production on the highly anticipated The Avengers 2 has already begun for an incredible shoot that is set to start early next year and casting calls are being organized now. This is the opportunity that aspiring performers dream of, the chance to be a part of what could be the biggest blockbuster movie event of all time.

The Avengers 2 will return the iconic superhero characters  Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury in another action packed thrill ride sure to have millions of fans around the world cheering. Details on the plot of this new entry are of course strictly top secret but we do know that director/screenwriter Joss Whedon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly) will return once again to helm a sensational story that both stands on it’s own and connects to both the Marvel hits of the past and those of the future.  It has also been confirmed that the first film’s all star cast that includes Academy Award nominees Robert Downey Jr. (Tropic Thunder, Due Date, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction, A Time To Kill, Django Unchained), Mark Ruffalo (The Kids Are Alright, The Brothers Bloom, Shutter Island) and Jeremy Renner (The Town, The Hurt Locker, Senior Trip) and the uber talented Chris Evans (Not Another Teen Movie, Sunshine, Fantastic Four), Chris Hemsworth (Snow White and the Huntsman, The Cabin in the Woods, Red Dawn) and Scarlett Johansson (Lost In Translation, The Prestige, We Bought a Zoo) will return to battle evil forces both on Earth and in the vastness of space. This is by far the casting call of the year and could be a once in a lifetime shot at a role in one of the biggest film production ever. Casting calls for several supporting, day player and extras roles will be coming up very soon and up and coming actors who are interested in being a aprt of the magic can head here and here for more project details. We will posting new audition updates as soon as they are released so keep checking in and leave a message below and tell us why you’re excited about this movie and why you want to be cast.

The world’s greatest superhero team is suiting up for their second fantastic fight and several lucky actors are going to get a chance to be there! Submit yourself today and you could be the next talent cast in Marvel’s The Avengers 2.

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  1. Najee

    Hi I am Najee and I would like to be miles morales the young African American spiderman.Also I am very athletic I do martial arts and I do African dance and I’m 12 years old if you would like to contact me email me

  2. Abo

    Hiya guppies my names Abo, I’m 5ft 6, with black hair, I’m African American, I’m thirteen yars old, and I’m not sure if this casting call is expired…. it probably is but anyway I would love to send in an audition video for a featured role to you. Just email me back xoxo. PS. like your movies. PSS. There really good. PSSS. I really want to be in one. 🙂

  3. katie

    hi I’m female, 32, look late twenties. of medium build. blonde medium long hair. English and white.
    i’d love to be considered for an extra for an upcoming marvel film. Big fan!
    I currently sing for the military wives choir and have been on tv for the single home for Christmas dec 2016.

  4. Gregory Bowman

    I am interested in doing extra work for this movie if you have anything for a 59 year old male. I live in Florida and am interested in something that would be in this area unless the pay was good enough to make it worth my while to travel to where ever the movie is being filmed. I am assuming somewhere in Nevada since the have done extra work for a couple made for TV movies. One was “When the Circus Comes To Town”. Elizabeth Montgomery, Eileen Brennan, Christopher Plummer were in this movie. I also did a few other movies while living in Atlanta. I do not recall the names of the movies all filmed in and around the Atlanta area. It was a great time and I really enjoyed being a part of the movie industry even though I was just an extra. I found the whole experience fascinating. I retired early due to my health and therefore not working at this time. I would love the opportunity to participate in this movie or any other project moving forward. Thank You Gregory Bowman





  7. Awien

    Hobbies:Acting,singing,dancing,modelling playing sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball and hockey
    Hair:Dark Brown
    Eyes:Dark Brown
    Add:Calgary, Alberta
    Gender: female
    This is so exciting I’ve always wanted to be in the avengers movie this is craziest thing ever this person if I get this part I love superheroes and my favorite superhero is Captain America would be the best thing ever at the future it in one of his movies

  8. Leah Dooley

    Hi my names leah im 14 years of age.
    I live in liverpool.
    I would absolutely love it if me and a friend if mine
    Could have a part in this film as it is one of our
    Favourite films.
    My friend is abbie and she is also 14 and also lives
    In liverpool aswell.
    If we could at least get a part each in this film it would
    Be a life changing event an experience.
    So please could u get back to me as soon as you possibly
    Can. Please thankyou so much for your help time and support. X

  9. Larry Robertson

    I am a kid and would love to be apart of this please contact me.

  10. Rose Gilbert

    Hi, my name is Rose Gilbert. I’ve acted in school plays, talent shows, and a movie called the thorn. I’ve also taken drama classes. I would like to have a part in this because I’ve worked so hard the past few years of my life and I would like a shot at something more.
    Name: Rose Gilbert
    Age: 15
    Grade: freshman
    Hair: golden brown with natural highlights
    Eyes: chocolate
    Skin: white/tan
    Height: 5′ 8″
    Area: New York
    Languages: English and French
    Accents: northern american, redneck, southern american, Scottish, Australian, Indian
    Instruments that I can play: clarinet, piano/keyboard
    Average weight
    Glasses, can wear contacts if needed

    My Dad was in the military, so I’ve moved a lot and I can adapt very well to a variety of people and occasions.

  11. Rainbow Johnson

    Hello! My name is Rainbow and I would love to be apart of this Movie. It has always been a dream of mine to become an Actress and a Model. I first started wanting to do Acting when i was Nine. I always dreamed of being in T.v. shows such as Suite Life on Deck and Hannah Montana and so much more shows! Not just t.v. shows but Movies too! It is a dream of mine to become an Actress and have my dreams come true and I am wishing that I get the chance to have my dream come true with this film.

    Name: Rainbow Johnson
    I am Fourteen years old
    African American
    Brown hair and Brown eyes
    Height: 5 feet
    Shoe size: 8 in a half
    Pants size: 16 or 14
    Shirt size: Medium
    All clothing required at 14-16

    My phone number is 216-496-7468
    My email address is
    my other email address is

    Thank you!

  12. Alex

    Hello my name is Alex. I’m 23 years old this Tuesday and I like roles with a lot of character and what better than to be in a Marvel movie. I can take on any role that you throw at me with enthusiasm and the determination to be the best at my character. I’m 6ft nothing, Caucasian, atheltic build, brown hair, hazel eyes. I have followed all of the marvel comics and movies to date and I am so thrilled to see each and every movie that has and will be produced for all the fans including myself. Consider me for any role in the movie, my schedule is flexible and I’m easy to work with. Email me for any questions or concerns. Thank you

  13. Heather Armstrong

    Hello my name is Heather. I am Posting this because I would like to start an acting career. I know that I will probably not be chosen but you never know in till you try. Why should I get to be in a marvel movie? I think that why I should be in a marvel movie because I love the comics but I know I am not the Number one fan. to me I have no Advantage over anyone else. I Probably know less than them but that’s fine with me but no way no how will that get me to stop watching marvel movies or any other Movie in fact. Here we go.
    Age: 15
    Hair: Brown/Black
    Eyes: Blue
    Gender: Female
    Grade: Sophomores
    Build: Little Bigger than Average
    Height: 5’4
    Skin Color: Pale as a ghost
    Good At: Math And Acting
    Acting Done: School Plays, Speeches, and Musicals.

  14. Jacob Parrish

    Hi my name is Jacob I have been a huge Marvel fan for 12 years. I am a 16 year old male I read marvel comic books and watch marvel movies I point out even the smallest details in movies if they hint to the comics. I don’t care who I play as I can die in the first minute of screen time. My favorite superhero is Spiderman but my favorite team is the Avengers I am taking 7 friends to see this movie the day it comes out. I would love if I could say that I was in a epic movie please consider me for a roll in this movie I don’t care who I play heck I would be a background character for free just to be in this movie. I know my comics I love the MCU. I want to believe in myself that I can do great things for me and others.

  15. Gary Moon

    age 58
    have experience on cable tv and extra film roles in northeast 0hio
    clothing size medium
    Marvel fan for many years
    email me with details

  16. Alexandra york

    Hello my name is Alex. I live in Colorado and always dreams of being in the avengers. I love watching the marvel movies especially Thor. I am over weight for my age but have a passion for acting. I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes and white skin and slightly covered in freckles. I was in one play where I was one of the drawfs in snow white and the seven dwarfs. It was hard because I am female and I had a male role. But I enjoyed playing it. I am now currently a sassy and opinionated griffin in Alice in wonderland and would love to be part of the movie. If you have any more roles open I would love to John in. Thank you for your time.

  17. Erica Krink

    I’m 13 almost 14 year old girl that lives in the hand state of Michiagn and music from the rock age (you know ACDC Nirvana Linkin Park etc) and good o’l movies (such as Iron Man Avengers Pet Semetery ) has always been apart of my life and always creating characters that could be added into it, so really being in a movie will make my day even if I don’t speak I’m fine being an extra…heck I don’t care if I’m the kid who gets blasted and my guts go everywere!! But really if I got this it would be a dream and possibly get me trying to do bigger things in life. Also I have not done a lot of acting but I’ve taken classes in school and I have an imagination of a super child but I understand if I don’t get it but hey worth a shot right? Oh and ps I’m not one of those kids or people that scream WHERES MY DRESSING ROOM FOR THE ALL POWERFUL EXTRA!? Don’t worry.

    Basic Info
    -13 1/2
    -Lives in Clinton Twp Michiagn
    -Knows Iron Man like I know how to blink
    -Weight -115 (not to far not to skinny)
    -Knows her stuff with Apple tech
    -Role: Extra something small like maybe a kid that gets saved or helps out kinda?

  18. Shawn welch/

    Hello , my name is Shawn Welch and I am interested in becoming an extra for the movie! I have been doing acting and theater for 8 years and have lots of experience. Recently I was cast as an extra in the movie Night of the Living Deb, a comedy about zombies. I take directing directions very well and am a good listener. I am 5′ 4” and have brown hair and brown eyes. I look very young for being 20 so any young role ou may be looking to fill I can do! Please let me know!

  19. William

    Hello my name is William I’m 14 but 15 in May I live in South Wales , uk and I am causacsian I’m a little chubby and have medium length hair and blue eyes I love to act and have been a marvel fan since I was like 3 so would live amoart in this willing to change my aperence wear any make up or special effect makeup and will wear any costume please email back.
    -William harper

  20. John

    I’m excited because Marvel lives up to it’s name.
    I want to be casted because I’m the unexpected exception, the next big thing that is here and because you’ll wish you had done it sooner.

  21. Ashlie

    My children and I were just watching The Avengers the other day, how cool! I’m 28 years old, dark hair, medium build, and 5’8″ tall. I’m Caucasian also. I’m a mother of three children, so if there were a scene needing a young mother, it comes naturally to me. I’m funny, happy, and my children would be so excited to see me on a movie with their favorite characters! My Dad is a comic book buff, I grew up with superheroes and Marvel:). Thank you! Ashlie Seabold

  22. Anthony Roth

    My name is Anthony Roth, I am an 18 year old athlete and a natural born thrill seeker. My skills include, martial arts, Parkour and Freerunning, acrobatics, rock climbing, wakeboarding, surfing, skimboarding and scuba diving. I am a well rounded athlete and am always comfortable with new and scenarios. My goal is to jump into Hollywood being an actor/model/stuntman. I’m a huge Marvel fan, with my two favorite Heroes being dead pool and spidey, obviously because I’m an acrobatic athlete. I have extensive experiencing performing stunt gigs and am lookin for the right opportunity to jump into the film industry.
    My specs are as followed:
    Age- 18
    Height- 6ft
    Build- Athletic
    Gender- Male
    Skin color- Tanned
    Eye color- Brown
    Hair color- Dark brown
    I am interested in any role you may be able too provide.
    Please feel free to contact me on my cellphone or email me at anytime for more information on myself.
    Cellphone: 954-756-0033

    Thank You.

  23. Andres Rodriguez

    hello! let me start by introducing myself my name is Andres Rodriguez i have been a supporter of marvels movies for years know .I am very big fan of Hulk,Iron man,Honk guy,Black widow,captain America and Thor i am very out going i am actually in rolled in drama classes so i am not afraid of acting in front of an audience i am very entertaining and fun i would love to be apart of the avengers movie please contact me back if any questions.

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5’9”

    Weight: 132 lbs

    Shirt size: M

    Shoe size:10

    Pants size: 29/30

    Hair: dark brown

    Eyes: light brown



    Location: orange county , CA

  24. Trevor

    I am 21year old male seeking a chance to be a part of any if not all of my favorite marvel heroes!! I am a total nerd when it comes to marvel, dc, and Transformers. Even if I’m an extra in the movies I would still love to be a part of it. All of my life it has been a dream of mine to either be an auto bot along side my hero Optimus Prime aka. Peter Cullen or fight along side my favorite marvel heroes!! I just hope that someday I can fulfill my childhood dream in being a part of the greatest franchises in history.

  25. China

    I have always wanted to be an actress ever since I was little. I was even in theater for about two years and was in three plays. I played major roles in all of them except the last one, which I played several different minor characters.

    It would be a dream come true to be in an actual movie, even if I were just an extra. Please consider me for a role. It would be such an honor.

    Name: China
    Age: 21
    Height: 5’1″
    Weight: 113 lbs
    Eye color: blue-gray
    Hair color: light brown with golden highlights
    Nationality: Caucasian (mostly British)

  26. Emirhan Gul

    Hi my name is Emirhan but you can call me emi or Jesus like my friends I have been wanting to be a part of the marvel university seen I read my first marvel comic I wished I was in man as long as I can remember I have some background in acting I’ve done some extra work n an aperince in taking chance with Kevin bacon and other movies I would just die at the chance to be a part of the marvel world I will except any role of corse hoping for a lasting role if I’m lucky but just to be a part of marvel would be enuff I am Turkish speaking English and Turkish fluently can do accents 6’1 athletic build dark long hair brown eyes light skin I have some acting experience and education certified non sag at the moment i am willing to cut hair gain or loose weight shave color anything realy necessary for the role p.s please please please please please please please give me a chance

  27. Megan Pitts

    Hi, my name is Megan Pitts and I would love the experience of being in a Marvel film. I am 28 years of age and have had a passion for film since I was little. I have stage experience in both acting and dance, but primarily dance. I have been a professional modern dancer for the last 8 years and also have limited experience in extra film work. I am a quick and eager learner. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, am 5’5″ and weigh 120 pounds. Please contact me for further information. Thank you for your time.

  28. Rex

    My name is Rex I have brown hair and green eyes.I am 12 years old and live in Australia. I have all ways love marvel and acting. I have over 200 comics and love the Idea of ultorn in avengers 2. No matter if it is a speaking role or just and extra I will not fail to impress you

  29. Ava hicks

    Hi my name is Ava 50 year old mother of 2 girls grandmother would love to be in your movie

  30. Jaelen Cooper

    Helllooooo my name is jaelen cooper I am light brown and African American , anyways marvel has always been my favorite I am 14 and a super comic book lover , skinny (almost scrawny) near 6 feet and I only talk English. Brown eyes, black hair, male, and no experience what so ever but I just would like a shot and try out this acting stuff so yea ,go ahead and hit me up whenever you’d like . (:

  31. Ramona Schwalbach

    I love the Avengers and how in the comics good always wins over evil.l I always wanted to be in film and I am quite content with being an extra if that is what is needed.
    I have been an extra in the show Nashville, and have been an extra in a couple of Yamaha Promotions, also have been a seat filler in the CMT awards.
    Height 5″6
    Build- Slender
    Gender- Female
    Skin Color-White

  32. Eleanor Gardzalla

    I love the avenger’s!! I am in love with the plot and the story line. I’m not going to say things that I don’t mean like “I’ll be honored if this even gets looked at!” I am going to be honest as I can, I love to play tennis, I am 5.4 FT (estimated) I am 14 years old and I love to make people laugh like Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans. I don’t have a preference for a role, but like any one I would like a large role. But I am an amateur so I don’t expect it. But I would love love love a speaking role. So summarize:
    Eye color: Light blue
    Height: 5.4ft (estimated)
    Gender: (I usually put other to freak my teachers out) Female
    Build: A Little bit bigger but working on it.
    Hobbies: Tennis, Video games, family time.
    Thank you so much and if i’m not the person for the job then I hope you all find him/her!

  33. Becky Semancik

    Name: Becky
    Age: 15 (lcan look older)
    Height: 5’7″
    Hair: brown
    I love the marvel series. I have read all the comics and seen all the movies. I have extensive knowledge of the marvel universe. I have past experience in acting. I take acting very seriously. Acting in a movie is my dream. My wish for my 16th birthday is to meet my idols. I know that i probably won’t get in but I have to try. My dad and I used to talk about me being in movies and he brought me to the set of the first avengers. I always wanted to be in an action film and the Avengers is perfect. I live in the cleveland area and will be able to be on set. I am easy to get along with and I won’t cause troubles on set. (Like some teens) I cannot express in words how much I would love just to be on set. Please email me if you consider me.

  34. Karla carolina palomino olguin

    Hello my name is karla Carolina Palomino Olguin
    I love Marvel I like all the characters and series
    I have knowledge in acting, singing and dancing
    I speak several languages my native language Spanish, English and Korean intermediate
    I love acting, singing would be a dream come true I enjoy myself much
    does not matter so be extra for something begins

    Gender: Female
    Country: Peru Lima
    Age: 17
    Height: 1.68
    Weight: 48kg
    Hair: Brown
    Eye Color: medium brown
    Physical: Athlectic
    Skin: white

  35. Caryssa Ozuna

    I love the marvel movies and have great hope for the this one. I’d be truly honored if anyone even glimpses at this comment. Thank you.
    Gender: F
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: auburn
    Height: 5’6

  36. Isaiah Redd

    Age: 42
    Height:72 inches
    Weight: 250
    Build: Bodybuilder

  37. A'keirah Williams

    Greetings! I just want to take a moment and say WOW. I am absolutely in love with this film series, the characters and the actors. Bravo, Joss Whedon, you did an amazing job! I know I most likely won’t get chosen, and that’s probably because I’m going up against a lot of talented people on here, so if I am turned down, good luck to the person who’s chosen, you deserved it! I have zero to no acting experience; other than a few stage plays I have done in my Drama class ans have been the lead of (The Outsiders, Elf). I have knowledge on the movie universe, AND the comic book universe, I assume that is a bonus. I would love to be an Extra or some form of background character.That way, if I do decide to pursue an actual career path in acting, I can have a little experience to write on my résumé. I take acting very seriously, but not too much where I don’t have fun once in a while. If I am given a job, I give it my best effort. If you were to pick me, and gave me a minor speaking role, I know I wouldn’t abolish it too bad.

    Gender: Female
    Ethincity: African-American, Light-Skin, Chestnut
    Age: 16-17
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 195
    Build: Average, slightly Athlectic
    Hair: Varies (currently in the form of senglese, crotchet twist)
    Eye color: Light-Medium brown
    State: FL

    You can contact me at

    P.S. Where would filming take place?

  38. Cheridan Buck

    Marvel is hands down my most favorite company ever! From comics to movies I have always been a superpowers and human intelligence girl and being picked to be part of either Marvel upcoming movies would surely be the best dream come true of my life!! In fact I even believe I may have had some sort of floating powers as a kid… I still don’t know if that is a imagination or memory though :). Ever since the first x-men movies came out I was hooked. I kept looking forward to seeing what movies came out. But I never thought of actually one day joining a cast at all. Not til I heard that The Avengers was partly filmed here in my city of Albuquerque, NM! Urge.. If only I had been active in looking at casting calls then! I am a very easy person to talk to and get along with, I have my own ideals on how characters can be portrayed as acurate as possible, I’m creative, confident, open to new experiences, I love to draw, I love to have fun and make others feel at ease, I have many interests and I can learn many things or roles. I’m Native Erican my tribe is Navajo. 5’3″ tall, 240lbs, waist long dark brown hair, wears presc. glasses, I’m fairly good in acting and memorization. I had taken drama in ms and Hs. Acting and movement classes in working classroom. I really want this opportunity I have hardly any schedule or family issues in the way. I know I can give this 110%!! Thanks for reading and please give me your consideration!

  39. Nick Esco

    Acting experience in 2 major films

    Age: 29
    Height: 5’11
    Gender : make
    Muscular build
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Location: dallas , tx

  40. Kavish Patel

    Hello, My name is Kavish Patel. I am very passionate and intrigued when it comes to acting, even though I haven’t had much experience. I am willing to play any character or extra on the The Avengers 2 set. I think I will be a good candidate as I have some knowledge about films as I have studied film studies at GCSE and have also taken part in Wimbledon Film-Fest 2014 and came runners up. I am really enthusiastic, positive and extroverted. I take tasks very seriously and I will not fail to meet requirements as i feel that I am devoted to acting as my heart is set upon it.

    Gender: Male
    Height: 183cm (6 foot)
    Weight: 60kg (9.5 stones)
    Location: London UK
    Ethnicity: British Asian
    Skin Colour: Light Brown
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Hair Colour: Black

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to take part in one of the biggest projects running.

  41. Peter Pittaluga

    One opportunity. That’s all I want and need to show you what one can do. Acting is in my blood and the production of a film is the beat to keep that blood pumping.

    blue eyes, brown hair

  42. Vanessa Scroggins

    Hi my name is Vanessa. Please contact me as 817-566-5144

  43. Christina

    Well, I guess this is worth a shot to just try this. I’ve started out loving super hero’s ever since a movie that was made in the late 1990’s. I know its technically not a super hero movie but when I first say “Starship Troopers” I instantly got sucked in an loved the whole movie about it and what it was about on going to another type of planet and granted there were questions that anyone would ask (Like how did they know they could breath on that planet..) I never really thought that people really do those things only, instead of another planet its across the globe. But anyway though, I always rewatch it no matter what and then when I saw Marvel’s new developments around starting with a whole new group and then adding on with each character gaining a different movie and explaining how they became an Avenger and a hero as well. I always used to draw my own little ideas of super hero’s and costume designs, I tend to even want to make up my own back story and maybe even involve them with other real hero’s. But, it tends to get knocked down because I can’t really explain the details to it. When I finally saw the move The Avengers that pretty much sparked my determination on keep trying to create a super hero that actually is helpful and capable on doing things with them. So long story short, I’m a 17 year old girl who is constantly shy unless if I know I am allowed to be opened who loved to draw hero’s ever since I was born. Marvel really change my perspective on how a hero is born and actually gain that tittle to be one, even though I may seem closed up I have ideas that I would like to share and maybe even be apart of.

    Thanks for reading this.

  44. CASSANDRA Case

    Hello my name is Cassandra Case, I have been exposed to MARVEL comics all my life. I’m one of those nerds who owns the MARVEL encyclopedia, and watch as many MARVEL movies as I can. I am a fast learner and I am observant. I am good at imitating and getting into character. I have been interested in acting since I was in elementary school and have been acting ever since. I have always been considered the best actress wherever I act, my most recent play was Romeo and Juliet in my high school where I was cast for 3 male parts. I swim, I can ride a bike (if that’s any use), I can draw, I have written stories, and I like to expose myself to as many books and movies as possible in order to learn. If I could have just one line in a MARVEL movie I would be so very thankful, the fact that you are reading this makes me thankful for taking your time. I am confident that I could meet your needs, and I hope to be helpful in your film. I do not want pay, I am only interested in playing a part in your film and that will be my payment.
    Gender: Female
    Weight: 130
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: blue, green, grey, brown, gold
    Height: 5’7
    If you wish for more information please contact me at Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this message.

  45. Karen Araujo

    Hi, my name is karen Araujo and i’m from el salvador, i speak really well english and spanish, i have 18 year old, and i look a little bit younger, i have brown hair, brown eyes and white skin, i love to swimming and i have an athletic body, and i have a little bit of experience in my school and also i used to take acting lessons.
    and i should be considered because i’m really responsible, creative, i can easily memorize large scripts and i love acting more than anything in this world and i would love an opportunity like this in my life.

  46. Heaven Sagraves

    Hi I’m heaven and I would like to be in the Avengers 2 because I’ve always wanted to do acting as my career and I’ve done plays in middle school and this will help me a ton to start my career

    Weight 92 pounds
    Gender female
    I live in Columbus Ohio
    If you have any more question please call me at 614-827-4106

  47. Caitlyn

    I’m Caitlyn Bryant from Tenessee. I love the marvel movies (Loki). I’m average height
    Age- 15 but I look older than what I am
    Hair color- dirty blonde
    Eye color- brown
    I have acted before on stage

  48. Sophie Smith

    Hi my name is Sophie I’m 15, I live in England, Suffolk.
    I have;

    -ACTED and SINGED before in talent shows, productions, etc… (lots and lots and lots of times!!)
    -Long wavy goldie, brown hair with blonde highlights,
    -Grey blue green eyes,
    -Female, White,
    -Tall for my age (16),
    -I speak English and basic amount of French (can do a range of accents as well),
    -I can do basic horse riding (and still being trained), Swimming, Running,
    -I have a wide range of Marvel knowledge.

    I have a passion for acting and this opportunity is just the break I need to get into my acting career, I loved the first movie and want to be a part of the second. Action shots would be best for me (P.S I would love to be some type of hero!) and I would like a speaking part, I would prefer to be paid but don’t mind and my travel etc… to be paid for.
    Please consider me, this may be my only chance!
    Email me:

    P.S I would like to know when filming would be and what parts there are.

  49. Kashad Slater

    Hello my name is Kashad and I would like to be apart of the avengers 2 S OF film. I’m a marvel comic fan and I like the characters and like how the comics becomas games cartoons, cartoon movies, and real live movies. Im an actor and I’m looking for these kinds of opportunities. it will be great.

  50. Heather Negru

    Hey, I’m heather and I would love to be in the avengers becuase it’s literally my life I love that movie SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took acting in middle school and also now in high school. I play the panio and the trumpet. I am from gorgia but I am also half Romanian. If I got a part in this movie it would be a dream come true!!! Thank you so much for you time

    Role preference:any

  51. Jamee Hannah

    Hello my name is Jamee Hannah an I love Marvel comic’s
    I’m twelve years old my mother an I have Dec that acting
    will be a great career path for me.
    Height: 5’2

    Hair:Dark brown


    I have no training

    I live in Kansas,Wichita

  52. Christopher Allen Meng

    Hi I’m Chris Meng and I’ve been a big fan of marvel since I was born although I have not read many comics I have watched a lot of x men, spider man, and anything with superheroes growing up. I’ve always wanted to work on camera and do a lot of stunts. My favorite marvel character would have to be Daredevil and say this because I love doing acrobatics and close combat kind of stuff, I don’t have a background in any gymnastics or martial arts but I am quick learner and I have a passion to want to do both. I would continue but I would be rambling but here’s my information.
    -black hair
    -brown eyes
    -weigh 132 lbs (fit build)
    -20 years old
    -amateur freerunner

  53. Brandon Thomas

    I am a 17 yr old African American
    around 5 foot 7.5 inches and weighing at 138 lbs and I would love to explore the marvel universe as any type of role call at 252 259 5518 I have watched every marvel movie up to date and am hungry for a role of a lifetime

  54. Renaud Alcaraz

    I forgot to mention:

    Make, 37 years old, Caucasian, brown hair, green hazel eyes, 5″11, 195 ish pounds, athletic


  55. Renaud Alcaraz

    I am a French man living in Cleveland (Ohio).
    I always dreamt to be an actor, I can act as demanded, funny or dramatic, good looking, in my thirteeth, athletic maybe there is around a need for a Franco-American extra or Heroe !
    I would love to be part of Marvel World 🙂
    Thank you for your time,

  56. JamieRose Walton

    Jamie again, Sorry my appearance is
    -Long Dark brown hair
    -Dark brown eyes
    -5’5 1/2
    -6 nationalities in my blood
    -Wear glasses
    -age 14 *November 19 is my Birthday so I’m almost 15*
    -Birmingham, Alabama *I’m moving on November 21-23 one of those days to Chicago*

  57. JamieRose Walton

    Hello, my name is JamieRose, Jamie for short. When I saw the trailor for Avengers, my stomach DROPPED, my heart POUNDED, and it gave me CHILLS same as when I googled for auditions. I would be so considerably happy and hardworking for this movie. I would like to audition because, this is one of my biggest dreams, to act, especially for The Avengers, and even X-Men! I actually like to dance and sing too, but this is ALMOST like a once in a lifetime. Almost. I would be EXTRAORDINARILY glad if you happened to take NOTICE in me. I’m not very good with explaining things so that’s why my comment probably doesn’t sound as reasonable as anyone else. I’m very honest about the things I do and say so no one doesn’t have to point out my flaws. I promise I have at least one thing to good to show. Thank you for your time. xx

  58. marcellus bryant white

    Hello, casting directors & production
    I am an upcoming actor representation by New York Castings. I live here in Brooklyn
    while pursuing my 1dream which to become an actor & place a smile on my mother’s
    face! I enjoy exercising & swimming, aslo I sparr once a week to maintain or elevate
    my skills & techinques. I have experienced wrestling & hapkido training, more often muay
    thai & brazilian jiu jitsu. My interest in Avengers 2 is playing a supervillain like: Ultron;
    Archangel; Omega Red. If you should have any questions, please reach out to my email.

  59. Leticia C

    Hi, my name is Leticia Carrasco and am excited to write to you about casting calls. When I heard that you were looking for actors for Avengers 2, my heart started racing and a smile came across my face. I’ve done work doing live theater and am currently enrolled as a theater major. To work with and help make this movie come to life would be a dream come true. This movie have such a big influence on people I would be forever grateful to be part of this team.

    – Leticia Carrasco
    – height: 5′ 5
    – weight: 128 lbs
    – hair: short, black ( Ramona Flowers like)
    – Age: 20

  60. Jasmine Rodriguez

    Hi, my name is jasmine and I have a lot of theatre experience, and I know the movies and comics like the back of my hand. I’m 18, black hair Brown eyes, 5’5″, and I’m up for any position available. I’m Also very versatile and a quick learner.


    Hi, I know I don’t have the experience to guarantee a part in this movie, so I guess the only things that i could hope to gain a chance for myself is to say that I am a huge fan of Marvel comics; comics in general really, I have always been interesting in acting; been in theatre and drama in school, and been in the performance arts since i was young. I am really interested in action films and it has always been something of an interest to be in an action film, especially something as amazing as the Avengers. I do hope you’ll give me a shot at being in something as great as this movie.

    Age: 21
    Location: United Kingdom, London
    Ethnicity: Asian Chinese
    Height: 159cm
    Gender: Female
    Fluent in English and Chinese
    if you need anymore information, email me

  62. Ryan Sun

    A 15 year old who loves acting
    V times more than you think
    E veryday I train and practise
    N ormal guy who has this dream
    G iga iron hard fan of this show
    E nvy acting or having a cold
    R yan’s me please give me the role
    S o please let me give this a go!

    My names Ryan Sun and I’m 15, I skateboard, chinese, 1.63m tall, I play the harp and I love acting as well. It’s my aspiration to become an actor and I really hope you will let me take a step towards my aspiration by allowing me to have the role.

    Thank you! 🙂