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  1. Emily Kowalak

    My name is Emily, I’m a 15 year old girl and I avsolutley loove Switched at Birth! I’m not a professional actress but I loved acting and so many people tell me I should audition. Its been a life long dream of mine to act in a TV series and it would be so much fun. I would take it very seriously!

  2. Jason

    Hi im jason im from england UK i been watching switched at birth and i loved it i really want be part of production im 24 year old 6ft2 im hearing impaired and can signs bsl but i willing to learn asl if i needed too, and i got no skills of acting but i willing give a shot as fresh starting acting! i will give it ago! Thanks

  3. demarie

    Hello my name is Demarie . I will be honored to be apart such a good productions I been wanting to act since I was 11 years old. I am a shy person but acting brings out a better part of me and makes me really happy . I took an acting class at John powers and I loved it. Please if you chose me you will not be disappointed. I am a hard worker and very determined. Thank you for your time Demarie

  4. Toni Davis

    - Female
    - 24 years old
    - hearing impaired
    - Black
    - 5’4
    - Akron, Ohio
    My name is Toni Davis, I would like to be part of this show because I’m deaf and I know how to act. I’ve been involved in the plays from pre school through high school. I love to acting and acting is my passion. I have a lot of motivation to try out any auditions for the films. I wouldn’t give up on my dreams for my passion acting. I’m praying that I am hoping to get this part so I can able to show everyone about our deaf culture! Deaf pride!! I’m hoping one day, I will apply the NYC for acting school and hoping that I can get accept in. :)

  5. Cheikh

    Hello my name is Cheikh

    I’ve been acting my whole life and everywhere I go people always tell my parents you have to get this boy on t.v his amazing I’ve always took acting to a different level. I would buy props when I didnt have to. I know a 1000 people have applied but I think I would be really beneficial to the cast. Thanks hope you consider me

  6. Chris Hansen

    My name is Chris Hansen, I’m currently 25 years old standing around 5ft7″; I’m half Caucasian half Filipino and I’m a good looking dude with tattoos. I would love the chance to be given a role on the show because it’s one of my favorites! Plus I have some acting experience from working in Hollywood as a young child studying acting. Acting is something I’ve always loved and wanted to pursue as a career, and I feel of be a great addition to the team. Holla at me baby!

  7. Sarah

    My name is sarah I’m 22 and think I would be a great match for a role in any future opening castings. I’m currently trying to learn sign language and I find a high interest in learning a lot more. I have been a fan since the first season of switched at birth, and would be honored to meet new people and try something new. :)


  8. Jeffrey Bourff

    Hi there my name is Jeffrey B I have a huge vocabulary I am 5’0 without shoes and 5’2 with shoes I can play any role and I am hoping I can become an actor and be in a numerous amount of movies and shows and I want to be on any show I can be on I know I’m like any other person asking for this part but I’m confident I can do anything and if I put my mind to it it will happen and I am a very outgoing person not scared of crowds at all my family says I don’t know a stranger I am 12 years old I have blue eyes and brown hair I have dream for acting and it’s my passion I act every day of my life I have full devoted my life to acting and I have just thought about signing up for roles and I have signed up for more than 10 at least and am hoping someone accepts me I really like acting I really get into it and I know you wouldn’t be making a mistake picking me for a part in this show I am a fit young man I weigh a little over 90 Lbs. I can remember things with much practice I am currently going to a public school but can be home schooled if need be when acting I currently live in Florida I am really hoping for a part in a movie TV series or anything if you can suggest me to someone that would be awesome. I want to be on a list to be an option for a lead role in a movie TV series and if not then I can play any character in a movie and I can act very well but that’s my opinion and I want to hear yours when I’m auditioning in front of you I care for others and I want to be able to look in my inbox in my email and scream at the top of my lungs and scream “I got a part in a movie” to my family. I’m telling you if you pick me it will NOT be a mistake I promise. I am a male and Caucasian tan and slim and I have blue eyes brown hair large vocabulary and i am a great actor thanks for reading
    Sincerely, Jeffrey B

  9. Margo Trautman

    Gender- female

    Age- 17

    Height- 5’5

    Weight- 125

    Ethnicity- Caucasian

    Eye color- hazel

    Hair- blonde/brown

    Hello, my name is Margo I am 17yrs old and I am an extremely motivated, aspiring actress! When I was growing up in school we would do plays all the time, and I was always excited once in 3rd grade I actually remembered everyone’s line in my whole class! I love everything about acting and pretending like you are someone else when I was 12 I lost my mother and went through a great depression but the only thing that I looked forward too was doing plays in school it felt good because I was going through a lot at home and i really want this so badly I will do anything for this opportunity even if it is to be an extra, anything is a great accomplishment I have also done a few plays outside of school anything is better then nothing. my dream goal is to become a role model to all the young kids out there who have the same passion I do and I want to reach out to all of them especially those who have lost their love ones ! So please if you give me this chance you’ll never regret it!

  10. JAnelle Mangassarian

    My name is Janelle and I’m from the small town of Southington, Connecticut. The Lying Gams is my favorite show and I would be honored to play a role in it. While I don’t have much acting experience besides school plays in elementary school and I realize acting is a hard job.. I can do it and I’m certain of it. I have a great personality that’s filled with enthusiasm and taking on challenges. When a task is handed to me I always to my best to complete that task to
    my best potential.

    age – 15
    birthday – march 15 1999
    weight – 146 lb
    height – 5’7

    I am white with medium brown hair and brown eyes

  11. michaela alexandra schmitz

    Hi I’m michaela I would be so happy if I got chosen I wanted to be a actor since I was 4 I have light brown hair green eyes I’m great at fake crying I can have tears go down my face I’m very skinny so please email me and I would love to do it

  12. Jessica marquis

    Hi there!

    My name is Jessica and I am learning asl I know enough to hold a basic conversation and would love the opportunity to be in an episode!
    Nationality: Caucasian
    Hair color: light brown
    Eye color: light brown
    Age: 16
    Height: 5″6
    Weight: 115
    Thanks so much!

  13. Reeann Hosein

    Hello, I think I should be chosen to play a part in Switched At Birth because in this show, they need more diverse characters such as Black, Asian, Indian, etc. I am Deaf and from Queens, New York.

    Personal Information:
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 120
    Age: 31
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown

    Graduated from Barbizon Modeling School
    Fashion runaway at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)
    Miss Teen New York Pageant and Miss Deaf California State of University of Northridge (CSUN)
    Deaf extra in Law and Order: Criminal Intent TV show

  14. Brianna Addison

    I am 15 years old. I live in Jacksonville, Fl. I think being on this show will be good for me because it will boost my confidence. I actually started taking American sign language class because of this show. I want to learn to interactive with non-hearing people. Please consider me for this show , it doesn’t matter if I am a extra.

  15. Hazel Monaca Hart

    I’m Hazel, I’m 14 years old. I was born on January 20th 2000. I am NOT deaf but the show sounds great! Please email me for more info

  16. Shaina Andrews

    Hi there,

    I am deaf my name is Shaina Andrews. I am from New York . I have to ask any question ? I want to goal become actress there Switched at Birth. How am I enter actress?

  17. Danielle

    Name:Danielle V.
    Nationality:South African ( currently living in SA )
    Ethnicity:White South African
    Hair colour:brown
    Eye colour:hazel
    Training: distinction in LAMDA musical theatre exam, NCT workshops, IMTA NY 2014 seminars
    Experience: two theatre productions at NCT, Gauteng, South Africa
    Awards: nominated for best children’s production at the SA Naledi Awards for both NCT productions
    Sports: netball, field hockey
    Motto:hard work pays off
    Please consider me for a part in Switched at Birth, I am reliable and hard working. Acting is my passion and it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life! I do not speak ASL but I do know some basic signs and would be more than willing to learn!

  18. Faith heise

    I should be chosen to play a part in this because unlike many, I have a dream that I will do anything it takes to fulfill. I will never give up on that dream. One day it will be a reality. Whether it be tomorrow or ten years from now. I have been in many theatre/school/Shakespeare plays. I can sing, model, and act. I can be any character you want me to be. If you want me to be the innocent sweet character. I can be just that. If you want me to be the mean, sassy character, I will be. You want me to be the smart, witty character. No problem. I can look 12, and i can look 25. I can lose weight or gain it for any part. I can be anything. I will work as hard as it takes to be the best I can be. I will not disappoint you. It would be such a pleasure to work with you.

    Gender- female

    Age- 15

    Height- 5’2

    Weight- 125

    Ethnicity- Caucasian

    Eye color- brown

    Hair- blonde/brown

  19. Destiny Perez

    Destiny Perez
    <hidden from public> (mother)<hidden from public> 

    Los Angeles, CA<hidden from public> 
    <hidden from public>

    Personal Information

    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown

    Relevant Experience



    Backstage Crew – Fiddler on the Roof (St. Agnes Parish School)
    Backstage Crew – God Spell ( St. Agnes Parish School )

    Gary Spatz’s ‘’The Playground ‘’A Young Actor’s Conservatory- 1 yr.
    10390 Santa Monica Blvd.
    #100 Los Angeles ,CA 90025
    Director : Gary Spatz’s

    Athletic: Volleyball
    Languages: Spanish ,English

  20. Amber Sessoms

    I’m aware that this is a long shot, however it’s just like playing the lottery. You can’t ever win if you don’t take the chance to play. I’m 21 years old, and I live in a small town that not many people have heard of in North Carolina. I have been watching Switched at Birth since Day One, and have been in love with it ever since. It has opened my eyes to a whole new community that I never really realized existed, and I’m sure it has done the same for others. That, being the number one reason I would absolutely love to be considered for a part in this series. I don’t have much experience in acting other than high school theatre, as well as the seven years I took dance classes, which surprisingly has more acting than you would think. That being said, I am a very quick learner, and I would do whatever it took to make sure I lived up to expectations. All anyone needs is one chance to prove themselves, and that’s what I’m asking from you. Thank you!

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