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  1. Sondra McCoy

    Im 38 years old, Deaf American Sign Language, Im 5’1 height, 120 weight with 16 tattoo. My hair is longest straight brown and eyes brown. I cant lipreading only sign language.

  2. Mycah Butler

    Age: 13
    DOB: 7/13/00
    Hair: Brown hair
    Eyes: Brown
    Weight: 122

    HEY!!! My name is Mycah and I would love to be on this show. I have been watching it since it first came out and I feel in love with it. I know a little bit of sign language but I am still taking this class in school. I have a very outstanding personality and I love to interact with people. I don’t care what people think of me so I don’t have a hard time showing off on screen or off. Acting is my dream and I am going to tell you about my acting career.

    When I was 3 years old I was in my first play at my church with a man named T.J. Hempfield. Who is the writer of the movie Perilous Times. Around those years I took many dance class and I still do hip hop to this day. I did a lot of more tiny plays at my church and sang too. When I 12 years old I did two plays at the same time. I was in Little Mermaid as a coral aires and The Sound of Music as Sister Berthe. The most recent plays that I was in was Hairspray as Little Inez and The Cross and The Light as a towns child. That play was at the music hall in Detroit, Michigan and it was very fun.

    I think that I would be perfect for this show and I could really impress you. I have been to many talent agencies and I have also been to The Event in Orlando, Florida and got 4 callbacks from there. I want to see where my life will take me and if I can have my big break. When I see talent agencies they all say I have a baby face and look like a 9 year old. Which, I know, is a good thing in the acting business because you can last longer on TV like Miranda Cosgrove on iCarly. I hope will think about me for this TV show.

  3. Nataly Hernandez

    Greetings, I love Switched at Birth and how it embraces the deaf culture. I would love to have a part in the show. Ever since I watched Switched at Birth I had a desire to be part of the family. My name is Nataly Hernandez, I am Latina and I am 27 years old, with a hight of 5,0′. I am petit and look younger than my age. I love acting and have been in performances ever since high school, I have been in theater acting, dance performance, choir and have taken part in school film projects. I miss acting and have been looking for an opportunity to act again because it is my passion.

    I speak spanish and know basic American sign Language.

    Thank you,


    Nataly Hernandez

  4. Crystal Spencer

    I love Switched at Birth. It’s one of my favorite shows to watch. I would love to be a part of the cast. I’ve always looked into taking acting as a career. I know it’s such a difficult process to get into, but I’m determined to work the hardest and do my best. I am 26 years old and 5’0 and a half. If you saw me in person I still look like a high school student. I am also Korean. I know quite a bit of American Sign Language as well.

    I have done an extensive amount of performing experience at community theaters for musicals and plays.

    Thank you,

  5. Lizzi Burton

    Hi my name is Elizabeth, but i go by Lizzi :) Im currently 16 years old. Switched at birth is probably my second favorite show on ABC family, First comes PLL. Ive always wanted a chance to act but living with a single dad, we dont know much about this part of the world. This is something that i have wanted for a long time, my family thinks id be great at it because im the biggest “Drama Queen” (Which i think is not true!! lol) and say i can fake cry on a dime. Thanks for reading :)

  6. joviah gage

    Hello! My name is Joviah Gage. I am very much interested in acting in your movie! I will be 16 years old on May 6, 2014. I am 6’1” and weigh 240 lbs. To save our time, I am deaf and if you need any deaf actor then I am the perfect person for you! I sign in American Sign Language (ASL). But, if you need supporting, stand-in and extra roles, I would love to be a part of your movie regardless of my deafness! I can do different personalities for acting. Please do email me and let me know when to show up for the casting/audition. I can be reached via <hidden from public>. I hope to hear from you soon!

  7. Gabby F

    I’m almost 25, but I get that I’m always a teenager in high school; sometimes that is a problem for me. I’ve been homeschooled all my life and never have had many opportunities to try out my hidden talents.
    I’ve watched Switched at Birth since the beginning and know many of the actors from previous shows and movies. The series is an eclectic array of people in all kinds characters. Their strengths are what show through, and they are real and dealing with themselves and their personal decisions. What makes Switched at Birth so addictive are not just the actors, but the real life situations the characters are put through. It also brings awareness to many disabled minorities that aren’t thought about everyday. This is what makes this show so special.
    I don’t know what could totally make me a candidate to be on the show, but one thing is I’ve always loved have been oldies and all decades of music, the movies and classic tv shows. This series is the only show I watched besides Dallas, Dancing with the Stars, Castle, Melissa and Joey, and Baby Daddy. Can’t wait for the summer openers of my favorite shows!!!
    Thank you ABC FAMILY for making wholesome shows that are so hard to find these days.

  8. Rebekah Page

    I am 16 years old but I look 18. I am african american and I have brown eyes

  9. Rebekah Page

    Hi Abc Family. I absolutely love abc and the shows on it. Ive always wanted to get into acting as a career I’ve been in a few plays. And I really like to act. It would be amazing to act for abc and to be part of the shows. Thank you

  10. Janelle Lao

    Hello! My name is Janelle Lao. I don’t have much recent experience with acting. When I was in middle school, Katie Leclerc’s mom was actually my agent. After awhile, I decided to focus on school. Now I am 20 years years old, although I still look as if I am 15-16, I would absolutely love to get back into acting. I have an identical twin sister named Jasmine and we constantly keep up with this show! We absolutely love it! I would love to have a chance to get my foot back into acting while still attending school and any chance would be greatly appreciated!

  11. Elizabeth Morris

    Hello ABC family,

    I am a Professional Deaf actor from Ontario, Canada. Beside an actor, I am a a Deaf musician who loves to sign the music with a vocalist as a team (to entertain Deaf and HOH audience. It can be a great story plot- some a Deaf people are against that idea!

    I am also an ASL coach and Deaf Community Consultant for films and theatre. Plus, I am a certified teacher for elementary level.

    My life experience as a Deaf person growing up with two brothers (one is hard of hearing and other one is Deaf-Autistic). Plus, a hearing sister and parents. We moved in four countries, while learning how to communicate with each other (even forgetting who is Deaf or hearing)! I am fluently in ASL. Plus, I can speak and read lips very well. I truly believe that I can play an aunt, family’s friend, a teacher, or even an crush! My website is

    Many thanks.

    Elizabeth Morris
    YouTube: Elizabeth Morris Show

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