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  1. Karissa Spring

    Hello there! My name is Karissa! So there are probably thousands of people who want to be on switched at birth! How amazing is that!? It would be such a blessing to be apart of such a wonderful show and family. I have watched since day one and have just been so inspired and uplifted by all of the obstacles all the characters have faced. Like daphne for example, she never allows her being deaf stand in her way. I took a lot from that, and even tho I’m hearing, that stood out to me, and I’ve become more confident. I have always had a love and passion for acting and this would be a dream come true! Who doesn’t want to be on television? This wouldn’t just be a job for me, or my “fifteen minutes of fame”, I want to make a difference in the world and become part of something that means something. I want to be on switched at birth to inspire people, of every age. I hope to one day get that chance :) even if I’m not the person who gets chosen, I hope and pray that said person does great! And is blessed :) thank you for your consideration!

  2. Meghan Hamman-Briggs

    Hello. My name’s Meghan Hamman-Briggs. I’m from Mount Union, Pennsylania. I’m 14, soon to be 15. Acting and singing are my absolute passions. I love being able to make others smile and laugh. Positivity is good for your health and in my opinion, helps you live longer and life to its fullest. I love helping people and I feel that acting could really help me, help people… Acting opens so many doors for even more opportunities. I basically just want to spread joy and pick people up when they’re down. I’m sorry for rambling. I wasn’t quite sure what to say and what not to say. I’m hoping that whomever this may concern will consider me eligable for this position. It would mean the world to me! Thank you for taking your time to read this! Email me for any further questions, statements, etc.

  3. Emily Denise Kyle

    My name is Emily Kyle. I am 19 years old. If you ask anyone that knows me I am ambitious, fun and very committed. The reason I want to be a part of switched at birth is because I have always been the entertainer of the family. I am actually going to college for sign language. I was legally Deaf when I was little. And still have some hearing loss. That’s besides the point. I am so passionate about sign language and it’s culture. But I also know deep down I want to entertain. But I don’t want to give up my dream of sign language. This show, is my ticket to changing my life and many others. I hope, that once I begin my sign language journey I can teach disabled children and anyone who wants to learn.

    My information:
    Blonde hair
    Brown eyes
    120 lbs
    19 years old

    Please consider me. I WILL not disappoint! Thank you for your time!

  4. Nikki Cordova

    Hello there,
    My name is Nikki I’ve been follow switched at birth since it started and I’ve feel in love with it from day one. My parents and I love it and it’s because apart of me. I am learning sign language and this show has helped me deal with some hard times in my life. I haven’t done a lot of acting but many people recommend that I should and there’s no other place I would rather act than switched at birth. I’ve been dealing with bullying and some hard family issues so when I’m feeling alone or unwanted even just the feeling that no one what’s to be with me this show does so much for me I can’t even explain even if it’s only a tv show and when I see this show it helps me with values and learning new things about others and myself. So I would love to be apart of this wonderful show any way that I can. All I need is one shot and you won’t regret it. Thank you so much for your time.

  5. Alessio Convito

    Hello, my name is Alessio, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Italy. I’m deaf. I have some experience in the past practiced acting in theater, currently I’m working as fashion blogger then to see my pictures and my latest videos, please visit I know enough ASL, I have had several occasions to chat with American deaf people, among whom a few years ago I went on a trip for a month in USA, there I learned ASL well, now I just need to practice a bit to remember it.

    SAB has inspired me, I want to strongly take part of your cast, covering any kind of role.

    Height: 1,76 cm
    Hair: dark brown
    Eyes: brown
    Body: athletic
    Personality: calm, motivated, hungry for new experiences

    For more information please contact me by email or, to avoid the risk that ends up in spam folder, please write me on facebook.


  6. TuranA.

    Name: Turan A.
    height: 1m67cm
    Eye color:brown
    Hair color:black

    Hello my name is Turan A.
    Im 15 years old, im from germany.
    I love acting and i would love to be on switched at birth.
    My english is very well.

  7. Ashley Faulconer

    Hi, Im ashley. I am 19 years old. I have always wanted to be an actress and trying to get my start in the business. To get a role on Switched at Birth would be a dream come true! I could some interesting roles because I have a 10 month old son named Anthony and I am also married for almost 2 years. So considering me for any role would be amazing because a 19 year old mom/wife. Anyway thank you so much for reading this. Thanks!

    eye: brown
    Hair: long, dark brown
    weight: 145 (losing weight)
    height: 5’1
    from: Wichita, KS

  8. Trinity David

    Hi! My name is Trinity, I’m 13 years old and I love acting I’ve been in quite a few plays and I would love to be on Switched at Birth, honestly I would be happy to at least be an extra!;D OMG I absolutely love this show:D I think that Bay (Vanessa) is very inspiring, and I am like her in so many different ways. My dream in life is to become an actor I haven’t really had the chance to pursue that dream yet but I’m really hoping that you guys will give me that chance. Thank you so much, and I hope to hear from you:D!


  9. Sharisse

    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5′ 3″
    Age: 26 (told I look/ sometimes act 21..and a lot of times act 30.)
    Weight: 187 (however dropping more weight soon).
    Occupation: Server (act every day when dealing with angry people)

    Hello, I am someone who has always dreamed of acting which you have heard from everyone here. However I always thought you had to be perfect. I always thought that being over weight makes you less eligible for the spot or a role in a TV series. However I was completely wrong. Acting is not always about how you look, but on how you preform. Acting is about showing that right emotion to get the audience to feel what your character is feeling. It is about moving the audience in such away that they cannot look away from the TV without worrying that they will miss an important piece of information that connects everything together. Now I want to do that. I want to be apart of that right there.

    Although I am heavy right now I will not be soon. My whole reason for losing weight is so I can do things I love. That same reasoning is why I am applying for this show which is to do something I love. I know I can act. I also know it is something that I would love to do.

    When you are looking at these you want someone that stands out, right? Not just someone that “Loves” the show. I mean I LOVE THE SHOW. However what I would love more is to be apart of the show. I would love to apart of the success.

    Hey it would also be nice to meet all the amazing people that put together the show. This is where I wink and hope that you got my drift and sweet talking. Then I start deep breathing hoping you do not think that I am trying to get ahead or discovered by my complement to your work. I then cross my fingers and hope that you will see me for me and that I am awesome at what I do an give me the chance to be on the show. I shake your hand and thank you for your time. I leave walking away with my head held high…..hoping to get an opportunity to be apart of the show……

    TO BE CONTINUED….if discovered

  10. Anibal Rodriguez

    Hello, ” Switch at Birth ” and ABC Family channel,

    My name is Anibal Rodriguez I am from NJ and I am deaf. I am also student at Art Institute of Philadelphia for studying to be a Photography for Hollywood Film and TV. I would like to join your film for be a background extra or support actor. I never been actor before but I want to learn how to act. I love movies and TVs all of my life. I just want to take experience to join real world in movie and tv studios to proud of Hollywood family. I am interesting to a background extra or support actor for next seasons. Let me know so you can email me so we can discussing over this. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  11. Laura S

    I am in my 30′s. I can speak and sign. I used to be a theater minor in college.
    Now I am an ultrasound technician. I wouldn’t mind acting a small part.

  12. Sony

    I would be so honored if I could get a role on switched at birth. I want to learn ASL. If you would put me on the show I will work really hard and prove that I have what it Takes. Thank you for your consideration.

  13. megan luckett

    Hi my name is Megan I’m a 22 year old female with a 15 month old son named Easton who I just love dearly. I’ve always wanted to be an actress sense I was a little girl. Me and my friends used to memorize parts of shows and movies and act them out. I just really want to make a better life for my son when he gets older. If I could get a position on switched a birth that would be a big dream of mine I just love this show. Metting everybody and acting with them would just be so amazing. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from someone soon to better my life so my son can have a better life.

  14. Jeremy Lloyd

    I would like to be part of GLBT character towards Natalie and Emmett’s enemy friend that who loves Emmett. I had done in short film regarding color actors and thought my experiences would helps Switched at Birth production to learn more about Deaf Culture in GLBT community. I want to demonstrate the, in good advices that I could think of being Clinic Counselor for blood status or being an advisor for Ally Club. I know you want to make it happen then please consider me . I am very looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you

  15. sofia patton

    i love switched at birth and all of the characters i would love to be bays or Daphnes kid
    eye brown
    hair brown

  16. khiarah bonnin

    my name’s khiarah bianca bonnin I have. Been watching this show for ever im 13years 5″8 I know exactly whats going on .I think I could be perfect for the show. people have always told me that I know how to sighn fake cry be angry remember script lines you wont regret putting me on your show! Contact me at <hidden from public> or <hidden from public> 

  17. Katie Hutchinson

    My name is Katie, I’m 17 years old and a freshman in college. I should be considered because I need to help out my family financially. Both my parents have second jobs, my mom also has a third job as a photographer. We struggle with money due to the fact that I have a special needs little brother with Cerebral palsy. His name is Anthony and he’s almost 14 years old, he’s died four times and has had to go through many surgeries. I have a job working at a golf course but it’s barely helping out, I can’t work everyday because of school right now and I have to babysit my brother on Tuesdays and Thursdays while my moms at work. Money is a major problem right now for college and having to get things to help Anthony. My mom, my boyfriend and I have watched Switched at Birth since the first episode, my mom is an educational assistant and helps out with special needs children. I’m a mix of Bay and Daphne, I’ve been in love for art forever and my mom and many teachers say I’m an amazing drawer, I also took four years of culinary and two years in advance culinary, I also was president in skills USA at my high school for three years and competed in several culinary competitions placing in first place. I love acting and have always wanted to take it up. I’m a golfer and was competitively for eight years all through middle school and all through high school advancing in many tournaments, I placed third in my district as an individual my senior year. I’m almost 18 years old with dark red hair with tan skin, I’m 5’5. I have volunteered in many things for special needs children, I get along with everybody and I think I would be a great fit for switched at birth! please consider!

  18. Makayla Rote

    Age: 15
    Height: 5″6
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: Blue
    Personality: Out going, hardworking, energetic, happy, bubbly, motivated
    Name: Makayla Elizabeth Rote
    Background: acting all through grade school been in Choir for 6 years
    Thank you !!!!!- :)

  19. Krista Heuertz

    Hi ABC Family! I am Krista, and I would like to be apart of your future families! I like to Sing and Act, but also do Martial Arts. I have been told I am a very fast learner. And I can memorize my lines. I was in a Theater show in late September, for Doctor Sanguinary. I was a rebel out of jail, but i was a smart one too. I like to be smart, nice, funny, and caring. But most of all, CONFIDENT! Thanks,

    Height: 5’2
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blonde/Ginger
    Hobby: Singing, Acting and Martial Arts.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13

    Thanks For YOUR Time!

  20. Dr. Stan Kunin

    Hello, I’m a veterinarian with a 80-85% hearing loss since birth. I’ve been in practice for over 36 years. I met both Marlee and Katie at a CSUN deaf gala. I’ve been a fan of the show since its inception. But I feel the show is slipping and would like to give you my input. I don’t know who else to turn to so I thought I’d start with this. This a a show that would really be of benefit to both the hearing and deaf world. It has an opportunity to teach both worlds about what we can and cannot do. I know I’m like Marlee in that we both are very hearing impaired but work in the hearing world. Now the world knows that deaf/hard of hearings can act. But you can do even better. For example, “Daphne” has expressed interest in pre-med. Why doesn’t the show introduced a real deaf/hard of hearing doctors that Daphne can meet and really look up to as a role model? This would not only give the deaf audiences “hope” that being deaf/hard of hearing doesn’t mean you can’t be a doctor, or dentist, or veterinarian, or lawyer, etc. etc. I’m not asking to be part of the show but I am saying there are people out there that are hearing impaired who can really be a boost for not only the hearing impaired audiences but also show the hearing world that we can even be high on the professional ladder. I hope I made sense here but if anyone in the Switched At Birth show is interested in something like this, I would be most happy to give you more ideas and not expect any credit for it.
    Thank you for your time.
    Stan Kunin DVM

  21. Rebekah Farley

    Hello, my name is Rebekah. I’m a deaf college student who is about to graduate. I grew up in a family that used American Sign Language and believed that I could do anything except hear. I want to be able to show the world what I am capable of. I was on a dance team for 13 years and I’m an artist. I have been drawing and painting so many things ever since I was a little girl. I could become Bay’s new best friend on the show since her role loves drawing and I can relate to that. I have always been comfortable standing in front of a large crowd of people using voice or sign language. I have a lot of leadership skills that I feel will benefit the society. I don’t just think I can act but be a role model toward many deaf children as well. I believe in achieving so many things as much as possible. I LOVE your show so much and watched every single episode since season 1. I do hope I can become a part of your show and help you to entertain people and educate the society about Deaf people and other things in general.

  22. Amanda Abel

    I have been in some plays but never anything big and I would like to expand my horizons and do something I would love. I love to act and meet new people. I am also good at learning new things and this show has inspired me to learn some asl and learn about deaf culture. I am almost 13 years old and would love this once in a lifetime experience. I think this show is more important then most shows because it gives you knowledge of how deaf people feel and live. This is why I believe this is one of the best shows ever made. I love the concept of this show and how everything is pieced together like a big puzzle. Whenever I am sad or feeling bad I will watch an episode and I will feel much better. Thank you so much for making this show, it is truly inspirational! <3

  23. Andrea

    My name is Andrea,(14)
    I don’t have any experience in acting, but I’m open to new experiences. My dream is to come out of my shell and expand my learning. I took a class In middle school for two consecutive years of ASL. I’m very familiar with the deaf community and would love to be on this show. I also speak Spanish my parents are Hispanic so I’m a native speaker. I just really want to prove that chasing your dream is possible.

  24. Allie Brown

    Hi, my name is Allie Brown. I am fourteen years old and I live in South Carolina, and I have watched Switched at Birth since it first came on, and I love it. It would be fun to be on the show.

  25. Stephanie Hugo

    I’m stephanie hugo and I am thirteen years old. I would LOVE to be an actress. You know how people say dreams come true well mine will! I am in drama club and was in my fist play in red riding good I was the big bad wolf!.. I love switched at birth me and my mom are up to date with it! I can be any part that I would need to be to pursue my career!
    I hope u contact me
    If u have any questions or concerns email me
    <hidden from public>

  26. Amelia Berreen

    My name is Amelia Berreen, 22 years old and lives in London, I am profoundly deaf but can lip read and speak well, I am also fluent in BSL (British Sign Language) and basic international sign language. I am planning to go America this winter for one year, taking part in acting at Switched at Birth series is my dreams coming true. If the creator Lizzy Weiss consider of having a British Deaf girl in the show then I will the best person for you.

  27. Bobbie Gean

    I would like to be on this show, I can relate to the deaf community and hearing. I for one is hard of hearing I grew up with both of my parent having to learn and to teach me and my brother sign language. We was not born deaf or hard of hearing we ended up developing a disease called Penred syndrome. When I was three we learn that I have become hearing impaired and have been learning and going to deaf school till the age of 7 we move and where we move did not have deaf school , but had interpreter. But I was to advance to have one, because I was able to hear good with my hearing aids and was able to understand. I would love to be a part of this show as a girl who is hard of hearing and hopefully if a writer can as a girl who is embarrassed about her hard of hearing and who really does not like to sign or teach hearing people how to sign, that what I am doing in real life. But I know when I am around somebody who is deaf and hard of hearing I am so comfortable. This show has shown people that we r all the same but different in some ways and that there is nothing wrong with hearing impaired people it just the way god made us and also I love how hearing and deaf community get together. This is why I want to be on the show to be a part of a show who is actually hard of hearing or deaf cn also be in. Community of hearing.

  28. angelina jackson

    my name is Angelina Jackson and i would to be on switched at birth i love doing ASL i have friends that are deaf and i sign to them alot im a very good at it i also took a class for ASL i love watching switched at birth every Monday its an awesome show

  29. EC

    Straight to the point. I’m a fast learner, thus I can learn the script/ASL in due time. Though I only know ASL at a bare minimum, I assure you I can pick up on it at an unusually fast pace (but not too fast to get tendonitis). Also, you may be looking to cast someone of a specific race, but I believe being an Asian American can bring a dash of diversity into the cast. I am 5′ 4”, and going to be 19 soon. Switched at Birth is one of my favorite shows of all time, because not only does it tells multiple stories of a different kind of family, but also it utilizes a completely unique language. I’d be honored by your consideration. Thanks.

  30. Delaney king

    Hey I’m delaney king and I have been watching the show since it came out I am 11 years old,I have dirty blonde hair,I have green eyes I live in Ohio I am about 4’5. I was in a play and I thought I was gonna hate it but I loved it so much . I just really want to be apart of the switched at birth family . I hope you get the time to read over my response thank you.

  31. Delaney king

    Hey , I’m 11 years old and I’ve Benin watching the show since it came out , and I love it I would really want to be on the show . I really love acting and my mom tells people u could be in tv ! But I am being my self when my mom says that I only act when I am told to or when I’m in my room by myself into the mirror

  32. Sean David

    During several of the past few years, I have been active volunteering time within the deaf community. I am conversational in ASL and possess a strong vocabulary. I’ve studied sign language in school and my girlfriend is graduating from LaGuardia CC for interpreting. Sign Language is one of the ways we fell in love where we used to work together because we both knew it and it bonded us.

    I’d love to be part of Switched at Birth, maybe even with my love, as a role of a young teacher or young dad or anywhere where I could provide excellent acting and charisma for this excellent show. Thank you very much.

  33. Gabby Galler

    Hello Switched at Birth producers, my name is Gabrielle I’m 14 years old and I really enjoy and love your tear jerking, attention grabber, edge of your seat show. Because of your show I have been interested in the deaf community, and I’ve also taken an interest in studying asl. I am a quick learner so it wouldn’t be a problem of me forgetting my line. I am great in my emotions, for example ( crying, happy, mad, ect.) any emotion you ask me to do then it will give it my all. I love to act and I love to meet new people. I’m also very friendly with other people. Thank you all for giving me your time for me to share this with y’all.
    Sincerely yours,
    Gabrielle Galler

  34. Gabby Galler

    Hello Switched at Birth producers, my name is Gabrielle I’m 14 years old and I really enjoy and love your tear jerking, attention grabber, edge of your seat show. Because of your show I have been interested in the deaf community, and I’ve also taken an interest in studying asl. I am a quick learner so it wouldn’t be a problem of me to forget my line. I am great in emotions, for example ( crying, happy, mad, ect. ) any emotion you ask me to do then I will give it my all. I love to act and I love to meet new people. I’m also very friendly with other people. Thank you all for giving me your time for me to share this with y’all.

    Sincerely yours,
    Gabrielle Galler

  35. Sergio Aguilar

    Hi my name is sergio Aguilar and I live in Fayetteville nc and I love your show a lot and I whould like to be apart if the show because I want to start an acting career.

  36. Stephanie McCrite

    I am Stephanie McCrite, age of 23, and a hard-of-hearing student attending to Gallaudet University. Based on my experience growing up having the best of two worlds, I felt I related to this show a lot and thought I could be a good candiate to be part of your cast. Although I do not have a lot of experience acting, I felt this is something I will be good at . Never hurt to try perhaps? (: hope to hear from you soon.

    If want to know more about me, check my page: <hidden from public>
    • Stephanie McCrite

  37. Audra Eaton

    My name is Audra I am 24 years old. I have been studying ASL and the Deaf culture for about 11 years now. I am working at becoming a nationally certified interpreter, and I currently interpret at our church. Since I started studying ASL and the Deaf culture, I really developed a passion for the Deaf and hard of hearing. Switched at Birth came out and I became obsessed! I love the characters and I love getting a glimpse into the Deaf world. Being on this show would be a dream come true, and I would be honored if you would consider me to be on your show.
    Thank you!

  38. Diane Divungu

    Hi ! My name is Diane, I’m 15 years old and I’m french. I speak English fluently. I love acting, and I am a huge fan of this show, I loved Angelo of course, and I think it is a very interesting and inspiring TV show. We need shows like that in these times. I really want to be apart of this project. Thank you !

  39. Stephanie Arellano


    My name is Stephanie Arellano. I am 15 years old, and I live in Denver, Colorado. I have brown hair, and brown eyes, and I am about 5’2. I honestly think “Switched at Birth” Is a great TV show! It would be amazing if I was able to be a part of it. It’s always been my dream to be a part of the acting world, and I thought this would be a good opportunity for it. I’m looking forward to a response from you, thank you!

  40. Amber Hazelton

    HI i am Amber and i really love this show. i make my family watch the show all the time. I am 13 and i have blue eyes, brown/blond hair, and i love singing and acting. i think i would be amazing for this part because i watch the show all the time and i know all the characters. It would be an honor to be on the show. please take me into consideration. i would love to hear back

  41. Kaina Barranco

    Hello my name is Kaina but everyone calls me kookie im 17 i have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5 feet tall and have a great personality . I have acted in plays befor I have also done musicals which means I can sing and dance I was also in quire. My special skills are: kickboxing, dance, karate. I also speak three languages: English, Spanish & ASL. It would be an honer to be a part of this project. I can also work for long periods of time so late night shooting will not be an issue and im also currently home schooled so schooling will also not be an issue. Thank you and best regards to everyone. Kaina B.

  42. Carly Rohlmeier

    Hi, my name is Carly Rohlmeier, please read this threw with an open mind. I am 11 yeas old and I’m almost 12 on August 16. This show has inspired me to learn sign language. I’ve been in five plays and started in 2 them, i’ve been told that I’m a great actress and that I should keep acting long as I live. I live in California and I am sorta going threw some hard times right now. My mom
    and dad almost lost our house last year. I really love acting very very much. I love being in a body of another person in another world, it makes me feel a lot if it makes me feel like nobody can touch me. I don’t know what else to say other then I think that I am a great actress and I really think that you guys should consider me as being on The Switched at Birth cast. Here’s a little bit about me…

    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: blonde
    Height: 5 feet 3
    Age : almost 12
    Info: I wear glasses to read far away, but I don’t need them, and I’m going to get contacts
    That’s it, please consider me!!

  43. Jasmine


    I am Jasmine and I am pretty much fluent in ASL I am hard of hearing but I can still hear. Hope I can try out.

  44. niesha catala

    Hi please take the time to read over
    I’m Niesha a 12 year old Hispanic that’s willing to start her career at a young age I was always told that I’m a drama queen and being able to see these ACTORS at a young age surprised me I’m struggling at a younger age trying to make a career as a 12 year old is hard but switched at birth inspired me I’m already learning sign language by watching this wonderful show people telling me ill never make it kids bulling me in 6th grade know I’m going to 7th and I don’t know what its like I would love to be on switched at birth just working with these actors that I admire will be a dream come true and to bloom like they did I will be thankful for the rest of my life!!!!!!!
    Ps. Bay season2 ep20 nice advice to Travis oh and Daphne loveing your outfits they bring out your eyes Emmett you will have more girls trust me Regina stick with Bays father Angelo it will work out number 1 show that better have more episodes where’s season. 4

  45. Alyssa Lee

    My name is Alyssa, I am 15 and I love watching the show sab. I feel connected to it in so many ways. I would love to be able to cast in this show! I am currently in high school, but I’m not involved in sports because I don’t feel I am good enough, and I wouldn’t want to let my teammates down. I’ve always had a passion in acting. When I was little, me and my cousin would walk around acting out High School Musical and things like that. I don’t have experience, but I am a very fast learner! Please consider me in your casting call!

  46. Joshua Smallfoot

    Hello: My name is Joshua, I perfer to be called Josh. Im currently 21. Yet, your show was incredibly benefiting me in any way. I just simply thought it was amazing for me because I was too born sick with spinal meningitis at 2 weeks old without being switch. ;) I’ve learned American Sign Language since I was little, I know enough to teach others and be skillfully apart of the show. When I was growing up I have learned so much about myself that I performed in some activities that corresponds with (ASL) up stage and connecting myself with people, at first no matter what I get shy at times, no worries it get under control. It takes dedication, but my true self is bonding into trying something that could change my life forever. Thats my dream role and could be my purpose in life. Ultimately, I would love and do what it takes to be apart on Switch at Birth. Just thought if somebody has the same stories, it turns out to be even more truly breaking for this show. Thanks for your time and consideration.

    Sincerely, your undiscover Actor.

  47. Cait Harding

    I would love more information about this opportunity. Please email me if you are auditioning! Thanks:)

  48. marilynn

    small girl with big dreams, yeah might seem like an average thing to say. why should i be considered for the role? honestly, acting didn’t seem to be my dream at first. maybe i was just scared to show people my real potential; until one day my school was offering solo acting and one act play. at first i was terrified to join or to even audition ,but my principal encouraged me to audition. as i practiced i had fun and moments of happiness, then the competitions came i wowed the judges and got many ribbons and trophies, even nominated and won best actress in school events. thats when i realized that my dream wasn’t law school like i thought it as, but it was performing arts. I might be just another average 13 going on 14 teenager; but one day i will shine brighter then the stars, and hopefully i can start by being hired by you. thank you.

    what i look like:
    hair color: brown
    eye color: brown
    birth date: 08/20/00

  49. Jessica

    Hi! My name is Jessica . I am 23 years old and I l would love to be apart of the show. I have some hearing loss and know little bit of asl.

  50. Devyn

    I’m 11 I love acting and my name is Devyn I watch this show every Monday I love it my personal favorite character is bay u hope y’all will consider me thanks

  51. Paige Ward

    Hi I’m Paige!

    I’ve been doing community theatre since I was 9 and was recently cast as Kim Macafee in Bye Bye Birdie. This year in high school I have learned and have grown so much I feel I am better able to connect with characters since I have had so many different life experiences. I love switched at birth and it has in fact inspired me to learn sign language. I am learning now and hope to use it sometime in the future. I am extremely enthusiastic and passionate about everything I do. I’ve been thinking about getting into acting for a while now and I thought what better way than an all inspiring show that I love! I hope you’ll please consider casting me and if you email me I have my resume and headshot. Thank you so much for your kind consideration!

  52. Eric

    My name is Eric. I would like to say this would be a dream to come true if chosen. Been deaf since birth and now wears a cochlear implant in left ear. Have little to no experience in acting, did a small part when I was in Boy Scout. I have perform small plays in church and preach a sermon a couple of times. I do know some basic sign language since 5 years old. I was taught to speak and my signing have drop. We all have one life to live…so why not make the best of it? I would like to add this experience to my resume. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you…peace !!

  53. Donne Mayfield

    My name is Donnea Mayfield. I am 12 years old. I am currently learning asl, and I understand most of it. I watch Switched at birth all of the time. I learned signs I didnt know from there . I live for drama. I am a cheery person and live to learn new things . ( like learning Asl) I love to act , and dance. There my many passions.

  54. Bless

    My name is bless Clarke I sing , dance , and act! I have been cast for many role but I always had to turn them down because they were in Cali or somewhere far! Don’t just look at this reply and think it’s just another wannabe be cause I have a passion for acting! I watch all abcfamily shows including switch at birth, The foster, pretty little liars, Twisted which I wish would come back on and many more! Please All I just Want is to be know and to be able to have an acting dream isn’t what this website for to make little kids dream come true.

  55. Megan

    My name is megan O’Neill and I am currently twelve years old.
    I have watched every season of switched at birth on Netflix and I fell in love with the tv show.
    I would like. To act in. Switched at birth be cause it is so interesting and I think that I would really enjoy acting in it.
    Thank you

  56. Clint Nowicke

    My name is Clint and I have been acting for nearly 10 years. I am also hard-of-hearing, wears hearing aids, and fluent in American Sign Language. I would like to be involved because I feel that entertainment does not accurately portray the spectrum between Fully Hearing and Fully Deaf.

    If you have any questions or require any more information, please feel free to contact me.

  57. Hannah Neal

    I have LOVED Switched at Birth ever since the first time I saw it! I have always admired Katie Leclerc and Vanessa Marano and Sean Berdy! I also learn sign language when I can I know a funny one I love to use when I can Mosquito is so fun to do! I am an 11 year old girl and I have been trying my best to sign but my parents never really care about what I enjoy. This would be my dream and if I actually get to be on switched at birth I would be literally the happiest person on earth!!!!

  58. Danielle Little

    I have watched this show from the beginning, and absolutely love it! I am 21, I took some acting classes in college. I would be honored to have a chance to be on the cast. I work hard and love learning and building up new talents.

  59. Abbylynn jones

    I believe I would be perfect for this show because 1. I absolutely love the show as well as the other shows you have on here but this show would be great. And 2. It’s been my dream to entertain people on television to make them sad and happy to follow the shows with their hearts I want to bring laughs to the people who watch the shows and also bring them tears to feel exactly what we feel. And as a bonus I know and I am learning how to do ASL and this show is just absolutely perfect and I would be so very very glad if you would put me on the cast for Switched at Birth. Ever since I was little I wanted to be an actress it always felt like the right thing to do and if you put me on the cast of Switched at Birth you would be making my dream come true. But I’m probably sure you guys would like to know a little about me, my name is Abbylynn Jones. I am attending Granada Hill Charter HighSchool I will be going for 9th grade. I am 14 1/2. My birthday is January 18th 2000. I have a little acting expiernce but my dad taught me a lot because he used to act in the classic Little house on the prarrie. I am very smart and very devoted, I work well with others and I am very friendly. If you wish to learn more about me please email or call me at <hidden from public> or  <hidden from public> 

  60. Jamie

    I would love to be part of switched at birth.. I have the experiences of acting. I grew up the stage. I was in few commercials and as an extra in one of movie when I was a kid. I have been on ASLfilms on “Slot” I’m the girl with braided hair. There’s trailer of Slot you can see me in this link

    I love Switched at birth, Bay is my favorite character and Lea Thompson is my favorite actress. I really would love to have the chance to be on the set and meet those crews/casts and producer/director who made this tv show happened. I want to shake hand with him/her and work with him/her. It is my dream to become a director or filming maker.. I really hope you will look me up and have me on your set. It would be a dream come true. And I wanted to say thank you for taking out of your busiest time, reading this note. I really appreciate it if you ever read this. Thank you, I know how busy y’all can be. It will be a honor to be picked to work with you guys. Thanks.

    Deaf actress and model, aka
    Jamie aka Raven

  61. Jesus Manuel Garcia

    I’m deaf and i have dream becoming a acting for deaf people learned how to communicate other people and i want famous.

  62. sienna dorner

    To begin, i am altmost 15 . i love to act. Its my passion. Its in my soul. I can play any part and act anyway. You know when you just feel when somethings right? When you can just feel it in your bones? Well that is how i feel about acting. I feel as though i should be considered not only to give abc family an amazing, different actor, but i also believe that everybody deserves a chance in life. Everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves, to do something good, to make it in life. And thats exactly what i would like to do. Thank you

  63. Caitlin

    Hi I’m Caitlin, I live in Australia, I can simple do auslan (Australian sign language)
    But I am willing to learn ASL, I love acting and making people happy, I am an introvert
    At first but I always end up and extrovert it takes some time tho. I am 17 soon, I love switched at birth and I enjoy learning new things.
    Please consider me.

  64. rachael h

    My name is rachael
    I am 13 years old i love to act . Switched at birth is one of my favorite shows on abc family i would love the opprotunity to work with other amazing actors and also learn a lot more of asl since i have been watchin the show since season one i have learned some signing i would live to learn mor
    Feel free to contac me from via E–Mail

  65. Esther Mawa

    Would love an opportunity as a full blood African who is 25 yrs old please contact me.

  66. Rachel

    I’m 15 years old and an actress. I’ve been since before I could read. I love this show. It would be so amazing to be a part of this incredible drama. Since I am full blown actress I would be willing to do things while acting some people would be uncomfortable with. Such as bizarre character traits, or behaviors. It would be amazing to be a part of your show!

  67. Samantha

    Well I’m 12 my name is Samantha I love acting always have always will as soon as I watched this it touched my heart and to be honest I can’t stop watching it i would be honored to play a role in here even if only for a small role I know I’m only 12 but just please consider it would mean a lot to me :)

  68. Romona Navarro

    Hello my name is Romona, I’m 18 years old and I have been watching Switched At Birth since the first episode and I’ve never missed one show. I’ve taken an ASL class my Sophomore year in high school and loved the deaf culture since then. My ASL teacher made a huge impact in my life and I now have a new set of eyes for what the really big problem is in today’s society. With her story that she has shared to all her students I’ve made a decision of becoming an interpreter and to hopefully share to everyone that children are becoming deaf and need help, which is why I am also becoming a teacher so I can share to my students that their is more out their that they can change as they grow. I would want my students and everyone around me to know that people become deaf every day and is having problems because not everyone knows ASL.
    I hope you consider me as being one of the cast, I would be grateful to be around such great people and to expand my ASL as I head off to college to begin my great new future that I have my head set on

  69. jazmin

    I am 14 but look 15 or 16
    not skinny but not fat. in the middle. but losing weight
    I have been watching switched at birth on Netflix and it was so good that I finished all the seasons in 1 month and still watching 2014 on abc. I live in St. Louis MO and been to Kansas city a lot and I am trying to learn ASL I already know the alphabet. I am not a professional actress but I was in drama club in 8th grade so please contact me and give me a shot. I can be a deaf person or anything I can even be in a background role or even short role

  70. Olivia

    U will not regret it I am 11 year old and have a friend who is deaf! I can make peaples laugh an they say u need to get in drama!!! Look me up in face book Olivia Nicholson. U won’t regret it

  71. Renee Jagdeo

    Hi! My name is Renee and I am 12 years old, I am pretty small in size at 5 feet. I enjoy public speaking as well as acting, dancing, and singing. I wouldn’t say I’m AMAZING at the arts but believe that I could make it in the business with my personality and ambition. I have been in a few plays, with fairly challenging roles, which helped me realize that I have been able to take on different roles with different personalities efficiently. I think I would be considerable because although I don’t have much experience television wise, I think I could be an acceptable candidate. If needed :I am currently in grade 7 and I am Guyanese Black and Guyanese Indian. I have thick black curly hair, and dark brown eyes.

    PS. I LOVE SWITCHED AT BIRTH and am currently learning ASL and practicing at school

  72. taylor dudley

    I loved switched since 2011 Ive learn all the sign to asl im only 11 years old my best friend is deaf

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