Switched At Birth – ABC Family

Switched At Birth - ABC Family

ABC Family has steadily become one of cable’s most watched networks with a strong lineup of fantastic programming, following in that tradition is the new series Switched At Birth. The series is currently wrapping up it’s acclaimed first season and an all new second season has just been ordered. Auditions will be held soon for the first half of season two which will begin broadcasting this summer.

Switched At Birth centers on two teenage girls from opposite sides of the tracks. Vanessa Marano plays Bay Kennish, a girl from a wealthy family with two loving parents and a brother while Katie Leclerc plays Daphne Vasquez, rendered deaf from a bout with meningitis at an early age who lives with her single mother in a poor neighborhood. The girls come to find out that they were switched at birth in the hospital as infants and that each has been living the others life. The drama and emotion is on full tilt as the two families meet and try to establish a relationship for the well being of the girls. This the most fantastically original and well acted program on TV with solid supporting cast that includes the fabulous talents of Lea Thompson (Back To The Future) and Constance Marie (George Lopez)! Few television shows have ever handled such delicate subject matter as skillfully. This is a dream showcase for undiscovered actors of any age. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime for someone out there. Casting directors and producers are on the lookout for the next great talent to incorporate into this already star studded cast! If this sounds like your dream role leave a comment below and keep checking back for all of the exciting details.

Switched At Birth is an amazing project and is truly breaking new ground for television dramas. This is your chance to be a part of the magic. Leave a comment today and you could be the next member of the Switched At Birth family.

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  1. Larissa

    Hi my name is Larissa Wiseley. im 14 years old. I have brown hair and blue eyes. Im 5 foot 5 and a half inches tall. I love to act and sing. I live in Ireland. I was a huge fan of the first series as me and my sister binge watched it al in one go!! Just because i live in Ireland useually puts people of of casting me so please dont! I need to start off somewhere so why not here? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider me! Thank You.