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  1. Michael T. Villella

    Hello survivor ! My name is Michel Villella, I am 26 years old a former professional ballet dancer and current owner/artistic director of the Western Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. I’m on a constant search to find new ways to challenge myself and I’m quite sure Survivor will be the ultimate challenge! I sent you an audition tape as well but I’m trying to do anything possible to play this game!

  2. Jordan Kernan

    My name is Jordan. I’m a 6ft 2in, 165lb, 22 year old male from illinois. I was a swimmer in high school and was going to swim in college until I found my higher calling….serving in the United States Military. I’ve been in for 4 years, been on 1 deployment and know the pressures of being away from home and doing what I have to do to survive. Situations that make me challenge and push myself are my ultimate high. I don’t know what it is, but being stuck somewhere with nothing, but myself and what little resources I have make me thrive as a human being. I’m a very competitive spirit. I can get physical, but I also have the common sense and smarts to hang in there with the brainiacs. I have a never quit, never give up attitude and I will give 110% every day. I do not fail, never have, never will. I live back home with my fiancé of 3 years and my 4 month old daughter so I never could. There would nothing more exciting to me or them when I come back home as sole survivor and a millionaire.

  3. Maria Rich

    Hi I am Maria. I am 40 years old with 2 teenage sons. I am a widow…….my husband of 16 years passed away about 19 months ago. I had been with him since I was 19. If I can survive losing the love of my life I can handle anything. I work in an office full of cubicles with about 45 people—-mostly women— of a variety of ages and personalities. This place has just as much gossip, back-stabbing, and stupid childish behavior as anything that I have seen on Survivor. I am 5 foot 8 and have athletic ability. I am ready to take on the challenge of Survivor!

  4. Patrick Stein

    I think I’d be perfect for this challenge as I survived over 40 years in corporate America! I’ve dealt with more snakes and wild animals in business than could ever be thrown at me in the wilds of the world, so bring it on! I’m a 59 year old male who just retired last July. I’m 6ft, 190 lbs, and can still run circles around those 30 years younger than me….even in a loin cloth! I am college educated, outgoing, can be confrontational when necesary but also show emotional maturity when needed. I’m a husband, father and grandfather, have travelled the world and would love the opportunity to show America that I’m a true survivor! Call me!!!

    Best Regards,

  5. Roy House

    I am roy 47 year old male I am self-employed home remodeling . Live in kentucky, I have 2 boys. I love hunting and fishing that is how I put meat in the fidge. I fill like I am in great shape I fill like I am in my 20′s been watchin show since first show. I think I am good at the head game I like head games.I want to be on show to prove to my oldest son who says I am to lol that I couldn’t do it but most of all to prove to myself and I have not had it to easy in my life and a cool million would really help hope to hear back u will not be sorry and I am a people person

  6. Alice and Jeff Cain

    You guys replying to be survivors do not know what social surviving in a harsh environment is all about! We married 10 years ago when white male/black female relationships, let alone marriages, were very, very rare. White couples asked why, black couples acted like we were made of plutonium, even black male/white female couples said our love, marriage was, when being kind, backward, and when being harsh, our relationship was, “unnatural.” Nobody saw us a couple if they don’t already know. And physical hardship? Again, what do you know? When we began or journey, we faced 4 hurricanes, back to back to back. Charlie, Francis, Jeanne, and… I forget the last one, we were really all beat up by then, but we were without electricity that summer for more days than we had electricity, which would be fine, but we were also digging out ourselves and our neighbors from fallen trees, and storm damage at that same time. No running water, certainly no hot water, no non-grill cooking, no lights, no way to pump gas to fuel our chainsaws, no air-conditioning in Florida in summer! And on top of all that, 2 cats and 2 dogs, a mixed marriage in their own right, looking at us like, “did you pay our electric bill, or is this what it means to be mixed children?” That was the crucible our marriage was forged within. Producers, if you want a couple of, “Survivors,” you call us, you call Alice and Jeff.

  7. Elizabeth rossi

    Hi my name is Elizabeth Rossi I am 44 years old and I love the survivor I have always wanted to be on i have what it takes. I left logs form time to time I fish and hunt and go camping. I am very funny and I get along with everyone I know how to play the game. My wish is to be on the show one day. I thank you

  8. Garrett Pettis

    Hi, my name is Garrett Pettis. Born and raised out in the middle of nowhere in Mississippi. This would be an awesome experience to be part of. I love the outdoors and I also love the books/movies of the Hunger Games. This would be so fun to me and I would do whatever it takes to win the game. I think I could bring a comical side to the show, because I love to make people laugh. I am a very outgoing person so meeting new people would be easy. I am also very competitive……. Sooooooo like I said I would do whatever it takes to win the game.
    Gender: Male
    Weight: 220/Very Fit

  9. Laura Davies

    The name is Laura Davies and I’m 22 years old. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Currently living in Regina, Saskatchewan working as a Correctional Officer.

    Why Pick me?

    Have you heard of Tough Mudder? I DID IT! Have you heard of Ringette? I PLAY IT! Anyways, I consider myself athletic, funny, witty, ditzy, crazy, fun, determined, and I hate bugs which is why I think I should be on SURVIVOR and will be successful doing it! I want to do something challenging and rewarding to prove to myself I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

  10. Kaitlyn Hipsher

    You haven’t seen competitive until you have met me, playing a game of cars to yahtzee to finishing a puzzle first is a competition in my house. I am 21 yrs old 5’7 brown hair brown eyes from Texas. I have played sports my whole life and am recently retired from my main sport of softball. I am a full time student and am aspiring to be a vet technician but on my journey I like to get a little spontaneous and adventurous. I am up for some heated battles and hard times with fellow contestants. I have the drive and heart with the help of my physical athletic ability. I am very witty and have a lot of common sense, I do have to work to make the book grades but I get it done. I’d love to add some adversity to your show and I’ll be sure to make it a good one with my competitive attitude and loud mouth! Hope to see ya’ll in the wild!

  11. Jacquelin boyd

    My name is Jacqueline Boyd and I love survivor. I am 68 years young and applied for the game about 10 urs ago… My video was about a Cinderella wearing high heel tennis shoes. It featured myself along with my kinder class room .. My kids waited and waited for me to be accepted.. It didn’t happen. I have NEVER missed a show and I absolutely love the show .. Please consider an episode with senior citizens.. Thank you so much. This would be a life dream…. It would be awesome to tell my ex students I was going to be on.. Thank you

  12. Jacquelin boyd

    I am a 68 years old woman & I applied about 10 yrs ago. I sent my application in featuring myself with my kinder class room. It was about a Cinderella wearing high heel tennis shoes… I never heard from you.. I have NEVER missed a show!!! Please consider an episode with senior citizens..I would absolutely love to be on this show.. It would be a dream come true.. No one thought I would do it, but I would…thank you so much …

  13. Lindsay McGlennon

    I am survivor’s biggest fan! I LOVE the game! This is my fourth attempt at being on the show because I never give up. I am a 50 year old grandmother and real estate professional of 20 years. I have been rich, poor, happy, sad, etc, etc. I never give up. I am a very social person, but always cautious with both my words and actions. I am physically fit and not afraid of any challenge that life throws my way. I have never missed a season of Survivor and I am convinced I would be a tremendous attribute to the casting. Not to mention, the prize money would allow me to send my brilliant teenage daughter to college :)

  14. Becky H.

    I’m 39 years old (40 in May) & I want to show the 20somethings a thing or two. One that I can still play on the same playing field as them and beat them at any challenge. And two that they have to get off their lazy butts and do things around camp. I’m an operating room nurse and deal with many different personalities. Doctors can be very condescending and I can put them back in their place and can dish it out just as well as they can. I also would like to play survivor bc ever since my (10yo) daughter has been born, she has been watching the show. After every episode I tell her ” Mommy’s going to be on there someday”. She wants to see it happen!! If Tina and Laura can do it, I can do it!!!!

  15. Xavier Henderson

    I am a newly 18 year old that has dreamt of the day to be on the casting of a game show to compete for what I know & love best , MONEY! I’d almost do anything for money. Besides that I already have so many new bills and expenses now being legal . The money could help me an my family graciously ! When I was younger my sister & I used to make obsticale courses throughout our house testing who was the fastest & strongest . We were never afraid to get dirty in the mud . And like I said before Money is my motive .

  16. Nancy

    I am a middle school teacher so I have a career of ” survivor” experience trying to outwit, and outplay inner city adolescents. Furthermore, I see this as the Uber weight loss plan though I may be cut loose early due to my inherent need to organize, micromanage, and advise.

  17. T.J.

    I am an outgoing and person who can easily strike up a conversation with a total stranger. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I don’t hesitate to share my opinions with people. After spending the last 7 years being “Officer friendly” for a police department I have become very skilled with social politics. I am good at reading reading peoples’ reactions and understanding their motivations but have a diminished tolerance for nonsense. I am a very strong willed and determined – once I have chosen a challenge I always finish it. I am a competitive person but am also very selective on what I am willing to compete for. My hobbies include working out and obstacle/mud runs. I am strong swimmer, cerified SCUBA diver, and always enjoy being in the water. The $1mil prize is the primary drive to play the game, but I will also completely enjoy the adventure of SURVIVOR.

  18. Pam brown

    I am a very energetic women, I leave been camping for over 20 years and took my kids camping and we did it the old way with only tents and no electronics, living off the land. I hike and I have been trying to get on this show forever. I am older, but I am in very good shape, exercise everyday and work outside everyday no matter the weather! I would love to be on this show and I am very strong so I believe I would make it all the way. Very smart and witty also!

  19. Joshua Phillips

    lets see, I am a southern metal head, very blunt and vulgar. I have no problem with being physical and actually doing some work. I’m 24 and at 6’1 I consider myself a strong player and a hard headed man, even if I’m wrong ill do my damnedest to prove it right, even if i look like or sound like a complete jackass. just looking for something different in this world and something that will get me out of this routine I am in. I like making friends but for 1million ill do anything,break hearts, ruin friendships and eventually cause utter mayhem. I have been a fan of survivor for awhile and I have tried before to get on the show. My main thing is to prove to people I’m not just some stupid southern metal head that’s only good for moving heavy things around. Also to prove to my dad that I am not a complete failure. I just want this opportunity to change my life and help my family.

  20. Jill Borchardt

    I’m 52. A US Navy veteran . I love life an the challenges that can come with it. I have been and still am a loyal royal fan of Survivor since -Outback Season. Crazy as it may sound.. my work schedule revolves around it…Drives my husband crazy! I love to get into peoples mind an mess with there thinking. I can b very understanding at the same time very manipulating. I’m blunt as hell which some people can handle and others run from it. I feel that these will be strong qualities for me to play Survivor and have a blast doing it..besides I’m ready for A new chapter in my life to start. So alls i can say is Bring it on.


    My name is “S” michael, its not “No” michael. am from India and was a Survivor india contestant in 2012 in Surviovr show by star plus channel from India. when u put a Indian one sixth of the world population watches, especially with us being in the limelight for whatever reason. have done my M tech in Remite sensing And geographic information sciences and basic mountaineering. Am a honest and a good thinker, one of the sites says on survivor I DO THE UNTHINKABLE.:-)

  22. Charlie Donilon

    I will start by saying age is just a number. It’s really not age that matters but how you act and feel. At heart I’m 35, just trapped in a 61 year old body. I’ve kept myself in excellent shape over the years and can still run 5 miles at a 7 minute/mile pace. I can still do over 60 push ups in under 60 seconds. If it will get me on Survivor, I will do a back handspring from 8 years of competing in gymnastics to show you that I still have it. To compare myself to a former contestant, I would say I’m an older version of Ossie.

    I’m retired from the fire department after 20 years of service. At the same time I have also run a successful charter fishing and diving business for over 40 years. I started the first shark cage diving operation on the east coast of the US in 1976 and continue to do so. Working both of these jobs has taught me how to deal with people from all walks of life and that is the essence of Survivor. My fishing skills and fire department training will allow me a tremendous advantage over the other contestants.

    My game plan would be to win as honestly as possible. Fighting to the last minute of every challenge. My word would be my bond for 98% of the game. For the other 2% I might have to outwit someone with a last second blindside! I consider myself to be outgoing, energetic, competitive, and spontaneous. If you need me as a last minute fill in for the March shooting, I can be ready in a matter of days.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Charlie D.


    Ok. So I’m your average American. I don’t have army, navy, or marine skills. I don’t work out daily besides running behind my twin boys and my oldest boy. I am a teacher and work with students that have autism (So I was told, I have the patience of Job). I don’t have any training and yet I have always wanted to be on Survivor. I want to see if honesty, trust, and openness can get you further than backstabbing, lying, and cheating. That might make for a good set up good versus evil. (Just kidding) I’m a mother and wife. A graduate of Sam Houston State University (Still have a semester left). I have never been camping besides my backyard, but I am fearless of everything my kids and husband have put me up too (If that count for anything.) I’m 31 years old, 5’7 and 195 lbs (guess I can last off of body fat for awhile). I am a team player when I need to be and a leader when I have to be. So basically if I was picked I would be a true survivor contestant because I would have to learn skills and let natural instincts take over. I would not already be trained to survive. Of course your army, navy, and marine people or survivors they are trained to be (Survivor would be their boot camp and for me a whole new world.

  24. Michael Whitehead

    Height: 5’11″
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    WEIGHT : 180LBS.
    EYES: Dark brown
    HAIR: Black
    Race: African American
    Hobbies: Football.

    My Name is Michael Whitehead and I love football. I am determine that I will plan in the NFL one day. I would be a perfect candidate for this show. I can do anything. swim, camp, run, hike, drive a boat any thing.

  25. Yolanda Whitehead

    ’I’M ready to live without the basics.
    I want the challenge to an the opportunity to be on this reality show.

    I’m a 51 yr old fit female from Houston that “can” compete.
    I would make a wonderful reality TV star ready for anything. I laugh at everyone.
    I can be quiet, loud, opinionated but always funny.

  26. John Kelsay

    Oh come on! I am the next survivor! I am ex-military, an avid adventurer, hunter, fisherman, and all around outdoorsman. I was a high school athlete and all around athletic. I have a huge personality and am highly intelligent. With this package, I would be a huge success. I am a big, physical guy, and I feel like I would be able to win a good number of the challenges and find myself in the finals with my hand being raised as the champion. Give me a shot!

  27. Shelly L

    MONEY!! Why else would anyone want to be stranded with half naked strangers, away from my family, starving, bad breath, hairy pits, freezing cold, and sleeping on the the ground. OH YES! I know why MONEY!!!!!
    I’m a 34 female who is a lunch lady. I have the mist amazing husband and beautiful daughter. My mother was the biggest fan of survivor for many years until she passed away. She always wanted me to be on the show. She would say ” Shelly with your personality you will either be voted off first or one of the last ones standing.
    It’s time to find out!

  28. Mountain Tested

    I have attended open calls in OKC, Seattle, Las Vegas and Vail. You have at least 4 videos on me. I live at a large ski and recreation area. I shoot my own shotgun and compound bow. I snowshoe, snow ski and mountainbike. It is not unusual for me to ride alone in the woods for 30 miles at a stretch. I swim laps at an area college. I’ve been lifting wts my entire adult life. I have the same great vital signs I had in my 20′s.

    I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Communication Studies at 52.

    Fate stepped in, and I was the only Survivor audition participant interviewed for CBS4 Denver newscast during the Vail Family Weekend Challenge.

    I have my own authentic survivor story from 40 years ago. I know how to hang in there and beat the odds. I MEAN BUSINESS. I have been sooo nervous at auditions, but I have found my game face. I will see you at the next audition wherever it is!

  29. Kory Piorkowski

    Why I’d be perfect for Survivor!!!!!!

    Hello my name is Kory Piorkowski and I’m a 26 year old Adventure Enthusiast! I would be perfect for this show for many reasons. I’d give you all 1,000,000 reasons but then we’d be here all year. I love the outdoors and I love embarking on new adventures. Wether it’s in my backyard or across the world, I’m the perfect person for this show. I love take on new challenges and push myself to my limits. Im a natural born leader who is outgoing and takes charge when I have to in order to get the job done and done right! I love to meet new people and share my fun and exciting personality with all. I’ve had my hardships in life when my Mother was diagnosed and passed away from Breast Cancer in 2009. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever been faced with but with the right people and my faith in God and staying positive, I overcame the loss. Now everyday is a joy and a blessing for me so I love to make the most of it. I just recently completed a cross country bicycle endurance trip across America this past summer. Over 4,300 miles and pedaled through 15 states. I’m always looking for that next big adventure and I know I could win on this show and I’d use the money for positive things like creating community gardens and donating the money for scholarships for the youth in the Cleveland,OH area!!! Please! If you want to see someone overcome mental, and physical challenges in a unique country and be entertained then I’m that guy!!! Thanks for you time and hope to be dropped off on an island soon! :)

    -Kory Piorkowski -LIVE-LOVE-EXPLORE :)

  30. Jessica

    My names Jessica, I’m 24 years old and I JUST GOT CAST FOR THE NEXT SEASON OF SURVIVOR!!! Just trying to throw those positive vibes out there, and a girl can dream can’t she?! I actually came to the open casting call at Mohegan Sun Arena ( I was number 112) in PA but apparently I freeze up when I need to talk about myself for 2 minutes in front of a camera. I ended up saying everything really fast in one run on sentence and it was embarrassing. So much so that I thought about getting back in line to try again, but I figured if standing there for 2.5 hours rehearsing what I was going to say the first time didn’t work I probably wouldn’t have done much better the second time (also I didn’t know if that was against the rules and I didn’t want to lose my chance completely if it was against the rules and someone recognized me!)

    I’m a veteran of the US Army ( I was a 21W- carpentry and masonry specialist), and I served for 5 years before I was honorably discharged because I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Before you write me off as a contestant, you should know It is incurable BUT I’m in remission for the time being and food is actually what makes me sick , so there wouldn’t be a problem for me to be on my favorite show since we won’t be eating much anyway. My doctor even gave me medical clearance and everything – I can provide proof! It would also be awesome if I could raise awareness for the disease and if I was able to donate some of my winnings to the CCFA to help find a cure.

    I’ve wanted to be on Survivor since season 1, I actually emailed CBS and asked them to makes Survivor JR so that I could go on. I love a challenge, I’m not a quitter, I get along with pretty much everyone, I’m willing to do what it takes to win the game, and I consider myself intelligent and athletic enough to keep up with the challenges. I’m diverse, as I said I was a carpentry and masonry specialist in the army, I’m a licensed cosmetologist, and I’m currently working on obtaining my degree in medical coding and billing.

    Oh and I really really hate the fact that Colton got to play the game twice and quit both times, I only wish Jeff had made Colton get in the fire with his buff.

    Basically this has been a dream of mine since the first season and I would love the opportunity to outwit outplay and outlast my way to $1million dollars and my very own survivor buff. (I’m aware you can buy them online, but I want one that was actually worn in the game! What better way to get one than to wear it myself and take it home with me!0

  31. Donte Jones

    I am a navy veteran who served 6 years active duty and currently work full time at the Department of Veteran Affairs in San Diego, CA. I do admin work all day for 8 hours. I could get in trouble for this but my job is so boring. Im the only one in the whole bulding who works this government job with tattoos showing. My plan is to be one of the top admin personel in my company with tattoos all over my body just to prove a point. DO NOT judge a book by its cover. I have this sort of Maniacal drive inside me that is so determined to win at everything. I love food. Most of my facebook pictures are food pics. Some people think i eat to much although im 5’11 and weigh 170 pounds. I eat like a fat man.

    Age 31
    3 kids
    Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management

    Below is links to my facebook and Instagram:!/donte.jones.33

  32. Ashley

    I would like to see if I could do it!!!

  33. Zac Basso

    My name is Zac Basso. I am 19 almost 20. I am 5’6, i weigh 145 pounds and i am an incredible endurance athlete. At age 13 i ran my first mile under 5 minutes and the lowest ive gotten it as low as 4:08. I also ran the 5000 meters in 15:37. I played football as a running back, wide reciever and quarterback. I am a part time male model in Washington DC. I have dark brown hair and very dark brown/almost black eyes. Hobbies include weight lifting, running, hunting, cooking and anything athletic really. I have a current GPA of 4.3 and take all college AP classes. You would regret not choosing me.

  34. Tammy Padgett

    My name is Tammy …. I am 33 years old. I am 4’11… 135 pounds and just because I may look sweet and cute … Let’s just say you better pack your lunch… I think of my self as a girl next door but better .. I am very active .. I play all kinds of sports from volleyball .. Swimming .. Softball and my favorite paintball.. I have worked and done a lot in my life .. I worked for my dad who owns a irrigation supply company .. To fast food … And now I am a Massage Therapist .. In my personal life I will say that I don’t keep friends for to long.. Because I don’t have a filter between my brain to my mouth.. I never think before I speak .. I don’t sugar coat life and if you don’t want to know the truth then … Don’t ask me… You may not like my response …. If I was picked I would be playing for my brother .. He died 2 years ago .. And every season we him and my self would watch every show wishing we were the ones playing … I would love to play because I know I would make him proud .. I wishing everyone the best of luck .. Thanks for your time

  35. Jonathon Harrison

    Hello, my name is Jonathon I am 19 almost 20, 6″0 ft tall, I weigh 170 pounds and I would love to be on Survivor. I have bought multiple seasons over the years with my dad and watched the others on TV. I am a full time college student, and I work part time as a cook in a restaurant. I don’t have as many years of experience as most but I’m here to prove I am the Ultimate Survivor. I was a boy scout for many years and I live in the country woods of Arkansas so a hard and HOT days work is an average day. I have spent many years hunting, fishing , and camping out in the woods. If you would pick me to be on Survivor I would make sure to be the Ultimate Survivor even if I don’t win!

  36. Josiah Murphy

    I’m former Army, 22 years old, a big fan of this show, and a even bigger fan of anything that test myself both physically and mentally. I’ve grown up on my own since I was 14. I feel like this opportunity would allow me to really push myself.

  37. Rebeccah Haller

    I am a fan of anything athletic. I grew up working on a ranch and am happy to put in a hard days work.
    I run everyday and am used to physical activity. My dream is to make it on the big screen or in pro rodeo.
    I’ve grown up learning how to live off the land and to survive. I would love to be able to prove people wrong and win this show!

    Weight: 120
    Cacasuion. Blue eyes. Blonde hair.

    Thank you for the consideration i wont disappoint!

  38. Alan Villanueva

    This is Alan I’m 18 and trust me I have the brains and I know how to play the game. I’ve learned different skills from going camping and I’m an easy learner if you try to change the game plans on me ill flip it right over. Dont mess with me because you will be out in a minute and I’m bisexual and I know this is for me!

  39. Lindsey

    I am 25 years old, from Atlanta, Ga and I should be considered because I love the outdoors, am very competitive and have the heart and brains to tackle any obstacle thrown at me.

  40. Tyler defiel

    Hello there my name is Tyler defiel I am 28 years old and currently live in Hutchinson MN.I have been at my job now for almost 8 years taking care of the elderly with memory loss.I am looking to get some excitement in my life and get out and experience the world a bit.I am a pretty physical fit individual and would love to try something new.I would most defiantly be a great contender for this I’m sure of it.If you give me this chance I promise to deliver a most exciting season for all that watch.I don’t want to beg but I have been dying to do something like this please give me this chance and I’ll have that million dollars no doubt.I thank you for your time and hope you consider.I’m more then willing to share more with you about myself just contact me and we can do this! Don’t let me down haha!

  41. Brad Wood

    Good day!

    I have small interest in being on television. I am not a fan of the show. The thought of being wet, starved, snake bit, and humiliated, while being surrounded with lying, backstabbing, plotting, self absorbed butt heads… That is what I call a normal day on the job. Only difference is I would have a 1 in 20 (?) (I do not know the number of contestants you use) chance of getting well paid.

    However… I need a new truck, and my girlfriend thinks I would have a great chance of winning. I know only one of these things is correct and maybe the other isn’t too far “off base”. I’d like to give it a try.

    I am young 56, a cancer survivor, cagey and tenacious.

    Brad Wood
    292 Summit Ave.
    Hoquiam Wa

    Little Green, LLC | <hidden from public><hidden from public>  <hidden from public> 

  42. Christopher Brown

    I’m ready for anything. I’ve watched almost every season and can definitely handle the challenge. I’m 38 years old, prior military, currently an electrician and instructor. I’m good at reading people and can deal with different personalities easily.
    It bothers me to see people quit and give up. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. I know I’d never give up or give in. All I need is a chance.

  43. Tracy

    I’m looking for a challenge with adventure! I would be idea for this game because I do not look my age and would be able to use my ablity to lay under the radar like a stealth fighter to win the big prize!

  44. Jennifer

    I am a 46 year old wife and mother. I have a job and I have a life. I am a fan of the show Survivor and respect all the players. I would love the chance to challenge myself more physically and mentally and what better way then a game of Survivor. I WILL outwit, outplay and outlast all other players, and I call everyone players because there is only one Survivor and that is ME.

  45. Kyndall hamm

    Hey my name is kyndall. I think I read the age minimum was 18. And I am 19 years old. I would love to have the opportunity to be on survivor me and my family watch every season. I am honestly a girly girl but I also don’t mind getting dirty. And survivor seems like it would be a amazing experience, I think I am a very strategic person and would be great on playing the game.

  46. Maurice

    I am looking for a life changing event. I did 5 and 1/2 years for an armed robbery I did not commit , arrested a week after my 18th birthday. I was attending college and working a part time job, for which I had just been promoted, when my life went spiraling down hill. I was dating my life long friend whose a preacher daughter. My father a military officer and my mother a federal governemnt officer. I had the perfect middle class life. Most recently I was let go from my job after two years of dedicated service and now am back to square one. I am a survivor and am willing to prove it to the world. I will not let society defeat me. Game on!

  47. Jon Economou

    My name is Jon Economou, I am currently 19 years of age, 6’3 215 lbs and believe I bring a lot to the table. Enthusiasm, energetic, and multiple personalities ranging from funny to serious and I have the ability to do multiple voice overs and I am looking to start my acting career somewhere. I believe I am extremely teachable and learn extremely fast. I am currently in school in Tampa fl chasing a bachelors in business admin. I would do anything to have an opportunity like this, I lost my father not to long ago to lung cancer and we would always talk about the talent I have and how I need to put it to use. It is not only a dream of mine but a passion that I want to continue to have to be an actor and entertain people worldwide. I have seen and been through so much adversity in my life and i believe i have the ability to be a survivor. i know i have what it takes and i want to make my dream come true. my phone number is <hidden from public> . Thanks so much

  48. Laseanwinfield

    I should be on survivor, because I’m a survivor.. I’ve been through ups and down from sleeping outside no where to go to having my own place. I have two boys I’m in college.. Nothing you throw in my path can stop me I’m very strong minded in shape, hard willing outspoken and ready for action!!! That million dollars would be mine HANDS DOWN

  49. Haley Russell

    I am a 28 year old Mississippi Southern girl. I am a single mother of 2 kindergarteners. I am very sweet, outgoing and you never know what will come out of my mouth or what I will do. I got voted ” Most Likely to Survive” and I can prove it. I own my own furniture business and work at a Tupelo Plastic Surgery Clinic, in Tupelo, Ms as a Esthetician… I am “fun-sized” and have 2 big brothers that taught me to act like a lady but play like a boy!! Everyone says I look like Lindsey Lohan:) Let me show how I can survive!!

  50. keisha hunt

    i am 35yrs old. i am a mother of three. im strong energetic. anything that needs to be done i can do. i would be perfect for survior

  51. keisha hunt

    i am a mother of 3. i am strong energetic and multitasky. anything that needs to n done i can di it. thats why a would be perfect for survior.

  52. Kristen

    My name is Kristen- I am 25- I am a paralegal. I have also modeled and acted before. My looks are deceiving (people have labeled me as a ‘dumb blonde’) and I think I would be good at this. Plus I wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds and challenging myself:) I know this is not a dating show but I have seen people fall in love on here before as well. That would be nice. So would a million dollars.

  53. Lance Whittaker

    Read a lot of the coments from above the one thing I got nobody else talks about is I can talk about anything for a long time many of my neighbors know this well . As for surrvior skills I live in Colorado and spend most my time outside in a garden or on a mountain like to fish I can swim but not verry fast. As for why I want to be on your show well to make it mine !!! and I got some time on my hands this year. my hot air balloon crashed this year and my pilot broke his hip. As for me 6″2 160-180 lbs. (In the winter when I do nothing I get fat) 42 years young male long hair (not a hippie don’t like hippies)

  54. Stephen Hendrix


    I should be one of thew few chosen because I don’t believe what most people believe. I believe I can last until the end. Survive. Because its Survivor. It’s what I would do.

    Sincerely, Please Pick Me. (6 ft, 200 lb, athletic and smart – married with kids – one on the way, Winning would be awesome!


  55. Marco da Silva

    Survivor is a challenge in all sort of meanings. I am a city boy so nature and everything that comes with it is pretty much foreign to me.
    I was a huge fan of Mcgyver back in the days …so go figure. I will find a way to make everything out of nothing and it does help that fitness lifestyle is my culture so while other cry and whine about carrying a stone or two ill go flintstones on them and build my own brick house….

    My edgy tattoes look can indeed be intimidating yet confusing combined with my spiritual backround which is the perfect combination of tricking your opponent and when he is the weakess BOOM ….you OUT ….and ill go back to my brick house slurping on some mangos that no one knows i have saved ;)

    dunno about you but this sounds already a story to be continued …..
    Curiouse? Email me :)

  56. alana andews

    I am a 31 yo former professional Ballerina. I have recently taken up power lifting and have two world records in the sub 105lb division. I have what it takes to survive.


  57. guy andrews

    Survivor needs an Aussie lifeguard on it! I am a 42 yo professional lifeguard and Stunt Man. I recently worked on Charleze Therons movie Fury Road based in Namibia.

  58. Christy

    I have always wanted to be in a survivor-type setting to test myself. I feel I have a lot of common sense and survival know-how. I would love a shot on your show.

  59. Justice00

    I would be Great for the show……I love the outdoors, I believe in improvising when needed instead of spending the almighty dollar, also Im a southern Man so you know we pretty much was made for the woods :) I teach little leauge football so I know the motivation it takes to win and go hard I also played 4 years in high school myself which can be helpful:) and I would hate to loose to a challenge so Im coming in game face and all…….READY for ANYTHING!!! plus the prize money will make a whole new start for my family :) blessings.

  60. Ronnie Sue Kaiser

    I’m ready to live without the basics.
    I want the challenge to compete.
    I crave the intense experience of the whole thing.
    The money would a perk!!

    I’m a 55 yr old fit female from Philadelphia that “can” compete.
    I would make great tv, I laugh at everyone.
    I can be quiet, loud, opinionated but always funny.

    see you in Atlantic City this saturday

  61. Cressencio Lopez

    Name: Cressencio Lopez
    Age: 18

    Bio: well I’m 6ft I way 150 I was raised in the country most of my life so I know a little bit about I’m from west Texas up in the panhandle, I’m Mexican I like being out doors I’m competitive I don’t like to lose I like to think things out be for doing them so that means I like to take charge I’m in it to win it.

  62. Daniel Smith

    Yes my real name is Daniel Smith I am 36 and single dad that started my rental and boating business a year ago after getting out of the used car business that I was in for 12 long years. I am a licensed boat captain that has been hunting and fishing my whole life. I am the sexiest male ginger God ever created and if i was not from such a small comunity us redheads would not be going extinct. Oh yeah I think I am funny too.

  63. kelly

    I am at the prime of my life. I am 31 years young, in decent shape. I like to think I’m pretty good looking chick too. I’m sassy and smart. I am not book smart though. I have common sense and have survived in the wilderness because of it. I tend to take the lead in situations, but can just as easily sit back and take direction.,,,if they are doing it right.
    I am a total attention whore. I need to have someone paying attention to me at all times. Thats why I love my new profession as a Bartender. I get all the attention, and I am in the middle of the party. I love to party. I have a lot of groupies in my little world. People are always telling me I am the most interesting person they know. I think thats funny, but I do do a ton of stuff all the time. Gotta keep the Facebook’ers happy :)
    I recently quit my full time Corporate Paralegal career to become a part-time bartender. To me its all about the quality of life on the inside, not in my wallet. So i guess you could say I need one million dollars to keep my life at a float, since I don’t make much tending bar.
    With me you get a wild, hot chick that would fool all of you with my competitive side, my friendly personality, and knowledge of surviving. I’m kinda funny too, but mostly just to myself. (eh? funny right? Im LOL’ing)
    green eyes
    oh and my favorite word is ampersand. &

  64. Milo Nowhere

    Hey, I’m Milo Nowhere. I’ve always been the underdog in life. You try being 22 and barely 5 foot 6 and you’d understand it was no easy task to make it this far. I come from where bullets have names, and the ones that don’t, will make one. I’m a survivor. I outlived my very own father by 5 years now. I just want to make my grandmother proud and buy her a brand new house. Much love.

  65. Ariel Charlowte Fluker

    I never watched this show a day in my life because when I was younger and I saw commercials about the show, I always thought and said it was nothing but crazy folks living in the wild. I’m southern and nothing about that is entertaining. But if you put them in the swamp and see if they can survive, I’ll watch! Snakes, Mosquitos, and Crocs will be interesting. I would like to participate but I’m crazy and I’m 21. My family would agree because it says I’ll will a million but I never win nothing. I suck at life so I decided to stay in college. I’m a Biology/PreMedic major. Now that’s money. ;)

  66. Jamie Inners

    Simply put, this “game show” is too easy. It would be a cake walk for me to come out on top as the ultimate survivor. The other contestants would not stand a chance.

  67. Thomas villa

    How you guys doing I’ve always dreamed of being on this show its an adventure that I would definitely love to be a part of me and my dad has watch since season.two my dad just past away sadly but.I would be for him IM white male 230lbs love to challenge myself I read write brown hair and eye IM out going funny gYouot a great since of humur honest IM not that fit but I can do anything I set my mind to my dads always told me anythings.possible and when he past I thought here I come survivor IM from Pittsburg California and it would be an awesome chance to be in a great strategy game like this is so please consider me for your next survivor winner because IM ready for this physical and mental test

  68. Quart Keyes!


    Did it work? It was the first silly word I could think of and I wanted to get your attention.

    I just turned 35. I love the outdoors but have never had to live on just the bare necessities.

    Countries LIVED in: South Korea, USA (California), Germany, Iceland, New Zealand
    I have travelled to over 25 countries and almost half of the states in the US.

    Biggest FEAR: getting some sort of mental illness
    Second biggest fear: Letting someone get too close just to have them disappoint me or let me down like everybody else who has been close to me has.

    PERSONALITY: Extrovert, outspoken, opinionated, competitive, easily offended, and I wear my emotions in my facial expressions
    How others would describe me: Aggressive (whether good or bad…)

    CULTURE: Born in South Korea,my Irish & Irish/German parents adopted at 4 and disowned me at 20.

    HEIGHT: 5’3”
    WEIGHT: 135-150 (I am on the 150 side right now. Eeek!)
    Bachelor’s DEGREE in Sociology-Organizational Studies
    FAMILY: Never married, no children – But I would love the opportunity

    Would I make a good SURVIVOR? Only ONE way to find out!

    I AM AMAZING and tell myself that at least once a day.

    Thank you for your time. It is appreciated. Looking forward to HEARING from you.

  69. Noel Limon

    hey im noel and when I saw ur survivor logo I thought that looked similar to one of the fliers at my church for surviving high school and having fellowship and tell me it would be cool to be on ur show and im 16 and in shot put and discus but do weigh between 180 and 200 pounds so hopefully u do pico me and ill fight with everything I got and use wat I have to break every brick of the wall and come out victorious

  70. Aaron Shane Johnson

    Height: 5’10″
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    WEIGHT : 180LBS.
    EYES: Dark brown
    HAIR: Black
    Race: African American
    Hobbies: Parkour

    I’m an acting major in college and i’m trying to get my career in acting started early. But in order to be a good actor you have to be competitive and i’m willing to do what it takes to get on survivor and win to prove that i have what it takes if I can survive this then I can definitely get my acting career started.

  71. Suzi D

    I hate to be cold. I hate camping. I love candy. I need to eat regularly! I am type A to the max, a getter done girl…retired cop.

    I think you will pick me just to watch me starve,freeze and try to stay civil in a camping environment. I am not a supergenius like Cochran, not a human behavioral therapist like Denise, or a med student like Sophie. I am just a 54 yo woman who recently finished her first year of law school and lost my scholarship due to a B- GPA at the end of the year. I am up for the game!!

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