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  1. Robert Waiters

    I’m 5″10 180 pounds with athletic appearance. I k ow struggle and how to rise from bottom. JUST GET ME ON THE SHOW AND WATCH ME WORK MAGIC.

  2. Ray Ramos

    I am a very athletic, stocky build, 26 yr old guy who is ready for any challenge thrown my way. Born and raised in NY but currently hail from Portland, OR. I watch the show and know that this is something I would be good at. Give me a chance to prove myself to the nation! Came from nothing and a million dollars would be a life changer.

  3. Kimo

    I’m a survivor, this is what I do, also a tactical leader I deal with complications instantly! 😉

  4. Jeremy Munn

    Hello, my name is Jeremy Munn and I would love to be in this production, I am currently enrolled in the Pennsylvania State University studying kinesiology, but my real passion lies in acting. I believe I have massive amounts of untapped potential as an actor.

    I am 21 years old and I am roughly 5,8, 160 lbs with a very athletic build. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am currently on the Men’s varsity gymnastics team at Penn State so I would also be able to perform a variety of my own stunts if need be. I am very easy to work with and I can mold to any role that I have to play. I am also fluent in both Spanish and English. I love immersing myself into a character and becoming them. I believe I would be a great addition to this production.

  5. Chris King

    I am a 26 year old construction worker from Kalamazoo, mi i know i would survive. Thats why my last names “KING”.

  6. Youcef

    I’m 26 years old Algerian , live in Algeria , Can I participate in this show ?!

  7. Quetta M.

    So are the other contestants ready for me?! That is the question. I am a 26 year old female from the NC area and determination is my middle name. I am very athelete where I work out daily and also ran track all through out high school. I have been watching survivor since a kid so I know all the legitimate tricks and woos to win. I often take camping and fishing trips and I love animals and wilderness. Ooh how I would love to fry a couple worms on a camp fire and eat them. Lol . I am a very strategic tthinker and combined with my physical ability , I never loose any challenges. Please consider me for a position on the team. I guarentee I will walk away with the 1 million easy………

  8. Jessica Elsenpeter

    Hey all it’s me I'm leaving college and moving back home and just need a little pick me up to get through the change. Being on the show that my family and I have watched for years together would be a dream come true. Ugh that sounded sappy. Anyhu, I am a tough, honest, hardworking, tell it how it is sweetheart. And if this is meant to be, it's meant to be. Peace.

  9. M Hernandez

    I know I would survive!! I’ve been through hell and back already. I’m a 26yr old female. I served 8yrs in the Army National Guard and pretty freakin awesome!

  10. Jared Skelton

    Hey there, my name is Jared. I am a 21 year old Massage Therapist from El Sobrante, CA. I am a strong-willed extroverted athlete that has competed for 2 Soccer Academies as well as in the Olympic Development Program. My competitive spirit mixed with my trustworthy demeanor and deceptive tactics are perfect for Survivor! I would love the opportunity to win over my fellow tribe mates, earn1 million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor! I am also an attractive person who would win over the hearts of viewers and with a great work ethic around camp I am sure to stay in the game long enough to perform some real strategy. I will be submitting my video soon and would do absolutely anything to be on this amazing show. Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.

  11. Jerry Seavey

    My name is Jerry Seavey aka pro wrestler The Candyman,

    I’ve been wrestling for 25 years trained by the great Killer Kowalski. But after being bounced around the ring it takes a toll on your body & I it has cause me to take a second look at my carrer. so I’m taking a break. I will have to say…I love your show. & love to be on it.

    Thank you

    Jerry Seavey

  12. Brandon Rogers

    i know that i would win this. please allow me to prove it. i am a 43 year old father of 2. my kids wanna see me destroy the competition and bank the million. lifes kicked me around a little. i am ready to do a little kicking of my own.of my own. i am ready to show what us oregonians are made of.

  13. Vanessa

    IM READY!!!! Born and raised in Texas I appear to have southern charm but I’m really more “Classic” than “Classy”! I LIVE outdoors!!! I play volleyball every chance I get! My autistic son is my biggest motivator in life! We live for adventure! I think survivor would really test my wits and mental strength. I have zero fears on Earth and put God above all!!! Eye for and Eye!!!

  14. shauni zenteno

    married mommy of two with LUPUS. do not under estimate me. I can do this.

    contact me
    hope to hear from you soon

  15. Kevin Nestler

    I’m a 17 year old stand up comedian and aspiring actor. I’ve been described as animated, energized, entertaining, and loud. I enjoy lifting weights, running, writing, and playing strategy video games. I’m a very extroverted, talkative, and social person. I’m also fairly comfortable on camera. I might seem playfully cocky or arrogant at first, but being the middle child with two arguing sister at home, I’m actually quite the peace keeper. If I won the million dollars I would use it to pay for my sister’s and I’s college education, and to help kick start our individual careers.

    Some side information: I have no health issues/need for medication at this point in time.
    I wear glasses.
    I am athletic.
    I cannot dance.
    seagulls are weird.
    Crabs are scary.

    If age is an issue, I turn 18 in December and I am willing to wait years.

  16. Jesse Johnson

    Good afternoon
    I’m a 28 year old male that’s average height and weight. I am a former Marine who did a tour in Afghanistan and while there I stepped on an IED that partially detonated with only a concussion luckily. I have a wife and a kid that I have trouble supporting dealing with the effects of adjusting to civilian life. I have a wife and a 2 yr old daughter that I would be willing to do endure any amount of stress, pain or adversary to possibly give them a chance at a better life. This show could be my Answer.

  17. Caroline Kasa

    Hi! I would survive! I love being active and is very athletic. I am original from Sweden and English is my second language. I’m wild at heart and all about the outdoors. I been riding horses since I was 8 and have two German Shepherds that I stay active with every day. I never give up on a challenge and I am a girly girl but will get down and dirty.

  18. Nick Payton

    I’m 32 and I work in Alaska. Alaska is Americas last frontier. I really enjoy working up there. When I’m not working in Alaska I go to college. I have no idea how well I could do on a tropical island but when I’m working in Alaska I dream of a nice warm place to be able to lay out in the sun. I believe that I have the mental attitude to be able to Survive any where I am, but I’d like to be able to prove it to myself and to the world.

  19. jo neal

    I,m 39 father of 2 boys i work for duke energy thru accure read i walk miles a day im in great shape, but most of all im a long haired country boy who loves my horses,and long rides dont forget take the beer .im up for any challenge and know i can last till the end….fobio hair has nothing on me lol I have alot girls love my long curl hair and blue eyes they all say I look like jesus but would love the challenge i think this show needs compition that I can bring ..

  20. Miranda poynter

    I’m Miranda I’m a single mother of my daughter who’s about to be two
    We live remote alaska 180 miles from any town or road system we travel by boat plane or snow machine depending on the season. I spend half the year as a fishing guide at talvista lodge an prepping for the long winters.winnter time we freight all our supplies by snowmachine on the River once it’s freezes. I work to hard an play even harder to live a simple blissful life . I would like to be considered to be on survivor an the chance to win to full fill my family’s life long dream to build our own cabin an family business an step aside from the business we run year round for fishermen an winter recreational sports .

    Thanks for the consideration
    Miranda Poynter
    Talachulitna ,Alaska

  21. Brenda Clemens

    I am a 42 years old, mother of 2 children (Age 21 and 15) Married for 21 years, I was born and raised in Southern Oregon. I work full time, co-own a bike shop with my husband, and I love to run, lift weights, crochet and race BMX. (Currently I hold the Oregon State BMX Championship title for my age class!) Whoop whoop! My daughter calls me MILF…. Moms In Love with Fitness! I should be considered for Survivor because I am everything this game is about! I love every aspect of the game! Socially, mentally , and physically I can push myself to any limits. I never back down from a challenge! I think my age and my management background gives me an advantage socially and mentally, while my physical stature gives me the other advantage that’s needed to win on all levels! I’m ready for this adventure…. You could say I’ve been training for it my entire life!

  22. John Del Corpo

    i applied season one and never stopped watching since. I now have 3 children that have grown to love and watch every episode. I recently experienced a life changing divorce from which wife was having 2 year affair. I set a goal years ago to try to get on the show-and now since I feel I have conquered through so much in the past years I am keeping the one thing I told my kids I would try and do when they were so little. I’ve been an electrician in the costruction industry for 15 years and love my job. I’m a very personable person and very witty. This is a dream of mine as I Know I have a just as a good chance to win as the next contestant. My life just started over in 2015. And this would just send me to a different level in life. I will not stop from this day foward to achieve my goal as I tell my kids ” Make goals and work hard to achieve them”

  23. jason lumber

    I work for an outhouse company!!!I’m 36!!! I work at an outhouse company!!! I’m in good shape!!! I work at an outhouse company!!! I can do anything!!! I work at an outhouse company!!!

  24. Zane Bullins

    26 year old From Vermont, engaged and a father of 2. Work 9-5 just a normal guy. My fiancé introduced me to survivor 8 years ago and I’ve been a religious what her since! Been talking about trying to get on survivor for a few years now. I would be a good Competitor because I’m a competitive person. Don’t like to loose can be a little hot headed at times. I can be a leader when I need to be and can adapt to where I am and what I’m doing. Growing up my parents died when I was 6 and was raised by my grandparents who are both deceased now as well. My fiance and my kids are all I have and I want to make them proud and make my grandparents and parents proud. If I get a chance at a million dollars for my family it would mean the world to me to know I’m trying to better our lives. Please let me have that chance for me and my family!

  25. Jasmine Wells

    One thing I don’t do is give up, I’ll definitely show the viewers the true meaning of determination, and all of the army values. I am recently enlisted in the Army National Guard. If I can successfully make it through 10 weeks of basic training and 20 weeks of Advanced individual training I have no doubt that I could take home the million dollar prize at the end of Survior. The show is not only and inspiration but it’s a lifestyle that allows its viewers what it really means to fight for what you want in life. When given a chance I do not take it lightly, I’d fight with all of my might to prove I have what it takes to survive under any circumstance. Another plus is I’m a Texan and we definitely know what it’s like to survive. I’m 19 years old, After all I’m representing the U.S. Army! Hooahhh!! I’m not just strong I’m ARMY STRONG! I’ve been in the army about 9 months, the Army definitely challenged me in every way possible physically and mentally but I never gave up and it’s an experience I am eternally grateful for. Given the chance I will not disappoint!

  26. gary jackson

    Name: gary jackson
    Gender: male
    Age: 34
    Height: 6’0
    Weight: 290
    Body Type: Average build
    Eyes: blue
    Hair: mohawk/brown
    Ethnicity: white
    Languages: English
    From: texas
    Studies:pro wrestler,servivalest
    i would love to be a part of this show

  27. david mcallen

    I would be awesome on Survivor I am 54 years old use to own my own bussisness,now I work for a small supermarket.I’ve been in retail for 38 years,2nd degree black belt sober for 28 years,voted most unforgettable in high school and once you meet me you will understand why!

  28. courtney williams

    I am a 23 year old male in Seattle who like to hike, run, and exercise. I am graduating from college this June and moving to California for graduate school. I am very outgoing and unique. I am entertaining to the core. I am entertainment. I am the face of comedy. Holla if you want me :)

  29. Tiffany Griffin

    I’m perfect for the upcoming season of Survivor for 3 easy reasons:

    1. I’m Hot
    2. I’m too nice
    3. I love Jesus and I cuss a lot (is that considered 2?)

    Done. See you soon 😉

  30. Hayley Russell

    I believe I can do these challenges I have great balance and I have no fear I go to extremes. And I am a friendly competitor, I work great and teams and I am a dare devil. I live for this stuff. I’m 19 years old and I believe I have a chance to win this competition.

  31. Taylor Babineaux


    My name is Taylor, im 21 years old from Lafayette, Louisiana and I AM the sole survivor!

    Adventure is in my blood, being born in Louisia I’ve literally wrestled an alligator! I am a hunter/fisherman so I have plenty of outdoor skills and am very athletic.

    Even though I was born in one of arguably one of the most
    Adventure filled states I’m always looking for that next thrill which is why I love to travel. I’ve done everything from climbing mountains and white water rafting all the way to surfing and skiing.


    I have excellent leadership skills and can adapt to most situations. I have been put in some of the most unique situations you can imagine in which I’ve lead men through possibly life threatening situations.

    I work at one of Louisianas largest churches where once a year I host a similar month long competition called TRIBES. I create all chalenges as well as host the events.

    I have watched Survivor since it’s very first episode. I even broke my nose as a child because I slammed my head after a tribal council.

    I am exactly what you are looking for I just need my chance to prove it!

  32. Austin Kelley

    A.nalytical- civil engineer & puzzle lover
    U.nderstanding- old soul & compassionate
    S.ocial- chamelion & jive with all
    T.alented- NCAA athlete & ultra competitive
    I.nfluential- team captain & likable
    N.obel- no alternative to honest hard work

    Less than 2 minutes to comment. Survivor worthy…

  33. Trina

    Hi My name is Trina and I am 47 years young but very active and determined. I should be considered for the upcoming season of Survivor because I am a fierce competitor and my personality will be great for the ratings! I get along with people but at the same time don’t take any crap! I am a bit icky about going to the bathroom in the woods and all of God’s creatures crawling around in my space but I’ll do anything to survive and win the money. Give me a call and let’s chat about it! I’m definitely your girl!

  34. Michael Peterson

    I love challenges and I am very competitive! I have a must win attitude, I have been through enough to know I can handle the conditions one must go through in order to win and I am willing to accept the challenge. I am also a very entertaining person in general and people have interests in me so I will be the one people are watching. I am a win win situation and I WILL win!

  35. john caballero

    For me it’s not about the money that’s just a bonus I am just looking to be given the chance to test my physical capabilities to the world and prove how I can and will be able to overcome anything that the show the survivor throws at me! I’m young 5″7 180lbs muscle and a all star athlete look no further I’ll be sure to impress and capture a lot of attention!

  36. Brian Pimental

    Good day,

    My name is Brian I am 30 and I live in Michigan. I have seen every
    Seasons of survivor . I may not look as good as every one out there,
    But i love the idea. Putting strangers together and tell them to figure it out.
    But i also know its a show, a show that you need charcaters. People
    That will make BIG moves. To make that season great. I think i can do that,
    Here is why, I think of being on survivor, whenever I have a few minutes. Plans
    To do, how i will be part of that tribe. I feel like im a turtle. I will start off slow,
    But i will win the race. I have plans, but i know i will need to change them. Please consider
    To meet me. Thank you

  37. Annie Lyle

    Hola’! I am a 38 year old teacher for Behavior Disorders. I have worked in settings ranging from K-12, to my most recent at the Anamosa State Penetentery ( a prison in Iowa). I have 2 teenagers that I have raised as a single divorced mother for the past 13 years. I run marathons and I’m always looking to overcome obstacles. My friends call me a ” peacemaker” or ” lion tamer”. I’ve only been watching the show for a few years…. but I could definitely tame some lions. :)

  38. Pamela Jones

    Hi, my name is Pamela Jones and I am a 34 year old single mother that loves physical challenges. I’m a strong willed thrill seeker with a competitive spirit! Really, though, I just love to have fun and try new things. I honestly don’t watch much tv and haven’t watched the show in years. That may make me an underdog but I prefer to think that maybe I will not be as jaded as some other contestants. I’m very blonde and put together and I think it would be interesting for some people to see me rugged and dirty – but little do they know! I would do anything for the money. It would help me and my son more than I could ever imagine.

  39. john lloyd

    I love the show, and would love the opportunity to be a part of it. I love the outdoors, and I am physical fit for a 40 year old Delawarean. Please give me the chance to show everyone especially my 3 and 5 year old girls. Thanks John

  40. Mike scott

    I’m not great with words but I believe I would be great for the challenge I grew up in Chicago but Live in Tennessee for the last 12 year’s. I am 42 and look 32 I hope. but have been athlete in school and love to win! Luv the the show I’ve watched it from the beginning. I never say no and will do anything to win.I’m a little outspoken because I grew up fighting all my life. I grew up on the street’s so I think I grew up I never give up and sometimes got an attitude.but real is real and that’s what you’ll get. I’ve learned from the show also.but I also have a soft side but that’s only when I feel comfortable. But that’s not all the time because I read people well.cute and outspoken!!!!

  41. David Savitt

    I’m the best out there, period. If you are looking for an elite player, look no further.

  42. Chris Laguna

    Chris Laguna Shreveport Louisiana 28 years old. I’m young good looking Athletic guy that loves the show and I think I would be great at it. I’m always playin sports or hitting the gym or out doing somethin crazy anyways so why not do it make a show with it and try and win some money doing it. I got drive in me for something like this and know I would be great for the show. I’m wild crazy and always down for a good time and doin crazy events like on the show. I love to meet new people and go places and what a better way to do it. I’m very fit and could survive on the island. I believe your show is a great way to test myself and would love the opportunity. So hope to hear from yall soon.
    Thanks Chris<hidden from public> 

  43. Tad

    You’re not gonna find anyone better than this guy. I’m young, I’m a hard worker, I’m incredibly sexy, I’ve just got it all. Physically, I’m probably one of the best. I’m the strongest, faster guy I know, but I don’t look it, won’t come off too threatening. I’ve been testing my body since I was nine. My father’s greenhouse has been where I spent most my weekends at. It’s brutal and I saw no advantage to working there. Until I heard about Survivor. The dirt, the heat, the injuries, the feeling like your body can’t be pushed any further. That’s been my life for nine years. Socially, I’m the funniest guy around. I’m a huge flirt, it awesome. People for some reason are just drawn to me. They trust me. I have a Facebook page (Get Tad On Survivor) which people having constantly been liking, #fanbase. I deal with drama all the time. I’m a high school student, where’s more drama than a high school? Better than that, I control it. I live for it. I know every side of every story because people love me. I love the game. The strategy, the blindsides, walking around in my underwear, I love it all. I think it’ll be pretty funny when someone gets blindsided. I’ll probably laugh. Especially if I don’t like them. The thing is, I speak my mind. I got in a twitter battle with Russell Hantz last week. I never care if someone’s gonna punch my face in, I say what I think. I want that freakin million dollars. I’ll be surviving the shit of out them, just give me my chance

  44. Melanie Marshall

    My name is Melanie and I am your girl!

    I just moved to the West Coast from Pennsylvania, why? Because I love adventures, and living outside the status quo.

    After spending a year in college (on Reddit, instead of doing homework)….I realized there are some amazing and beautiful places in the world. I am a survivalist, and like any other avid pot smoker, I like to spend my pastime observing nature and challenging myself with a great rock wall. I rather work out in nature than at a gym. Nature is food for the soul. I also Meditate and do yoga ritually. Mind over Matter, always.

    I would be a great candidate for the show because of those physical attributes, but also my personality is super dynamic. Just check out my resume.

    I am extremely empathetic and compassionate, but I love talking and people love to try placing a label on me because of my strange/weird side. I am super non-judgmental but very confrontational.

    I was a youth advocate and spoke on behalf of over 400+ kids across the country who are struggling with bullying, foster-care related issues, mental health or substance abuse. I held workshops for psychologists where I would talk about alternative thinking when dealing with clients who have a suicidal history, and many of the common stigmas that are placed on these children, from a psychologists perspective. I also spoke to many legislatures before major Mental Health Bills just so they could understand the emotional, and reality of the bill that they are about to sign. I had brilliant folks with me to help make these changes successful.

    I am bold, I am outspoken, but I am very introspective and influential whether it is intentional or not.

    Check me out on facebook: or <hidden from public> .

    Please feel free to ask any other questions, and please be prepared to give me more information (for credibility).


  45. Larry visgar

    Sup name is larry but you know from the name option. Ive watched a few seasons and have noticed no matter the education background or physical, it’s life survival in the 1st few day but after that it’s just surviving the others.

    Why should i be pick? Well when i told my co workers im signing up they were amazed and told me why and their explination amazed me. And it showed me that as much time as i spend with some people they will never know me. I’m the type that even though i dont have alot of skills but those can be easily learned, i dont lie i just watch how i answer or dont at all. Im too honest at times and if people ask me a question i answer dead on. I would do what i could without compromising my morals to get as far as possible. I’m known for doing off the wall things for no reason. I dipped my tongue in hot wax just to do it, ive stapled myself in the head arm and legs just gor a laugh. Ive done worse but you get it. If you want more ive got it. But i act together i think to survive i’d have to be able to switch when needed and that is when challenges hit. As for the money, everyone wants the money but we all want to test ourselves as well to see if we have what it takes.

    Lastly i know this is long and may not go to our casting if you are still casting. I hope i make it i’m having trobule with uploading my video most of what ive tred has failed but i wont quit unless i find out you have your cast yhen ill wait untill next year. I’ve seen how when it gets down to the last week or two everyone just lounges around, well even if im dead exahusted i would still walk around and contribute i just cant do anything. Try eating more meat or something. Ok ill shut up! Good luck to everyone else here!

  46. Lyall Harrison

    I grew up in South Africa where we used to scoff down our food, race to the TV, and stay glued to Survivor, and here I am wanting to be a part of it and see if I can utilize my cultural upbringing and lifestyle to outwit, outplay, and outlast, and turn “that little foreign boy” into “The Survivor!”

    It’s so hard to find anything that lasts for generations, and yet here is a TV show that has lasted since I was a young boy in a foreign country and STILL is going strong! A TV show for crying out loud! Those things come and go like fashion trends, but no no no, not Survivor! It makes sense though, this show is more than just a show, it’s a way to actually learn – about survival, cultures, interpersonal relationships – and it brings together communities like it did mine and my neighbours growing up.

  47. Wyatt S. Luebber

    Hi Survivor Producer,

    My name is Wyatt, I started watching Survivor during Season 22 Redemption Island and was instantly hooked, initially I was drawn to the adventure and challenges.. As I continued to watch I learned what the game is really about. I have since watched EVERY episode of EVERY season.. I am a true super fan!

    I am almost 30, I am best described as a corporate nomad! I say that due to the fact that I have lived in 12 apartments and rental homes over the last 8 years do to school and work, including 5 different states and 4 different companies.. All of my family are sort of loners, originally from Missouri, I currently live in Southern California and work as a sales manager for a foundation repair company.

    I think I would be good tv, a good competitor, and a fun personality to have on the show.. Although a big burly bearded man on the outside I feel like I have a poetic, old soul and I enjoy writing fantasy and poetry in part of my spare time.. I’m a former college baseball player and an animal lover..

    My viewpoint in life tends to be a little darwinistic in the sense that I believe in the premise of survival of the fittest and that everyone isn’t meant to survive.. I think society is crumbling and do not have strong religious beliefs, although all of my friends and family believe that I am an active Christian. It’s easier to show people what they want to see, and if it expidites me achieving my goals than it’s good for everyone. I sincerely believe I am worth the time of a face interview! Would love to play..

    – Wyatt S. L.

  48. Wyatt Luebber

    Hi Survivor Producer,
    My name is Wyatt, I started watching Survivor during Season 22 Redemption Island and was instantly hooked, initially I was drawn to the adventure and challenges.. As I continued to watch I learned what the game is really about. I have since watched EVERY episode of EVERY season.. I am a true super fan!

    I am almost 30, I am best described as a corporate nomad! I say that due to the fact that I have lived in 12 apartments and rental homes over the last 8 years do to school and work, including 5 different states and 4 different companies.. All of my family are sort of loners, originally from Missouri, I currently live in Southern California and work as a sales manager for a foundation repair company.

    I think I would be good tv, a good competitor, and a fun personality to have on the show.. Although a big burly bearded man on the outside I feel like I have a poetic, old soul and I enjoy writing fantasy and poetry in part of my spare time.. I’m a former college baseball player and an animal lover..

    My viewpoint in life tends to be a little darwinistic in the sense that I believe in the premise of survival of the fittest and that everyone isn’t meant to survive.. I think society is crumbling and do not have strong religious beliefs, although all of my friends and family believe that I am an active Christian. It’s easier to show people what they want to see, and if it expidites me achieving my goals than it’s good for everyone. I sincerely believe I am worth the time of a face interview! Would love to play..

    – Wyatt S. L.

  49. Toinette O'Neil

    47 year old widow, retired correction officer who took care of my husband and best friend til his passing in 2012 from cancer. Mother of four kids 18,24,29,&30. Not in the best shape I’ve ever been but will never quit. I can do anything cause my motto is to outwork the next person. Give me a chance to show my survivor skills. Living in Georgia now but from New Jersey . I have been coaching girls basketball for 10 years now and have just finished writing a book which I am trying to publish about getting your student athlete to the next level that’s why I know I would be right for the show.

  50. Michael Will

    I am a married father of five sons with one grandson. My wife and I had our first child when we were 17 years old and, although we weren’t married at the time, we both committed to each other and to our family and we have been very fortunate ever since. Part of that commitment included making some personal sacrifices along the way. For me, it meant giving up any plans to participate in athletics in levels after high school. I am still and have always been involved in athletics, but not competing at the highest level earlier in life has always left me feeling a strong desire to challenge myself and compete. I’d like to try Survivor.

  51. Katie Reynoso

    Hey! My name is Katie, I am 24 years old. I am originally from Salem, Oregon. I moved to Pasadena CA to help plant/start a Christian Church. I am now running the kids ministry. I am full of laughter and joy. I am super positive and I love people! I love a good challenge, both physically and mentally. Not a lot can get me down and out. I have lots of endurance and perseverance. I love long distance running, hiking, and drinking kale smoothies. I want to play the game that is honoring to others and myself. I am ready to challenge my survival skills.

  52. Albert Hicks

    What’s going survival!!!!. My name is Albert Burrell Hicks. I’m 29 years old. I still live with parents. I am a hard worker. I survived some baby issues but, now I wanna go “BIG”!!!. They say its a reality TV show let’s be real I want to win that million dollars. I can do so much with that far as my family I want to be able to take care and support my family. Family is everything to me. If you pick me I promise you won’t be disappointed. I love the camera and I love money. So let’s go Survival I’m that guy.

  53. Rebecca Donahue

    I am a 43 year old Para educator in a small town school. I’ve wanted to be a part of this show since season two. I feel I can do it since my favorite recreational activities are camping and swimming and I’m in good physical condition for my age. I’m married and have two grown sons. Since I have started “empty nesting” after my youngest graduated high school in 2014, I feel I need to do something big in my life, and what would be bigger than competing on my favorite reality show! If I were to win, the first thing I would do with the money is to get my son into a great college and get us all reliable cars. Please consider me as a contestant!
    Thanks, Becky

  54. Reeda ramirez

    I would love to try out , I have two teenage boys that make me strong but I am not sure how to proceed with the application can you please assist

  55. Erin

    I am a 37yo married mother of 5 children ages 9-19…. I CAN survive! Very fit, healthy, & funny. I rides bike, kayak, yoga, surf, paddle board and meditate. I have experience & knowledge in survival skills- fishing, foraging, herbs, natural medicine. PICK ME! :)

  56. Danielle Mathis

    I started watching when was 8, had to wait 10 years to even apply,. and here I am at 19 commenting on a random website attempting to make my dream come true.

    I love Survivor more than anything. If you asked anyone who knows me, “What comes to mind when you think about the show Survivor?” They will all tell you my name. Seriously. I talk about it all the time, tweet hundreds of tweets, and strategize everything in order to mentally prepare for Survivor. SO ya, I’m a superfan.

    Why will I be the best ever at the game? I’m a hospitality major. I am paying thousands of dollars to get a degree in how to deal with all kinds of people. I can handle difficult tribemates and allies. And the physical part? Easy. I’ve played soccer for 10 years and have completed numerous 5Ks and half marathons. I don’t lose.

    I can keep a positive mindset, even when it’s been raining for 4 days straight and my hands look like I’m 91 rather than 19.

    America will love me. I’m not a dumb young person who everyone will call naive and say I shouldn’t be out there. I’m smart and won’t let others get the best of me.

    I dream about being on Survivor every day. I fantasize about how to handle different challenges and votes. My literal dreams at night have had tribe life and Jeff Probst in them. Put me on the show. You think people loved Spencer? Wait till they meet me.

  57. jimmy landrie

    IM JIMMY LANDRIE IM FROM ALAMOGORDO,NM i am 28 years old. i like wilderness traiks,practie wilderness survival training always ready to take on an adventure head on. a past member seach and rescue in alamogordo my home. a bit of a thrill seeker maried for 5 years happily. always seeking ways to see the world to show my mom and loving wife. it would be a chance of a lifetime.

  58. Audra Beers

    Im going to be QUICK & BLUNT! I am a bored Military Spouse and I need the money! Simple as that. God Bless America.

  59. Tiasha Harris


    alright so now that I got your attention I can tell you why you should consider me for the upcoming season of survivor. My name is Tiasha Harris and I am 19 years old and a native of Charlotte, NC. My friends and family would tell you from your first impression of me I seem like a quiet, shy sweetheart but once you get to know me I am the most talkative and energetic person they have ever met. I’ve recently became a fan of survivor since the last 3 seasons and I have fell in love with it ever since lol. I love physical challenges, strategy thinking & being competitive since im a very competitive person.. It really keeps me on my feet and prepared for a lot of things in life. I’m also a VERY entertaining person. I can’t stand being around a boring person smh that just irks my nerves lol. I have honestly got the beauty and brains to compete and this show and I am determined to come back home to my family with $1 million dollars. So yes I will appreciate it if you consider me for the upcoming season of survivor. I promise you will not be disappointed in your decision.

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