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  1. Cassie Neary

    I should be on Survivor because I want to play the game! Nothing seems more enticing than signing up to be part of a game in which each and every human limitation is pushed. I am the definition of a Type A personality, very strong opinions and extremely competitive! I am very methodical in all that I do, but I do have an Irish temper, it takes a lot to get me super pissed but once I reach that point- whoa watch out! I follow Survivor Instagram and Facebook accounts and your fans repeatedly ask for ‘real contestants.’ I am real in the sense that I crave the opportunity to play- I don’t care about being on TV, I want to be pushed to my limits and conquer them all, ultimately being crowned the sole Survivor. I am 27 years old, recently divorced and doing everything I could never do while I was married. I pursued my dream job and am now a police officer, and loving every second of such a challenging career. I have a Master’s Degree in forensic psychology, so I have studied deviant behavior on a graduate level, and I live it every day as a police officer. Lying is the foundation of this game, and I know I would excel in seeing through the schemes and causing lots of #blindsides. I am positive I could outplay every other contestant, I don’t mean to be cocky but I sure as hell am confident. I have watched this show since I was 12 years old, and I am a Super Fan. I talk about the show constantly and I am 100% convinced that if I were given the opportunity to play- I would absolutely win. I am physically strong but not overly intimidating, I am smarter than I look (I can play the dumb blonde role) and I refuse to give up. Listen to your fans and choose a real person who desires nothing more than to actually play and dominate this game!!! :)

  2. Dalton Borders

    I think I should be considered because I’m a down south adrenaline junkie who’s learned how to survive in just about every situation. I know how to work like crazy to get what I want and won’t give up no matter what. I don’t back down from any challenge and will stay head strong no matter how bad it gets. I believe I could go all the way with this opportunity if given the chance

  3. Captain Dave Winkler

    I have just finished reviewing the Ponderosa videos currently posted on the Survivor website , as I think they offer great insight to game strategy that didn’t work out as planned , and how that can help in the future to possibly avoid getting voted off . Then …. surfing around further , I stumbled upon this comment section and read all 217 comments posted . Boy am I relieved !!! After all these Years of applying to Survivor , (more than 25 times , just submitted two nights ago for Season 31), traveling further than a normal person should to attend “open auditions” , buying a Flip camera and a “Mac” just to ease the video production process , being selected as a Top Ten Finalist in the Sears contest but not winning , (so close) , fielding multiple call backs and interviews from casting , sending voice mails , chocolate , and current pictures to Lynne/Casting director but not sure if she ever gets them and worrying if I am helping myself , or being annoying …. well , I was beginning to wonder ? What is this strange obsession I have with becoming a contestant on Survivor ?? And why does my heart rate crank up off the chart , whenever I get an “Unknown” identifier on my phone from 310 area code. All you guys/girls that posted , gave me my answer , and helped me realize something through your comments. I’m not crazy … I’m not the only one with this burning quest …. I’m not being foolish … I’m not wasting countless hours trying to make that “one video” that gets me to the next level ….. I’m a fan !! A Super Fan !!! A Die Hard Fan!!!! …. Who gets really pissed when somebody quits the show wasting an opportunity I could have had , and one that I would never quit on. Since I saw the first advertisement for Survivor , 14 years ago in the Spring of 2000 , I knew , I wanted to be a contestant on “Survivor”. As long as the show keeps running , I will keep applying . I just turned “60” . I submitted my first application at age “49”. My application process has now spanned three decades , and I don’t feel foolish at all . I have gotten close , I have learned a tremendous amount , I have had a lot of fun with the process , but I have not yet grabbed the brass ring . This upcoming season , Season “31” is my time . How do I know this ?? Fate , serendipity , persistence … , I’m not sure , but there is a special number in my life , and my Wife and I have “31” engraved on the inside of our wedding bands….. I’ll tell the rest of that story to casting . Call me guys ! Make my heart rate accelerate !! Help me to fulfill my dream !!! Cast me now , and show all your Fans , and Super Fans , that the hope they have is not unnoticed , and that they should never give up !!!! Captain Dave Winkler , St. Pete Beach , Fl.

  4. Joseph Shaffer

    Hello survivor. I’m the obvious choice. I’m a winner and I will not have it any other way. I’m 18, male and ready for a life changing experience and one million dollars.

  5. Morgan Ackerman

    I had to get your attention some way, because you guys have been doing this for almost 30 seasons and had to make myself stick out in someway right? Awesome, now that I’ve got your attention my name is Morgan Ackerman. I’m a 18 years old, Caucasian, 5’7″ and man could I do well on your show. I have always loved survivor. I’ve got a lively, warm, outgoing personality (and not in the annoying way, because nobody likes that) and I know how to work a room. I have got great social skills that I know could get me to the top. I am a model that lives in NYC and I want to prove to everyone that its not all about looks, but I’ve got the brains too. I’m a tom boy so being outdoors wouldn’t bug me one bit, and I definitely have a competitive side so bring it on. Give me a chance to prove myself and I wont let you down. I’m comfortable in my own skin, and I know I definitely would have this show in the bag.

  6. Kyle Kriech

    Hey Survior. I’m a 27 year old former Minor League Baseball player who is currently a coach to 13-U kids. I have what it takes to win your show. Through my years of playing I had to be mentally and physically strong to make it through the long season. If you gave me a chance I would love to show my kids what I am made of. I am a huge fan of your show and would love the cance to compete. I would love to show what I am made of if giving this this chance.

  7. Sandra Dash

    HELLO SURVIVOR!!!! Wow, you have been in my living room from day one. Not only am I passionate about people- and find the good in everyone, But I’m highly competitive. If there is one thing I hate most it would be losing! call me a bad mom, but I sometimes cant lose to my kids in a simple card game-SSHHHHH don’t tell, LOL…..And Don’t judge! OK, so I am an honored wife of 15 years to a SPECIAL FORCES GREEN BERET BAD ASS! I have put all my passions and hobbies on hold to support his carrier. Being a spouse of a soldier can be challenging. Filling both mom and dad roll to my two beautiful children I have had to put my dreams, passions and desires on hold until recently. My mom was diagnosed with cancer and just found out she is cancer free. She is my rock, my roll model, my everything. I learned real quick there is no promise of a tomorrow and I am now on a mission to do me! Growing up I was highly competitive in many sports and since marriage and parenting its been about supporting everyone else. Its been eating me up inside my kids don’t know that side of me. I want to make my kids proud! PLEASE, give me my chance to finally shine! I wont disappoint you.

  8. Tarica Selbee

    I am 26yrs, 5’9, and 145pds. I am very competitive and strong willed. I am a wife and mother of two. My family is my inspiration for everything that I do. I really hope I get a chance on the show. I promise you will not be disappointed.

  9. Johnny (jon-boy) Grizzell

    I am a 36 yr old father of 8 and i know how to run the show; controlling the situation is my everyday life. I am a full time Psychology student as well as student of the game of survivor. You could say i have been training for this moment for many years. Actually the lessons i have learned in college make me perfect for the show because if you think about what psychology is then you realize they have been training me to manipulate peoples minds and actions to do what i want them to do. So Mark…Jeff put me on the show and i will not only manipulate and control the cast; but the audience as well, they will love me…….or love to hate me either way it will be one hell of a season .

  10. Bill Julio

    Time for a real senior to get back on this show. I will be 76 (5’11”-163 lbs & all my hair) disciplined athlete with daily vigorous conditioning programs. Still participate in sports play 70 baseball games per year in a league 17 and up, average age 29. Play fall basketball age average 37 (I am shortest player) -football-golf. Don’t smoke-drink and I can go without liquid for 30 hours (not good for health but I do not like to drink). Love hot humid weather and thrive on working out in rain storms-super winds-snow storms because of the challenge. I am not a mild type of person-my kids (4) have been asking me to try this for 15 years and I kept saying “I am not old enough yet) I am. And like Frank Sinatra…I (I’ll) do it my way.

  11. chad austin

    I know I would be a very very competive person as I know I can go very far at any game compitively!! Survivor I can beat and WIN!!!

  12. Tyrone Busby

    I would love too :-) thanks for accepting me :-) let me know when you’re ready for me :-)and I won’t let you down hahaaaaaaa…. ima survivor…in my beyonce voice….well my best beyonce voice…because my voice is really deep

  13. cynthia kennemore

    I am a competive person . I love new challenges!!! Good, bad, or crazy. Would love a chance to be on the show just to challenge myself

  14. sebastian gomez

    i have applied 11times, been called back 3x , and was invited out to LA. You have everything you need in the slew of audition tapes. You’re depriving America by not sticking me in a hut. Don’t know who i am? look me up.

  15. Debb Westlund

    Fully Alive! 51 year old Bigfork, Montana woman. I look 41, act 31, feel 21. I look girlie at 5′ 3″, natural white/blond hair & 125 pounds but I have more testosterone than most guys when it comes to hunting & fishing. I am more competitive with myself than others & love new experiences. I recently returned from my second trip to Africa. At home I am a lay counselor for my church and bond easily with people. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 31 years and have two fully grown sons. I have precious family and friends all over the world who would stand behind my Survivor adventure and cheer us on. Once, by word of mouth, in a three day period I had almost a million people rallying around me when I needed support. Pretty cool to need more than your fingers and toes to count the ones you love! I also have written several books and the experience would grow me in ways that would impact the next book. Thanks for your consideration! E me any time.

  16. Russ

    I have watched and been a student of the game of Survivor from the beginning.
    I have lived in 6 countries and 6 states in the United States.
    It would be a honor to be a contestant on Survivor.
    Coach Russ A. Molzahn

  17. iwu chioma pinky

    Hi evrybody I am pinky from nigeria n I will love love love to be in this one. I don’t have much to say but I know I can do well in this. I will happy if I m granted this little chance. I wouldn’t praise myself and say cool things about me but I can be annoying,funny,fun to be with and sure everyone hs a good and bad side n sure my both are fun … Love you all. Tank u

  18. Kelly Crawford

    Hi my name is Kelly Crawford , I have been a fan of survivor ever sense the show started.
    I have sent in a audition tape all ready , My wife finally gave me the go ahead to be on the show sow pleas help me out and put me on before my wife changes her mind. I am a very interesting person,and I don’t think you will be disappointed if you put me on the show.

  19. Chad James

    My names is Chad James and I have been applying to Survivor since 2001. I know I have what it takes to be one of the most memorable castaways ever. I will make as many bold moves as possible during my time out there on Survivor because I would rather play this way than win by being a boring castaway. I am a 42 year old virgin because I want my fist time, last time, and each time to be with the same woman. I possesses extreme self-discipline in every aspect of my life. I do not drink alcohol, soft drinks, smoke anything, nor consume caffeine. I have great social skills, I can read all kinds of people easily, and I am in great physical shape. I stand 6 feet 3 inches, weigh 250 pounds, and wear a size 15 shoe. I am a Waterworks Technician who can treat my own water. I lived through many hurricanes without power during dangerously hot temperatures which I adapted to easily. PLEASE make my dream come true by getting me on Survivor. Thanks!

  20. sarah

    Im pretty fit and beautiful and every since I was younger there was alot I had to do on my own. I had to survive still today at 23 I find ways to cut down on certain things I use to make it last longer. I wasnt brought up in the easiest parts of the being a survivor is deeply instilled in me. It would mean so much to show what I have been through and my experience has prepared me for this cold world

  21. April Walker

    Hi! My name is April Walker and I am 28 years old and I know I have what it takes to outlast any contestant on Survivor!!! I am MORE than confident I have what it takes to survive this tv show!!! I watched my first season this year! As a stay at home mom to 5 crazy kids and growing up in the country as a teen I have learned plenty of different coping skills to get me through any new change or challenge that is presented to me!!!! I am VERY personable and I am super easy going but also VERY competitive and I WILL do whatever it takes to win!!!! Give this mommy a chance!!! THANKS :)

  22. Stephanie Forbes

    I may not be the most fit or best person, but I think I have what it takes to be on this show. I love anything that deals with the outdoors, I am a problem solver, and I have been through many tough ordeals in my life. I would like a chance to test myself to the maximum limit.

  23. Isaiah

    Hey I think I would be good to go on this show, not because I am good at camping and being outdoors and stuff but because I would really struggle with majority of physical task and eating the stuff they do. I would make great TV because I have never camped before and only eat out at restaurants haha. Only plus about me is I can hold a great conversation!

  24. Bobby

    Survivor is not for everybody, including the majority of the people who commented here. I may sound a bit brash but I got to keep it real. I have ultimate social skills, I know how to work a room and work people! You got to understand personalities and those that are different than yours and how to capitalize on that, which is something I can do. I usually am highlight of any party because I got quite the mouth on me. That’s my biggest strength and your biggest form of entertainment. As a 23 year old superfan (who is recent college grad and unemployed), I know strategy and social finesse from all these past seasons to get me to the end. I’m most looking forward to the ability to talk on camera in confessionals because commentary is my speciality and also the moment I get to do the fallen comrades scene when I look back at my fellow survivors and how well I played the game, with the touching background music playing too! I hope for my dream of winning survivor and I hope survivor gets the chance to watch me play. This has been #realtalk

  25. Danielle Reynolds

    Hi, my name is Danielle Reynolds I am 20 years old and I live in Golden,Colorado.
    I’ve watched surviver with my family for a very long time now and I absolutely love the show. Its very interesting to watch how the competitors handle stressful situations, and how they play in the competitions. There are a few reasons why I believe that I should be considered for the show. I am an athletic person, I love to run for hours, I enjoy difficult situations and I love to find ways to strategize. I’m a helpful person and I love to have fun and I love to win, and I don’t give up no matter if someone wants or thinks I will. So I would love to have a chance to be on the show. Thanks…

  26. Andrew Marante

    I think i would be an awesome contestant for Survivor cause its what i do. I love going camping outdoors all the time, fishing, hiking and for weeks at a time i live off the land. I am very smart so i would be able to figure things out and im very nature savvy!

  27. Joe Klimowicz

    I would be the ideal contestant on survivor for several reasons, not liimited to the following:
    1. I see the silver lining in every situation, and I am funny. People usally laugh when they see me or meet me. Or they cry. It depends on the person. 2. All of my friends (which are myriad) concur that I should be on Survivor! 3. I am veracious even when it hurts, love words and people have fun around me. 4. I am 56 – soon to be – 57 but I can run circles around men and women many years my jurnior. 5. I have ADHD and I am very unique individual whom viewers will either love and hate. Of course, I think the love/like faction would dward the haters. Bottom Line – I would be great for the show, increase your ratings, and make everybody around better for having known me – and vica versa as well. Oh, and I am an OLD Boy Rugger who drinks beer upside down, and lifts all around me. Please pick me before Survivor runs its course. God bless!

  28. Ezra Choi

    I am a fiery pepper from Colorado! I am 29 years old, Navy vet Korean American. I should be picked as a contestant because im short 5″4 but im a beast! from within. I have many talents and skills, I can move like Jackie Chan, be swift as a snake, and cooler then Mentos the fresh maker.

  29. Angela Quintero

    Hello, my name is Angela. I have been a huge fan of Survivor ever since the very first show. I’ve always wanted to apply for the show but since that first show I’ve become a mother 6 times over. So roughly I’ve been pregnant or had a newborn from the beginning. Now even though I’m a loving mother don’t let that fool ya! I have patients to the end of time for the little one’s but can put down on some adults. I grew up in a household of complete chaos, we never stay in one place more than a year and i am one of 11 children with my combined parents (that’s all we know about) to say the least we was poor. I’ve lived in garages, and some of the poorest areas around. We used to find our food, closthes, furniture and such in the trash or where ever we could. I would describe myself as a strange mix of country girl/getto brat. We faced many difficulty growing up but I pulled myself up and out of that and done well for myself. I now have one of the greatest families in the world. If I can pull that off, Im thinking I could outwit, outsmart and out play most anyone you put me with and make my children proud!!!
    Proud Mama of 6
    Next Survivor Winner

  30. Debra sutton

    I think I would be good on survivor, I have good people skills, make friends easy.
    I like to socialize. I’m very observant.
    I’m 50 yrs young not in shape but up for a challenge. I love the beach, woods not afraid of bugs but may run a few miles if I see a snake. Lol
    I hope you pick me!!!!

  31. richard boatight

    I would be the perfect contestant on survivor because:

    1. I am a “jack of all trades”
    2. All of my friends (which are many) agree that I am absolutely hilarious.
    3. After 20 years as a Stockbroker and Senior VP, I know how to handle tedious situations.
    4. I always speak my mind, no matter what the situation.
    5. I think you get the picture, pick me and enjoy the show!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Levi

    I’m the oldest child in a family of eleven kids that watches Survivor. Why should I be picked? Because it would be like mixing 19 Kids and Counting and Survivor. Tell me that wouldn’t be good for ratings! I’m 22 and married with a baby on the way, and I’m also a hard-line right winger (hint hint, you can capitalize on drama for the show).

    Did I mention I’m a military brat too? My dad is in Afghanistan right now actually. Surviving in the woods sounds like a lot of fun. Just give me a chance and I will take the million dollars.

  33. Allen Marshall

    Look! I’m a 6’2 country boy from south Carolina and the world needs to see we’re not all like the cast members on party down south!

  34. Robert Reynolds

    Hi my name is Robert Reynolds I am 53 yrs old
    A little about myself first I am a father of 2 incredible young men Robert and Brandon , I am also a realtor,have my insurance license and I am the owner of a martial arts studio,I have been teaching karate for the last 30 years of my life and both my boys are black belts. I am looking to challenge myself further in life and watch the show many times and I think physically and mentally I have what it takes to win .
    Oh!!! I was also a playgirl model in the June issue of the 1989 Playgirl magazine
    Sometimes I do want to forget that part though..

    I hope I get picked

  35. Aaron Chasteen

    My name is Aaron Chasteen, I’m from Sevierville, TN. and I have what it takes to be the next sole survivor. I am 19 years old and a full time student in college. Also, I am a lifeguard supervisor and I have been a lifeguard for 3 years. Now that we’re past the boring stuff, I have recently submitted an application and video to CBS. I have watched Survivor since season 2 and then went and watched the whole first season. Every Sunday Survivor finale, my friends and I have a pizza party and watch survivor. I have spent the past 14 years of my life not only watching Survivor, but studying how the game works as well. I have came up with the perfect strategy that will help me become the next sole survivor. I have a great personality which will makes me a great contestant for a TV reality show. Some might even say I’m America’s next sweetheart, and I would agree. I am strong willed and determined to get on this show. When I am chosen, you all will not be disappointed. Tell Jeff to remember my name while watching audition videos.

  36. Crystal Childers

    Hi. My name is Crystal Childers. I am from Rockmart, Georgia. I am currently a stay at home Mom. I have always been a survivor fan. I consider myself a “tough” girl. Not in strength necessarily. But mentally and emotionally. I have over came many obstacles in my lifetime. I would love to be on the show to prove to my children that anything you set your mind to is possible.

  37. Rauchet Broomer

    I’m pretty excited to finally put my name out there for no one of someone to read.
    Google my name I’ve done some pretty cool stuff, also in pretty cool shape.
    I’m not really sure if anyone reads this stuff so I’ll leave it at that.

  38. Anyeny Cabral

    My name is anyeny I live in manhattan New York
    I am criminal justice major, big fan of survivor
    I am young 24 no kids no boyfriend no problems just independent
    Ready for a new challenge

  39. Mike Unden

    My husband, Mike Unden, age 41, is a former Marine, FBI and cop for 10 years. He also was the fitness trainer for the Air Force and is in great shape with great survival skills. He is also entertaining an would make the show a hit with his sense of humor. He would be an asset to this show and making it even more popular than it has been. Please consider him and you won’t regret it.

  40. Carleigh Turner

    I am a 19-year-old journalist from Chicago and I LOVE SURVIVOR! I have been watching this show since my parents allowed me to, and it has been my dream to compete since I can remember. Since I have watched every season, I believe I do have the perfect strategies to win the 1,000,000. It would also be a huge help for my twin sister and my college fund. I write for the best non-daily newspaper in the nation, The Columbia Chronicle, and I think this would give me an edge to really figuring out what the other castaways are all about. I also was a competitive gymnast for 14 years, and I still have a bit of tumbling left in me. PLEASE!!!!! put me on this show, I promise I will make it worth your while ;)


  41. Hannah Fuson

    Hello, my name is Hannah fuson and I am a 17 year old girl from Portland, Oregon. I have loved survivor since I first saw people eating bugs on it when I was 6 years old. Ever since I was a little kid I have dreamed of being on survivor. I will be 18 when the show starts so no worries there. I am a marathoner in training, with my first marathon this October, so I am in excellent physical condition, and excited to test my physical capabilities. I get along with anyone and everyone, which makes me a great leader and team player. I will take charge where needed and not let anybody stop me. I am very funny, happy, but most of all I am clever and will not let someone outsmart me. I turn everything into a competition, so this show sounds perfect. Please let me know if you are interested!
    5′ 3″
    130 Ibs.
    Ready to win.

  42. Bethany

    I’m 24 years old and after living in LA for 5 years I have recently moved back in with my parents. Wahp wahp…. I have watched Survivor since its first season, my whole family loves it. I am an actor, an artist, a comic, and currently unemployed. I don’t look fit but I have always been strong and even more stubborn and competitive. I know I could outplay the majority of the people on the show, and turn some heads doing it! I like to tell people exactly what I think of them, and I don’t take from anyone. I don’t have a lot going for me right now, so I would throw everything in me into the game and take no prisoners. I’m 5’3, and I’ve got the beauty, brains to outlast all of you! Bring it on.

  43. Kristen Latorre

    I was in AC yesterday and auditioned! I was so excited that I’m sure I rambled! But seriously I’m the woman your looking for! I’m a 32 year old strong and adventurous wife and mom. I’m a nutrition and weight loss coach by trade. I’ve traveled most of my 20’s all over by myself. I can deal with all kinds of people from all walks of life, as I learned to do while traveling. I spent 3 months in the jungle of Costa Rica on a farming commune. I can handle the harsh elements, rationed food, ocean baths, Mosquitos, and bad BO!! I love any physical challenge and always push myself physically and mentally. I hate laziness! I’m a woman of my word and I never quit!
    I was made to be on survivor, and my life experiences have prepared me for this game!!y

  44. Jason Harris

    My name is Jason Harris and I am from Copperhill, TN. It is a small mining town in Southeast Tennessee and home of the Ocoee River. I am a 41 year old veteran of the US Navy and also a former police officer for the city of Virginia Beach, VA. I have also held other exciting jobs, such as a fugitive recovery agent (bounty hunter), repossession agent (repo man), and worked in some pretty exciting nightclubs in Atlanta, GA as a bouncer. I am 6’4″ and 225 lbs. with dark hair and blue eyes (all the same stats as Superman himself ;)). I have quite a few tattoos on my chest, stomach, upper arms, back, and legs. I am married to my wife Chelsea, who is 13 years my junior and I have six kids. My oldest being 19 years old and from a prior marriage is only nine years younger than my wife who is 28 years old. My youngest children are twin girls and are 2 years old next month. I am currently a full time student in college and majoring in criminal justice with a 3.5 grade point average. Contrary to the past positions I have held, I am extremely likable and make friends everywhere I go. My only downfall is my temper and my lack of trust in people. My greatest strengths are my willingness to never give up and following through until things are complete, my integrity, and my skills as a natural born leader..

  45. Mike Heck

    Hello Survivor!!!
    I’m currently in line waiting to get my chance to be on the show. Drove over 4 hours to AC and don’t regret it one bit. I’m meeting awesome people in line and having a blast. Thanks for opportunity and appreciate what you guys do.

  46. Elizabeth rossi

    I am a very big fan I know all about the survivor. I love to be on the survivor I am a very strong women and i can beat any one. I fish and i hunt. I can play the game. I have really want to be on survivor I have try many years to be on and i never get pick.. maybe I will this year

  47. Jake Renaud

    Hello Hello, Jake Renaud here. I need to be on this show, plain and simple. You could say I’m a Survivor nerd, I have been a fan of the show since it aired (which happened to be on my birthday, ITS A SIGN!). I’m a 22 year old student from New Hampshire and Survivor is my dream. I’m a cool dude with good hair, a Division I Track and Field athlete and I got the people skills to go far in this game. I am highly competitive and will do anything to win. I can’t say that I have some great backstory, just a small town kid from the sticks. But I love Survivor and I won’t stop trying until I’m on an Island with Jeff Probst.
    I will be at the open call in Atlantic City on the 26th, but I figured I should leave something here as well. I have applied three times and I guess I haven’t gotten my point across.

  48. Dallas Shipp

    To sum things up, I’m 23 and a struggling father with a two year old. I’ve been battling since my sons birth in custody cases and finally was able to get my son away from his highly drug addicted mother and family. But now I’m In the biggest bind I’m In debt thousands and thousands of dollars from attorney costs. Getting out of the financial bind would be a great blessing so I could better support my son! As well as future family that I hope to have since I am newly engaged as well! I could also use the money to help my grandmother and her struggles because she now can barely work at all to support her bills because she had to undergo kemo therapy twice for colon cancer.

  49. Jake Raden

    i am 23 yrs old. and I’m at a time in my life when i need to make some changes. i am very athletic but I’m not sure what direction I really want to go . I really don’t watch survivor all that much because i don’t watch television other than soccer or moto cross. From the episodes i saw ,when a girl i knew was on (Natalie Tennerelli) it looks like the kick in the but change i need to jump start my life in a productive way. I know I would be very entertaining but yet a hard worker. i hope you will consider me for an upcoming season.

  50. Kenny Lloyd

    My name is Kenny and like many others my dream is to play the greatest game on television. I have been a religious fan of Survivor since Pearl Islands aired.

    A little about myself: I’m 21 years old. I am a mechanic. I love history, music, video games, and most of all racing. My ultimate goal in life is to start my own race team. I am also a 3 time veteran of online Survivor via twitter.

    All I want is the opportunity to be given a chance to play this great game.

  51. Sabrina Earley

    I am 20 years old and I live in south Florida. I am a very active person with a great personality. I live for doing adventurous things i can fish, hunt and know a few things about nature. I feel like I would go very far in the game. I did multiple sports in high school and can win people with my kindness, but don’t get me wrong if you double cross me its on and I don’t hold back. I know I have what it takes to be a survivor and i can prove it if i get chosen.

  52. Nelda Lllyd

    Is it too late?
    Its never too late!! I’m 35 lbs over weight! I’m not cute and i dont care about the money!! Its about the challenges for me!! I’m 53 and still young!! Take me i love challenges!

  53. Erica Tabor

    I should be put on Survivor because I’m cute, look great in a bathing suit, and get what I want 90% of the time. I’m in sales so I am great at talking people into doing things. I’m loud, fun, out going, competitive and am very opinionated. I would be great entertainment because people will either love me or wont be able to stand me, either way they would be watching me.

  54. Beka Betham

    I have been watching Survivor since 2000, and very interested in competing in it. I was younger then, and now I am 51 years old and yet still wondering. My daughter was then 9 years old, and she is now married and ready to have a baby in September. Time goes by really fast, and I wondered what have I accomplished. If I can survive been a struggling single mother for the past 14 years, then I can sirvive anything in this life. I am in good condition, and I like to challenge life in different ways. I have been unemployed in California for 13 months, and thanks to my dearest boyfriend for helping me out. So getting in for the challenge, and winning $1mil to survive at 51 will be the reason for me to be on the show. By the way, I grew up in a South Pacific Island where I used to run around in the bushes all day long. Ha! Ha!

  55. christina

    Nothing to say but…..I have 3 kids…rocky marriage …working as a nac and finishing nursing soon..taking care of mom my bff who is now paralyzed. …:( we got this..or i got this…let’s have some fun…I am so hyper active full of energy and can do anything..but also ain’t full of shit but I’m gonna kick your ass.u will not be dissatisfied…I got this…we got this….let’s do this as a team…let’s survive
    Christina mandeas
    <hidden from public><hidden from public> 

  56. Sheri

    Hi im 42 and a mom of 3 children. I like keeping busy & always involved with events from my childrens school to my sons little league. Remarried my soul mate & best friend last year. We are very in tune with eachother & we both seem to have a great 6th sense about people. I love physical activity & would love to try something challenging & daring such as survivor. I feel i could provide survivor with lots of entertainment to watch & survivor could give me a fresh & different look on life with people i have never met. I love watching survivor & can stratify based on what i have learned watching every season of survivor. I know i would make a great candidate for survivor & cant wait to show u why.
    Sheri McBride-Steury

  57. Caleb Harrower

    I’m Caleb and I’m 16 years old from New York. I believe Survivor should have a teens survivor special season. It would definitely spark viewers I think. Cause seriously, what could cause more drama than teens? I would love to participate in Survivor Teens if it were to be a thing. I’ve always been a fan of the extremely entertaining show Survivor. And I would love a shot at it. It’d be a great, drama-worrying experience. It’d be fun to try.
    Teens Survival would be a great leap to TV. I promise you. :)

  58. Waylon Owens

    Waylon Owens is here! Cabinet maker by day, jiujitsu coach by night! I come from a small town in the Missouri bootheel and I’m ready to use my good ol’ boy work ethic and man’s man persona and charm to bring home that $1,000,000 to my wife and two daughters. Just give me a call and let’s make this happen!!!!!

  59. Brianna madrid

    Hi my name is Brianna I am 27 years old and I am a survivor. I am a single mother of a 3 yr old baby girl and have not had the easiest life… surviving is all I know and what I do best. I am very smart and would love to be given the chance to change my daughter’s my life forever. I am unique in many ways and have a very special relationship with God. I would love to be given the chance to go and survive off his earth for your show it would also be an amazing cleans for my mind, body and soul. I would love to show my daughter that no matter what as long as u have faith and trust in God all things ar possible. Please give me a chance to do what I do best and bring home the prize so it can change our lives forever!

    Thank you
    Brianna Madrid

  60. Jacqueline Hughes

    Help me achieve my 14 year dream… of being on Survivor! My name is Jacqueline Hughes; I’m a 26-year-old tomboy (turned full-grown lesbian), who has come up on a major bump in the road; I left my job and I have no clue where to go next. I’ve got a big personality, trying to make people laugh and smile as much as humanly possible. I’m also an advocate for the LGBTQ community, giving my time to youth who are struggling just to be, without consequence, who they truly are (something I struggled with in coming out). As well as my work with LGBTQ youth, I was incredibly blessed to have been given the opportunity to turn my love of theater into a full-time career. At my home theater in NY, I was a part of over 25 children’s productions, over a dozen main stage productions, as well as touring schools on the east coast and beyond, spreading the message of anti-bullying and Holocaust awareness. However, like everything in life, all good things must come to an end. And I’m at my end point, trying to figure out what to do next. It’s scary. It’s exciting. But amidst all of these changes, one thing has remained constant… My love, passion, and overwhelming need to be a part of this complex, beautiful, unbelievable, life changing adventure. You can call me a Survivor superfan, as I have not missed an episode since I made my whole family sit down and watch the premiere of Survivor: Borneo. Survivor is not only something I look forward to; it’s a part of my life. I live and breathe this game! Because of my situation, it would be a perfect time to finally pick up, go to a remote location, focus on me, and begin to figure out my place in the world (I mean, can you think of a better time to go for it?! I certainly can’t!). I’ve planned out how to play, what to wear, the nickname that I will give Jeff Probst (I have these reoccurring dreams of asking him to call me ‘Hughes’), and exactly how to conduct myself on the island from start to finish. So, please help me turn my life around. Survivor grows and changes every season… I would like to do the same! And this is my shot! Thank you so much.

  61. Thandi

    My name is Thandi, am turning 40 this year and a mother of 2. Would love to do this just for the fun of it. Am very conservative but I promised myself yo loosen up and live a little. Am very competitive and this would be great just to be out of my comfort zone. I am very versatile. Working with a team is a bliss, but I like leading and strategizing on getting things done. Am a very determined black South African girl who achieves what she sets her mind to do. I am ur next survivor.

  62. Dawn Dulaney

    I am not a young pageant girl, I am not a former professional actor, athlete, model, singer or coach….but I am still pretty cool. Avid fan, been watching since Borneo! I have applied 22 times over 14 years. Talk about persistence. I am a 48 year old single mother of one 22 year old son. I have been a bartender/server for my entire adult life so as you can imagine, I am pretty dang good at my job. I can do this because I do this one a daily basis. Single mothers,m we know how to live without electricity, without water and yes, without food. I am already a survivor of life and I definitely have the skills necessary to triumph in this game. That is why I deserve to be on this show! Thank you very much.

  63. daphne luciana buratti

    19 year old pageant girl and model. People think i cant do it because of this but i know i am ready for the challenge of a lifetime. I may be a pretty girl but im not just a pretty face. I can outlast any obsticle in the name of survival. I am ready for a test.

  64. John

    I love the outdoors so much and I have been camping for years. I even worked at yellowstone national parks. I’m currently married and a proud father of 3. I work as a graphic artists for a small printing company in NJ and I would live the adventure that the show brings.

  65. Bonnie

    Hey I’m ready for this! After two kids and a back surgery, weight loss through derby and supporting my husband while he is out to sea; it’s my turn to do something I have wanted to do since watching season 1. I am a mother of two boy. A loyal navy wife. A small (very small) business owner. Honestly I am amazing. I DJ, I am an ex-derby girl because the team I was on didn’t understand what team work and integrity are. I’ve had wide verity of jobs, including being a phone psychic for a number of years. I have a foul mouth. I don’t put up with much but I am also self aware enough to let other people roll off of me. It take a lot to push me to the edge but when I am pushed I strike back with words that have made grown men cry. I am fiercely loyal, smart and able to see a way to life that others can’t. SO help out this 5’10” 32 year old fit and cunning b out.

  66. Brandi Cox

    I’m a 33 year-old mother of one and a wife. I honestly have never really been a fan of the show because I couldn’t stand the idea of sleeping outside! Although this is the BEST reality show, hands down…for the opportunity to change my family’s life, I absolutely could sleep outside and eat things I can spell! Lol. I’m all in.

  67. Amanda Sarhatt

    Hi! I have been a huge fan of this show ever since i was a wee little one, and it has been a dream of mine ever since season 5 to be on it! I am almost 19 years old! I believe that the age limitation is 18 so I have finally reached the age. I love the outdoors and I love going on adventures! I know I could bring a fun young vibe to the show, and it would mean the absolute world to me to be considered for this! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  68. Roxanne Ramdial

    Hello my name is Roxanne Ramdial . I am 46 a mother of 3 and a new Gammy (Grandmother) .I am an Actress,Singer and a Nurse. I will Love to be a part of this project and to prove to myself that yes i’m a mom ,grandma an average woman that can beat the pants of a Military person a Police or a High Chest man that thinks he’s God Gift to the world. I see some shows where a Police Officer is scared to death of spiders and mice.or they can’t start a fire unless they have matches. I have to say i was a Girl Scout in the 70’s and I will Love to put those skills to use.
    So here i am. I can add Excitement to the Show.

  69. Peter Gendy

    I would love to try out for Survivor. I am a husband and father. I have a soon to be 3 year old girl, Claire. I lost a baby last summer. Her name was Jana Kate and she is my forever Angel. I am expecting a baby boy this fall. I am a Captain on a corporate jet for a large US corporation. Flying has always been my passion and I am grateful to be able to do this as my profession. I have always been a fan of Survivor and want to see if I could handle the physical and emotional challenges of this adventure.

  70. robert dillon

    I am, 35 year old male. Gay white male, recently married. Molested as a child, joined the air force at 20. Kicked out off air force for drug use. Parents do not know I am gay. Now very happy, with my husband and have a great job.

  71. Dana

    I must not have got my point across in my application video. I volunteered with american red cross and worked as disaster relief with hurricane Katrina. I managed a co-ed clean and sober house for 5 yrs. Living with people coming out of prison and or treatment facilities due to drug addiction and another full time job as a medical assistant in a pediatric clinic. Therefore im great with toddler behavior and immature adults, who really have no clue about surving. Im a great team leader. Excellent social skills as well very competitive and determined to be on survivor. 39 yrs old. 5″4 140 lbs bring it.

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