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  1. Garrett Patterson

    31Years of age, a retired Marine looking for my next accomplishment
    Improvise,adapt and overcome is a motto i live by. I ready to be a survivor champion.

  2. Jimmy

    34yr old Boston native, Military trained.

    I wanted to be apart of this for years now. I really want this opportunity to be a survivor.

  3. James

    42 yo nationally certified emergency medical technician raised in the hills of Appalachian need to need survivor to be my mid life crisis. Need to prove my mantle and get my man card renewed before I’m to old.

  4. nigel


  5. Michael montelongo

    I’m a 31 year old male from south Florida i’m looking for my next life challenge. Whatever mother nature and competitors through at me I’m ready so bring it. Be on my tribe and we will make it to the end together.

  6. Felicity Gordon

    I’m ready to be the next Survivor Champion!!!!!

  7. Teri Pedro

    I will win.

  8. teri tet

    Your champ is right here!

  9. Reynan Traje

    A 31 year old, working as a sales executive, living in a luxurious Dubai U.A.E. Want to join and show the world my survival talent.

  10. Stormy Thompson

    I am a 21 year old, stay at home, diabetic mother. I believe I have what it takes to be on this show. And I would Love to have a Million dollars!

  11. Kyle north

    survivor. I am the master of survival an mind games Im ready when you are

  12. Carla Godin

    Are you ready for Louisiana Lightning, never underestimate a gorgeous , built, 55 year old female. That’s what’s up! !!

  13. Crystal Colin

    I am a 33 year old women. I live in VA Beach. Believe it or not I have never seen a survivor episode. Not because it I wasn’t but because I am not really a TV personal. I work take care of kids cook and clean. I am very athletic. And would love to experience Survivor.

  14. Steven Dougherty

    I’m 62, ready, willing, and able. Love the challenge! PS: Very good shape for an old fart!

  15. Tara King

    I am a 42 yo homeschooling mother of 6, grandmother of 2, who is in great shape and is an ultimate survivor fan! I have wanted to be a part of this show since season one, but my children were small. They are grown now, and it is my time!! I have some wisdom, but I’m tough and strong, and I can still rock a bikini!! Would love a chance!

  16. billyseymour

    Hello my names billy Seymour and I know what it takes to survive I grew up in the mountains I’m country boy I can survive with physical mental i love the show but I’m 5″6 and 120 pounds I would love to be on ur show to test my faith in the great outdoors so email me

  17. Zack Cushing

    I am 28 yrs old and I’ve always enjoyed the show! I also have always said there is no way I would loose this game! Consider me and I garentee good ratings due to my charisma and enthusiasm! Plus it is easy to trick the simple minds of the average person and since that’s the name of the game give me a shot!

  18. Drew

    So where do I really apply?

  19. Marc Legault

    You need a man to teach these young punks what a real man is.

  20. Hannah

    Hi! My name is Hannah I am 22 years old, 5’0 and 128 lbs. and going into my fourth year of college. I am very big into strength training. I have competed before but I think this show would be fun to try! I do not know if my physical strength could help me, but I’m sure my mental strength could!
    Lifting personal records:
    bench press 170
    Squat 285
    Deadlift (sumo) 325

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