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Are you a Survivor? Are you ready to test your physical and mental limits on the most challenging television competition shows of all time? CBS is currently searching for contestants for their newest seasons of the grandaddy of all reality TV shows, Survivor. Casting calls will be happening soon and audition submissions are currently being accepted for the latest installments of this amazing test of will.

The brainchild of reality mega producer Mark Burnett (creator of such hits as The Apprentice and The Voice along with many others) Survivor first aired on May 31, 2000 to both critical praise and enormous ratings and it hasn’t slowed down since. For 24 seasons the world has watched with rapt attention as groups of colorful competitors fight, scrape, scheme and plot their way through months of challenges and comfort deprivments on a variety of remote locations all for the  grand prize of $1 MILLION DOLLARS. This is truly the most fantastic challenge in the history of television. Not only do the Survivor participants have to endure living without basic necessities of life they must endure obstacle courses, physical tests of limits and the mental head games played by opponents. This is the game that will truly test you in every way. Are you ready for the most intense experience of your life? Auditions and casting calls for the next two season of Survivor are going on soon. If you would like to apply online you can go here and be sure to leave a comment for us below and stay tuned for all of the up to the minute casting information.

The challenge of a lifetime and a $1 Million dollar grand prize could soon be yours. The time for you to become the next Survivor champion is here. Submit yourself today and show millions of viewers that you have what it takes to be a Survivor.

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  1. Shame

    15 years old, would be the youngest survivor in history. Biggest survivor inspiration is Richard Hatch by far, I mean He’s the first and all and by far had the best mental game in survivor history. I’m a reasonably strong worker and Would love to test my social skills. I don’t expect to win, I expect to change the game.

  2. Amber

    Thrill seeking, test the limits, motivated, driving personality, can do, hard worker, juggling multiple jobs, back in college to finish AA then BA. Would love for a great experience where I can push myself further and become a better woman

  3. Den'ee

    I can use some living in my life … chance of this being read ? that’s my life unnoticed .. but if noticed here I would like a chance to play.
    thank you

    • Den'ee

      52 white female single only responsibility’s in my life are 3 Maine coon cats

  4. Frank osuna

    Hi my name is Frank, I’m 56yrs old. I’ve wanted to be on survivor for quite some time… but when my youngest was about 6 yrs she didn’t want me to try… she would miss me too much because she missed me when I went to work. Now she is 16. And says go ahead dad. my wife and older daughter both are supportive for me to also try. I think my life experiences would help me to do well on the show. I was a military brat living in the states and Europe. I was exposed to different types of people which continued when I left home at 17 for college where I worked as a waiter at a private country club while going to school for engineering. Since then I have had 3-career changes. My first career was with airlines as flight attendant ( lots of stories here) where I learned to get along with dmultiple personality’s for coworkers and passengers. My next career was selling cruises , again dealing with people. These 2 careers helped me to read people and figure them out. I now work for At&T outside as a splicing tech. It’s physical and mental. I draw upon my past experience to deal with upset customers at their homes. That’s the short version. Again I think my life experience will help me to do well on the show. Looking forward to a favorable response to be on survivor.

    • Shame

      Let this man get on survivor, I’d watch him

  5. Joseph Gaddis

    me and my cousin and maybe my brother are willing to take the mantle of survivor and destroy all the competition anyday anytime. make sure to let me know if u are interested in seeing what a survivor looks like.