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Are you a Survivor? Are you ready to test your physical and mental limits on the most challenging television competition shows of all time? CBS is currently searching for contestants for their newest seasons of the grandaddy of all reality TV shows, Survivor. Casting calls will be happening soon and audition submissions are currently being accepted for the latest installments of this amazing test of will.

The brainchild of reality mega producer Mark Burnett (creator of such hits as The Apprentice and The Voice along with many others) Survivor first aired on May 31, 2000 to both critical praise and enormous ratings and it hasn’t slowed down since. For 24 seasons the world has watched with rapt attention as groups of colorful competitors fight, scrape, scheme and plot their way through months of challenges and comfort deprivments on a variety of remote locations all for the  grand prize of $1 MILLION DOLLARS. This is truly the most fantastic challenge in the history of television. Not only do the Survivor participants have to endure living without basic necessities of life they must endure obstacle courses, physical tests of limits and the mental head games played by opponents. This is the game that will truly test you in every way. Are you ready for the most intense experience of your life? Auditions and casting calls for the next two season of Survivor are going on soon. If you would like to apply online you can go here and be sure to leave a comment for us below and stay tuned for all of the up to the minute casting information.

The challenge of a lifetime and a $1 Million dollar grand prize could soon be yours. The time for you to become the next Survivor champion is here. Submit yourself today and show millions of viewers that you have what it takes to be a Survivor.

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  1. Ty Anderson

    My wife thinks I would be a total asshole and would be one of the first ones voted off, I would like to show her I can outlast, outplay and definitely OUTWIT anyone and hopefully be the last Survivor Standing.

  2. Bethel G. Strong

    I’ll be 62 years old in April 2018. I’ve never missed one episode of Survivor.
    I went to a audition in Grapevine, Texas in 2017.
    I’m in excellent shape. I workout daily and a avid cyclist, doing 100 mile rides.
    I’m exactly what you are looking for.

  3. jimmy kelleher

    check this man out jimmy k survivor boston on youtube he would be the farmer from boston yeppp thats the survivor guy for a real good season oh yahh fun fun video wow hes got it!!!!!!!!

  4. elveta pittman

    my 14 year old grandson has wanted to do a grandkid grandparent challenge since he was 4 yrs old yes I’m 71 but I grew up chopping and picking cotton in Texas,im fit and I never give up and I have instilled that in him also,we are not the everyday people i can assure you. so if you have a challenge like this ,please remember me ,i have wanted it for so long Thank you.

  5. lavontae wright

    I am a very hard worker I am a very determined person if I start something I will finsh it and see it to the end I am very enthusiastic joyful and a great team player

  6. Marty

    This show has no clue what a real struggle is. I’m homeless. That’s a true struggle. Mental game? What a joke. Try dealing with paranoid schizophrenics and delusional druggies as your neighbors under a bridge. Physical struggle? An obstacle course is created every time the cops show up and run you off and take people in for trespassing as you try finding a dry place to sleep. The producers should make a season of all homeless participants. At least then the money can actually help someone and you’ll see what it looks like for people to truely know what it is to struggle for survival.

  7. Shay Austin Palmer

    I have always loved and watched Survivor. I have seen every season and every episode of every season. I would love to get a chance to play Survivor at least once or twice in my life. I have the Social, Physical, and Mental capability to Play Survivor. I believe I can win the title of Sole Survivor because I am both athletic and strategic. I am ready to Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast in Survivor. Bring it on, CBS Survivor Casting Team. I am ready!!!!!!

  8. Shay Austin Palmer

    I am the Ultimate Survivor Fan. I have seen all 34 seasons of Survivor and have never missed an episode of Survivor. I think Survivor would test me both mentally and physically. I truly believe that I can win the title of Sole Survivor. I am a very athletic and a very good social person. I am 24 years old, I work part-time at Burger King in Salina, Kansas, And I am ready to show the world what I can bring to the game of Survivor. I am ready to Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast Survivor.

  9. Shay Austin Palmer

    I am the Ultimate Survivor Fan. I have seen all 34 seasons of Survivor and have never missed an episode of the show. I think Survivor would give me a chance to test both my strength and smarts. I truly believe that I could win the title of Sole Survivor. I would just like a chance to play on Survivor. It is literally number 1 on my bucket list.

  10. Donna mcguire

    I’m too old, too out of shape and not that excited about no food, no toothpaste and snooty nosed winers. But I guess I’d like to win a million.

  11. Dan Walker

    I didn’t know they were casting again, my dad watches all theses shows on tv he thinks I would be really good at it. I am a full-time traveler of the eastern united states. as show like this would help me show all others what the boys scouts tought me before turning 18. I am 30 years old and have traveled for 7 years. broke and hungry, the real challenge is the outwitting of other brains. 😉

  12. Brandon

    I put one foot in front of the other next thing you know I get where I’m going. I’m not saying I can, I’m not saying I can’t but what I can say is If you throw me in the water and I can’t swim Ima learn today.

  13. Eric

    I have no sob story to get me on any show I am the ultimate at getting people on my side I could make this show very interesting. Also I need to quit smoking so this would be a good way to quit just think what a guy quitting smoking would do to the show bahahahahah

  14. Reginald GREEN

    From hat I’ve seen survivor has been lacking personality, once “shit gets real”. If I make it on, come hell or high water, I won’t nag and complain, in the face of the looming frightfulness… I got jokes, quotes, and analogies to keep viewers interested instead of bismally disappointed.

  15. SPN Makgobi

    I’m a natural Survivors. Been through some roughs and survived. I’m 43 years old. Very athletic. I like physical challenges and can undergo some gruelling task and overcome.
    I like trying out some new challenges and tasks
    Just wanna try this

  16. Darron Chambers

    All I need is one shot.

  17. Darron Chambers

    I have a talent to be on any show in 2017.

  18. William Reid

    Let’s compete.. 59 years old, feel 30 and ready to compete. Mentally, physically, you name it , I love competition. Bring it on….

  19. Patrick Losch

    Hey Survivor, look no further I’m ready to win! Nothing or no one can get in my way of winning, this is my life motto! I’ve been training obstacle courses for the last 4 years and I’m about to turn 40 so I know Father Time is working against me, so the time is Now!!! Call me please!!!!

  20. Angel L Mendez

    Im physically, mentally, spiritually strong and I would love to give this a challenge and to win this show my names angel im 23 from Pottstown Pennsylvania give me a chance to dominate this challenge !

  21. Aaron

    ***Survivor*** I was born ready for anything and have always overcome any obstacle or challenge that has been put in front of me. My name is Aaron I am 25 yrs old. I love the outdoors and have always felt at home with nature. If given the chance to compete in survivor series I would definitely accept and rise to the challenge to overcome and achieve my goal to win the $1 million dollars for me and my family.

  22. Diana

    How Can I participate in the show??

  23. Brooke Butcher

    Heyyyy, it’s Brooke from Ohio. If you would give me the chance to show everyone what it takes to be a survivor I wouldn’t let you down! I’m smart, very independent, & I can do just about anything! I’m from a small town wanting to prove that anything is possible! There is only one person out there willing to give 100% & that’s me!

  24. katarina Richards

    Noone expects a young girl from the small state of rhode island and prove everyone else unworthy but nows the chance for me to shine! Im 21 years old and ready to show everyone what im finally made of!

  25. Sherman Chowrusmeekul

    Hello, I am a 6’1 Asian American who loves to be active. I am very competitive, and the reason I am about to handle any obstacles is to prove to the world that Asian’s are not just “smart” or “nerdy” but that we are also capable to being physically and mentally tough.

  26. Isaiah Jones

    In the military and would love to see how I can use what I learned in this show!

  27. Jenny Spratt

    can i appy if im from canada? if so how? thank you.

  28. Ian fluckiger

    Hi yall, im 46 done alot in my life survived many over wheming challenges from being told id never walk again being in a wheel chair .i am walking today .i believe in pushing myself to my greatest limits even power lifting .Not just for myself but for the family that supports my everyday accomplishments. The reason for me to do survivor it is a dream which i like very much to become reality .The main reason is for my kids and my or loose its something that i can say i survied another chapter in my book..

  29. Joseph Heine

    Survivor by exam my physical, spiritual, and mental including my deafness. I use American Sign Language to communicate and would like to have this opportunity to participate with other Hearing non-signer contants in this survivor show. I’m up for it.

  30. erica

    I would love to be on survivor I am very independent and very street smart my name is Erica Segundo im 29 and andventure has always been a must I watch all the survivor shows and doing the show could really help me and my family when I win $$$$$$$$1 million dollars ive always been into sports and girly girl at the same time im great when it comes to competition

  31. RED

    23 years old, Chiocagoland kid , names Red, Head director and owner of Tenacious Beats/ aka Boobie Trap, looking to give some entertainment to America!! oh , and totally destroy the competition!! BOOOOM! Captain out.

  32. Jakob Owens

    New to survivor! How hard could it really be!? I’ll dominate, give me a shot to prove someone new can win this game with no experience!

  33. Lisa Sacino

    I love to watch Survivor ..and I am a true Survivor! I had some very bad cells (a.k.a. breast cancer). I finished a year of treatment, hair is finally growing back and I feel stronger than ever. Maybe consider a season of true survivors :). I’m only 4’10” but I have always worked out and lifted weights – approaching 45 years young at 110lb. Strength is often more mental than physical – I have a PHD in Engineering too. I have a husband two boys & hate to leave them for 39 days, but in the big picture of life, I’d love the opportunity to be an example to apply my mental & physical strength and participate in Survivor for the experience and chance to win $Million. Every day is a treasure, and it is all about the journey! Select some true SURVIVORS!!!

  34. Ashley Lee

    Hi I’m Ashley and I’m ready for a Ohio girl to come in and win! I’m strong and easy going and can handle whatever task comes my way! I have four kids who are my world and who made me the tough woman I am today!

  35. Danielle Scott

    I’m Daniel I’m 35 I’m newly divorced I am a parent of two growing boys 16 and 12 I’m a manager at Disney World I would love to travel for Survivor I know I have the mental capacity to do it especially with my divorce I really like the shot

  36. Aleksey Lazarev

    Hello! My name is Alex, I am 28 years old and I’m from Russia. more than 10 years I have been working in show business, is one of the best StageHand in my country! using Leatnerman can do everything. The hunter, a fisherman, a builder and have survival skills because a lot of traveling around the world and Russia. really I want to get on your show! I hope you do not mind one Russian on your project.

  37. Chris Greenwood

    My name is Chris Greenwood I am 45 years of age and I am very interested in being on The Survivor show. I live in a the small town of Atoka Oklahoma.

  38. tiffani m Travis


  39. Corey Emma

    It’s time a real BOSTON MAN Will win,,, not one who lives in TEWKESBURY MASS,,,or moved to L.A. WHEN THEY WERE 14 and say they live in BOSTON I’m in DORCHESTER mass,,, in the middle of BOSTON,, AND IF I CAN SURVIVE 40 years here,, then I would kick ASS on SURVIVOR,, let me play anytime

  40. Dexter Bravo


    i”m Dexter, 31 years old. Currently working in Afghanistan. Being here proves that I am Physically, mentally and emotionally capable of being a Survivor. Been waiting for the chance where i can show case my skills, prove myself and give total entertainment to the world. Been working overseas since I was 21, I left home to make a better living, better source of income so i can support my family better. I am a Survivor, and will always will. I can do all things through HIM who gives me strength.

  41. Chris casey

    Hi my name is Chris casey and I’m beyond prepared for this show I’m 28 years young also in great shape and looking for the next challenge in life. I work construction and deal with tough mental and physical test on a daily basis. I’m engaged have 2 kids and want to give my fiance the wedding she deserves and get into a house iv been living in a apartment for way to long. If u want a great show and a he’ll of a competitor I’m your guy plus I feel like seattle needs another player and hopefully winner

  42. Catho

    Massage therapist, mom of 5, granma of 2. Fit, smart, TOUGH! I will take any challenge given and succeed. Want someone to lean your head on? That’s me. Want someone who will fight to the death. That’s me. I WILL out wit out play out last!

  43. John E.

    Hi, my name is John and I am 35 y/o male from Wisconsin. I’m a former Army Sergeant now working as a manager in a manufacturing company. During my time in the Army I was a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division and completed 3 tours of duty in Iraq as a Forward Observer attached to and Airborne Infantry Regiment. I spent almost 2 years in the desert and have been looking to fill the void of excitement ever since. I’m also a former amateur jet ski racer, an avid fisherman, and I enjoy camping and hiking. I have the skills needed to not only survive this game but to thrive.

  44. Alvita Chism

    I’ve never missed a season. This is the best show on TV. I’ve always wanted to appear on the show, not so much for the money but to prove to myself that I can actually do this and survive. I am very physically fit and I feel 30 years old! Even tho I am 57 I know I can kick butt. Let me in and they will be talking about “Awesome Alvita” for years to come! I need this. I want this. I can taste it! Let me in.

  45. Jason gammill

    Bring it on survivor

  46. Jason gammill

    I’m 37 years old , I’m highly motivated and driven

  47. Earnest Eastland

    Thank you

  48. Taelor Dotson

    I’m a 21 year old hard working woman. I have a wonderful Fiance at home with three dogs. It’s time to show the world what I really have. My mother has watched this show from the first time it aired back in 200 with me, and I have aspired to do it ever since. Pick me. You won’t regret it.

  49. Gabrielle sclafani

    23 years old and taking the world by charge!! An adventurous outdoor strong little lady who is willing to take on anything or anyone to get to the top! Although I only weigh about 107 I am full of muscle and can take on anything. Don’t under estimate my size because I have a big personality and competitiveness to follow behind it!

  50. Jasmine

    This is a great opportunity to show my competiveness!

  51. Zach

    I’m 24 years old. I’ve always wanted the opportunity to be a survivor. I believe that I have what it takes. The physically and mentally part of it all

  52. Gennifer

    Hi there, I am a 21 year old single hardworking woman. I have no children, very outgoing, a go getter & most importantly I can adapt to ANY situation. You just present it. I’m young, full of energy and more then ready to accept challenges. I am the only girl of three brothers and I am the youngest, so you know I’m one tough cookie. Not just the physical end of the spectrum rings but so does the mind. I graduated with a 4.0 grade average. I know I’m capable. I have applied and I look forward to hearing from you guys soon. Just look for Gennifer with a G. Thanks for your time!

  53. Vincent mbugua

    Hi am vince , i am 23 years working as an information security. I have followed survivor and i think i can be a very good competitor especially considering my background and also we haven’t had competitors from africa to represent our continent

  54. Nono Moloi

    I am Nono, age of 26 from South Africa, I believe that I have what it takes to be the next survivor champion. I would be a priviledge to be part of next survivor

  55. sweetchie dionzon

    Hi im swee .. im 24 yrs old from the philippines .. i wanna join the survivor because i wanna prove to the world not only because im from asia but because of my pettite size which is just 40 kg weight and 5’3 height that this cannot be a reason to not survive ..i have a strong endurance , tactics and my own strategy to survive in the juggle and on the sea .

  56. Garrett Patterson

    31Years of age, a retired Marine looking for my next accomplishment
    Improvise,adapt and overcome is a motto i live by. I ready to be a survivor champion.

  57. Jimmy

    34yr old Boston native, Military trained.

    I wanted to be apart of this for years now. I really want this opportunity to be a survivor.

  58. James

    42 yo nationally certified emergency medical technician raised in the hills of Appalachian need to need survivor to be my mid life crisis. Need to prove my mantle and get my man card renewed before I’m to old.

  59. nigel


  60. Michael montelongo

    I’m a 31 year old male from south Florida i’m looking for my next life challenge. Whatever mother nature and competitors through at me I’m ready so bring it. Be on my tribe and we will make it to the end together.

  61. Felicity Gordon

    I’m ready to be the next Survivor Champion!!!!!

  62. Teri Pedro

    I will win.

  63. teri tet

    Your champ is right here!

  64. Reynan Traje

    A 31 year old, working as a sales executive, living in a luxurious Dubai U.A.E. Want to join and show the world my survival talent.

  65. Stormy Thompson

    I am a 21 year old, stay at home, diabetic mother. I believe I have what it takes to be on this show. And I would Love to have a Million dollars!

  66. Kyle north

    survivor. I am the master of survival an mind games Im ready when you are

  67. Carla Godin

    Are you ready for Louisiana Lightning, never underestimate a gorgeous , built, 55 year old female. That’s what’s up! !!

  68. Crystal Colin

    I am a 33 year old women. I live in VA Beach. Believe it or not I have never seen a survivor episode. Not because it I wasn’t but because I am not really a TV personal. I work take care of kids cook and clean. I am very athletic. And would love to experience Survivor.

  69. Steven Dougherty

    I’m 62, ready, willing, and able. Love the challenge! PS: Very good shape for an old fart!

  70. Tara King

    I am a 42 yo homeschooling mother of 6, grandmother of 2, who is in great shape and is an ultimate survivor fan! I have wanted to be a part of this show since season one, but my children were small. They are grown now, and it is my time!! I have some wisdom, but I’m tough and strong, and I can still rock a bikini!! Would love a chance!

  71. billyseymour

    Hello my names billy Seymour and I know what it takes to survive I grew up in the mountains I’m country boy I can survive with physical mental i love the show but I’m 5″6 and 120 pounds I would love to be on ur show to test my faith in the great outdoors so email me

  72. Zack Cushing

    I am 28 yrs old and I’ve always enjoyed the show! I also have always said there is no way I would loose this game! Consider me and I garentee good ratings due to my charisma and enthusiasm! Plus it is easy to trick the simple minds of the average person and since that’s the name of the game give me a shot!

  73. Drew

    So where do I really apply?

  74. Marc Legault

    You need a man to teach these young punks what a real man is.

  75. Hannah

    Hi! My name is Hannah I am 22 years old, 5’0 and 128 lbs. and going into my fourth year of college. I am very big into strength training. I have competed before but I think this show would be fun to try! I do not know if my physical strength could help me, but I’m sure my mental strength could!
    Lifting personal records:
    bench press 170
    Squat 285
    Deadlift (sumo) 325