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  1. Mycah Butler

    Age: 13
    DOB: 7/13/00
    Hair: Brown hair
    Eyes: Brown
    Weight: 122

    HEY!!! My name is Mycah and I would love to be on this show. I am what I like to call a “Heavy Set Girl.” But hey, I’m BIG BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL. I play the saxophone, the piano, a little guitar, and I LOVE to sing. I know a little bit of sign language but I am still taking this class in school. I have a very outstanding personality and I love to interact with people. I don’t care what people think of me so I don’t have a hard time showing off on screen or off. Acting is my dream and I am going to tell you about my acting career.

    When I was 3 years old I was in my first play at my church with a man named T.J. Hempfield. Who is the writer of the movie Perilous Times. Around those years I took many dance class and I still do hip hop to this day. I did a lot of more tiny plays at my church and sang too. When I 12 years old I did two plays at the same time. I was in Little Mermaid as a coral aires and The Sound of Music as Sister Berthe. The most recent plays that I was in was Hairspray as Little Inez and The Cross and The Light as a towns child. That play was at the music hall in Detroit, Michigan and it was very fun.

    I think that I would be perfect for this show and I could really impress you. I have been to many talent agencies and I have also been to The Event in Orlando, Florida and got 4 callbacks from there. I want to see where my life will take me and if I can have my big break. When I see talent agencies they all say I have a baby face and look like a 9 year old. Which, I know, is a good thing in the acting business because you can last longer on TV like Miranda Cosgrove on iCarly. I hope will think about me for this TV show.

  2. Zoe Byrne

    Hi guys!

    My name is Zoe Byrne and I am 18. I am seeking work in the entertainment industry. I have extensive experience in the field of Modeling, Music, Television, Commercial, Tourism Promotion and Ambassadorial roles.

    I currently reside in Tasmania and I am free to travel the globe for work. I hold Australian and European citizenship allowing me into over 28 different countries.

    I have been fortunate enough to be trained by some of Australia’s renowned musician teachers. I have worked as a photographers model with various companies. I also hold a Diploma of Tourism and Management.

    I am petite, blue eyed and blonde haired. I want to increase my experience in TV and commercial show biz, photographic work as well as musical work.

    I am able to mimic many lilts, including, NY (American), Californian (American), Southern ( American), Irish, French, Australian and many more.

    I have the talent that will achieve greatness in all performances.

    I am enthusiastic, fun to work with, very flexible and love working with different people and learning new things.

    I aim to please in all areas (from comedy right through to drama) and I will ensure that the viewer ratings sky-rocket!

    Matthew Perry is a strong-minded actor with brilliant sense of humor! Working with Matthew would give me the opportunity to develop my career and learn from the best!

    I look forward to hearing back from you!

    Kind Regards,
    Zoe Byrne

  3. kaiylin howard

    I used to love the show g on, honestly I thought the show went off. Anyways I am very interested in undergoing that responsibility. I love the cast and would be delighted to work with them. I can be one of the patients getting therapy, which wouldnt be that much of a stretch because I went before, I can do improve im very bubbly and can memorize anything.
    Height: 5′ 2
    hair color: black with brown highlights
    weight: 120
    Age: 16
    eye color: dark brown
    ethnicity: african american
    also I can read sheet music and I am very intelligent, I hope youll consider craming me into your script

  4. theodore schmelke

    hello who it might concerrn,im a comedian,i have been on stage off and on the last fifthteen years,i can do physical,and all types of comedy,im also have funny material,and a comic mind to impro.i work well with others can take good direction.i would like a chance too audition for the show,im verry easy too get along,but i have a fire in me too perform comedy im verry talented,thank you.

  5. Will Farmer

    I am a 23 year old African American male originaly from Gary Indiana but now reside in Bradley Illinois. I went to a performing arts school from sixth to twelfth grade my major was vocal and I traveled around to different states performing with my choir. I have wine medals at state competitions also for singing I also acted in a few if my school plays also and did some modeling too. I am 6’0 tall athletic build I play semi pro football and I have tried out for a few Arena Football teams. I am a nice hard working out going guy. I feel that I would be great for a part in the show because of my out going personality and energy.

  6. katherine pedraza

    Hello hello everbody my name is kathy I’m 31yrs old I live in Chicago born and raised. I’m the kind of girl who lights up a room with my funny and awesome personallity I love to make people laugh its in my nature.I’m very open minded I take my jobs very seriously. I’ve always wanted to be on t.v just never knew where to start so this is the only way I know how so hopefully it works I know for fact that acting is for me rather its a comedy or drama or anything that has to do with acting I have energy and mind set for it. So thank you for your time.

  7. Guy Nsanza

    Age – 17 male
    body type – athletic
    hair – black
    height – 6’1
    weight – 185
    eyes – brown
    ethnicity – African (Rwandese)

    Hi, my name is Guy Nsanza. I am 17 years old and i was born and raised in Kigali, Rwanda. I think it would be a good idea from you guys to consider casting me. I am very good at making people laugh, so i think comedic acting would be ideal. All i need to know is what kind of audience I will be performing for and it just takes seconds before i can make them laugh. I am a very open minded person and like to try new things. I speak four languages fluently and I play two varsity sports. I learn new things everyday and I think this would be a great opportunity to show and share how much i have learned giving the fact that it would also be another opportunity to learn from professionals.
    Thank you.

  8. Jahvanna McCully

    Name ; Jahvanna McCully
    Age and Birth Date : June 9, 1997 ;16
    Height: 5’4
    Weight : 120
    Body Type : Slim
    Race/Ethnicity : African American , White , Filipino.
    Hair Color ; Black
    Eye color : Brown
    City and State : San Diego , Ca
    Phone number <hidden from public> 
    Little About Me : I love to Sing , Dance , And have fun with friends ; I’ve been interested in modeling and acting for a Long time . Some Previous Experiences in School Dramas and Modeling .

  9. Kaheem

    Age: 18
    hair: Black, Short
    height: 5’8
    weight: 180
    ethnicity: African American

    i my name is Kaheem im 18 years old, im from Montreal Canada. Im just a Canadian with a dream of becoming an actor. Im really funny and i think i would fit perfectly in this tv show. I love to make people laugh. If people around me arent having a good day i try 100% to make them laugh. I would be honored to be apart of this show and getting a role will honestly change my life and others around me. I hope to have an interview soon

  10. Joshua Houston

    Hi my is Joshua I’m fourteen dob 6/9/99 African-american slim body type brown eyes I live in shreveport,Louisana. I think you should consider for a role Because I am very energetic, I’m open to trying new things, I love meeting new people and having fun. Although I do not have a-lot of experience I think I would be a great addition to your team and could learn a-lot ,and maybe be one of your biggest stars. Plus its always been dream to be a star so if you give me this one chance I promise not to let your producers down.

  11. Patrick Selly

    Hello!!! I am Patrick Selly, I am 15 years old, turning 16 in this march, an I am from royal model management. I have loved acting sense I saw my first play. It was Alice in wonderland. My brother was in it. It was really good, and from then on, I have had a strong passion for acting. It is my dream to be in a television show someday, and hopefully a movie or two. I saw this and thought that this could possibly be the start to something new in my life.

    Hight: 5’10″
    Weight: 130
    Skin color: white
    Hair color: brown
    Voice: higher

    Thank you!!!
    Patrick selly

  12. Katie Robinson

    My name is Katie, I am 21 years old, I live in St.Louis, Missouri and I love to act.
    Even more than my love or acting, I love to laugh and make others laugh.
    It’s sort of what I do ;) I’m currently finished with school and working three days a
    Week. I have plenty of time and ambition to help make this show a huge hit. I’d
    Love to hear back and get started with an interview. Talk to you soon!

  13. Sharrod Irving

    Age – 20 male
    body type – athletic/muscular
    hair – black, faded
    height – 5’10
    weight – 170
    eyes – real light brown
    ethnicity – African American

    This movie would be a hit if I had a role to play apart of it. I am an all around person regarding my personality. Any way you would want me to act, I can do it. I’ve waited years and years to finally see myself on the big screen and I would definitely be
    honored to be casted in this tv show or any other movie or tv show you have down the road. I will be determined to get this movie’s ratings even that much higher. I can only do that if you take the time to consider casting me. No arrogance, but trust me, I’m one of a kind. instagram – xxx_rodboii_xxx

  14. valentina

    Hi, my name is valentine William ochan and I am 15 years old. am from Africa but I live in Australia. I love acting it as always been my dream to become an actress and I hope to began my career job in this show. so hope my dream comes true and thanks you <3

  15. Kent Pederson

    Hey, i’m a handsome young charismatic actor and all i want is to work in a sitcom setting, especially since i work so well with improvisation and comedy. Please consider this and email me for a shot
    Height: 5 11
    Skin color: White
    Weight: 145
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown

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