Wipeout : Teacher's Edition - ABC

Are you a fan of America’s most fun and wacky TV game show Wipeout ? Have you ever thought about how hilarious it would be to see one of your teachers perform all of the crazy stunts in front of millions of viewers ? Well now is your chance because ABC is gearing up for Wipeout: Teacher’s Edition and producers are accepting submissions now!

Wipeout has become one the world’s most watched game shows of it’s five seasons and it’s all new season is ready to take it to the next level. If you are a teacher and would like to compete or if you are a student that would totally like to see one of your teachers take on the world’s biggest obstacle course the time is now! Imagine watching your science or math teacher taking on The Human Pinball Machine, The Sucker Punch or even THE BIG BALLS. What a dream come true it could be to see the new stunts that have to be performed and to watch your favorite (or least favorite) teacher bounce all over the Wipeout course. This is your once in a lifetime chance to get your teachers in the action! To apply or for more information you can head here abc.go.com/site/casting also be sure to leave a comment below and keep checking back for more Wipeout updates.

Get your teacher into the game! Submit one of your teachers today for the experience of their lives. You could soon be watching one of your educators racing around the course on Wipeout:Teacher’s Edition.

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47 Casting Responses

  1. Caryne Gordon

    I’m athletic and I love to make people laugh by being super goofy! Pick this Nutrition and Wellness teacher and you will not brownie disappointed!

  2. Robert Liese

    I would love for the opportunity to be on Wipe Out. I believe I can do it, and want to show the world that a 44 year old 232 Lb man can successfully complete the course and win.

  3. Patty Walsh

    Y’all have nothing on me … I am a 65-year-old culinary arts teacher who still plays one-on-one basketball with my teenage grandson and runs circles around my students. Back in my heyday, I was the first basketball player — male or female — to score 1,000 career points at my high school. I then went on to make the top ranked Old Dominion women’s basketball team in the late 70s as a walk on, playing with Naismith Hall of Famer and NBA assistant Nancy Lieberman. I have taught at Oscar Smith High School for 30+ years starting in Health, PE and Driver’s Ed; I advanced to the Family Life Education (Sex Ed) Department Head, where I mortified my daughter by practicing the verbiage of anatomically correct body parts in front of her friends; served a decade or so in guidance and finally returned to the classroom as a culinary arts teacher. Big balls, ha. I’ve got ’em. Second place is number 1 loser.

  4. snappy pants

    yo! I’m a 1st grade teacher who would have little to no chance of winning. However, it would be an interesting ride…

  5. John Dole

    I would like to recommend my little girls preschool teacher. He’s outgoing, fit, and an excellent role model for all male teachers.

  6. Amanda snyder

    I dedicate my life everyday to the society I live In being a 911 dispatcher. I also am a mom to a beautiful 6 year old boy. I would want nothing more then to prove to my son that you can do whatever you want to do . Wipeout is my sons favorite show, and I would love nothing more then to show him you can make your dreams come true. I am a athlete who is in shape,fit, love workout on a day to day basis,

  7. Dan Maline

    I am a 36 year old Middle School Math teacher who has taught and coached almost everything over a 11 year teaching career. I would love the opportunity to do something different and new. I love the challenge and living in Nebraska, there is not a whole lot of action.

  8. Coach K

    I am a 29 year old Middle School PE Teacher / Athletic Director / Basketball coach located in Arizona. This would be an awesome experience not only for me, but for my students and families of the school to experience as well!

  9. Jennifer

    I graduated from college May 2014. I just finished my first year of teaching. I am a third grade teacher in Queen Creek, Arizona. Becoming a teacher has been my dream since I was in first grade, I am so blessed that it finally came true!

  10. mark hannibal

    54yo male. I have coached football and lacrosse at youth and high school level. I am in great shape, love to do crazy stuff, am very active. I teach culinary arts at a high school. I can swim. haha

  11. Markeece Preston

    This was made for me! Im 25 year old In school suspension instructor at a Charter School in New Jersey Grades 7-12. I am a former college athlete(football) and i amd very popular and looked up to by my students!…i would love to accept this challenge!

  12. Queen

    I am totally interested in a challenge on wipeout. I am a fitness and physical education teacher. I cant say that I am in the best shape, but like to put up the challenge for competing.

  13. Shane S

    I’m 44, been teaching for 20 years, I coach (football, basketball, golf), I teach a magic club, I was a 3 term city councilman for a city in AL, married with 3 boys, done over 50 triathlons, ran marathon, can still dunk, and can make u laugh!

  14. Shane Zazula

    I am a 25-year old middle school history teacher living in Temecula, California. I have applied several times to be on Wipeout!! I am extremely goofy, worldly, (kind of) athletic, and loving. I worked at Starbucks for four years, and my customers would always tell me I needed to apply to the show. I have traveled all over the world, and lived in Ghana (West Africa) for a year – my friends there would love to see the show, and I would love to show my love for my students on TV as well. PLEASE consider this 25-year old, Jewish, African history major, middle school teacher for your show – my kids and I will love it!!!

  15. britnjay

    I am nominating my sister who is a 6th grade teacher. And a coach. She is awesomely amazing.

  16. Billy Jackson

    Good afternoon all! I am a seventh and eight grade English and Social Studies teacher in Detroit, MI. If I can defeat the obstacles on the show, I would be an inspiration to not only my students but the city of Detroit. Last summer, I visited Ghana as a representative of the U.S. state Department in the program Teachers for Global Classroom. Not only would my Detroit students and former North Carolina students love to see me, my Ghana students from my fellowship would root for me. I am the only teacher applying with support from Africa! Also, I am currently in a PH. D. Program. Who doesn’t want to see a distinguished scholar get rocked on obstacles?

  17. Peter Crisci

    Hey there…my name is Peter Crisci, and I am a 30 year old math teacher residing on Long Island. Growing up, I used to watch American Gladiators, GUTS, and Legends of the Hidden Temple. Wipeout is a combination of these shows…on steroids! I’ve applied before and will continue to apply until I get the call!

  18. Nick Juby

    I am not only an 11th grade US History teacher but I also coach basketball. There is nothing more that my students and players would like to see than me going through the course. I am a huge fan of the show and would love nothing more than to show my entire school that I am without a doubt, the coolest teacher ever.

  19. Drew Ajer

    Hey! I am a male, 24-year old who teaches High School English to inner city kids in Milwaukee! They are a tremendous group of young people who qualify as “at-risk” and would love to see their teacher get knocked around on Wipeout! I work full-time teaching, and try my hand at stand-up comedy at open mic nights. I am also the loudest screamer you have ever met. I hope you take this into consideration!

  20. ian beckroege

    My name is ian beckroege im 6ft 2 and 17 years old. I would love to be on your show. I have been skateboarding for 5 years now and I think its hilarious when people fall!! Im a good sport so please consider me.

  21. Andy Beland

    I teach junior high science and this would be awesome. I could show my students how to always try their best and not care what others think about them. I watch the show with my kids and we love it. This would be awesome to be a part of.

  22. Kendra Broadway

    I would absolutely LOVE to be on your show! I’m a 3rd grade Language Arts teacher and have been teaching for 5 years. I am 27 years old, 5’7″, and weigh 130 lbs. I am VERY outgoing, athletic, fun, friendly, energetic, and competitive. The reason I am applying is to have fun and win that money to help the people I love the most….my family and my students. 🙂

  23. Scott Vaughan

    I am a 48 year High School History teacher and coach in a town outside of Atlanta, GA. and I would be a great contestant on your show “Wife-Out”!!…I would be so good at kicking my wife out of my house…you just do don’t know…I mean I would…..Oh, Hold on….What’s that?….It’s “WIPE-Out”….Not Wife-Out”???…Oh…Well I’d be good at that too…………Seriously, I’m a big fan of the show and would be a great contestant because my 5 kids say so!…Not to mention that’s 5 guarenteed viewers!!…..Besides, I’m pretty sure I’ll win!

  24. Kirsten Landers

    I would be awesome on wipeout. I am a teacher who would rock the big balls like no other. Kdoggy dog in the house ! Wipeout here I come $

  25. Robin

    HI! I am a former SC debutante and a graduate of Fort Knox Kentucky ROTC basic training.
    I am a risk taker and a special education teacher, although the 2 somedays go together.!
    I am an active 50 year old single mother who looks much younger than my age.
    I participate in teacher student volleyball games/field hockey games.
    Based on my recent family issues , I should probably be trying out for the Maury Povich show, but Wipeout is much more appealing to me.
    I also have a fabulous group of co-workers who would support me in this!
    We need more teachers on reality tv!!!
    My co-worker is being interviewed for biggest loser:)
    Give me a call if interested:)

  26. Jomar cruz perez

    Hola!!! Yo creo que deben darme la oportunidad a mi porque soy un exlente educador en el deporte de atletismo y soy puertorriqueno aki hay una gran audiencia q les encanta wipeout creeo que seria maravilloso que ellos vean a un puertorriqueno participando para que ellos vean q si se puede !!! Todo en la vida y que se animen a apoyar su programa que tanto nos gusta a todos gracias espero su email!!!

  27. Joanne

    I am an online reading teacher that teachers students all over the world. I will do anything to get my students to read and laugh. It would be fun to try wipeout and show them I am not afraid of a challenge. My students face the challenge of struggling with reading. I motivate my students to challenge themselves and never to give up. I would love for them to see that I practice what what I preach.

  28. Salema

    Hello, My name is Salema. My husband and I are both are educators. We work at a urban city charter school in Philadelphia, PA. I would like to submit my husband for twice reasons. First, he has always wanted to appear on the show for the experience. Lastly, I am submitting my husband because he is a health and PE teacher. I can’t wait to see him run! It’s going to be funny to watch him on the show. My husband name is Tracey and he is 30 years old.

  29. Ashley Daniels

    I am a first year teacher who loves a challenge. Wipeout is a fun, crazy show that my students would love to see me on! Starting a career is a challenge and I could use a little craziness!

  30. Tiffany

    I am always looking for a challenge, and what better way! I hold high expectations for my students and I am always telling them to work hard and play later! I think that they would get to see a side of me than ever before. Hopefully this would spark their learning in a hilarious and funny way to see me out of my element!

  31. Jimmy "The Italian Stallion" Sciacca

    Hey, hey, it’s me again Coach Sciacca. I am a second and third grade P.E. teacher and my kids would loose their minds if I got to skip school to be on a T.V. show. I watch wipeout on the regular and have the “skills to pay the bills” and win the Wipeout challenge.

    Coach Sciacca

  32. Christine Barnes

    Hi! I am a first grade teacher and would love my students to see me act crazy even out of the classroom. They already think I’m super woman so why not show them I can make it through a crazy course! Pick Ms. Barnes and I will win! Woo hoo 🙂

  33. Ivan

    There nothing worse than embarrassing on national TV for a monetary prize of 10,000 dollars. I am in.

  34. Melissa PIKUL

    my kids watch this show, rabidly. My husband is a teacher and professor.. He likes to think he is the most fit man on Earth, doing Spartan Races and the Tough Mudder. It would be nice to see how he does on Wipeout, especially since he stands in the Den and yells, “Wipeout, get in the pocket!” -when the show comes on, to get the kids to come and snuggle, under his arms, and watch the show. Please take this pompous guy and deflate him a little?

  35. Bob Duncan

    My history teacher is really annoying and wants to be a firefighter next year. His name is Ben Zipf, lets show him what a hippy he is and lets see how much he can really take!

  36. Jennifer Calito

    I’m nominating a fellow college Mrs. Leonard. She is spunky, a little crazy (in a good way), loves to get involved in extreme activities for the benefit of her students. She definitely has the TV appeal that WipeOut looks for and has the personal drive to make it to the end!!

  37. Kim H.

    How about a Vice Principal??? I’ve worked in the same city as a middle school Vice Principal and now an elementary Vice Principal. My students and staff would love, love, love to see me master the obstacle course (or not!)

  38. Neka Jones

    I’m super excited to nominate MYSELF- my family and I are huge fans and I have said to them that I’m going to be on the show for years:) I’m an instructional coach and I consider myself fun, funny and dramatically entertaining. I am the perfect fit for this installment!

  39. kelly werbinski

    I would like to nominate my ex-wife she is a 7 grade math teacher. she watches the show all the time..she would do great on the show

  40. Kelly Werbinski

    I would like to nominate my wife Ruth who is a 7 Grade math teacher. She watches the show all the time and hear her saying how they have to figure out the timing and the angles to make it through the course.. I think it would be great for her to show all of us the right time and correct angles need to complete the teacher course.

  41. Marilyn Martino

    Hello world! I am a mother of a beautiful,special lady who is a special education teacher in the greater Youngstown Ohio area. We bought her a WipeOut game for Xbox Kineck and she plays it all the time! Says its a good work out too so maybe I should try it! She’s extremely competetive and always has been! Played sports all her life and I know would LOVE to be on the show. Make her dream become reality please!!

  42. Tara C

    I am a special education teacher who has a student who LOVES watching wipeout! I am energetic, athletic and super fun! I would love to be on the show!!!! I think I could totally kick some butt!

  43. Anna Sophia Mogtaderi

    Hey I’m recommending my history teacher Mr. Sale. He is an amazingly funny person,and would be great! Everybody who has him, loves him. Please take this into consideration!
    ~Anna Sophia

  44. Mason

    My theater teacher M. Moehring a day is a teacher but at night she is a director of horror films she is crazy and she should be on wipeout!

  45. Whitney Lemis

    I’m spunky, fabulous, and a Middle School History Teacher. I’d love to try my luck at the big red balls in front of my students!!! Pick me and you will be impressed.

  46. Mickell Nedd

    Hey my name is mickell, im active,funny. and is always up to a challange, so i challange you to pick me for this show , and i promise to win. dont be scared.

  47. Jennie McCoy

    I am recommending a teacher I work with. Her name is T. Tokunaga. She is extremely active and outgoing. She would be perfect for this show.