We’re The Millers – Movie

Get ready for the next great American film comedy and get ready for the casting opportunity of the year. We’re The Millers starring the talented duo of Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston is set to begin shooting very soon and auditions and casting calls will soon be available for  a number of roles in this hilarious new feature. This is your chance to be a part of a comedy that will have the world talking… and laughing.

We’re The Millers will star Sudeikis (Saturday Night Live, The Campaign) as a bumbling criminal who decides to recruit a group of misfits (including Aniston) to pose as his fake family in order to help him smuggle a huge load of illegal contraband across the Mexican border. Director Rawson Marshall Thurber (writer and director of the $100 million dollar+ hit Dodgeball) has brought together an all-star lineup of comedy talents to round out the cast including Nick Offerman (Parks And Recreation, 21 Jump Street), Thomas Lennon (Reno 911!, I Love You Man), Kathryn Hahn (Stepbrothers, My Idiot Brother), Ed Helms (The Office, Jeff Who Lives At Home), Emma Roberts (It’s Kind Of A Funny Story, Scream 4) and many more. Several fantastic roles are still yet to be cast in this high flying ensemble film so leave a comment below and tell us why you would like to work along side this comedy dream team. Casting calls and auditions will be held soon, if you would like more information or to apply for this production you can send you information here miller.extras@gmail.com. More details on this fabulous project will be posted as they are released so be sure to keep checking back for every audition updates for We’re The Millers.

Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston have already shared the screen and showed their tremendous comedic chemistry once before in the box office smash Horrible Bosses and now they are set to make magic again and you could go along for the outrageous ride. Apply today to become the latest addition to the irreverent feature film comedy We’re The Millers.

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  1. Kya Sky

    I live in Pa and I would love to be a part of this I hope that you pick me for anything. I would just love being on here I will be a extra or what you need me. I have charisma and I take direction very well and I can rem my lines. I have been on Tv before and enjoyed it. Kya 44 White, shoulder blonde hair, pretty green eyes, nice teeth, little over weight, speak English.
    Thank you so much

  2. Rushi Patel


    Name: Rushi Patel (yes im indian 🙂

    Gender: Male

    Age: 13 (turning 14)

    I am a professional actor who currently live in Canada, Alberta Edmonton (BUT SOON MOVING TO ORLANDO, FLORIDA). I have been doing Drama my entire life in school and acting in theatre schools. I am really confident that i could get into this movie for any role you want to give me, but I do not want to be an extra or anything. If there is no roles available for me… then I am really sorry for wasting your guys time! 🙂 BUT I REALLY WANT TO BE IN THIS 🙂

  3. Manuel Melcon


    i love to sing, dance, act like different disney characters and love to repeat lines from books, shows and movies.
    i am a boy and am 5 years old and in pre-k4
    my name is Manuel

  4. Leonie Tewhiu

    Hallo! Im Leonie`
    I’ve been tight with acting since primary, but during intermediate i was slowly losing interest because of nasty and judgmental kids. My family asked me why i never join the drama groups or keep in contact with agency anymore. That night it brought interest back 😀 and Sophie Nelisse became my idol.
    Age: 13
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Brown, Straight, Medium
    Clothing style: Latest & Greatest
    Speaking style: English fluently, Learning German, Confident, High, Loud, & Few accents.
    Career: Acting Career. Talent Agency. Kelly Newland Headshot Photographer.
    Likes: Skateboarding, Movies, Popcorn, The Book Thief(my favourit movie), Sophie Nelisse & Nico Liersch, Thrillers, Comedy & Drama
    Dislikes: Spiders

  5. Fiorella Meta

    Hey,my name is Fiorella (Ella) Meta,I´m 14 years old and I live in Norway.
    I´ve been acting since as long as I can remember,I love acting it´s something I want to spend my life doing,in front of an audience,I would love for others to see my talent and to show everyone that I can be the next big actress in America.
    I have more than just acting as a talent,i also love to sing and dance,witch I got to say I´m not bad at.
    I also love to work with people,I am very social and work with anyone from children to adults.
    English is not my first language,but I speak english very well,many adults have given me credit for my english,and I am a very fast learner,I can today as a 14 years old speak 4 completely different languages .(Italian,Albanian,English,Norwegian and I can also understand Spanish and some French) People don´t ever notice me not being American if I speak english with strangers.
    To be able to act every day and show people my talents its something i´ve dream about and wanted to accomplish my whole life.
    I am a very kind person that has been through a lot and can easily take that into my acting,I can within a second cry and act sad then the next one laugh and act like nothing has happened,I so often find a part in a movie and try to remake it myself,and I am pretty good at making it look realistic.
    Acting it´s my dream,it´s a dream I would love to come true,and I know I´ve got what you guys are looking for,I really hope someone sees this and notices me because I really could be big someday!:)

  6. Rachel Heywood

    My name is Rachel 30 years old from New Zealand, Christchurch. Would love an audition for a part in We’re The Millers.


    height: 174cm
    eyes: blue grey
    Hair: dark blonde, curly
    weight: 65kg
    skin: white/pale

  7. Tammy O'Brien

    I should be considered because I have natural acting ability (pisces), am street smart, and have a lot of life experience. I am a 47 year old white woman, 5’6″, 190 lbs.

  8. ibcbet

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  9. Emily

    My name is Emily and I’m 13 years old. I’m 5’3 and weigh 100 pounds. I have Brown hair, Hazel Eyes! I would really enjoy being apart of this no matter how little the part, I have experience and I just need to get my name/face out there, Thank you so much for your time. Please email me if you need to know anything else.

  10. Laura Van´t Hullenaar

    Hi My name Is Laura (16 years old)
    I’am Dutch, but i live in Denmark.
    I don’t have any experience, but I really want it and want to make my dream come true.
    I have brown hair and dark brown eyes.
    Height: 160cm weight: 63kg.
    I always work hard for my things and I don’t give up easily, I’am cooperative.
    I speak: Dutch, Danish, German and a little bit Spanish
    Either it’s a big role or a little I would be glad You’v choosen me.
    Thanks for the considering

  11. Victoria Jock

    Hi, I am Victoria Jock, and I am twelve years old. Being on television has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl. Just being on stage gives me a feeling that nothing else gives me. I have been dancing since I was one, I have been singing since I was nine, and I have been acting since I was eight. When I hear a song that inspires me, I get goosebumps. I want to give people the same feeling whenever i’m performing. I think I would be a great addition to We’re The Millers because entertaining people is what I love and do best. The first time I stepped foot onto a stage, I knew that that’s what I was born to do. I hope you consider me for a role in the movie We’re The Millers. Thank you.

  12. Alana Williams

    Hi i am Alana Williams I am 15 years old and I would like to make my dreams of being an actress some day come true. but hey you have to start somewhere!

  13. Aleaha Monique' Buckley

    my name is Aleaha Buckley i’m 15 years old and I live in Nuernberg Germany.
    I am half American and half German. I speak both languages fluent. I have been
    searching for auditions here in Germany but the Germans almost never have a job
    for mixed people. I am writing you because I would like to tell you why I want to
    be a cast in “We’re The Millers”! I have never been in a Movie but I have been in a lot of
    school plays or plays where I can sign up for! I have been fighting for a chance like
    this ever since! I have seen many movies with Jennifer Aniston and I am super excited how this movie will be if I am able to be a piece of it!
    (It is very interesting !) I would really really love to show you my acting Skills/Talent
    please give me a chance.

    Yours Truly
    Aleaha Buckley

    Name: Aleaha Monique’ Buckley
    DOB: 16.01.1998
    Age: 15
    Height: 178 cm
    Nationality: American/German
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Brown
    Experience: School Plays
    Skin color: Brown (Mixed)
    Sex: Female
    Weight: 65 kg

  14. Maia Tanner

    I’m 12 years old, Love to sing, dance, act. Im a new face waiting to shine, I’m confident and determined

  15. Marie Violette

    This movie would the chance of a lifetime. Working with all of these incredibly talented actors and actresses would be a dream. There’s so much to learn from them and their talents. I am very outgoing and I’m up for any challenge thrown at me! I would be beyond blessed to be consider and better yet given a role. I know I won’t let you down. Thank you so much! Hope to hear back!

  16. harry kensley

    hi im harry kensley and i would love to be part of this comedy movie. i am 14 and currently living in england but if all of this go well maybe i could move up to america for a short period of time i am a big fan of both actors so if you like what you read then email me at harrykensley@gmail and you can say what you want me to say and i will send you a video of me acting thank you

  17. Jaydn Lee

    I am five years old so my mom is helping me type.I have brown hair,brown eyes and not sure how much I weigh.I would be good for the part because I love talking and acting but I love to dance.Even though I am young I hope there might be a chance for me.I do not have experience I am only five.Wanting to pursue acting and modeling.Thank you

  18. Pearl Rodriguez

    there are many reasons why i should be considered for any one position of this movie. How ever i am a serious actress, hard working, dedicated, easy to work with and a fast learner who takes all adjustments (if given) well. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  19. Anderson Martinez

    Age: 14
    I’m anderson Martinez and acting is my dream I look up to so many actors and I wasn’t to be like them also I want people to know me. I’m very talented and funny I also would like to have the opportunity to be in this amazing project so please contact me

  20. Bianka

    Hi there!

    My name is Bianka Alexandria Bell. I was recently searching for unique acting opportunities online and yours caught my eye! Here is some background information about me:

    I was always a charismatic child. I danced before I properly learned how to walk. Being a girl of Polish descent on my mother’s side, and African/Native American on my father’s side, I’d introduce myself to any and everyone as “chocolate and banana”. At age the age of three, my parents signed me up for modeling. It wasn’t long after that they learned I had a very aggressive nature and signed me up for soccer. This was the same aggressiveness that, eleven years later, allowed me to become a premier soccer and basketball star in the state of Connecticut. I was competitive in the classroom too, finishing high school with a 4.3 gpa and numerous athletic/ academic awards and privileges to go along with it.

    Contrary your typical “jock” stereotype, I’ve always been a jokester. I love to entertain. I was always the friendly, goofy girl on any one of my teams or friend groups; it was my unofficially job to make everyone laugh. I thrived off the energy of the crowds at my sporting events. I loved having positive emotional effects on others. But that never seemed to be enough. I wanted to perform.

    I had tried acting a few times in grade school because it seemed like almost everyone suggested that I’d be good at it. My first acting experience was when I took improv classes at a local arts center called “Curtain Call” at the age of nine. I had a blast. I was even chosen to be Cinderella in our final production. I wanted to continue, but was pressured out of it by my parents, who wanted me to begin to take my focus on sports to a whole new level. I abandoned acting and the idea of it for about a year, but when a new theater program was introduced at my school and was holding auditions for “The Wizard of Oz”, I couldn’t get it off my mind. At age ten, I secretly auditioned for the part of Dorothy, and among about thirty other girls who also auditioned for the part, got it! Unfortunately, when I spread the great news to my parents, they responded by telling me that we’d be moving in less than a month. Needless to say, I was crushed.

    After that, basically my entire life revolved around athletics. It was not until my second semester of senior year in high school that I had a free schedule. I took that opportunity to finally audition for my school’s spring musical. It was “Grease”, and I auditioned for the part of “Frenchy”. To my surprise and pleasure, I got the part! I had a blast throughout the entire process; from the late-night rehearsals, to the fundraising, to our completely sold-out opening night. The show was regarded as a hit around the county, and it was then that I realized what I’d truly been missing out on for all those years.

    In the summer of 2012, I took my love of acting to the screen, being an extra on the recently-premiered feature “The Volunteer” and auditioning for and starring in filmmaker Stefanie Weiland’s shorts “The Playground Monologues” and “The Bedroom”. Being behind the scenes also got me interested in the aesthetics of filmmaking; so much so that I’ve made it one of my majors in college. I actually currently star in and work behind-the-scenes for the new BOTV webseries, “S T U D E N T S”.

    So where do I see myself in the future?

    I’m not sure yet. I’m ambitious, but I don’t like to put pressure on myself regarding my future. I believe I have all the right tools necessary to succeed in any of my life endeavors. I love public speaking and in the future I definitely see myself becoming an advocate for peace and equality. I’d like to spread my messages through film and theater as well. I’m just eighteen years old now, though, so for now, I’m just focusing on doing well academically, working my hardest as a Bard college athlete, and enjoying the fact that I have enough free time to do acting as well.

    Hope that gives you a little insight as to who Bianka is! Thanks for taking the time to read. Again, I am very interested in your project, and I think I could be a great addition to your team.

    Thanks a million for your consideration,


  21. maddie

    hi my name is maddie i am 13 years old and i have always aspired to become a young actress im strting my dream with some acting in plays but this is the real deal and all ive ever wanted i have blonde hair and bluegrey eyse and im 5’4″1/2 i love acting and im verry energetic and i love making people laugh as i look up to jennifer aniston for my acting carreer i find that working by her in a film would be my dream considering i have actually dreampt about it

  22. Christine

    Hi my name is Christine. I am 23 yrs old. Jamaican descent. 5’3. Approx. 185. lbs. Let me keep it simple. I love acting. I love singing. I love performing for people. So why have I waited so long to actually pursue my dreams in arts? Well, I suppose I wasn’t ready considering my college degree was top priority in my household. Why should you choose me? Choose me because I have theatrical and choral experience. I have produced and performed in numerous shows. My admiration for the arts has led me down a very promising path and so I enjoy dipping my hand in a show every chance I get. I am outgoing, I’m charismatic and I am serious about this chance to be on the big screen. A girl can only dream but, to sum it up, life is too short and I want to ACT NOW!!!

  23. Sara Wetzle

    Age: 18
    Gender: female
    Height: 5.7
    Weight: 120
    Hair color: strawberry blonde
    Ethnicity: white

    I have dreamed of being an actress my whole life. I have experience and the plot for this movie sounds amazing!

  24. Telisha Gonzales

    My name is Telisha Gonzales I’m 24 years old, and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am looking for someone to give a girl from a small place a chance to do something I dream of. A chance to be a part of something they love more then anything in the world. I know that I have the heart, passion, and drive to do something like this.I want to make people laugh, and cry, and feel all the things I do when I see a movie. I want the chance to be anything I have ever imagined, A superhero or an adventure seeker like Indian Jones, maybe even the girl that gets the guy. All I need is someone willing to help me make it possible. I hope that you read this and find it in your heart to consider giving me an opportunity to make all of this a reality. Thank you for the time you took to read this.

  25. Whitney Mabe

    Hello, my name is Whitney Mabe.
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eye Color: Greenish blue
    Hair Color: Naturally brown, but dyed red
    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 132 pounds
    Dress Size: 10
    Shoe Size: 8
    Education: Currently freshman in high school.
    Prior Experience: N/A

    I would very much like to have the opportunity to audition for this movie, but I have no means of transportation. I plan on pursuing a career in acting, and I am looking for any chance that I can get to leave my hometown. I want the money to help my mother pay for an apartment. I’ve had to grow up quickly, and I really need a job.

  26. Jeremy Sabin

    Name: Jeremy Lee Sabin
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 215 lbs

    I am very outgoing, very humorous, joyful but shy at first. Acting has always been my dream job, and this would be the greatest opportunity of a lifetime. Hope to hear from you soon!

  27. Ashley irene

    Hello(: My name is Ashley Liufau. Acting is my absolute passion. I am samoan and caucasian. Im tan, carmal brown hair. I am about 5’4″ 16 years old but will soon be 17. I Dance, Sing, and most off all act. ive been in multiple plays. But now I want to get my face out there so I could be in movies(: my dream(: im very outgoing and show great emotion.(: I dont mind if im just in a minutes or second of the film. I just want my face seen.(: This oppohrtunity would be the very best for me(: This movie seems like a fun movies!!(: id lovee to work with Jennifer!(: Thank you!(:

  28. Jin Yang Brancalhao


    My name is Jin Yang Brancalhao
    Gender; Male
    Age; 20
    Ethnicity; Chinese and Brazilian
    Height; 5′ 8″
    Hair Color; Black
    Weight; 160 pounds
    Body type; Regular/ Athletic
    Eye Color; Dark Brown

    I am looking to be an extra considering my lack of experience but I am eager to do more if the opportunity is presented, I would like to get a foot in the door so to speak and continue from there. However I am one of the many who also want to be a part of this and all I can say is that I will not disappoint if I am given the chance, as these chances do not come easily.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    I hope to hear back.

  29. Caitlin W.

    I’m Caitlin. I am fourteen, a female, and I’m Caucasian. I have natural wavy auburn hair, blue-green eyes, and fair skin. I am normal weight, about 123 lbs, and I am 5’4 and a half. I have always love acting, and I’ve been in at least six plays. I do not care if I’m an extra or main role. I would just really appreciate a role in a movie, especially if I am in one with Jennifer Aniston, because she had been a great inspiration for me out of all the adult actors. If you get a chance to read this pr come across this, I’d be very appreciative. Thanks a million for your time and effort!

    Sincerly, Caitlin Warth

  30. Marlana D. Ball

    Marlana Danielle Ball
    25 yrs.
    170 lbs
    Green Eyes
    Blonde/Brownish Hair

    Obessed with movies and television. Always wanted to do something in film Whether it was in front of the camera or behind the camera. I’m planning on going to school because I would love to do anything with film and applying on here I hope I can do that and get the chance to try and do what I always wanted to and what i feel like I belong..

  31. Danielle Sanchez

    120 lbs.
    brown hair
    brown eyes
    Hello my name is Danielle and I would like a chance in this move because i love acting please consider me.

  32. Nathalie Menke

    Age: 16
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5’6″
    Weight: 106
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue

    I really would enjoy working on a movie, and to pursue my acting dream

  33. Surajan Singh

    Hi I would really like to be a part of this movie. I have experience in acting having been main roles in theatre. I would really like to get into acting as I wish to have an acting career. I live near England. I am sporty and play a lot of rugby ( The British kind ) I did a lot of swimming, I am an ex gymnast and I have experience in martial arts.

    More iInformation:

    Age: 14 years
    Gender: male
    Height: 161cm
    Weight: 51kg
    Build: I used to do a lot of swimming so I have board shoulders
    Hair: short brown
    Eye colour: brown

    Thanks Sarge

  34. Cris Rodriguez

    Age: 18
    Sex: female
    Hair: Lower Back Length
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 126
    Experience: Acted in Commercials, Acted in short films, Film Certificates for Production, Directing and script writting, Volunteer Model, Former Volleyball captain for 3 years, Former Cheerleader, Skateboarder.

    I would absolutely love to continue my growth in the film industry with you guys. I am a girl who has been dreaming since very young to become very successful and talented in the film industry. I have been working very hard and even at the hardest times I do not give up on myself. I love to act and I have the talent and endurance to work in any situation given for a film. Acting is much of an art to me and I most definitely respect those who practiced this wonderful art. I am a very friendly person with one of a kind personality. I have no type of embarrassment when it comes to acting or my friends. By the way I speak English and Spanish.

  35. Chrisie Wood-Hopps

    Name: Christina (Chrisie) Louise Wood-Hopps
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17 (18 in July)
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Background: English
    Height: 5’4”
    Weight: 148lbs (Big bust + losing baby weight)
    Shoe Size: 5-6 (UK)
    Dress Size(s): 10-14 (UK)
    Hair Colour: Darkest Brown
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Piercings: 1 in lower lip
    Tattoos: 1 on wrist

    I think you should hire me because I have just what anyone needs to give something that special touch. I’m very unique and you’d be missing out if you didn’t even give me the chance to prove that what I’m saying is true. Thank you for reading and I hope you like what you see.

    Yours Sincerely,

  36. Debbymar Zapiain

    My name is Debby and I’m 5’3″, weighing in at 110 lbs. I am currently 15 years old and ready for any role that’s thrown my way. I am Hispanic but hardly look like it; I have brown hair and brown eyes to match. I really would like the chance to be a part of this great moie, whether it be an extra or a real part. Thank you for your time.