Weight Loss Challenge - Reality TV Show

Reality Show Casting Call for Men – Nationwide

Are you a man who has put on some pounds and is ready to lose them? The award winning production company that brought you The Biggest Loser is casting for a new major network weight loss challenge. Casting directors are on a nationwide search seeking men in relationships who are 30-70lbs overweight. They are also looking for couples in which the man’s weight gain has caused the relationship to lose its romantic spark. If your man has become a puffier version of the guy he used to be, the new series can help! The TV show wants to help men get their sexy back! They are open to guys from anywhere in the United States. If this sounds like you or your significant other, sign up for the reality TV show casting call today!

About Weight Loss Challenge

With the assistance of our expert team, our contestants will regain their confidence, health, and relationship spark.

What They Are Looking For

Has your man’s weight gain caused your relationship to lose its spark?

Has your man become a puffier version of the guy he used to be?

Looking for guys who have put on between 30 and 75 lbs who are ready to lose weight

Must be at least 18 years old to apply

How to Apply

To apply for the casting call email us at: maleweightlosstv@gmail.com
Please include your Name, Location, Occupation, Short Bio, Weight Loss Goals, Contact Info, and Photos.

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4 Casting Responses


    hello this is all new to me but I’m ready to start a new path in my like and I would love to experience this I would love to loss up to 75 pounds

  2. karimah smith

    hello my name is karimah smith im at 42 year old woman been trying to lose weight for a very long time with epic fail attempts im in a relationship when my man who works out walking and running..we used to go to the gym together but I lost interest because of how I look so I would stay indoors feeling ashamed and depressed .ive always watch your show…very inspiring I wanted to know if can be giving a chance to have the help that I need.

  3. Yakini Wisdom

    I am a military veteran who would love to be a part of this show, need to lose 35 to 45 lbs in order to have a healthy BMI. The health aspects are prime and doing it alone hasn’t helped me at all.

  4. Shelton Beasley

    I love the reality of reality TV!