Vikings - The History Channel

Vikings – The History Channel

In 2013 The History Channel made the decision to throw their hat into the original programming ring and what they came up with is now regarded as one of the most acclaimed television shows in the world. Vikings has established itself as a true international phenomenon and is heading in front of cameras soon for a new batch of magnificent stories. Casting call announcements for a number of roles have just been released that could help several performers of all ages and looks make their mark in an epic action/drama series.

Vikings tells the gripping, action packed story of mighty hero Ragnar Lothbrok and his ascent to the King of the Viking tribes. The Game of Thrones-esque series follows Lothbrok as he fights alongside his

fearless band of Viking warriors and his fantastically plotting family. BAFTA Film Award nominated creator Michael Hirst (The Tudors, Elizabeth, The Deceivers) has recruited an outstanding cast to portray his unforgettable characters. The fabulous lineup includes such talents as Katheryn Winnick (Bones, The Art of the Steal, Geostorm), Travis Fimmel (The Beast, The Baytown Outlaws, Maggie’s Plan), Clive Standen (Camelot, Waking the Dead, Doctor Who), Gustaf Skarsgård (The Way Back, Trust Me, Kon-Tiki), Jessalyn Gilsig (Glee, Heroes, Friday Night Lights), Alyssa Sutherland (The Devil Wears Prada, Don’t Look Up, Arbitrage) and Golden Globe nominee Linus Roache (Non-Stop, Batman Begins, Law & Order).

Casting calls for roles in the breakout History Channel hit Vikings are taking place now and several actors of various ages and types will be needed to round out the cast of upcoming episodes, Actors interested in submitting themselves for open parts in this Ireland based production can do so today by sending emails to More audition news and updates will be posted here so be sure to check back for more awesome details and leave a message for us below and tell us what you think of his outstanding series and why you would like to have a shot at roles in future episodes of Vikings.

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40 Casting Responses

  1. adam capparelli

    My name is Adam aka. River Coletrane I’m 5 foot 11 blonde hair green eyes . I have taking acting all through my educational . I’m very fit and have extensive weapons training and martial arts background which would Empower me through any and all fight scenes. I am well spoken and versed what’s a great memory for dialogue and script. I’m also capable and efficient at many worldly accents.

  2. Joshua Herring

    Age: 26
    Height: 5’8″ / 174cm
    Weight: 146 lbs / 65.5 kg
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue/Green
    Hair: Shoulder Length
    Physique: Lean/Fit/ Sporty
    Movement type: Agile fast
    Skills: Archery, Huntsman, Fisherman, Musician.
    Languages: English and German
    Nationality: USA, Current residence Germany

    I believe that with my body type and agility I would be and excellent fit for any character who would be used as a quick combatant using double ax as the preferred weapon.
    Also I believe that I can bring out the crazy, love of life, attitude portrayed within the Vikings current character personalities.

  3. richard maldonado

    I look like a Viking I act like a Viking nuff saidrichard

  4. Selina Graf

    My name is Selina, I’m from Switzerland (so not too far away from Ireland and I speak English fluently) I’m 21 (but I look younger) and I’m very fair. I’m 5’6” and slim.
    Vikings is a very gripping TV show I just love. I love the beautiful scenery, the wonderful costumes and the view one gets on what the Celtic life might have looked like. Since I have always been more than fascinated with the Celtic culture I would love to have even a small part in the series simply because I love the show and Ireland is one of my favorite countries. I have had some acting experience on stage and could add to a Celtic vibe with flute play. I’m also more than happy to learn new things.

  5. sagelee f nichols

    HAIR: blond
    EYES: blue
    TALL: 5,5
    From California and love the show vikings. I am a amazing actor in old day bada** shows and other. I would love to be in this show.

  6. Jared longmire

    My name is jared im from Digby N.S. an am living in marystown Nl im a 30 year old fisherman an am tired of that life an think i would be a verry good fit for the show

  7. Nickolas Turner

    I would love to be on the Vikings. Best show ever made. And a dream to be on the cast.

  8. Isis

    I’m looking for a way to start an acting career I live in Casper and I’m fifteen years old and it doesn’t even have to be vikings I just want to start somewhere, I’ll be honest I have no experience in acting but that’s just the fun of it, ya learn something Jew everyday right (: if you know of anyone who is making a movie and is looking for girls around fifteen or at fifteen I am still here (: my email is in case anyone’s interested. Thank you

    Preferable character name: Koba
    Character gender: either works with me
    Character Age: as long as the age stays within the teen years I’m all good

  9. Erin Cummings

    Age: 21
    Height: 5’8″
    Weight: 230
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Norwegian, Swedish, and Irish heritage
    Skills: Dancing, stage combat,
    I love acting and Vikings is one of my favorite shows. The story lines are terrific and I’d love to play a part that connects me to my heritage.

  10. alexis

    West Indian American
    Black hair brown eyes
    98 labs
    Competitive cheerleader & great personality

  11. Anthony palmer

    Age 21 but look 17
    Eyes: hazel
    Hair color: black
    Fun, outing, enthusiastic
    Hobbies include: MMA, dancing, and poetry

  12. Amanda Lehes

    Age: 13
    Sex: female
    Height: 5,2
    Hair: Dirty blond
    Eyes: Blue green
    Im from Sweden and I know a lot about viking history. I would love to be in an episode because I love to act and i took a drama class last year and I was in a commercial.

  13. Paul Ash

    Name: Paul Ash
    age: 28
    eyes: black
    hair: black (long)
    ethnicity: asian\ bangladeshi
    race:; hindu
    height: 5 ft 4
    experience: theatre

    its a dream.

  14. Paul Ash

    i live in bangladesh. its a neighbour country of india. i m a big fan of this tv series. its my dream to b part of this production as an actor. but people like me who are born in 3rd world country always keep dreaming but their dream never comes true like mine. cause, all the ways of our opportunities are closed from everywhere, doesnt matter how much talent we are.

    hight: 5ft 4
    sex: male
    eyes: black
    hair: black (long)
    age: 28

  15. Ariel Fonseca

    Name: Ariel
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’3
    Race: Hispanic, but can play Caucasian
    Body Type: Curvy, Big
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown

    I would really love to audition for at least a minor role in this amazing production. I am looking to get some experience. I don’t mind if it’s even being an extra. I live in NYC, New York. You can contact me through email. Thank you.

  16. Cody Cole

    To whom it may concern
    I am Australian with native indigenous Australian and English heritage
    I am 20 years old, of broad muscular build
    Dark brown hair and eyes
    Light olive skin
    Between 165-170 cm fall

    I am proficient in medieval combat and am a practitioner of Germanic broadsword and sword and shield techniques as a professional medieval athlete and competitor in full contact steel on steel fighting. I’m an ambidextrous fighter, comfortable fighting with either hand or both. Comfortable working/fighting/acting in heavier armour or gear in all weather conditions. Can speak in European accents, I don’t speak in a stereotypical Australian accent or use “Hollywood Australian” slang. Contact me for pictures etc.

  17. Rebecca Wealands

    At your request,
    Female Sword Fighter (full contact ,real weapons, MMA trained)
    Fit, very muscular,
    Brown hair
    blue eyes
    Will travel for role/part.

  18. Jessica

    I’d love to be part of your production and know I would make a great addition to the crew should you need an actress for any women’s role. I can perform a diverse array of characters and would welcome an opportunity to prove it.

  19. Jessica

    I’d love to be considered for a role in your upcoming filming of The Vikings as I’m a major fan of the actors/ actresses involved and know the quality of productions they participate in and would be honored be be part of it as well. Feel free to email me if my stats meet the requirements of any of your available roles. My appearance resembles Jessica Biel- type features (not sure if that helps but I’ll give it a shot anyway)

    Sex: female
    Height: 5’9″ (medium/ thin frame)
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Size: 8-10
    Hair: long, brunette
    Hazel eyes

    Jessica Smith

  20. Jessica

    I’d love to be considered for a role in your upcoming film How To Be Single as I’m a major fan of the actors/ actresses involved and know the quality of productions they participate in and would be honored be be part of it as well. Feel free to email me if my stats meet the requirements of any of your available roles. My appearance resembles Jessica Biel- type features (not sure if that helps but I’ll give it a shot anyway)
    I am Caucasian
    Sex: female
    Age: 27
    Height: 5’9″ (medium/ thin frame)
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Size: 8-10
    Hair: long, brunette
    Hazel eyes

    Jessica Smith

  21. Jay Gonzalez

    Age: 27
    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 160 ( athletic/ muscular built)
    Hair: head -bald, clean cut/ scruffy ( full beard if needed for rugged look)
    Eye’s: Even though they’re regular old brown, I’ve been told that I speak with my Eye’s.
    One of a kind, I’am French, Cuban, Puerto Rican and black. I have multiple tattoo’s and removable piercing all done In good taste.
    I’am in love with this show. The raw-ness ,the film execution is brilliant. I would love to be part of this wonderful opportunity.

    New jersey native. Very out going with a strong character. I was an Mp in the U.S Army for a few years. Ive trained in martial arts ( Tae Kwon Doe) for 13 years performed part of the demistration team, black belt by the age of 12.

  22. Robert Woodry

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 180 lbs.
    Hair: Short Black
    Eyes: Brown but beautiful
    Ethnicity: Hispanic (Cuban American)
    Build: Slim with a bit of muscle tone and decently well built (sexy)
    Skin: A nice tan
    Skills: Adaptability, Quick Learning, Acting, extremely Charismatic, Music, Martial Arts, Poi, Sailing, other Circus tricks. Can produce an Irish and English accent. Mastermind Roleplayer.

    Look. Yes I love the series. But I like telling a story. Not to be in one, not for the money, but to tell a story of one of my favorite genres of dark mythology out there. When I act I not only tell a story I involve the audience in a sense that they feel drawn to the performance.
    I am a psychology major and I love what makes people tick and body language is a big must use for me.

    Previous experience:
    Play acting for kids in hospitals for a couple of years as well as a few school projects that have been highly commended on performance and story value.

    I do martial arts including Kali and Wing Chun, so I am an avid fighter.

  23. Bailey Porter

    Hello my name is Bailey. I am 13 years old. My birthday is December 6th. I am 5″5 with brown hair and brown eyes. I love the show Vikings especially with Alexander Ludwig in it. It has been my dream to be an actor. Ever since i was a little kid. I am very hard working and very determined to try new things everyday. Being on this show would mean the whole world to me even if I am an extra in it. I want to prove that I have what it takes to be a great actor. I don’t have a lot of experience at being in shows, but I know I can do it. Please consider having me in this show. Contact me for any other information at or call me at 610-592-4304. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  24. Thomas Church

    My name is Thomas Church and I’ve recently been trying to start up an acting career. I understand that there are many people within this industry, but I’m not intimidated by it, and will continue to strive to get onto the big screen. I’m 5’6″ and slim, 130 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. I’m 20 years old, male, caucasian. My skills that I could bring to this picture include multiple years of experience working both as a stage-hand, and as an actor in play productions hosted by not only my high school, but another neighboring high school in the town I live in. These experiences include multiple musicals and plays, and a concert paying tribute to the old Rock & Roll of the 60s and 70s. On top of my experience acting I have also studied under multiple martial arts, such as Kendo, Kung Fu, and Judo. I’ve always thought of the Viking period as one the most interesting, along with Norse Mythology, which was one of my major studies in high school, leading me to want to be a part of this project. Along with my attached email I can be reached by cell at 507-649-0385. I’d love to be a part of this movie in any possible way to be able to get my name out there.

  25. wave-marie

    I am an actress. I am also a Viking!

  26. Jana mendoza

    I’m 36 year old female. I would love to be a part of this show. I love history and Im a descendant of Vikings.

  27. Chris Generous

    The name feared by all who’ve heard of my conquests, Christophe Generous wishes to join Ragnar in his quest for eternal glory and immortality. Eagerly charging into every battle without fear of death, ready to join my brothers in the halls of Valhalla, I will give my life and soul for Ragnar. My name will be chanted on the fields of battle as I cut down Ragnars foes. I will not rest until king Ælla of Northumbria lies dead at my feet or until there is no longer breath in my chest.

    Age: 22 Height: 5’11
    Lean, muscular
    Dirty blonde
    Experience with weapons

  28. Chris

    I am Chris I am 37, 6’3″, 230. I have been a dedicated fan of the show and I have a similar look to Rolo. I would be extremely dedicated to the show if chosen to be a part of it!

  29. Aaron Wilkinson

    Hi my name is Aaron Wilkinson, I am 19 years old. I’m 5’10 and 150 pounds with an athletic build. I am a Caucasian male from central new york. I feel like I would be perfect for this part because I come from Norwegian and Danish decent so I look like a Viking. I’ve never acted serious before but have always been told I have the talent to do it. Email me back if you’re interested I would love the opportunity.

  30. Adam Green

    Hi, been a fan of the show since it started, some acting experience throughout school and my career, my stats are as follows;

    Age: 23
    Height: 6 foot 3
    Hair: Dark Brown, mid length usually slicked back
    Eyes: Grey
    Body: Solid Build
    Sports: American Football, Rugby, Krav Maga

  31. Jonathan Hargreaves

    I have written to the email address provided with my details and bio.

  32. Thomas Fernandez

    Hello my name is Thomas Fernandez (oviously)
    I’m very outgoing and engetic, but at the same time I can be very calm and serious. I can speak English very well and fluently, and I can also speak a bit of Spanish (growing up in a Latin house hold). It’s my dream to be on the screen, but I would esspicially LOVE to be on a show like this. I have a natural medium brown hair with blond streaks in it. I am a teen (a bit on the younger side) but said to look older. I don’t mind playing any part whatever it is, if I’m just an extra.

  33. Petros Thermos

    Petros Thermos
    5ft 7″
    short brown hair (crew cut)
    stocky build
    Greek but live in Australia
    watch the show religiously
    will do what it takes to get the job done right

  34. Pol Bordoy

    I want to be an actor since i was a little guy, i think that’s is going to be a very good experience, i have some experience in theater but i want to start in TV.
    I’m a differnet type of actor, i will be the best actor in the world, i sopous the change in every audition, i need your help, i need the fire to start my career. Here is my porfile:
    Age: 15
    Sex: male
    Height: 1,73m
    Hair colour: brown-black
    Eye colour: brown
    Physic: muscular
    Vehicle: no
    Experience: yes
    Weight: 59kg
    Origin: Spain
    Living in: Spain
    Actually i’m studing in high schol, but if you get me i can study after or before the performance, all my live i ‘have been whaiting for oportunity like this.
    If you need more info please contact me via email address

    I add some photos of me

  35. Kelley Reid

    Hi my name is Kelly Reid.
    I’m 17 years old I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, and I would love to be apart of this great epic dramatic adventure. I’m a huge fan of the TV show and I would love to bring these new characters to life. I will give you guys an Oscar worthy performance. I always have a saying “everyone has apart to play in this world, and I believe that this is my part to play”. I don’t care where the auditions will be held I will personally travel where ever to be apart of this great tv show and be apart of this great family.

    Age 17
    Sex: male
    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 150Ib
    Sports: soccer/boxing/football

    Instagram: Kelly Garry Reid

  36. Diana C. White

    Hello, my name is Diana C White.
    Age: 22
    Body type: petite
    Hair: short dark brown
    Eyes: brown
    Ethnicity: African-American
    Skin color: light brown

    I have been performing since elementary school. In middle school I performed with a small group of students in the Apollo. In high school I performed in both the junior and senior class plays, even going so far to dress at a man to get a second role in my senior class play. Not only did I do a small performance with a group of students in the roundabout theatre in NYC, I also graduated top ten of my class in the AmericanAirlines theatre. I then performed as Addaperle in The Wiz at my college. I have the experience and I love Marvel comics and movies. I know that if you choose me, I will be able to fall in line and connect with my character because I have always dreamed of being a character in a Marvel movie. Please take me experience into consideration and contact me. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.



    I’m Srikanth 21 years old Indian. I usually love to act and want to be part of casting and filming, every time i get new clothes i take pictures of me, imagines myself like the character which love most in any serial or movie, tries to practice their dialogues the way they walk, facial expression and omg a lot. Ever since i saw the trailer, i decided to watch the serial. Then after a couple of episodes its became more interesting. Ever since i see this trailer, i so love the acting of Travis’s character. The way he walks, his silence, his ideas, they way he speaks slowly but intelligent thoughts. Eventually im very much intrigued to be a part of this though i don’t have any knowledge of acting.

  38. Sammie Duerson

    Who wouldn’t want to work beside Ragnar!!!!
    Name is Sammie black male from nc looking to audition for this awesome drama series, been watching since season1. And there can only be one Viking.. I would love the chance to audition for this show maybe something more if it happens just looking to be part of the show ..Go Ragnar!!

  39. Sage

    My name is Sage. I am 14 and a girl. I am Native American, and I live in MN. I love to act, and I have always wanted to be in a dramatic TV series.

  40. Angelina

    Dear sir/madam,

    I am 21 years old and I am half russian, half lithuanian
    Green eyes
    Medium brown/cherry hair
    5,5 feet tall
    38 shoe size

    Capable of kickboxing, dancing, playing piano.

    I would like to be in one of these episodes, because I like the old times scenes. Before was totally different then nowadays, and I would like to experience to be in old times 🙂