Verizon Go90 Seeking High School Teens

Teen Casting Call

There is a new teen audition notice for high school aged kids.  Verizon’s Go90 & AwesomenessTV are currently seeking submissions for Los Angeles based teen high school boys age 17-18 interested in participating in a new 6-episode challenge style web show. A total of FOUR working days will be required for this project. The weekend of Nov. 5th and 6th, Tuesday Nov. 8th and Wednesday Nov. 9th. Filming will require you to be in Santa Monica all four days.

About the Show

Seven high school students will compete to earn a chance to take a famous YOUTUBER on a formal date. Through a series of contests they’ll have to prove that they are the perfect match. Contests will be challenging, but easy enough for players to enjoy, be silly and have fun.

What They Are Looking For

The casting producers for this web series are looking for teen BOYS currently enrolled in high school. Applicants under the age of eighteen will be required to have parental permission to take part in the web series. Submissions are strictly for those who are not a member of the actors union. The series will be a six episode challenge based show to air on the Go90 app.

How to Apply

High school students interested in submitting with availability on ALL four filing dates (Nov. 5, 6, 8 and 9) should email GLORY (, who is handling the submissions for the web series. Please include “AVAIL HS Student” as the subject line of the email, and your submission MUST include your full name, age, contact information and recent photo.

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3 Casting Responses

  1. Hannah

    Is this taking place in 2017?

  2. bobby

    i am in middle school and i am 13 and i want to be on a show and i like the camereas

  3. Caroline C.

    Just sign up